WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The FDA Strikes Again

Halo has proudly delivered premium quality, award winning vape liquid for over a decade and our greatest reward has been our deeply loyal fans around the world. We have crafted Halo CBD with the same quality and meticulous flavoring practices our customers have come to count on. The FDA has enacted an arduous approval process, in which, we are taking part; However, because of this, the below flavors are currently not available in the US Market. International customers click HERE to purchase these flavors from our international site.

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US Customers

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International Customers

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Discontinued Flavors

The below flavors have been discontinued in the United States. Most of them are still available for our international customers.

Menthol Ice Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Menthol Ice

Refreshing and extremely popular Menthol Vape Juice, this remarkably smooth e-liquid keeps you cool in any situation. Always a fan favorite, this thrilling menthol flavor provides a smooth blast of menthol with thick, full, satisfying vapor.

Menthol V Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Menthol V

Vanquish your cravings with the captivating taste of Menthol V. This vivacious menthol e-liquid begins with a velvety-smooth tobacco flavor blended with light, fresh notes, and topped off with a touch of eucalyptus to create a cool, delicious finish

Midnight Tobacco Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Midnight Tobacco

A smooth and delightful e-liquid, Midnight Tobacco is a deliciously light, air-cured tobacco flavor full of complex tobacco notes that are as smooth as a lullaby.

Prime 15 Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Prime 15

This premium tobacco flavor delivers a subtle dry aroma with the perfect balance of smooth tobacco on the exhale. The complex nuances of this woodsy tobacco flavor are masterfully crafted and aged to perfection.

Spearmint Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


This perfectly blended spearmint flavor is more than just a menthol blend. Not too strong and not too light. Halo Spearmint will start off with a refreshing inhale and transform to an invigorating and smooth exhale that will stimulate your senses in a way no other vape can!

Torque 56 Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Torque 56

This powerful, unfiltered tobacco flavor is formulated for those who dare to revel in the taste of a pure, bona fide tobacco experience.

Voodoo Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


This mysterious e-liquid conjures up the perfect balance of gourmet flavors. Starting with a mild base, Voodoo's complex profile incorporates layers of smooth tobacco notes, blended with the flavors of black currant, grape, plum, and a hint of spice to create a truly extraordinary e-liquid.

Belgian Cocoa Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Belgian Cocoa

This complex e-liquid consists of a dried cocoa flavor, overflowing with rich, soothing layers of chocolate notes. ... Belgian Cocoa produces the ultimate semisweet gourmet flavor profile.

Cafe Mocha Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Café Mocha

Built on the flavor of a robust cappuccino, this perfectly balanced e-liquid is intertwined with an impeccable brew of sweet mocha and hazelnut.

Freedom Juice Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Freedom Juice

Pure, first-rate Virginia tobacco. Freedom Juice exemplifies American-made quality e-liquid, with ingredients you can trust and flavor that is second to none.

Kringles Curse Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Kringle's Curse

A dynamic blend of menthol e-liquid crafted to perfection, Kringle's Curse delivers an invigorating burst of flavor in every inhale.

Longhorn Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


Seared with rich and robust flavors, Longhorn offers the deep intensity freshly lit cigar tobacco. The complex flavors of fire-cured tobacco, coupled with the taste of Corojo and Cavendish provide a bold vaping experience like no other.

Malibu Vape Juice 30ml Bottle

Malibu Menthol

Tastes like a frozen Piña Colada with touch of light menthol flavor. This tropical E-liquid flavor is sure to please.