WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Not Enjoying Your Tobacco E-Liquid? 6 Newbie Vape Mistakes to Avoid

What to Know

Thinking of making the jump from smoking to vaping? Here are a few missteps that can ruin your vaping experience.

Transitioning from cigarettes to vaping can be fun and exciting! But if you're new to vaping there is a bit of a learning curve. Here are a few rookie vaping mistakes that can limit your enjoyment and even cost you money.

1. Failing to get the right e-liquid

If you're new to vaping, you'll be tempted to just pick out any e-liquid that seems interesting or cheap. But before you hit the checkout button for that bottle of tobacco vape juice, take a close look at the propylene glycol (PG)/vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio. While it may seem minor, the experience of vaping with a high propylene glycol product is very different from vaping with a high vegetable glycerin product. If you're more focused on getting a nicotine hit, a higher propylene glycol product will be the way to go. If you're using a high-powered vape pen and want to create big, beautiful clouds, a vegetable glycerin product will deliver the sensation you're looking for.

2. Buying the cheapest device

Going for the most budget-friendly option isn't a crime, but very often the super-cheap devices will make the vaping experience more frustrating than pleasant. So, do your research before committing, otherwise you'll end up with a weak, leaking vape pen that delivers scorched vapor.

3. Burning the coil

You can't just use the same coil month after month. Coils eventually burn out, ruining the flavor of your inhale. If you use your vape pen multiple times per day, you should replace your coil often.

4. Leaving your device on

If you don't turn your device off, you'll drain the battery and significantly lower the shelf life of your unit. Moreover, if you carry your device around in your bag when it’s on, you run a significant fire risk. All Halo devices [link to: https://www.halocigs.com/pages/nicotine-hardware ] have anti-runaway technology to prevent this from happening!

5. Inhaling like a smoker

When you smoke cigarettes, you generally take a relatively short and quick drag. This doesn't work with vaping. If you've vaped like a smoker and wondered why the experience was so lackluster, it's because vaping requires a different approach. When you vape, inhale more slowly and deeply to get the full effect.

6. Letting your tank run dry

Make sure you watch the level on your tank -- if it gets too low, you will burn your coil and your pull will taste terrible. Also, if your tank is dry while you're out and you don't have replacement e-liquid, you might be tempted to buy a pack of cigarettes. When you fill your tank or pod, give it a few minutes to allow the liquid to wet the coils and prevent burning.

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