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The Halo Story

On a warm summer day in July of 2009, three guys from New Jersey met for lunch. They didn’t meet in a corporate high-rise or a stuffy boardroom, but at a local restaurant. There weren’t any suits and ties or briefcases, but business was certainly on the menu. It was just three guys with an idea – a plan to make top-of-the-line E-liquids.

The three saw something missing in the fledgling E-cigarette industry – and they knew they could fill the void. The conversation sizzled over appetizers and entrees. Questions were raised.

“What will set us apart?”

“How can we rise above the competition?”

“What will make our products the best?”

As plates were cleared and glasses refilled, the discussion kept circling back to those key words:


And those two virtues became the cornerstones of Halo’s foundation. They’re the guiding principles behind every decision Halo makes – the roadmap from a humble beginning to the present and on into the future. They’re Halo’s promise to its customers to create the best vaping experience possible, by providing trustworthy products at a fair price.

Three guys had lunch… you’ll be glad they did.

Our Mission Statement

We are the American Dream. We are from humble beginnings, a company built from the ground up. We’ve climbed to the top of our industry without ever sacrificing our integrity or independence, so why would you sacrifice yours? You work hard and expect quality—why should what you vape be any different?