WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Don't Know How to Inhale Vape? How to Vape E-Cigarette Nicotine Liquid

What to Know

If you're new to vaping, you probably don't know that there is a significant difference between inhaling a traditional cigarette and inhaling e-cigarette nicotine e-liquid. Here's what you should know about how your inhale affects your vaping experience.

Many people find it surprising that the experience of inhaling a standard cigarette is so different from inhaling an e-cigarette. While the majority of entry-level e-cigarettes have been manufactured to resemble traditional cigarettes fairly closely – many even mimic the light produced by the burning cigarette stub – the inhalation technique used for cigarettes cannot be reproduced in e-cigarettes.

Because so many e-cigarettes are carefully designed to resemble standard cigarettes, it does not come as a surprise that people who try vaping for the first time will try to inhale the way that they have inhaled cigarette smoke. This often makes the first experience somewhat frustrating, because you simply will not get a comparable experience unless you adjust your inhale technique.

To ensure you have the optimal experience when using your vaping device, here are a few techniques you should adopt, and a few you should avoid.

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Last Updated: November 23, 2021 by Ivette Solorio