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Tips For Getting Long Life From Your Vape Battery

What to Know

Maximize the life of your vape battery with these simple tips from Halo.

When it comes to battery life, whether it's your smartphone or your vape pen, you probably want it to go on everlastingly. While there is no such thing as an immortal battery, it is possible to ensure its longest possible life.

It's impossible to predict precisely how long any battery will last, though manufacturers will offer ballpark estimations. Standard lithium-ion rechargeable batteries typically last approximately 350 cycles, though there are numerous factors that influence that estimate. These factors include the storage conditions prior to your purchase, in addition to the chance that there could have been an error during the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that will help optimize the performance of your vape battery and extend the life of your vape device.

Make Sure The Battery Is Manufacturer-Recommended

If you are using a vape device with exchangeable batteries, it's critically important that you select the proper battery for your model. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for choosing replacement batteries for your unit – not only will it ensure the best possible performance, but it's also necessary for safe operation.

Don't go bargain-hunting for your replacement battery. While no one wants to pay more than they should for any product, you want your battery to be constructed using the highest quality materials, which not only ensure longer-lasting performance, but also make it less likely that your device will suffer a dangerous malfunction.

It's also important to use the proper battery charger. Every battery will have a particular amperage, and the charger must be compatible. Using a non-compatible charger could result in compromising the performance of the battery and possibly causing a safety hazard.

Don't Drain The Battery Before Recharging

Lithium-ion batteries should not run completely out before recharging – only charging your battery after it has been completely drained will shorten its life significantly. Recharge when the power level falls to approximately 40 percent.

Don't Charge Your Battery Fully

Yes, you read that right – don't charge your battery to the full 100 percent mark. Charging your lithium-ion battery to 100 percent accelerates the battery's aging process and reduces its capacity. Only charge to 95 percent at the highest.

It's also a mistake to charge your battery overnight. It seems like a burden to constantly monitor your battery's charge, but doing so will give your battery a far longer life (this is also true of smartphone batteries). So – never below 40 percent, and never above 95 percent.

Always Store Your Loose Batteries Appropriately

If you have batteries stockpiled, make sure they're stored properly. This means keeping them at the appropriate (cool) temperature away from direct sunlight, and in a plastic container away from other objects. You should also charge your extra batteries to the 95 percent mark before storage to extend their life.

Always Turn Your Vape Device Off When Not In Use

This is the most obvious way to extend your battery life, yet it is still overlooked. Turning the device off when you aren't actively vaping – or overnight – is the best way to preserve your battery.

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Last Updated: February 23, 2021 by Ivette Solorio