WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping Hardware

Our easy-to-use hardware has important safety features and have been manufactured to our elevated quality control standards. Nothing gets the halo name without first meeting our exceptional quality standards.

Halo offers intuitive, solidly constructed vape devices for enjoying your favorite e-liquids. From electronic nicotine delivery systems to easy CBD prefilled tanks. our vaping technology is designed with satisfaction of the user in mind.

Our electronic nicotine delivery systems are designed for every level of consumer. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a regular user, we have a product that will exceed your expectations.

Halo Zero and Triton II Device Floating

Vaping Systems

We have taken the guesswork out of hardware for you, by bringing you the devices that are easy to use, have the best flavor production, and integrate top safety measures. Charge it, fill it, vape it, enjoy!

Halo Triton II Device with 10ml Bottle Vape Juice

Triton II

Simple Refillable System

The Triton II has a long legacy of reliability, lasting power, and ease of use. Delivers an excellent vaping experience with minimal maintenance.

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Halo Zero Device with 30ml Bottle Vape Juice

Halo Zero

Next Generation Vaping

The high performance Halo Zero offers even more discreet vaping with refillable pods featuring an advanced push-to-fill system that minimizes leaks.

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How to Choose The Right Vape Device

For the optimum vaping experience, it’s important to choose the correct device for your tastes and preferences. If you want to mimic the sensation of cigarette smoking, a cig-a-like device might be tempting, but they don’t have a particularly long battery life, and they don’t offer the kind of control and flavor customization you can achieve with more advanced devices. Here are better options.

Pod mod. Vapers who want an easy, grab-and-go product might want to consider a pod mod. These are streamlined devices with small batteries and disposable pods containing e-liquid. The Halo Zero pod mod makes refilling a breeze – just remove and switch pods, or refill with your choice of e-liquid

Vape pen. Vape pens are pen-shaped devices with an e-liquid tank and a battery. Like pod mods, they are user-friendly and deliver a satisfying experience, but they generate larger, thicker vape clouds due to the enhanced battery power. The Triton II is high-performing device that delivers excellent flavor production and exceptionally long battery life.

No matter what your preferences for vape devices are, we offer the right size, power, and features for every taste and lifestyle. Every device offers outstanding battery life and intuitive set-up and operation, and every vape pen is of the finest construction. For the best e-cigarettes and e-cigarette parts – including batteries, tanks, coils, pods and cables -- check out our selection below.

Intelligent Design

The Triton II’s simple to use, easy to fill tanks come pre-installed with a replaceable heating coil. The Halo Zero comes with a refillable disposable pod: No mess, no fuss, just fill it, vape, repeat and replace!

All of our vape devices are designed for ease-of-use, so you can quickly and reliably enjoy your favorite vape products only moments after purchase.

Halo Zero and Triton II Components Floating on Swirly Black Background

Safety Controlled

Each battery features manual, push button output with a 10 second cut-off time, protecting your battery from over-heating if the button is pressed unintentionally.

The safety of our vape devices is our primary concern. We are committed to providing vaping hardware that meets and exceeds industry safety standards while delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience – every product is rigorously tested and quality controlled.

Halo Triton II Button and Tank Magnified