WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Tank Replacement Coil

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Includes 5 Coil Assemblies: Our Triton Replacement Coil Assemblies are a cost-effective way to stay vaping. Coil assemblies are easily interchanged in the Triton Tank and available in different resistance levels, allowing you to find the perfect match for your e-liquid. Lower resistance coil assemblies will tend to vape hotter, while higher resistance will vape cooler. Higher resistance coil assemblies are recommended if you are experiencing any burnt taste issues with your e-liquid of choice in the Triton Tanks.

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  1. Halo! What happened?? Poor Quality!! review by Jonnell

    I've been using Triton for 4 years. One of the best things about this Vape pen has always been quality and longevity. Something has changed - a new manufacturer? Coils are only lasting a day or two if I'm lucky. They keep burning up and leaving full tanks of liquid taste like burnt rope! Now, not only am I buying A LOT of coils, but e-liquid as well. Halo has always meant QUALITY products and fantastic customer service - but now you're failing in quality control, badly. PLEASE go back to the old quality product before you lose lots of long time loyal customers!

  2. Quality has gone down - coils are horrible now review by Goose

    I completely agree with the other reviewers that these coils used to be great, but as of the last year these coils ARE HORRIBLE. They last one day MAX and burn my liquids sometimes on the first puff. At first I thought it was my juice making them burn, then I replaced my batteries and tanks, and it turns out (only after reading these reviews) that it's not user error, it is a faulty product. These coils are some of the most expensive on the market, and TBH I would pay decent money if they worked, but this is just wrong. Again, as the other reviewers have stated, I think I have to find a new company and buy a totally different device. Shame, because really love my Triton, but it's just turned into crap lately.

  3. Quality has diminished review by Lara

    I have used and loved the Triton tanks and replacement coils for years now. Sadly, something has changed with the coils, where they only last a day, if that! I do vape a darker liquid, but I’ve never had a coil have the burning taste before three days. I purchased two orders of coils and tanks in the last couple months thinking maybe I had a bad batch, but no, all have needed replacing within a day. I even purchased two new batteries thinking maybe that was the issue. I’m disappointed as I LOVE Halo products, but may have to start looking for a replacement. :(

  4. Triton coils-----terrible review by Albert

    I have been using Triton coils for quite a while, but the coils quality has deteriorated. I have totally defective coils that do not work at all. I have 4 batteries and the coils did not work. Halo batteries and liquids are great. The coils used to be good, but there was a change in the wick fabric. The ones that do work burn out quickly. I received coils that did not even have heating wires in them. I was willing to mail them back, but Halo said that they cannot receive cols back and because of that, there goes quality control. Of course, they are made in China. Seriously considering changing to new hardware through another provider.

  5. Don't last as they did before review by Lorraine

    I've been a Halo customer for a few years now and lately, these coils (gone through 3 packs) have only lasted 1 day each. I have had to go back to my G6 because I can't afford to keep buying coils that don't last. I have 6 tanks, three that were brand new, so it's not the tanks ...it's the coils. Halo needs to perform quality assurance inspections on products from time to time.

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