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G6 USB Charger

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Quick Overview

The G6 USB Charger is the standard charger for all G6 hardware. To use it, remove the cartomizer from your battery, screw the battery into the opening and insert the USB plug into any standard USB port. The LED light at the tip of the battery will go out when the charge is complete.

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The G6 USB charger is the standard charger component for all G6 E-cigarette batteries. With an input current of 500 mAh, an output current of 150 mAh and an input voltage of 5, it’s compatible with the complete line of G6 batteries, as well as Halo wall chargers and auto chargers. To use it, remove the cartomizer from your G6 battery, screw the battery into the opening and insert the USB plug into any standard USB port, the Halo Mini Wall Charger or the Halo Mini Car Charger. The LED tip on the G6 Battery will stay lit while charging and go out upon completion. The G6 USB Charger works only in conjunction with G6 batteries. Each G6 USB Charger comes in stylish black imprinted with the G6 logo. This USB adapter is for G6 batteries only. Using this USB adapter on Triton batteries may cause irreversible damage. Please click here if you are looking for the Triton USB adapter.

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  1. Cool, in both sense of the word. review by Virtuous Vaping Viper

    This little thing is cool. The temperature is cool. It did not heat up at all for the whole duration of the charge next to my laptop (MacBook Pro mid-2009, with some modification). The light changed from red to blue between my need to vape, which is great. It is cool that it does not interfere with the other USB devices that I am using (mouse and headphone). So when the battery was charging, I was gaming. Now that it is charged, I am getting back to vaping. Win win win!

  2. Can use anywhere! review by Michele

    This charger can be used just about anywhere a USB port is available. I have had to replace it 3 times in the last few years, but it was normally my fault that the USB charger had quit working. If careful the product will last a quite a long time. I plug mine into USB car chargers, the Halo wall charger, and my laptop.

  3. Great charger review by Justin

    The USB charger charges very quickly. It lights up red when it’s charging, then slowly turns purple when it’s almost done. It turns blue when the battery is fully charged. It’s great because you can charge it on your computer or plug it into the wall charger.

  4. Small and efficient! review by LionBoy360

    Another wonderful thing in this day of high tech everything is this USB charger attachment! It’s easy to use and very efficient! Thank you Halo, I'm pleased as always!

  5. Efficient and Effective review by Victoria

    I haven't had any problems with this charger. I use it with my own USB wall adapters. Good quality and good price.

  6. Works Great! review by Dina

    I love this USB charger! It fits in my personal computer and fits perfectly into my car charger and mini iPad charger. It is small enough to keep in your purse for easy charging while traveling.

  7. Compact G6 USB charger review by ElectronicsPrinter

    I am using the G6 USB chargers for the G6 78mm batteries. The charger connects to the thread of the G6 battery on one end, creating a safe connection. The male USB connector either plugs into a USB port on your computer or any suitable USB power supply. The batteries charge in about an hour using this G6 USB charger. An LED light indicates the cahrge status (red during charging and blue when the charge cycle is complete). Overall, I am very impressed with the technology. Please make sure you keep the charger's and battery contacts clean.

  8. A necessity review by Timothy

    This is a great small size and charges your batteries fast. I like how I can charge them with the wall charger or my laptop.

  9. Quick charge, don't use knock offs review by CJ

    My batteries charge pretty quick and I always use the Halo charger. The knock off ones just damage your e-cigarette battery.

  10. Quality product review by Phil

    The Halo company was my first foray into the e-cigarette and vaping world. I had probably spent 3 solid days researching on the internet deciding on the G6 line. There are a ton of positive opinions on many forums about their products. I am here to say that I have not been disappointed. The G6 USB charger has a very high quality built and design too. I especially like the red to blue LED charger indicator built in. 5 stars all the way!

  11. Nice, review by Peggy

    A nice compact that works and the price is very very reasonable.

  12. good charger review by joseph

    I picked up a G6 USB Charger and an extra one for work. It charges batteries fast when it is used with the wall charger.

  13. Nothing to complain about review by Gavin

    It works great and has a charging indicator on it. It's small, compact, and always charges my battery. It's also a great price.

  14. good usb charger review by Chris

    This is well made and a handy little charger. You could not ask for anything more and it is a must have. I got (2), so after a long day at work, I can recharge all my used batteries quickly, and be ready for the next work day.

  15. A necessity review by Michael

    If you have a G6, you obviously have one of these. They're pretty high quality and have worked in every computer/wall plug I've used. My only gripe is they do take quite a while to charge the batteries, but if you swap batteries each day that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

  16. Buy an extra one of these handy things! review by Richard

    So, I am loving my G6 system and I use it nearly constantly. I decided the one charger that comes with the starter kit will not be enough when I am using multiple batteries, this thing does the trick. Thanks!

  17. Compact review by Cam

    These chargers (which come standard with any starter kit) are awesome. They have Halo's lovely logo on them and fit right in your starter kit case. They're sleek, compact, and have a neat design.

  18. Great Charging Device review by John

    It's a perfect, slim, simple charger, about the size of a usb thumb-drive. It charges the batteries quickly, looks nice and inconspicuous. It would fit in any travel kit and packs nicely in my work bag.

  19. Convenient review by Chelsea

    I can use this to charge my battery in my computer tower at work. Awesome!!

  20. Very valuable item. review by danny

    The usb charger is a very handy tool. You can charge from your computer or wall plug adapter. I have to rate it 5 stars because I can't be without this little item.

  21. Great Charger, lots of Flexibility review by John

    This is a great charger, and has a ton of flexibility. I use it when plugged into the wall charger, plugged into my car charger, and in my work laptop during the day. It has a led light that starts red when the battery isn’t fully charged, then changes to blue when fully charged. This makes it very easy to use and to know when the battery is all set. I’ve just purchased a replacement one, as I broke my first one (due to dropping it down a flight of stairs, no fault of Halo!)

  22. very happy review by Brittany

    I received one with my starter kit and I was happy to find that it is well constructed and gives me no worries on breaking. All the pieces fit well together and it charges my batteries very well.

  23. All around great products. Awesome customer service, very polite and understanding. review by dan

    USA nuff said

  24. Good stuff! review by Jess

    I used the USB only for bringing my vape along to work with me, or for when I was in my studio where there aren't many outlets.Having the option of charging directly from my computer has proven helpful on a number of occasions! I've never noticed any difference in my G6 when charged fully from the USB vs the wall unit, though I've never used the usb exclusively. When used in conjunction with the wall adapter, the vape itself sits parallel to the wall - which keeps it out of harm's way. However, when using the USB alone, the vape will protrude directly out from the computer - which, depending on how you have things arranged, can be a bit of an annoyance. . .

  25. Does what it needs to do review by Ed

    The screw terminal is solid and the battery stays put once you screw it on. The light on it is hidden when it's not plugged in, but it's visible once it's charging. It starts off red but it switches to blue once it’s done charging, which is nice since it’s a very clear way of alerting you of when it’s done. It’s small, portable, and light so you don’t really have to worry about being able to pack it away if you need to bring it on a trip.

  26. Works great! review by bshawi

    I've had my charger for almost two months and it's still like new! My dad has had his for a few months now and it is still running flawlessly!

  27. Simple review by M

    Its a simple concept that you're not going to find everywhere. I know a lot of other people with different brand e-cigarettes, and their brand just didn't offer this option. Halo is attentive to their consumers' needs, and they anticipated that a USB adapter would be a tiny lifesaver. They were right. This is a clever and useful little product.

  28. Gets the job done review by Chip

    This is the only piece of hardware from Halo that I have had any issues with, but they are fairly minor issues. First of all, it doesn't seem like it fits very snugly into the wall charger. There's a little bit of wiggle room. Also, I've noticed that I can't screw the G6 battery all the way in or it won't charge. I have to slowly screw it in and wait till I find that sweet spot (which admittedly can be hard to find sometimes!) where the light turns reddish. Not a huge deal though. The USB charger gets the job done. Also worth noting: the USB charger seems to charge faster when used in conjunction with the Wall Charger, as opposed to the USB port of a computer. Both ways work well enough though.

  29. VERY GOOD review by Addison

    The usb charger is top quality and works as fast as a usb can to charge your battery in good time and turns blue to let you know when your battery is ready to go. It even charges my extra long battery very fast considering the capacity. I bought an extra to have on charging on the wall and one in my laptop usb port. I always have charged batteries ready to go. Good product for sure.

  30. Nice small and compact usb charger. review by Christopher

    There really isn't much to expect from this charger. It has worked flawlessly for me for the past 5 months. The charger is compact and can be used in a usb port or the wall hub. The battery screws directly into it which is nice since you don't have a battery hanging. Just make sure the outlet you chose has a couple of inches to the left or right for the batter to stick out. Also, the screen printed logo has not shown any signs of fading since I first received it. Good quality device to keep those g6 batteries charged.

  31. Perfect! review by Brandon

    I have two of these. They are reliable and these always charge. What more can I say?

  32. Must have to charge your G6 batteries – and works great review by LVE

    You have to have one of Halo’s G6 - USB Adapters in order to charge your G6 batteries; and it is made exclusively for the G6 battery (either size). It inserts into both the wall and auto chargers, in addition to directly into your computer. That being said – these adapters work great. The G6 battery screws in tightly (although do not over-tighten) and firmly into the adapter, and the adapter plugs into the chargers or computer securely. It doesn’t sag or lose its connection with the weight of the adapter & battery. There is a small light on the front that changes from red to blue when the battery is fully charged. Normally you wouldn’t need this, since the tip of the G6 batteries also indicate whether they are charged or not – but I have one battery which has never lit when charging – so I rely on the light on the adapter. Good quality.

  33. It works review by Gil

    What can I say? The G6 USB Charger is designed to charge your G6 batteries and it does just that. Small and lightweight, roughly the size of a flash drive. I do like the G6 logo on the charger, it stands out very nice. This has nothing to do with the functioning of the device, but I just like that all my gear matches. Its better than looking like a rag tag setup that I pieced together here and there. That's just me. All in all, good charger, I have two. One at home, one at work.

  34. Works great, I have 2 review by Herbert

    This is a great usb charger, I have used it a couple of times plugged directly into my computer as well as with the mini charger. I really like the fact it has a red glowing dot as it charges my G6 batteries. It looks great and is classy like all Halo products.

  35. Have two of these! review by Brandon

    I have two of these. They are reliable and always charge. What more can I say?

  36. Reliable review by Ashkan

    This USB charger is a typical nice looking e-cigarette charger. The Halo logo has been printed on the product and makes you feel much better rather than using the similar price range products with noname chargers. It has a red built in LED light turning on during the charge process with turns to blue when the battery is fully charged (It's recommended to keep charging for about an hour even after the blue light shows up). My experience is if you want to get a better performance, it's better to clean up you USB charger once in a while, so the minor remained oil on that would not cause longer charging time.

  37. Handy and easy review by Laine

    When I researched the kind of equipment I wanted to buy to replace the first equipment I bought to try out vaping, I noticed that the USB chargers weren't always of very good quality. I suppose that the units are a small part of the expense so some manufacturers kind of cheap out on this part. Halo provided a USB charger that feels sturdier and is very well made.
    I really like that I'm able to plug this into any computer that I happen to have with me when I'm working off site and am away from my desktop. When I'm home, I can plug this into the wall unit provided by Halo or can plug it into a different charger for other equipment. Having it literally at hand when I'm working on the desktop is also cool because I can unplug it the moment the charge is fully done.
    It's the little things that count when you're considering quality!

  38. Small and Convenient review by Robert

    This USB charger is very small and versatile. This adapter is very well made and has high quality threads so it or the battery won't easily be stripped or cross-threaded. It conveniently fits into not only the Halo wall charger and car charger but also any usb device on computers and it even fits into my phone chargers so I now I don't have to carry so many different chargers with me while traveling. The charger charges very fast and has lights on it to let you know when the charging is complete. Great product I would definitely recommend.

  39. It does the job review by M

    There's nothing special about the USB charger, though Halo has it as an OK price. If you're using it with a G6, be aware your batteries will charge faster if you're plugging it into an AC adapter instead of straight into a computer... quite a bit faster! Otherwise it's well made and you kind of have to have one.

  40. Love this thing!!! review by Jessica

    This little device is provides a solid charge to my g6 in less than a couple hours and the best feature..hands the indicator light!! So awesome! It shows red when you need a charge and blue when you are ready to vape. Super convenient and user friendly!

  41. A Great Charger review by Edgar

    I really liked this charger because it is very easy to carry around and you don't have to worry about getting cables tangled in your pocket !

  42. G6 Charger review by Michael

    Convenient and easy to use...plug into any usb source whether it be a computer or AC adapter. Charge your e-cig with ease wherever you are!

  43. Versatile little charger review by Preston

    I use this thing everywhere I go. You can't go anywhere these days without finding a usb port near by so you can always have a charger ready if your battery dies. This thing is also so small you can carry it in your pocket or bag comfortably. If you are going to use e-cigs you definitely need to get yourself one of these chargers.

  44. Extremely convenient great charger review by Don

    This charger is part of what makes the g6 ecig so great. With this little charger you can plug in to any computer and if you have a usb cord wall charger for you phone you can just plug it into that too. It is also easy to screw in and very small and light. Only 20 dollars to get set up with the battery and charger. Absolutely excellent quality for the price of the g6. You can bring the charger anywhere with you and get a quick charge in. It does take a couple hours to get it all charged up but if you have two batteries you dont need to buy more than one usb charger. Very convenient and the quality is great.

  45. Brilliant Simplicity review by Brave

    Reliable, effective and eminently portable. What more could you ask from a critical part of your e-cigarette setup? Really can't fault this product in my usage so far.

  46. Great and easy to use review by Dan

    There really isn't much to say about this. It works perfectly! It is so convenient to plug it into your computer. If you are like me, you use liquids all day while working behind your computer. As soon as a battery runs out, you just plug it right in and continue on.

    Really a great thing to have for your kit.

  47. Convenient review by Brett

    This charger is convenient to use on the go. It plugs right into my work computer and is easy to charge the battery. I have a battery utilized for work and it helps to charge the battery so I do not have to constantly transport the batteries to and from work. I would recommend this to other users.

  48. Absolute Must Have For Back Up review by Megan

    I'm ordering more, not because there was a problem, but they are so convenient to have around. I'm keeping one at my desk, one in car, one in my bag. They're small and inexpensive which is perfect...I'm just forgetful.

  49. Great review by Ash

    I love this USB charger. I usually just stick it on my cell phone charger in my car and it charges great. I usually just charge once every other day. I've had for over 6 months and still works great. Halo has great products and we will continue to buy.

  50. Great Charger! review by Keith

    This charger was built very well. I love the logo on it, and I really like how the lights are not massively bright to indicate charged and charging. It came packaged very well like all halo items. Thanks halo for another quality product!

  51. G6 USB review by John

    This USB adapter for the G6 is well built, it has worked flawlessly for me over many months of use, I do plan to buy a back up just in case though or to use if I want to charge 2 batteries at the same time. It works with the G6 wall charger or the Triton wall charger without any problem. Good buy and is very functional without any hanging cords just plug it in. Nice product Halo !

  52. A must have for your G6! review by John F.

    Make sure you at least have a couple of these on hand. I use my original one (that came with the G6 starter pack) at the house, but I love having one of these at my office. Even if your battery isn't fully discharged, you can always just swap out your batteries and have your original one charging up for later.

    Make sure you get a couple of these as it just will make your life simpler and make using your G6 much easier and more enjoyable!

  53. Compact and Portable review by taryn

    I couldn't work my G6 battery without the charger. They go hand and hand life just wouldn't be the same without the G6 products. It's small, compact and discreet. Great for on-the-go as I can charge in almost USB ports (haven't tried every USB port in the world). When my G6 battery is dying this little bad boy zaps it back to life in 30 minutes (estimation). It works great and plugs straight into the wall charger (not included).

  54. Great gadget! review by Brooklynn

    Very portable and discrete. Doesn't take up much room, if any. I don't know how well it'll hold up due to the weight and gravity pressure overtime during charging, but so far, so good! A little pricey for what it is, but well made as with anything else purchased from Halo. A must have for charging my g6! Just unplug and toss it in my bag and go. I just ordered the PCC, hope its better than what some reviewers commented and is as well as this and the wall unit.

