WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our Story

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In 2009, an engineering consultant, a police officer and a high school teacher walk into a bar…ok, they walked into a diner, but that doesn’t sound as fun. Anyway, these three childhood friends were meeting to hang out and the topic of electronic cigarettes came up. The engineer had seen one that a colleague brought back from a tradeshow in China. It looked like an amazing gadget that really worked, and as he was explaining this to his buddies, the conversation turned into a conversation they had had many times before: They should start something together. Like most friends growing up together, they had always wanted to start a business together, but never saw the right opportunity. They saw this as their chance and decided to do some research to see if they really could give it a shot. The forums were alive with discussion, and the user base was growing exponentially. People were really looking for this type of product! They saw a huge gap in the market for a high-quality product made in the USA, with consistent production capabilities and flavor production. Most products on the market were low-quality, Chinese juices with inconsistent nicotine levels and flavors. Other products had hand-written labels. The industry was the wild west. People were looking for a quality, safe, consistent product they could count on. In June of 2009, Halo was born to fill this void in the market. Halo launched with a blue glass bottle, child-proof cap, and printed labels that included important things like: ingredients, born-on-date, batch numbers and nicotine level. Quality, safety, and consistency have been a focus from the very beginning. Over the past almost 12 years, Halo has seen many brands come and go, but our fans have remained loyal. For this, we thank you, and we give you our commitment to providing you a quality vaping experience that delivers the satisfaction you’ve come to expect.

Please note that we do not ship to consumers in the state of Vermont other than licensed wholesalers or retailers.