American-Made CBD

Halo’s proprietary, 100% THC free, CBD Isolate and full-spectrum CBD hemp formulas are now available for your favorite vape device. We offer an assortment of products in addition to standard vape juice including mini starter kits, disposable vape pens, CBD replacement pods and tinctures. All our CBD vape products are formulated from USA sourced, pure ingredients to provide you with the highest quality vape juice. Our CBD vape liquid is available in several delicious flavors including: Tribeca, SubZero, Citrus, Berry Twist, Malibu, Mango Lemonade, Banana Cream, Mint, Raw and more.

Available in 4 different strengths:
100mg 10ml bottle CBD
250mg bottle CBD
500mg bottle CBD
1000mg bottle CBD

None of our CBD products contain nicotine.

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  1. Tribeca Halo CBD
    Tribeca Halo CBD
    100% of 100
    Starting at $14.99
  2. SubZero Halo CBD
    SubZero Halo CBD
    Starting at $14.99
  3. Mango Lemonade Halo CBD
    Mango Lemonade Halo CBD
    100% of 100
    Starting at $14.99
  4. Blue Watermelon Halo CBD
    Blue Watermelon Halo CBD
    Starting at $14.99
  5. Malibu Halo CBD
    Malibu Halo CBD
    Starting at $14.99
  6. Apple Pie Halo CBD
    Apple Pie Halo CBD
    Starting at $14.99
  7. Banana Cream Halo CBD
    Banana Cream Halo CBD
    Starting at $14.99
  8. Berry Twist Halo CBD
    Berry Twist Halo CBD
    Starting at $14.99
  9. DOSE Disposable CBD Vape Device ULTRA-7
    DOSE Disposable CBD Vape Device ULTRA-7
    100% of 100
    Starting at $19.99
  10. SPIRO CBD Starter Kit
    SPIRO CBD Starter Kit
    91% of 100
    Starting at $14.99