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Triton USB Charger

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Quick Overview

The Triton Tank System USB Adapter is the universal component to assist in charging your Triton Electronic Cigarette Battery.

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The Triton Tank System USB Adapter is the universal component to assist in charging your Triton Electronic Cigarette Battery. It is compatible with the full line of Triton Wall and Auto Chargers. Simply plug the Triton USB Adapter into any USB port (including laptop or desktop computers) to charge. Important: This USB adapter is for Triton batteries only. Using this USB adapter on G6 batteries may cause irreversible damage. Please click here if you are looking for the G6 USB adapter.

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  1. Reasonable quality, but I'll be ordering a 2nd soon review by Suresh

    This USB charger feels fairly solid. Indicator lights are bright enough to view from well across the room. But this is every Triton vapers lifeline. I'll be lost the day this dies on me. So my second order from Halo will include a spare USB charger. Which leaves me hoping, that when the Triton is succeeded in the future, Halo opts to swap the threading for magnetic contacts. Added ease of use, while minimizing wear and tear.

  2. Works great but design is finicky . review by Tyler

    It charges quickly but the problem is when you have it plugged in it can pull the charger out of the wall from the weight of the battery. This should be like a 6 inch cord instead of a solid piece that can fall out of the wall.

  3. Easy to use durable review by Sean

    The Triton USB charger is a great device to keep you vaping all day. I travel a lot with this thing and it takes some abuse—quick charge that lasts all day. I recommend buying two, so you always have a backup—easy to screw in and easy to clean.

  4. Well made USB charger review by Stephanie

    These chargers are great and worth the price. You can plug it into your computer or into the other wall connector you can purchase. I do both and both ways work fine. I would say the USB charger charges the batteries within 15 minutes, and then my light turns blue telling me the battery is charged. I have been using Halo for about 2 years now and I cannot say one bad thing about this company. I had my first charger for over a year and it broke (because I accidently stepped on it), so I had to buy another one. This one came in the mail and it was defected, so I emailed Halo’s customer service and they emailed me back within a day asking me to send a picture. I sent a picture and they emailed me right back telling me to confirm my address and that they were sending me out another USB charger. I was amazed – no fighting, or extended amounts of time or hassle. They just said okay, answered my questions, helped me out, and sent me another one. Every sense then I won’t go anywhere else. It is very difficult to find a company that makes a good product, stands behind their products and will help you when they make a mistake. Everything I have ever bought from Halo has been made of good quality and lasted me for years. I had one battery break after a year and that was it. My other batteries, chargers tanks are all still kicking, two years later! Thanks Halo – your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!!!!

  5. Very good review by Chris

    This USB Charger works just as it should. I am currently using a variable voltage battery with it. The battery simply screws on with a few twists. I usually plug it into the USB port on my laptop. I have also hooked it up to a couple of generic USB adapters and it works just fine—very clear red light when charging, and blue light when finished. Charging my 900mah variable voltage battery has not taken more than 3 hours so far. I would recommend offering a USB charger with a wire for added flexibility. Sometimes I need to prop the battery up so that I am not bending the USB plug. 4 stars just for that one reason.

  6. Sturdy little charger works like a charm review by RR

    Still new to vaping, I realized after a few weeks of using Blu cigalikes that I needed something with longer battery life and fuller flavor. My searches led me to Halo and I went with a Triton setup (battery, tanks, USB charger, e-liquid) and I'm more than pleased. The USB charger is just fine for my needs. It's sturdy, well-constructed, and easy to use and read. Charging the 650mah battery on my laptop from dead to full in just 90 minutes is great to me. Also love the small size and portability for on the go needs.

  7. All day strong review by Charles

    While I vape, my second battery stays charging in my desktop with this charger. There is always a battery in the charger being charged, 24 hours a day. The battery charges quickly, then just sits in standby while I use the other battery. It never over charges, and I have been doing this for well over a year continuously. I always have a charged battery ready to go. Solid charger!

  8. High Quality Charger review by Big MIKE

    I am impressed with the quality of this charger. The plastics are high quality and should last forever. The battery screws in and makes a solid connection. The red LED is also great in that it confirms the charge and it isn't too bright when charging overnight. The best part is that the USB plug is small and portable. This allows you to charge at work, in the car, or at home effortlessly.

  9. Can take abuse and keep going! review by Sean

    My first charger lasted over a year with no issues. It handled hundreds of charges. I would buy two to keep a backup as a spare. Overall highly recommended.

  10. Functions Flawlessly review by Dustin

    I bought this in addition to the Triton tank starter kit so I would have an extra to leave at the office. It works perfectly and even charges when plugged into and external USB plug expander.

  11. Great Product review by JAMES

    All of the Halo products are outstanding. I have tried various other e-cigarettes on the market and Halo out performs hands down. They have obviously put more time and money into their product instead of making something they can sell quickly and into their product instead of making something they can sell quickly and inexpensively.

  12. awesome review by Chris

    This is a perfect little guy! I has not broke on me yet like others have said. It doesn't get much abuse. It stays in my USB port in my car which I like because the battery does not get coffee spilt on it. It just sits there vertically in my center console.

  13. don't screw too hard on it review by nicolas

    My charger fell apart once I screw my battery to hard on it. My son was able to fix it with super glue. I ordered a new battery just in case. However, I a happy with it and it charges fast.

  14. They just keep breaking review by Libertarian

    I think I have gone through at least 4 of these USB chargers in a 6 month period. Eventually, all of them have become unglued and have fallen apart at the seam. I may have tighten them down to hard but I feel like I have been super careful on the last 2 chargers. However, other than that I have no complaints. The chargers do what they are supposed to and the LED light is easy to understand.

  15. Triton USB charger review by Paul

    I bought this charger to use with my Triton batteries. It is much more convenient when I travel around the world than the wall charger. I used the USB adapter and out it into my laptop. This is a great product!

  16. Buy one now. review by anonymoose

    I have purchased three of these chargers in the time I have used the Halo Triton. It wasn't because they broke, it was because I misplaced them. I keep one in my car, one at home, and one stored for backup. I'm sure to never be without one of these handy necessities of the Triton. I recommend buying at least two, once for back up if you misplace the first one. Overall, this is a great product and you must have it. Buy one or two now! Have them around your house and you know you will need it.

  17. Great Improvement review by John

    I bought a USB charger for backup along with two more tanks. I noticed the red and blue lights are now very visible. Wonderful! This is now my main charger unit.

  18. It works....but.... review by Jaclyn

    It works great and is fairly priced. I love Halo products and I just purchased 2 Tritons to give as Christmas presents. I know they will e thrilled! I give these as gifts to those who keep saying "I need to get one of those" when they see you vaping!

  19. Cheap and convenient review by Juan

    This is a very good product and affordable. I just purchased a second one so my three batteries are always charged.

  20. Great charger but charges slower than the wall adapter review by M

    This is a pretty great standard charger. It comes in all the kits so you can plug it into the computer, a powered USB hub, or a standard wall charger. I have definitely felt worse in terms of build quality so you shouldn’t have ay issues.

  21. Seems to last forever review by william

    The USB charger is very versatile and durable. Although, it is not the best way to travel with it. I carry one in my pocket and the other one bounces in my bag. I have done this for several months and while other brands the chargers would have broken. However, the Halo charger is still working extremely well with my laptop. I can charge a dead battery in less than 2 hours. It is very easy to clean if it gets dirty and a fantastic value for the price.

  22. very useful review by Calvin

    This Triton USB Charger is very straight forward. The light turns blue when fully charged. Great product!

  23. buy it you wont be sorry review by joseph

    From the moment I got the Triton usb charger I loved it! It's small, portable, and fits in any usb ports. With that being said, I can take it anywhere with me and it takes up no room. Definitely a good quality product by Halo.

  24. Love it review by Talha

    It is convenient for me to charge both of my batteries at the same time and its also gives me peace knowing that I have a spare.

  25. Looks sleek! review by Jared

    The Triton USB charger looks really sleek with the wall charger. It charges my battery quickly without the high-pitched noise that some of the other charger cables emit.

  26. Good design review by Roger

    I purchased an extra USB charger just in case my original failed and so far have not had to use the extra. The design is flawless and it only takes a couple hours to charge a large battery. You can hear a very light noise when charging. I believe this is the usbs software checking whether the battery is charged yet which is great because nobody wants to overcharge a battery. Thanks Halo for yet another great product.

  27. Genius! review by Kasey

    The Triton usb charger is just the perfect charger. You can connect it to nearly any wall outlet or even into your computer. It is just pure genius!!

  28. Useful & Compact review by Nicolas

    I usually plug this in to the wall charger. However, there was a time I had no outlets and just my friends laptop (it was a road trip and I haven't purchased the car charger yet) and it charged up great. It didn't really seem to drain the laptops battery any faster than if the laptop wasn't charging it!

  29. As described! review by Reanna

    Not too expensive. Charges my 1300mah Triton Battery pretty quickly!

  30. plug it into your laptop on the go or into a wall charger, know if it is charging or charged.by the built in light review by Jason

    From plugging it into your laptop, on the go, or into a wall charger at home it works quick and easy. This is the first kit that didn't require me plugging a bulky box into the wall and have a long cord that got tangled up when taking it with me on the go. I have 2 batteries and always kept it screwed on to the second battery so I don't loose it.It is so small and compact. I had a different e-cig that screwed together like this but the chargers threads kept stripping and not working but this one, I never had to replace it. It is much better quality with a light that tells you if it is charging or fully charged built right into it. Buy one now.

  31. Quality review by Matt

    This is a quality charger compared to some other e-cigarette chargers I have seen. I recommend picking up a few so you have extras for when you are on the run.

  32. Very Nice review by Dion

    This is probably the only USB charger connection I love, it is great quality build, it even has good weight to it for as small as it is, I love the light cause its on the inside not sticking out, so its smooth and and sleek, the logo looks very nice, as well as it does on everything else. And even though the light is on the inside its still bright enough to see from across the room.

