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Tiki Juice E-liquid

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Tiki Juice starts with our spiced Tahitian tobacco blend and has sweet tropical fruit notes laced in with just a tiny hint of menthol. The result is a one-of-a-kind vaping experience with a wonderfully tropical flavor. Spinfuel Choice Award winner.

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Tiki Juice starts with our spiced Tahitian tobacco blend and has sweet tropical fruit notes laced in with just a tiny hint of menthol. The result is a one-of-a-kind vaping experience with a wonderfully tropical flavor.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our E-liquids undergo independent testing for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl: Tiki Juice E-liquid's test results

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  1. Not what I was expecting.... review by Sr. Merced

    I have tried many flavors from Halo. After reading the reviews for Tiki Juice and checking up on online videos (yes youtube has a lot of online reviews of almost all halo products) I decided to give this a try. I got the big bottle in the hopes that I would love it. Unfortunately, this is not for me. Tiki Juice itself is difficult to describe, it has subtle hints of menthol along with some other fruity and tobacco flavors. Frankly, I find the taste to be empty of rich boldness of other Halo liquids (like tribeca, devlin, bluberry....)

  2. Wow that's nice! review by Mitzi

    I just received my Triton and Tiki Juice. It's still a bit cold so hasn't had time to reach its full flavor, but wow! It’s a smooth tobacco with just a hint of spices and do I detect vanilla? It has a great flavor and smell, like a rich pipe tobacco. I know it will evolve as it warms, but I love it already--nicely done!

  3. A mix of spice and fruit review by William

    Good e-liquid, not my favorite halo flavor but would be great for those who love tropical juices. I would use it to switch up my juice rotation from time to time.

  4. Spicy Fruit Blend review by Nia

    This is a great fruit flavor that's not fruity sweet. It has a spicy taste to it, but also has an island feel. I didn't like the Malibu for the coconut, but this is basically the taste I wanted when I ordered Malibu. It's pretty good for mixing with a menthol flavor too (I mix it with Mystic).

  5. Luau Anyone? review by Julie

    A joyful blend of fine sweet tobacco and tropical fruity flavors. Unlike many tobacco e-juices, Halo strikes the perfect balance again and again. Enjoy on its own or with your favorite rum beverage—always satisfies never disappoints!

  6. Very Interesting review by Chris

    This juice to me is a cinnamon spice tobacco with moderate sweetness. It’s very complex and interesting flavors going on with this. Personally I wish it was a little less sweet, but that plays a part in balancing out the cinnamon, which is up front and center. I feel like this is a juice type, where Halo shines as a juice manufacturer. It is certainly worth a try.

  7. Nostalgic review by Jared

    Something about this tiki eliquid reminds me of the first e-cig I ever tried, some disposable. The flavor was great. This one is slightly fruitier but not overpowering. It tastes cured and aged a bit and is refreshing in a way. I like it and so does my girlfriend. She will be buying it again with her next order.

  8. Spicy, Sweet and Cool! review by Mike

    I got this as a free 15ml bottle in my most recent order. I have to say that I'm glad they sent it along—sweet and spicy tobacco flavor with just a bit of menthol makes the taste just right for me! It will most likely replace my Southern Classic flavor, since I've been told it's being phased out.

  9. Perfect review by cloud7007

    This is my absolute favorite Halo e-liquid. It's a perfect blend of a tropical fruit (pineapple/orange) mixed with a spice that reminds me of the Bahamas. It's sweet like brown sugar, but spicy like cinnamon. It's just all around fantastic, and I'd definitely recommend it.

  10. Might have to get a 30ml bottle of this later! review by BenFifty

    I ordered a 7ml bottle of this juice awhile back. And after running out and trying different juices, I have come to the conclusion that I might have to reorder this one, but in a bigger bottle! I only realized how good this juice was with its refreshing tangy flavor and nice smooth vapor, after trying out new tobacco mix flavors. This one definitely stands out from the rest in that regard, and is super smooth—all day vape material in my opinion. It's not too strong on the tobacco either, and is very "fruity" on the exhale. Great flavor! I will buy again for sure.

  11. Delicious but strange. review by Benjamin

    It's hard to nail down exactly the flavors in Tiki Juice. I taste cinnamon, brown sugar, and a bit of orange wrapped up in a light menthol tobacco base. It is delicious and mysterious. Give it a try if you are looking for something different.

  12. Stepped out on a limb and love Tiki Juice!!! review by Robert

    Just tried this in my recent order and I really love this! Great vapor production, and complex flavors with just a hint of menthol—and I would say the menthol is just there to pull it all together--rather than an in your face menthol like SubZero or anything. I have not let it steep so will see how this evolves but I get a definite woodsy tobacco taste that I can only describe as having lived in an area where fresh cut timber was steam treated—and that entire valley smelled of sweet but subtle timber, and so far, I am not getting the cinnamon or fruity flavor—and perhaps that will come with it maturing, or not, but I definitely recommend trying this. I have way too many favorites now and good thing I have a lot of tanks and coils in reserve—and thank you Halo for your continued excellence and prevailing over all the other want to be companies out there! Made In USA!!! As a veteran, this means a lot to me!

  13. Very nice review by Shane

    I decided to try Tiki because I was wanting to expand the flavors I have. The description sounded nice. I was expecting something along the lines of a lighter Malibu. I was wrong. Tiki has a nice, rich flavor. I taste cloves and vanilla. It's very pleasant and will definitely be a regular vape for me.

  14. Very good once you get used to it review by wesley

    I'm not sure why this is in the tobacco section. It tastes like an after dinner mint kind of deal. It had a hint of menthol, sweet exhale with a dessert flavor. It's hard to put my finger on it. It may be banana I'm tasting and maybe a little chocolate with a menthol over tone. The first few hits made me disappointed but I kept vaping it in the name of cheapness and not wanting to dump the liquid down the drain. It really grew on me and is now one of my favorites! I'll be buying this one again. Definitely worth trying!

  15. Nice change up review by James

    Tribeca is my #1 vape, but I got a free sample of this. Not bad. It's good to change flavors every now and then—reminds me of cinnamon chewing gum. It's a very strong flavor. One thing you need to be aware of is that if you put this in your tank, you'll never get the flavor out, even if you change coils and put other flavors in it. I use a Kanger Subtank Plus, and I am hoping the flavor eventually wears out, so I can get that great taste of Tribeca back. I hope I don't have to throw the tank away altogether and replace it.

  16. A very pleasant surprise review by Renee

    Got this as a free sample and was very pleasantly surprised at the hint of mint with that tropical goodness. Cools off these horrible Florida summers! Ordered another right away so I wouldn't run out. Perfect all day vape!

  17. Love this one! review by Anita

    This one is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I'm not sure what the flavor is that I like so much in it, but it's a nice light flavor that's great to use all day. I like this one on its own, and also mixed half & half with Turkish is awesome.

  18. Pleasant, spicy tobacco flavor review by Jonathan

    This is a bold, spicy tobacco flavor with some sweetness to it. It reminds me of smoking cloves, and I also get a hint of cinnamon. It has good throat hit and vapor production, and leaves behind a smell that's much like a spicy-sweet incense. I don't think I'll get a 30-ml bottle in this flavor (my go-to flavors are Kringle's Curse, Malibu and Midnight Apple), but I'll probably order another 7-ml bottle at some point.

  19. Relaxing vape review by Ophelia

    The first inhale hinted a scent of tobacco. The exhale gave off a sweet refreshing taste. It felt like paradise! I felt relaxed afterwards! The throat hit was alright, wasn't too good or too bad! This is something to try if you want to vape on more than just tobacco!

  20. Trip to paradise review by Michele

    Tiki Juice e-liquid came highly recommended a while back. I had tried the flavor and had mixed feelings about it. This is definitely one of those flavors that you need to get use to at first. I like the slightly sweet, tobacco flavor with a touch of menthol. It tastes even better when you add a couple additional drops of menthol. This product has good vape production. Who am I kidding, I haven't had a Halo liquid that didn't have great vape production! If you enjoy a mixture of different tones, this one may be for you.

  21. Very, very nice review by Cheryl

    I received this as a free gift and I must say I love it! I taste cinnamon with a hint of marshmallow and clove. The menthol is very light and I don't taste cigar at all. Tiki Juice is definitely staying in my rotation. I don't love gourmet flavors but this is a light tobacco base with wonderful sweet and spicy notes. Well done, Halo!

  22. Unique review by Gregory

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this Tiki Juice e-liquid! The flavor is so unique! My best description would be spiced rum mixed with tobacco. It has a faint vanilla and menthol taste. I can taste the spices, but just can't identify any of them. It also has great vapor production and a smooth throat hit. It’s a 5 star vape in my opinion. Give it a try, and I am sure you will love it.

  23. Bold! review by Larry

    Tiki Juice is a bold and unique flavor. I can best describe it as a tobacco flavor with a cinnamon and clove exhale. This flavor is big on taste! I received it as a free sample and I was pleasantly surprised.

  24. A great anytime vape review by Scott

    Like Tribeca, don’t let the word tobacco scare you into not trying this liquid. It’s all about the tropical flavors and they are awesome. I was worried that the menthol didn’t sound like it would go with tropical flavors but it pairs amazingly well. If you are looking to mix up your flavors or for something fun, this is it.

  25. Sweet with a throat hit. review by Big MIKE

    This is a really bold flavor that's great if you like the dessert flavors. It is very sweet. Beyond that there is a complex blend of spices that come along with it. Like some of the other reviews, I didn't really get the menthol flavor at all. That being said, I didn't really feel that it was missing anything. Finally, it is very bold and packs a punch with the throat hit.

  26. My #1 Halo Juice review by Constantine

    Out of the ten or so Halo e-liquids I've tried, this is the best one I've had so far! I can't quite put my finger on the flavor of this one though. All I know is that it’s incredibly smooth and quite nice! I don't usually like tobacco flavors but the tobacco in this is so subtle I hardly notice. You should give it a shot!

  27. Really Unique and Tasty review by Kristen

    This is a really unique flavor. It definitely has a cinnamon and clove taste. I really don’t taste the hint of a menthol, but it’s a really unique flavor. It's a great flavor and I definitely recommend it if you like spice blends.

  28. 5 out of 5 review by SubliminalZombie

    I'm loving the new boxes Halo has put the premium 30ml bottles in. They are very fancy and classy. This Tiki Juice flavor reminds me of a warm, cozy, island getaway. I give this a 5/5 and will definitely get more.

  29. Different review by Alejandro

    This is a complex flavor. It’s sweet and has a little touch of cinnamon, which is unlike anything I've had. I recommend it!

  30. My favorite! review by TulkasValar

    After trying various flavors, Tiki Juice has become my favorite! It hits smooth and it’s full of complex flavors. It reminds me of a sweet pipe tobacco. Great creation Halo, please always manufacture this flavor.

  31. Awesome! A must try! review by Kyle

    This is by far my favorite vape. The cinnamon and mint combination is wonderful and makes it an all-day vape for me.

  32. Fruity review by M

    I referred a friend to the Halo brand when he was shopping for e-cigs and he purchased Tiki Juice as one of his first e-liquids. He let me try it and I must say, I may purchase it. Though it is advertised strictly as a tobacco flavor, I found it to be reminiscent of the Malibu, which is fruity and tropical. However, unlike Malibu, this e-liquid delivers thick smoke, a heavy flavor, and a noticeable scent. I suppose those bold qualities are why it is listed under the Tobacco category. Overall, a strong and enjoyable e-liquid that is recommended for nights at the beach.

  33. Favorite Halo E-Liquid review by J

    The tobacco and gourmet sample packs yielded some good finds, but I have to say, this one surprised me the most. It’s very tough to describe, but I would say it’s a mix of spices, like cinnamon and cloves. It has a definite flavor but it's also very mellow, which allows me to vape it all day long. I will be buying a 30ml bottle soon. Don't change the formula!

  34. All Time Favorite review by Julie

    I love the Tiki Juice! This is one amazing vape. I seem to be unable to differentiate the flavors and that keeps it interesting. I mix the Tiki with SubZero, Kringle’s Curse, and a few drops of a berry blend. Marvelous!

  35. Interesting and Intense review by Patrick

    I got a sample of the Tiki Juice. My go-to is Prime15. When I first tried it I couldn't stand it, but after it sat some of the flavors mellowed in the best way possible. I usually mix it with Prime15, but keep a tank full of this as well. It has become a good change up for me.

  36. Perfect review by Dan

    Tiki Juice is my favorite juice out of the 13 Halo flavors I've tried so far. It's a perfectly balanced all day vape. It's sweet and smooth but not overpowering nor bland. It's impossible to describe the taste perfectly, but I'll try. I would describe it as a combination of Malibu Rum with more of a fruity flavor than a coconut flavor. It also has a little cinnamon twist that's very mild and smooth. Complicated, right? Just try it, it's awesome.

  37. Shocking! review by Rob

    Subzero is my all day vape but Tiki Juice shocked my taste buds with its strong unique flavors. Personally, it is not an all day vape for me but it is certainly a nice treat every now and then. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to try a different taste, who knows this may be your favorite e-liquid!

  38. Awesome Flavor review by Alex

    I tried the smaller bottle and will be ordering the larger bottle soon. It has a great vapor production and a nice throat hit. Tiki Juice is one of my favorite all day vapes.

  39. AWESOME!!!! review by HarrySmooth

    Tiki Juice is one of those flavors you just can not put down! I suggest to not let the "hint of menthol" scare you off. It is such a miniamal amount that you barely notice. The base flavors of Tahitian tobacco and sweet tropical notes makes this blend another one of my favorites. Like all of Halo's e-liquids, Tiki is very complex blend that will leave you wanting more and more! I can't say enough about Halo blends. In my opinion, they are the very best money can buy. I suggest to try them, I promise, you will not be sorry!

  40. Really tasty review by JOSS

    This is really good and I would recommend it to anyone trying e-liquid for the first time. This really mixes well with other flavors.

  41. Flavors review by Adam

    Tiki Juice is a great tasting e-liquid but I just can't seem to put a finger on what exactly it is I am vaping. I got a 7ml bottle but I went through it quickly and ordered a bigger bottle!

  42. Amazing review by Chris

    I love the taste of Tahitian tobacco so this was a must do. Iw as not disappointed at all. I can't get enough of the mild menthol added which I normally dislike menthol flavors.The menthol in Tiki Juice and Twisted Java is just a pleasant mint additive. It is easily worth throwing in a small bottle to your order.

  43. Wow review by Neville

    Tiki Juice is a real surprise. It is awesome with a cup of coffee and as an all day vape. Halo, don't ever stop making this e-liquid. It is my all time favorite.

  44. wow just wow review by reza

    I just started into the vaping world and Tiki Juice is my favorite tasting e-liquid.

  45. Surprised review by Everett

    I really didn't know what to expect of Tiki Juice when I first got it. It was probably the only one which I didn't expect much of but for whatever reason over time it has become one of my favorites. The flavor is solid but it is not overpowering and I can vape this one for quite some time compared to other e-liquids. When I place my order I will get Tiki Juice again.

  46. Favorite juice, by far! review by Aeyla

    Tiki Juice was the first e-liquid I tried when my fiance ordered his Triton sysytem. I was immediately sold by the scent, sweet taste, and his reaction. This is superior and Tiki Juice is still my favorite after trying 6 flavors. It has a mild but noticable throat hit that is balanced by a sligh menthol sensation. Also, it's sweet scent reminds me of Autumn for some reason and it is strikingly pleasant!

  47. Tiki bliss review by Corey

    I took a chance and ordered a 30ml bottle of this simply from reading the reviews. One of my Triton Tanks basically always has Tribeca in it and the other usually has Tiki Juice. It is great to be able to swap back and forth between the two because they as so drastically different. When I first vaoed on Tiki Juice, I immediately wanted to compare it to the flavor of the pink bubblegum. After a few vape sessions, my appreciation for Tiki Juice grew on me. It has a very enjoyable, mild spice flavor with tropical undertones. The spice and tropical flavors are overpowering and are in great balance with each other. It has a mild throat hit and produces enormous amounts of vapor. I will always have Tiki Juice in stock and highly suggest that you give it a try. I would suggest buying the 30ml bottle because the small bottle is not enough liquid to fully appreciate this flavor.

  48. One of Halo's best review by Scott

    Tiki Juice was the second e-liquid that I vaped and my first was Tribeca. However, Tiki Juice is still one of my favorites. Halo's says that Tiki Juice has a hint of menthol but I think menthol is the dominant flavor here. Inormally don't like menthol flavors but I love it in this unique concoction. It is anchored by a smooth, mild, billowy gust of pipe tobacco, and topped with a sweet but nebulous tropical kiss. I think the real reason I like Tiki Juice so much is that it reminds me of one of the pipe tobaccos my grandfather smoked when I was a child. I will never forget the smell of his pipe.

  49. Spicy review by Dan

    A little bit of a clove flavor with a nice mellow vape. My wife loves it and it is well worth it to try.

  50. Absolutely Amazing Taste review by Joanne

    This flavor is phenomenial it is one of my 3 favorites but it is very very hard to describe. I just ordered a bit bottle of it. It is not menthol at all even though the description says it has a hint of the menthol base. I like a hint of flavor but not too much and this is perfect for that. It is sweet but not cloying and it doesn't taste fruity or a cigar like other sweet flavors. It is almost like you have a piece of flavored bubble gum in your mouth while your vaping. This is how I would describe it the best. My everyday flavor is Freedom Juice but when I want something a bit different I will either use this or add a few drops of it to my mini tank that has Freedom Juice. This is worth the try for everyone who uses the Halo system.

  51. not sure review by Cathy

    I am not sure what exactly I am tasting but I really like it. I think the fruit and menthol combo confuses my taste buds but in a great way! I am definiately going to get a larger bottle of Tiki Juice.

  52. Something different review by Billy

    In my opinion, Tiki Juice works the best with a low ohm coil.

  53. Beautiful complex Vape review by Lola

    The best way to describe this e-liquid, in my opinion, is completely satisfying. The flavor is very full with a clove spice top note, but a rich deep base. It partially reminds me of a Dr. Pepper soda without the sweetness. It really is the perfect balance and leaves a beautiful spicy smell (not at all offensive) in the air. I highly recommend this to those who like full flavors that can stand on their own as rich and unique.

  54. Pretty good actually review by Christopher

    I was at my local shop today and the guy was letting some people try the juices out. Tiki Juice was one of many Halo flavors I have not had a chance to try so I figured I would give it a shot. As usual Halo does not dissapoint me and it was a very good. It has a sweet tropical kind of taste, nice throat hit, and like all Halo's e-liquids it provides a ton of vapor for a big hit.

  55. Interesting and Complex review by thepm

    Tiki Juice is a very interesting juice it has a fruity, floral, start but then a minty, spicy flavor and on the exhale you get earthy tones. This is a very complex juice and I have to admit that I didn’t't like it the first time. However, I found myself wanting more right after and it is currently one of my go to flavors. Also, I tried blending it 75/25 with the 25 being Halo's Kringle's Curse and it retains most of its complexity with a stronger mint thoughout which was very nice.

  56. Growing on Me review by Tamara

    When I first tried Tiki Juice in a sample pack, I was completely thrown off. It is a tropical punch mixed with mint. I really enjoyed the rich vapor and it produces a truly great throat hit. The flavor was so different from the Turkish Tobacco and Tribeca which are my favorites. As a new vaper, I didn't really understand the concept of flavored vapor in my mouth and throat. However, I have continually sampled it in a special cartomzier that I keep just for my Tiki Juice. I have to say my initial impression has entirely changed. This is a zero-calorie dessert! I have to say for me the best time for Tiki Juice is right after a really great, savory meal. It is better than an after dinner Pina Colada!

  57. Wonderfully exotic and tropical review by James

    Tiki Juice is one of the first flavors of Halo's e-liquid that I have tried and a big fan of. It provides a very satisfying throat hit and the tropical flavor is exotic. It is not overpowering or harsh in any way. It is just a smooth, fruit and soothing flavor. You will enjoy this one!

  58. Tiki Juice review by Rodney

    I really like how the tobacco and cinnamon flavors come together. This is a very good e-liquid to vape.

  59. SECOND GO TO review by Jay

    Tiki Juice is my second to go to from Turkish Tobacco. I usually use Tiki juice in the evening. The flavor is a relaxing experience that makes me feel like I'm sitting poolside with a Pina Colada!!

  60. So sweet and tropical review by Amanda

    In my opinion, Tiki Juice is a summer vape. It's light, a little sweet, and has a definite tropical aftertaste. The vapor is thick, the throat hit is solid and smooth. I personally taste a touch of menthol. Tiki wasn't my personal favorite (Menthol V is my forever vape) but it's a nice after dinner vape. I would recommend it to people who like a lighter vapor. As always a massive thanks to Halo for lightening fast overseas delivery!

  61. Interesting! review by Karen

    I was skeptical with my first vape of Tiki Juice BUT I am pleasantly surprised! I LOVE the mix of spices and this is going to be yet another one I will be ordering in a 30ml bottle! It is very smooth and a nice throat hit. I think this is going to be a go to for me and of course it was what would I had expected. Halo has proven to me again and again that their juices are TOP NOTCH!

  62. CHI TEA LATTE with a creamy balance, and fresh air feeling. review by jesse

    An amazing vape and flavor. This juice surprised me on all the flavor it has directly out of the mailbox. No steeping necessary. The best way to describe this is a semi sweet, semi spice, exotic vape with a cool feeling. It feels like you are breathing in fresh cool air after being in a hot humid zone. I always liked clove flavored juices, but this one by far blows them off the charts. Even though this isn't much of a clove vape but it resembles that with hints of cinnamon, ginger and maybe honey vanilla or hazelnut. The flavor is so well blended its hard to tell, but it has a creamy taste to make it so smooth, just like chi tea latte, with a cool feeling, but no menthol taste. Oh yeah!!!

  63. Clove and Cinnimon and Menthol ... OH MY!! review by Dana

    The first vape hit was amazing! WOW!! If you have been looking for a "clove" flavor, then this juice is for you. I can't say enough about the clove and cinnamon spice flavors of the Tiki Juice - I LOVE IT and I'm hooked!! I am looking forward to my next hit. The aroma is very comforting and reminds me of mulled wine or cider simmering on the stove.

  64. Great all day! review by William

    Halo has blown my e-liquid expectations out of the water with this one. Don't let the menthol scare you away from trying this e-liquid. Wow the exotic spices hit my tongue!! I knew I had a special juice after playing around with wattage and tanks. The variable voltage battery is set at 3.4 to 3.5 volts or 5.0 to 5.5 watts which was the best for me with Tiki. My wife likes it to taste more menthol than spice and she will bump it up to 3.8 volts or 6.5 watts with the same 2.1 ohm coil. However, if you chain vape this e-liquid at a high wattage there is a chance of burning this juice and will lose the great spice flavors. There is a great vapor production even at low wattage, medium to low throat hit. With that being said, it won't choke you in the morning. This is my only morning vape with my first cup of coffee. It seem to stimulate you olfactory and make other juice taste better.

  65. Different review by christian

    I never really vape a cinnamon flavor but I like this one and I get a slight menthol taste to it as well.

  66. An extremely unique taste (in a good way). review by Chris

    I wasn't sure what to expect by the description and now I am currently enjoying it. I still can't quite place all of the flavors but it was very good just really hard to describe. A complex blend that hits all the right notes and keeps you guessing. Halo keeps making such great flavors that my juice list is growing like crazy. I'm not a clove or menthol fan but the subtleness of the flavor and light accent in there makes me enjoy it. I am loving it. I didn't think I would like the spice notes nearly as much as I do. If you want a unique experience, give this one a try.

  67. BEST E-LIQUID EVER! review by Will

    I purchased this e-juice thinking it would be like any other. Wow...was I wrong!!! It has some of the most pleasant undertones of any flavor I've had. I will continue to purchase this product as long as it is made. My friends and family love the aroma from it. Halo needs to make an incense of TIKI JUICE lol

  68. maybe for others review by allen

    I taste cinnamon but I just don't care for cinnamon flavors. With that being said, this is still a decent juice when I vape at low voltage ab 3.2-3.5.

  69. Five star blend review by Jordan

    I got this flavor earlier today and have been happily enjoying it since. I just put an order for a 30ml bottle as it is truly that good. If you're looking for a singular vaping experience, you truly can't go wrong here.

  70. Great Flavor!! review by Lisa

    I really love the flavor of Tiki Juice in a 12mg of nicotine. It really has a nice throat hit, gives it a cinnamon and spicy flavor to it. It goes great with a morning coffee, late night movie watching, or just relaxing. Tiki is very soothing and a nice dessert after eating a good steak!

  71. Another great vape from Halo review by Eric

    Although this is not my favorite Voodoo is but I would put this as my second.

  72. Y U M M Y review by Angela

    At first I didn't like at all, it tasted like cloves which I do not like. I let it sit out over night and I picked it up in the morning and WOW!! I taste cinnamon when I inhale and slight menthol on exhale. I LOVE IT.
    It still smells like clove in the air, but I don't mind it because it tastes so good! I have been vaping this straight since I got it..... I don't think I will get sick of this flavor at all!!! Halo really hit it straight on with Tiki! LOVE LOVE LOVE It. It is really something so unique. I have not had it before and probably wont find anywhere else!

  73. Tiki Juice review by Matthew

    This is one of my absolute favorites from Halo. My initial thought after trying this out was it was "Christmas" in my mouth! Gingerbread, little menthol,'s REALLY hard to pin point the flavors...and all I could keep coming back to is "Christmas" in my mouth. It is truly fantastic! My ONLY issue is that this does gunk up your coils relatively quick!!! Tribeca for me needs to be cleaned every day to every other depending on how much I was vaping...however, Tiki Juice for me needed to be cleaned daily! That's my only gripe...I'm new to this, and only have 3 tanks for my Triton system, so I think one I get a few more and can "alternate" without having to clean them regularly it won't be such a nuisance.My wife tried this in her G6 and loved it, I used it in my 1300mah battery with both 2.2, 2.6 and 3.2 coils and the flavor was pretty spot on. I do prefer this one on my VV Triton, because I can tune it just right with the 3.2 coils to where it doesn't gunk up the coil too fast, but I can still have the flavor. I accidentally put this one in my VV with the 2.2 coil...and within 2 hits, it was burnt :( Bummer for me...and I do wish Halo would find a way to easily note which coil was which...either by stamping them, or changing the color on the rubber piece. I had 3 coils and accidentally (in a rush) used the wrong one. So that was 2.5 ml of juice down the drain :(

  74. TASTY! review by Matt

    This is a very good tasting e-liquid with a smooth throat hit. I highly recommend this. 5 Stars!!!

  75. Amazing review by Jamie

    This is by far my favorite e-liquid and it is my main flavor I use!

  76. This stuff is amazing! review by st

    I am truly addicted to this stuff! It is amazing, smooth, and tasty!

  77. Perfect if.... review by John

    Don't really hate it, but definitely well below the other Halo flavors I have tried. Tastes almost exactly like inscents smell. I can see how some would like it, but would never, EVER, mistake Tiki for a Marlboro like one. Halo's description is accurate. I would suggest trying a sample puff or ten at your local Vape shop instead of relying on other people's taste buds.

  78. Tike Juice Great! review by Nancy

    Tiki Juice meets all our needs and more. We recommend Tiki Juice for people who are not methol users. Tiki tastes like Marlboro....or is very close. Tiki is smooth, and enjoyable!

  79. 2nd ADV from Halo... review by Christopher

    I got to try a bunch of flavors from Halo today at our Local Vapor Shop and this one really stood out. As soon as I tried it, my eyes lit up. Like many Halo liquids, it's complex. It has a mellow-tobacco and a warm-spice base note, with a trace of menthol on the exhale. Some have said gingerbread cookie or snap which isn't inaccurate, but it's harder to describe than that for me. I bought a 30ml bottle right there. Midnight Apple is still my ADV, but now I have a tank of Tiki that I bring everywhere too. Thanks Halo.

  80. Hmmmm.... review by Brady

    This is a very interesting flavor, I can see why they call it Tiki Juice. It has a sweet mild tobacco flavor, with a hint of menthol and an intense spicey (not hot) flavor. Being a nonmenthal smoker, the menthol in this was just too much for me. All in all, not a bad flavor, but I probably won't buy this one again.

  81. It's A Gingerbread Cookie!!! review by Elik Anoa'i

    Ok, this one Halo got the flavor profile completely wrong! Here's what it says about Tiki Juice-
    Based on a Tahitian Tobacco profile, Tiki Juice E-liquid is a hybrid tobacco e-liquid blend that offers excellent vapor and throat hit. Built on a spiced tobacco base with sweet tropical top notes, this unique flavor e-liquid also has a hint of our proprietary menthol base. Tiki Juice E-liquid offers a unique tropical flavor that splits the difference between 'tobacco' and 'dessert' flavors...

    Ummmm? No!!! This e juice tastes exactly like a gingerbread cookie!
    Nothing else. I picked up the spicy ginger top notes along with cinnamon and vanilla. Very subtle hints of tobacco. They mentioned that it splits the difference between tobacco and dessert flavors. No, this is a straight up gourmet flavor and I LOVE IT! Heck! I already love gingerbread cookies and cake. This e juice, although a bit on the dark side, produces a ton of vapor and has great TH! I will make this my holiday vape along with Kringle's Curse. It's absolutely Yummy. Halo should re-brand this liquid as Ginger Bread Man! Lol- seriously! Make it a part of their holiday lineup with Kringle's Curse and give away free samples during Christmas time. I'm placing an order for (2) 30 ml bottles of this juice for Christmas. I love it!

  82. Favorite review by Christine

    This is my favorite E-liquid for sure. I love the earthy notes and aroma that I get from this. It is a smooth all day vape for me. I would recommend giving this a try if you haven't yet.

  83. Tasty Tropical Tobacco review by Amanda

    This is a good choice, but I prefer Malibu over this flavor. If you like more of a tobacco flavor than the Malibu, I'd definitely recommend this. Good throat hit. Not a bad aftertaste. Pretty solid, but not my favorite.

  84. Awesome review by Brian

    Another all day vape! I like how many other reviewers find this flavor very hard to describe. One word comes to mind for me: excellent. I do not get the hints of menthol as others do. However, the tropical tobacco blend puts itself on the top of my list of favorites. Every future purchase of this liquid will be in the form a 30 ml bottle.

  85. Very nice review by Menthol4life

    As a menthol lover, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this but I totally do! It's actually very clove-like which I have always liked.I haven't tried it in my mini tank yet, but I put it in a cartomizer to try it out first. I'm sure I'll only like it more once in a tank.

    Even if you're a menthol lover give this a try....I'm glad I did and will definitely stay in rotation.

  86. BOMB!!! review by B

    This was my first time trying a tobacco flavor based liquid. I love it! It's my everyday vape! When I first tried it, I went on the website and read the details about the flavor, and everything is so spot on. I'm not a big fan of menthol, so the very subtle hint of menthol in this was just right. I ABSOLUTELY love the tropical blend. Perfection in a bottle.

  87. very different review by Andrew

    I really can't pin point the flavors, but it's a semi sweet tobacco flavor. I let it steep for 3 days upon arrival, and it has a great throat hit and is very smooth. I definitely like it and would order again.

  88. my favorite! review by mrstheory

    I've tried most of halo's flavors and I finally found a favorite! I was on a mission to find a dessert flavor I liked enough to vape regularly. My first thought of tiki juice was that it reminded me of ginger snap cookies. It is very smooth and satisfying but I never want to put it down because it tastes so good! I go through a lot of tiki juice.

  89. excellent refreshing flavor review by Brandon

    I was unsure of this product being new to vaping and disliking menthol. I ordered all 12 of the tobacco flavors and every day I vape on the tiki juice. Is has a nice refreshing menthol after taste and a nice smooth tropical sweetness to it. Awesome after a day at work to relax with of an evening I strongly recommend trying this one even if the menthol sounds like a turn off.

  90. Great tropical tobacco review by Charles

    I couldn't wait to try this one. Tiki juice is definitely a satisfying vape. I ordered the 7 ml bottle just to try it but I will be ordering a 30 ml very soon. I've been vaping for 2 years now and tried many vendors. None even come close to halo's quality or consistency.

  91. tiki juice is perfect for those wishing for a tropical experience not overpowered review by mike

    Tiki offers a hint of a tropical dessert with a far more sophisticated finish. A touch of the islands but a finish that is rich & pecante & will leave you trying to decide what those more subtle finishing notes could be, exactly. Which is my favorite part anyway.

  92. best eliquid I have used review by bsammy2010

    Tiki Juice is by far the best eliquid I have used. It is great for an all day vape.

  93. Dont Sweat the Menthol review by Brian

    There is just barely a hint of menthol, if you arent a menthol lover dont let this dissuade you from trying this lovely juice.

    Menthol, is not the first, second or even third thing you notice about it when vaping, yes it is there, but as a subtle binding of the main flavorings.

    And as Halo said, rightly so... this is another one of those hybrid dessert/tobacco juices, which seems to be a common thing for Halo. Always hard to really pigeon hole their juices.

  94. Very Interesting Taste review by Don

    Tiki Juice has a very unique tobacco flavor with hints of sweetness added on. Its a nice flavor if you are looking for something different than usual, but I would not advise buying this as your first tobacco flavor. It is excellent if you want to mix things up and vape with a very unique strong tasting e-liquid. Its after taste is a little strange but I enjoy the smell it leaves in the room. Putting just a few drops of this in Kringle's Curse will make a very nice flavor I have found. If you vape regularly with tobacco flavors, I would recommend that you pick some of this up if your looking for something a bit different.



  96. Interesting Flavor review by Austin

    It took some getting used to at first but it grew on me and now I enjoy it. It is a very unique flavor and has a good menthol taste mixed with cinnamon undertones. It has a very crisp and smooth vapor. I would order it again as an extra every now and then flavor.

  97. better second time around review by Andrew

    When I tried it at first I was skeptical. I switched to a different one than went for another go and i'm very happy with the results. The spice isn't overwhelming at all, and that little bit of menthol really tops it off.

  98. Amazing review by holden

    I got this ejuice about a month ago and I've only used it once. At first I really liked it even though it hadn't steeped yet. Now that it has had a chance to steep for a long while I came back to it. It makes such a huge difference. Halos juice really benefits from steeping, much more than any other brand of juice I've tried. I would really recommend letting it sit with the cap off for 24 hours before using it. I like it a lot better than I did before. The color has even changed a lot. It's now a very appealing redish orange color. As for the flavor it's superb. I love the little hint of menthol you get on the exhale. Pure menthol flavors are usually too much for me so this is a great way to get that feeling without being overwhelmed. I first used it in the tanks that come with the triton kit, but now I'm using the aspire nautilus and it makes the flavor so much better. You can really tell that halos juices are painstakingly engineered to taste great, especially in a tank that really brings out the flavor. This isn't my favorite halo juice, tribeca has that honor, but it is still an amazing flavor. This could really be my all day vape. And it is always the one I turn to when I want the slight menthol flavor. Overall it's really good and I would recommend it to anyone that likes halos products. Great job halo.

  99. good review by Kenneth

    Good mixture of tobacco and fruity flavor. It was good as a starter and got me started looking for other fruit flavors.

  100. Subtle, satisfying e-cig flavor for occassional vaping poolside review by Josh

    My wife and I ordered this liquid when we first purchased our tank systems, and we were quite happy with this flavor. While not our favorite for all day vaping, it offered a subtle menthol flavor with tropical undertones for occasional vaping. For someone who regularly uses menthol it might not have enough menthol in the hit to be satisfying, but for someone who likes an occasional menthol hit, this flavor is just right. Along with the tropical flavor to it, Tiki Juice would make for a great flavor to take to the beach or to a summer BBQ.

  101. Overall good review by Alex

    I bought this e-liquid as my first one to use for my new vaporizer, Now although it doesn't taste like a cigarrete per say, the flavor i compare it to is spicy coca-cola. Which tasted good to me personally. Definitely worth getting it if you want a new unique flavor for your vape.

  102. I was vaping into uncharted territory. review by Kevin

    Yes I read the description, yes I knew it had a menthol base (I am not a fan of menthol), but my curiosity got the best of me. Let it steep for over 3 weeks hoping the menthol would mellow down some. Tiki just was not for me. I didn't get the taste of any type of tobacco undertone, the spice and menthol was just to overwhelming for my taste. I thought I would give it a try since alot of people do like this. Halo juices can catch you with a surprisingly great vape experience, despite the description. But this one just was not for me.

  103. Great Flavor review by daniel

    Really good liquid got flavor of its own tastes like nothing else i've ever tried.

  104. Very good vape! review by Diana Prince

    I'm not much of a tobacco flavor person...usually opting for menthol. I'm so glad I ordered this though. It does have a very slight menthol finish but the thing I love the most are the spice notes. Specifically, I can pick out a nutmeg and clove. I will be reordering this for sure in a larger size.

  105. Similar to a clove cigarette review by Christopher

    I tried a sample bottle of this flavor with my last order and have to say it is amazing. I was never a fan of plain tobacco, so this was a very good choice for me. You can taste the mild tobacco flavor which has a touch of sweetness to it. What really impressed me was the clove flavor on top. It was not too overpowering and added great depth to the flavor. I doubt I could make this an every day juice, but it is definitely something I will be ordering more of in the future.

  106. just LOVE IT!! review by Groupie

    This e-juice is soooooo delicious!!!!!

    I ordered expecting less but i just love it...

    Its a sweet favor but not as sweet as tribeca... I read other commentary with the description of "spicy" and i got scared.... But i wouldn't use spicy as a description...

    delicious is the real description!!!

    I'll order the big bottleee :D!!

  107. Tiki is the best review by Anthony

    Has to be the best eLiquid ever. Hs a pleasant aroma that some people refer to as a light cherry pipe tobacco. The taste is full of spice and throat hit is excellent. Great amount of vapor too!

  108. Unexpected pleasure... review by David

    On a recent order I decided to give Tiki a try....(all of the other Halo flavors I tried had met or exceeded my expectations, so I figured...what the heck!).....I filled up a tank and was very, very pleased with this e-liquid.......nice vapor....decent throat hit....and the flavor was just so clean and "relaxing"....nice job Halo....nice job again!

  109. dark and warm review by Paul

    Totally was surprised by this one. Was expecting to have a fruity taste but instead found it has a dark almost spicy taste. Kind of reminds me of vanilla pipe tobacco. Its hard to pinpoint but its definitely a good smooth and satisfying smoke.
    Adding this to my favorites.

  110. Not Bad But Could Be Better review by Alice

    The description says that Tiki offers a good throat hit and I did not find this to be true. I ordered this and Tribeca at the same time and Tribeca has a much better throat hit. I can't tell that I'm inhaling anything with Tiki. I didn't detect the tropical undertones either. It tastes like sweet clove to me. It's not a bad taste by any means, just not what I was expecting and the lack of throat hit is a deal breaker for me. Not to mention this jiuce is thicker and darker and I feel like I have to pull longer/harder to get a good vapor going.

  111. Growing on Me review by ryan

    I received this in the mail yesterday and was very excited to try it out. Initially, I strongly disliked it. It's really starting to grow on me though. The vapability of this flavor at 18mg is fantastic. The TH and the cloud is perfect for me and will surely be a favorite to many. It just may not be my favorite flavor. I'm using a G6 with mini tanks and also an EGO Twist with an Evod tank.

  112. Wow! review by Kyle

    What a great option! I have never been a minty type fan but this is a great break from the tabacco flavors. Very smooth yet a great throat hit and easy to vape all day long!

  113. Good not Great review by Eric

    I've noticed some other reviewers have had the same feelings about this juice as I have. It is hard to pin down the flavors. There definitely are fruit flavors in there and a very mild menthol hint. I can't say there is anything I really dislike about this juice but its not something I'd buy again but can see why others would.

  114. not for me..... review by Tim

    Too much in the fruity side for me. If you're a hardcore tobacco person, I venture to say you will not like. If you're a gourmet person wanting to dip your toe and experiment in the world of tobacco flavours, this is an excellent place to start.

  115. wow... review by Tim

    I have an extreme dislike for menthol juice. This has an unmistakeable distinct menthol taste, but it's not predominant, and actually positively enhances the overall flavor. Beyond that, I find it difficult if not impossible to describe this juice. This is now numero uno in my rotation. All I can say is, try it - you won't be disappointed.

  116. Delicious review by Kirk

    Sweetness balanced well with menthol. Huge vape. Delicious, will order again.

  117. Jesus. review by John

    Best ejuice ever. I am so addicted to this stuff its stupid. The taste alone even with 0 mg. For anyone wondering it does have a cool (I dont want to say menthol) taste because its not menthol that everyone else thinks of. It's all taste in a cooling way. No minty menthol taste 10/10 amazing premium juice. Id stock my whole collection with this.

  118. Excellent review by Jon

    This e-liquid is very tasty! I cant exactly pinpoint what this tastes like because i believe it has a unique taste and theres nothing else like it. all i know is it tastes very good! I just ordered a little bottle and will now be getting a big bottle so if you are looking for a new tobacco e liquid to try i highly suggest tiki juice!

  119. Wow! review by Saiho

    This is my favorite of all juices I've tried so far. Sometimes it's like sweet pipe tobacco, sometimes like cinnamon or cloves and sometimes I get a "woody" scent. And when I have it with my espresso I could swear it tastes like chocolate. I was worried that "tropical" would mean a lot of pineapple or mango taste, but it's nothing like that, to me it tastes more like desert than tropical. And the menthol hint just brings everything together perfectly without being overwhelming.
    Amazing juice, I'm really impressed with this one.

  120. Certainly Different but Pretty Good review by Mike T

    I just got some of this Tiki Juice E Liquid and at first I was a little hesitant because it had a very unique taste to it. However, after a night of vapeing this juice I really started to enjoy it. It has a very sweet taste which I expected, but it had a vanilla-like aftertaste to it as well. I had read someones review saying that it is similar to a "cloves exhale." I apologize, but I didn't taste or smell any resemblance of a clove at all. Reading that review was mostly the reason I bought this product but I was very happy with it none the less. The only true con I noticed in this product is the throat hit. Unfortunately, it just isn't there even at the 18mg/ml that I purchased. Other than that its a great product and I would really recommend you give Tiki Juice a try.

  121. A touch of the exotic review by brooklen

    This is a very unique vape, smooth but even smoother after steeping it a little. I don't get all that much of the menthol that others are getting, but I do get the clove with overtones of tobacco. Could be a go to all-day vape after it mellows out. But without any steep, it is all about the clove. What a nice, totally different change of pace. I would definitely give it a try.

  122. Unique review by Jon

    One of a kind unique flavor. Very smooth and great tasting. First tobacco flavor ive tried and I like it. Also Tiki Juice has great vapor production! I recommend anyone looking for a good tobacco flavor to try tiki juice.

  123. Joy ride! review by Ron

    Halo causes a problem for me, to many great liquids!
    I have 9 coils in use that i switch when i change liquid in my tank, Halo turns vaping into a joyride.
    Tiki is a fruity fresh all day vape, to me not really a tobacco flavor but great non the less!

  124. Good flavor review by Melissa

    I never was a fan of menthol, but I thought would give this a try anyway. I first tried this juice about five days after receiving it and it had a lot of perfume taste, so I put it up for about two weeks. After that it as much better and very unique. But, I have discovered that I still don't like menthol, so even though it is mild menthol, it ruined it for me. I did really enjoy the flavor and it was very unique. I would buy it again if they would sell it without menthol.

  125. The Unique Tiki review by DaveOno

    Spices and sweetness with the tobacco, menthol is very slight. Out of the aromatic tobacco flavors, Tiki stands alone. This is not a subtle flavor. It is complex, exotic, and a great change-up from Torque and Prime. It also really fills a room with it's scent. My car smells amazing now!

  126. Delicious review by Adam

    This flavor came off a bit spicy at first, but I got used to it very quickly. The taste is very subtle actually, a perfect blend of tobacco, spice, and a sweet undertone. Very good throat hit, even with 12mg nicotine, good vapor, and very satisfying, I'm currently vaping it all day.

  127. Menthol! review by A

    I feel like this one should be classified as Menthol. I personally am not a fan of menthol, unfortunately the menthol flavor was too strong for my taste.

  128. Fruity and Amazing! review by Priscilla

    Tiki is one of the most unique juices I have ever vaped. It's fruity with a tobacco undertone, which was a pleasant surprise! I wasn't totally sure I would like this one at first, but I'm so glad I tried it. Any fan or fruit flavors should definitely try Tiki Juice!

  129. 30ml bottle? Yes! review by Benjamin

    Tiki Juice is exactly what I wanted for my daily tank! I really wish Halo would produce more sweet recipes, but until they do, Tiki Juice will suffice! I love the hint of menthol that compliments this sweet throat hit that I get every single time! Make more sweet recipes Halo!

  130. best tobacco flavor! review by Michael

    This is hands down the best tobacco e juice I have ever tried. Very exotic. Spicy, warm, with a slightly sweet after taste. This has become my go to juice for every vape time!

  131. Not bad, but pretty forgettable review by M

    I'm almost not sure Tiki Juice should even be classified in the tobacco category. It definitely has a tobacco undertone, but the majority is a tropical mix of fruits... and then the bit of menthol. I'm just not sure the menthol really works, but aside from that there's the tropical mix which seems really hard to pull out any distinct notes.

  132. very surprised review by steve

    So I was sure this wasn't going to be for me. I didn't think I would like any type of mint or menthol no matter how faint, and fruity liquid is really hit or miss for me. I do really like some Halo tobacco flavors though and a friend of mine said I had to try it. So I ordered a sample size with my last order and WOW this isn't at all how I imagined. The great tobacco flavor is accompanied by some sweet fruity flavor and a cool mint finish! Its delicious, guess I'm not entirely sure what I like, lol. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  133. Quite different from the other options review by Gene

    The Tiki-Juice tobacco is quite interesting to me. It has a fruity/spicy taste mixed with tobacco. I tried it in a mini-tank and found it to be pretty strong.

    I also mixed it with a Triton tank of Malibu and really enjoyed the result.

  134. TIKI TIKI review by Michael

    This fruity tobacco E-liquid has wonderfully sweet and juicy tobacco notes. I love that halo did a fruit/tobacco hybrid! It gives great clouds and solid throat hit. Love this tropical blend! TIKI TIKI!!!!

  135. awesome review by melissa

    I love this flavor!!! I am slowly but surly trying all the flavors but as of now this is one of my favorites. It's wonderful by itself, however, i like to mix it with a little bit of malibu. It's like vaping something tropical. This is now my everyday all day. I always have two tanks full that I smoke all day everyday. This is now one of them. You for sure have to try this flavor.

  136. Not what I expected... review by Julie

    When I heard the name of this juice, I expected a straight up tropical flavor, much like a pineapple or something similar. I was wrong! It has a slightly tropical flavor, but with a bit of spice, and a bit like pipe tobacco, too. It is a very good combination, and I was pleasantly surprised!

  137. Good all day vape! review by Ahouse

    I have tried Tiki Juice a couple times and now ordering it in the larger bottle. It has a nice sweetness and almost creamy flavor to me. It is smooth as a baby's bottom. Good for all day vaping. I recommend to anyone, first timers to pros.

  138. a mind changer review by dave

    I really enjoyed this. My wife is actually taking up vaping over tiki. The nic patch wasn't quite getting the job done. She has the occasional vape off some of my other flavors, but something about tiki got her. She's like a kid with it. Genuine tropical flavor, kind of a tease because you can't quite define what it is. Menthol hint makes it taste clean without hindering flavor.

  139. One of my three staple flavors!! review by John F.

    I've tried almost every flavor Halo has to offer, but I hadn't tried this one yet. But, after reading reviews (both here and at other sites), I decided to just jump in and order a 30 ml bottle. And, WOW... this one absolutely blew me away. It is SO good ... a very complex flavor with a hint of koolada/menthol that just tastes wonderful when you inhale it.

    This has quickly become one of my three primary flavors (Voodoo and my absolute favorite, Southern Classic). I know it isn't for everyone, but I really think you should at least give this one a shot. Oh, and let it steep for a bit before you try it... it gets better over time!

  140. Love Tiki Juice review by Carl

    When I ventured to try Halo's Tiki Juice, I was once again reminded of the love Halo puts into their e-liquid flavors. Though Tiki Juice falls under the Tobacco flavor category, it falls under my yummy dessert like flavors that I savor. The tropical flavor is enhanced by the 'throat hit' I presume comes from the small amount of nicotine I choose, the menthol twist and the flavor itself. If anyone has seen my reviews, they may have noticed that I like to create a picture in the readers mind. It generally comes from my own experiences. You have been on a Hawaiian Cruise for several days. You have just returned from swimming with the turtles and scuba diving off the coast. Seated on the deck at sunset, you pull out your Triton tank system and take a couple of puffs that have the Tiki Juice applied. Oh, and by the way, you have a Mai Tai in front of you and are also contemplating the lobster tail awaiting you in the dining room. You know there is a large smile on your face. There is no smoke in the air and no ash smell, just a beautiful view and a pleasant vape to relish. Tiki Juice is well named and would be a great addition for those that prefer dessert flavors, as well as those that prefer tobacco flavors with a present sweet tropical flavor. So, Halo has another success in an e-liquid flavor, well worth trying at any time.

  141. Exotic & Unique review by Ronda

    Oh what a flavor & different all day long. It's got an exotic spice flavor with a mellow menthol linger. If your out in the cold, it has just a mild menthol flavor. Great vapor production. I now go between Tiki & Voodoo all day long.

  142. Love it! review by Matthew

    This is one of my all day vapes. When I first tried it I was expecting berry flavor, but I probably based that expectation on the red label on the website. I was totally surprised to get a spice taste and a sort of pipe tobacco flavor. I really like this combination.

  143. What a great product! review by Hinano_Paul

    Tiki Juice was my first foray into vaping, and am I glad I took the plunge! This juice sounded right up my alley although I was worried a little as I am not a fan of menthol. But I can attest to the fact that it is just a hint. This juice is fantastic! Wonderfully complex flavors, hints of tobacco, hints of fruit, hints of spice just crazy good. This has become and will be my favorite all day vape. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something a little different that offers different layers of complexity the more you use it. Great job Halo, you have gained a life long customer!

  144. my favorite review by Morgan

    I have tried so many different kind of smoke juice, different brands, and different kind of halo, and I ALWAYS come back to my tiki juice. As previous reviews have said, its hard to describe the flavor, but it is very good. I feel like no matter what kind of smoke juice anyone would lean towards, (tobacco, sweet, menthol, fruity), most would enjoy this! I get the 24 mg, and always mix it with about 1/4 of flavorless fusion. at first I did this to stretch it out and add nicotine (36mg), but I feel like the flavor isn't even compromised by doing so. ENJOY!

  145. Great Spice review by Phillip

    I love this juice. Gentle tobacco flavor, vapes great in clearos at 9-10 watts with excellent vapor production.

    The spice is present and mild, not too in your face but its there. Also seems to have a slight hint of menthol and the tobacco base is very pleasant. Overall, not too sweet but just right! Good all day vape potential.

  146. Pleasently Surprized review by Matt

    This is just another great Juice from Halo. I'm relatively new to Halo's juice, but WOW. So far every juice I have tried, all but one, have been fantastic. And TIKI Juice is no different. Nice throat hit and nice thick satisfying vapor production. I didn't know really what to expect from the description but it has that nice island spice feel to it with just enough menthol to keep me happy. Definitely going to get a 30ml bottle at 18mg right away so that I do not run out. Way to go Halo!!! Out of the Park.

  147. Not for me. review by John

    This is the first Halo juice I didn't like. Maybe it's because I ordered it in 6 mg nic.
    Too mild for me with almost no throat hit. I chalk that up to low nic but the flavor was almost non existent to me and the flavors just eh. The vaper clouds were very good though. It has already steeped a couple weeks and I'll probably put it away for a month and see what happens.

    Flavor 2.5
    TH 3.0
    Vaper 4.5

  148. DIfferent, but in a great way! review by John

    I didn't know what to expect when I first decided to add Tiki Juice in with a sampler order, as the description really doesn't give it enough justice. (The description IS spot on, but until you've tried it, it won't make much sense)

    I got it in the 12mg version, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of vapor that it put out (which I've noticed that across the board, in many of my varying devices, the Halo liquids are serious vapor producers).

    It has a moderate throat hit, but not too overpowering at all... just enough to let you get that feeling that you're vaping something, so in my personal tastes, its just about perfect. I like some throat hit, but I also don't want to be overwhelmed by it either.

    The top note is sweet, but not cloyingly so, and it does remind me of fruits and some of the spices used in Hawai'i (not in a pina colada sense either). I can pick up the tobacco as well, and the finish of the menthol to me rounds this out perfectly. Like the top note, the menthol isn't overly strong, but I think adds to the complexity of the liquid overall.

    If you're on the fence about trying it, I wholeheartedly recommend you to get your nic level of choice in a 7ml and see if its for you. I did it on a whim, and its now in my ADV rotation with the likes of the famous Tribecca.

  149. Tiki vape review by Trevor

    This liquid is GREAT for a dessert vape! Its got a really nice sweet taste upon exhale accompanied by awesome fruity goodness! The menthol in this liquid is subtle and perfectly refreshing! Not an all day for me but its one I would buy again, I get cherry taste out of Tiki Juice and it has nice tobacco undertones.

  150. Not bad but not my favorite review by Mandalin

    Tiki juice..not an all day vape for me. I was really excited about this one but I don't really care for the flavor. I let it steep hoping that it would change the flavor but it still tasted the same. I definitely think Halo as the best e-juice out of all the ones I have tried. This one just missed the mark for me.

  151. Tiki Juice Is awesome!!!!! review by goosecogniac

    This is a nice flavor. It taste like wood mixed with cinnamon. It's definitely getting me in the holiday spirit. It also has a great throat hit. Thanks Halo!

  152. nice after taste review by Robert

    Just like a swisher sweet to me. Same strong tobacco flavor with a similar sweet cherry aftertaste. Not an all day/everyday vap but I do enjoy it quite often.

  153. Tiki magic review by Deneb

    What a surprising but absolutely enjoyable flavor from another world. Definitely one of my all time favorite. So pleasant and smooth and awesome and sweet and satisfying. It's like the very best of a sweet tobacco and a subtly tropical gourmet flavor combined. I don't know how they came out with this juice but it's definitely one of the most pleasant flavor that exists in this world.

  154. Quickly becoming one of my favorites review by Jason

    I tried the tiki juice as soon as I received it in the mail, and at first I really disliked the flavor profile, but I allowed it to steep for a few days and now, holy tiki juice! I can easily vape this all day long. Right now I am rotating between this and Tribeca, just so I don't grow tired of either. It produces clouds of vapor and the throat hit, to me, is surprisingly light. But the flavor, oh the flavor. I can't really put my finger on it. It does have a hint of sweet tobacco and the ever slightest hint of menthol. I also feel that I get a taste akin to vanilla and spice. It is very good! I will definitely purchase a 30ml bottle of tiki juice to add to my rotation.

  155. My favorite! review by Trevor

    After reading reviews on Halo Tiki Juice, I decided to order a large bottle. Good thing I did because I can vape this flavor all day without getting bored. So many complex and delicious flavors that I seem to taste something slightly different each time I pick it up. I received a sample variety pack of e- liquid from Halo after, and of all the flavors, I still come back to this one. To me, it has a spicy flavor which gives way to a slightly menthol and Carmel hint. Sweet aftertaste. Like I said, my favorite.

  156. Impressive. review by Trevor

    When I received the black G6 battery, I noticed it was a very nice matte finish with grippy texture. I hooked it up to the charger and was surprised at the short charging time. I purchased a G6 mini tank with this battery and they thread together easily and tight. The performance was surprisingly better than other e-cigs I have tried in the past. There is a good amount of resistance of air on inhale. A good 5 second inhale produces tons of vapor for such a small mod. The best part of the G6 in my opinion is that I can comfortably carry it at work and vape discreetly. When I do show it to people, they comment on how elegant it looks and on how much vapor it produces. I have also had people comment on how good the vapor smells compared to smoke. I use the G6 in my house and everyone is fine with it. I might add that the battery lasts through a whole mini tank of Halo e-liquid and then some. Overall, I am very happy with this product and have referred it to many friends.

  157. Nice Flavor review by Weezy

    This flavor was my first try, and while it does not have an huge throat hit to which I am accustomed, the flavor is amazingly smooth and tropical. I liken it to a nice smooth lavender flavored hookah mixed with a light vanilla. Even if you despise menthol the flavor is almost non-existent and does not take away from this great flavor.

  158. Different but in a good way review by waylon

    I went to a local shop that carries most if not all of the Halo line as well as other brands. I generally don't go for favored liquid but I told the guy I wanted something other than a Red type flavor. He handed me this to try and I love it.

    It has a nice smoky flavor like a good vanilla pipe tobacco with a nice blend of fruit and spice. I also like the light menthol 'tingle' that stays with you for just a little bit.

    I generally smoke something like the torque 56.

  159. Loved, but not in love review by Mindlockdown

    This flavor to me, tastes like Christmas day candied yams or sweet potatoes. There is a definite round sweetness to this, with fruity top notes, but an underlying fennel-like herby taste. Sort of flowery. This is my wife's ADV and I don't mind puffing on it now and then myself. Good job Halo!

  160. Love Love Love this flavor review by Lisa

    When I first tasted this flavor i was surprised by a flavor like incense smells. This has quickly become a favorite ADV for me and my fiance. His mom, who was sure she only wanted to smoke flavors that taste just like tobacco, loved this one right away. I could do with a little less menthol in this one as it sometimes overpowers the amazing flavor of the juice, but I'm not a menthol girl, and this is still one of my favorites!

  161. Smooth Spice review by Daniel

    Of the flavors my wife and I decided to get started vaping with, this has definitely been my favorite. It's got a good blend of spice and a bit sweetness. Reminds me of the types of flavors I end up selecting when I'm at a hookah lounge. I thought when I ordered it that I was going to use it as the secondary to a more standard tobacco flavor, but it ended up being my everyday flavor. On my next order I want to explore some more flavors, but I will be adding a big bottle of this to my order for sure.

  162. Interesting flavor review by Naseeruddin

    I did not care much for this juice, but can't really fault anything in it. I guess it's just not for me. I would prefer 'Voodoo' over this one. The reason I mentioned voodoo is because I feel this a somewhat scaled down version of it.
    But I have been wrong before. Do give it a shot, you may like it more than me.

  163. Amazing... review by Phillip

    This has to be one of my favorites so far. To me it resembles of a vanilla bean, nice tobacco flavor, hint of menthol, with a nice spiced rum. Awesome flavor, and throat hit, I highly recommend for people like Caribbean flavors.

  164. Breathtakingly smooth review by Joshua

    This juice is nothing more than beautiful. I have to be honest, I first purchased this because of the name. When I got it I was so excited and it really is a great vape straight out of vape mail till your sucking out the last drop from the bottom of the bottle. Tastes like light tobacco with almost a cherry mahogany taste. Warm and wonderful!

  165. Best Juice Ever review by K8lynsmom

    Perfect flavor and aroma for fall weather! Smooth with excellent throat hit! I'm hooked!

  166. VERY long steep, tastes great! review by ITPython

    I took a little break from ecigs, and as a result my ejuice took a break as well and got an EXTRA long steep period. I had gotten a sampler pack here mid February of 2012 which included several flavors, including Tiki Juice.

    Well, shortly thereafter I went off ecigs cold turkey, and this juice literally has been steeping for well over a year and a half. Now that I am getting back into ecigs I grabbed the nice metal can these were shipped in and started digging around for an ejuice to try again.

    Most of the flavors I got were tobacco types, but when smelling the various bottles the Tiki juice stood out as a nice sweet aroma. So I decided to load up a Boge 2.4 ohm carto and give it a spin.

    I gotta say, I am really impressed with how this juice has held up. Even now the flavor seems to be evolving. At first I really couldn't pin-point what the underlying taste was, although now I am convinced it is some kind of banana flavor along with vanilla. But wow, it is so tasty! I have since ordered some more ejuices and tried some others, yet this one seems to be my go to flavor. Never offensive or bland... just perfect! Sometimes mildly sweet, other-times seems to be a thick banana vanilla taste, almost like cake-batter.

    The expiration date is labeled as 2/28/13, but it tastes absolutely wonderful as of this date!

    Oh and the mild menthol comes shows it's face every now and then, and is a nice touch!

  167. Wonderful! review by Cam

    Do yourself a favor and go ahead and pick up a sample size of this stuff. It is delicious and you will likely find yourself buying the 30ml of it.

    The description of splitting the difference between tobacco and dessert is spot on. It has the best qualities of both categories.

    Definitely check it out!

  168. Dry, Crisp, Smokey review by John

    Tiki Juice has a unique has roasted/smokey initial profile. It certainly shows some serious complexity as it quickly reveals tobacco undertones which are smooth and flavorful. Finishes crisply with a sweet mint-like menthol. Nice throat hit and vapor. As a French inhaler, this liquid really shines with great aroma!

  169. Great! review by Joe

    This E-juice is an all day vape for me. It's a smooth tobacco taste with a little bit of a cinnamon after taste. Buy it. It's yuuummyy!!!

  170. Yummy! review by Mike

    To my this juice taste just like Christmas cake (fruit cake) and I really enjoyed it. If you like Christmas cake I would suggest giving this one a try especially since the holidays are right around the corner. This juice has great flavor with great vapor production and throat hit. Great Juice!

  171. VERY interesting! review by Aegis

    I liked this juice more after steeping it for a day or two, at first the tiki wood was a little over powering but after a few days open in my cigar box it toned down and the lovely sweet tobacco and dragon fruit like flavors became more prevalent. Great vapor production and throat hit. This juice is very interesting, on the inhale it's sweet like fruit with mild tobacco flavors but on the exhale is where things get a little unexpected as you are hit with the tiki wood and more robust tobacco profiles. The only downside of this juice is that it's good meaning you're going to vape it while relaxing, meaning you might not be focused on what you're doing and wicks might get a little toasty. The tiki wood flavor makes it difficult to tell if you're burning your wicks. But again, this is a very interesting flavor and I can only highly recommend it.

  172. Great Flavor! review by Anne

    I was a little hesitant ordering this flavor, as it states in the description that it has a menthol flavor in it and I am not a menthol smoker. I ordered anyway for the tropical fruity flavors. At first, the menthol flavor was too overwhelming for me and I could not taste the fruity flavors at all. I read on some websites that you can let the liquids steep for 24-48 hours by removing the cap and storing in a dark cabinet. I did this for a little over 24 hours and was amazed at the flavor change! I couldn't taste the menthol at all anymore. The tiki juice tasted like the fruity flavors as described and the menthol base gave it a "cool" vape that was not mentholy at all. Has turned into a flavor that I will be buying a 30mL bottle of in my next order. Don't let the menthol deter you from trying this flavor!!!!!!

  173. Dessert Vape review by Kurt

    I vaped this juice at 18mg in a mini-tank on a G6. My bottle of Tiki required a good steeping of at least 4 or 5 days before I could even vape it. Right now, I'm not getting the fruit at all. Hmm. Maybe it needs a bit more steeping? The best way to describe this is a velvety white vanilla birthday cake. Plenty of vapor. Extremely smooth tobacco flavor with just a hint of menthol. Since the flavor woke up, I've been neglecting my poor lonely Torque56. I'm not a gourmet flavor guy and I'm not big fan of menthol, but I've been vaping Tiki for 2 days straight. Now I'm totally hooked. Seriously, I cannot put this down! Man, I love this juice. I just blew another smoke ring. Absolutely delicious. Another WINNER, Halo. I'm impressed.

  174. 1st impression review by TKJ

    Don't give up on this liquid if your first impression isn't favorable. I couldn't get into this till the tank was near finished and something clicked. This is one of my favorite flavors so far.

  175. Yum Yum review by Scott

    This E-Juice was very tasty. Decent throat hit but not as hard as some of their other juices. I must be losing my mind but I swear I almost get like a pumpkin pie Cinnamon taste, which it being fall and October is perfect. Right at the end you get a very light hint of menthol. I am not a menthol smoker but it is so light that you barely notice and it surprisingly matches very well with the rest of the flavors going on. I could vary easily vape on this all day long.

    My good friend who is a menthol smoker will absolutely love this juice and I am excited to have him try it.

    The quality of E-Liquids I have tried so far is a night and day difference to the stuff that can be gotten around town. Every online review I have read about Halo products so far is SPOT ON! Great Job!

  176. Absolutely LOVE this juice review by Gary

    This is my favorite HALO flavor so far. It's not so overly sweet so that you're wanting a different flavor halfway through, but yet it's just sweet enough for those that want a little bit more than a regular tobacco flavor. WAY TO GO! A must have...

  177. This is what I get for experimenting... review by Kevin

    At first this flavor smells very sweet, almost "cake" like. I decided to let this bottle steep for a week with the top off and a 30 second shake everyday. I just cleaned my tank and coils and decided to try the Tiki. Whoa, too sweet for me. Very sweet, almost to a fault with very light tobacco taste. The menthol undertone is a great touch for a fresh exhale. With this in mind, I decided to do a 1 part Torque56 to 2 part Tiki Juice mix. NICE!!!!!!!! Harder throat hit and better tobacco taste, however I believe my taste buds may be broken. I have created a pumpkin spice flavor, kid you not. It's great!

    Another win for Halo! I will, now and always, buy exclusively from you.

  178. Love it! review by Tylor

    Got this flavor and I really like it! My cousin says it smells like pipe tobacco, and I will admit, I still smoke my pipe every once in a while and it tastes similar. I would definitely recommend this flavor!

  179. tiki-terrifc ! review by jennifer

    This juice is, omg, awesome ! Not sure how to explain this. It's a true tobacco with hints of maybe a passion fruit, or mango. Love this juice! Throat hit is a definite 8 on the scale of 1-10 which is surprising because it's very smooth at the same time. If you haven't tried this, endulge in some tropical, yet true tobacco goodness!

  180. Interesting review by Patrick

    This is a very unique and interesting flavor, I can't quite place my finger on it but there are definite tones of cinnamon and nutmeg. The closest thing I can relate it to is bread pudding. I'm not sure if it would ever become an every day smoke, but it is definitely a good choice to change things up!

  181. my number 2 to tribeca review by anthony

    This stuff is great, its sweeter than Tribeca but not all fake fruit flavored either. its a great mixer for making bad juice taste good. I would highly recommend it.

  182. MY #1 E-LIQUID review by GARY


  183. Best yet. review by Matthew

    This Tiki Juice is amazing. I've tried other eliquids from other company's but I haven't had one that compared to Halo's Tiki Juice.

  184. Nice citrus, fruity slightly menthol tobacco flavor review by Lesa

    This is another of Halo's Tobacco flavors that I like even though I do not like tobacco flavors. This has a fruity, slightly sweet flavor that is just enough. It does have a very little spice note and just a small amount of menthol flavor. It is complex and I can not pin down the fruit flavor but it is there. It has enough complex notes that are not tobacco that make it a very interesting and tasty vape. I think anyone, if you like tobacco flavors or not, will find this flavor enjoyable. Give it a try I don't think you will be sorry. It may not become your all day vape but it is one that will keep calling you back to it.

  185. One of my new favorites review by Alex

    I will be honest. At first, I wasn't the biggest fan of Tiki Juice, but it has definitely grown on me and become one of my favorite flavors! A slightly fruity, spicy, yet sweet taste. The only flavor I can specifically pick out of this juice is vanilla, but I really enjoy the herb/spice notes! A truly unique juice that always makes you want another taste.

  186. So Divine! review by meowmix915

    Love this juice! I tried a small bottle that I steeped for 72 hrs. Now I'm already back for 30 ml. b/c I don't want to run out. Y'all rock!

  187. Another great Halo flavor that surprises you. review by micway71

    Tiki Juice being my second flavor that I tried from Halo, I was anxiously awaiting to get into it after loving Tribeca so much. This flavor certainly did not disappoint! Some will say they get a hint of cinnamon and others a taste of cloves and a spice. I would agree to the cloves and cinnamon as well. This flavor has a sweet and mild spice to it. Like Tribeca, it has a good throat hit and vapor. I took a chance on this one and purchased a 30ml to start out with. This is another Halo flavor that will remain in my rotation.

  188. Really good review by Doug

    Has a slight cinnamon, menthol taste to me. I'm very happy with it

  189. Simply Amazing! review by Layzer

    I am used to e-jucies being a little harsh on the throat. This juice was so smooth I almost thought my ecig was not producing any vapor until I exhaled. I literally got goose bumps off this one! Excellent flavor and throat hit with the beautiful addition of being silky smooth.

    Good job Halo! You have impressed me once again with the shear quality.

  190. Not just tobacco - fruity, sweet and... review by CaptDonna

    TRULY needs a class of it's own!
    OK… I’m really at a loss for verbs on this HALO e-juice!
    Kind of like Voodoo the taste changes with my mood!
    Flavor ( S ): Yes plural ...
    Sometimes there’s a sweet cookie, cinnamon, nutty, fruity (think you get the picture!)
    Other times it’s tobacco, wood smoke dry vape on occasion the menthol comes through gently. However not always! Halo just keeps me guessing as to what I’ll get when it comes to Tiki Juice! The mystery vape in a bottle!
    At 12mg as with every HALO e-juice I’ve tried always great throat hit and vapor. This is the ONLY bottle that I have just let it be and not added another HALO menthol flavor to it (I tend to always go back to menthol vapes – but I like to try new flavors cause again it’s so subjective!) Luckily I do now have several local vape shops, where I can do a taste test and depending - pick up a small bottle for home to decide on whether to order 30ml. OR just grab a 30ml!
    One note I have discovered… I have a tendency to try to test TOO many different flavors at the same shop stop. There’s no way to do 4 or 5 vapes on one flavor and get it’s true character. I even tried drinking water in between each flavor. Now I go in and try just 1 or 2. Ok maybe 3 lol!
    It’s definite HALO experience and Tiki Juice is now in my rotation!
    Who knows what I’ll find next !

  191. I love it review by MIKE

    I am new to all this. I love everything about it, and especially enjoy the Tiki Juice. Didn't think I would like a spicy e-juice but I was wrong.

  192. Wonderful review by CADS

    New to the e-cig world, I was very skeptical about trying different flavors. After finding the Halo site, I picked out two small bottles to try.

    This was the first one I vaped after trying some no-name brand from a local shop.
    What can I say? I was speechless. Alright- not exactly. I immediately called my fiancé to rave about it. For me, this has a very mellow 'tropical' inhale, with a smooth and subtle tobacco exhale.

    Try it- you wont hate it.

  193. Home run Halo! review by Patrick

    Halo hit a home run this! Love the flavor! Great tobacco flavor & throat hit. A must have E-liquid!

  194. Amazing Flavor review by Kirtan

    This is by far one of the best e-liquids out there. The smooth throat hit and full body vapor produced from this e-liquid is unmatched. On the flavor, there are subtle hints of tobacco with a tropical fruity sweetness bouquet, finished with a lasting taste that you will keep craving. I have tried 5 flavors so far, and this one is surely a winner.

  195. Delicious!!!!!! review by Bryan

    Halo juices are top notch. Tiki juice is no exception. Its great! Very spicy, smoky, sweet tobacco. It's listed as having a touch of menthol but I don't get it, maybe in the backdrop giving it a "kick'. It's almost not a tobacco, but it is a tobacco if that makes sense. A very smoky type, great vapor and great flavor no matter what I use. A+

  196. Completely Unique review by Cory

    With all the mixes of flavors, no other vapor has a flavor that's even close. You can barely notice the menthol, so if you're not a menthol smoker you'll probably still like it. It almost feels like it should be a gourmet mix, but it definitely has a nice tobacco base flavor.

  197. The favourite review by Antonio Carlos

    Tiki Juice was one of my first liquids, when I started. It is simply amazing and I can not do without! It's something inexplicably good, a great hit and is the best liquid that exists.

  198. Over the top review by Kimberly A.

    Well I guess I can't give every juice 5 stars. I like tiki juice once in a while when I feel like a really strong flavor and throat hit. I bought this at the smoke shop by my house and I'm kind of glad they had this in the 15 ml bottle although it still cost almost as much as the 30 ml bottle here online. This flavor is ok as long as your not eating or drinking anything except water because of the strong flavor. Your taste buds are tiki juice and nothing but. Like my summary reads it is over the top with all kinds of different flavors. Your breath does smell nice after vaping it.

  199. A flavor coming back for more. review by Icey Ecf

    This is best described as a burning wood and a combination of maroon cookie with a mild taste of menthol. In terms of menthol, it's a little hearty and tasty and smooth. The smell and taste is beyond imagination. A little about the taste it starts off with a slight mint taste, followed by vanilla, and unimaginable taste very hard to detect. I've gotten even interesting answers it tastes like sweet burning wood, cookie, tea, and surprisingly fruit (it's no where near like a fruit but you get the impression).

    The smell is enough to be enjoyable by those all around especially for your car :D

    Highly recommended.

  200. AMAZING!!!!! BEST EXHALE SMELL/FLAVOR! review by Matthew

    So, as usual, the Halo product description was SPOT ON.

    The slight menthol base is truly SLIGHT, which is great since I am a menthol-lover. The overall flavor is amazing though... it is like smoking a sugar cookie...and awesomely enough, on the exhale, that is what it tastes/smells like. This is my go to juice for when I am on the train since people seem to actually APPRECIATE my vaping. Great flavor, great smell, great throat hit. This flavor does need to steep for a day or 2...and if you mix in a little ups the Ante 10 fold!

    Great flavor, now added to my daily rotation, thanks for another awesome flavor Halo!!

    My ONLY problem with this juice is I tend to vape it too fast..haha.

  201. exotic and good review by michael

    I love this one and the name, the taste is very exotic and smell is very good. I love all their names actually. Very cool and props to the staff and inventors at HALO.

  202. Awesome review by VapeFace

    This is my go to all day vape. I just can't get enough! Super Perfect! Sweet, dry, ever changing perfect!

  203. Great flavor! review by Will

    I am really liking Tiki Juice which kind of took me by surprise. The flavor profile is quite unique with both hints of spice and fruit but it is that smooth yet subtle wisp of menthol that brought it home for me. Great on a hot day with a cool drink.
    Good job on this one Halo!

  204. Tiki juice review by Matthew

    Tiki juice was a nice change to my all day vape flavors. I mainly stick to menthol, but I found myself vaping this flavor just as much.
    I definitely taste the spicy sweet notes, I was worried when I heard spicy but it is balanced well. Very mellow sweet spice flavor with something else that I can't pin point. I don't know if it tastes like flavored cigars or not. I have had plenty, and not sure if I would say Tiki Juice represents those flavor profile's . It's just a good change.

  205. Tiki Juice review by Matthew

    Tiki Juice had a very nice mellow spiced sweetness to it that reminds me of something tropical. I don't know if it's the smell or the taste that makes me think that, either way one of favorites from Halo.

  206. Yum! review by Christy

    I was so intrigued by all of the reviews on this flavor that I bought a 30ML bottle in my first ever Halo purchase. I'm so glad I did. It's a taste that is very smooth and fruity-ish. There really needs to be a category somewhere between tobacco, menthol and gourmet. That's exactly where this flavor would sit. I can't put this flavor down!

  207. My favorite flavor! review by amy

    If they ever stopped making this flavor, I would be crushed, absolutely love it! Has a nice clove taste and is really smooth.

  208. The best review by Jeff

    I think I found my go-to juice. Fruity with a hint of cinnamon. I could vape this all day, every day!

  209. Amazing review by Anthony

    Tiki Juice is amazing. It has an awesome amount of vapor produced and has just the right amount of cool mint to vape all day.

  210. Love Tiki!!! review by Lolaney

    I bought a sample bottle on my last order- so glad I did! It's such a smooth & subtly sweet vape. At first I thought it'd be an after dinner dessert kind of vape, but it's turned into a throughout the day vape to mix things up! I can't really put a finger on one flavor because I always taste something different. Sometimes I taste root beer, other times Dr Pepper, cinnamon, nuts, brown delicious! I love Tiki & will be ordering a 30ml bottle on my next order!

  211. Exotic Flavor review by FG

    This juice is really an exotic flavor that for me is best described as a fruity tobacco taste that's quite different from so many other juices I've tried. I keep a tank of this ready all the time, when I'm in the mood for a change of scene from my usual all-day vapes (Tribeca, Torque56 or Prime15). It's a nice flavor to have in the collection, and is particularly perfect for a late day at the beach!

  212. A+++ review by Mohammed

    It is hard to explain the favor but, I have to say that this is by far the best I have tried beside the Midnight Apple and Malibu. I would rate this as my first then Malibu and then Apple from this site!!!!!!!!!!! Thank for a product that doesn't burn or hurt my throat. I'm going to get more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. growing one me review by Jay B

    I have to say this has grown on me the more I vape it. At first it seems like vaping a cinnamon stick, then the other flavors start creeping out. Dry and sweet I wouldn't call it an all-day vape, but it definitely merits attention.

  214. Sweet and complex flavor. Great. review by Bryan

    Of any of the Halo juices I’ve tried, I must say this is the most unique and interesting. I decided to try it after reading the reviews; I agree that some may not like it, but I highly suggest trying a small bottle. I'll be purchasing a large bottle.

    The flavor is hard to describe, and is complex. One reviewer put it best by suggesting it had a rum flavor mixed with spices and tobacco. It is smooth and relatively sweet, but not "desserty." I go back to this juice very often - always one I carry around with me. It also gives excellent vapor.

    I highly suggest trying this with the G6 mini-tanks. I’ve found that the flavor really comes out best that way.

  215. Very succulent! review by Andrew

    Tiki Juice has a very satisfying mouth watering flavor that will keep you coming back for more. With a mini tank, I get a strong black cherry almost cola flavor. I wouldn't describe this as minty, yet there's just enough subtle mint to round out the flavor and blend it all together. Very thirst-quenching, definitely in my Halo top 3, I can't get enough!

  216. Tobacco, really?? review by Richard

    I was amazed to find this in the tobacco flavors, compared to the other flavors in the tobacco section this should have its own section. I cant think of one other flavor that Halo sells that is like it. This has become my new favorite flavor and the flavor that got my cousin to get a Triton kit and a 30ml bottle of Tiki juice to go with it. I have liked every Halo juice I have tried but there will always be certain juices that stand out and demand attention, Tiki juice is that kind of juice.

  217. "Wow!" doesn't do it justice. review by Kevin

    Imagine sipping a traditional spiced-rum punch, with nutmeg, allspice, clove and cinnamon, while smoking a deliciously mild cigar. That will give you an idea of where this flavorful vape will take you.

    To call the menthol a "hint" would be overstating it. It seems to be there more for the cooling effect than as a flavor in its own right.

    I was not sure I would like this juice from the description, but the reviews made me curious. So, I ordered a small bottle.

    Using a mini-tank, on an automatic G6, I take slow, gentle, full draws. The warm vapor slowly fills my mouth. I "sense" the coolness of the menthol. I taste a light sweetness. I inhale, and the spices and tobacco come to life, in different combinations on each pull. A nice throat-hit, but no harshness. I'm revisited by the spices and tobacco on exhale. I'm left with a lovely aroma and a lingering mouth-coolness.

    Both tobacco and dessert vapers will find many things to love in this juice.

  218. Great Flavor and Throat Hit!!! review by Jason H.

    I always have to have some Tiki Juice around! I love to vape it alone cause of the great throat hit and i really love to mix it with other flavors and it makes a great blend. It's got a nice little menthol finish as well! Love it!!!

  219. Niceeeee review by SkunkBoy

    At first had a really spicy hit to it.. but then again I normally only really start using a juice after its been with my for a few days to steep. But I was out of juice sadly. It grew on me greatly!! After it steeped for a bit I used it again. Must say it continued to impress! I will have to buy yet another bottle!

  220. Exotic and Beautiful !!! review by barefootgirl

    Tiki is an amazing creation. To me it is a semi sweet, spicy tobacco. I detect some vanilla, clove and cinnamon notes in perfect balance with the pipey tobacco. The superb Halo performance is there in spades and I feel Halo is at the top in this category regardless of taste preferences. Smokey, aromatic, woodsy and earthy is how I would describe the feel and sensation of Tiki. Wow, so impressed with Halo's juice lineup!!!

  221. Would love to try without the menthol review by Donald

    I tried to like this liquid, but as I am not a fan of menthol. I just couldn't get used to it. I think I would really like this flavor if the menthol was eliminated. As usual though, with Halo liquid, you can taste the quality. Throat it and vapor, again as usual with Halo, are very good.

  222. Great flavor for all day vaping review by CJ

    I really enjoy tiki juice. It's got a spicy and subtle sweet flavor. It also has a a touch of menthol which is great. Nothing about this flavor is overwhelming which makes it great to use all day.

  223. Unique and fun flavor review by spaceballsrules

    My guess would be something along the lines of a vanilla rum tobacco with a kiss of menthol to finish. Not a go to flavor for me personally, but it is certainly tasty and full flavored.

  224. Spicy Tobacco with a little cool. review by Mary

    I liked this juice. It has a good throat hit and vapor production. It is a spicy tobacco with a hint of menthol on the exhale. I personally think it would be better without the menthol. This would be the perfect juice to vape if you had a cold. You would still get your feel of tobacco but it would be easy on a sore throat with the coolness. This would not be an all day vape for me but it's nice to use for something different.

  225. light and warm review by Alex

    I received a 7 ml bottle just the other day. I tend to prefer a lower nicotine concentration when first trying a liquid because it puts the flavor it he spotlight as opposed to the throat hit, which can be created in any juice by adding more nicotine. I cracked open a bottle and filled my clearomizer. After waiting 10 or so minutes, for the wicks to saturate and the coil to become wet, I started to vape. I should say that I was weary at first because my experience with tobacco vapes hasn't been stellar but i was pleasantly surprised. Tiki juice is a warm and subtle vape. It has hints, and when i say hints, i mean light gentle traces of spices. Cinnamon, star anise, spices if you will, but not overpowering to any extent. In addition, I thought the fruity tones of the juice that were advertised to be more of a menthol/vanilla flavor in addition to the spice that ultimately makes for a great juice. Would definitely recommend.

  226. Outstanding! review by andy

    This juice is what makes vaping so enjoyable. It's outrageous how good it is. No other flavor tops it imo and I've vaped for years with different gear. The taste is as described in other reviews and I am completely addicted..if that were possible.

  227. Awesome flavor! review by Michael

    First juice bought from Halo. I am impressed! Very unique flavor. Tropical fruit, menthol and tobacco rolled into this awesome juice. Not a menthol lover but I really enjoy the slight menthol taste!

  228. Great Juice review by Steven

    This juice is very good. I wasn't sure how well I would like it based on the description but the reviews here and elsewhere were very positive. It did not disappoint, the flavor is a little hard to explain, but similar to a Holiday dessert in my opinion. It has a touch of sweetness which is not a lingering sweet taste. The throat hit is a little lacking at 1.8 mg from a cartomizer but decent from a mini tank. The menthol is barely there but gives a great chilling effect to the overall flavor. The tobacco blends so well with the spice to create a smooth, tasty vapor that is especially enjoyable after a good meal.

  229. Totally not what I was expecting, and totally amazing. review by Scott

    If you gave me a blind taste of this juice, I wouldn't have pegged it for a tobacco. It's dry, sweet, woody, spicy, and amazing. The dominant flavor was something I had a very hard time pegging down, but once I did it was inescapable: carrot cake covered in vanilla frosting. Not like a candy flavor, but a real full on recreation. This isn't an all day vape for me, but as a once in a while dessertish treat, it's flipping fantastic.

  230. Tiki Juice is definitely unique! review by Danny

    I guess after sampling Tiki Juice I can imagine that Pacific island tobacco may taste something like this! As I've sampled all but two of the currently available Halo flavors I can tell you this one definitely stands out. Will it be your 'cup of tea'? I think if your curious, you should at least throw a 7ml of Tiki on your order sometime. I still haven't decided if I really like it but it's still in my sampling rotation. And it's definitely expanded my palate as to what a 'tobacco' juice can taste like.
    The dominant notes are a strong clove and menthol. There's also a smoky pesto or tomato like flavor in here. A honey flavor sweetens it up but Tiki would not quite fall under the dessert category for me. I think there's one more spice in here but I can't quite pin it down as to what it is. And maybe a fruit note too.
    So, in summary I can't shake the impression that these flavors would be great to season a baked ham! Whether or not that's to your liking, you'll just have to try it!

  231. Super Flavor review by Vic

    Nice contrast to the straight tobacco flavors...great to mix it up.

  232. A+Juice review by Owen

    By far my favorite juice, the flavor is amazing and I always get much nicer clouds and throat hits than when I vape with Tibeca. If you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and order some now!

  233. Aquired Taste review by Jessica

    Not my favorite, Its a little to spicy and sweet for me. I can see why some people love it but I like a little more tobacco flavor with my juice.

  234. My go to juice review by Kevin

    This is my go to juice, tried many others but I always come back to this one (its definitely an all day enjoyable juice) Good tobacco flavor with a spiced vanilla aroma (almost like a mild sweet cigar) very mild menthol "effect" doesn't take away from the taste but gives a smooth exhale. Nice throat hit but not harsh or overly hot. Purchased the sample bottle, I am ordering the full size bottle right now. This is perfect for someone that wants a flavored juice but still wants a tobacco taste. Highly recommend.

  235. My favorite juice review by JR

    Tiki Juice is easily my favorite tasting juice. I'm new to vaping and ordered this one on a whim based on people really liking it on e-cigarette forum. I didn't think it would be something I really liked, but I gave it a try for $6 for 7ml. I figured why not.

    It's easily the best tasting juice I've tried so far; I've also tried Menthol Ice (my all-day vape), HX3, Tribecca, Longhorn and Shamrock.

    I don't taste what the description says; I taste vanilla coke in the inhale, and cherry coke after taste/finish. Some described the flavor as root beer; I see why, but I don't think that's quite it. Maybe my tastebuds will change down the road.

  236. Light up the torches and let's vape! review by Adam

    This one is pretty much a win for me, one of my favorites! A little hard to describe, the tobacco undertones remind me of a Clove cigarette, maybe a little other tobacco flavor mixed in. Tropical fruit undertones, hard to pinpoint what exactly, maybe cherry, and possibly something else. The menthol effect is very subtle and in the background, not to overpowering. Needless to say, I was blown away by this liquid, quite a lot of flavor going on here, but none trump the others, blends perfectly together for a cool vape!

  237. Love Love LOVE! Great flavor! review by Whitney

    This is probably my favorite flavor so far. It's not so overly sweet so that you're wanting a different flavor halfway through, but yet it's just sweet enough for those that want a little bit more than a regular tobacco flavor. I'm not even sure how I would describe it - you have to taste it to appreciate it! I'd recommend this to ANYONE!

  238. Tropical tobacco review by Keith

    This is one of Halo's unique blends.The inhale tastes like a fire cured tobacco with a slight (hardly noticeable) menthol taste.You also get the taste of tropic fruit top notes on the exhale that are not sweet, or overpowering. This is why i said it is a very unique flavor in the Halo lineup. Very well blended juice for those that want a fire cured tobacco with added tropical fruit tastes. You can't pick out any one fruit trying to overpower each other. This can be another juice for your daily rotation who knows, maybe an all day vape as well.

  239. More please! review by PYTinTN

    My absolute favorite! I was hooked on this flavor from the first hit! It is literally like my own little personal legal drug; that's how much I love this flavor! I was surprised to find it under the menthols as I can't taste any menthol at all. It's simply sweet and tropical like. Really hard to describe it. I agree that it vapes best under lower watts. The LR seems to burn it faster in my opinion and weakens the flavor a bit. My choice hands down for all day vaping, special occasion vaping, vaping with a drink, or any other occasion!

  240. My favorite vape! review by Robert

    When I first came across this liquid i didn't really care for it but, I tried it again some time later and loved it. It has a very sweet spiced tobacco flavor with just a hint of menthol. Very smooth, with good TH and superb vapor production. I buy a bottle of this every week and would strongly recommend it to anyone.

  241. Good for a backup review by Chad

    I really like Tiki Juice. It's just a bit too tropical for me. Not an all day vape, but a good secondary.

  242. Laid Back review by J Guns

    Very smooth, spicy taste in a baked-goods kind of way.

  243. Great review by Courtney

    This is a great juice, it is my favorite. It has a nice fresh taste, reminds me of the beach, or summer type drinks. Not so strong that the flavor is too much, but rather, it is just right.

  244. The best review by Lisa

    Completely enamored with this flavor. It is outrageous. Smooth caramel on the inhale, with soft tobacco on the exhale. Love it so much I ordered the large bottle. Will be ordering again.

  245. Unique and Delicious review by JTN

    I tried this juice months ago from a local vendor and liked it back then but only got a sample bottle. I ordered 30ml at 18mg of nic and this juice is great. I've tried it in 3 different clearomizers, CE3, CE5 (stardust type) and Vivi Nova and the throat hit is perfect in all three. The taste of the juice is described best on the website. Very hard to pin point what exactly is going on except the hint of menthol in. I'm typically do not vape menthol juices but this one is very light on the menthol and fantastic with the tropical blend that is going on. It is truly a unique flavor that only Tiki can offer. I highly recommend this juice but would start with a 7ml size bottle just to see if it is for you. As I say, it is very different, but to me a wonderful vaping experience. :) I've been vaping for over a year now and this has become my new all day vape. I find myself looking forward to puffing on this juice. Good job HALO, you have received a new customer. Thanks.

  246. An Enigma review by David

    I taste something a little different all the time. Hasn't grown on me enough yet to be an all day vape, but I'm appreciating more and more every day. Very spicy, almost reminds me of clove, but there's much more than that to it.

  247. My go to juice review by Matt

    This was one of the first flavors I tried when I first started vaping. I have tried A LOT of flavors from multiple vendors and nothing has been able to top this juice. Has a wonderful sweet/spicy flavor with a hint of menthol. It is unlike anything out there. Doesn't do well at high voltage. Find it best on a LV clearo at 3.6V on my eGo twist. This is my all day everyday vape. Have not tasted a Halo juice I did not like and will be ordering more for sure.

  248. Superb all-day vape review by Donovan

    I can't say enough good things about this flavor of e-juice. It is light and sweet with just a hint of coolness. While it is not the most flavor packed juice I've tried, it has a certain subtlety that keeps me coming back for more. If your not a menthol fan, don't let the description fool you. It truly is just a hint of menthol. Just enough to give it a cool feel to it.

    Great job, Halo. This is some first class juice.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - Glass