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Triton II Coils

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Experience superior vapor production and remarkable flavor with Triton II coils. Available in multiple resistances, Triton II replacement coils are a great way to extend the life of your tank.

NOTE: Triton II components are NOT compatible with the original Triton Components.

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Triton II replacement coils are perfect for avoiding the carryover of flavors and extending the life of your tank. These coils are sold in five packs at .75, 1.2, and 1.5 ohms. This five-pack of replacement coils is easily interchanged using the Triton II Tank, and is available at various resistance levels to customize your vaping experience.

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  1. 50% Duds review by Byron

    About half of the coils I use for my Triton II (0.75 Ohms) are duds, taste of burnt plastic, and have to be thrown out right away. I do wait at least 5 minutes for the e-juice to soak in and clean the device at every change, so it's down to the quality of the product, which seems to be bad.

  2. Not happy review by Diane

    After waiting two weeks for the .75 coils to be restocked (and spending a small fortune on Cue pods), I finally received my order.....two boxes of coils. And, I fully expected to get at least 10 weeks use from the ten coils. Wrong. The Triton II coils have always had a ridiculously short life as far as my experience goes, but the ones I received lasted about 3-4 days each. I find this inexcusable. I certainly will be searching for a new product.

  3. Used To Be Good review by Rita

    These coils used to work really well, but now they suck big time! Out of a pack of five, you will be lucky to get one or two that actually work. The rest will be burnt-tasting from the get go. And yes, Halo, I am doing everything right: cleaning everything properly and waiting as long as two hours before using. I can assure you that it's the product and not the user that is the problem.

  4. Seemingly erratic quality review by Boris

    I concur with some of the other reviewers that these occasionally come with a metallic flavor right out of the package and that the lifetimes vary wildly. What I would add is that the failure modes also vary: sometimes they just peter out after five days or so, and sometimes they last until they start caramelizing the liquid. I find it perplexing, but at this point, I'm just going to have to buy two five-packs at a time and hope for the best.

  5. Tips! review by Jillian

    I absolutely love these and my Triton ll. I saw a few reviews that said they were getting defects and I thought the same until I realized it was me. Now I make sure I drop 3 to 4 drops of e-liquid into each of the wick holes (little white holes along the sides) using my new coil. This prevents the coil from dry burning. And if for some reason it does taste burnt anytime during use, try loosening the coil some. I noticed that if I screw my coil in too much once I put the top back on, it also tightens the coil. So, it's getting screwed in too tight and isn't allowing air and it's making it taste like I need a new coil, but I actually don't. I wasted many coils this way. Once I figured these two things out I only need to buy these every 2 months or so. I hope I help others with this info. I love this thing, it compares to no other I've tried. Thanks Halo!

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