WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


All our CBD Vape Juices come from hemp-derived, organic CBD, and is manufactured in our ISO-7 clean room, right here in Gainesville, using our Florida Certified Hemp Foods Product Manufacturers Permit. If you’re worried about THC, our Isolate and Broad Spectrum products are 100% THC-Free!

Multiple Halo CBD Vape Products


This kit is everything you need to journey into the CBD Vaping world. Each prefilled tank is manufactured using the highest quality full-spectrum CRD. CRD is a Crystal Resistant Distillate form of CBD, and because we blend it with specially formulated terpene blends instead of fillers, it lasts a lot longer than competitor products.

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Blue and Black Halo CBD Devices with Packaging

Halo CBD Vape Juice

Our Halo CBD Vape juice provides the same level of quality, performance, flavor and consistency you’ve come to expect from Halo. We will always strive to deliver only the best to our loyal customers.

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Halo Vape Juice Bottle On Black Velvety Background


There are different ways to try Halo CBD Vape Juice. Pick the one that’s right for you!

eLite Dose+ ISO-5 Device

Dose+ ISO-5

5% CBD Isolate

Quick. Inexpensive. High Quality. Who says you can’t have all three? Now in Tribeca, Subzero and Turkish Tobacco flavors!

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Halo CBD 510 Device

Halo CBD

Full Spectrum + Terpenes

Great starter kit with prefilled tanks curated to deliver a satisfying vape experience every time.

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Halo CBD Prefilled Tank

Halo CBD

Prefilled Tanks

Prefilled tanks loaded with your favorite Halo full-spectrum CBD vape juice plus terpenes.

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Halo CBD Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


CBD Vape Juice

Halo does it again! We’ve brought some of our award-winning Halo flavors over to the CBD side, and added some exciting new flavor experiences. Try all 8!

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