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Variety Sample Pack

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The Halo Variety Sample Pack is perfect for those that like many different flavor genres.

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The Halo Variety Sample Pack is perfect for those that like many different flavor genres. This sampler includes the best E-liquid from each of our tobacco, menthol and dessert flavor profiles. A great way to taste and find your favorite flavors of our delicious E-juice creations before committing to buying a full 30 ml bottle.Included are our Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, SubZero, Malibu, Kringle’s Curse, and Belgian Cocoa E-liquids.

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  1. Nice Add-on review by Sean.M

    I purchased this to give some flavors a second try, while also being able to try a couple new ones. Malibu was an afterthought flavor due to my personal taste on that one. SubZero was a tad on the harsh side, but I still found that I enjoyed the flavor.

  2. My favority pack! review by Stephanie

    I think these are a wonderful was to try a bunch of different flavors for a very fair price. I have tried the gourmet and menthol samples packs and each were great. I liked all of the gourmet flavors and I honestly don’t think I would have bought them separately. I am a menthol smoker and I was worried they would be too fruity or I wouldn’t think they were strong enough—boy was I wrong. I kept seeing all of these reviews for the Malibu and Kringle's Curse and how great they were. I was going to just bite the bullet and buy them, but I figured if I got this sample pack I could try a bunch of other ones as well. It’s funny because the Kringle’s Curse and the Malibu are my 2 favorite e-liquids from Halo now. I am so happy that I tried this sample pack, otherwise I don’t think I would have bought them individually for a while; I always have to at least have one or the other of the smaller bottles in my purse. The Kringle's Curse is a perfect liquid to mix with other liquids as well. If you are unsure of what flavors you like, I would highly suggest buying this sample pack. Also, if you only smoked menthol cigarettes don’t let that discourage you because some of these gourmet flavors have a hint go menthol—plus sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit and have something fruity. You might think you won’t like the fruity ones, but I’m telling you to give it a shot because I thought the same exact way—especially when it’s a nice hot day outside the Malibu is amazing.

  3. Loved it review by craig

    This Variety Sampler Pack is amazing. It has some of my favorites like Tribeca and SubZero. I also discovered how great Kringle's Curse and Turkish are. I vaped on this pack for about a week and loved every moment of it. If someone is trying vaping for the first time, this would be the perfect variety to figure out what you like.

  4. Best variety for the price! review by Jessica

    This is great for beginners who are unsure of what flavor they are going to want. Good variety at a discounted price—rather than just picking a couple to try. Halo e-liquids are better than any other brands I have tried ever! I only wish they had more of a variety to choose from because I really like to change it up and try lots of different flavors. Great sample pack! I also recommend the Midnight Apple, which isn't in this sample unfortunately but is by far the best e-liquid I have ever tried from any company!!!

  5. Fantastic selection! review by Michele

    The variety pack of e-liquid arrives in a stylish tin. These tins can be recycled and used for other things once the e-liquid is depleted. I've used mine for basic office supplies and pocket change. There are six flavors of e-liquid in each tin. While I enjoyed all of the e-liquid flavors in this selection, my favorites were Tribeca and Subzero. You can also mix the tobacco flavors with the menthol for a fresh, cool vape. I highly suggest using a tank rather than a cartomizer for mixing.

  6. Variety Sample Pack review by Karen. E

    Halo shipped this product in a nice little tin. It comes with 6 different amazing quality flavors. It’s cool to mix and they last a very good amount of time. I have previously purchased other e-liquids from different companies out there, but Halo surpasses all of them!

  7. Nice variety to start with! review by Coz

    Tribeca: My favorite tobacco blend so far. It’s smooth and fragrant. My wife actually loves the smell of the vapor. She says it smells like graham crackers.
    Turkish Tobacco: It's got that burnt tobacco taste I do not favor. I actually mix this with SubZero to balance it out a little.
    SubZero: It’s a very intense mint. I'd actually prefer a more mellow menthol flavor. However I use it to mix with other non-menthol flavors to balance things out.
    Malibu: This is a subdued flavor and hit, but nice flavor notes overall.
    Kringle’s Curse: I love this stuff! It's one of those classic flavors I can vape all day.
    Belgian Cocoa: My least favorite. It’s probably personal since I feel weird about vaping the chocolate aroma. It’s a strong chocolate juice.

  8. The best of all worlds review by Andrew

    As a total new vaper I opted for this pack to accompany my Triton order. As a menthol smoker I knew I needed to satisfy my menthol taste. I met SubZero. But I also knew I wanted to expand to the other flavor categories as well and this sample pack allowed me to do that. The 7ml bottles are the perfect size for sampling. If you don't enjoy a particular flavor, not much is wasted. There's no other way to experience the variety that Halo offers. This sample pack is the best of the best for a perfectly reasonable price!

  9. Great product review by Justin

    I highly recommend getting a sample pack of e-liquid if you are a beginner like me. This is an excellent way to try a bunch of different flavors without committing to a large bottle. I was actually quite surprised by my preferences. I highly recommend SubZero and Kringle’s Curse!

  10. Great sampling of awesome liquids! review by Neo

    I got my first real vaporizer a few weeks ago and immediately came here looking for some e-liquid. The site was recommended by a friend who has been buying from here for a few months now and I have loved the taste. I went ahead and got this variety pack because it had two of the flavors. The two flavors were Kringle's Curse and Turkish Tobacco and my friend wanted Subzero adn Malibu. I got an extra 10ml bottle of Mlaibu with my order so I tried that one first. I wasn't a big fan of it but sweet flavors are not my thing. They lady loved it though. I then tried the Turkish Toabcco and it has been my personal favorite followed by Kringle's Curse and Tribeca. Subzero was too much menthol for us. I have not tried Belgian Cocoa yet but it smells delicious! I will be coming back for more flavors and gear!

  11. great review by Chris

    There are a lot of many good e-liquids in this sample pack! It gives you just about every category. The one thing I will mention is that the two tobacco flavors in there are parallel opposites. Tribeca is a sweet and barely has any tobacco. Turkish tobacco is a harsh cigar and if you are looking for a midrange tobacco either mix it or commit to trying the tobacco sample pack.

  12. Great Way to Sample Halo E-Liquids review by Brandon

    The variety sample pack includes Halo's most popular tobacco, menthol, and gourmet e-liquids. There are so many flavors I don't know which 30ml bottle to invest in so I ordered the variety sample pack instead. However, you get six 7ml bottles, including Tribeca, Malibu, Kringle's Curse, Belgian Cooca, Subzero, and Turkish Tobacco. These are Halo's most well loved and popular flavors because of this sample pack i now know which flavors I like and dislike. I recommend picking up a couple G6 mini tanks in order to sample each flavor. When you figure out which flavors are your favoirte, you can use one Triton Tank per flavor. My favorite flavors our of this sample pack are Tribeca, Malibu, and Kringle's Curse. You will not be disappointed if you invest in the sample pack.

  13. Good variety review by Matthew

    I ordered this sample pack because it gives you a little taste of all the e-liquids. I was quite satisfied. It allowed me to experiment with mixing some flavors if you want to develop your own custom blend.

  14. The best review by james

    The variety sample pack is a great way to see what you like and don't like without spending a lot of money. You can't go wrong with any of Halo products. They have the best and cheapest without having bad quality.

  15. great to try review by Timothy

    The sample pack is the way to go and I found out which e-liquids I like and did not like. My girlfriend is trying them too this way with my next order we can narrow down what we want. Next time we are going to order the other sample packs since I prefer a tobacco taste and she like menthol. I figured this would be nice to see which one we like before we purchase larger bottles.

  16. good review by Nicholas

    I wish I could select my own flavors and I wish there was a little opening on the side of the 7ml bottles so I can see how much liquid is in the bottles. This is a great product but I would recommend these changes.

  17. Nice Mix review by Brad

    If you're just started vaping and not sure what flavors you would enjoy then this sample pack is for you. I loved Subzero and Turkish Tobacco. It is a nice change of pace to switch between menthol and tobacco flavors. Also, they throw in a chocolate flavor e-liquid (Belgian Cocoa) which is fun to vape sometimes.

  18. Nice for a taster review by joseph

    I didn't like many of the flavors alone but they do make a nice enhancement to some tobacco flavor. Also, you can mix it with a drop or two and fill it up. It is still a very inexpensive way to help you find out which one is good for you.

  19. great review by andrew

    Awesome flavor and great quality.

  20. Fabulous Flavors! review by Trekker

    I am new to e-cigarettes and the vapor experience. However, I am enjoying it very much and Halo's flavors. I've only been doing this for a couple weeks now and I am trying the Malibu flavor. It is very mild, slightly fruity, with a hint of coconut. It's nice, but it's not my favorite. My favorites so far are Tribeca and Kringle's Curse. Subzero and Malibu are nice but I don't like Turkish Tobacco at all. I haven't tried Belgian Chocolate yet but I can't wait to try that next! I'm also thinking about trying the menthol sampler since Kringle's Curse and Subzero taste so good. I'm thinking the others will also be good.

  21. I am satisfied for the most part. review by Trekker

    Being new to e-cigarettes, I ordered a variety sample pack of e-liquids to try with my new G6 starter set. So far, I have tried 4 of the 6 flavors. I love Tribeca and Kringle's Curse. Subzero is good, too, but I think I prefer the tasty peppermint flavor of Kringle's Curse better. I do not like Turkish Tobacco. It tastes like perfume to me and it hit the back of my throat so hard, it made me cough. This is why I gave it for 4 stars on the review. However, I have yet to try the Malibu and Belgian Chocolate flavors. Something that would be nice would be if it were possible to pick any 6 flavors you wanted to try instead of having them prepicked for you. With that being said, if we had the option then I would definitely rate it 5 stars!

  22. Good range of flavors review by Chris

    The kit includes Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, SubZero, Malibu, Kringle’s Curse, and Belgian Cocoa E-liquids. I tried them all and I have to say that out of the 6 samples I really liked only about half. The first one I tried was Turkish Tobacco. It had a nice flavor with a hint of sweetness. The downside, after vaping for a few weeks I returned to this flavor and can not stand it. After I ran out of Turkish Tobacco, I gave Tribeca a try, it was my least liked flavor and to me it was a strong coffee taste which I didn't care for. Then, I tried the Belgian Cocoa, and it was very good! It tastes just like cocoa and the only downside to it for me was it gunked up the coil pretty quickly which drastically affects the taste (giving it an almost burnt taste). Malibu, at first I didn't care for but after vaping for a few days I lost the tobacco taste and this flavor was really tasting awesome. The last 2 flavors I haven't really had a good vaping session (only a quick test here and there). I'm not a big fan of menthol and peppermint so I may hang on to them to give a mint twist to some other flavors down the road. Overall the sampler pack was well worth the money and now I'm looking into other flavors to try out!

  23. A good way to check out the different types of flavors review by Jeremy

    This sample pack has a little bit of everything. You can really get an idea of what kind of e-liquid you prefer. I found that I wasn't a big fan of some types of flavors and I really liked others. I definitely know at this point how to make my purchases with Halo going forward. If you are new to vaping and unsure of what you will like, get this sample pack. It will give you a much clearer idea of what to buy. Everybody has different tastes, after all. Bravo, Halo, for providing this option! I am a customer for life and this sample pack is part of the reason. Also, not to mention your hardware is rock solid!

  24. I love them! review by Simon

    The Variety Sample pack has very good flavors, especially the Turkish Tobacco. There is only one that I didn't like that much and that is Tribeca. However, it wasn't that bad after all. All of them are high quality e-liquids.

  25. Great starter review by the big C

    This was the first e-liquid I had purchased and I found many of my favorites from this sample pack. It is a great way to try several juices and see what you like.

  26. awesome review by Christopher

    I loved the variety sample pack. It was a great way to try a bunch of flavors and they were all awesome. I love it! I can switch it up whenever I feel like it.

  27. Offers a great variety of what Halo has to offer review by Matthew

    All of these juices are superb!! There are 6 flavors, each are in a 7 ml bottle, for only $25. Compare the cost of Halo's sample packs to that of other e-juice vendors..Halo is definitely offering a bargain with these packs. I have tried all of the 6 liquids, and I really like 4 of them. I could live without the two tobacco flavors but that is just my personal taste (as I'm not huge on tobacco vapes). The Sub Zero, Belgian Cocoa and Kringle's Curse are especially good with SubZero being my favorite menthol to date. I recommend this variety pack to anyone wishing to taste what Halo has to offer.

  28. Great review by john

    I enjoyed your variety pack!

  29. Fun and exciting! review by Ricky

    It's awesome getting random flavors and being surprised by the ones you end up tasting. This is a good way to mix it up and get a feel for the flavors to choose which one you like best. For starters though this is a must have. A buddy of mine purchased this and we had a great time trying all the flavors.

  30. Good juice pack review by Sean

    This is a nice juice pack if you are starting out and not sure what you like. I've tried 5 out of the 6 so far and really liked 3 of the 5. The other 2 are good e-juice but not to my taste. No problems with vape or throat hit on any of them. The tin the juice came in was a nice way to package it and is good for storage. I don't have a bunch of little bottles lying around. I already placed an order to try more of Halo's juice and I ordered more of the juices I liked in the kit. I think Halo makes good products and I will continue to buy from them.

  31. I Like This Variety Sampler But.... review by Elik Anoa'i

    I will say it again, $24.99 for 42 ml of e-juice is a phenomenal value. I love just about every flavor included in this sampler tin. By the way, I just love what Halo has done with the packaging of their sampler packs. I love the tins they ship them in. It keeps the liquid protected from the light, and it just looks really cool. Now, my only complaint on the Halo Variety Sampler is, in my own humble opinion, SubZero needed to be left out and Mystic should have taken its place. Mystic is way better than SubZero. My favorites that are included in the Variety Sampler are Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa, and Kringle's Curse. Malibu is also a great juice as well. If you decide to purchase a Halo Triton Starter kit, this Halo Variety sampler is a great choice to include with your order.

  32. Great way to try new things review by Michael

    I'm very glad I ordered this set. Not only is it a great value based on the amount of liquid you get for the price, but it also gets a really nice tin that will hold at least 7 of your juices. This pack also gives you the best idea of the range of Halo's flavors. I was most interested in the Malibu, Kringle's Curse, and SubZero flavors. I figured I'd try the Tribeca and just toss the Turkish Tobacco flavor, seeing as I am not an ex-smoker and am not someone who is really interested in tobacco flavors. But I decided to give them each a shot and was surprised when I actually enjoyed both of the flavors. I have yet to try Belgian Cocoa on its own, as I've only tried it by mixing it with the peppermint flavor. Even if you're on the ledge about this pack due to the tobacco flavors, I'd say it's well worth giving it a shot. I just really wish Halo offered these kits with a no nicotine option as I personally feel they alter the flavors somewhat.

  33. Great, affordable way to get started review by Ellen

    If you're new to vaping, as I am, this is a very affordable way to discover what kinds of e-liquids you like. So far my husband likes the menthols best while I'm enjoying the tobacco flavors. Gourmet flavors are a whole new concept for us (we've been tobacco smokers for many years) but we're having fun trying those out, too. The sample pack arrives in a very well-designed tin that makes it easy to keep the contents secure from curious children and animals. We are very satisfied with this purchase and plan to place another order as soon as we finish arguing over which flavors we like best :-).

  34. 42ML of variety !! review by CaptDJB

    From TRIBECA to SUB-ZERO and then COCOA dessert!
    HALO has you covered in this Sampler (not to mention the COOL container that has multiple vaping uses!)

    I needed to expand my horizons ! HALO let me do that with these wonderful cost effective Samplers!

    TRIBECA - NUMERO UNO NUMBER ONE HALO E-liquid - a caramel, nutty delish taste for everyone (I even throw in some Sub-Zero for a lil menthol ZING!)
    TURKISH TOBACCO - for those who like the "dry" tobacco flavors: this will be a hit for you! (sorry wasn't my fav :( )
    SUBZERO - well MY all day vape for sure.. MENTHOL with ATTITUDE!
    MALIBU will take you away to a tropical beach - summer time "Haven" palm trees and beach YES (After dinner too)
    KRINGLES CURSE - need a peppermint with a sweetness?? << This is IT! (add a lil to BELGIAN COCOA for an Andes Mint type of vape!

    ALL of this is in one container !
    Now it's time to try the NEW MENTHOL V (free with orders over $20.00 so THIS Sampler qualifies! )
    Get some VAPE ON! With HALO!

  35. Tribeca is king! review by Brian

    Tribeca- by far the best ejuice Halo can offer, words will not do it justice, get it and you wont regret it.

    Turkish Tobacco- smooth, its like smoking ceder.

    SubZero- very minty, its a menthol lovers delight.

    Malibu- its pina colada. so if you like that kinda thing, this is for you.

    Kringle’s Curse- really sweet mint, its like smoking a candy cane.

    Belgian Cocoa- its not a chocolate flavor, its like smoking hot chocolate mix, the powder not the drink. but still quite nice.

  36. For new people vaping or those looking for something different review by Charles

    I was a huge fan of kringles curse, and with this pack I also discovered subzero. If you aren't sure what flavored to get, I highly recommend getting this and the gourmet pack to give yourself a variety.

  37. Good Assortment review by Alice

    I like the variety in this pack. If you are not sure what liquids you like and don't want to commit to a sample pack of tobacco or menthol, I would recommend this pack. You get a little of each, plus some of the gourmet flavors. I like the Tribeca and Kringle's Curse the best so far. The liquids last so long that I have yet to try the others in this pack. I'm excited to use up the current bottle so I can sample the next!

  38. Very Impressive review by Brent

    Halo Juice is premium flavors and premium vapor. Tried another vendor came back to Halo fast.

  39. a great place to start review by Brian

    Not sure which juice to try? This pack is a great place to start. It gives you a very nice idea of the complexity that all of Halo's juices have. At a guess I would say these are their biggest sellers historically, all of these are just well crafted flavors.

    Some of them are not my favorites, but even still they are a great overview of what Halo strives and accomplishes with all their juice line.

    If it were me... making a suggestion to someone brand new to the Halo line, I would suggest getting this tin and a sample bottle of Voodoo. Then figuring out from there what others to try.

  40. FLAVORFUL review by oatiko

    Awesome variety pack! I recommend this to new customers you won't regret it! I've tried many different brands but Halo juices are more flavorful to me and vapor production is great too!

  41. Variety review by Jesse

    Wanted to test a variety of the e-liquids that Halo offers. Good place to start and try a piece from each selection. Really enjoyed the Sub-Zero and Malibu flavors.

  42. 6 of Halo’s most popular juices. review by LVE

    Sample packs are a great way to try different juices, when you don’t know what you might like. Halo’s samplers offer 6 flavors for much cheaper than if you would buy each juice separately. The Menthol sample pack has Halo’s 4 menthol flavors plus 2 from the gourmet category. The Gourmet sampler has all 6 of Halo’s gourmet flavors. And the Tobacco sampler includes Halo’s pick of 6 (presuming their most popular) of their 12 tobacco flavors. I personally disagree with Halo’s choices here – and I think that Freedom and Captain would have been much better choices for ‘tobacco’ over Midnight orTribeca – but it’s Halo’s picks. Now the Variety sampler is again Halo’s pick of 6 of their 22 flavors – 3 from their Gourmet, 1 from their Menthol and 2 from Tobacco (although they include Tribeca, which I don’t consider a good representative of their tobacco juices). It would be really nice if Halo would use this ‘Variety’ sampler as a way for the user to pick the 6 flavors that they would like to try (based on their own personal tastes or from reviews, etc). Or Halo could call this one ‘Halo’s Picks’ (of their most popular), and add a 5th Sampler Pack called ‘My Picks’ (or something like that). That way you could either go with Halo’s most popular, or choose the 6 specific favors that you want to try. Love the tin.

  43. Good Choice for the Undecided review by Benedict

    Not sure which Menthol Flavor I wanted so this was a great option for me. The little tin it was packaged in was great too. I find myself liking the Kringles Curse and Sub-Zero. I have no clue why the HX3 was in the pack. It seems totally out of place maybe Shamrock would be a better choice in this sampler.

  44. Halo e-Juice Rocks review by Jason

    I'm new to vaping, but I've tried a few different brands here and there, so far from what a friend gave me to try this was the BEST juice I've had yet. Can't wait to try them all.

  45. This sample pack's worth it review by Sherm

    I didn't think I'd be getting as much value as I did when I ordered my initial variety sample pack from Halo. I got it in my first order from them along with my G6 batteries kit. It turned out to be a very beneficial purchase because it quickly helped me find out out what I liked, & what I didn't like as much. Not what I didn't like, only what I didnt like as much as some of the other liquids. Because along with this pack I still haven't had a an eliquid from Halo that I haven't enjoyed. It also helped me find a few of my new favorites, like their tobaccos. Some companies call their juices tobacco flavored but they only taste like fruit or other flavors, the ones you get from this company have that genuine, satisfying tobacco taste.

    So anyway, Malibu's also excellent, fruity and mellow but not too strong tasting. Sub Zero and Kringles Curse are very pronounced, very minty flavors..All enjoyable at some time or another throughout the day n nights. You really can't go wrong with any of them, and you'll probably quickly find a few new favorites, like I did.

  46. intro to vaping review by Daivid

    I purchased the variety pack as my first e liquid along with the Triton starter kit. Of all the flavors I prefer Tribeca with its lingering sweetness. I enjoyed this flavor and Turkish along with sub zero. Kringle's curse is good but couldn't vape it all day. Finally Belgian cocoa went into the trash because it was awful. I have since ordered more Tribeca, menthol variety pack and voodoo. Can't wait to try them.

  47. nice review by amy

    I bought this for my for my brother's upcoming birthday. But I tried a couple drops of Tribeca. The only tobacco juice I've tried is Malibu & I like it. But Tribeca. OMG it's good.

  48. Best e-liquid sample pack review by Don

    if you are going to buy a sample pack I would definitely recommend picking this one up. The Turkish Tobacco and Tribeca e-liquids are enough to see if you really like a tobacco flavor. These flavors also go great with belgian cocoa for mixing. The belgian cocoa is not that amazing by itself but when mixed with the tobacco flavors it really creates a great taste. Subzero is in my opinion the best menthol flavor and you will get a great taste of what menthol e-liquid is like from vaping this. Subzero also goes great with malibu liquid for mixing. Kringle's Curse is by far my favorite e-liquid that halo makes. If you are going to order some liquid you always need to pick up some Kringle's Curse with your order. A real great mix of liquids from all sides of flavors. You will not be disappointed with this mix of liquids.

  49. Try it before you buy a bottle review by Darkpontiff

    Halo's Variety sample packs allow you to test each of their many flavors before you commit to a full bottle of a liquid that may not be for you. There is just enough in each bottle to for you to fully enjoy each flavor and decide on the right one for you.

  50. Great sample pack review by daniel

    All the flavors are good in this sample pack and a better variety than the tobacco and menthol packs.

  51. Outstanding Flavors! review by Chip

    I am new to vaping, and was unsure about all these different flavor choices, so I decided to go with the variety pack. I was impressed by each and every one of the e-liquid flavors, to the point where I can't even pick a favorite. My favorite changes from day to day, because they are all really that good. This pack truly has something for everybody. For tobacco lovers, the Turkish Tobacco is a very realistic tobacco flavor. It is not overpowering, but has just the right amount of kick to it. For menthol lovers, you'll be hard-pressed to find a stronger menthol kick than SubZero. And for gourmet lovers, Kringles Curse will satisfy your taste buds with a delicious peppermint flavor worthy of vaping all day. For those of you new to vaping, this variety pack is a great place to start! And for this price, you really can't go wrong. Enjoy!

  52. Another good value from Halo review by Alex

    I liked 4 of the 6 flavors a lot, with Kringle's Curse being the best. Each had a distinct flavor that produced a good amount of vapor. Sub Zero is strong and is great for adding a menthol note to any of the other flavors. The two that I was not fond of were Tribeca and Malibu, but those are some of Halo's top sellers. I'll steep them and will try again! You save a bunch with this combo, cant turn it down!

  53. Nice Variety review by Herbert

    My father bought the variety pack for me. I have all the flavors from other variety packs I have purchased. There is a nice selection of 7ml bottles of various flavors at 12mg of nicotine. As usual the presentation is beautiful. Good job as usual Halo!

  54. Great selection in this pack review by john

    Didn't know what I would like so I bought this sample pack and they are all really good especially the Malibu.

  55. The BEST review by DJB

    Whether you think you like Menthol only or Tobacco e-liquids
    THIS is the way to get your taste-buds into what HALO offers !
    Did I say economical!? YES ! Why go for a 30ml until you KNOW what you like :) !
    Great variety and reusable tin to keep my juices in! (Work nicely to fill tanks also).
    This is just simply awesome to find your ADV or what you need in your rotation!
    Well worth it! ( I got the Menthol one also )
    HALO just knows product and purity !
    Thank You HALO!
    Happy Vaping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. My first buy! review by James

    I really enjoyed this selection with my wife. I got to try all the blockbusters in one go and oh my god glad I did. Malibu Kringle and TriBeCa are me and my wife's favs. I highly recommend this to find your taste. These guys really mix good stuff! All quality!

  57. Perfect starter review by carrie

    I'm so happy they have a variety pack! I had no idea what flavor I would like and this really helped me decide. : )

  58. Great Product!! review by Austen

    Got it last week had a chance to try all the flavors, and they all taste great!

  59. Impressed review by ER

    All flavors I would recommend except for the Turkish. I chose the 24mg/ml strength. Two thumbs up for Halo, I'm a happy customer.

  60. great variety review by Landyn

    Every different category of flavors is here. I don't usually vape tobacco e-liquids or at least until now Tribeca is delicious and Kringles curse is very refreshing. Since it comes with 6 different kinds its cool to mix and they last a very good amount of time.

  61. Variety is always good! review by Michael

    The Variety E-liquid Sample Pack includes an assortment of some of Halo's top Gourmet, Tobacco, and menthol vapes. It gives you tastes from all of their product categories and is simply an excellent way to find your favorite flavor at a totally reasonable price. Definitely recommend this sample pack!

  62. Variety packs are great, but this could use a little tweaking review by M

    I got this as one of my first Halo orders... and while I adore sample packs and am glad Halo offers them, I think this one could be tweaked. I'm on the fence about Turkish Tobacco. You already have Tribeca which is hugely popular, and so including a milder/lighter version seems... like something for a Tobacco pack. Why not something stronger and harsher, to give a feel of the range? But it isn't bad and I can see why it could make sense. However, I really don't think Kringle's Curse should be in it, and would instead sub something like CoolMist to offset Subzero?

  63. Awesome sample pack review by Milo G

    Being that I'm new at this ejuice, I wasn't sure on what favors I should buy and wanted something to sample before I commit to a whole bottle. This pack gave me a great assortment of flavors to try. If you're are new at this you can't go wrong buying this pack.

  64. Tasty review by Kelly

    This is my first e cig purchase so I decided to try out the sample packs. The only flavor I didn't like much was the Malibu, but that's mainly due to personal tastes. I'm sure others will love it. All the others flavors were amazing. My favorites out of this pack are SubZero, Kringle's Curse, and Tribeca. The Belgian Cocoa is also an excellent dessert flavor if you're in the mood for a chocolatey taste. The SubZero flavor has an icy hit and Kringle's Curse tastes like peppermint. It's packaged just like it's shown in the photo and holds everything really well. If you are new to e cigs and unsure of what flavors you may like, then this sample pack is a great starting point.

  65. LOVE the sampler pack! review by Sensi

    I ordered the variety pack to see what flavors I might like as I am new to this! So happy I did! I have found flavors that I like, and flavors that I LOVE! My favorite right now is a 2/3 to1/3 blend of Kringle's Curse and Belgian Cocoa! The Tribeca is hands down my favorite all around vape, but I love switching it up for different flavors. I recommend buying an extra tank so that you can switch out flavors easily when the mood strikes!

  66. Fantastic review by Gunnar

    Using the tin to hold all 7 of my Halo flavors now, the tin was a great touch. So far I've tried the Cafe Mocha and Kringle's Curse and enjoyed both very much, the flavors are distinct and you can really tell what they are supposed to taste like. I wish Kringle's was around throughout the year because it's become my favorite. All Halo juice blows massive clouds, and tastes great. highly recommend this to grow your library.

  67. Most were good... review by Shannon

    I liked most of the flavors in this pack. It was a good way to try Halo for the first time, since I've heard such good things about them. I wish there was a customizable sampler, as tastes can be subjective and I knew from looking at all the different samplers that they all contained at least 2 flavors I wouldn't like. For a beginner, this is a great option though.

  68. Best option for newbies. review by Ryan

    I am glad I decided to get this variety pack instead of a specific flavor pack. With this I am able to experience all the flavors and decide what I like the most with the cheapest price tag. I like the variety and the pack comes in a very sleek tin. I am very impressed with all the products from this website and the packaging they all come in. This companies motto should be "Nothing short of Perfection".

  69. Variety Sample Pack review by andrew

    Great sample pack for those who have not tried a variety of e liquids and want some tobacco/menthol/gourmet to try out. There are 6 7ml bottles that can last a couple of days to a week (depending on vaping) per 7ml bottles. It comes in a small round tin can nestled in foam which is secure while it ships.

  70. Customizing this pack should be made possible. review by Naseeruddin

    A good sample pack, but I just wish halo puts two flavors from each of the three categories. Ideal would be Tribeca and torque56 from the tobacco flavors, mystic and subzero from the menthol flavors, and finally retain the kringle's curse and belgian cocoa from the gourmet flavors. I guess I'm asking for too much, but if such a pack is available, I would keep buying it again and again.

  71. Great starter pack, especially if you have a "Marlboro" hubby and a "Lady Menthol" wife review by Glory

    As the summary suggests, I picked this as the best compromise for a married couple just starting out here. I was a bit nervous at picking the 24 nicotine strength and just hoped it wouldn't make me dreadfully ill. (it didn't, incidentally)

    The package is very nice, as others have mentioned. Great packaging, and I appreciate the fact this will work out well for storing vials of eliquid in the future. Organized and cat-proof (yea, I have a weird cat who stalks cigarettes). Perfect!

    As expected, the tobacco flavors were too strong for my tastes, but my husband has been enjoying both and I liked both the menthol flavors, which pretty much left him cold. Surprisingly, we both loved Kringle"s Curse, and both disliked the Belgium Cocoa. However, my adult daughter just HAD to try the Cocoa and declared it absolutely delicious. Not surprisingly, she is the big chocolate fan of anything in this household. So, it really is all a matter of what rings your bell...or your taste buds.

    I especially recommend this to couples with different tastes. It was great fun to experiment without having the "I just spent too much money on something I absolutely hated!" reaction. Great way to start some serious vaping.

  72. Great Choices review by Nick

    This is an excellent way of sampling all the flavors and figuring out which one is best for you. The least likely flavor that I thought I would like was Sub Zero although it has easily turned into my go to vape. The flavors are all stunning in taste and create luscious clouds of vapor. Look into this one if you're starting out or even want to mix things up.

  73. Great for beginners review by Matt

    I really enjoyed 5 out of 6 of these liquids. I wasn't very partial to Turkish Tobacco, but I can see that pipe smokers would probably enjoy this juice. The rest of them I really enjoyed. Vape on!

  74. Variety Sample Pack review by Chris

    WOW I got the big battery's they last for 3 to 4 days. Built like a tank really smooth great pulling I love it.

  75. Variety for sure! review by Anthony

    I ordered this sampler in conjunction with another of the samplers. I have consistently enjoyed the Halo liquids for their full flavors and will and have continued to purchase them. Steeping will make them better BTW.

    I rate this 4 stars for only one reason...not being able to pick your variety. I purchased 2 samplers initially and there were some overlap in the flavors. I think this particular sampler, the "Variety" sampler would be exponentially better if you could pick the variety yourself. Especially since there will be overlap if you decide to get multiple samplers.

    Oh and the tin that the samplers come in make a great holder for your Triton batteries and spare tanks!!!

  76. Nice sample pack review by Brittany

    I really like the sample pack. It has many varied flavors to try.
    I only wish I would've picked a higher nicotine content. I was not sure which strength to try and went with a low strength.
    I wished I would've picked medium or high. But the flavors are great. I think I may order Tribeca in the future.

  77. Fantastic Sample Pack review by Steve

    This is a great selection of juices. It really gives you a taste of Halo's best juices. The Malibu is quit interesting and the Sub Zero is so amazing. Actually all six flavors I enjoyed. It is a Sample Pack that is something everyone should try as they explore Halo's ejuice selection.

  78. Overall a Great Introduction to Vaping with Halo Triton review by Daniel

    I ordered this Variety Sampler (12mg) along with my Halo Triton Starter Kit. I had not tried vaping before ordering this. I did some research online, and I felt really good about Halo and their products.

    This sampler is a great introduction into what Halo and vaping is all about. Like another reviewer stated, I wish a "pick your own" sample pack was available, but this sampler is a decent selection. I also would have liked if a more straight-up tobacco flavor had been included.

    The flavors included are Tribeca, Kringle's Curse, Sub Zero, Belgian Cocoa, Malibu, and Turkish. Although Tribeca is their most popular juice and seems like a solid product, I did not enjoy it personally. Sub Zero is very chilly but awesome when you want that sensation. Haven't tried Kringle's yet. Belgian Cocoa has been very nice - tastes like actual cocoa and not just chocolate. I am not big on pina colada flavor, but surprisingly I really enjoy Malibu with its touch of menthol and creaminess. I had expected Turkish to remind me of a certain "dromedary brand", but what I got instead was like smoking a clove cigarette. I was very satisfied with the amount of vapor smoke I was able to exhale from each juice.

    Overall, this was a solid sampler to have fun getting to know my Halo Triton. I was especially pleased with the packaging. A circular metal tin sporting the Halo logo, with all six juice bottles neatly arranged in a circle of foam material. The bottles have very clean and easy-to-read labels. The packaging felt like a company who cares about their product.

    I definitely recommend this or another sample pack to get to know your Halo e-cig. I look forward to trying all the juices and settling on my favorites. If you are reading this, don't hesitate to try Halo and their products!

  79. Choose this pack! review by Mike

    If you are new to halo and are trying to decide on a starter pack I strongly suggest getting this one. I have tried most of halo's amazing E-Juice and this one comes with many of the best and diverse flavors. You will love this pack! 5 stars!

  80. Awesom starter pack ! review by charles

    Good variety of flavors packed into these neat little tins. The bottles themselves are packaged and printed clearly and professionally . The bottles are also not too big but just big enough to give you a good feel for the flavors . Speaking of flavor . This company might not have the multitude of flavors as some other companies do but you can be assured that which ever flavor you choose you will be pleasantly surprised . They seem to take great care with which flavors they choose to sell. You won't get any duds here! While I'm not a fan of menthol flavors the ones that came with this pack were quite tasty. The gourmet flavors were rich and flavorful, very nice! They nail the tobacco flavors right on! After this sampler pack I will be purchasing more! Thanks Halo! Keep up the good work!

  81. Bold Clean Flavors review by roadshow

    The Variety Sample Pack is a great bang for the buck. it gave me a chance to try the Halo juices at a discount. "Tribeca" is the star here. It's much like RY4, but has a cleaner flavor. It's smooth, yet still has a decent throat hit. I vape it all day now.

    Another flavor worth mentioning is the "Belgian Cocoa", it is pretty amazing how tasty it is. It has a high quality cocoa flavor. It is very rich, so I vape it in small quantities.

    As for the other flavors, most of them were good, but not my type of vape. The SuZero cleared out my sinuses, I'm not joking it really did. I will save Subzero for when I catch a cold.

    My only suggestion to Halo is that they offer this deal on your own choice of flavors. I would rather have tried different choices than some of the juices that came with the kit. Hopefully Halo will make this an option some day.

  82. great product++++ review by Ryan

    i just starter using Halo, but I wasn't sure which flavor I wanted so I decided to get the variety sample pack, I really like the tribeca out of all, and my second best is kringle curse.

  83. Bought this tin and have not looked back review by Cam

    This extremely affordable set of liquids was what really hooked me on Halo's stuff. Their G6 starter kit opened me up to their hardware quality, but after finally exploring Halo's exclusive flavors through this variety pack I have come to buy my liquids exclusively from Halo.

    Also, the tin that these bottles come in is BEAUTIFUL. Halo's symbol is attractive, and I'd love to meet their graphic design team. The tin itself contains a form-fit form padding that has a hole for each individual bottle of liquid. I've began using this tin to transport/organize all of my frequently used flavors, it's perfect!

  84. Absolutely Amazing review by Ashleigh

    This was the first and only sample pack I bought from Halo and was quite impressed with the packaging to the flavoring, the whole experience was great. It came with 6 flavors and they sent me my usual free 10ML Southern Classic, gotta love em. So the tobacco stand out by far was tribeca, and malibu and sub zero were better on the other end of the spectrum. Vapor prodcution is A+ rating with immense flavor. Thanks team, keep up the good work all day.

  85. Really good e-juice review by Phillip

    The variety sample pack comes in tin canister. I would say great feature and presentation. Great for any Vapor to grasp their hands on. The inside was clean and neatly displayed. I actually had fun fiddling the inside of said canister, smelling each sample bottle Halo has to offer.

    I'm not a tobacco Vapor, but have had traditional cigs in the past. Tribeca was a good e-juice. Produced lots of Vapor out of all sample I think. Not a big fan of tobacco but it was good e-juice. The remainder of sample bottle are unique in it own way.


  86. Great introduction to Halo Flavors! review by Nick

    I ordered this sampler pack along with my G6 Starter Kit and was very happy with the purchase. As for the individual flavors, each has its ups and downs. For me, the Belgian cocoa was too sweet and did not offer enough of a throat hit for my liking, but tasted exactly as expected (imagine inhaling the flavor of Nestle Quik). Malibu was also very sweet and tasted like banana runts candy with a hint of menthol and was also lacking in throat hit. Sub zero had a huge menthol taste and throat hit and would be good for anyone looking to imitate a menthol cig.

    Now on to my favorites. Kringle's curse tasted like a mint chocolate cookie and was not too sweet and not too menthol-y. Turkish was next as it offered a dry sweet tobacco taste and a nice throat hit. The best out of the bunch was Tribeca, which many rave about. I have tried other RY4 liquids before and Tribeca is by far the best. The flavor is mellow with a smooth throat hit and the vanilla flavors are not overpowering at all, which many other brands tend to screw up.

    All in all I was happy with the variety offered in this sampler and it will give you a good introduction to the different flavors that halo offers.

  87. Good variety for a new vapor review by Wil

    This was purchased with the starter kit I got for my husband. He's a menthol kind of guy and the sub-zero was way too minty for him. But after mixing it with a few of the other flavors, it was tolerable. Surprisingly, he really liked Tribeca by itself. Belgian Cocoa was a little overpowering. Even just a drop into a mixture, it had a really strong presence. He does love that it's chocolate though. All the other flavors in the tin can didn't stand out much. It was good to mix with each other though. So far he's about finished with the tin can. It lasted him about two weeks and I have already ordered all the other samplers. Hopefully he finds a few that he really likes so we can start ordering them by the bigger bottle. Overall, it's a really good pack for people who are looking for a flavor they like.

  88. Nice option for the beginner or variety user review by Daniel

    I purchased this with my starter kit. I like both tobacco flavors and menthol so I went with this pack. The price is a good value for the amount of mL you get! 42mL for 5 bucks more than a big jar is great. It offers the chance to try and see what you like before you order a big boy 30mL bottle. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish you could pick what 6 samples you want. It's not a big deal since they give you a great mix. Also, they probably want you to try other flavors by single purchase. Someone like me who likes everything would always order the variety pack and pick different choices each time. I understand this makes me buy other flavors the variety kit doesn't offer..they need to make money! So, overall great option for the curious person.

  89. mix and match review by New 2 Vaping

    Tribeca is a sweet tobacco with carmel undertones; Turkish is a dry tobacco, not at all sweet, with a clove exhale; SubZero is a breath-freshening, sinus-clearing mint; Malibu is sweet and tropical with a definite pineapple taste; Kringle's Curse is a candy cane; and Belgian Cocoa is like unsweetened cocoa powder.

    Experience each on its own first. These are all strongly-flavored fluids, and each is very different from the others. Then consider mixing some great combinations. Adding a bit Kringle's Curse to Belgian Cocoa makes a great mint hot chocolate. SubZero with a bit of Turkish is a powerful clove-mint combination with very little sweet. A bit of SubZero in Malibu makes for an icy Pina Colada. Kringle's Curse with SubZero will smack you awake! Really great set of samples in this tin!

  90. GREAT!!! review by Jerod

    Ordered this with my starter kit and it has given me an opportunity to try several different flavors!!!! So far everything is great!!!

  91. Perfect sampler to begin vaping career review by Wayne

    I purchased this sample pack to begin my vaping career and I am happy to have done so. I tried all the flavors almost immediately. Some of them were great right out of the box, Tiki and Malibu, some of them definitely grew on me after steeping for a while, Turkish and Tribeca. And I found that I prefer Belgian Cocoa and Kringle's curse mixed more than I like them separately.

    I ordered the 18mg juices and I really think that adds that required strong throat kick to the tobacco flavors but I found it to be too strong for some of the sweeter flavors. I have since ordered a 30ml bottle of 12mg Tiki juice and that has become my all day vape. However I regularly go back to Tribeca because it's just so delicious.

    Having used both the mini tanks and cartomizers on my G6 I will say that you would be doing yourself a disservice by not trying these flavors in a mini tank. The flavors are more complex than the carto gives them credit for. This sample pack gave me a pretty good variety of what Halo has to offer to be able to confidently make future purchases.

  92. Wow again! review by Bradley

    I'm more of a tobacco man, but I wanted to sample some of Halo's juice. The tin it comes in is very cool and durable, which is a plus for me. I work offshore on rigs so I do a lot of traveling. I like to know I can throw my bag in the helicopter and my juice will be ok and not get all over my clothes. The flavor's are awesome too! Each flavor is very distinct and tasty so far. I like the Malibu the most out of it. It is kinda menthol kinda coconut, but with some tobacco. Also mixing the flavors in the cartomizer is kinda fun to do, you may come up with your own favorite flavor. Good flavors and durable packaging. Good job Halo!

  93. Love it! review by Stephen

    I bought this and got a free 10ml bottle of VooDoo, which I will be buying a big bottle of soon. Not sure why I got the VooDoo or if you will if you order. The rest of the flavors are great too. I personally don't like the menthol types, but the rest are great. I am pretty new to vaping and found sample packs a great way to explore new flavors. IMHO the VooDoo was the best.

  94. Great deal! review by AE/JULIO

    Awesome way for one to try different flavors! And the price is very fair for what you're getting. Tried Subzero and I loved it! Big menthol fan. Totally recommend this site and definitely this variety pack deal.

  95. Great way to find your favorite review by Jansen

    I ordered this in 12mg nic, when I ordered my Triton tank system, simply because I had never tried Halo juices and didn't know exactly which one I would like simply due to the fact that I have a pretty eclectic taste, so I thought that the variety pack would steer me in the right direction.

    The first juice I tried was Turkish tobacco because I tend to like tobacco flavored vapes better. This juice is slightly sweet and mild, definitely tobacco. You get the sweetness on the inhale and a milder tobacco flavor that is really nice on the exhale. This juice definitely gets better with steeping and is quickly becoming my go to juice.

    Tribeca is also distinctly tobacco, and great, not quite as sweet as the Turkish tobacco but still overall great, I can definitely see why this is a top seller for Halo because it's simply great. I'm having a hard time deciding whether to order more Turkish or Tribeca as an all day vape, they're both just so great.

    Subzero is extreme menthol, if you like menthol this is the vape for you. I like it, but like I said I'm more of a tobacco guy.

    Malibu is like a desert vape to me, sweet and tropical, maybe a hint of menthol but nothing strong. Pineapple and coconut on the inhale and killer sugary goodness on the exhale.

    Kringle's Curse is like a peppermint candy cane, extremely refreshing and great for after dinner. This juice has a great cooling effect, but not as strong as the sub-zero.

    Belgian cocoa reminds me of swiss miss or a tootsie roll candy, also a dessert vape. I did find that if you mix a slight bit of the Kringle's Curse in with this it makes it all the more dessert like and tasty.

    Overall this is a great way to try a variety of Halo's juices. Awesome product.

  96. Nice sampler review by James

    I've ordered this set two times. I enjoy sampling different flavors and this is a good, economical, way of achieving that.

  97. Great buy! review by Charles

    I got this for when I was just starting out and all I can say is that it didn't disappoint! I would re-buy all of them and most likely at some point will re-buy this again!

  98. Must have... review by Michele

    When I purchased my first G6 starter kit - I purchased this variety sample pack. It provides a variety and you get to try several flavors before you purchase the 30 ml bottle. Each one of these are awesome flavors!

  99. Quality liquid and great variety. review by Chad

    This is a great way to sample some different liquids. I actually like all of these, some more than others. I'm glad it has Tribeca which is my favorite out of these and often my everyday vape. Kringle's Curse and Belgian Cocoa are very good but I can't really vape those all day. I also really like Sub-Zero, Turkish Tobacco, and Malibu which I do sometimes take with me to work if I want a break from Tribeca. This is a great variety of Halo's amazing liquids and you can't go wrong ordering this if you haven't tried some of these.

  100. Good product, just most of the flavors are not for me. review by Anthony

    I gave it 5 stars because taste is subjective and Halo makes good products. Other people do like the flavors, but I just did not like most of them. Malibu was the first one I tried and my favorite out of the bunch. I dripped the other flavors, didn't like them, and let my 72yr old father-in-law enjoy them (I got him a Triton starter kit as well).

  101. Good assortment! review by Daniel

    Tribeca and Kringle's Curse stood out from the bunch for me, but I am very pleased at the assortment that was included.

  102. Tasty! review by findinghaven

    I am new to the e-cig scene. But, I refuse to go back after having this. An excellent mix. Love each one of them. Some of them more than others. Though, I would order this again without issue. Would be nice to have a 100% VG option, however that is just a side note. LOVE THIS STUFF!!

  103. I am a very satisfied new customer review by Chris

    I am now a converted Halo customer. Other brand flavors taste fake and artificial like cheap candy. Halo flavors are like comparing chocolate flavored chapstick to actually eatinig a chocolate cake. Its that big of a difference! Halos flavors immediately surprised me with how much dimension they have. For this pack:
    Tribecca-Subtle but deep flavor that I will be getting in orders from now on!
    Belgian chocolate-Not Easter egg or candy bar but quality chocolate
    Malibu-Its not bad if you like that coconut tanning lotion smell.
    Subzero-Gives you a clean mouthwash freshness and perfect on a hot day.
    Kringles Curse-I don't like peppermint but this became my second favorite
    Turkish Tob.-its not bad just hard to place as good or bad, sweet or bland.

  104. Great gift idea... review by Robert

    Great selection to allow you to sample different flavors without having to gamble so much money on flavors that you may or may not like. Comes in a nice storage tin also.

  105. Great starter pack review by Richard

    I am new to ecigs and vaping so I was looking for a flavor I would enjoy (gas station ecigs suck!) I read the descriptions for the different flavors and almost went for the tobacco flavors sample pack. I am so glad I went with the variety pack! To my surprise my favorite flavor is the Malibu then probably the Belgian Cocoa, before trying all the flavors I would have bet that the tobacco flavors were going to be my main choice. This is one of those times I am glad to be wrong. The spectrum of different flavors that come in the variety pack is great for beginners who are looking for something they can enjoy when just starting to get into vaping, you just might surprise yourself!

  106. Great sampler review by Colby

    This is a great way to try lots of flavors before committing to one big bottle of juice. I liked all the flavors, except the sub zero only because Ive never been a fan of menthol. I highly recommend the variety pack.

  107. Great flavors! review by Joel

    I was looking to try a wide variety of flavors...

    Tribeca: My go-to right now. Tobacco flavored with a little sweetness to it.
    Kringles: Awesome minty flavor right out of the bottle.
    Malibu: This was a surprise for me, didn't think I'd like it but it is great!
    Sub-zero: Letting this one mellow a little longer before judging it. Tastes somewhat like a cough drop right now, I've heard letting it "steep" helps.
    Turkish: Pretty good. A little too light for me right now.
    Belgian: Very chocolatey. Tastes like what you'd think dry cocoa powder would be. Very tasty and not too sweet.

Pack TypeVariety Pack
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle ColorClear
Select Bottle Size7ml
Cap ColorWhite
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper ControlN/A
Cap MaterialPET Plastic
Dispenser StyleEye Dropper
Dispenser MaterialPET Plastic