WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Spiro Full Spectrum CBD Eliquid

Quick Overview

Spiro’s proprietary, 100% THC free, full-spectrum CBD hemp formula is now available in your favorite device.
Studies have shown that vaping CBD is the fastest and most effective way of absorption in your system. Spiro’s full-spectrum hemp formula has the highest profile of cannabinoids and terpenes on the market, providing you a CBD vaping product unlike any you have ever experienced. Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

Get them now in 3 delicious all-natural flavors:

  • Raw: Soothe your soul with the tranquil herbal flavor of Spiro Raw. The naturally sweet, herbal taste of our superior full-spectrum hemp oil will relax and calm you with every breath.

  • Citrus: Experience the harmony of all-natural flavors as you enjoy each deep breath of Spiro Citrus. Let this blend of zesty citrus and naturally sweet, herbal flavors of our superior full-spectrum hemp oil soothe and relax you.

  • Mint: We united the cool and comforting experience of mint with our superior full-spectrum hemp oil to bring you this retreat from the ordinary. The all-natural, light herbal flavor of the hemp oil blends effortlessly with the sweet compliment of mint to calm your body and senses.

Available in 3 different strengths:

  • Original Strength = 250mg bottle of CBD

  • Extra Strength = 500mg bottle of CBD

  • Max Strength = 1000mg bottle of CBD

Consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.


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  1. CBD E-liquid Love it review by Robert

    Thank you Halo, I have been wanting to try a CBD vape for a long time, but did not know where or who to trust.
    I have been using your Nic E-liquid for about 8 years maybe more. When i seen that Halo had CBD E-liquid to try i was very happy.
    Ordered the RAW original strength, i was very very surprised how well it worked. Brings me to a very calm relaxed state very fast.
    I love the Natural RAW flavor with Herbal undertones. To sum it up... i just logged in to order a couple more bottles.
    I have not touched my Nic E-Liquid in 2 days. and don't know if i will again. i sure hope they add the CBD E-liquid to the Rewards Program ! ! ! PLEASE ! ! !
    If you have customers that don't use Nic E-Liquid your Rewards Program would not be very rewarding for CBD only customers. Seeing as it cost more just take more points for a free bottle. Thanks for another great product.
    Now do i try the Citrus or stick to RAW? i say one of each.

  2. Spiro Full Spectrum CBD Eliquid review by Barbara E.

    Thank you, Halo, for making your Spiro CBD's not just into the pods but have also had now added the Eliquid bottles for those that already have a G6 or other device that you sell. I All I just do is open my tank for my G6 or my Triton II. Open the bottle of Eliquid drops and make there is liquid in the dropper. Then you fill your tanks or atomizer just as you would for any of you nicotine liquids. I have found it easier to have two separate battery colors for my vaping nicotine and the CBC Oils. I have the original starter kit for the CBD, but I prefer the feel of the cigarette type when vaping is all. This is just my preference. The taste is the same pod versus e-liquid. It does not bother me about the color I have read everything I could beforehand and I know I am to shake before using. My personal experience in other things in my life has told me that 1. If things do not look like they are not well mixed, after shaking chances are, you may have to shake some more. It may need more shaking for any number of reason. Let your eyes tell you what it needs. Use common sense. This product needs to be shaken before filling every time. I have only tried the menthol at this time. It was a nice touch. How about a nice touch Cinnamon flavor in CBD or the tobacco flavors? In the 7 years I have been purchasing from Halo I have only once had any problems. That "Problem' was a long hold time of 15 minutes. This was one week before Christmas 2018. Otherwise, I have never had to hold more than maybe 2 minutes tops. I Always speak to a person. When they did make a mistake they went over and beyond to make it right. The other time was user error on my part, but again they went over and above helping me to locate my mistake in the problem. Halo truly reminds when I do have to contact them for customer service, what customer service could, would, and should be today.

  3. More ups than downs. A praise A rant Halo Spiro Max Strength review by Keith

    I revived the 15 ml. Bottle of Halo Spiro MAX Strength. Nicely packed product, I opened the bottle and found that it had mostly separated in to what looked like muddy water, with some crystals stuck to the dripped stem. I just thought that the juice had Ben sitting on a shelf at halos and just needs to be shaken up. So I shook this bottle off and on for 30 min. Re-opened the bottle only to find the same crystals mud water. So its time to contact halo. If you own an apple iPhone and try to use the chat on line option Goodluck'! Could not get as answer from them. So I tried to use contact form and it cuts you off befor you can submit your question. so I had to remove the drip per glass and scrape the crystals off from the stem and clean the dripper hole as it was clogged up. After that I gave. It another good shake and put it on a duel dripper and ran it with. A duel 18650 series mod. I selected the raw flavor, and it was defently a Cannabis flavor. After 4-5 pulls and held them in. It took 7-10. Minutes to get the full effect, but when it came it came hard , a complete full body invasion, my pain level dropped from an 8 to a 2 or maybe a 1 . If you can get past the look of the juice ,it’s well worth it.

  4. Harsh Vape but enjoyable review by Andrea

    I was pleasently surprized the first vape of cbd/1000mg strength vape juice/mint. Couldve added a bit more mint flavor. Im a mild vaper and quit smoking with its help 5 years ago this August. A horrific red-light runner left me in awful pain with a t-bone type accident and as most know pain management has turned into a mere joke. Tried cbd and it was very harsh on the throat and chest. My Aunt who still smokes had a little bit easier of a time. I reccommend the 1000mg because the staying power is short. Youve got to keep vaping to receive result atleast for me. It did help with pain quit a bit but having to constantly vape to stay that way is off putting. Now I use it primarily to sleep. It is AMAZING to help relax and fall asleep. Im a terrible insomniac and I was shocked how helpful it was. Its a new thing so its very expensive everywhere. Overall Id buy it again, from Halo. You will find you enjoy it but the harshness is something youll have to get around. I find hard candy during vape helps a lot!! It coats the throat very well. Most of all, enjoy it!

  5. Very effective, great product review by TJ

    Really happy with this product, although I will probably choose another flavor for my next order, as I find the herbal aftertaste isn't really my thing, but for those who love cannabis, it may be a plus. This product definitely works, and the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars from me is that I noticed some separation of the product inside the dropper, which was off-putting, as I would expect consistency in the liquid. Still, it works, and feels pretty smooth, so I will order again.

(5 out of 5 loaded.)
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