WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CBD Vape

We took our commitment to quality and used it to manufacture top-quality, high-performance CBD Vape juice. All of our CBD products come from hemp-derived, organic CBD. Our CBD Vape is manufactured in our ISO-7 clean room, right here in Gainesville, FL. using our Florida Certified Hemp Foods Product Manufacturers Permit. If you’re worried about THC, all of our products are 100% THC-Free!

Halo CBD Device and Elite CBD Disposable on Rocky Black Bacground

Why Vape CBD?

Did you know we have a system in our bodies specifically designed to interact with CBD? It’s called the endocannabinoid system, and we all have one. Vaping is the quickest way to deliver CBD, because there are endocannabinoid receptors in the lungs. Because you avoid your digestive system, this is the fastest way to start felling the benefits of CBD!

Two Rainbow Colored Rings of Vapor

Halo CBD Vape Juice

Our CBD Vape juice is crafted with a focus on quality, performance, flavor and consistency, just like all our other Vape juices! We will always strive to deliver the quality, consistency and performance you have come to associate with the Halo name.

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Halo CBD Vape Juice Bottles In Multiple Flavors

Halo CBD Hardware

If your looking for disposable devices, prefilled tanks, or starter kits, we’ve got the perfect line-up just for you. Check out our CBD Hardware today and pick one that works to fit your lifestyle.

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Green eLite Dose+ CBD Vape Pen On White and Grey Torn Background

CBD Hardware

Here are our three top-selling CBD hardware devices: The DOSE+ ISO-5, the Halo CBD Starter Kit and the DOSE+ Ultra-7.

eLite Dose+ ISO-5 Device

Dose+ ISO-5

5% CBD Isolate

Quick. Inexpensive. High Quality. Who says you can’t have all three? Now in Tribeca, Subzero and Turkish Tobacco flavors!

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Halo CBD 510 Device

Halo CBD

Full Spectrum + Terpenes

Great starter kit with prefilled tanks curated to deliver a satisfying vape experience every time.

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Halo CBD Prefilled Tank

Halo CBD

Prefilled Tanks

Prefilled tanks loaded with your favorite Halo full-spectrum CBD vape juice plus terpenes.

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