WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Best Tobacco E-Juice. Period.

If you want the rugged, earthy flavor of tobacco without the smoke and ash, Halo offers the best tobacco e-juice commercially available, providing the savory experience of a fine tobacco in a flavored, American-made e-liquid.

Halo Tribeca Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


Smooth Tobacco

Still the reigning king of all tobacco e-liquids, with the taste of smooth, satisfying tobacco and a velvety finish.

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Halo Fusion Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


Unflavored Tobacco

Fusion is created using the same quality USP ingredients with no flavoring, creating a truly versatile e-liquid.

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Halo Turkish Tobacco Vape Juice 30ml Bottle


Sun-Cured Tobacco

Sun-cured tobacco flavors, rich in history and taste. This is the perfect choice for those seeking a mild but satisfying e-liquid.

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Globally RecognizedTobacco Vape Juice

For more than a decade, Halo has been committed to delivering American-made, outstanding e-liquids to discriminating customers throughout the world. We are dedicated to manufacturing only the finest vape products and accessories, using only the best locally sourced ingredients for all of our e-liquids.

Halo is internationally recognized as the top-selling tobacco flavored e-liquid brand. With millions of bottles sold worldwide, we utilize only the best ingredients and manufacture all e-liquids right here in the US. We source USP-Grade (United States Pharmacopeia) PG & VG, and solely use independently lab-tested flavor and extracts.

Halo Flame Logo Burned into Tobacco Leaf

Tobacco E-LiquidWithout the Tobacco

Experience the satisfaction and flavor of tobacco, but with the convenience and quality of Halo e-liquid. Fill your tank and have your tobacco-flavored e-liquid ready to go all day. When you vape Halo's tobacco-flavored e-liquid, you can rest assured that your American-Made product was manufactured in a sterile environment by trained chemists, using top-quality ingredients.

Halo is proud to produce world-renowned, award-winning e-liquids using only the finest ingredients and employing most exacting processes. Since 2009, we have engineered tobacco e-liquids that exceed the highest consumer expectations. For industry-leading tobacco vape juice, try our award-winning formulas.

Tribeca Vape Juice 30ml Bottle in Front of Small Tobacco Pile and Standing Tobacco Leaves