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What is a PMTA And What Does It Mean For The Vaping Industry?

In order to continue to legally sell product within the US, all e-liquid and vaping device manufacturers were required to submit a Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) to the FDA by September 9th 2020. Any e-liquid product or vaping device that was not filed for is now considered illegal to sell in the US Market. The FDA requires that PMTA submissions provide detailed scientific data proving a product is appropriate for the safety and protection of public health.

FDA Acceptance vs. FDA Authorization

Upon PMTA submission, there are multiple stages of review prior to FDA Authorization. Before advancing to the final stage of review (Substantive Scientific Review), the Manufacturer will need to receive a letter of acceptance for both Acceptance Review and Filing Review. Once all stages of review have been met, the FDA will issue an official letter of approval or denial, by SKU.

The FDA PMTA Approval Process

The FDA requires companies to participate in a thorough approval process involving several steps. During this process the submitted products are subject to intense scrutiny involving several areas including: