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Are You Vaping Safely? What You Should Know About Safe Vaping Practices

What to Know

People who are new to vaping or considering vaping for the first time often have concerns about vaping safety. So, is it safe?

Vaping hardware is like almost any other type of mechanical instrument in that it can be used correctly or incorrectly. If you fail to use the correct safety guidelines when using your vape pen or vape mod, you might have an accident. A lot of the incidents surrounding vape pens and vape mods are largely due to cheap or counterfeit products.

Regardless of whether you're an experienced vaper or if you are attempting it for the first time, the following safety guidelines should be followed whenever you use your device. Here are some of the most critical safety tips surrounding the use, storage, and handling of all vaping equipment. However, while this covers the basics of safe vape device handling practices, it is not a comprehensive list of guidelines and does not cover vape juice safety.

Observe Proper Battery Storage Guidelines

The majority of vape devices function with separate batteries, so many people who vape keep additional batteries on hand in case the battery to their vape pen or mod fails to hold a charge. It is important to recognize that improper battery storage can result and safety hazards. If you store your loose batteries around metal objects, you run the risk of the positive and negative charges connecting, resulting in power discharge. This can cause the battery to ignite. This is Halo devices come with fully integrated batteries: to keep you safe!

Do not ever store loose batteries in a drawer, in your pockets, in your purse, or in your bookbag. Store your batteries in a plastic container, whether it's a silicone sleeve or just a normal plastic baggie.

Do Not Carry Your Vaping Device Loose In Your Bag Or In Your Pockets

Practically everyone who owns a vaping device has put it in a bag at least once in their lives. Nevertheless, it is far from ideal. This is because a vaping device rattling around in a purse or in a bag can be accidentally turned on. This is particularly true with vaping devices that are bulky and have a firing button that protrudes from the device itself rather than being flush. We thought of you again: All Halo devices come with an automatic shut-off. If the battery is depressed accidentally, it shuts off after 10 seconds to prevent any runaway battery firing.

To ensure your vape device is always being transported safely, always make sure that it is being carried in a vessel that keeps it secure. Always make sure that the power is off.

Do Not Let Your Device Overheat

If you notice that your vaping device seems to be getting quite hot, do not use it. Wait until your device has completely cooled off before firing it back up again. If you overheat your device, it can cause significant damage to the battery which might lead to device failure and even major safety hazards.Never leave your vaping device in the sun for long periods of time, particularly on hot days.

Read The Manufacturer'S Instructions Very Carefully

Not every vaping device comes with a comprehensive set of instructions, so when you're shopping for a new unit, make sure that the one you choose has carefully written step by step instructions for care and maintenance, and also troubleshooting. It is very tempting to simply throw away all the materials that your device came with, but it's a good idea to keep your instructions on hand so you can reference them if anything isn't working as it should.

Only Use The Original Manufacturer'S Parts

If you have to replace a component in your device, whether it's a coil or an O-ring, always make sure you use parts that were designed specifically for that device. Always buy your vaping hardware from a reputable dealer, so that you know the product you're using is safe and trustworthy.

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Last Updated: February 19, 2021 by Ivette Solorio