WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Triton II Starter Kit

Triton II Starter Kit+10ml Bottle Vape Juice

  • Easy to Fill
  • Easy to Use
  • Lasts all day
  • Pass-through Vaping

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Advanced Vaping Technology

The Triton II comes with advanced on-board chip-set, anti-runaway battery, and a multi-function power button, making it an advanced, but easy-to-use device for the beginner as well as the veteran.

Black and Silver Triton II in Freefall

Simple Design

Triton II Schematic Showing Parts

What's In The Box

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    Triton II Device

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    Triton II Tank w/ Coil

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    USB Charging Cable

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    10ml Vape Juice of Your Choice

Triton II Included Components


Find all your Triton II replacement parts right here:

Halo Triton II Device


Pure Vaping Power

This is a 510-thread, 700 mAh battery with anti-runaway and auto-off technology for your safety.

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Halo Triton II Tank

Refillable Tank

Adjustable Air Flow

This 2ml tank comes with a 1.5 ohm coil pre-installed. Tighten the coil, fill the tank, and vape on!

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Five Halo Triton II Coils


Pure Organic Cotton

This is a 3-pack of 1.5 ohm coils for those who prefer to replace coils, rather than replacing the tank assembly.

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Halo Triton II USB Adapter

USB Adapter

Keep on Vapin'

What can we say? Its a USB to Mini-USB adapter. At this price, you may as well buy one for the junk drawer too.

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  • Dimensions

    ∮14.0 x 93.2 mm

  • Weight

    31 g

  • Colors Available

    Black, Silver

  • Logo

    Halo Flame Head


  • Power Output

    3.6V Constant Voltage Output

  • Output Wattage

    7.2 ~ 8.5 W


  • Charging Method


  • Charging Voltage


  • Charging Current

    350 mA ± 50 mA

  • Charging Time

    ~2 Hours


  • Dimensions

    ∮14.0 x 70.5 mm

  • Weight

    31 g

  • Surface Finish

    Bright Chrome

  • Vessel Material


  • Logo

    "Halo" Logo

  • Tank Capacity

    2 ml


  • Air Intake

    Bottom Air Flow

  • Air Regulation

    Adjustable (Rotating Ring)

  • Filling System

    Bottom Fill


  • Dimensions

    10.5 x 8.2 mm

  • Weight

    2.2 g

  • Configuration


  • Orientation


  • Assembly Resistance

    1.5 Ω

Coil Wire

  • Material


  • Wire Diameter

    .16 mm

  • Loop Diameter

    2.0 - 2.05 mm

  • Loop Count


Coil Wick

  • Material

    Organic Cotton / Fiber Cord

  • Weight (Cotton)

    .01 g

  • Weight (Fiber)

    .0856 g


  • Battery Type

    Built-In / Non-replaceable

  • Battery Size

    55.0 mm x 12.0 mm


  • Capacity

    700 mAh, 2.59 Wh

  • Voltage Range

    3.3 ~ 4.2 V

  • Charging Voltage

    3.7 V

  • Max Charging Voltage

    4.23 V

  • Impedance

    ≤60 mΩ

  • Standard Charge Current

    350 mA

  • Max Charge Current

    700 mA

  • Max Discharge Current


  • Charge Cycles

    300 Cycles: Remaining Capacity ≥ 80%

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