  33. Good review by carlos

    I love this best charger ever!

  34. So nice!! review by Ricky

    I am constantly on my laptop, and it is super convenient to hook up this USB adapter and charge my batteries. Also, it is really nice because it is compatible with the wall charger, giving you another charging option.

  35. Needed review by Matthew

    Well...what else can I say other than that it's required to charge your battery? It works, the dim lights are nice and not overly bright. If there are a few batteries charging in the kitchen, it does not look like there is a party going on. Pretty solidly build, no loose connections. Happy with my decision to get an extra...um...yeah, what if the other one breaks. You really think I want to be waiting for the mail so I can charge my Triton...don't think so.

  36. Great charger, no problems to speak of review by GT

    I ordered 2 Triton chargers about 6 months ago, and have been very pleased with their performance. The build quality is good; they feel well-made and there isn't any looseness or play. The LED status indicator is nice: Red=charging, Blue=charged. For the first few days after receiving the charger, I didn't realize it had an indicator LED. It's dimly visible through a thin circle of the plastic below the logo, but I think they intentionally made the LED to be subtle, and I do appreciate that: super-bright LED's can be annoying at night. Overall, this solid one-piece charger is the best e-cig charger I've used yet! It's much better than some of the cheaper brands which have a small cable connector between the battery port and the USB, which I found were prone to shorting. The Triton chargers can be easily changed with one hand, and if you use them in the car's USB port they don't dangle and swing around.

  37. Charges My E cig Really Fast, both on the Wall Charger, Laptop and Car Charger. review by Elik Anoa'i

    The Triton USB Charger is really awesome! I love how the light changes from red to blue, letting me know my battery is fully charged. It also charges the battery really fast on the Wall Charger on my laptop and in my car. Great USB charger. I love it.

  38. Battery Protection review by Stephen

    The batteries are holding up fine after months of use. I use only the charging system provided with the starter kit and everything is working great. Easy to use with batteries that continue to work as if new... life is good.

  39. Great review by Heather

    This product charges my e-cig very fast. I can plug it in for 20 minutes and get a charge for a few hours before I have to fully charge it again.

  40. great accessory! review by LardTritonfans

    We ordered an extra charger as a backup, and the price even with shipping is great! Received in 3 days!!! Love how convenient it is to be able to charge the battery with this piece while working on the computer / laptop. I was afraid it wouldn't charge as fast as with the wall adapter, but it charges in less than an hour. Win-win!

  41. great product review by Trent

    Simple to use and very reliable, like how the light changes colors to let you know when its done charging.

  42. Does what it needs to do review by Ed

    The screw terminal is solid and the battery stays put once you screw it on. The light on it is hidden when it's not plugged in, but it's visible once it's charging. It starts off red but it switches to blue once it’s done charging, which is nice since it’s a very clear way of alerting you of when it’s done. It’s small, portable, and light so you don’t really have to worry about being able to pack it away if you need to bring it on a trip. I would have preferred if it had some kind of indication that it's for the Triton system so it doesn't get mixed up with the G6 charger since they have the same threads.

  43. simplicity at its best. review by Brian

    First off, buy a spare right away. Not only incase your first dies, but also so you can charge 2 batteries at once. I have had mine for 5 months now, and it has never had an issue. I love this option because I always have USB ports handy for charging, far more convenient than having to find a wall outlet.

    I do like how it lights blue when it is done charging.

    p.s. Dont buy one, have 2!!!!

  44. Perfect charger! review by Chris

    I absolutely love this little charger, as you can not only plug it into the Halo Wall Adapter, but you can also plug it into a USB port on your computer if needed. I also like that it has the Halo logo on it, which shows that it's not just some cheap charger.

  45. AWSOME!! review by luis

    Easy to use.

  46. Be very careful with these! review by Allison

    I have had these for about a month in a half maybe 2 months and this is already broken. The problem with that is now I cannot smoke my tritons until I buy another one which I have to have $7 for and I know that is not much but when you only have $3 it is. Especially for the next 2 weeks. So now I have no Triton to smoke for 2 weeks and that makes me very upset! So be very careful with these things when you are pulling them out of the computer or plug. Trust me you do not want for it to break before you have a replacement!

  47. Great Charger review by Bshawi

    I bought this along with the 900 mAh Triton Battery and it charges the battery unbelievably fast, maybe it seems this way because I was using the G6 setup before getting the Triton. I love it though, my battery died on me once and I plugged it in for several minutes and the battery lasted me another hour or so! Awesome product, Halo!

  48. Perfect review by Francois

    There's not a lot to be said really about this charger except that it works, and it works really well. There's no fuss with this. Screw in your Triton battery, plug it into the wall adapter or computer and you're good to go. I've used this with the wall adapters that come with phones and have had no problems. I've even charged my triton plugging this into wall outlets that have usb chargers built in and it works the same. Great product.

  49. Need 2 review by Melinda

    These are so handy I needed two, one for the car and one for home. Maybe in the near future a third for work!

  50. to charge your batteries even when no outlet is accessible review by mike

    The USB charger is perfect for the battery that runs out at the office. Any USB port will charge your batteries in no time. Perfect for the office when no electrical outlets are available.

  51. BE CAREFUL!! review by Shermo

    The charger works great!! the ONLY reason that I gave it a 1 star was because when you're screwing on the triton battery, you have to be careful not to screw it "TOO" tight...or the charger will snap in half -_-!

  52. USB adapter needs beefing up for triton batteries review by Vickie

    The USB. Adapter for Triton batteries needs to be far stronger, or the entire design changed. With continued use, ie, swapping out batteries for continued vaping, the USB adapter begins to loosen and come apart. This is especially true for the larger size battery. For one thing, the horizontal orientation necessary when both wall charger and USB adapter are used in most outlets (USA) causes too much strain on the adapter when the weight of the battery is added. There are far better systems out there which could be adopted by Halo, but alas your warranty requires you use the Halo design.

  53. Fast review by David

    I purchase a new one occasionally to go with a new battery. They get a little build up of gunk over time. A new one seems to charge much faster and is always handy to have an extra around.

  54. Good not great review by Eduardo

    Here is a great advice, buy a few of these, because they do give up, and some will give up quite fast. They do their job, they are efficient, little gizmos that you can take wherever you go these days to have make sure you have your vaporizer working. I just wished they were built to last a little longer.

  55. works well and stands out from others review by Joseph

    The connections on the USB charger are snug, unlike others I have had. I like that the light changes from red to blue when charged, however I have noticed that after it turns blue it still flickers slightly for a little while until left charging a bit longer. This is why I gave 4 stars and not 5. Many of us have acquired quite a collection of USB chargers as we've gone through trying various products on the market, so I appreciate the logo on it so there is minimal chance of grabbing the wrong charger. Charge time is quick, but I'm not sure if that is to be attributed to the charger or the awesome Triton batteries. It does it's job well.

  56. Quality hardware review by Chip

    I have no complaints with the Triton USB Charger. It makes a firm connection in a computer's USB port. The great thing about this, is it's compatible with any halo wall charger. I use the triton USB charger with my G6 wall charger, and it works perfectly. It's nice to save a little money here and there. The Triton battery does seem to charge faster while connected to the wall charger as opposed to a USB port. However, both methods charge the device in a timely fashion.

  57. Works great review by Joan

    Works well with the wall adapter and keeps the battery close to the wall with no cords running here and there that you have to worry about. It is marked so you know it is for the Triton and not the G6 batteries. It also has a light on it to tell you when the battery is charged. It fits snugly into the wall charger and there is no flopping around of the connectors. Seems very well built and has worked well for me since purchasing.

  58. Must Have review by daniel

    Great usb charger recommend that people have two one for your home and another to bring with you where ever you go.

  59. It charges review by Gil

    If you're getting a Triton battery, you're going to need this charger because, like others have said, don't charge G6 batteries on this charger, don't charge Triton batteries on your G6 charger. No problem though, even though the two chargers look alike, Halo has put different logos on the two chargers which makes it easier to prevent mixing them up. The Triton charger will charge my 650mah battery in two hours (sometimes a little less). The indicator light is very clear and makes it easy to see the status of your battery while charging.

  60. Works as advertised. review by Christopher

    I have two of these chargers now, and I have never had any problems. They charge even the massive 1300mAh battery within an hour or two.
    As others have said, do not use the G6 charger with Triton or vice versa. The outputs are different, even though the form is the same.

    I'd love to see a charger with a female micro USB port, so I could charge with the same cord that charges everything else.

  61. Why not? review by Anthony

    Now I can keep it with me just in case.

  62. Very handy, and easy to use... review by Wheezal

    A word of warning, NEVER use a G6 battery on a Triton charger or a Triton battery on a G6 charger. They are not compatible and you could cause damage to the battery.

    This tiny usb charger is handy when you need to pull a little extra time from any handy usb port, and in conjunction with the AC adapter, will work on any standard 115V outlet.

    The light is foolproof, red is charging, blue is full. Easy, inconspicuous, and having an extra is a must have for traveling or home use.

  63. A must review by Sam

    This is a wonderful charger! Very simple to use and fits into ANY USB port, which is great! The battery fits in perfectly and I love the little light that changes from red to blue when the battery is fully charged. Very simple and chic.

  64. No issue here review by BRUNO

    This is as simple as it can be. Just works great, the light indicator is easy to see, you can even tell when the battery is almost charged ´cause it will flash quicker. It looks durable to me, so nothing much really to tell you. Buy a couple, so you can leave one in the car or the office. Cheers from Brazil!!

  65. good to have a back up review by Anthony

    This handy little piece is my second charger. nothing was wrong with the first one mind you, but I believe in having back ups. So now one stays in my house, and the other in my car. I am never with out a way to charge my batteries.

  66. Does the job. Looks good doing it. review by Danny

    I love how compact this usb charger is, takes up very little space... when your battery is charged is lights up blue. I have a 650mah battery that charges in little as 1-2 hours. Most other batteries I've owned takes up to 6 hours! Anyways, I though this charger deserved a review. the Halo logo looks cool on it. Do yourself a favor and buy a spare! These chargers will only work with the Tritons. Yep, I give this a 5 outta 5! Halo rules.

  67. Great Device, Fast charging! review by Keith

    The triton USB charger is outstanding. It charges the battery fast and quick. The red charging and blue when complete is easy to read. It fits snug in any usb port, I've used it in TV's, desktop pc's, laptops, and even my PlayStation. Very good build quality and I'm sure it will last for some time. Thanks Halo!

  68. Great! review by Priscilla

    Yet another great product from Halo! Small and portable and fast, couldn't ask for more in a charger. I really love that the battery screws directly into the usb charger instead of being attached to the charger with a cord like most ego style chargers. Can't ever go wrong with Halo! Wonderful, wonderful company!

  69. great product!!! review by melissa

    This is just another great product from the halo company. This charger is great. I love that I can plug right into my laptop while doing my work to recharge. It is also the perfect size to put it into your pocket or purse and take it with you. Works great and charges fast. When plugged into the wall it takes about two hours to charge. It only takes a little over an hour to charge in my computer with this usb charger. Definitely recommend this charger.

  70. Good quality charger review by Eric

    Another great product with that extra touch of quality that Halo items all seem to have. Great size and perfect thread fit.

  71. Great little usb adapter! review by Gail

    I love this little usb adapter. It's small and sturdy, and fits right in my purse. Plus I like that it has the Halo name on it so I know it is from Halo and not some generic sub standard item from who knows where. Thanks Halo for just making everything so nice and easy!

  72. Charges in under 2 hours! review by Preston

    This is a great little charger. After a week of using it I have had zero problems with it and don't expect to since it's a halo product. Gets my variable voltage charged in under two hours. If you're going to purchase the triton battery then you are definitely going to need this.

  73. Great portable charger review by Troy

    I love having the ability to plug into any usb device and charge my triton battery. Charges quickly and the convenience of being able to plug into my computer means I can also charge!

  74. Very nice! review by Dustin

    This little usb adapter is great. Its so small and portable i can just throw it in my bag and go. I love the quality too it feels sturdy so i never have to worry about breaking it. The led light is a great feature also, allowing me to see when my battery is fully charged. And last but not least this thing charges fast! It seems like one second i look over and its a red light then bam the next minute it is blue and I'm ready to go. Another great product!

  75. Simple review by Nicholas

    I got my USB charger with my starter kit. It is so simple to use, just plug it in and watch your triton charge. It is also VERY light and is very small so you can easily fit it into a pocket without even remembering it was there sometimes. From what others have said they can last a while too, just grab an extra or two just in case one goes down, you don't want to not vape for a week. 5 stars again Halo!

  76. love it review by Shawn

    I love the quality and size of this adapter. It is small enough to throw in my tablet case when I am only carrying it around all day. I can then plug my triton battery right into my tablet if I need a charge, which I haven't had to do yet, because of the good battery life of the Halo products. Much smaller footprint then any other ecig battery adapter.

  77. Switched from G6 To Triton Tanks review by Chris

    I am pleased with the Triton and G6. There are so many different flavors to choose from as well. The USB chargers are a great design as well, I use it to charge my batteries in my car and home. I have no problem rating all the products I've bought with a 5 star rating.

  78. the color change LED is a nice touch review by Gene

    I think my favorite thing about the USB charger is the color change LED. When you plug it in, it turns red to let you know it is charging. Blue is done. Can't get easier than that.

    Seems to work great with my jet black batteries. The charging is quick either with the USB port on the computer, with the plug in, or even using my portable USB battery charger.

  79. What else to say but PERFECT! review by Daniel

    Works flawlessly alone or in conjuction with the Wall Charger. Use ONLY with Triton!

    Simple but perfect design, no cord, very small but sturdy, and charges fast. Comes with the Starter Kit, but it's probably a good idea to pick up an extra to keep at your office or whatever your needs are. Excellent product!

  80. Great for on the road review by Anthony

    Got this as a backup to my charger that came with my Triton starter kit so I could keep it in my car/backpack without having to remember to pack my charger.

    It is perfect for that purpose. Plug it into my adapter in my car or plug it into my computer and my triton batteries are always charged and good to go. And when I get home there is my primary charger....not searching for where I left it.

  81. Best of the Best review by TYE

    I have use Halo for 6 months now after trying cheaper brands. Great product great service

  82. Excellence in performance review by Dane

    This handy little charger bears Halo logo well. It works fast, and the red-to-blue light shines nice and bright. after plugging it into the PC, it takes about an hour and I'm good to go, it's even faster in the wall using the adapter. Pretty sweet piece of tech! I'm impressed.

  83. Quality USB Charger review by John

    This USB adapter for the Triton is well built, it has worked flawlessly for me over many months of use, I do plan to buy a back up just in case though or to use if I want to charge 2 batteries at the same time. It works with the G6 wall charger or the Triton wall charger without any problem. Good buy and is very functional without any hanging cords just plug it in. Works perfect !

  84. Dependable review by MOCO

    This Triton USB charger is very compact and I love it because it doesn't have a wire like some companies offer. I have both the Triton and the G6 and I love them both, but remember this is ONLY for the Triton. It connects together quickly with the battery and when combined with the wall charger it usually takes 2 - 2 1/2 hours to fully charge.

  85. Works as advertised! review by John F.

    It's always a good idea to pick up an extra one of these (or two) when you buy your starter kit... you always want to be able to charge more than one battery at a time or have one with you when you're on the go.

    Make sure you have one or two extra of these for your Triton system and you'll be happy that you always have an extra port to charge your batteries!

  86. Needed a spare review by Vince

    I don't like to be without a net, so before I lost or misplaced or broke the charger that came in the starter pack, I decided to get another one. The charger works well in computers, using a wall adaptor, or even in a usb wall receptacle that I installed in my home office. The indicator light lets me know that it is charging, and when it is done. As far as I am concerned, it is cheap insurance against getting caught without one.

  87. Gotta Have a BACKUP review by DaveOno

    Imagine you are home on a Friday night, and you realize you left the charger at work! Don't be a victim of Murphy's Law! Get a second charger and keep it in a different place from your first.
    It works flawlessly. Halo, it'd be nice if it used the larger threads, making it impossible to mix up the Triton charger from the G6. Just a thought.

  88. Sleek design review by Rath

    It charges your Triton Battery, the design is small and you won't even notice it in you pocket.

  89. Nice and compact review by Shannon

    This USB charger is very compact. It the most compact USB charger i have seen from any e-cig company. This compact size makes it great because with most USB chargers they have a cord and the battery most likely will hang from the cord if plugged into wall, causing damage over time to the charger itself. Also with the corded USB chargers your battery could roll off your computer desk and possibly rip out the charger and hit the floor, with a greater concern of damaging your battery. The battery with this charger screws right into the unit itself not only saving space but not having to mess a cord is very nice. It also plugs snugly into the side of the wall charger which is nice cause not only does it keep off the floor, you can plug it anywhere and know you'll have enough space to do so (i.e. sideways as opposed to hanging by cord). Halo put some thought into designing this charger, which I appreciate. This charger also has the Halo name printed on it to distinguish it from the G6 charger.

  90. Great extra accessory review by Chris

    I bought the Triton starter kit and an extra USB charger along with it. I tend to continuously puff on the system at work so I use the extra USB charger there. It works great for me that I can continuously charge one battery in my USB port on my desktop in my office while I puff on the other tank and battery. Then I switch the batteries and have a fully charged battery with the system I puff on while the other battery charges. Therefore I am never left with a dead battery, although I will say the batteries keep their charge well. I'm just paranoid of a battery running out without being able to puff on the system. I really like that the USB charger has a light that turns blue when the battery is charged. Would recommend this to anyone.

  91. Must have review by Michael

    Have to have the charger and the Triton does not accept other chargers which sucks but the price is low so I don't mind.

  92. Be easy! review by Christopher

    Works very well, but be careful if ya have big hands that like to tighten things down. I just cracked my new usb charger from over-tightening. I didnt think i was tourqin on it that bad. Still a good product, just be easy on em!

  93. Best exemplifies what an e-cig is all about review by Mike

    I love my USB charger. Combined with the wall adapter, I can charge my batteries pretty much anytime, anywhere, so my Triton tank dying is never a concern. It's convenient and it works fast. Also, the USB charger is smaller and more discreet than the wall adapter, and easily plugs into other electronics. It's perfect for commuting and being on the go.

  94. Triton! That's what the logo should have been review by Naseeruddin

    The product works perfectly, and the build quality is top class. I just have one complaint that the product should have mentioned Trition instead of halo. I already own the G6 setup, and when I received the triton batteries and chargers (I bought 2, 1 is a single point of failure for the complete vaping system), I realized that the G6 and Triton batteries can be screwed on to either chargers. One can accidentally use the wrong charger and destroy the batteries. Requires attention when connecting to charge the batteries.
    I'm very new to vaping, and I guess others will feel that I'm cribbing over a trivial issue. I still give the product 5 stars and choose to overlook the very slight inconvenience of checking before connecting to charge. Great quality product though.

  95. Order an Extra!!! review by Turbo

    Just a quick tip... Buy the car charger and an extra USB Adaptor. That way you are always able to charge your batteries in the car and at the house without having to remember to bring the USB Adaptor with you all the time! I'm a new digital smoker, for about 2 months now and Halo's are the best I've seen based on the different kinds my friends have had. They all like my Halo better.

  96. Works with everything! review by Mike

    This is a great little charger, I would suggest getting an extra one for when you are on the go. I got an extra one with my last order and has worked great everywhere I have used it including my computer, my car and even my TV and Xbox360. You can find a place to charge your Halo Ecigs anywhere if you have this little guy with you.

  97. Capable review by Ashleigh

    This charger is set at the proper voltage and amps I think which is 2.1 point being it is very capable and charges very quickly, whether it is in the laptop or wall which halos wall charger still works tremendous makes it a great experience that never lets you stop vaping.

  98. It does the trick review by Ray

    I finally had to recharge my Triton 1300 mah battery (after 2 1/2 days of moderate use). The Triton charger works well. It took a little over 2 hours to fully recharge the battery. My only issue is that I wish the light on the charger was a little brighter. Other than that, it's a great little charger. I ordered another one to go with the extra battery I bought.

  99. Get a USB extension cord review by Hot Damn!

    On one hand, this thing is great because there are USB ports everywhere on computers, laptops, and car stereos. I appreciate universal accessibility and how much easier it makes my life.
    But there is one thing: almost all USB ports are aligned horizontally. Plugging in these heavy batteries horizontally will ruin a USB port over months/years of use. It'll especially ruin the USB port if you accidentally bump the battery/charger assembly while it's plugged in. Do yourself a favor and get a short USB extension cord. Don't worry about USB 3.0, 2.0, etc. Just get the cheapest shortest cord you can find that's male on one end and female on the other (about $5.00 or less). Get one for each of your chargers. It'll save wear on your electronics, and make it easier to use.
    NOTE: If you are getting a Halo wall-socket adapter, they are pretty sturdy and safe. A USB extender is not necessary if that is the only USB port you'll be charging from.

  100. Solid. review by Andrew

    Tough and lasts. No performance issues and is compatible with any USB port. This includes other USB charger bases for other Ecig brands. Love it.

  101. Love this adapter. review by Doug

    I never thought that much about a USB adapter but, this one is worth praise. First, quality build all the way around. It shows that there was thought put in on the design of this product. It is easy to screw in the battery, even blind-folded. Second, the lighting is a good set up. I like the way it shows either off, charging, or charged. It is easy to tell, even from a distance. Keep up the good work Halo.

  102. Nice product review by Nicholas

    I love the look of this charger! It fits so perfectly into the case for the Triton and looks great when used with the wall charging adapter!

  103. Smart design review by Ryan

    The USB charger is great as it can be combined with a wall or car charger, letting you charge your battery pretty much anywhere. The status light makes charging really simple and the fact that the battery screws into it just like a cartomizer or tank means you don't have to worry about a bad connection over time.

  104. Works great! review by Ben

    It doesn't get warm, and it charges my 900 mAh battery in a little over one hour.

    This is my fourth charger (having accidentally tossed one in the wash) and all are working perfectly, after about 2 months.

    If the plastic shell separates, crazy glue takes care of it.

  105. jumping through hoops review by Andrew

    This product works well when it works, mine crapped out after a couple of uses and the casing split open.Then blue light just stayed on even when battery was dead and would not charge. When I contacted Halo they requested I mail it back before sending out a replacement. I would recommend buying more than one so you don't have to have down time like I did.

  106. Minor Detail review by Matt

    Upon receiving my Triton I plugged it up to be charged. What I first noticed that may be cause for concern when charging from a wall charger is the battery just hangs from the USB adapter to the wall charger. The USB charger jiggles a tiny bit while in the wall charger and with the weight of a Triton (Triton VV in my case) pulls the USB charger down slightly making the connection seem loose but still charging fine. While it charges fine, I would charge the Triton in an outlet that has little interference from anything just in case something bumps into it.

    The LED light's for charging are easy to figure out, and the small size of the charger is great. It makes taking it places very easy.

  107. Works Great review by Christine

    The USB charger is well made and works like it should. My Triton 900 mAh battery charges in about 2 hours. I have both the G6 and the Triton. Thankfully on the Triton USB charger the Halo name is printed on it and on the G6 USB charger it says G6 so I don't mix them up. I have 2 of these. One for home and one for travel. All in all a good charger.

  108. High Quality review by Kirtan

    This USB charger is made from High Quality plastic and metals. My tank batteries easily screw on to this and charging is fast. Within 2 hours, my 600 mAh battery is fully charged. The construction is also sturdy as I use this with the Wall charger, and my long battery is screwed onto this and is hanging in the air, and even after hours of charging, there is not sag or bend due to the weight of the battery. A must have item for those using Triton batteries.

  109. Charges just like it should review by Joe

    Charges my 900 mah Triton battery in less than 2 hours using the wall charger. I like how I can bring this with me and use it in my car, or at work plugged into my computer. Blue indicator light to let you know charging is complete.

  110. A few possible design flaws but still better than a lot of chargers out there. review by jason

    These Triton chargers technically don't even need a review because your gonna have to buy it anyway if you use the Tritons. I would not recommend using any charger for a Halo Triton battery other than this charger for safety and hardware longevity reasons.

    So the main reason I'm writing this review is to give Halo a little constructive criticism.

    I am a Halo fanatic. I love all of the juices, I pretty much vape on Halo gear exclusively, I don't even have any other mods I just use Halo hardware. I spend hundreds of dollars per month on Halo gear so this review is not meant to be a bashful review by any means, it is just my honest opinion.

    With that out of the way, the reason I gave these chargers 3 stars is for two reasons:
    1. These chargers are not interchangeable with the G6 and not only that but they even look just like the G6 chargers, you could easily accidentally damage your equipment by using the wrong charger if you do not keep this separate from the G6 charger.
    2. The LED on the charger and the way the Triton charges is a little confusing at first, the light flashes blue a few times but than it is not done charging, it still needs to charge for a while until the light turns from red to blue, the LED that shows red and blue is very faint, hard to see.

  111. works perfect review by Michael

    A solid, well built charger. Charges my Triton up quick and does what its supposed to. I'm buying a backup for the truck, as I can't live without a fully charged Triton. I would never risk getting some cheapie knock off, especially since they are well priced to boot.

  112. Works well review by amy

    Really like the chargers, the fact that the indicator light tells you when the battery is ready, and the compactness of the charger itself.

  113. Works like it should review by matt

    Does the job of charging my variable voltage battery. It is nice that it is a vertical design because my USB ports on my computer are on the top of the case and it sticks straight up and doesn't put lateral pressure on the case of the charger.

  114. Works like its suppose to. review by Amanda

    I have had no issues with this charger. It charges my Triton fully in about two hours. I have had cheap e-cig chargers before really cheap ones. This I can say is a good quality charger. The price and the quality is great.

  115. Always have a spare review by Jeffrey

    I like to keep one in my "kit" that i carry with me and an extra one that I leave on my laptop at home. They charge my Tritons very quickly.

  116. Nothing Special review by CookeMonster

    These chargers are just OK, and I'd much prefer a different style. They do the job of charging just fine, but I would prefer a vertical, 90 degree attachment or a pigtail. The threads go 180 degrees from the plug, and USB plugs are typically horizontal and sticking out into the world. Not the most durable design for an already weak plastic case. As long as you're careful with these, they'll work fine. If they get bumped while plugged in, you may end up with a cracked case.

  117. WORKS GREAT review by Jennifer

    This charger works great. I have had zero problems with it and will be able to use it for a long time going forward because it is made quite well! I would purchase this even if it weren't a necessity:) GET IT!

  118. Works fast and compact design. review by Randall

    Fast charge rate from this unit even on my 1300mAh batteries. My only concern is that the 1300 almost seems too heavy as the charger and battery have a noticeable dip when I am plugged into the wall. It has never lost connection though.

    I would like a corded charger like I have seen offered from other sources which would make vehicle charging a lot easier by being able to lay the charging battery in the console instead of having it stick straight out from the 12v socket.

  119. Great Little Charger review by Christine

    The Halo USB charger is well made and works great with the wall and car chargers. . I like the color changing charging indicator. Makes it easy to know when your Triton battery is ready.

  120. Does what it does perfectly review by Scott

    I purchased the Triton starter kit with the 650 battery. It amazes me how little time this thing charges (1 1/2 to 2 hours) because the battery lasts 7 hours! It is very durable and paired with the wall charger makes it so you will not have a battery sticking out by your computer. (Less chance of someone hitting it walking by)

    5/5 stars!

  121. Very Fast Charge review by Cindy

    Love the compact design of this charger, which makes it super easy to use. Excellent quality, and very fast charge. I appreciate the Red/Green light system that makes it easy to tell when the charge is complete. It's very reasonably priced for such a high quality charger, I would have expected to pay more, so Thank you Halo! :)

  122. Flawless So Far review by Brian

    Great product. Easy to tell when the battery is charged. Fast and efficient.

  123. Solid product review by JR

    This thing is very well made, not some flimsy dollar store garbage. Batteries and wall unit fit perfectly. My batteries charge very quickly, and the red/green LED indicator is a great touch. I'm going to buy another one along with the car charger to keep in the car in case of emergencies.

    I see other ecig companies charging far more for theirs.

  124. Simple to use, high quality review by John

    This is a very nice charger; simply plug it into a USB charger (computer and wall compatible) and you're ready to go. It's very easy to plug in your e-cig and the green light indicates when your device is fully charged. Very fair price, as well.

  125. Have at least 2 on hand! review by PeteC2

    I recommend having at least 2 on hand. The Triton usb charger recharges the Triton batteries as quickly as many less powerful ecig batteries and is offered at a decent price. My previous ecig company sold their usb charger for more than double the price!

Quantity Included1
USB Adapter LogoHalo
USB Adapter ColorBlack
USB Adapter Length46.6 mm
USB Adapter Width18.9 mm
USB Adapter Height13.0 mm
Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
Output Voltage4.2 volts (DC)
Input Current500 mA
Output Current420 mA
USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase