WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Triton II Tank (Set of 2)

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Quick Overview

Featuring an adjustable airflow system that produces immense flavor, the Triton II Tank has the ability to hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid and houses a single coil head.
Each pack includes two tanks.

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Triton II tanks are engineered to offer both style and performance when used in conjunction with Triton II batteries. Each glass tank holds up to 2 ml of e-liquid and comes standard with a .75 sub-ohm coil. Replacement coils of varying resistances are available, allowing you to enjoy even greater customization.
Each pack includes two tanks.

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  1. Design Flaw on These Tanks review by Rita

    What is with these tanks? I do NOT screw them on that tight, but it's like they weld together during use. It becomes impossible to get them apart for refilling. Instead of coming apart, the glass portion only twists. I have tried ABSOLUTELY everything to get one of mine apart but have managed only to take out a big chunk of skin on one finger. GRRRRR!!!!!!!

  2. downgrade review by Aaron

    As far as a comparison between the Triton 1 and 2....I have STACKS of batteries where the solder just seemed to melt away. I have stacks of broken tanks (they decided to switch from plastic to glass, which I can almost crush in my hands, and I have on accident). The Triton one outlives the Triton two by far. Too many moving, fragile parts on the Triton 2. There is no refurbish program at all, and I'm sitting on 5 years of Halo waste.

  3. Used to love, starting to hate review by Jacqueline

    I only started to use Triton 2 because they discontinued selling #1 pieces. Extremely frustrated that every time I go to buy tanks they are sold out. Having issues with the tanks. They have either jammed so I couldn’t refill it or the glass breaks trying to get it unjammed. I wish they didn’t stop selling the other. I was perfectly happy with it.

  4. Hit or Miss review by Nora

    The quality of these tanks is really a hit or miss. I've had tanks that last months and tanks that only last a few weeks. The last two tanks I got were absolute crap. One of them started to leak after having it only a week, and when I tried to open it, the metal parts on the top and bottom slipped off (that has never happened, so I'm thinking they are just making them cheaper and crappier). The second tank, I accidentally screwed on too tight (which is another issue) and when I tried to unscrew it the glass part of the tank turned but not the actual tank itself. So now I can't refill it AND it leaks. The other issue is that it's very easy to screw the tank on too tight. There is barely a difference between too loose and too tight. So either it leaks and doesn't work, or you can never get it off again. Now that both tanks are unusable the website is out of stock.

  5. Perfect review by Charlene

    I love the Triton II tanks system. It works great, functions great, and creates amazing vapor. The tanks themselves last a long time if taken care of properly. And the coils are super easy to replace. I don't see the need to move on to another vape product anytime soon. Love these!

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Quantity Included2
Tank LogoHalo
Tank ColorStainless Steel
Tip Color(2) Standard / (1) Widebore
Tank Capacity2.0 ml
Tank Resistance.75 ohms
Tank Length70 mm
Tank Width14 mm
Tank ThreadNo
Tank WarrantyN/A