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Tank Replacement Coil

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Includes 5 Coil Assemblies: Our Triton Replacement Coil Assemblies are a cost-effective way to stay vaping. Coil assemblies are easily interchanged in the Triton Tank and available in different resistance levels, allowing you to find the perfect match for your e-liquid. Lower resistance coil assemblies will tend to vape hotter, while higher resistance will vape cooler. Higher resistance coil assemblies are recommended if you are experiencing any burnt taste issues with your e-liquid of choice in the Triton Tanks.

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  1. Cool review by Teodore

    I just got the replacement coils for the Triton single I ordered and they were packaged very nice. They worked perfectly. Coils are the driving force of my entire setup and are a must for any vaper. Well done Halo!

  2. Replacement Coils review by Jennifer

    The Tank Replacement Coils are always dependable and I always have backups handy. Plus, it only took 2 days for them to be delivered!

  3. One of Halo's best features review by Christopher

    The easily replaceable coils are one of the best features of the Triton system. Every time I change the coil, I'm surprised by just how much better a fresh coil vapes. It's like getting a new tank - but only a lot cheaper. The coils seem to last for about a month or so of moderate to heavy usage before they start to lose their potency, though the majority of them will gradually get weaker rather than just failing, so you don't get left high and dry without a working tank.

  4. Good Coils review by Sara

    These coils are excellent when paired with the right e-liquid, and can last weeks with high quality e-liquids. Just beware, with low quality e-liquids, they can burnout in a day or two.

  5. These coils are the best!!! review by Jenni

    These coils are the best! The flavor of the e-liquid has such a clean crisp taste.

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