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Triton II Coils

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Experience superior vapor production and remarkable flavor with Triton II coils. Available in multiple resistances, Triton II replacement coils are a great way to extend the life of your tank.

NOTE: Triton II components are NOT compatible with the original Triton Components.

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Triton II replacement coils are perfect for avoiding the carryover of flavors and extending the life of your tank. These coils are sold in five packs at .75, 1.2, and 1.5 ohms. This five-pack of replacement coils is easily interchanged using the Triton II Tank, and is available at various resistance levels to customize your vaping experience.

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  1. BURNT - ONLY for Halo e-juice? review by Aaron

    TLDR; Seems there's a problem with the wicks. Unless you're using Halo liquids exclusively, expect a cold shoulder from support once you prove user-error is not the issue. The coils that come with the kits are freaking fantastic - lasting nearly 2 months with moderate usage. Will update once the replacement pack arrives. I have several Triton II devices, and I loved them until I used the replacement coils. They are small, durable, easy to use discretely, and the coils that come with the starter kit are fantastic! However, the replacement coils I received were simply burning my juice and my mouth/throat. I primed the wicks just like I do with my build coils/tanks. A dab of e-juice on each vent, some draws without battery, then let it soak. However, these were burning up after just a handful of draws (no I am not a chain vaper). Absolutely disgusting and painful. I tried for a day or two to get the wicking/vaping right before trying a second replacement coil. That one failed as well. For the second and third coils, I went back to the same e-juice I used successfully before thinking maybe my new juice was the problem even though it is primarily PG. NEED HELP. Immediately after the second coil burned me, I emailed support. They were helpful and asked me to test with my remaining coils with instructions. Most of these are things I already do - I've been vaping a while with rebuildable tanks/coils, so this little thing shouldn't be a problem. I spent a significant amount of time testing and documenting what I found only to have them state that only Halo e-juice is supported in Halo devices. At first, the only thing that seemed different between the kit coils and the replacement coils was the o-ring. The replacement coils use a flat silicone seal instead, but that doesn't seem like it would cause what I'm experiencing. WICKING! The only thing that worked was closing the airflow vents and drawing VERY vigorously between uses of the device. This didn't last long and ended up using the e-juice rapidly. After a few tries, it was burning again even though I was doing this. This makes me believe the wicks are different in the replacement coils. The fact that manufactured coils might have tighter wick material was mentioned by support in the email that instructed me to do non-powered draws to help with wicking, but now it seems to ring true. HALO E-JUICE ONLY? I had given them the exact specs of my e-juice, which is a mostly PG juice that happens to contain CBD instead of Nicotine - they read that and claimed they couldn't help me as I was "using substances other than e-juice". That would be like saying you can't use a nic juice in the device. This pissed me off, so I called to talk to someone so that poor reading comprehension (whether deliberate or not) didn't get in the way. The support person immediately offered a replacement pack, but they restated that they don't support the use of anything other than their own e-liquid. Which is great, but if it's burning me and my juice like the one I have now I'll simply be wasting my very expensive juice. I appreciate the courtesy of the replacement pack. I'm hoping I just received a defective set. If possible, I'll update this review when I receive the replacement.

  2. Get the 150 review by Richard

    These are easy to change out, I am getting about 2 weeks per coil. I've only used the 150 ones, and am sold on them.

  3. I really like the Triton II, but getting the coils replaced is a pain review by Liralen

    I've been waiting a few weeks to get the same coils provided in the starter pack, but they've been out of stock. I'm fine with that if they would just allow me to place an order for them, with some other things I'd like to buy to qualify the order for free shipping and send the coils when they are in stock. But, they won't allow me to place the order because the coils are not in stock and haven't been for several weeks now. I talked to a customer service representative about not being able to place the order and have them just send it to me when they can, but her answer was: "Sorry, we don't give rain checks." I just want to place an order for the replacement coils at full price without having to check back here so often, so maybe she doesn't understand what a rain check means. So in the meantime, I bought an Alien mod locally instead (since I can't find Halo products where I live); whereas if they would have allowed me to place an order for out of stock items, I probably would not have. I still keep checking for the 0.75-ohm coils, but probably for not much longer. The annoying thing is, I'm perfectly fine with giving them money now so I don't have to keep checking.

  4. Worth every penny review by Luke

    I haven't dabbled too much on the different coils. In fact this is my first vape with coils. I had gotten the 1.5 and I love them. They burn a little hotter, but then bring out the flavor and it's amazing. I currently use cookie karma and shamrock, and these coils really bring out the flavors a lot better than the 0.5 ones they give you in the pack.

  5. Triton II Coils review by Susan/Rod

    Coils are long lasting (have used for 30+ days) under proper use by keeping coils wet by refilling before tank completely empty.

(5 out of 9 loaded.)
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