  55. Great charger! review by James

    This g6 charger works fantastic! it charges way faster than I thought it would! and I have had it for a few months now. It's holding up just fine, and seems sturdy. I have even dropped it a few times with no issues. I would definitely recommend getting an extra so that you can charge all your batteries instead of just one at a time! Thanks for the great quality Halo!

  56. Another great product review by Chris

    Great little charger. I love the fact that I can charge it just about anywhere. I ordered a couple of these to keep at home, work, and in the truck. I love that the light indicates when it's charged. Just another great product from Halo.

  57. Handy! review by Brian

    Make sure to get an extra charger, works perfect for leaving one @ work and in the car to make sure you stay charged up! Worst thing ever would be a dead battery on your G6 without an extra charger!

  58. It's easy to over look how good these are... review by John

    You know, it's easy to over look how good these little chargers are, but I've got to say that Halo has done it right.

    1. The awesome Halo logo so I never have to guess what this charge is for.
    2. An indicator light showing when it's charging and fully charged.
    3. Well made... no struggling with poorly machined threading.
    4. Affordably priced so you can keep several on hand.

    These chargers reflect one of the main reasons I buy Halo: solid, quality devices.

    Thank you Halo for making my vaping easy and headache free.

  59. Convenient review by Cam

    These chargers are perfect. Small, portable, and work in any USB outlet.

    I love Halo's product quality, as well as their logo!

    Grab yourself a few of these, I like to keep one in my car, one at the office, and one in my room. Cheap enough to have a few!

  60. Only option, but a good one review by William

    This is one of the few options you have to charge your batteries. This plugs into anything that is USB to charge your batteries. Light is red while charging, and turns blue when it is ready. So simple and works great. Only wish there were other options to screw the batteries into. You have plugs, USB connections, 12V lighter outlets, but all have to have this USB charger to hook to the batteries. Perhaps making ones with long cords of already built into the other bases would be a nice option, instead of buying them separate. I have four of these, so I have one by the laptop, in a wall charger, and one in the vehicle and a backup.

  61. Great chargers! I recommend ordering extra(s) if you have multiple batteries. review by Ray

    I ordered 2 extra (for a total of 3 chargers) for my six G6 batteries. I'm glad I did. My spouse & I can charge away without having to take turns waiting for a lone charger. Not only are these little chargers sleek and pretty to look at, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. One note- I find the batteries charge faster with the wall charger as opposed to charging them on a desktop computer or laptop. Either way, they will get the job done. I'm very happy with this purchase & the extra chargers are great to have!

  62. Sleek and reliable review by Michael L

    This USB charger is really sleek-looking (with the G6 logo) and fits perfectly in your bag/pouch etc. It is sturdy, and holds the e-cigarette really well. The best part of this charger is that it fits anywhere - laptop, iphone wall charger, USB portable batteries. I never leave home without it. Although the G6 lasts a long time, on days when I spend many hours in the office, this USB charger is a real life-saver. Get it if you haven't got the kit - or better yet, get a few. One at home, one at the workplace.

  63. Get more! You will need them review by Naseeruddin

    A quality product that works, and that's enough said. I strongly advise you to get at least 1 more along with the starter kit. Ideally, you would want 1 at home, 1 at the office, and 1 on you in case you need to charge your battery in between, like in the car. Price is a steal for the convenience of having more. Trust me, you will need more than 1.

  64. A must have! review by Shannon

    Order extra's - they last a long time and take a beating but are small and can easily be misplaced if you move them around as often as I do! Great product!

  65. Small, easy, and fast review by RottenMilk

    This is a really smart way of making a charger! It's just so easy to use, I just use my computers USB port or if I'm in a hurry just plug it into a socket using my smartphone's charger. In less than 2 hours you have your batteries fully charged! Plus for the small size, since I can carry it with me everywhere!

  66. well built and very portable review by Wheezal

    This charger came in my starter kit and is extremely handy to have. I can slip it into my pocket to charge my G6 from my work computer.

    The build quality is decent and sturdy, without making the charger overly bulky or heavy. The threads are solid and hold a battery in place without any fear of it slipping out.

  67. Great! review by Borja

    Great but don't use it on the regular Triton battery.

  68. Great small and sleek charger! review by CARSON

    Works great on my laptop, so on the go, or just hanging out it provides a great charge on my battery with just a simple screw in. It provides a light signal with a complete charge. I love it!

  69. Small and Powerful review by MOCO

    I loved this G6 USB Charger because it was well thought out. You can connect the battery to it with your eyes closed because of the thread design. I like that it is so compact and has the G6 logo right on the top. I usually connect mine right to my computer at work or at home. I have already ordered a second 1 so I have a charger in both places if needed. Very nice!

  70. Good but review by PAUL AWESOME

    Charger works fine. One thing they don't tell you in the facts though is the contact points on the charger and the batteries to get some gunk on them. What is this gunk? I have no idea. Its just stuff. Make sure your charger light is red while charging or you'll be like me, thinking my e-cig is all charged and I take a puff and get the blinky empty battery light. Then you have to sit there for 2 hours really wanting a cigarette but impatiently waiting for the battery to charge. Otherwise very versatile product. Thanks Halo, anytime you wanna give me free stuff you just go right ahead.

  71. The cornerstone to vaping. Get a backup. review by Travis..

    The USB charger is the center piece to vaping. If this little piece is lost or breaks down, gets stepped on, etc; then everything else is moot. You can have backup batteries, a dozen mini tanks, and plentiful liquid on hand. None of it works if this little piece has a hiccup.

    I ended up buying a second G6 starter kit. I wanted a couple more batteries but also this as well. They have given great service. A quality piece of equipment. I find myself taking one of them to work in case my battery charge was lower than I thought. I also have used both when I return home and have a pair of batteries empty. One in the wall and one on a computer gets me ahead of the game.

    It's $7. A small investment for no delays in vaping enjoyment.

  72. Charger for the Office review by Eduardo

    Bought this excellent charger to leave at the office. Occasionally I tend to manage to kill the battery, so having a charger in the office, allows for constant vaping.

  73. Works as Expected review by Eric

    The G6 USB charger does exactly what it is supposed: it charges your battery. While this may seem like an asinine statement, after trying a few cheaper alternatives, I have found it is not. This gets down to what really separates Halo from some of the other, cheaper options: quality. With Halo, you get a product that actually functions as promised, and the G6 USB charger is certainly no exception to this.

  74. Works great review by Jeff

    A great product! Construction feels sturdy just like everything else Halo makes.

    The G6 batteries fit these perfectly (as expected) and they are easy to use whether plugging them in to the wall charger or a computer. Just screw it on, plug it in and let it charge. Besides the light on the battery itself turning off when charged, the USB charger has an indicator light that changes from red to blue once charging is complete.

    I have two of these now. I keep one in the car and one at home.

  75. Easy Charging! review by Melinda

    I could not be happier with this USB adapter. Screw the battery in, plug it into your computer or wall charger, and you're done! The quality seems great and it fits well inside the starter kit case. I like that it's branded with the G6 logo, not just some random, generic electronic device. I also LOVE that when your battery is charging, the light is orange, and when it's done, it changes to blue. The tip of your battery will glow blue while it's charging and turn off when it's done. So easy and simple to use, love this product!

  76. Good quality charger review by Brad

    Very nice small attractive charger that works great and small enough that it doesn't interfere with plugging other devices into adjacent USB ports. This along with the G6 pcc is all I every use to charge my G6 batteries, as I'm from Australia and the wall socket voltage and plug size differs from the US. I've used it in my PC, Laptop, PS3 and it charges my auto and manual batts perfectly every time.

  77. The Basics review by Jay B

    These little guys are the basis for all charging for your G6 batteries. Whether it's the wall charger, car charger, or straight into your computer ports, you need one of these. I ordered one for each battery and will be ordering an extra just in case.

  78. Works well review by Ahmed

    I bought this as a backup for my wall charger, it takes longer to charge the battery, but it does the job.

  79. Solid and convenient USB charger review by Bryan

    This USB charger is very convenient, and can be used right in a USB charger on your computer, in your car, or with the wall charger. It appears to be solidly built, not too fragile; however, if you are carrying around your device while the charger is plugged in, you risk running into things and snapping it.

    I gave 4 instead of 5 stars only because I wish it was a little less wide so I could use two at the same time on my laptop. When this is plugged in I can't use the other USB port (Macbook pro).

  80. comes in handy review by Chris

    This usb comes in handy anywhere there is a usb port car, home and in some cases work. Quality product from Halo as always.

  81. Handy review by FG

    This charger is super handy, small and compact and made of good quality. Easy to keep inside a vaping carrying case. It looks very similar to the Triton charger, but this one has a G6 logo on it to distinguish it from the Triton charger- if you have both the G6 and the Triton, it's crucial to be able to quickly tell the difference between the two, because mixing them up is disastrous. I just simply plug this into my computer and it charges my G6 batteries really fast, in about 1 - 1.5 hours, it's ready with a fresh charge.

  82. Can't have too many review by Brian

    I've got the one that came with my starter kit, then bought another to go with a car charger. You can't have too many! Very solidly built, and durable!

  83. Oops my bad review by Brenda

    The charger its self works really well. Only problem is that it is easily broken. I would suggest when you order your starter kit to order an extra one. If you are like me you like to get the free shipping and want to order other things a long with your starter kit to get the free shipping make that one of them. What I found really great is that when I sent mine back to get a replacement the envelope ripped and my charger was not in it but because I wrote them and told them it was on its way and they got my envelope they are still sending me back a replacement. I know this was the right company to go with.

  84. Cool review by Brad

    This charger is so versatile. USB is everywhere so you will hardly ever be without power. Also it has a light that changes color to let you know when fully charged.. Red to blue, even gradually changes color to let you know it is almost charged. Oh and did i mention Halo has a kick ass logo that makes it look super cool!!

  85. Nice Charger review by Robert Z

    They work good, But don't over tighten you can break it. But I always over tighten things nuts bolts . . .you name it.. and I have only broken one out of 4. I keep one in my car one in my truck one at cabin and one at home. That way I will never forget to bring it. So I am ordering another one to keep at work.
    The one I broke the out side case came apart but still works after snapping it back together. I am going to glue it and keep it in my car, the least used place to charge. I like the led on the battery stays lit while charging and turns off when it is full. I am red green color blind and the element charger used to drive me nuts I could not tell when it was done charging.

  86. Good, but easily broken review by Daniel

    I have gone through 3 G6 USB Chargers since I purchased my e-cig late last year. The charger itself works beautifully, but can break relatively easy if you live an on the go life style as I do. Through constant moving, or things like this their durability does not last. They also tend to get dirty and require a quick clean. Aside from this it is by far the best e-cig charger I have come in contact with!

  87. Great charger, well-built review by Audrey

    The USB charger is handy because you can use it either on any device that uses USB, as well as in conjunction with the wall charger.

    It's well built; the logo's printed right on it and it's not flimsy like generic USB chargers.

    The threading is nice and tight. Batteries screw in effortlessly and with a snug fit.

    This is by far the best USB charger I've used to date. Highly recommend!

  88. Everywhere review by Hereal

    I love this because I can use it everywhere. In this day & time usb is practically everywhere so I find my self able to use this at home, at work, in the car, & whoever else home or car im in.

  89. Nice and Compact. review by Danny

    The design is really nice. LED changes from red to bluish-purple to let you know you battery is ready to cook your juices again. Threading is machined well so when you screw your battery on it fells like it'll last awhile. As a matter of fact every time I screw on the 72mm manual battery the 'g6' logo almost aligns with the LED and 'G6' logo that's on top of the USB charger.

  90. Works great review by Jeffrey

    Really handy to use while working on my computer at home and work.

Quantity Included1
USB Adapter LogoG6
USB Adapter ColorBlack
USB Adapter Length46.6 mm
USB Adapter Width18.9 mm
USB Adapter Height13.0 mm
Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
Input Current500 mA
Output Current150 mA
USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase