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Voodoo E-liquid

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This mysterious e-liquid conjures up the perfect balance of gourmet flavors. Starting with a mild base, Voodoo’s complex profile incorporates layers of smooth vanilla notes, blended with the flavors of black currant, grape, plum, and a hint of spice to create a truly extraordinary e-liquid.

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This mysterious e-liquid conjures up the perfect balance of gourmet flavors. Starting with a mild base, Voodoo’s complex profile incorporates layers of smooth vanilla notes, blended with the flavors of black currant, grape, plum, and a hint of spice to create a truly extraordinary e-liquid.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Voodoo E-liquid's test results

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  1. Surprising Vape review by Oliver

    This flavor really surprised me, as I normally only like the more traditional tobacco flavors. Voodoo tastes like a cross between a light tobacco and chai tea of all things. It impressively seems to "compliment" rather than to overwhelm the tobacco the way Midnight Apple and most menthols do. This could easily be an all-day vape, so it definitely worth a look if you want something a little different.

  2. Meh review by Jeff

    It's definitely sweet and the first thing that popped into my head was a "Jolly Rancher". I didn't taste any tobacco or spice flavor. There are other flavors from Halo that I like much more like Black Calico, Tribeca, and even Turkish Tobacco.

  3. Enigmatic review by Mitzi

    As so many other reviewers have said, it is a difficult blend of flavors to describe. My first impression was walnuts, woody, and a little tangy. As I continue, I taste the fruits, currant, vanilla, and smell more than taste the cinnamon. It's sweet but not extremely sweet, a little bitter but not unpleasantly so. It is ever changing and a truly unique flavor that is worth repeating to use. It is a must try!

  4. Complex review by michael

    This has a complex flavor. Its a bit course like tobacco yet I pick up a mixture of fruit on the backend. Still has me scratching my head but I like it!

  5. Interesting and sweet review by Chris

    This has a very pleasant light tobacco and grape flavors. Grape and plum both come out pretty strong for me in a Triton tank. This is a very complex flavor, and a nice change for me in the evenings. I also had positive feedback from others in the room. I didn’t really get the cinnamon that was in the description. But it may be hiding in the background to provide proper balance to the sweet notes.

  6. Only E juice that causes me to cough review by Benjamin

    So I normally stick to mental flavors and I decided to try this one after reading different reviews, I was not expecting it to cause a rough scratching sensation in my throat that inevitably causes me to cough every time I hit it. I have to turn it down to the lowest voltage setting but then I hardly get any vapor at all. This is the only juice I've experienced this problem with. I'm also using a new tank, 3.0 – 3.2 ohm coils and a new battery.

  7. Party in a Bottle review by Julie

    A lovely, fruity tobacco blend--enjoy with your favorite cocktail!

  8. ADV review by Patrick

    Love this stuff. It was great out of the box but after a week, it was deeper in flavor and complexity—spicy but light and not too sweet. Go get some!

  9. Best juice yet review by Dawn

    Love this juice. It’s smooth with just the right amount of spice and sweet. I am now using this as my everyday juice. I vape with a Nautilus and iStick and have it set at 4.5 V, which seems perfect for this juice.

  10. Complex and Rich review by Jared

    I’m fairly impressed. Voodoo seems to be a very unique flavor. The description lists all sorts of flavors in it but it really is it’s own thing. I love to vape this juice with an ice cold glass of cola. It has just the right amount of throat hit and a dark rich flavor for an ice cold drink. I’d recommend this juice to an ex cigar smoker or anyone who likes complex flavors.

  11. Intriguing Flavor review by Melinda

    First off, I would like to mention that when I placed my order with Halo, this juice plus one other one were missing from my initial order. Halo got on it right away and I received my missing juices in a couple of days. Thanks Halo!

    I find this juice to be a complex blend, and I like that. It has a good throat hit, even at 12mg of nicotine. So if you are looking for a juice with a good throat hit, this one definitely delivers.

    However, this would not be an all-day vape for me; I find the complexity a bit much for all day vaping, though I definitely would vape this very frequently. I can taste the blackcurrant in this juice, and though it is an intriguing flavor, it tends to get a bit heavy for me after a while—hence not going to be an all-day vape for me.

    With that being said, it’s definitely a unique flavor with great quality!

  12. Very hard to pin down the flavor review by Coltyn

    The flavor is very hard to describe. It seems like the flavor hits different notes almost every time I hit it. I really enjoy this though! I find myself always coming back to it! This was my first e-liquid I tried with Halo and I would purchase Voodoo again when this runs out.

    I enjoy mixing Voodoo with the Cafe Mocha liquid at about a 25 to 75 ratio. It adds a nice mix and more notes to taste.

    Recommend this flavor--try it out!

  13. Nice Throat Hit review by Eric

    The tobacco flavor is subtle but it has a really good throat hit and nice cloud. It almost has a hint of spiced tea in it. It is like drinking a cup of tea with sugar and spice in it—that is best way I can describe it. The more I use it, the more I like it. It also reminds me of a sugar cookie or ginger snap.

  14. What is this? review by Tiffany

    I have a very hard time trying to describe the flavors in this wonderful liquid. Each puff tastes completely different—no joke! One second it has a peppery spice taste, then a vanilla flavor. You take another puff and it tastes like tobacco, then a grape flavor or nutmeg or caramel. Like I said, it’s super hard to describe. If you are unsure whether or not to get this one, just go with the smallest bottle first. After all, what do you have to lose?

  15. Complex Adult Flavor review by Stultis

    Approach with caution, but well worth a try. You're apt to find this juice either off-putting, weird, or engagingly wonderful. In fact, it is sufficiently complex that you may experience BOTH reactions depending on mood, time of day, what you've recently ate, drank or vaped, and so on. This third was my reaction(s) to the Voodoo—some of it may even be psychological. For instance, just the very idea of including GRAPE flavoring (even among many other elements) in a TOBACCO juice (even with the tobacco somewhat in the background) is WEIRD. Maybe just thinking about how weird that is makes it taste odd or off—or maybe it's not weird, but instead insanely inspired! Maybe thinking about it like that makes it taste insanely good! The best approach with this one may be not to think about the individual flavors at all, but just engage, and -- very probably, but possibly not always -- enjoy the indescribably unique sum of those parts.

  16. The Bomb! review by gwendolyn

    I ordered a trial size of this juice based on the reviews I had read. I instantly loved the smell of it when I opened the bottle and had to fill my tank right away. Now I don't like grape flavors. I've never liked grape candy or soda, but this juice is the bomb! It has a sophisticated, full bodied, warm and very adult grape flavor—coupled with spicy notes that dance on your tongue after you exhale. Great vapor and throat hit and fabulous aftertaste. After my third drag, I went to my computer and ordered a full size bottle! This is a must try!

  17. Always offers something new! review by yvette

    I haven’t actually been able to identify any one flavor at a time in this magnificent flavor but it never ceases to amaze me just how tasty and fulfilling it is. Unlike some of my other flavors it also has a very light throat hit. I love this flavor very much and am so happy when it’s back in my rotation.

  18. Surprising review by Michael

    I bought this liquid out of curiosity. I am a tobacco only fan, but I do like experimenting with other flavors now and then. I must say Voodoo is very good. I detect molasses, licorice, and red wine flavors in it. While my description may not sound very pleasant, it is the best description I can come up with. The fact is, it is very good, and it is not really sweet. So although I am a tobacco fan, this one is really good if you want something different now and then.

  19. Exotic! review by Gina

    I really like this one. Definite hints of spices, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. Some caramel. Sweet or spicy, each hit seems to be different. Sometimes it's like a cookie-sometimes it's just spicy and different. My first thoughts were that it's like smoking autumn. Brings to mind hoodies and bonfires. Fantastic blend!

  20. Strangely good review by Christen

    Very interesting flavor. If voodoo packed a little more punch in the throat hit department, it would have gotten more stars. Other than the weak throat hit, this juice is awesome. It tastes like cinnamon raisin oatmeal sometimes, and other times a red wine flavor shines through. I guess that's the voodoo effect I'm experiencing! It’s a good juice for anyone sick of the overly sweet flavors, but don't want full tobacco flavor. It’s hard to explain it. It’s one if those flavors you just have to try to understand!

  21. Mult- flavored review by William

    I was very surprised at the flavor of this liquid. I find it very smooth and could vape all day on this liquid. I will be reordering. The blend of flavors work very well together and I would highly recommend the e-liquid.

  22. Off the charts! review by Albert

    One of the best flavors I have tried. They hit the nail right on the head, as this juice has a magical and mysterious blend of spices with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. The flavors just explode in a fantastic synergy that just makes you want to vape more. This flavor is definitely a must for anyone who wants to enjoy a true vaping experience!

  23. Interesting blend of flavors review by Michele

    I was skeptical about Voodoo e-liquid at first. I definitely didn't expect for it to taste as good as it does. There are several flavors mixed into the e-liquid, but they all seem to balance one another out. Voodoo is a slightly sweet tobacco flavor with a smooth and great vape production. You can mix a little menthol with Voodoo for a cooler flavor too. I introduced this flavor to a friend who absolutely loves it. They rarely vape anything else now. Is it one of my favorites? I would say that it’s a personal treat to enjoy every now and then, but you may fall in love with its magic right away.

  24. Wonderful flavor! review by Cheryl

    I am very happy I selected Voodoo as my first e-liquid from Halo. It’s wonderful! This is a flavor I can vape on all day and never get tired of. It’s slightly sweet and very smooth. I already ordered the big bottle of it. I highly recommend this flavor!

  25. Wow! review by Bob T

    When I vape tobacco flavors I preferred Tribeca or Longhorn. But after trying a sample bottle of Voodoo, this has become my number one flavor. Another reviewer said it was complex and that's the truth. I won't try to describe it. I simply recommend this for sitting back and enjoying with your favorite beverage, as with a fine cigar.

  26. Excellent tobacco flavor review by Kelley

    I wasn’t sure about the hint of cinnamon in the description but this is a fun flavor. The grape is present but not too sweet. I prefer the tobacco flavor over the sweetness but this is a full flavor. I can't quite explain the taste but I love it!

  27. Please give this one a try review by AK-indy

    Voodoo is really tasty. I get the black currant, the grape, and the plum. Boy do I get the plum. It's so decadent. It's dark like sipping a fine red port. It's jammy and not overly sweet. It's just earthy enough to be in the background thanks to the cinnamon. This is a wonderful evening vape. I'm very impressed!

  28. Can't get enough of this review by John

    I keep coming back to this juice. It really just has a hint of tobacco flavor. The predominant flavors seem to be grape, vanilla, cinnamon and some other light spices. I've really enjoyed mixing this 50/50 with Halo's Tiki Juice as well. Great combo!

  29. Sweet and Fierce! review by LionBoy360

    This flavor has a naturally sweet and fierce kick, but I do love it! I will recommend this to anyone who wants a sweet spicy flavor in their vaping device or G6. Thank You HALO!

  30. Great gourmet and tobacco flavor review by J

    I wouldn't say the taste shifts as much as the description, but that doesn't matter to me. It tastes like a sweet wine or sangria and that's actually better than the expectation from the description. This seems to be the case with a lot of these flavors.

  31. A little different but in a good way review by Alex

    Voodoo is a complex blend. I can never really put my finger on the exact flavors but I think I get hints of plum. If you are sick of the same old flavors from other companies and want something different, definitely check out Voodoo.

  32. A Must Have review by Anthony

    Voodoo flavor is an absolute essential in my vaping collection. I got a small bottle in my first order when I bought my starter kit and now it is the corner stone. I always have it on me because it has a great balance of spice, sweetness, and tobacco flavor. It is almost like a hooka tobacco.

  33. Masterwork review by Deneb

    Voodoo is a tangy, fruity, brilliantly balanced, and indeed mysteriously complex blend with a lot of character. This is definitely on the sweet side. I still can not decipher the flavors after more than a year of weekly enjoyment. A vaper's delight. Hats off!

  34. Tasty review by steven

    I tried a sample of Voodoo and the flavors are excellent as advertised. You get a little taste of the fruit and then s hint of spice. It is never overpowering with one flavor. I just want to say this is a great vape and I will be adding it to my inventory. Thank you again Halo for making my vaping experience enjoyable.

  35. Very Nice! review by Roberta

    Voodoo was a nice change and I could certainly taste the fruity flavors but not cinnamon. I was looking forward to the little spicy kick. However, it is a smooth and gentle vape with a slight sweet finish.

  36. Not too bad! review by Lane

    First impression was this e-liquid was not terrible but not great. I got a huge grapefruit impression upon my first taste. I do not taste cinnamon. It tasted more or less of a plum tasate but mainly a greapfruit taste. With that being said, this is a good tasting liquid. I would not go out of my way to order this again but I would consider it if I needed some variety in my e-liquid stock.

  37. Plummy review by Dylan

    I don't know if this is a word but Voodoo is plummy. It is a change of pace from what I usually vape. I wouldn't vape it all day but it is a nice change up. It has a nice deep rich flavor. It is very difficult to put into words. I wouldn't go with a 30ml bottle of this but I would certainly get another 7ml bottle of this.

  38. amzing vape experience review by spazz

    I really enjoyed Voodoo. The name is what called me to try it but the experience was quite satisfying. The flavor is amazing. I prefer a decent flavor sweet and easy to vape. I got into vaping for the taste. I play with the e-liquids which made my hobby into a real pleasure. The flavor alone is sweet and aromatic. I would vape this flavor constantly and when people came in my room they loved the smell. The sweet berry aroma filled my room and a thick consistency of clouds from this e-liquid. I would rate this 6 stars if I could because of the taste and the amazing quality of the smell. It comes in a glass bottle with a squeeze tip which is perfect. This flavor will make you so happy. This is phenomenal and a must try for those just starting with Halo.

  39. Best E-liquid I've Tried review by CTiger

    I originally got the 7ml bottle beacuase I generally don't like tobacco falvors but after reading the reviews I decided to try it. It is by far the best e-liquid I have tried from Halo or any other brand! It is so good and I just place and order for (2) 30ml bottles!

  40. great review by Chris

    I got this at a local tobacco shop. It is hard to describe but if I had to compare it to something, it would be Freedom Juice. I occasionanlly taste hazelnut, cinnamon, and chocolate covered fruit. It does not have the harsh dry taste of tobacco. However, I would let it steep and forget about the tobacco. I would assume I had a Pina Colada in there at times.

  41. Smooth and spicy review by Gabrielle

    Voodoo has a warm, dusky flavor with notes that invoke tropical islands, midnight bonfires, and dark rum. The taste points are very well balanced with nothing overpowering. Unfortunately, this flavor changes a lot between the first taste and the end of the bottle. It is definitely not a flavor for someone looking for something bold.

  42. Tantalising review by Neville

    It is sheer magic and dances on the palette like a magicians spell. It is worth checking out, give it a chance, and it will surprise you.

  43. Good, but deceptive flavor! lol review by Aeyla

    Voodoo e-liquid is delicious but confusing too. I first ordered it to try but at the same time as trying the Belgian Cocoa and I think that changed my perception of the flavor. The Voodoo e-liquid depends on the context in which you vape. In that way, it lives up to it's description! At first, Voodoo seemed like a tobacco base with more of a mild chocolate finish. It was only when vaping it with a hard cider in tow that the finishing flavor stood out to me as a vanilla as described. The following day I only vaped Voodoo to isolate the flavor and I finally picked up on the fruity flavors too. The tobacco element is moderate but consistent. It has an interesting flavor overall but I think I am spoiled having to find my favorite flavor.

  44. WOW review by Timothy

    Tribeca was my favorite e-liquid until I tried Voodoo. Ther eis no way I can describe this flavor correctly. However, this is by far the best I have ever had!

  45. Wonderful review by Laura

    Voodoo might be my favorite e-liquid so far. The taste is mild, smooth, and has a hint of berry flavor. Many of the tobacco flavors have a cigar taste which I don't care for or don't prefer on a regular basis. Voodoo is a good balance of tobacco flavor with just a hint of sweetness. I will be reordering this in a larger bottle.

  46. Fun take on classic tobacco flavour review by Cameron

    A very nice flavor! This is great for those wanting to explore the flavor possibilities of vaping wothout steppig out of the comfort zone. Sweet and tasty without tasting artificial. This is nice to have as an alternative to an all day vape e-liquid or as an all day liquid itself.

  47. voodoo is my jam! review by robin

    I love this flavor! The flavor is a little hard to describe but I don’t find it to be super fruity. I mostly taste vanilla, smooth, and almost creamy. The tobacco flavor is not that strong which is what I was looking for. It is definitely the flavor I reach for the most. It is perfect to vape all day.

  48. one of best liquid review by mentholic

    A fruity, sweet and spicy tobacco. It is complex and has a very good balance.

  49. all day vape review by allen

    Taste is a very subjective thing with that being said Voodoo cast's a spell on you. In my opinion, as an all day vape it is second to none. This e-liquid changes as you vape it and gives you all wonderful flavors. I will be reviewing this and other Halo flavors soon on my YouTube channel. Thanks for this flavir and I can't wait to try some more.

  50. Great flavor review by Shane

    Voodoo is an excellent and unique e-liquid. The flavor and throat hit are subtle to me but interesting. I find myself using this for a long vaping sessions.

  51. Amazing! review by Andrew

    Wow! Voodoo is amazing. It actually does vary in profile as you vape it. At first it tasted like bluwberry yogurt then other times it tasted like raisin grapes spice. I have been looking for a dessert style vape and I am glad I found this little gem. I totally think this should be in the gourmet section.

  52. An Interesting and Addicting Flavor review by Anthony

    Voodoo can be very addicting. I would like to call it a deep fruit flavor. I also found that it pairs well with a glass of Pinot Grigio. Very nice Halo!

  53. great ejuice review by david

    I didn't even steep Voodoo and it is great out of the bottle. I didn’t give Tribeca 5 stars because it is not my favorite or all day vape. However, it is my second favorite e-liquid.

  54. Voodoo, whoodoo, remind me of........ review by Phillip

    My wife order Voodoo regularly so I decided to try it our. I couldn't taste the cinnamon flavor. However, this was fairly good with the plum and grape mix that I tasted. Voodoo is a good name for an e-liquid that you can't put your finger on the exact flave when vaping. It left me thinking of the movie "Labyrinth". I will most likely order more for myself.

  55. Good Stuff! review by Chris

    Voodoo is low key and fruity. The two things that people don't generally look for in an e-cigarette. The vapor ends up tasting a bit like a fruity yogurt with a hint of rum. I like Voodoo but not as much as the other flavors.

  56. Voodoo... review by Alexander

    It is very bizarre and suprising. It tastes different as you vape along. I mostly taste a berry flavors and some vanilla at times. I am interested to see what happens when I mix Voodoo with Prime 15.

  57. amazing review by Chris

    The flavor profile of this e-liquid is insane and it is my favorite tobacco blend so far. The only problem is I ordered 24mg nicotine which is way too high and especially with an e-liquid that you just want to sit there, vape, and enjoy.

  58. Good stuff review by Jerry

    I ordered a 7ml bottle of Voodoo. In my opinion, it was good but not great. I was looking forward to the cinnamon taste other reviews stated but I didn’t taste any. It is not Halo's fault at all. It has a good flavor of a plum or grape. It is not my all day vape but definitely a change of pace.

  59. A Quality Product but Misplaced in Tobacco Flavors review by Gerard from Australia

    I really like Halo's premium e-liquids. This superior e-liquid has all the hallmarks of Halo's great quality control and sensational presentation. As always, Halo's shipment arrived quickly from overseas and is beautifully presented in a magnificent drip bottle. The first vape was striking and I found it difficult to identify the flavors but they are most familiar. Also, at first I thought licorice, then it seemed like cloves, bubblegum, orange, or cherry. I was tough rating this at 3 stars. Unfortunately, I really like the dry tobacco taste and I found this is to be more of a gourmet flavor than a tobacco flavor. I don't think I would purchase Voodoo again but I am sure it will appeal to others. I am still learning about how the flavors are described and listed.

  60. Very Plum/Grapey Tasting review by Cory

    The Voodoo e-liquid is certainly a distinct and colorful flavor. The e-liquid has a very ligth tobacco flavor but the fruity textures are what came through most for me with this liquid. I got a lot of plum flavor and a little grape too.The liquid was not bad tasting in any ways but I just thought the overall flavor and vaping experience was a little thin. It is hard to describe but I was expecting more tobaco and less fruitiness. However, I wasn't a huge fan oth this but not in a terrible way. I would suggest to try it to see for yourself. I do have a friend who really enjoys it so everyone's tastebuds are different.

  61. Sooooo good. review by spk618

    I have tried a few different flavors from the site as well as a competitor but I keep coming back to Voodoo. I am a menthol lover and my palette doesn't really like traditional tobacco flavors. I got a sample of Voodoo and have been hooked since. It doesn't taste like normal tobacco flavors and is not overly complicated. I highly recommend it.

  62. Sweet + Nutty vape review by shawn

    A nice sweet and nutty flavor with a lot of vapor. It is not too sweet but just enough to satisfy ypur pallet. I like this unique flavor and will get more. I let it steep for 2 weeks to bring it to the full flavor.

  63. perfect review by yadier

    I love this e-liquid and this is the third time of buying more. I have been switching companies and always come back to Halo. I described Voodoo as candy e-liquid and reminded me of a cereal I used to eat when I was a kid.

  64. I love it review by Cathy

    At first I wasn't sure I liked Voodoo and it seemed a little odd for me. However, I let it sit a few days and tried it again and it was insanely good. It has now became a new favorite of mine.

  65. Its definitely different... review by sarah

    I will say it is definitely a different kind of flavor. Voodoo is a perfect name for this e-liquid. It is very smooth, sweet, and spicy all in the same vape. My husband really enjoys it too!

  66. Complex and delicious review by John

    I hestiated purchasing this flavor at first because it sounded like the falvor would just be too busy with all of the nuances described by Halo. I am glad I finally decided to try it. The flavor is perfect. You can really taste the sweet currant and the tobacco falvor is subtle. The throat hit is smooth but strong enough that you definitely feel it/ I love it and couldn't resist ordering a 30ml bottle. Give it a shot, it's excellent!

  67. Awesome! review by Barbara

    I love the Voodoo tobacco flavors. My husband bought it for me while he was out of town and it is hard to find it in our town. I am so gald I can order online! The unique taste isn't too sweet but has layers of flavors. I love Halo e-liquids!

  68. Amazing! review by Brittany

    Voodoo has to be the most complex flavor that I have ever tasted! The first taste was tobacco and spices on the inhale. It was delicious and the suprising kick of a dark fruit on the exhale is simply divine! Voodoo is one of my favorites!

  69. Great blend review by james

    Voodoo has a great throat hit with a good tobacco flavor. It reminds me of a pipe tobacco because it has a vanilla and a bit of a sweetness on top (not overpowering).

  70. Love it!!! review by Teresa

    I just got a large bottle of Voodoo! It is funny because I tried this once befre and did not like it at all and I only bought a 7ml bottle. Well, when I ran low on my all day vape Tribeca I then gave Voodoo another shot. I found myself craving this flavor and used every last drop from the 7ml bottle. I waited for my larger bottle to come and know I should have ordered two. Now, it is in my cart again, ready for my next order. All I have to say to anyone who didn't care for the flavor the first time is do not toss it away. Try it again and it is so worth it! However, I thought maybe the bottle had to sit a few months after I opened it but that was not the issue. I purchsed a bigger bottle and I waited 24 hours before using it and it was still great. I think it was just my taste buds were all over the place.

  71. Great taste!! Love the hint of cinammon on here! review by Benjamin

    I went back to Royal E-cigarettes in Livermore after finishing up drill weekend on my way back to the valley. I was pleasantly surprised to see that their collection of Halo e-liquid had grown substantially. After talking for awhile with the crew, I wanted to try out other flavors that Halo made. I am a huge fan of Subzero so diving into something else made it hesistant to pick up another flavor and give it a shot. After taking a few hits, it was absolutely awe-struck at the amount of flavors this one had. It had a great cinnamon taste, sweet plum flavor, and even a decent tobacco taste to it. I highly recommend this and it certainly knocked out Apollo's Clove as my all time non-menthol flavor!

  72. warm and fruity review by Brian

    It has a lot of sweet, warm, fruity flavors and seems to be more of a gourmet flavor than a tobacco flavor. It is like eating a tropical spiced pie. It doesn't sound like something I would like but to my surprise it's pretty awesome.

  73. "Possibly".....Halo's BEST, E-Juice To Date!? review by Paul

    It's amazing that Halo managed to cram so many different flavors into a single bottle but they somehow, did! I'm on my second bottle of Voodoo and it has become my favorite. It is my all day vape. Voodoo is extremely smooth, produces a great vapor, and the throat hit is never "too harsh or too mild". I think it's an excellent e-liquid for a beginner vaper or for anyone that's been vaping for a long time. I love the way you can take a hit of Voodoo and get a smooth, relaxing, mixture of something like toffee and caramel. However, when you take your next hit and receive a mixture of peppercorns and butter or your next hit a black cherry flavor. I don't know if I'll ever be able to describe all of the different and variety flavors found in this great e-liquid. With that being said, that's one of the greatest things about Voodoo, you will never know what your next flavor is going to be.

  74. Fantastic juice! review by bek

    I have only recently tried Voodoo and I am more than impressed. It is complex, strong, yet subtle at the same time. The throat hit is brilliant and has an excellent vapor production. In my opinion, the flavor changes throughout the day but I always reach for it! I taste a very smooth subtle vanilla and a berry tobacco flavor. I can't imagine anyone not liking this to be honest. Thank goodness for Halo!!

  75. good review by Paul

    I liked Voodoo and ordered it 3 times.

  76. True flavours review by Amanda

    I find it hard to find an interesting "satisfying" flavor but I am surprised and excited about Voodoo. The throat hit and vapor production are great. The flavor is the most complex mix I have came across. It is sweet, smooth, creamy and spicy.I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sweet type vape. I will be getting this again! Thasnk to Halo for international FAST shipping!

  77. Gave it a chance review by Teresa

    I tried Voodoo about a week after I got my order and I hated it but I didn't throw it away. I was glad that I only ordered a small bottle and I could not understand how some people liked it. A couple months later, Tribeca (my all day vape) was almost gone and I had not placed my order yet. I decided to give Voodoo another chance so I could conserve the little Tribeca that I had left. Well, this time, I really liked Voodoo! Even after I received my Tribeca, I would go back to the Voodoo but it will never be my all day vape. However, I do enjoy it and especially in the evening hours. I used to have a sweet tooth and would crave sweets but I have found it with some of these e-liquids. Therefore, I will be ordering a larger size of the Voodoo.

  78. I Do This Voodoo review by Brandon

    Love at first vape! I was looking for a smooth liquid with fruit overtones and this one fits the bill. An elegant and mildly sweet with buttery nuances. I'm ordering the big bottle of this liquid.

  79. WOW!! review by Robert

    Voodoo is another flavor that really shocked me!! I love the taste of Voodoo and it has a perfect throat hit!! I would like to see a variety of this on too and add it to the gourmet line. However, I would like it to have a much stronger tast without tobacco! Thanks again, Halo Cigs!

  80. Spicy and Sweet review by Tommy

    Like all tobacco flavors, Voodoo does not have much of a tobacco taste. However, this e-liquid was very tasty overall. The description for it is dead on and I used this liquid as an after dinner vape. It is very smooth and the flavoring is one of the most unique, I have ever tasted. However, it is not something I could vape all day.

  81. Recent cigarette smokers have to try this review by jesse

    I have never liked sweet e-liquid before. However, I was curious by the description of Voodoo and had to taste it. The best I can explain this, it has a real black cherry taste with a hint of a cigar taste (Black & Mild). I like to inhale this one because it smells so good and slightly gives that authentic cigar type feel in your nostrils. It does not taste like a cigar. It has an absolutely awesome vapor production. I don't think I will ever find a better sweet vapor. I am hooked.

  82. Crazy Flavor! review by Eardilla

    I'm about to finish tasting all of the e-liquids that are available. Voodoo is definitely one of the most interesting e-liquids. It has some sort of a bittersweet taste overall with evident layers of tobacco and cinnamon perfect for the after meal cravings.

  83. good as a side kick review by toots

    I find this to be too strong alone and mostly tastes like cinnamon than anything else. I found it best compliments with Tribeca quite well. So if you feel like this tastes too strong like me then try mixing it with another (I recommend Tribeca)... its good.

  84. A lot going on here. review by John

    Interesting liquid with a wide variety of nuanced flavors all working well together. Slightly sweet, with a hint of spice. This is a nice evening vape flavor for someone who likes darker, richer flavors in their liquid. Hints of dark jammy fruits and spices that complement them nicely.

  85. Voodoo review by allen

    This is by far the best tasting e-liquid I have ever tried. I definitely taste the black currant, which I love. The taste is like a sugar plum and the it is not very sweet. However, I do taste the tobacco as well and I will be buying a large bottle. I can see this being my new adv!!

  86. Yummy!! review by Ricky

    This has very unique flavors to it. It's not the best by any means but if you're a person that likes to have a variety of flavors. I would definitely suggest getting a 7ml bottle of it to try out. Good flavor but not my favorite.

  87. It was okay review by Violet

    I was excited to try this liquid out and read the good reviews. I suppose I'm just not one for spices and like sweetness more than exotics. I can taste the cinnamon a lot but not so much the fruits. Ah well, at least I tried something new. :)

  88. Very complex flavor. Good ADV review by Hayden

    I I bought my first bottle of anything Halo (Voodoo) about a month ago and WOW!... I have yet to taste another juice that comes anywhere close to it in flavor. I didn't notice it change flavor too much. This is the first tobacco flavor I've ever tried, and I didn't think that it tasted overly of tobacco. It is a smooth, soft vape that isn't nearly as sweet or "full" as Tribeca.

  89. Voodoo's now my third favorite ejuice! review by DawgPaw

    I enjoy vaping Halo Voodoo – it's now my third favorite ejuice, with Tribeca first and Shamrock second; to give you an idea of my vaping taste. It does slightly change flavors while vaping – how Halo managed to make that happen is a nice mystery to me. Voodoo has tasty fruit flavors, without being too sweet. It's definitely worth a 7ml bottle to try it out – I now buy the 30ml each month. Try it – you'll probably like it!

  90. Voodoo for sure review by Juliann

    It is what it says. Very different. Nice vapor and throat hit, but the taste of the flavor is not for me. I will stay with my other Halo favorites.

  91. I think I'm really starting to like this review by Scott

    When I first got this to try, I accidentally ordered 2 small bottles. After letting it steep for a day, I tried it in a mini tank in my Triton. I thought it was harsh and nasty-sad I ended up with 2 bottles. It sat for the rest of the week, and I put it into a full size tank. It tasted pretty good, but still really harsh. After another week, it had mellowed a lot and now I think this is my number 2, behind Menthol V. Good combo of spicy "tobacco" flavor, not to sweet fruitiness, and a bit of creamy vanilla. It has a good bold and complex flavor. Not an ADV at this point, but I'll be ordering a couple big bottles soon.

  92. Voodoo for a reason! review by Matthew

    For those people who enjoy "mixing" it up, but don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning your coils, this one is for you!!! It's not OVERLY different each time, but each time it gives a little different flavor. I highly recommend it. It's not as "sweet" as I imagined based off of some of the other reviews. The tobacco flavor to me is relatively close to Tribeca...just a mild and delicious!!! Try the small bottle and go from there! I look forward to getting the big bottle to see if the variations in flavor change more than I have been able to notice.

  93. Just what I was looking for... review by maskwoman

    Just what I was looking for and I didn't even know it! It's funny - I've stayed away from the tobacco flavors because I really don't like the taste of tobacco. I tried Voodoo because of all the wonderful reviews and I'm not disappointed. Took a chance and ordered the 30 ml and I am so glad that I did. Some have mentioned that it is not an All Day Vape but for me it absolutely is. All I can say, is that Halo has not let me down!!

  94. Good vapor but a little too 'fruity' taste for me. review by danny

    Voodoo is good, but just a little too fruity for me. It certainly has a touch of voodoo, as the aroma is different than the taste. If fruity is your thing, then you'll love this one. It has good vapor, so I'll give a 4 star rating.

  95. Plums and Smooth vanilla review by Chris

    I bought this just to try it, and I have to say it is a very complex flavor to figure out...For the most part, what you will taste is grapes mixed with plums, with an added vanilla leaving you. The flavor is almost as if you put all 3 of those in a blender, with added extra cream, and drank it. It is very appetizing, even for someone like me who is not a huge grape fan. This is actually really good. When you first get it, you will want to let it steep for at least a week. This isn't my main vape, so it's not hard for me to put on the back burner, trying it every once in a while to change things up. This is an awesome vape though, especially if you a fan of grape smoothes!

  96. Finally found my all day vape! review by Lucid

    I rolled the dice and ordered 60mls of Voodoo without even trying it. My decision was based solely on reviews that I have read. I am happy to say that my gamble paid off and that I cashed in by finally finding my ADV(all day vape)!

    I was slightly worried in the beginning because I am not much of a black currant fan, but I am a huge fan of plums, grapes, cinnamon, and vanilla, all which are in Voodoo. When I loaded my tank and took the first pull..the black currant did dominate...I was almost disappointed. I kept vaping it and sure enough the "voodoo effect" that everyone spoke of turned out to be true. As I continued to vape...the flavors kept shifting and changing, and yet somehow remained balanced and in harmony with one another. One pull would have a semi fruity tartness and the next would be smooth with a hint of cinnamon rounded out by subtle vanilla...I can't put it down! I am going to order another 90mls! I highly recommend this if you are looking for something different that is in a class of its own!

  97. Great range of flavors review by Wesley

    Voodoo has a great range of flavors to it and all are pleasant. You can go through a 30ml bottle and experience several different tastes at different times. Excellent value as well.

  98. Another Winner! review by Janet

    Anyone wanting a good vape all day long, Voodoo is the answer. It is a gentle, good hit and not too sweet. It is just right, with great vapor. I really do like seeing that long stream of vapor. It feels nice and cool blowing back against the face. It is just so good! No other words are needed. Don't waste time with 7ml, go for the gusto, 30ml bottle all the way.

  99. It's In The Name!!! Voodoo!!! review by Elik Anoa'i

    I had to give this juice 5 Stars! Absolutely phenomenal, and I will definitely order several 30 ml bottles very soon. When you read the flavor profile on this juice, it's pretty much right on the money. When you vape it right out of the box, the overpowering flavors are the plum and black currant, no questions asked. That's what you get. However, let it sit a couple of days and you can pick up subtle traces of sweet tobacco and grape. Now, let this steep for several weeks, give it a good shake, and vape it on a VV battery at around 3.0-3.2 ohms set at 4 volts. Man! Are you freaking kidding me. You get this pleasant vanilla and cinnamon top note on the inhale, with traces of the plum, grape and currant on the exhale, with sweet mild tobacco undertones. Like the name says, Voodoo's flavor profile changes from vape to vape. At times, you get struck by the plum and currant at first. Other times, it's the vanilla and cinnamon on the inhale with the other flavors making a grand entrance on the exhale. This juice is really good and this was the review that I was really excited to write because it's really a Spectacular blend. I'm definitely keeping this in my rotation. 5 Stars! Go Voodoo!!! Woooooooh!!!!! Hooooo!!!!

  100. Halo puts the hoodoo in Voodoo !! review by Michael

    As Frank Sinatra sang.. that old black magic has me in its spell... this is clearly the design of Voodoo. Just smelling the e-juice told me I was in for a real treat, and wow was I ever. This is an all day vape and then some. Good stuff... warm... comforting... but on singular in design. It is kind of like that auto paint that changes colors when you look at it in different light.... Voodoo is a very captivating shape shifter to say the least. Some puffs you taste a dark cocoa with blackberries and currants, while other puffs you get more of a sweet fruit taste followed up by a mild fig cookie flavor. This is at the top of my rotation as an all day vape. Happy Vaping!


  101. The Effect Has Commenced review by Aaron

    I love this vape. I get a great top note of vanilla in this vape. The variation of all the flavors combined has made this a top 3 of my vapes. You will not be dissapointed in ordering this amazing flavor combination.

  102. good recipe review by alexandre

    I adjust voodoo e liquid with 2 drop of Belgian Cocoa in Triton Tanks, and this is just awesome! ;-) Have a good vape!

  103. Delicious magic! review by Dharma

    I love the voodoo flavour. I was looking for a more hookah-like flavor, but the pina colada and java options were too sweet or too chocolatey for me. This Voodoo flavour is really delicious. It does change flavors. The ones I notice most are the plum and vanilla undertones. It changes from puff to puff, in temperature, and it does change after it "settles" or "soaks in" as other reviewers have stated.

    It's a splendid flavor for a splendid e-cigarette. I don't notice the tobacco flavors much, which is a bonus for me. I really love this flavor and I suspect it will be the only one I will be buying from now on. I'm quite pleased with it, and I'm happy that I chose the giant bottle rather than the little options. Quite good! I say give it a go :)

  104. Fruity review by Amanda

    Good, sweet flavor with a quality throat hit. It reminded me of a fruity flavor, but it didn't overwhelm or smother the throat hit. I would recommend this to those who like the sweet stuff.

  105. How is this even possible?? review by Sam

    OK Halo, I'm not sure what your trick is with this one, but wow! The complexity of flavors is unreal. You get the mild fruit tones and sweetness, then a slight hint of tobacco spiciness... i just cant figure out as to how all of that comes from Voodoo. I dont think I would ever mix this flavor with anything else. This one is a winner!

  106. My Daily Vape review by Chris

    I originally received some Voodoo as a gift. When I first vaped it, I was almost concerned about what I just put inside my lungs. Yet, after a few more puffs (all with different flavor) I became intrigued. After about a month, I realized that despite having other flavors, I was going through my Voodoo at an alarming rate. In my quest to find all the flavors within, this liquid had become my favorite.

  107. 2nd Order review by Daniel

    I just placed a second order for this juice. I'm sticking with 7ml bottles until I can decide what nic level I can tolerate... I found the 18mg a little harsh. With that said, the flavor is out of this world and will keep you guessing what the heck it is. Great stuff and a treat to vape!

  108. Didn't know what to expect with Voodoo E-liquid. review by Doc Bee

    I didn't know what to expect with this e-liquid but other reviews piqued my interest so I bit. Wow! This is an awesome and complex flavor. The first notes are subtle; the throat hit is fabulous and the end note is sweet and fruity. This is an unbelievable experience that is well worth the try. I am vaping this in a G6 mini tank system but I will be topping off my Triton tank too. The more I vape Voodoo, the more I just love everything about this.

  109. Yummy review by Dena

    I bought a 7ml bottle and as soon as I tasted it I immediately logged on and bought the 30ml. This taste so good, I think it's my new favorite.

  110. A unique flavor A+ review by Wendy

    I'm not even sure how to classify this flavor bc it is so UNIQUE! It's almost an acquired taste. Another HALO HIT!! If you're unsure just give it time and it will soon become one of your favorites!

  111. Pretty good - looking forward to letting it steep review by Jeff

    I'm a pretty big fan of Voodoo, although I have only tried it once (and in a carto - as opposed to a mini-tank, as I've read in some e-cig forums that Voodoo is pretty "strong" and can leave a rather strong taste in the wicks, as well as gunk up the coils, as it is such a dark & thick fluid). That being said, I like the taste from the carto. I agree with some other reviewers, as I get somewhat of a plum taste. However, it appears to be the consensus that this juice is best if left to steep (I seem to remember some people recommending even for a month). It also seems to be the consensus that the flavor will morph over time, and I'm looking forward to seeing that. It is very, very smooth, and has, to me, more of a spicy/plum taste, and less of a tobacco taste. This is good if you like a different & distinct flavor that is powerful without being overwhelmingly tobacco. I think that I prefer Tribeca, but this one is very, very good. Probably not an all day vape for me, but definitely in the rotation.

  112. Will keep you coming back review by Daniel

    Voodoo... What is this flavor?! To me it is smacked of juicy fruit and tobacco, but i swear it changes evey time I hit it. Whatever the taste is, it keeps me coming back to it after every other flavor i try. Definitely will be buying again.

  113. Voodoo E-liquid review by John

    Tried this one recently. Wow, was I impressed! Great taste with a mysterious and outstanding hint of vanilla and cinnamon. Voodoo is definitely on my list. Thanks Halo!

  114. Different than the rest review by Rob

    Voodoo is the most unique flavor I have tried from Halo. The flavor is different and that is a good thing. I don't know how they consider this a tobacco flavor. It should be in its own category, named something different. Every time I take a drag it seems like my taste buds are surprised with a new flavor. Its hard to explain, and all I can say is if your looking to try something different, just order a 7ml sampler and see for yourself. Currently, Voodoo is not my all day vape, but it is certainly a nice treat if you want to "shock" your taste buds! This may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth a try!

  115. Complex flavor review by Gene

    I found the Voodoo seemed to have the most "complex" flavor of the Tobacco mixes I've tried so far. After steeping for a week, it's quickly became a favorite "evening" vape. It also mixes well with the Prime15 and other tobacco blends.

  116. nice spicy change review by Brandon

    Not my go to flavor but voodoo is definitely a standard in my rotation. It has a nice spicy flavor the cinnamon is not as prominent as I expected but it is definitely noticeable. I like this of the morning time it has a nice throat hit and nice flavor.

  117. Perfect if you're looking for something that strays from the norm! review by Dalooosh

    I was looking for something a little different than the usual tobacco or menthol, but not something considered “dessert”, so I tried the Voodoo flavor, and man was I not disappointed. The plum and vanilla flavors are bold, but not overwhelming at all. Although I wouldn't vape this all day every day, it’s definitely a keeper! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I convinced my local E cig store to stock my own personal supply of 30 ml .06 strength Voodoo so I can grab a bottle on the run if need be. Thanks Halo for another win!

  118. Not good review by David

    Hard to describe the flavor, I didn't like it at all. Let it steep for a week. I really like the Tribeca flavor.

  119. Excellent flavor review by Charles

    This e liquid is much different than any of the other tobaccos halo offers. It is one of my top 5. Voodoo has a really good throat hit with a lot of vapor. I really enjoy the plum taste mixed with cinnamon.

  120. Can't Decide review by lismterr

    Can't decide how I feel about this one. It's not bad but definitely not something I could vape all day. To me, it tastes like rum raisin. That could be the grape and black currant. It's interesting and I'm glad I tried it. I favor menthols so this could be why I'm so unsure. I had some after dinner and I think it's best as a mild dessert vape.

  121. Not my fave but still good! review by Zipper

    I admit that I got this mainly for the name but the flavors also sounded good. I think it lives up to its name Voodoo because it changes its flavor with every vape. I can taste the spices but sometimes smoother sweeter almost chocolate covered fruit flavorings. It is not my favorite but it is still a very good unique flavoring!

  122. One of My Favorites review by Jimmy

    When I first was looking at Halo's choices I was not sure what to make of Voodoo. I decided to take a chance, and could not be happier. As some of the other reviews have mentioned, it seems like the flavor changes the longer you use it. Voodoo does have a lot going on, and if you are looking for a simple e-liquid this may not be it, but I would strongly suggest giving it a try; you will not be disappointed.

  123. I love this! review by Allan

    I have used magic mists cherry, and tribecca from halo, So far the smoothest best tasteing I have used in high strength 24mg nic. This is my favorite You will love it.

  124. Sugar and spice review by Bryan

    There was a high amount of spice flavoring in this e-liquid. It took a while for me to get used to, but after a while I came to enjoy it. I don't think this is a flavor that I'll order often, but it's a nice change of pace compared to the standard tobacco flavors.

  125. PERFECT NAME review by ALLEN


  126. Tasty review by Herbert

    I first received voodoo 7ml at 12 MG with the tobacco sample pack. I enjoyed it so much I purchased a 30ML bottle at 6MG. I still like it just as much. It has a great flavor that I cant put my finger on except for the cinnamon as one of the flavors. I really like it. thank you Halo!

  127. Amazing ! review by Sam

    Got the sample bottle and gave it a go! Was blown away, the plum taste was just amazing not fake just subtle. I am not a huge plum fan but do enjoy one occasionally in the summer, this liquid has so much going on at just the right levels and very fun to taste all the different notes at different voltage. I immediately ordered the 30 ml bottle and have been enjoying this as my adv. I normally stick to straight tobacco flavors but this and Tribeca have been very nice change of pace! I ordered 18 mg and I'm using vision spinner and T3S Kanger bottom coil tank!

  128. No one does that Voodoo like you do! review by Ted

    Love this flavor! I used this with my Tribeca to add some sweetness to the overall flavor. Really nice as a mixer if you don't like it too sweet. Kind of tastes like grape soda with a hint of bubblegum. The Voodoo e-liquid really does have a chameleon like nature in that it tastes slightly different sometimes. It seems to bring up one of more of its many good flavors and bring it to the forefront on different occasions. It always tastes good though. A bit too sweet for me to use by itself but a wonderful mixer to tone down stronger blends.

  129. No my kind of flavor unfortunately review by MJT

    This is the first Halo E-Liquid I have not liked immediately so far. For me, it has kind of a syrupy sweet cookie-dough flavor. Almost like eating Marzipan (which I learned to despise in Europe!).
    I have not tried to steep this liquid yet. If this improves / tempers the syrupy taste, I'll re-review.
    For now, just not for me.

  130. the crew on ECF was right review by FallenRawToast

    I ordered a 7ml, just because of all the love this flavor gets from the Halons on ECF. I would of tried it sooner or later, but because of them... it happened sooner.

    I think the way Halo describes it is pretty spot on, the one other flavor component that I would add, is that it has pretty much a bourbon taste as an over all binding to the subtle notes.

    This is a darker, thicker liquid, so be prepared to have a bit of wick and coil gunking.

    Also try this at different wattages, it seems that this flavor comes with different subtleties depending on the watts used. Watts = V²/Ω

  131. Name says it all! review by Xtreme77678

    The dark fruity tastes of this liquid, combined with the variable qualities on exhale, make this a surprising hit. I was not sure how I would feel about this one, ordered the 7 ml bottle and will probably go with 30 ml soon. As has been described, a very complex melding of flavors and if you use the variable voltage batteries, you can definitely draw out the different flavors more as you vary the voltage. Good vapor production and throat hit - a pleasant surprise and worthy of the Voodoo name!

  132. Mysteriously good review by Sylvain

    At first I wasn't sure if I like this juice or not. When I opened the bottle the smell reminded me of some sort of cough syrup. My first vaping impression was plums, a plum tart maybe. But there was a lot other things behind that kept me guessing. I wasn't too convinced but I kept coming back to it. Soon after, I started to taste a delicious and complex mix of red fruits and grapes with slight undertone of tobacco and hint of spice. Before I knew it, it became one of my favorite evening juice.
    Voodoo is a very complex juice and it will requires a few days to open up as well as for you to fully appreciate it. Once you get there, it's magic!

  133. one of a kind review by joyce

    The most exotic tobacco blend in the industry...Give it a try; you owe it to yourself do it now.

  134. Another new ADV!!! Voodoo has control review by Steven

    Been reading good things about Voodoo for a while. I have been an avid fan of Tribeca because of it's complex flavors. But nothig has competed. That is until now. Voodoo!!! Wow!!! Nice mild tobacco with dark fruit sweetness without being fruity. Also has a nice creamy taste with overtones of caramel and vanilla. Another totally complex flavor that gives you something different each time. I can't put it down. I only ordered a sample bottle along with 90ml of Tribeca since I can only afford to buy it during sales. It is my occasional treat to myself. My vaping lobster so to speak. Well I am going to have to order some of this Voodoo so I have plenty on hand for a rotation of two ADV's. Nice work Halo. Just please, please consider bring your prices to a more competitive level.

  135. Top notch! review by Diana Prince

    I've never had a strong liking for the taste of just plain tobacco so I've been buying from the gourmet variety. This though is really good. Nice smooth vanilla flavor mixed with the tobacco. The two go really well together. The vanilla is not overpowering like a dessert flavor. It's perfectly mixed.

  136. Nice, burns the stock coils review by Cody

    Great flavor! This is becoming a new favorite for me. A word of caution though, the 2.2-2.4 coil burnt halfway through a tank. Need to drop down if you're a heavy vaper

  137. Darn good review by Lynn

    I was a little hesitant about Voodoo but decided to give it a try. Going strictly by it's name I expected it to be spicy, strong or hot but it's not. It's a nice light tobacco with different layers of fruit it. I'm not a fruit person but this one may have changed my mind. The first thing I tasted was the grape on the inhale and plum or currant on the exhale. So smooth and light but not too light. Nothing worse than a juice out of balance. This is really good. I'll be ordering this in the 30 ml next order. I love it.

  138. ~Voodoo Vape Heaven~ review by Kat

    Wow...Just absolutely lovin' this juice!!! Ordered as a sample 7ml 6mg and falling in love with it! Subtle complex vape with hint of sweetness that is not at all over the top. Like how you can taste the tobacco but notes makes this a wonderful vape~ didn't think I'd want to vape this all day cause of the menthol vaper that I am- but I am really enjoying this gourmet juice. Thanks Halo for the juice I will be coming back for more!!!

  139. Dark fruit is where it's at! review by Tim

    5 stars:
    Voodoo melds extremely well with my particular tastes. I enjoy a less-than-sweet dessert vape and tend to steer clear of any and all fruit flavors. In my search for a "tobacco" flavor this one interested me so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did! The dark fruit flavors work well with my palette and don't overwhelm with the typical overly-syrupy/citrusy aftertaste. It's a great compliment to the mild tobacco base. I absolutely love this one!

    My Ratings:
    1 - Awful
    2 - Ok
    3 - Good
    4 - Very Good
    5 - Excellent

  140. Love the spicyness review by Eduardo

    On this blend the first thing you will notice is the spiciness as it hits your tongue, then this sweet sensation. I absolutely love this juice, as it reminds me of home.

  141. I love the Voodoo review by gopher_byrd

    I am on an extended overseas business trip. What juice did I bring with me? 90 ml of Voodoo of course!

    The complexity of the flavors in Voodoo are best experienced with a VV Triton. Down low brings out the vanilla a bit more. Adjusting up in voltage brings out the different flavors along the way. Voodoo with a VV gives you what seems like a different juice at each step to fit your mood/taste needs.

    Don't leave home without it!

  142. All day review by Allen

    This is my all day vape, fantastic flavor with a strong throat hit... It hurts a little on the first couple drags. I vape this all day and just had to order another 30ml.

  143. good vape review by JJ87

    I got this juice as a complimentary gift from halo a while back. I just kept it and didn't use it until about a week ago. It reminds me of boba's bounty from alien juices. It has a deep flavor with a hint of sweetness to it. Like other e-liquids I've tried, I had to let it air out for a couple of days to get a better flavor out of it. I don't think this juice is for everyone, but I did enjoy it. I prefer juices like the tribeca and southern classic. So if you like flavors like the tribeca and southern classic, I would definitely recommend buying a sample size of this juice before buying the 30ml bottle. But I've had friends who've liked both, and I've also had friends who prefer this voodoo liquid as their go to liquid. So it's a matter of preference, but just know that Halo does a real good job of making liquids, especially when it comes to quality of the vapor you get.

  144. Voodoo is great review by Christopher

    Voodoo is a great liquid that offers a good throat hit and great vapor production. It has a sweet tobacco under tone yet still the flavor changes. Its a nice flavor due to the fact the flavor changes and I find the variety refreshing.

  145. Voodoo for the win review by Jason

    I have been vaping now for about a month or so, and thus far this product accommodates me perfectly. I bought the starter kit and I use both vaporizers on a daily basis. This product offers a very smooth taste and good throat hit for those looking for something sweet, but not overly exaggerated. I also recommend using the 3.0-3.2 ohm coils with a 650-1300 battery for best results. This combination of battery power and a more heat resistant coil WILL bring out the full range of flavor and profile of the voodoo e-liquid.

  146. MY Goto Liquid review by Ronnie

    Out of all the different liquids I have tried, I always come back to Voodoo. The complexity of this liquid is far superior to anything else I have tried.

  147. Voodoo is definately unique review by Matthew

    I have tried Halo products from a local B&M store, Rocky Mountain Ecigs. They do not carry every flavor, but I was able to try the Voodoo and it was definitely a unique flavor. I detect the plum flavor, the cinnamon and vanilla at different times. While this is not an adv or one of my favorites, I just placed an order to try a couple of more flavors will see how they turn out.

  148. Finelly a perfect companion to Tribeca review by Itshak

    For some two years Tribeca was my favorite Juice from Halo.
    Now now what this Voodoo got to do with Tribeca????
    It does not taste the same by any means!
    But it got some notes that give him the Tribeca quality IMHO.
    What is the Tribeca quality??
    For me it's very simple, you want to try it time after time,
    It got something that urge you vaping it again and again.
    If pass some time on different juice you find that you miss this one.
    Voodoo ha ha lol.
    Now the time is nothing simple to describe at all,there shades and
    Layers of some of Halo description for Voodoo but it not something
    One get at once.
    You need to dig it time after time to get this and that,but no problem here,
    The juice will call you to do just that,as a matter of speaking.
    It got this Tobacco carrier like ( nice one not aggressive)
    Then you are not sure as you get sheds of plum?grape?current
    The Vanilla is there Caramel? Ya I thinks,and it's bland all nicely
    To one premium bland with this tiny shade of this and that.
    Voodoo like Tribeca don't taste like any out there,there are unique.
    TH is solid,
    VP is great
    FL is outstanding
    The most thing I like is that know I have something to go alternate
    With Tribeca yet with totally different taste, but on the same level of uniqueness!
    I say: Bravo.

  149. VOODOO review by Jon

    Voodoo is awesome! Just get some.....

  150. Voodoo review by Mark

    This is my 3rd review ever and they have all been on Halo products! Voodoo is a great name for this product. I have tried it and even got my wife to try it and we can't come up with the flavor profile exactly, but, Wow this stuff is Great!! Go ahead and order this because the name really hit's it on the head!! I will put it down and turn right around and pick it back up and hit it again!! It is really that good!.. You try it and tell me what you think it is! lol

  151. Delicious review by Katie

    Love voodoo! Every hit is different. Has almost a spicy rum taste. I could daily smoke voodoo and not get sick of it. Two thumbs up!!

  152. I'm hooked review by candace

    This is the best tobacco flavored e juice hands down! It might have some flavors that you're not familiar with, but do not let that stop you from ordering this. If your searching for that sweet tobacco taste that you can still identify the tobacco, this is it, it's bold, with flavors but not over powering with any, they all blend together to make the perfect vape, this is a for sure ADV! You'll not regret ordering, just get the 30ml, or you'll be sorry!

  153. Like it, but don't love it review by Sam

    Voodoo is a little too complex for my taste. First of all, great TH and vapor production. Honestly at first i did not like this one at all but after 48 hours of steeping i did warm up to the taste(s). I picked up on the plum and a bit of a floral tobacco taste more than any other flavor, but its hard to say because it literally tastes different every time I try it. I'm more of a one flavor kind of girl but if you like complex, mysterious, cigar type flavor than this is the one for you. My friend LOVES this one but its just not gonna be my every day vape.

  154. Tasty review by Stephen

    This is a really tasty Vape. I was a bit skeptical of the whole changing flavours thing but it truly does. Sometimes it's very pastry like and sweet, other times it is citrusy and floral. Really enjoy it.

  155. Voodoo e liquid review by Vaporpig

    The voodoo e liquid is very different than the other ones I have tried so far because it has a couple different flavors which seem to change with inhale and exhale. I get a grape or plum taste with inhale and a cinnamon taste on exhale. It has a very smooth taste to it but not overly fruity.

  156. Candy Sweet review by Stephen

    I enjoy this liquid, but I find it a little too sweet to become a regular for me. The flavor for me is of sweet fruit candy. I tend to think "Skittles" while vaping this. The flavor for me is pretty consistent. I've not yet picked up any variations or shifts in flavor profile as the description or other users have described. I can see how some people love this juice, as it tastes rich and flavorful. Just a little too sweet for me.

  157. My favorite daily smoke review by Lawson

    Complex flavor that changes throughout the smoke by highlighting the individual flavors. This is not your typical smoke. It's not saccharine like the typical 'gourmet' flavors you find elsewhere or as harsh as some tobacco flavors. I use it and tribecca as alternates in my daily use.

  158. WOW review by JACCI

    I got this in a sample pack and couldn't put it down. Once I realized it was under the tobacco category I was surprised, I never would have bought any "tobacco" based flavors but Halo are genius's.....I get a simple flav of tobacco and so much additional flavor on top that gives me what I've been looking for but was afraid to try. I absolutely love VOODOO and am making all my friends try it when they're sticking with the local beginner bottles. They're missing out on so much!!!

  159. Delish and interesting flavor review by Herbert

    At first I have to admit, I did not like Voodoo. Frankly I thought it tasted like perfume. But later, I tried it again and it has a fruity yet cinnamon taste. Really interesting. I like it a lot and will be buying the 30ml size soon.

  160. My Favorite review by Kirk

    I must say that at first I was a bit disappointed, but unlike some other e-liqs I've come across that were destined for give-aways or the trash, I kept voodoo in one of my tanks and it laid around for a day or two. Soon after, I found myself vaping voodoo more than anything else. Like a new radiohead release ... you're not sure what to think at first, but given some time its brilliance shines. Well done Halo, I will be surprised to find anything like this elsewhere.

  161. Simply incredible. review by Matthew

    I was taking everyone's comments about Voodoo with a grain of salt. I wasn't sure if this flavor was for me. On a whim, I tried a 7ml bottle and was blown away. All the comments were correct. Straight out of the bottle, the flavors are intense and hard to identify, but very good. As I became used to it, I noticed all the subtle undertones. I will be buying more.

  162. Flavor keeps me guessing and would definetly recommend review by Trevor

    I ordered a sampler from HALO after reading many good reviews on various e-cig forums about the quality of HALO e-cig juice. The sampler included Midnight Apple, Kringles Curse, Voodoo, and a new Southern Tobacco blend. Since I'm new to Vaping as of 4 days ago, I must admit I'm quite impressed with this Voodoo juice. I'm still not sure what exactly the aftertaste is, but I havent stopped vaping it for 4 days now! Just ordered a big 30ml bottle.

  163. a great vape review by Anthony

    This is a nice blend of tobacco and fruit that is hard to find. The grape is the most prominent flavor but is not to much. All around a great vaping liquid.

  164. Love mixed with Sub Zero review by Robert

    Yes! I finally fell under Voodoo's spell, but not by itself. I love to experiment and tried just 10 drops of Sub Zero to a Triton Tank full of Voodoo and like magic, it tamed that overwhelming 'cherry' I for some reason only get by itself even after weeks of steeping. Like to switch flavors throughout day, so worked out perfect.

  165. Unexpected flavor review by Jason

    At first vape, this eliquid came off as something similar to a fruity yogurt flavor. Halfway through my triton tank the flavors described on the website became more and more evident. Definitely one to add into the rotation. I have learned that its important to vape past first impressions of an eliquid to truly find its real flavor.

  166. Sweet Tobacco review by Priscilla

    Voodoo is another unique juice. It's sweet but still very well balanced. I get a lot of grape and cinnamon when I vape this one. It's really very good, just not my personal favorite. I'm hoping the sweetness calms a little over time, but still another win for Halo!

  167. Just great review by Saiho

    New to vaping, so I have little reference to compare, but I loved this from the first minute. Tried it in a mini-tank at 18 mg/ml. A little fruity, with just enough of a vanilla hint and just the right amount of sweetness for me. The tobacco taste is really subtle, which for me is a good thing, but it could just as well be part of the gourmet collection.

    Also, it makes my carrying case smell great! Will be definitely getting more of this.

  168. AWSOME!!! review by Ben

    Stuff is unbelievable. Truly great vape. The taste changes from inhale to exhale. Def an ADV for me.

  169. quality flavor review by steven

    A very robust flavor (brandy or possibly dark wine) with a deep throat hit. Over time it mellows.

  170. all day vape review by Michael

    Love this flavor and it really does change flavor a little bit depending on the temperature. Use a multi voltage/wattage e mod to take full advantage of this awesome flavor. it has a good throat and vapor output. Buy it you'll love it.

  171. This Stuff is Awesome review by Jon

    It is true that I haven't been vaping long....about 2 months now. But after vaping local vape shops I started ordering from the web. Holy Halo this is good stuff !! Also try the Tribecca!

  172. Voodoo review by diana

    Just tried Voodoo for the first time and I LOVE it! The taste is very mild. This is my new favorite!

  173. Very good to keep in the rotation review by Aaron

    I got this flavor as a recommendation from a few people and really like it. There are a lot of different flavors going on and it has a great undertone. The throat hit for me was just right. Its a great flavor, not something i vape every day. It is something good to keep in the rotation and come back to every once and a while.

  174. Best tasting tobacco flavor I have tried review by Don

    Amazing tobacco flavor if your looking for a sweet taste that is not unbelievably strong. One of the most soothing tobacco flavors I have tried with a nice throat hit. The flavor goes excellently with the smoothness of the vapor. If you have only tried gourmet flavors or other sweetened e-liquid and are looking to make a transition to tobacco, pick up a bottle of this. Very relaxing flavor that you will be able to vape with whenever. Quality tobacco flavor and I definitely recommend picking some of this up.

  175. My favorite, I swear by this one. review by Jeremy

    This is my favorite juice I've ever come across. The flavor is so complex that it literally does change it's flavor slightly as you vape. As someone who loves to change flavors a lot it's not as necessary when I'm vaping Voodoo because of this constant slight variation. The tones of grape and plum are really subtle but definitely there and are just perfect the way they interact with each other and the natural sweetness of the juice. Seriously, if you're in doubt, give it a try and you'll be under it's spell.

  176. voodoo review by sidney

    I'm from Michigan and used to get this flavor from a shop near by me, they discontinued it, so I went online and found this company, found VooDoo ordered a small bottle to try it,and all I have to say is WOW! The taste was so much better than from the other place, they ship in a timely manner. I will be a customer for life!!!!

  177. Can't get enough review by Joan

    I bought a sample size bottle of this one to try. Their description intrigued me in a way and turned me off i another way. I got it and put into a mini tank right away and didn't like it at all. Went back a few hours later and tried it again and couldn't put it down. I vaped the entire thing in one sitting. It immediately became one of the 3 I rotate throughout the day. The flavor does change as you vape. It seems very heat sensitive and because of battery drain, you get a different taste with almost every draw. It is mellow with the currant being the top note most of the time for me but the other flavors are there. I don't taste the spice as much as I feel it. I will be ordering more of this one real soon.

  178. Another Great E-juice from Halo!! review by Russell E.

    I can't say enough about Halo and there AWESOME E-juices. I am new to the Vaping world but absolutely love Halo's Voodoo e-juice. A great tobacco flavor with hints of grape, plumb and a slight hint of vanilla a sweet taste on exhale. The Vapor you get off of Halo's e-juice's is remarkable. I go between Voodoo and Southern Classic all day long. They are both all day vaping e-juice's. I can't wait to try more of Halo's Awesome e-juice's.. Thank you Halo for great Products..

  179. Complex Tobacco Flavors review by Michael

    This tobacco e-liquid is totally different that the Captain Jack. It is a much milder tobacco flavor that is layered with a whole variety of flavors but I definitely taste the grape. The tobacco flavor is there but is certainly masked but I really like this. Light throat hit and great vapor clouds using my iTaste MVP2 in an Aerotank. One of my favorite tobaccos flavors from Halo!

  180. Voodoo: Fruity, but not too sweet review by W. Joseph

    I wasn’t sure it I was going to like the Voodoo from the reviews on the site until I tried it in a sample size bottle and realized what people were saying. It’s a complex flavor indeed, and one that’s very hard to describe. Fruity, but not too sweet: a little grape, a little blackcurrant, but everything evenly balanced. There’s also something in there that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s probably my second favorite next to the Halo Southern Classic, and a must-try at the very least. I will be buying again!

  181. A nice occasional vape review by Travis..

    I like Voodoo (mine is the 18mg). It's flavor has many undertones that make it great from when I want something different from my standard rotation. I don't vape it everyday, but I'll keep a bottle handy. Steeping helped to bring out more of the background flavors.

  182. Second try a charm review by Robert

    Thought I'd give part 2 review after over a week of leaving cap off and shaking each day, I can say the overwhelming cherry only taste initially got upon trying Voodoo immediately when it came has subsided to a faint Pena Colada--strong on pineapple side, with vanilla.
    I am NOT getting the taste changing sensation all others seem to report here. Not an overwhelming sticky-sweet tasting vape either. This may not be an ADV for me but have enough large Halo flavors I DO love as an ADV, that I can see mixing Voodoo with Belgian Cocoa or Sub Zero, though. Since a combo like: Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa, and Sub Zero MIXED are a great mixture, why not try adding Voodoo to the Voodoo? LOL! I am so very glad I started with Halo and did not go through agony I know others experience with other brands. Guess I am spoiled with such great options with Halo. Great hardware and juice. Halo has been a lifesaver.

  183. Voodoo for U review by Chuck

    I love this flavor. It is a kind of dark, smooth, mildly sweet flavor for me. I use it mostly in mini-tanks, and the flavor really sticks all the way through. I especially enjoy vaping this right after dinner, when I want to just kind of mellow out. Recommend for now and then.

  184. Think I did a review of kringle by mistake review by Laurie

    Voodoo sounded awesome, but the flavors were so strong I was hesitant to try them. It is very rounded, all the flavor notes are there. I'm still new to this, but it was a bit overwhelming to my senses. I'll use in between my Prime 15.

  185. Not my cup of tea - but not bad review by Laurie

    Like a York peppermint patty. I just prefer something more mellow.

  186. Very Interesting review by Jeepster67

    I'm still kinda on the fence about this one. First let me say that this juice has excellent flavor, moderate throat hit and great vapor production. The flavor is quite interesting and it is growing on me. Every time I try it I like it a little bit more. I don't know what black currents taste like but I definitely taste the grape and plum. The cinnamon, tobacco and vanilla are very faint but add a bit of huskiness(don't know how else to explain that) to it. Overall a really good taste but it may not appeal to everyone but be sure to try it a few times before deciding as it does tend to grow on you. My initial reaction was "Wow, this is weird." and I just put it away for a while I would try it occasionally and every time I liked it more. Could easily see this being a ADV for a lot of people.

  187. So so review by Josh

    I enjoyed it at first, but started getting this taste of Dr. Pepper that I didn't really enjoy.

  188. Strangely Awesome review by Dan

    I really was not sure about this at first because of the other reviews, but everything everyone says is spot on. It really does change tastes as it goes. The Throat hit and Vapor were just as good as is expected from Halo, but that taste is what wins on this juice. Try it out!

  189. A favorite, but may need steeping or acclimating to it review by Michael

    Voodoo and I got off to a rocky start, but have not only made up we've perhaps started something special and this is in my top 3 Halo liquids, maybe even top 2. I ordered a 7ml bottle of this on my last order on kind of a whim. I was expecting something similar to Tribeca but with a little extra cinnamon or cloves added, but when I took my first inhales I got hit with disappointment as all I was getting was a strong medicinal taste.

    You sometimes get this with juices that need steeping, but Halo juices have generally been great out of the box so I thought I'd gotten a dud. I set the tank of it aside and moved onto other juices. When I tried it while filling other tanks, I was getting getting something sweet and peppery. A few days later I was getting more than just sweet and spice, there'd be little notes of something like currant or blackberries, and every once in awhile a smooth dry tobacco on the exhale.

    That tobacco exhale felt really rare, maybe 1 out of every 40 exhales and is something tobacco lovers (or haters) should be aware of, and that this could easily be taken out of the tobacco category on their site altogether. Halfway through the bottle something really clicked. There aren't crazily different flavors on every inhale, that's a bit of an exaggeration -- it's mostly a sweet currant, vanilla and cinnamon with different flavors being more pronounced depending on how you take a drag and the voltage being used.

    I'd say this is a medium-dark liquid so a little harder on the coils/wicks, but really not bad and the flavor feels totally worth it. I really don't know if my batch was a few steeping days away from being perfect, or whether this is such a unique flavor that you have to acclimate to it, but if it hits you wrong at first I'd encourage you not to give up on it as it's been a long time since I've been that sad to see a bottle going empty.

  190. First Impression... review by Robert

    With each new liquid I try, I like to vape it upon receiving it and room temperature, of course, before any, if needed 'steeping time'.
    I did not get that flavor changing sensation--only *cherry*, but am really hoping upon sitting with topper off for a week or two I will experience what everyone else seems to love. I should be fair and state I am not really a fan of anything cherry, but purchased Voodoo based on a lot of cinnamon reports.
    Probably needs to steep a good while and then will report back. I should also note I have been at the 6 mg level and no plans of increasing that.
    Still gave 3 stars and just ordered two more bottles of Tribeca. MADE IN USA is important to this Veteran.

  191. great taste review by melissa

    This flavor is great!!! I first had it completely by itself and loved it. After about a week I started mixing the voodoo with kringles curse. Love both flavors alone and together. Definitely try it.

  192. One of my three absolute favorites and every-day vapes! review by John F.

    I have managed to try every flavor that Halo makes and I wanted to so I knew better what I wanted to have in my daily vaping routine. And, this one sounded so different and intriguing to me that I went ahead and just ordered a 30 ml bottle to start with. Be forewarned... this one needs to steep.. had tried it too early originally, but after about 2-3 weeks, there was a vastly different taste.

    This flavor is absolutely awesome... and extremely complex as well. It is almost the same as the Tiki mixture, but has a more earthy undertone to the flavoring and doesn't have the same menthol/koolada bite as does Tiki. That being said though, it changes every time you taste it... but never for the worse! After the steeping improvement, I just can't get enough of this flavor! Along with Southern Classic (still my absolute favorite) and Tiki, this is one of my primary three juices that I can vape all day!

  193. Interestingly good review by Blake

    The description really is spot on for this one. I really can't place any one definite flavor. There is a little tobacco, a little earthy, a little sweet...and it really does vary as to the strength of each during your vape session. It does taste good for sure its just very unique. I wish the vanilla hints were a little stronger personally but that may just be me. Overall, this is a good "anytime" vape and definitely worth a try.

  194. My favorite so far! review by Melissa

    I tried Voodoo the day I got my order and I thought that it was amazing. After steeping its even more amazing. The flavor has just the right amount of sweetness and you detect different flavors with every hit. Just amazing!

  195. My favorite review by Angel

    Oh, I'm in love with voodoo. It's my all day flavor, and I don't see myself ever getting tired of it. Great job Halo for coming up with this remarkable juice. I love the cinnamon. I can taste a little tobacco but not much; that doesn't bother me though. :) Thanks again halo.

  196. A different flavor with every puff... review by Julie

    Voodoo is my favorite non-menthol tobacco flavor of Halo e-liquids. I like that you get a different flavor with every puff. I have tasted some vanilla, grape, cinnamon and chocolate like flavors. Everyone I know that has tried Voodoo is an immediate fan! It is also very smooth, with a nice throat hit, and no funky aftertastes. Voodoo is one for everyone to try! Yum!

  197. A MUST TRY!!! review by Eddie

    Voodoo is my all-time favorite E-liquid that I vape daily. Voodoo has a very smooth tobacco flavor mixed with vanilla and nutty undertones for a great vaping experience. A few months back I tried Voodoo for the first time in a friends Halo Triton and it was the best flavor that I have tried so far. An hour later I ordered a 30 ML bottle with 24mg nicotine and I have been vaping it ever since and just ordered my fourth bottle. I have started mixing Voodoo with Belgian Cocoa and Vanilla (from another company only because Halo currently does not sell one) and the combination is amazing. Voodoo is a great E-liquid that you can vape alone or use it as a base and make your own flavor. I highly recommend you give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

  198. this oil is great review by melissa

    This flavor oil is great!! I love how it tastes different every time you hit it!!! I also like to mix this flavor oil with some of the other flavors that I have. This flavor is great for those who like menthol. I recommend this to anyone though. A very cool refreshing flavor.

  199. very different review by steph

    This e-liquid is very different. I think I vape it just to try to determine what the flavor is. The sweetness is a good touch to it. The flavor chances for me every time i vape it. Pretty good.

  200. Very unique and loving it review by Bobby

    When I first received my voodoo, I immediately filled my tank and started vaping. At first, I wasn't sure of the taste and didn't really care for it. I put it up for about a week and picked it up when I ran out of my prime 15. It is FANTASTIC now. I love it. I guess it had to "steep". But after setting, this is one I will always keep on hand. It is very interesting, very good but voodoo is correct for the name because the flavor is different from one vape to the next. It reminds me of a German chocolate cake with icing, but better. Thanks Halo.

  201. I'm not 100% sure... review by Laura

    I'm not 100% sure how much I like this one. It's not offensive, but it is a deeper flavor and I can definitely taste the cinnamon effect. For someone who is looking for an increased intensity of flavor it might be good. I prefer sweeter, lighter tastes. I'll vape it, but I probably won't buy it again.

  202. That Voodoo that it do review by Don

    I was hesitant to try Voodoo for the longest time. I should have tried it much sooner. Voodoo quickly became one of my favorites. The spice flavors with just a hint of vanilla made it for a very tasty vaping experience.

  203. Delicous Flavor review by David

    I tried this flavor and immediately loved it.
    It's not pure cigarette taste, but a more delicious yet still strong flavor.
    I've been mixing this with the Torque 56 and I'm extremely happy with the results.

  204. Drad review by Jonny W

    Delicious! No other words can describe this juice without everything sounding redundant and even more convoluted...

  205. first try review by zach

    After all the hype ordered a sample bottle, and it might be another regular in my stock. Nice, slightly sweet flavor.

  206. A very interesting flavor... review by David

    I received Voodoo in a sample tin I purchased, and I must say the flavor is good. It seems to change every time I taste it...and I like that. The vapor is good and the throat hit is decent... I mixed it with Prime 15 (about a 70% Voodoo/ 30% Prime 15 mix) and all I can say is AMAZING!! The blend brings a better throat hit and a stronger tobacco taste without losing the wonderful taste of the Voodoo....I will be ordering Voodoo again!

  207. Voodoo Is Good! review by Keith

    I purchased Voodoo in 18mg/ml. It is very sweet with subtle tones of tobacco. I get more of a chocolate taste than vanilla, but everyone's pallet is different . Perfect throat hit. I do enjoy vaping voodoo after a hardy meal. Overall I would recommend this if you want to walk the line of sweet and savory. I'm always impressed with the complexity of flavors that each liquid gives. I always wait a week or so till I fill a mini tank, steeping helps a lot in my opinion. You get to taste everything they put into it, very fun identifying all the flavors.

  208. great fruity taste review by Chris

    Really good taste, good hit, good after taste. Will buy more and good to mix with the apple.

  209. very voodoo! :) review by Cheryl

    Got this bottle by accident. Was impressed. Smooth nice flavors. Vanilla comes through nicely. Very voodoo how you get so many different notes each time you vape. WOW. Job well done!

  210. Amazingly awesome. review by AC091009

    WOW! So I got my voodoo today, and holy smokes, it's amazing. The taste of it is delicious. I do not get much of a tobacco taste, but that's not a down fall for me. I've vaped on it all day, and have yet to get tired of it. I think this will be on my top list of favorites. It produces a decent amount of vapor, and to me has a sweet smell as you exhale. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

  211. One of a kind! review by Eric

    I must say that the combination of ingredients blend perfectly together. I can taste most flavors mentioned in the description, except perhaps the tobacco. This is a unique E-liquid and I use it from time to time after a meal or when I need something sweet. Unfortunately, this is not my favorite for use all day long, but I really like it.

  212. Voodoo is GREAT review by Andrea

    Voodoo is fantastic! I love this stuff. Best liquid for me so far. I mix it with a drop of Sub Zero. Cool and buttery rum flavor.

  213. Amazingly complex, but not for everyone. review by Wheezal

    Mad props to Halo for making a flavor that is among the most unique in the entire industry.

    There certainly is an appeal to the cinnamon and fruit flavored juice that is Voodoo. A good steep is almost mandatory to really tone down the "medicine" quality and allow the true flavors to surface.

    Even still, it was still over-powering for me, ultimately using it in a regular cartomizer to dull the taste makes it enjoyable.

    Voodoo has a crazy fan base, it's loaded with complex flavors and subtle notes, but a sample bottle is probably warranted to make sure it's right.

  214. My current fave! review by Sandt38

    AT first I was doubtful, but I read some great reviews on a couple e-cig forums. This stuff is amazing. Today was my first day with it, and I really didn't vape anything else today. An absolute MUST HAVE, and one that will be my all day vape. A fair dose of sweetness and a nice tangy cherry undertone make this amazing!

  215. Favorite E-liquid review by William R.

    I first bought this in a 7ml bottle and it was gone in a day! Halo's description is spot on. It's liquid gold! The mild tobacco and dark fruit mix is warm and welcoming when you draw and as you exhale the smooth vanilla leaves an amazing aftertaste! Overall it is a very rich and delicious vape that has you coming back for more! I am under its spell!!

  216. Excellent! review by John

    HALO is really pushing the envelope on this one. When I first got my e-juices from Halo, I though I would only be interested in the tobacco flavors. The tobacco flavors are awesome too but this one really adds some variety. VOODOO is really unique and I am enjoying the heck out of it. All the flavors mentioned are noticeable. It does get a burnt taste at the higher volts from around 4.5 to 4.8 but if your so inclined, you can get it to burn just a little hot and it gives off a slightly toasty flavor. I'll be keeping this one around.

    12 Nic
    Flavor 5
    TH 4
    Vape 4.5

  217. Strange but good... review by James

    This juice is definitely the most unique one I've ever tried! At first I kind of thought it was strange cause I couldn't figure out the flavors exactly. But as I kept on trying it, I liked it more and more cause it actually does start to taste subtlety different. You will notice different flavors coming out as you vape it. I mostly taste the grape and currant. The cinammon and vanilla I've tasted too, but not all the time. Its definitely good and worth a try!

  218. Going to get bigger bottle review by Chris

    Great sweet taste good, going to get more and try mixing.

  219. Haven't really figured it out yet review by Jason

    I tried this straight out of the bottle when I first received it in the mail. It was ok, but the nutty flavor was too strong for my tastes. So I took the cap off and let it steep. Now it's about a week later, and I still can't wrap my head around it. It still has a strong nutty flavor but that is all I really taste. I really wanted to like this flavor from all the reviews that I read, but I just don't care for it. My wife on the other hand says that it is her favorite so far. It does produce lots of vapor and the throat hit is hefty. Sadly, this flavor just isn't for me.

  220. not a fan review by Isaac

    This e juice tastes more like chocolate. I was expecting something different.

  221. Liked it review by Diana

    I really liked this flavor after trying it, but is still not as yummy as the Tribeca that I love the most. This is probably my third favorite E-liquid. It has a flavor that reminds me of the flavor in cafe mocha, which is probably my fourth favorite. I really like the Belgian Cocoa and the Tribeca flavors the best so far.

  222. Voodoo review by Jonah

    Voodoo E-Liquid is a very smooth tobacco flavor with a very good throat hit. The flavor is a nice plum/grape/black currant in the beginning and has an amazing vanilla on the ex-hale. If this even sounds like something you might like to try I highly encourage you to out of the 20+ Vaper's at work only one of them does not like Voodoo so give it a shot. Voodoo is an amazing flavor that will leave you wanting moreof it and i fully recommend it to everyone.

  223. One of those strange liquids! review by John

    I can't even begin to say what is going on with this Halo creation.
    Every little factor - coil resistance, atty choice, voltage, the liquids age, steeping/aging techniques, draw length.... They ALL play a huge part in what
    you taste! Dramatic changes in flavor profile in regards to voltage/coil resistance. I am LOVING this liquid at 3.3v. I don't think you can make this stuff taste bad if you try!
    My suggestion? This is one of those liquids that is SO much fun to play with when you have the VV battery, so just go ahead and get a Triton VV if you don't have one already...

    Thanks a lot Halo - you got me on this one!

    PS: Even with the majority of the components listed in the description, for the sake of your sanity, don't even try to recreate this if you are a DIY'er.
    Halo is very skilled with the molecular components (not standard flavorings) that they use in their juice. That's why their juice is, and always will be, world class.
    I would pay thousands to hang out with a Halo mixer for a day lol......

  224. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! review by Gail

    Ok, did I say this stuff is AWESOME? I have never tasted such well blended, complex flavors in an ejuice before. The more you vape, the better it gets! Only 5 star rating? NO WAY! This juice needs 10 Stars AT LEAST! Halo, you've done it again!

  225. Great!!! Impossible to describe review by Lesia

    Love all Halo flavors, but this one is just wow. The flavor is impossible to describe. Probably gonna be my new favorite. I will have to buy a gallon.

  226. Not what I was expecting review by Brandi

    My first impression of Voodoo was "EW!!" But gave it a few weeks to see if it would grow on me. It did get less repulsive over time, but it's just not the right juice for my tastes. I really wouldn't describe this as a "tobacco" flavor at all. It may have some undertones of tobacco, but it is overpowered by the other ingredients. I also didn't find this to be spicy at all. To me, it is very sweet and chocolate-like. If you like the sweet gourmet flavors, you'll probably love Voodoo, if you are looking for a good tobacco vape, this probably isn't it.

  227. All day vape review by NikkiD

    I received this as a free sample and I immediately enjoyed voodoo as an all day vape. I will say that it seemed to develop a burnt taste rather quickly but I'm anxious to try voodoo in the mini tank and see if I can eliminate the burnt taste. I would give this 10 stars based on the flavor if not for how quickly it burns.

  228. Give it a chance -- Took me a really long time to decide whether I liked it and I'm glad I kept coming back to give it another chance! review by Lisa

    Based on the reviews, I was sure that I was going to love this flavor and I would want nothing else. At first, I was really unsure about this flavor, but I kept giving it another try, at least once each day, and now it's one of my favorites. For me the overpowering flavor is plum. I don't think it's quite as spicy as it's been cracked up to be on the reviews, but it has just enough cinnamon to temper the fruitiness. Really interesting flavor that I have grown to love as much as I thought I would.

  229. Full flavor review by Ben

    The dark fruits take front stage on his juice. You definitely get a big wallop of plum and black currant on the inhale. I didn't necessarily taste any raisin. The cinnamon and vanilla act to round out the flavor on the exhale and a little zing or pop at the end, but it isn't strong. The aftertaste is pleasant, as it is sweet and ever so slightly creamy. Although the flavor is bold and tastes very good, this juice doesn't really do it for me, so I passed my sampler bottle on to a friend, and he tells me that this is by far his favorite flavor to date.

  230. Tastes like caramel tobacco lol review by Katie

    I had high expectations for this juice, maybe I just got a "blah" batch but, all I taste is tobacco flavored caramel. It has a slight sweet flavor, but tastes exactly like a generic e-cig I got at Walgreens awhile back. I'm halfway through the bottle and haven't tasted any other flavors besides the caramel (not a fan of caramel), I'm a bit disappointed. It is my first e-juice though so, not giving up hope!

  231. Lives up to the name! review by Amanda

    Voodoo.... well. It lives up to the name! I do not know if I love this or hate this. The taste is amazing! It is fruity and light at times, and at other times it is really heavy and "deep". I could never pick out just ONE flavor at a time. It's such a great mix. At times I feel like I'm drinking a fruit drink, and at others I feel as if I'm smoking a smooth cigar, and sometimes I get the taste of whiskey?! This flavor is a must try for the adventurous person!

  232. The Right name review by Naseeruddin

    This juice is very aptly named, as it makes it almost impossible to figure out the taste no matter how many times you vape. Its like a mystery that keeps you challenged to come back to more vapes to break its code. Every session I change my mind about what is the dominant flavor. Sometimes its fruity, sometimes tastes like rum and brandy and sometimes a bit of bitter sweet honey comes up.
    Definitely a buy-again juice, just to shock your taste buds into doing overtime to guess this one out.
    Till I figure this one out....I'll keep trying.

  233. Rich and Delicious review by Bisa

    So this flavor is very interesting. As they say, it does have a complexity that changes as you toke. I taste a lot of cherry and spice, but I suspect it is a little different for everyone. This flavor is very warm and I'm digging it as the season changes to fall. Great with my morning coffee.

  234. Yes, but it's a GOOD weird review by mntcrisis

    This may well be the flavour to start vaping with. It's impossible to describe, and I suspect you'll either love it or hate it.

  235. Scrumptious! review by meowmix915

    Voodoo is simply 1 of the best juices ever! It is by far my favorite ADV. I love mixing it with Tiki Juice too for yet another excellent flavor sensation. I simply must keep this 1 on hand at all times :-)

  236. Fruity review by Eric

    I taste apple, some grape and idk what else but if you like the fruit stuff, kinda tart/citrus in a good way you'll love this one. I prefer the sweeter taste but if you like fruit this will do you good.

  237. Great flavor review by Higgins

    Awesome flavor. To me, it has a rum like taste that reminds me of sipping mojitos on the beach.

  238. Complex, shapeshifting, robust...but not for everyone. review by Mike

    Voodoo is probably the most memorable E-liquid I tried from the tobacco sampler pack. It's complex, it's woody, and it keeps you guessing. Many natural scents are layered. I predominantly got plum, but it was a very woody, perfume-y plum. I personally didn't care for it because it was too perfume-like and very woody, almost like a pungent, sweeter sandalwood.

  239. Shape shifter. An always changing flavor. Very good stuff! review by Gary

    Halo Voodoo is like a shape shifter, the flavor seems to change subtly from time to time. It is a very unique blend with a great throat hit and awesome vapor production. This is so much better than some of the more boring tobacco blends on the market today. Great job Halo! If you are looking for something different, yet familiar, pick some up. You won't be sorry!

  240. Very nice juice review by Alain

    This juice is awsome! One on my best juice, good tobacco flavor, with a subtle sweetness , lot of vapor and good hit in 18 mg nicotine.

  241. Complex Sweetness review by John

    Very complicated flavor profile with a definite overall sweetness. Kicks in with an almost toasty complexity, then eases into an earthy fruitiness and finally finishes with a marshmallow like vanilla. Really fun to vape and pick out what you like best. Changes a bit as you enjoy it! Overall....interestingly sweet!

  242. Not sure I would call this tobacco review by Michael

    I recently bought a Triton starter kit and a few liquids. Unlike most people who vape, I don't have a history of smoking and no interest in nicotine (all the liquids I vape are nicotine free). I bought this one to see if I might enjoy something that tastes like tobacco.

    Trouble is, it doesn't....taste like tobacco I mean. If it does, it's too subtle for me. Voodoo is a subtle mix of flavors. Caramel and vanilla are the main ones I taste. The mix is extremely pleasant and sweet. Voodoo probably belongs more in the gourmet flavors section than the tobacco. It's nothing like the harsh flavor from any cigarette, cigar or pipe I ever tasted.

    If you like sweet vapes though, this is a good one. Someone put a lot of thought into bringing together a fine mix of flavors its hard to pin down exactly what. Voodoo is a good name for it.

  243. Very smooth review by Maria

    I find this liquid to be very smooth with a unique fruity flavor.

  244. Complex and delicious! review by Laura

    I have to admit that I didn't like Voodoo the first time I tried it, but after a few uses I really love it! I like that it is fruity but not overpowering, and the ever changing tastes make for a fun and different vaping experience. I will always keep a bottle of this in my stash.

  245. A nice change of pace. review by Don

    While I would question Voodoo's classification as a tobacco, it is a nice change of pace and a fun liquid to give your tastebuds something to think about. Along with all the flavor melding going on in this juice, I especially enjoy the nice note of what I interpret as white grape.

  246. Good but could be better. review by Aaron

    The flavor starts out tasting like the halo cocoa flavor then turns fruity and then I taste tobacco. This would be awesome if it worked on devices that werent just made by halo. All i get using any mod is just the cocoa flavor. Still worth a purchase.

  247. Poached pears with Vanilla syrup... review by Aegis

    Vapor and throat hits are excellent. This flavor is defiantly up there on my list of flavors you must try. At first hit you'll defiantly see why it's a dessert style of liquid. It's super sweet and wet, very reminiscent of a poached pear with vanilla bean which is right up my ally. After a few more toots I started getting cassis, grapes, plums, raisins all of your favorite dried fruits. If you're looking for something that'll tickle that sweet tooth this is defiantly the liquid for you. Awesome job on this one!

  248. Quiet The mix! review by michael

    Just finished my first tank of Voodoo and wow ! It leaves you wanting more because of the varied flavor after each vape! I like this one because you can taste the subtle fruit flavors but its not over powering. Great all day vape guys!!!

  249. very unique review by Trevor

    Okay, I ordered a 7ml of this flavor and I wasn't to fond of it at first because I was looking for an all day vape, BUT I was glad I tried it because this flavor is perfect after dinner or anytime you are looking to switch it up this flavor is intricate and tastes like a dessert.

  250. Flavor is pleasantly surprising review by Doug

    I received Voodoo as a freebie on my first Halo order of the G6. After finishing the Torque56 pre-filled carts I cleaned them and loaded Voodoo. Gave them a days steep and started vaping the new brew.
    Flavour is great. Vanilla is noticeable to me, cinnamon takes the flavour sideways from fruity a bit.
    I like it better than Tribeca only because Tribeca is more like a 'lite' analog that lighter and smoother than a 'regular'.

  251. Definitely Different review by Peter

    I got Voodoo as a sample twice with my orders. Can't say I've tasted anything else like it before. Kind of a cherry/berry syrupy flavor. It's not a bad taste, but not something I enjoyed enough to order. Tried it again after sitting for a month, and has a kind of medicine-y taste to me. Everyone is different though - I've noticed that a lot of people rave about juices I can't stand, and vice-versa, so give it a try for yourself.

  252. To my surprise, this is my fav so far review by jonathan

    I went to a local shop here in Phx that sells Halo liquids to find something new. My girlfriend asked me to pick up some Voodoo after reading Halos description of it. It didn't sound good to me though. I tried it at the store out of curiosity, and I was shocked how much I liked it. Bought a 30ml bottle of it and, for me, it is great to use all day. As we all know, everyone tastes things differently, but to me, it is a fruity, almost creamy flavor. I don't taste any spice or vanilla really, but it is really, really good. Try it, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  253. An interesting flavor review by Scott

    I purchased this as my second flavor from Halo, and I was immediately impressed. The only description I can give it, from my taste, is fruity with a touch of vanilla. In short, it's delicious. If you want something sweet, you won't be disappointed with Voodoo.

  254. Awesome Flavor! review by Ronda

    This is a warm & slightly sweet flavor. The flavor seems to change throughout the day. It's awesome for an ADV. One of my favorites.

  255. My everyday flavor review by Sam

    I got this flavor as a sample with my starter kit. At first I thought that it was a little too strong but there was something to it. A couple of days later I came back to it and now it is my fave! I have read that some flavors need to be opened and air out a little for the flavor to settle in. In any case I am going to order a 30ml bottle today.

    P. S. Don't use different juices in the same tank. You could end up cross contaminating and end up with a horrible flavor that you will never be able to truly get out. Get a separate tank for each flavor you use.

  256. This is by far the best vape HALO has to offer. review by SeaDrifter

    I'm telling you right now, I'm not paid by this site and most of the E-liquids haven't grabbed my attention (I've probably purchased about 6-10 liquids from my account and my girlfriends + my best friend), but this one takes the top tier spot.

    My buddy always smokes a vanilla flavor from Green Smart Living and I've been trying to find a flavor that can compete for a while now. As soon as I put this in a cart I was amazed at how wonderful the flavor was. It's become the all-day vape for everyone in my household including my best friend.

    I then took the flavor to my buddy that enjoys the vanilla vape and his eyes literally rolled back into his head. For 5 minutes he vaped on my G6 with mini-tank , which was enough to convince him to purchase from Halo. Definitely BUY this one, it's by far my favorite, I just wish I had the 30ml bottle.

  257. Unique, and flavourful review by Mike

    Voodoo was a pleasant surprize. It is very flavourful, great amount of vapour, and not like any other e-juice I have tried. More spicey than fruity. A bit too bold for an all day vape, but maybe it will grow on me.

  258. Halo do that Voodoo that you do so well review by Kurt

    I ordered a small 7ml bottle to sample and, lo and behold, Halo was kind enough to throw in another free 10ml bottle with my order. I vaped it straight out of the bottle and got the medicine flavor. I thought, "they must be trying to dump this stuff. They should change the name to Eggnog." I steeped it for a couple of days in the medicine cabinet with the caps off and came back to it. Yep. Halo juices are fresh and need a few days to air. I vaped this at 18mg in a mini-tank on a G6 with my morning coffee while opening my email. Whoa! What a taste explosion. I totally forgot about my mail and just enjoyed the vape. The Halo description is dead-on. The tobacco flavor is there. But, every hit has a different top. Fruit, vanilla, and cinnamon. It's all there swirling around in the mix. For ex-tobacco smokers looking for an exotic kick, this juice does the trick. Man, this is crazy good. I wouldn't vape this all day. I got some Torque56 for that. But, I wouldn't smirk at the vaper who makes Voodoo their ADV. Great juice. Halo really knows their stuff. Because this one is soooo tasty, I'm buying 30ml bottles of Midnight Apple & Tiki Juice without even vaping a sample. I'm sure my small bottles of Voodoo will be vaped up quickly & I'll have to buy a 30ml bottle of this too. LOL. Nice job, Halo. And thanks for the free sample. You guys ROCK!

  259. For sweet lovers. review by Hime

    At first I really enjoyed this taste, but after an hour of vaping on it, it just got to sweet for my taste, if you enjoy sweet things this is perfect for you. But I prefer bitter things over sweet.

  260. Quality Flavor review by Michael

    I have only tried the Voodoo and Midnight Apple so far. Although I found both to my liking the voodoo is my favorite so far. It has a crisp, yet not overwhelming flavor that is quite pleasing. You will not be disappointed with this flavor.

  261. Hit it again... I promise. review by Andrew

    So this flavor threw me for a loop. I first got a sample with a previous order. I tried it and after the first few hits of vapour cleared my nostrils, I poured it back in its bottle. I tried it again a few weeks later and after vaping it I grew accustomed to the tasted and now I can't understand why I disliked it in the first place. A warm fruity taste with a bit of a twist. Ideal to mix and use as a base. If you find you can't seem to like the taste no matter how long you vape, boil it in the bottle for 10 min, let cool and try it again and see if you like the new flavor.

  262. halo new guy review by E

    I received a 10 mL bottle of voodoo free with my last order! Awesome! I generally only like icy menthol flavors but I was interested in trying voodoo and I really really like this flavor. The throat hit is not overpowering at all and doesn't have overwhelming tobacco flavor. It is definitely amorphous as people have said previously. A mild spicy/caramel/vanilla blend that is so smooth. excellent eliquid

  263. A bit spicey for my taste review by MIKE

    By itself Voodoo is too spicy for me, but when I mix it 1 part Voodoo with 2 parts Tiki juice it's the bomb.

  264. YumMERS! review by Brian

    My friend, who turned me onto this wonderful world of vaping and Halo, had me try this flavor first. It's what ultimately made me decide to order the system. Love the vanilla aftertaste, and the throat hit is perfect.

  265. Very Unique and Compromising to anyone who has ever smoked before. review by Jesse

    Actually, the Voodoo E-liquid reminded me of smoking the Kamel Red cigarettes that were manufactured in 1913 and then brought back in the late 90's I believe. The Voodoo E-liquid is not to sweet but leaves a hint of vanilla on your lips after a few puffs.

  266. Voodoo Indeed! review by Nicholas

    Wow! This flavor is absolutely amazing! It tastes different for everyone that has tried it so far. Personally, the best I can describe it as is an ice cream sandwich with the most satisfying feeling ever. I HIGHLY recommend this flavor for an every day vape. This surely is mine!

  267. Yes Voodoo is a chameleon of flavors. review by Kevin

    When my order arrived with Voodoo, I just had to fill a tank right away to check out what the voodoo effect was like. On my first experience I was disappointed, even tho I knew a good steep would change for the best.. I experienced an overwhelming flavor of vanilla, that lasted through my first out of the mail tank. After a week of steeping did I finally get the voodoo effect of the flavors, and I must say it's quite difficult to pinpoint any one flavor, and is constantly changing. I added a few drops of Torque because I didn't seem to get any tobacco tones, and now I am enjoying it much more.. Not my ADV but is a nice change when your in the mood for something different on every hit..

  268. Different but Good review by Greg

    VooDoo not sure how they came up with the name but it's a good vape. Not sure how to explain it but a definite cinnamon after taste. Takes some getting used to but it works.

  269. Different to say the least... review by Kevin

    Tried vapor only a week ago. With this in mind, I have decided to stick with tobacco flavors. Started with Tribeca and loved it, but wanted something more. Just emptied my tank and filled it with Voodoo. SWEET in a word. The fruity notes are unlike anything I have tasted. Its a very sweet, yet earthy berry flavoring with just the right amount of throat hit. The tobacco taste is very mild, but is not overpowered by the berry. You will still taste tobacco, just dipped in berry jams. Vapor production is not as high as I would like, but the flavor is other worldly so I'm not complaining. Another win for Halo!!!

  270. Exotic review by Tracey

    This one is unusual and complex. Its a fruity-vanilla-spice type of flavor. It also has a tad of a perfume taste to it. Each time I vape it, I can taste another flavor I hadn't noticed before. An interesting e-liquid.

  271. Great review by Larry

    Super flavor. Very satisfying. It changes on you which is so cool.

  272. It's hard to place the flavor. review by David

    I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I have family that lives in New Orleans. I have no idea how, but this blend just tastes like New Orleans. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a sneak peek of what Bourbon St. is like.

  273. Mystery review by Tony

    I bought a 7ml bottle just to try, and hated it. But wait. I steeped it in my closet and forgot about it for a day. Tried it again just because I'm nice, now I'm hooked on voodoo. I can't begin to describe the flavor. But I can say this, don't take quick shallow hit. Give it time on your tastebuds like a wine. The flavor changes into something amazing.

  274. Happy Surprise! review by Dariusz

    This was another flavor that I bought in 7ml just to try because I liked the name.I know it's stupid to buy things this way, but I appreciate having try ha ha ha.
    An excellent decision, the aroma is deep and very nice to the people around, the taste is sweet yet delicate, one of my favorite flavors!

  275. Voodoo review by Mike L

    I got a promotional free 10ml bottle during a purchase and I can understand why vapers who like fruit flavors would love this blend. I can't seem to put a finger on the actual flavor but seems that there is some fruit sweet spice and a hint of cinnamon. I personally am not a fruit flavor fanatic. I'm more of the tobacco flavor vaper. So this flavor did not work for my taste buds. Its a strong flavor and its hard to clean out from the mini tank I use. There is still a small hint of flavor that stays in the tank no matter how many times I wash it and it affects the taste of the other flavors I put in. Sorry Halo this flavor did not work for me hence a 3 star rating.

  276. Great Flavor review by tom

    This is a smooth tobacco flavor with cookie dough undertones. This is far the best and most realistic baking flavor on the market. And i have tried them all.

  277. Good till the last drop review by Rose

    Voodoo is by far one of my all time favorite E-liquid. It sweet with a hit of spice. You can really taste hints of fruits. So amazing! I really get taken to another place with Voodoo!

  278. Very interesting review by skaughtz

    This e-liquid is very pleasant. I tend to taste mostly the plum notes in it, which are delicious. It is potent without being overpowering and is great to use all day. Matching this with a slightly more dry e-liquid flavor is very rewarding. This is one that is worth experimenting with.

  279. Delishh review by Kevin

    The best juice I have tried so far. Seems to always have a unique and different touch of flavor every day. My all day vape for sure.

  280. A must get review by Anne

    My favorite flavor! Perfect mix of sweet and spicy. I dont really get the cinnamon but definitely the other fruit flavors. I use the Tribeca in the morning with my coffee and then switch to this flavor for the rest of the day. You must try!

  281. Taste review by Daniel

    Just purchased Voodoo. I bought the small size to try it and have to say I really enjoyed the flavor . Has a medium kick and the different flavors hit your taste buds nice and warm. Taste a hint of fruit and slight vanilla. This flavor in my opinion really compliments my morning cup of coffee. Yet another great flavor from Halo. Happy vaping

  282. Another winner review by Randy

    This flavor is hard to pin down about what I like the most. It's a nice satisfying vape. At first, it reminds of a tootsie roll until I dissect the flavors, which is a nice blend. I highly recommend it.

  283. good flavor review by Neila

    Voodoo has a great flavor, but I noticed that it tends to burn in the cartomizer more than the other flavors. I would recommend this flavor, just make sure to empty the cartomizer before adding more.

  284. Great review by chad

    Would highly recommend, not as sweet as the Captain Jack, but more complex.

  285. Complex flavor review by Jeremy

    I don't know what to make of this flavor. With every drag the flavor changes, always keeps me guessing. I pick up on the grape and a slight cinnamon flavor, but then I'll get the currant and plum. This liquid does not get boring!!

  286. Voodoo Rocks! review by Michael

    Wasn't sure about the description, but LOVE this mix!!! Definitely my go too evening favorite!

  287. Excellent review by FADY

    I got this Voodoo as a free 10ML bottle along with my other orders. Voodoo is very nice and not over sweet, the flavor is strong and obvious. I even prefer it over the Tribeca. I wish I had ordered this in 30 ML along with the Torque56 to have a perfect mix. Great vapor production and obvious throat hit comparable to the dry Torque56.

    Not an all day vape.
    When I vape it using the clearomizer I can see an obvious change in color over time as I vape it. It turns out to be dark!!

  288. Great Flavor! review by Emily

    Vaped right out of the mail, this flavor is outstanding. Sweet and yummy and a different hint of the mixture every time. If your a Tribeca fan you'll fall in love with VooDoo.

  289. Fantastic! review by AngiBe

    This flavor is so unique! Many layers and with each vape, I taste something more than before. I taste for some reason a little bit of deep cocoa but also plums. It's just too hard to explain. It is not a sweet vape to me which is why I like it so much. Its a deeper, richer taste than a typical "sweet dessert" type. It ranks in my opinion has one of Halo's best!

  290. Mindblowing! review by Alex

    Voodoo is by far my all time favorite E-liquid flavor. It offers a pretty smooth vape with a strong throat hit. The flavor is crazy. It starts out with a nice, smooth tobacco flavor, but the aftertaste is different every time. It varies from fruity to spicy. Personally I taste hints of some kind of berries, plum, vanilla, and cinnamon, but everyone I've had try it describes the taste in a different way. I never get sick of this flavor! I'm extremely satisfied and will be sure to always keep Voodoo on hand.

  291. Voodoo review by Chris

    Best flavor Halo offers !! By far hands down !! Thank you for an awesome product!!

  292. Nice hints of chocolate covered cherries review by Ian

    I got this flavor as one of the promotional giveaways Halo released awhile ago. I was pleasantly surprised at the richness of the flavor. Has a really good essence of chocolate covered cherries in my opinion. Works as a really good fall season flavor. This one can be hit and miss for some (my partner was not a fan). Give it a test in one of the smaller bottles before making the jump to the 30ml bottle.

  293. Sweet and spicy review by Traci

    I love the Voodoo! It's got a great sweet and slightly spicy kick. My husband uses it all day, I prefer to use it as a special treat. A must have for sure!

  294. Great All Day Vape! review by Debby K.

    This is an outstanding flavor, perfect as an all day vape. Voodoo doesn't taste like anything else I've ever had so I can't compare it to anything. It's a spicy, mildly sweet flavor with just the right throat hit. Tribeca had previously been my all day vape and I'm now rotating Voodoo in as another all day vape. Give this one a try. You won't be disappointed.

  295. 5 star juice! review by SleepyEagle

    For over a month now, I've been trying to find a juice that I love as much as Voodoo. My search has been unsuccessful. Voodoo is a playful, complex juice that is hard to put down. The fruit flavors blend extremely well, and the vanilla mixes perfectly with the subtle vanilla in the background. I highly recommend this juice to all my friends.

  296. Wow! review by Mark

    I'm normally a 'fruity' vaper, but was compelled to try this. I'm so glad I did. I literally ordered a 30ml bottle a few hrs after vaping a sample I ordered. The flavor is complex, almost dessert-like because of the cinnamon and vanilla. I don't really taste any tobacco at all, which is ok with me; not really a fan of most tobacco flavors that I've tried.

    All in all, very good stuff. I think I found my new favorite!

  297. Voodoo is not for me review by Michael

    I didn't enjoy the flavor, which was unsweet and only vaguely spicy. The throat hit and vapor production were both fine. I really wanted to like this juice, but it wasn't for me.

  298. Complx, fruity, a little hot review by Robbie

    I've tried a number of flavors from Halo at this point, and I have to say that the free sample I received of Voodoo is rapidly rising to the top of my list of preferred smokes. This is nicely layered, the fruits balanced with the cinnamon and vanilla; not sure I detect the tobacco, but that could just be that its blended so well. I'm sure this is not for everyone, but if you like your smoke to be complex, you could do worse than to try Voodoo.

  299. Melody of Flavor!! review by Brad

    It's like a symphony of different flavors that all come together and make a beautiful tasting vapor.. BUT you have to steep for at least two weeks!! If you don't you will not like!

  300. The Best E-liquid I Have Used review by Linda

    Luv, luv, luv this e-liquid. I have tried dozens of samples by various companies. This is hands down the very best. It has such a unique taste. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

  301. Voodoo is Spooky review by Joy

    OK this one was very strong coming straight out of the mailbox. I do not like too much mixed flavors and this one got to me. I had to let it sit and went back and tried it again and its very good. A lot of complex flavors in this one. I can't use it as an ADV, but it is a nice change in the evening or on the weekends. Of course it is a Halo product so it is a good vape either way... Nice TH and plenty of vapor, as all of Halos juices have. :o)

  302. A winnner review by Diana

    Received this as a sample...and thank you Halo! I just LOVE this addictive flavor and surely will be ordering many, many bottles of it. It has the perfect blend of flavors which gives it a very pleasureable vaporing experience. I couldn't put it down. Love, love....love it.

  303. Everyone loves it! review by Luccie

    Voodoo was a nice surprise that came with my order and I can say that my friends love it maybe even more than me. It smells like a cookie!! :-) and tastes sweet. You'll love it :-)

  304. Overall great vape review by Blackwidow7293

    This product I'm not sure how to describe it is for sure a dessert vape. I taste a lot of caramel even though it's not listed in the ingredients, I swear it's there. You get hints of cinnamon but I taste none of the grape or anything. I am still letting it steep to see if the flavor changes, but this goes very well along with your morning coffee.

  305. Fantastic! review by Nao

    I absolutely love this flavor. It my go to all day every day. I find it to taste like a pleasant mixture of vanilla and caramel. Highly recommended!

  306. Under a Voodoo Spell review by Jay

    Hard to explain Voodoo, It's a mystery. This stuff changes with time and I'm not joking. Sometimes I taste hazelnut/cinnamon other times I taste chocolate covered grape lol. Best liquid I've tried in a long time and I'm kicking myself for not getting more on my last order. The weird thing is that on my first puff I thought I wouldn't like it at all. Now I just want more. Voodoo is now going to be my main vape. Thanks Halo.

  307. Spicy!!!! review by James

    The description for this is pretty spot on. If you like a light tobacco flavor that has been smashed with spice this is right up your ally. I don't really pull out the currant undertones but everything else is accurate. I tend to choose this liquid on cool days or nights.

  308. Intriguing review by VapeFace

    Got the sample with my other order, and I have to say this was totally different than anything I have ever tried. It was off putting at first, but I just could not put it down. Here I am ordering more! To me it was sweet, I didn't get much of a "tobacco" taste but after steeping, it just got better. But definitely taste as it is described.

  309. voodoo review by Justin

    I received this as a freebie with a order I placed and after a couple of weeks of steeping I have tried it and I am really loving this juice. I am tasting the currant and grape the most I have gotten hints of tobacco. I have the ego twist so I have been playing with the voltages and the flavor is changing with the power changes. I am really liking this juice and probably wouldn't have ordered it if it wasn't free I'm going to buy a big bottle next order.

  310. Tobacco With a Surprise review by l_strider_l

    I received this bottle as a generous gift on ECF from Cinder Ella and was pleasantly surprised by the complexity of the flavor. Upon arrival I let it steep the recommended 2 weeks because it was very pungent. Voodoo is a very complex tobacco flavor with a subtle sweetness that can be attributed to hints of clove. It has a nutty aftertaste and really does a number on the senses. The throat hit is pretty evident and smooth. Overall I rated this lower because I do not prefer tobacco flavors or "cordials" as I call them. This is a mix of the two. Should be a preferred flavor for those who enjoy multi-layered flavors.

  311. Excellent review by JOHN

    First time trying VOODOO I swore it reminded me of being at the dentist and that taste you get after the dentist swabs your gum before he injects you with novacaine. Went back the next day to it again and couldn't get enough of it for me I could use this as my all day vape.......love it . Don't be put off by your first experience with this is one of Halo's best flavors IMO !!!!! CONGRATS GUYS LOVE IT !!!

  312. Surprised Me review by Eric

    When I first tried Voodoo, I was not impressed. I'm not big on fruity flavors, and all I could taste was grape. I quickly tossed it aside, in favor of Tribeca. However, I eventually came back to it and gave it a second chance. This time was different. The grape was still there, but the cinnamon and vanilla were starting to appear. Almost magically, Voodoo had transformed from a fruity grape to a wonderful blend of flavors!

  313. Rich, complex, satisfying review by Arch

    I received the free 10mg bottle of Voodoo with an order when it was the promotional product. I immediately had to order some more. I'm relatively new to vaping, so I can't speak to the flavors the way a seasoned connoisseur would; but suffice to say that Voodoo makes for a very pleasing vaping experience. Excellent vapor, great throat hit, and an intriguing, multi-layered flavor that are—for better or worse—addictive. I switched to vaping to replace my analog habit, and Voodoo is working far better than the mellower Tribeca I started with. If you haven't tried it, you should.

  314. IT'S SOOOO GOOD!! review by sharon

    AND ANOTHER GREAT E-LIQUID!! Halo has the best of everything I need to keep a good vape going. The best flavor's you can try. the voodoo is awesome. I like adding a few drops to my Tribeca and Twisted Java. It gives it a great flavor. Thank you HALO!!!!

  315. Unintentional All Day Vape review by Shane

    I did not mean for this blend to be my all day vape. In fact I probably wouldn't have purchased it if it weren't for the free bottle I received with my order. I figured my all day vape would be a pure tobacco flavor like Torque 56 (which I do really like). From the first time vaping Voodoo it became my favorite juice out of any juice I have ever tried. All the different flavors in it make perfection and it isn't too sweet which usually makes me leery of what I call "fancy" tobacco flavors. Perfection Halo!

  316. Took time to enjoy review by vapen00b

    At first vape, I can't say I like the flavor. Too spicy for me so I left it in my Triton tank and vaped something else. The next day I put it on my battery and decided to give it another try, still too spicy but after my 5th / 6th draw and exhaling through my nose well there's the cinnamon taste I was reading about. I love it as an all day vape ever since. It's amazing how different taste could emerge with different types of draw and exhaling! I certainly love the taste now. So for all those trying this flavor, give it some time. if you can't enjoy it at first, just leave in your tank / carto and try it another time. I'm sure you'll be surprised by then.

  317. Good Liquid, Too Fruity For Me! review by Bryan

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy vaping Voodoo, it's got a nice flavor, really refreshing but its just too fruity for me, I wish it had more tobacco. I am currently letting it steep some to see if it comes out more.
    But anyway, the throat hit and vapor are on par with any other Halo liquid and they are great.
    I get a grape"ish" flavor out of mine, sometimes I even get a cinnamon it seems like. It's hard to explain the flavor.
    If you're a hardcore tobacco guy (or gal) you may not love this one. It's still worth a shot because its not bad at all. But if your a fruity dessert kind of vaper you may fall in love. It's a different flavor every toot.

  318. very good review by daniel

    Very good every day vape flavor. Will definitely order again.

  319. Taste great with hint of apple review by Jonny boy

    This was one of the the first E-liquids that I bought, I didn't read the reviews and it was one of the suggested flavors for newbies so I got it. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise, the best way to describe the flavor is a sweet with under tones of green apple and maybe a very small amount of menthol. I really do recommend you try it.

  320. The goodness sneaks up on you. review by ephemerata

    I wasn't sure what to expect based on the other reviews. It smells amazing. When I first put this into my tank, there was something about it that hit my throat like cough drops, but once it warmed up this gourmand flavor emerged. It's odd because I wouldn't call this a bakery flavor but there's this toasted quality to it that reminds me of baking mincemeat pies with freshly baked crusts. It also reminds me a bit of brandy. I hate to say that because it makes this sound much sweeter than it really is. This is toasted without being bread-like, honeyed without tasting of honey, fruit-scented, dark, heavy, and smooth. A very light, slightly sweet tobacco on the inhale with black currant and cherry on the exhale. I've only sat with it for about twenty minutes but my perception of it is shifting rapidly. I've gone from "this is pretty good" to "this is incredibly satisfying." I'm having a hard time putting it down. I can see myself using this one often both on its own and as a mixer with a heavier tobacco.

  321. Butter Rum Yummy! review by Cathryn

    My first impression is YUMMY! It really tastes like butter rum to me. It's smooth, juicy and sweet. I know, it sounds weird to say it's juicy but that's the feel of it. I really like it! I probably wouldn't have ordered it based on the description but now that I got to try it I would definitely order a bigger bottle of it.

  322. Cheryl Whiskey review by Jennifer

    Tastes like cherry whiskey. I highly recommend it. After a day or two of steeping, it really balances out the flavor, I recommend.

  323. Its a tie! review by Kimberly A.

    I may have never tried Voodoo e liquid had it not been for the free sample I received with an order. I was smoking Tribeca exclusively. Oh my goodness. I vaped the Voodoo for the first time and I was in love. No steeping. I don't even really know how to do that. Well I probably would have tried it since I am having so much fun trying different flavors a little at a time. I am obsessed and will end up trying every flavor you make. I like ordering the 30ml bottles. I just like the way they look all lined up. I also feel you are getting more for your money. It's a great price for a great e liquid. So there it is so far it's Voodoo and Tribeca my favorites to date. I really like the other flavors I have so far and have more on my list. Belgian Cocoa here I come. Thank you Halo.

  324. Different than expected review by Craig

    I had thought that this would have a lot more of a cinnamon spice taste which I wasn't going to like but I was wrong. This is a surprise and pleasant to vape. I tried it today as an all day vapor but found that it's a little too powerful to be able to use in a steady manor and yet I plan to put this in my rotation for weekend use. Smell reminds me of the holidays with the different light scents produced during use. A treat to be sure.

  325. Very unique and different than anything ive ever tried review by jason

    Voodoo, this is a very popular juice over on the ECF Halo subforums. When i finally received my sample i was excited to try it. To begin this review I would state the first thing that comes to my mind is, different, and unique. This e juice has a mix of flavors that just create a strange effect of emphasizing different flavor notes with each hit. A sweet and spicy concoction indeed. Maybe an acquired taste.

  326. Voodoo e-fluid review by Joe

    Got the free sample bottle with my order last week, I love it! Awesome throat hit and the family loves the smell of it. They were as disappointed as I was when the sample ran out. I think this is going to be my daily vape flavor!

    Great job, Halo!

  327. My friends like this flavor review by mohammad

    To be honest I love all Halo liquids as they are all very pure & some of the best liquid I've ever used. Voodoo is another good liquid & gets much better when you add some menthol flavor. I mix the menthol ice or mystic & the taste becomes really unique. Another good, high quality liquid from Halo.

  328. Simply awesome... review by Will

    This is simply one of the most awesome e-liquids to ever hit my taste buds. The swirling array of flavor notes is a joy to vape and this is now my favorite of all time.

    Great job on this one Halo!

  329. Nice and Flavorful! review by Marc

    Voodoo e-liquid is an incredible variety of flavors and tastes. Each time creating a different experience. Hints of cinnamon, grape and vanilla really make Voodoo e-liquid shine. Sweet and yet enough of a tobacco hit to satisfy vaping experts. Halo has done a nice job of creating this flavor to keep you wanting to come back for more. Great job Halo!!

  330. Extreme Flavors review by Eduardo

    I loved this juice. I received it when ordering stuff and I can tell you I have been amazed. Party in your mouth style, with different notes of sweetness and pepperness. LOL!!! Seriously this juice gave me such beautiful tones, I vape it all without even getting started on my tobacco sampler pack. At times I find it too sweet, but most of the times, you get a great blend of flavors, that just keep on giving. Highly recommend!!!

  331. Extremely complex flavors – Like a fine liqueur. Very pleasantly surprised! review by Bill

    First, I never would have tried this for myself were it not part of a freebie giveaway. The exotics are just not my thing. I’m a “plain, un-adulterated, cigarette tobacco” guy. But it was free with other purchases so I’m ecstatic that I was able to try it. I might even purchase another one!
    I detect the flavors in Halo’s description (currant, grape, cinnamon, etc.) but there’s more here. Voodoo has something citrus-y going on. Not like a generic “orange-grapefruit-lemon” but like that of a fine citrus liqueur. Halo will probably (understandably) edit these brand names but it’s reminiscent of Grand Marnier. Or even closer, one of my favorites: Southern Comfort. In fact, when I first opened the bottle and unintentionally got a whiff, that’s exactly what I said to my wife, “Southern Comfort.”
    I would have given 5 stars if I were more into the exotic stuff in general. For me this is a great occasional vape. I’m still a regular tobacco guy, but every so often I will sit down and really enjoy this as a fantastic change of pace. Keep coming up with great stuff Halo!

  332. Trial sized review by Deter

    Just received my Triton with a free sample of this juice. At first I was hesitant on tasting it, as I didn't think it would be good. It definatly was good, but I'm not sure if it needs to be steeped. All I can taste is the black currant. I don't taste any tobacco so I don't understand why its under the tobacco category. But if I were to receive another bottle of this with my next purchase, I know it won't be wasted. Great vapor. Not super sure on throat hit, since I understand the nicotine is what really delivers the throat hit and this came in 6mg, a very low level.

  333. Good but odd flavor combos, swear the taste changes from one purr to the next review by Lynn

    I got this as a sample with my menthol sampler and was kind of skeptical as I have been a menthol smoker for 30 years. I have to admit, it was pretty good but I would not say it is a standard cigarette it has appeal for all smokers. I have to say as much as I liked it, I swear the taste varied, always good though, or maybe that is part of why I liked it so much. In conclusion I think about anyone trying some new e liquids should try this one.

  334. Amazing vape! review by LadyPharaoh

    I received Voodoo as a freebie in my first order from Halo and I absolutely love it! I'm vaping on it now, trying to come up with an adequate description of the different notes and how they taste blended together. I taste hints of grape, vanilla and cinnamon with a mild tobacco, but as other reviewers said, Voodoo tastes different on almost every draw. That amazing taste combined with outstanding vapor production ensures this will be a "go-to" for me. Thanks for the free sample Halo! I'll be back for more Voodoo.

  335. Voodoo review by Matthew

    I would say I can taste mildly the black currant from the start with the grape and plum flavor topping it off. Very nice smooth fruity vape. Not an all day vape for me but a good switch up from the normal menthol routine .

  336. Yummy review by romaine

    Not entirely sure what the flavors are that I'm tasting but I definitely like it. I'm getting a berry flavor along with other undefined tastes. Nice throat hit and it's something I will order again. Now I'm going to try the others I ordered. Thanks Halo.

  337. Yum! review by STEPHANIE

    Voodoo has a wonderful spicy sweet flavor. You can really taste the plum and currant at first and then the cinnamon tickles the back of your tongue. The vanilla is really subtle, more of an after note. It reminds me of warm spice cake and autumn. This on is definitely a keeper.

  338. A great vape! review by Jon

    This e juice is great! It tastes like bubblegum! I was surprised at first how much it tasted like bubblegum but it's amazing!

  339. Wonderful review by Greg

    This flavor is absolutely delicious. It reminds me of a slushie from the store when i was a kid. But they are right with the voodoo description. The flavor seems to change ever so slightly each time you vape it, giving me a new slushie flavor every time I load it up. Great for all day or a not overly flavored treat for those who prefer tobacco flavors. Gave it 4 stars because it seems to dry my mouth out more than other flavors, but nothing major.

  340. Spicy review by Michael

    This is another juice that needs to steep for a few days, a week is better. It's very different from a lot of other tobacco based juices. The currant is def a dominant flavor in there. It has a spicey top note with a bit of sweetness on the exhale. It surprised me at first, and I wasn't really a fan, but the more I go back to it the more I like it. Def need to smoke it out of a tank, as opposed to a cart to really get all the subtle complex flavor.

  341. Not what I expected, but still good review by Chris

    After reading the description and the many positive reviews of Voodoo, I was supprised by the mildness of the flavor. I was expecting more pronounced flavors that changed with every hit. It is a great flavor that I will certainly buy again, just not what I was expecting.

  342. An unexpected surprise review by Daniel

    I received a free sample bottle of the Voodoo e-liquid with my last order, and since I had a couple of clean tanks I decided to try this out before filling up with my regular stuff. I'm not one for spice flavor, so I was skeptical; but the Voodoo blend really came through. The spice is not over powering like I thought it would be, this is a smooth blend of spice flavor that does not over power while still providing that little spice spark that reminds you that this is not your regular e-liquid. I was so impressed that I ordered a couple 30ml bottles; this might just become my new 'regular stuff'.

  343. Complex flavor, tastes much better after steeping review by Nick

    I let this juice steep for about a week and now the flavor is a lot better. Very interesting and unique among e-juices.

  344. An ALL DAY vape! review by cliffy D

    I got a free trial bottle when I placed an order. Wow! I will definitely be purchasing some more soon!

    I've had to make myself back off of this one b/c I was going through it too quickly.

    Light tobacco taste with a sweet and spicy hit which lingers throughout the finish.

    I can't put my finger on what the flavors are but I'm definitely tasting dark rum, perhaps nutmeg as well. A great mixture of sweet/spicy but surely not saccharine sweet. Just the right amount.

    Seriously delicious and well balanced stuff with an excellent throat hit.

    My only bit of advice... order the BIG bottle as you'll want more!

  345. What a great flavor review by jah671

    I got a 10ml bottle of this liquid free with the purchase of my G6 started kit. After reading some of the reviews I was curious. Not one to shy away from trying new things I put it in my mini tank and gave it a taste. Wow! This juice is crazy good. To me it tastes like a tobacco with undertones of butter rum, with a hint of chocolate covered bananas, and vanilla. I know it sounds crazy, maybe even a little weird, but this along with Tribecca have been in my mini tanks since the day I received my kit. I plan on getting the 30ml bottle on my next order.

  346. VooDooHooDoo review by Christy

    Thank you Halo for the free sample! Let me be honest and say that judging by the label, "sweet and spicy" didn't sound like my thing at all. I was wrong. I was so wrong. I still can't quite describe the taste, other than to say that it makes me think of rum and raisins.
    It's so amazing. One of my favorites. And to think, if I hadn't received this for free, I probably would never have tried it!

  347. Who knew Voodoo was Delicious! review by Christine

    VooDoo is an amazing and unique flavor. It is a delicate and sweet flavor. For me the currants stand out the most. But you do taste the grapes and plums. The vanilla is light and very smooth. The tobacco flavor is also very light and the cinnamon adds just a touch of warmth. What was surprising is that this delicate flavor provides such a great throat hit. Voodoo is a very delicious and satisfying vape.This is by far my favorite tobacco flavor.

  348. A little spicy for me, great vape though! review by Corey

    So as the same as everyone else I got a free sample. I use Kanger T2's clearomizers and filled one up to find that the flavors flips and flops. At first I thought it to be pretty tasty, but as a few days went by and the juice steeped a little I found it to have a harsh after taste. Overall not bad, just not a juice I really liked. But I'm hoping the new sample flavor is more my style. Thanks Halo!!! Love the samples.

  349. Let it STEEP review by Cody

    I feel like there's a lot of snobby vapers out there that tell you to steep everything, not realizing that some companies manufacture their juice to be vaped right away. But, myself being a novice vaper, LET THIS STUFF SIT. When I first got the trial size @ .6 nic, the juice had a nauseatingly overpowering alcohol stench. The taste was the same, a horribly strong rum flavor. I couldn't vape it. I let it sit in a dark drawer for about a week however, and now its much milder and delicious. I know everyone says this tastes differently to them, but for me its a pleasant kind of fruity, mellow syrup. On the exhale I get a little bubble gum flavor. Anyway, if you let this sit for a few days, I promise it will be LOADS better than when you first get it. Definitely could be an all day vape.

  350. Good Juice review by RW

    I received the free sample of Vodoo with my last order of Sub-Zero.
    I am ordering a 30ml bottle Vodoo now.
    Halo juice is worth the premium price over other brands.
    Of the ten flavors of Halo juice I have tried, only HX3 hit the trash after a test vape.
    That is the best keep or trash ratio of any of the six e-juice vendors I have tried.
    A quality product and interesting, crave worthy flavors Halo folks! You have my business!

  351. Smooth review by QuitLife

    This e-liquid is very smooth, but a bit too sweet for an all day vape, at least for me. The smell is quite nice, and will use this off and on as a "sweet treat".

  352. So many flavors...so little time! review by Janay

    Wow! I received VooDoo as a free sample and I am so glad I did. I didn't think it would be so flavorful! I've been vaping on this all day and it is still as smooth as the first pull. Very nice mixture of flavors that keeps you coming back for more. Good throat hit and supreme vapor from this one. Nice job Halo! Thank you!

  353. VOODOO review by JOHN

    I recently ordered replacement wicks for my Triton and received VOODOO as a sample. I have to, this is my favorite juice you guys put out ! Great vape and superb flavor I could use this as an all day vape .

  354. Excellent!!!! review by Nick

    I ordered one of the sample packs and frekkin love the Voodoo liquid. It's the perfect combination of sweetness, spice, and tobacco. I just ordered the 30ml size; can't beat this one!

  355. A great flavor on its own, but even better when mixed! review by Michael

    I received my 10ml sample for Halo a few weeks ago along with a new batch of flavors. I was quite unsure about if I would even enjoy based off of descriptions but since Halo was kind enough to do this offer, I figured why not spend the full $20 and try it out! Now, once I received my package I immediately let all of my flavors steep for about two days. It really does open these flavors to a whole other level of excellence. The first drag I took of the Voodoo, I really had no idea what to make of it. It was almost overwhelming, but then I let the juice cook for a second with the manual battery and took the second drag, oh my. I could really taste the warm and sweet flavor this juice has. Almost like a berry soaked in caramel. Vapor production for me was less then the Tribeca or Subzero, but still extremely good.

    The thing that really blew my mind was how nicely this juice compliments the flavors of other Halo juices. The two great mixes I found were using either subzero or Prime 15. What the Voodoo does is add an extra level of flavor to other medium body juices. I am completely obsessed with these mixes.

  356. Tasty review by BenDerbyCityRambler

    As soon as I opened the bottle I got a whiff of what to me smells like a caramel/vanilla whiskey. It tastes like it smells, sweet yet subtle, light yet a good throat hit. It certainly doesn't taste like cinnamon or currants, its more caramel like. This was the first Halo E-liquid I've ever tried and I must say that I'm impressed. I'm excited to try more and will definitely post my reviews as I delve deeper into the world of Halo.

  357. WOW!! Coo Coo for VooDoo review by ANT

    I have tried nearly all Halo's juices and just received VOODOO with my most recent order. UNBELIEVABLE. Amazing liquid, the smoothest liquid I have come across. It is perfect for me. HALO has a customer for life and i can't wait to try their next new liquid.

  358. EXPERIENCE IT!!! review by CaptDonna

    WOW! Cinnamons, Vanillas, Cherries and then something else sneaks in on you! I’ve seen chameleon, complex and other descriptions for this flavor all so true! This one you just have to try it.... keeps changing with every inhale and exhale. LOL it’s like a different juice on every vape! Excellent vapor and oh so nice throat hit.
    Thumbs up!!
    Have to say it!! Who do in the VooDoo HALO do !!!

  359. Great new flavor review by Kevin

    Has a very unique flavor. I taste several different things in it. Good taste but not an all day vape for me.

  360. Blackcurrant Bliss! review by Melinda

    The first moment I tried this flavor, the only thing I could say was, "Holy Wow!" I know that many Americans don't know what blackcurrant tastes like, but this is like blackcurrant magic. Folks from the UK, New Zealand, and Australia who've grown up with blackcurrant tea and Ribena drink with absolutely love this e-liquid. Blackcurrant top note, slight dark fruits, blackberry tanginess and a hint of cinnamon. The flavor changes as it moves over your palate, across your tongue, hits your throat, and changes again as you exhale. Lovely complex flavors, tons of vapor, and lots of enjoyment. If you use cartos, note that the flavor will evolve into more cinnamon and spice as the carto runs low. So delicious and I can't wait to stock up and try it in a mini tank. Love, love, love!

  361. Something Different review by Jeff

    Got a free sample with my order and I might order another soon. It's great if your looking something different. Sweet, but not too sweet.

  362. outstanding review by Ken

    My first taste of Voodoo reminds me of a Magic Hat #9. I taste a hint of apricot and can't seem to put this down. The free sample has me sold and I will be including this on my next order. Definitely in my top 5 choice flavors.

  363. Different review by PYTnTN

    Not one of my favorites but capes very well. I added a dash of midnight apple to tone the grape flavor down a bit which was perfect for me. I'm just thankful Halo came out with a little variation for us true Halo fans to enjoy!

  364. not impressed review by skyM

    I've tried all of Halo's liquids. Some, like Tribeca and Prime15, are in my top favorites and I vape them every day. So I was really looking forward to trying this new flavor.

    The performance is excellent. In that regard no disappointment: Just what I've come to expect from Halo. After about 1 week of steeping the taste remained consistent. The flavor, however, is well... average. If you were to chew on seasoned cinnamon Altoid, rinse it down with fruit punch and pop in bubble gum right after, the resulting bouquet of taste is just that. Compared to other Halo creations, this one was hard to get excited about. Not bad, but not great either.

  365. My Newest ADV review by LGCvapes

    I got my first bottle of Voodoo in mid-July. I tried it out of the box and it was good, but just didn't grab me. So, I put the bottle in a cool dark closet for a couple of weeks, and forgot about it. Yesterday, I came across the bottle and decided to see if the steeping had helped. OMG! I love it now and can hardly put it down. What's crazy is how the flavor seems to change multiple times while vaping this over the course of a couple of hours. Buy this, and if the first vape doesn't grab you, steep it for a couple of weeks and then get prepared to be blown away by some awesome flavors.

  366. WOW review by Lesa

    I was a menthol smoker so didn't think I would like it. I received a sample with my last order.....WOW, This is now one of my favorites. I don't know how you did it but it does change flavors, you get a hint of a different "something" each time. This is a juice you can't get tired of because it keeps changing.
    I would have never tried it had you not sent me the sample. Thanks Halo.

  367. Complex and tasty review by Matt

    Every time I vape it the flavor shifts just enough that it feels new. Some times vanilla with a plum flavor other times sweet and cinnamon. Really like it and everyone should give it a go to see what it is like.

  368. Great Surprise review by Wes

    My mom and I both agree, it tastes like the gooey liquid inside a chocolate covered cherry. It's great and I will be ordering it once my free sample runs out.

  369. Very strange review by Kenneth E

    I just can't get used to this one. I've tried it right out of the bottle and again when I let it sit for about a week. It just is too sweet for me. A thick sweet that kind of makes me I'll after awhile. I'm glad other people are having good vibes towards this.

  370. Wonderful flavor! A must try. review by Kalash503

    This new flavor is a must try if you are a Halo customer. It reminds me of Tribeca with a strong hint of chocolate and maybe vanilla. Like most Halo E-juice it is a complex flavor that is difficult to decipher, either way it is definitely worth the buy. I received a sample with my last order but will buy more and add to my ADV selection after steeping.

  371. Voodoo that you do review by Tony

    Got a free sample with an order, really enjoy it. Complex but smooth, very tasty.

  372. Very good flavor! review by Stephen

    This reminds me of either fruit loops or fruity pebbles in the best possible way. Could be an all day vape but is a perfect after dinner "dessert" vape for sure! I love the flavor. May be on the sweet side for some, but perfect for me. Sweeter than Tribeca. Good strong hit and a very hard to pinpoint flavor. Love it!

  373. LIke a Boss! review by Troy

    Enough said, thanks for the v(oo)d(oo)!

  374. Voodoo is Awsome review by D

    This was my first time ordering from Halo trying to find some new juice that tastes good and vapes good I got the Voodoo as a free sample and was anxious to try it. Straight out of the box, without steeping first, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I agree with the other reviews that with every vape you get a slightly different tast, a very pleasant combination of flavors. I can only imagine what this will taste like after it steeps for a bit. Well I still have the rest of my sample pack to try out. But I will be back for sure for Voodoo.

  375. Another great liquid from Halo! review by Bryan

    Received a sample of Voodoo... Very strong flavor! Very strong! Its almost impossible to describe what you are tasting but I get a lot of grape over everything else when I vape it through a bottom coil clearo... The tobacco is there but very subtle... I can also taste a hint of some sort of citrus maybe and a touch of cinnamon... It is delicious.. I wouldn't consider it a "tobacco" liquid but its still a tasty juice!!!! Give it a go! You may find yourself surprised and very pleased!

  376. Unique Flavor With A Good TH review by CHRIS

    This is the first Halo juice I ever tried, what a treat! I got a free sample and filled my new Triton with it. Vaping at 3.8 volts the flavor is sweet yet hints of tobacco peek through. It is something special. I've never vaped anything like it. Try it.

  377. Very enjoyable review by Michael

    I was looking for a unique liquid for a while. This was exactly what I was looking for. My new All day vape. Would highly recommend this flavor. Halo is now my new favorite site for my vape hookup.

  378. Great as a mixer review by James

    I'm giving this 5 stars, but I don't use it straight up. I use it as a mixer.

    I had a 50 ML bottle of pure tobacco flavored juice from another company that I didn't particularly like. I thought it was going to go to waste since I didn't use it. I then added some drops of Voodoo to it, and YUM, I love it. So now I need to have a supply of Voodoo on hand at all times.

    I tried it straight up too. It's not bad. I just prefer it as a mixer.


    I am new to e-cigs, my son bought a EGO C starter kit for my birthday in May .I had bought e- liquid from a local tobacco store I believe to be manufactured in China and was concerned about the ingredients in the liquid . I researched e-liquids on the internet and Halo e- liquids had excellent reviews . I ordered A 30 ml bottle of Tribeca and was pleasantly surprised to find a sample bottle of Voodoo . Both bottles are clearly marked with ingredients and lot numbers and are manufactured in the USA . The 10 ml of Voodoo keep changing flavors from cinnamon to vanilla to plum and has become my new favorite e-liquid and I will be buying a 30ml bottle.

  380. Awesome! review by Domey

    I got my starter kit with Tribeca pre-filled and this free liquid. I vaped my tribeca's and loved them. They ran out! I started to use this until my Tribeca 30ML came in. In the carto's I was not a huge fan. Would of ranked it a 2 or 3 at best.

    I ordered some minitanks. I threw this in. WOW. What a difference. This liquid is so smooth and great tasting. I can't even put it down since putting it in my mini tank. I've been a menthol smoker my whole life, but these tobacco flavors are killing it. I bought Mystic and put it in the tank, and I am not feeling it. But this Voodoo is spot on. I can't narrow down the taste, other then delicious! Great work Halo! If I didn't have 3 free 10ML bottles, I would be ordering this!

  381. Mesmirizing review by Tommy

    Nutty, fruity, sweet, and great tobacco flavor. Another fantastic liquid from Halo. Well recommend this liquid. Try it, you'll love it!

  382. Surprised review by bigdawgbeav

    I just started vaping and Voodoo came as a bonus in my initial order. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect based on the description of "sugar and spice". I am very happy with this flavor. Nice throat hit and a great fruity flavor. I highly recommend this and can certainly see this as my all-day vape.

  383. Mouth Party review by Al

    Voodoo is just like I said.... it's a party in my mouth and voodoo kicked in the door!!!!
    Amazing vape especially in any type of rba. I filled my GG Ithaka with it and @ 1.0 ohm dual coil the flavor never gets dull.

  384. Only something a mad scientist could come up with review by David

    Voodoo is the first of a kind flavor I have ever tried. I'm vaping on it now as I write this and I still can't find words to describe this flavor. It literally has a different taste to it with every vape. Who ever the mad scientist was that came up with this flavor did good for himself. This flavor is hard to put into words but is a definite must try!

  385. Surprised! review by Alan

    I received a sample of Voodoo with an order recently and was pleasantly surprised. I had not planned on ordering this one but now that I have tried it, I love it. Like the description says, it kind of changes flavor a bit. Sweet, topped off with vanilla and sometimes a little cinnamon. Definitely a good one for all day long.

  386. Amazing! review by Melissa

    I ordered the Triton Tank Kit and received this juice for free. It is the first juice I have tried from Halo. This was actually my first order ever from Halo. I Love, Love, Love this juice! It is unlike any other juice I have tried. I can't even describe it, as it is different every vape. The flavors are flavorful, but not over powering, like most e liquids I have tried. I ordered a 30 mL bottle last night, and am looking forward to another free sample. I also ordered the variety sample pack and am looking forward to trying those. I will definitely be ordering e liquid from Halo!

  387. Hesitant To Try It... LOVE IT! review by ashley

    I wouldn't have ordered this if I hadn't gotten a sample with purchase. I was only interested in menthol when I was getting liquids. So glad I tried it. I was worried about not having the menthol-y flavor that I so loved. This was the first flavored liquid that I have tried. Can't wait to try more. Very pleasant surprise!

  388. Again Halo Delivers review by Christi

    This is a very complex ejuice that I really was thinking I wouldn't like. Halo you totally delivered on this one. I put it in a cart before I filled my mini tank, but I totally filled that baby right on up when I realized how good it was. I've been vaping it all night! Thanks, for another winner!

  389. VOODOO-LICIOUS review by jennifer

    This is a wonderful all day vape. I have yet to find a flavor I don't like but this particular one offers such a variety of all the things I want in one delicious flavor. Throat hit is perfect, perfectly balanced and very satisfying. Halo you have done it again. Keep em comin!

  390. Mysterious, yet subtle review by Tim

    Voodoo will put a spell on your taste buds! It has a great flavor, and the menthol is a nice touch. Prepare for a riot of E-juice heaven while vaping this one.

  391. Nice One! review by Albee 1

    Well made, well named. Been enjoying Voodoo all weekend long. It is exaxtly as described. A very well made liquid from a company that cares! The only downside is that I am going through it fast from the chameleon style flavor that is uniquely shifting and presenting different top notes with every puff. Sometimes sweet, sometimes black currant other times cinnamon. All blended on top of a very complex foundation. Great Job guys at Halo! :)

  392. Wow! review by AC

    Just got my free voodoo sample and loaded it into my Triton tank and it is an *incredible* vape. The nutty flavor of tobacco blends beautifully with the rich, tones of dried fruit. Tastes like raisin, blackcurrant and cherry with cinnamon and vanilla to finish it off. The resulting flavor reminds me of nothing so much as my family's Christmas nut cake, soaked in rum.

    It's sweeter than Halo's other offerings-- even more than Tribeca which is my usual go-to vape. It shares some fruit notes with Midnight Apple, but it's far more complex and sophisticated. I don't know yet how it will stand up over time, but it's an amazing flavor and I guarantee I'll follow up the free sample with a purchase.

  393. Very Interesting review by Jebadale

    First off I have to say this is not a liquid that will make it as an adv, but that being said it's also the kind of juice you just can't hardly put down. It's like every 3 puffs or so you get a slightly different flavor from it, not to mention smell even has a change to it. But like the other reviews its almost impossible to pinpoint a single flavor, by the time you think your getting close it switches it up on you. It's one of those juices that everyone should just try for themselves... I hope Halo keeps up the good work :)

  394. Reminded me of a Beam and Apple Cider review by Tyler

    This was a nice vape with a multitude of flavors coming out. For me, some of the flavors on top reminded me of drinking a Jim Beam and Apple Cider mixed drink. I know they don't mention Apple being one of the flavors but for some reason, the sugar hints and vanilla mixed just brought back good memories. It is a good juice that will be a chameleon making it interesting every time I pick it up.

  395. This Is Excellent~ review by Jessica

    What a flavorful juice! I love the Voodoo effect and tasting all the elegant flavors and notes of black currant, grape, plum, vanilla & cinnamon. Another favorite now from Halo along with Tribeca, Captain Jack & HX3. Voodoo takes you to a whole new place, very enjoyable. Thanks for the 10ml sample with order & now I am ordering a 30ml bottle! Gotta have this! A new experience from Halo!

  396. One of the best I've tried review by Sean

    Halo sent me this juice for free so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I am vaping it right now and all I can say is WOW!! Will definitely be picking up more in the future.

  397. Strong but good review by Monica

    Voodoo is definitely more tobacco than what I was expecting but good all the same. I would enjoy it with a little bit of menthol added but the blackberry and vanilla mix is surprisingly nicely.

  398. Ok flavor review by Andrew

    Received this as a free sample, which is nice, but it's taste to me is like a bubble gum flavor. Not something I'm into.

  399. A Spellbinding Liquid review by FG

    A friend poured some of this new juice into a fresh tank for me to Vape. Holy cow this is a Tobacco I have never quite experienced before! It has a mysterious taste that wants you to just keep vaping so you can try to figure out what it really is. I don't care, I just need to order this juice for myself, this is definitely a must have juice, especially for a night on the town!

  400. Another winner review by Kevin

    Got the free sample with my last order and it's great. it is now in rotation with Tribeca, Midnight Apple and Malibu. Keep up the good work. It's great that Halo rewards us with a freebie of a new flavor.

  401. Halo,Halo,Halo review by keith

    O.k. I know what the description says ,but I can honestly say I do not know what flavors I am tasting in this incredibly smooth vape. I know it is a sweet vape, not too sweet though. This is an addictive juice and i think I will let it steep for the next 24 hours and see if I can tell what flavors I'm tasting. I received my freebie of Voodoo a few minutes ago with my reg. Prime15 order and immediately put some into a clearo, first thought was ,this juice has found it's way into my rotation. Halo has done it again and this one I do believe will be Halo's next money maker.

  402. Nice dessert liquid review by Lolaney

    Got the free sample bottle with my last order! Surprisingly pleased with this flavor. I've not really cared much for the fruity flavored liquids but this one is really nice & smooth. Vaped after dinner & it really was like having a yummy dessert. It sort of reminds me of a ice cream float with a kick. Leaves a pleasant clean taste on the palate. Good job Halo!!

  403. VOODOO for free = A STEAL!!! AMAZING VAPE! review by Matthew

    So, I just ordered over $20 worth of supplies recently in 2 separate orders. I got 2 free 10ML samples of Voodoo.

    First of all, I am a former Camel Menthol silver smoker, so menthol is my 'go-to' flavor base, however, my cart went dry last night, so I figured what's the harm in trying a FREE flavor I got?

    GREAT DECISION on my part, AMAZING product on Halo's. As the description and other reviews state, this vape has an ever changing profile and flavor....I mixed it with a 1/5 empty menthol ice cart and MAN OH MAN the mixture of the 2 is AMAZING...I filled a totally empty cart this morning, and while I do miss the subtle menthol hit I 'created' last night, VOODOO on its own is outstanding, it is definitely an 'all day vape' because, it CAN'T get boring. The flavor is HONESTLY constantly changing with every vape....the overall taste (sweet, slightly spicy) and throat-hit doesn't change but the after taste and initial taste do. Sometimes its grape-in, red-wine taste out, or vanilla-in, grape out, etc. OVERALL by far the BEST vape from Halo I've had so far.

    Halo is definitely being awfully generous giving away a free 10ML sample with orders over $20. It is definitely worth it to order $20 worth of Halo product to get this AMAZING flavor for free. I actually plan to get a 30ML just so I can get 40ML total for 19.99, haha.

  404. Voodoo Magic! review by Jessica

    Halo has done it again! I love this flavor! I taste a hint of cinnamon, mild vanilla sweetness, so yummy! I ordered a 30 ml of this and let it steep for 3 days. It will definitely be in my ADV rotation! A definite must try, you won't be disappointed!

  405. Intricate review by Jay B

    Just got this today and it's amazing. Every drag seems to have a new flavor i didn't notice before. It reminds me of drinking a good red wine, though it is a bit sweet. Overall it will be a constant in my rotation.

  406. Eupohiric review by Satyan

    I received this bottle for free with the massive order I put in. Figuring it was free I figure it may be just out there. Anyways after opening the bottle I smelled it and it smelled hot. Like a cinnamon or a mild hot pepper. When you fill your carto though and hit it, its something really different. Euphoric I might add. It vapes thick (Im using a G6 with LR cartos) and when on exhale it is cold and thick but yet so smooth. The taste is something I cannot describe, but when it's finished I'm ordering the biggest bottle they got.

  407. First try on vapor halo liquid!! review by Jason jones

    I like the voodoo. I got it with my kit as a free sample but need to try more flavors!!

  408. Very good juice! review by kingbrian7

    Just got my free sample in the mail, and am very pleased with this juice. Each time I hit it I notice a different flavor. It's almost as if the flavor changes as you vape. At first hit you notice a warm cinnamon flavor while simultaneously tasting grape. As you continue to vape you notice a hint of what almost tastes like a fine wine mixed with vanilla. It all blends together to make a truly mind blowing vaping experience. This juice also has a substantially hard throat hit all the while being smooth. It sounds like I'm contradicting myself but this juice must be tasted to be believed. It literally changes each time you vape. I definitely recommend it.

  409. Loved it! review by Squishybear

    I really don't know how to describe this each time I vape it I taste something different. Cinnamon vanilla tobacco. Though I don't know how to describe it I can say that I really love it. I will definitely get a big bottle to keep on hand I can see this becoming an everyday vape.

  410. Magic !!! review by Nury

    Voodoo really stumped me at first smell/taste. Initially, it smelled and tasted like a rum or bourbon cake. After steeping a bit I now get the smokey tobacco quality that Halo is famous for and that I so love. I call it the Halo Style Performance. In addition, I can now detect the vanilla and cinnamon along with the fruits which play out like an elegant and sophisticated fruit candied liqueur. The name could not be more appropriate as it is mysterious and hard to decipher. It is magnificent and has a very mature style. Another for sure winner !!!

  411. A Bold Thirst-Quencher review by Jeffrey

    I received a preview sample of Voodoo, and was amazed and intrigued by their latest offering. At first, I didn't think it was a tobacco flavor, since it's layered in the background with the cinnamon and vanilla creating a light bakery note.

    The juicy white grape is forefront and bold, while the berries create a secondary note coalescing into an alchemy of a well balanced, sweet thirst-quenching e-liquid.

    I don't normally vape fruity liquids, but Voodoo has made love this one. Light and refreshing but with a wicked throat hit that satisfies.

  412. Very complex, fruit/tobacco taste - great hit and vapor! review by PeteC2

    The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is that the tobacco component is a bit lighter than I'd like. However, this is a very nice, complex blend that carries the flavor and sweetness of berry, while delivering a nice deep, robust vape, with lots of vapor and a good throat hit. Not a light/fruity flavor, rather Voodoo has a mature, subtle mix of flavors.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass