WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Burning Out Quickly? How To Preserve Your Vape Coils

What to Know

Have you noticed that your vape coils don't last as long as they used to? Here are a few reasons why your vape coils have to be replaced more frequently.

Like other vape hardware, coils burn out for a variety of reasons. One reason is the residue that collects on the coils every time you vape is hindering performance. The typical flavoring ingredients that are used in vape juice create this residue when it burns. This is especially true if you typically use highly sweetened vape juice. One of the main flavoring ingredients in sweet vape juices is sucralose. When sucralose burns, it creates a sticky residue that coats the atomizer coils. The more frequently you vape, the thicker the residue becomes. Eventually, the buildup can become so extreme you must replace the coil in order to achieve peak flavor and performance. Halo never uses sucralose in its vape juice. Our liquid is only manufactured from the highest quality ingredients.

In addition to the sucralose issue, there is also the fact that atomizer coils have become increasingly powerful. This is because consumers enjoy thick vape clouds, which can only be achieved with more powerful hardware that generates higher temperatures Combined with sweet e-liquids, this accelerates the production of residue.

Coils also burn out very quickly when the coils are become dry. In order to function properly, coils have to stay moist – when you replace the coil, it is always recommended that you moisten the coil with a drop or two of vape juice. However, over time, at high temperatures, and without proper maintenance, the coil can become dry. This accelerates the burn, changes the flavor, and destroys the coil.

Make sure you study your coil when you replace it so that you learn exactly why it failed. If you notice a black sludge at the top of the coil, then your coil has likely failed because of the built-up of residue. If you look at the top of the coil and it's still clean and white, the wick was probably dry and burned. If you aren't getting the life out of your coils that you expect, here are a few simple steps that can help preserve the integrity of your vape coils.

Stop Using Sweet E-liquids

If residue is behind the coil failure, switch to an unsweetened e-liquid, like Halo. The simple act of switching to unsweetened e-liquid can extend the life of your coils dramatically.

Make Sure Your Tank or Pod is Full

Vaping on a nearly empty tank can cause coils to burn. If, after you've examined your coils, you notice that the cotton wick is burned, it's likely due to it being insufficiently moistened while you vape. Make sure your tank always has sufficient liquid to prevent this from occurring.

Reduce the Wattage of Your Vape

Even a properly moistened coil will burn quickly if the wattage is too high. While lots of people enjoy producing thick clouds and use higher wattage to achieve them, doing so will burn your coils more quickly. The ideal strength of the wattage depends upon how you inhale. If you puff for longer than three seconds, your wattage should be at the low end.

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Last Updated: February 23, 2021 by Ivette Solorio