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Tracer Twist Starter Kit

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Quick Overview

Break through the clouds and enter the low-resistance world of sub-ohm vaping with one of the premier vape mods.

Price as configured: $55.00

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Available in five colors, the exclusive Tracer Twist Starter Kit offers a massive 2,300 mAh battery cell that will keep you powered all day long. With a user-friendly and stealth-like design, the Tracer Twist battery is equipped with variable output capability ranging from 5–30W and a bypass mode. The sleek four-port adjustable airflow Tracer Tank is built for optimal cloud production, packing a single vertical sub-ohm coil wrapped in organic cotton. Clad in 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the Tracer Tank’s advanced top-fill setup looks great and performs like a champ.

The Tracer Twist Start Kit includes:
  • 1x TRACER TWIST Battery
  • 1x TRACER 4 ml Glass Tank (v.2)
  • 2x TRACER Single Coil Heads (.5 ohm)
  • 1x Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 1x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Wall Adapter
  • 1x Instruction Manual
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    1. Amazing review by Crystal

      I am so satisfied with this device. The battery lasts almost all day. The cloud production can be fairly big or small. It's all in your control. The device is a little heavy, but I like that. This device is all I needed to quit smoking. Thank you Halo!

    2. This thing is dope! review by Morgan

      I love it. I can't get enough of it. First sub ohm tank and battery. I am done with cigarettes for good.

    3. Solid Vape with Small Problems review by Jacob

      This will be a simple review with pros and cons.

      - Very cheap starter kit
      - Large tank capacity
      - Adjustable airflow valve
      - Adjustable wattage

      - Paint on the battery will peel off, you will be unable to read the adjustable wattage after long enough
      - Leakage problems when filling tank to recommended level
      - Coils have inconsistent life spans, from a 2 days to a 2 weeks with the same usage patterns/wattage/juice

      A good purchase for the price but not for long-term vaping usage.

    4. Love at first draw! review by Zee

      I have finally found the perfect vape device for me! I bought the black/black and I decided to use the black metal tip that came with it as an extra. The look is sleek and has good weight. The tank is a great size so will hold plenty of juice.

      Now for the best part....it performs like a dream! I adjusted to 30W and opened the airflow for a perfect hit. The taste was great and NO leaking. Nice thick clouds, too.
      Pure vaping nirvana!

      The kit came with extra coils and a bottle of e-liquid (I chose Purple Tundra❤️❤️)

    5. Perfect for Sipping review by Linchetto

      I own a Reactor and Reactor Mega so some consider this purchase a downgrade, but I wanted something I could enjoy certain PG flavors with and it is perfect. I love Voodoo and Pirates Creed among other flavors that to me are sipping flavors. Just like I wouldn’t pour myself a stein of Genmorangie, I don’t want to guzzle a lung full of certain, more complex flavors. Don’t get me wrong, this Tracer Twist is much like the Reactor Mega when firing up flavors quickly, so one doesn’t burn them and produces plenty of cloud for those that care.

      I got the stainless and it is pure quality, just like the Reactors and feels great in the hand. The glass tip looks classy but this is in essence, a “mega pen” so it has been tipped over; luckily a stainless tip was included in the kit, which looks great too. It is super easy to fill (top-fill) I am not using High-VG fluid in it, and haven’t experienced any clogged or burnt coils. I consider it as easy as the Reactor Mega to use and it also provides tons of flavor and clouds with .5 Tracer single, vertical coils.

      My suggestion to those new to vaping, using non VG fluids, is to tone down the watts, and adjust with airflow, if flavor is what you are after. The clouds will happen, vents open or partly closed. Also, I generally used 12mg of nicotine in non VG but I am dropping it to a 6 because 12 is too much for me. Anyway, the kit is a great deal and am very happy to have something exclusive to the more complex, non High-VG flavors.

    (5 out of 15 loaded.)
    Quantity Included1
    Battery LogoHalo / Flame
    Battery ColorWhite
    Battery ThreadStainless Steel
    Button ColorSilver
    Battery TypeManual
    Battery Cut-Off Time15 Seconds
    Battery Length99 mm
    Battery Width22 mm
    Battery Capacity2300 mAh
    Battery ChargeNo
    Battery Lifespan300 cycles
    Battery Voltage TypeUnregulated
    Battery Actual Voltage2.5 - 4.2 volts
    Battery Rated VoltageNo
    Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase
    Quantity Included1
    Tank LogoHalo
    Tank ColorStainless Steel
    Tank ThreadNo
    Tip Color(1) Glass / (1) Stainless Steel
    Tank Resistance.50 ohms
    Tank Length69.25 mm
    Tank WidthNo
    Tank Capacity3.5 ml
    Tank WarrantyN/A
    Coil Resistance.50 ohm Single Vertical Coil
    Quantity Included1
    Charger LogoN/A
    Wall Charger ColorBlack
    Wall Charger Length54.25 mm
    Wall Charger Width41.25 mm
    Wall Charger Height17.25 mm
    Input Voltage110 volt (USA)
    Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Charger Frequency50/60 Hz
    Output Current1000 mA
    Wall Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase
    Quantity Included1
    USB Adapter LogoN/A
    USB Adapter ColorBlack
    USB Adapter Length1027 mm
    USB Adapter Width15.0 mm
    USB Adapter Height8.10 mm
    Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Input CurrentNo
    Output Current1000 mA
    USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase