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Southern Classic E-liquid

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Enjoy the comforts of Southern living with this uniquely smooth, light tobacco E-liquid blend. Built on a light tobacco base, Southern Classic E-liquid is adorned with hints of honey, citrus and cloves, then topped off with a smooth Madagascar Vanilla. The unique blend of these premium ingredients offers a single, indistinguishable flavor that is lightly sweet and very smooth.

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Enjoy the comforts of Southern living with this uniquely smooth, light tobacco E-liquid blend. Built on a light tobacco base, Southern Classic E-liquid is adorned with hints of honey, citrus and cloves, then topped off with a smooth Madagascar Vanilla. The unique blend of these premium ingredients offers a single, indistinguishable flavor that is lightly sweet and very smooth.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Southern Classic E-liquid's test results

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  1. Classic it is! review by Lydia

    I decided to try Southern Classic after reading the reviews and I am certainly glad I did. I would say that this e-juice has surpassed, Tribeca, as my new favorite. The first flavor that hits is the citrus but not an ordinary citrus. The honey is beautifully melded with flavor that makes the citrus slightly sweet, but in the most pleasant way. After that comes the very smooth tobacco flavor, which blends so delicately to highlight my delight. Fortunately, for me at least, the clove is barely detectible, but I suppose it is there expanding the depth of the flavor. The final magnificent touch is the vanilla, that just seems to suddenly appear, and linger on the exhale. All in all I would say, as with all the Halo flavors I have tried, this is a complex experience of flavor. The result of a master mind blender. Thank you Halo and I implore you not to discontinue this "magic in a bottle", as I shall be lost and not know what to do. I would like to ask my fellow Southern Classic devotees to please contact Halo and ask them to bring this one back into rotation. Perhaps if enough of us speak up they might grant our wish.

  2. RE: southern. Classic eliquid review by Jerry

    This was my first flavor and order that came with my Reactor. I would like to recommend it to anyone who wants a great smoke. It's really a mild flavor to get with this package deal. It's awesome. Also, I will be getting more flavors as soon as I can. Thank to Halo!

  3. My Go-To E-Liquid review by Chris

    I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy this e-liquid. Not only do I use it by itself, but I also use it as a mixer with other e-liquids. It saddens me that Halo is fading away with Southern Classic. I've stocked up and have (7) 30ml bottles because I use it so much. I prefer this over any other Halo e-liquids. I hope that they reconsider discontinuing this. I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels this way!

  4. My personal favorite. review by Gabrielle

    I'm truly disappointed that Southern Classic is being discontinued. I'll probably be crying crocodile tears after it is truly gone. This is my everyday vape since I haven't found anything that rivals the complexity and strength of the flavor. Other brands I've tried have a 'flat' taste that I do not particularly care for. I can taste the layers of clove, vanilla, and cinnamon but sometimes pick up citrus. I enjoy mixing this half and half with either Devlin or Voodoo to make it sweeter.

  5. Sweet and smooth review by Sandra

    I am incredibly disappointed this e-liquid is being discontinued. I purchased this years ago and blew through a bottle in a matter of days, I loved it so much. I stopped vaping for a while and decided to get back into it and came back to Halo, purely because they had this flavor and Tribeca. It is similar to Tribeca, but different. I am not particularly a clove fan, but the taste is very subtle here. There is a fantastic sweetness of vanilla and honey that is not overbearing. I have been stocking up on bottles of this while I still have the chance.

  6. Nice but not my favorite. review by ash

    It’s a light tobacco with a hint of bourbon. It’s not for me—nice but not my favorite. I prefer Captain Jack as a bolder pipe type tobacco.

  7. Let it steep! review by kettegdirb

    The great clearance price led me to purchase Southern Classic. When I first opened the bottle, I was reminded of church incense—not a good sign! But about two weeks later, it mellowed a bit, enough for me to enjoy. It is a tad too sweet, and there's not enough clove, but it does deliver a satisfying throat hit at 18mg. I will probably try mixing and or letting it steep a few more weeks to see what happens.

  8. Very enjoyable review by Chris

    I bought this in the clearance section as I have been trying just about every Halo flavor. I found this to be very good—a nice light tobacco hit, with sweet citrus notes. As with all Halo juice, it is a little bit complex, and I am not good at picking out all of the flavors that are there. But I could very easily get a 30ml bottle of this and enjoy it again.

  9. Nice Flavor review by Colin

    I bought the 18mg/ml version of this since I was a heavy smoker. I wasn't sure if it would be good or not since it was in the clearance section on sale, but I'll have to admit I was delightfully surprised. To me the hints of flavor aren't as subtle as one might think. In fact, I'd say the flavor is a dead-on imitation of Southern Comfort liquor. I know because of copyright, Halo can't come right out and say that, but to me it really does remind me of that drink. This would be a perfect all-day vape and honestly can't beat the price!

  10. The Best Tobacco that Halo has review by Niko

    All those fans of Djarum and Gudan Garams –Southern Classic has taken the clove-spice flavor to a whole new level. Southern Classic is pretty much my all-day vape and no other tobacco flavor comes close to it. I can go on and on praising this one. Throat hit is fantastic at 18mg and good at 12mg. It’s a pity Halo has decided to discontinue Southern Classic and that breaks my heart.

  11. Clove fans? review by vincent

    Got this due to clearance sale to have as an emergency juice. Tried it out just to get an idea on the flavor and I can say that Halo really figured out the clove formula. I had friends in the military who preferred Djarum clove cigarettes and this juice matches up and adds a bit of honey to sweeten things up a bit. Not my cup of tea but only because I never cared for clove. Smooth throat hit on 12mg and good vapor production. Would recommend to anyone who prefers Djarum cigarettes as well.

  12. Truly unique review by Kevin

    Only been using Halo's products for a short while (great hardware and fantastic flavors), and I liked the sound of this flavor. As it’s apparently being discontinued (it’s on sale at half price), so I bought a 30ml bottle and I've been vaping it pretty much non-stop for the past week. Have to say, I love it. It’s the most unique tobacco flavor I've ever tried. Its starts off sweet and smooth then hits you with a citrus and tobacco kick-perfect for long summer days. Any chance of a reprieve for this one, I'd definitely make this a regular order.

  13. Nice Flavor review by Michael

    This reminds me of Voodoo, but not as strong. It is a nice, light flavor. I can definitely taste the honey. That was the first thing that stood out to me. I didn't taste the cloves and can't really identify the other flavors, but it is very nice, and I recommend it.

  14. Subtle Mellow Flavor review by Christopher

    Southern Classic is a nice change-of-pace flavor- perfect for enjoying with a good bourbon on a hot summer evening. The flavor is reminiscent of some of the better chewing tobaccos. Not my "go to," but definitely one to keep in the cabinet for the right situation. Also worth considering, the flavor holds up at lower nicotine levels. The only real drawback is that the flavor seems to lose a little of its appeal if you overdo it. So like I said, hold it for the right occasion, instead of using it as your regular flavor.

  15. Good stuff review by Jason

    Initially when I vape it out of the box, there's a chemical taste to it. The first thought that come to my mind was never was this the juice I was expecting from the description. But after letting the juice breath and steep, the citrus and clove was strong with good vapor production. Worth the steep!

  16. Southern laid back, and good mix of flavors. review by Mark

    Friend of mine, let me try this e-juice, knowing that I am a fan of fruit and dessert favors. How big was my surprise when he told me that Southern Classic is considered a tobacco flavor. When I vape it, I taste first very mild tobacco, sweetness from drop of honey, plus vanilla, hint of cloves and some citrusy flavor behind. I liked this e-liquid after just a few puffs. This is a great combination of many delicate generously mixed flavors. Good clouds and good taste. I like my first experience and their e-liquid. My next step, would be ordering it from Halo.

  17. Interesting review by Jared

    This has an interesting taste to it. It reminds me of the clove cigarettes I smoked in high school 10 years ago. It brought back memories. This is an acquired taste that I would not be able to vape all day long. Definitely a once in a while type of vape.

  18. Something different review by Rob

    Southern Classic is another unique tasting flavor that Halo offers. I recently tried it for the first time and it took a few puffs to get used to. This will not replace my all day vape which is currently SubZero, but I will recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a flavor to wake up your taste buds.

  19. Grew on me review by Matthew

    This one grew on me. The hint of clove was weird at first, but i will buy it again. The flavor tastes sweet and smooth!

  20. "Southern Classic" review by Karen. E

    The moment I vaped Southern Classic it became my single most favorite of the Halo line up! The small hints of honey and vanilla really make this smooth flavor tasty! I suggest you try it yourself!

  21. An incredible flavor review by Joe

    I just tried Southern Classic for the first time. It’s a complex flavor which makes your taste buds come alive. It is sweet but not too sweet. This juice has a combination of overtones that combine to make a delicious tasting flavor. I really love this!

  22. Good review by Nicholas

    It's a good flavor and I can vape on it all day. It is a sweet taste and kind of tropical, which is not something you would expect from a tobacco flavor. It’s not my favorite, but if you love sweet tropical flavors this might be for you.

  23. Sweet delight review by Deneb

    A sweet and complex delight that I have enjoyed for more than a year. It is not an all day vape but outrageously good at any time of the day. I always come back to it. I give it five well deserved stars.

  24. Hmmmm review by Mark

    The jury's still out on this one. I am considering it is a tobacco flavor which I was surprised at how sweet it smelled when I first tried it. It is not a bad flavor but it has an inrteresting kind of fruity flavor. It is a little too perfume like for me. After reading a couple of other reviews, I am going to let it steep for awhile and come back to it.

  25. One of the VERY Best HALO has tp offer review by HarrySmooth

    My name is Harry smoth, I am the owner of Harry Smooth's Tobacco & Vape shop in Titusville, Florida. All I have to say, "Southern Classic" is one of many reasons why I chose to have Halo products to see in my store. The moment I tasted Southern Classic it became my single most favorite of the Halo line up! Its subtle hints of honey and madagascar vanilla makes it one of the most complex flavors your palate will ever experience. I suggest to try it yourself, and see why I and many others find this blend to be second to none. It is just an awesome flavor!

  26. So southern review by Eli

    ]I tried this as my first Halo e-liquid and I fell in love with it! I didn't steep it very long, the flavor will grow on you, and it will get better with time. In my opinion, it is just a completely unique flavor and I can taste each of its undertones. I think it has a light sweetness. However, some people say it is very sweet and I think they are crazy! The flavor is mostly sweet but it is not a heavy sweet like cotton candy or chocolate.

  27. Sweet Tasting review by Tammy

    I live in Louisiana and I can certainly taste the spirit of New Orleans with this blend. It has a nice sweet taste. It actually reminds me of the rainbow candy canes. I used to love those as a child. I can’t say that this particular flavor is my favorite but if you are looking for a swet tasting e-liquid then this is the one to choose.

  28. Not for me review by Molly

    This e-liquid smelled and tasted like a shot of whisky to me. It is not one I would reach for all the time but I will vape it occasionally.

  29. Not as bold as hardcore tobacco flavors review by Chris

    I was fed up with gimmick flavors like "cotton candy sprinkle" but tobacco flavors were somewhat harsh and unenjoyable like smoking big cigars. This flavor was similar to the Marlboro Southern Cut except it has a sweet side to it. The only complaint I have was the flavor wasn't present.

  30. Amazing flavor review by Christopher

    If you like Marlboro Southern Cuts this is close as the real thing. It is my favorite flavor by far.

  31. I thought Tribeca was my favorite but.. review by Linda

    I didn't think I would find an e-liquid I liked better than Tribeca but Southern Classic is great. It has the same smooth taste with a hint of sweetness. It vapes well in all my cartomizers. I still love Tribeca but Southern Classic is awesome! If you like a little sweetness then give it a try.

  32. Needs to steep! review by Ross

    When I first smelled this e-liquid I knew I would need to steep it. It had a perfume smell and was very harsh. I let it steep for a week but it still wasn't long enough. I put it in the back of my rotation and waited a few more weeks. When I returned, the flavor changed completely! My wife and I love this when it is aged. It is very complex and it dances on our tongues! I love trying to pull out the falvors that I taste. Give this a try one time!

  33. Southern Classic review by Alexander

    In my opinion, Southern Classic is a bit too sweet but it may be good for others. However, I like to mix it 50/50 with Prime 15. I would encourage others to try it and if you don’t like it then mix the flavors. The results are surprising!

  34. Southern awesomeness review by Joseph

    This is definitely a good e-liquid and to use as an all day vape. It is sweet and mellow with a nice throat hit.

  35. Strong Flavor review by Rob

    A great tobacco flavor but a little too sweet. I would definitely vape this once in awhile.

  36. Delicious review by Daniel

    Sourthern Classic has a smooth taste and great vape. It is my second favorite after Tribeca.

  37. Wonderful review by Joan

    I thought I was a tobacco "purist" and I would not like the flavor in Southern Classic. Well, I was wrong. This is delightful and has quicky became one of my favorites just like Turkish Tobacco. I can vape Southern Classic all day and I finished the sample bottle in a record time.

  38. Southern Comfort review by Rhonda

    Southern Classic is a pretty powerful and sweet taste all on it's own. It is a really smooth flavor and I mixed it with Turkish Tobacco. I would say it's strong but smooth. It won't disappoint you.

  39. Southern Smooth review by Debbie

    I just received my purchase of a small bottle of Southern Classic today. I was being adventurous (now who I am) after reading all of the positive reviews. I decided to go out of my comfort zone. I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Southern Classic is smooth and retains a good throat hit. Again, my hats off to Halo! Best of the rest!

  40. What Can I Say review by Vic

    What can I say about Southern Classic ... it's GREAT! Some may have complaints that it's too sweet and it smells weird but the taste outweighs all of them. The throat hit will depend on the nicotine level and it tastes very similar to Southern Comfort (alcoholic drink) but even better.

  41. My second favorite tobacco blend review by melissa

    This is my second favorite flavor of all the tobacco flavors I have tried so far. It has so many different flavors in it. Every hit is like a game. What did I taste in it this time? It is such an awesome flavor and I recommend you at least try it once. I don't think you will regret it.

  42. ok, but a little to mediciney tasting (if 'mediciney' is a word) review by danny

    A pretty unique taste of it's own. A little citrus flavor, similar to an old cough syrup taste, but interestingly, it gets better as you vape it. It is not one of my favorites but I enjoyed it the more I vaped it. It has a kind of sweet taste but leaves an after- taste in my mouth that I don't care for. Over all, it's not one of my favorites but not bad. For my taste, I would have to give it 3 stars.

  43. Was reluctant to try this flavor but... review by Natalie

    I was very happily surprised with how good this vape is! Southern Classic has moved to one of my favorites very quickly. The notes in this flavor are complex but every one of them shines brightly. The throat hit is mellow and very very nice. This is definitely worth a try if you like a mellower tobacco flavor with multiple notes. The citrus shines through and the vanilla end notes are fabulous. Southern Classic is an excellent e-liquid with just the right amount of sweetness.

  44. The summer vape review by Johnathon

    I have a 7ml bottle that I vaped with my Triton Tank with a fresh coil. Southern Classic has a very very high on honey, citrus flavor, and a very small mellow tobacco undertone. It really is perfect for summertime vaping. I enjoyed this flavor as more of a "dessert" tobacco flavor. You could vape this all day if you love a citrus honey flavor. I found myself vaping this all day for a week before I ran out. The throat hit is on the mild side with 18mg nicotine, which isn't bad for the style of liquid this falls under in my opinion. I would highly recommend this flavor for someone who loves tobacco flavors but want something different with a sweet flavor and as more of a dessert or treat.

  45. Nice! review by Joshua

    One of my new favorites. Still partial to the Turkish, but this one is pretty nice y'all!
    For the true Sutherner!

  46. Hands down my favorite flavor!! review by Ricky

    This is a must have liquid. My all time favorite. Such a unique flavor. The small hints of honey and vanilla really make this smooth flavor tasty! Highly recommend for the people that aren't fans of menthol or tobacco flavors.

  47. By far my favorite! review by Ricky

    I've had my Halo Triton for about a month and a half now. I ordered 6 different flavors. I purchased this one at 6mg nicotine, and it was the perfect amount. It has a tasty, smooth, sweet flavor that was exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend.

  48. Not the Greatest, But Worth a Go review by ZOSO

    All of the flavors here are as described. I really tried to like this as a stand alone liquid, but I just did not care for the aftertaste that much. I did mix this with some of Halo's other tobacco flavors (a little of this goes a long way) and it is much more enjoyable with a blend. I will continue to use Southern Classic, but probably not as a stand alone. I am sure it will be (and has been) a favorite of many others. Definitely worth a go. I vaped with a G6 in a mini tank.

  49. This was a try, but... review by Lamar

    I enjoyed it alot. I probably didn't enjoy it enough to keep in stock regularly, but I will be buying it every other month or so. It is a pleasant choice.

  50. Let It Breathe! Then Reap The Reward! review by Elik Anoa'i

    If I had to pick Halo's worst flavor upon first vape it has to be this one! Just God Awful if you vape it out of the box. It's still pretty bad days latter after sitting around for a while. All you can taste is flowery perfume. No honey, no tobacco, citrus, cloves or vanilla. However if you steep this with the cap off for at the minimum of 2 months or more you will be rewarded with a decent juice. After I vaped it on my VV using the 3.0-3.2 ohm coils set at 4.3 Volts, you get this pleasant sweet exotic vanilla top note and on the exhale you can certainly pick up the citrus and smooth tobacco with clove, cinnamon and honey undertones. It's a decent vape if you have alot of patience with it. Did it rock my world? No it did not. Was it as horrible as the first time. Heck no. It was rather delightful. I also found out that if I drip this directly on an atty, it tastes great and kinda has a Voodoo effect as the flavor profile varies depending on the voltage and ohm settings. It gets no thumbs from me but I will definitely buy another 7 ml bottle and stash it in the closet with the cap off for several months and drip it on occasion. I also liked this vape while drinking a Sprite so I'll probably keep vaping it while enjoying my favorite citrus soft drinks.

  51. Surprised review by Matthew

    I was pleasantly surprised by this flavor from Halo. I wasn't sure how the different flavors would come together, and I am really liking this flavor. It has a crisp complex flavor with honey, citrus, and just a hint of clove. The vanilla shows up on the smooth exhale and the throat hit is light to moderate. This is a flavor I was not sure on ordering, and it has exceeded my expectations.

  52. Very Unique review by Gail

    This flavor is very crisp and unique, with just enough sweetness and southern charm. If you're looking for a well crafted, complex flavor, Southern Classic is for you. It had to grow on me, but once I went through a tank, I found myself refilling another. This is definitely one that will sneak up and tap you on the shoulder.

  53. patience jedi review by Abdul

    At first, it tasted awful and smelled even worse. Then you're stranded on an island with only this bottle. You have to vape, so you try it again while waiting for your next shipment to arrive... that's when it grows on you. Southern Classic is a sweet, honey flavor with a good throat hit. It also has a good aftertaste. That's when you realize the folks at Halo know what's up!

  54. good quality juice review by nicholas

    This juice is a really good quality juice. It taste almost like a Marlboro Southern Cut Cigarette. Same aroma and flavors. Really good overall quality, flavor and vaper. I alternate this with captain jack.

  55. always keep it on hand review by bsammy2010

    I was not expecting much from this eliquid. But I was pleasantly surprised by the rich flavors and now I make sure to keep it on hand at all times.

  56. Different review by Andrew

    It's good, but it took a little bit for me to like. The honey, citrus and cloves show up as a more natural sweetness than the other sweeter flavors. I don't think i'd smoke it daily. But its defiantly worth a try!

  57. Great test review by Daniel

    I love the different undertones in this juice. Also the light tobacco flavor doesn't overpower the great blend of sweetness that accompanies it. Another Halo juice that is a hit!

  58. Stand out flavor!! review by Drew

    This is FAR and away Halo's best flavor. Citrusy, spicy (clove), sweet (honey/vanilla). It rolls off the tongue unlike anything I have tried. Light and delicate. Rich and unique, nothing offensive or harsh, what's not to love?!

    Wish I could rate this 10/5. As long as Halo makes Southern Classic, I will never be without!

  59. spices and citrus review by Brian

    For me the whole thing was just a tad too subtle of a complex mixture of flavors. I tried it with a few different resistance coils, and still had that impression. I strongly suspect though that this is a flavor I will enjoy more later on, as my sense of taste comes back. Yes the clove and citrus are there with a slightly honey? overlay, but they were just not strong enough for me to want this as my every day vape.

    Certainly it was worth a try and I already plan on getting another bottle in a few months to try it again, when my palate can appreciate its nuances better.

  60. I liked it. review by Dan

    Southern Classic e-liquid is pretty good if your looking for something light and sweet. Good vapor production, small throat hit, and a fruity taste. Southern Classic only falls short due to the description stating a "lightly sweet" taste that is in reality most of what you taste.

  61. killer throat hit review by JULIE

    Good tasting stuff...excellent vapor. Kinda like smoking a drink ;)

  62. Not my cup of tea. review by Tim

    Southern Classic's description worked for me but the actual experience did not. I was intrigued by the honey, citrus, clove, and vanilla flavors this eLiquid boasts but all I got was the overwhelming taste of a Lemon/Honey cough drop. I've tried and tried but this flavor just isn't my cup of tea. For me, this flavor was a bust but my other "tobacco" selections (Voodoo and Prime15) hit it out of the park!

  63. has a smooth taste review by Gene

    I think this was the last of the tobacco based blends I've tried. I found the flavor to be interesting and I really noticed the cloves more than the citrus. I've been mixing in a few drops of turkish with it and really liking the effect.

  64. Go to review by JJ87

    This is my go to vape juice. I love the flavor of it and the amount of vapor I get from this e-liquid. I've recommended this juice to a lot of my friends, and most of them love it as well. It's semi-sweet with a taste of tobacco. The taste kind of reminds me of an energy drink, like red bull or monster. I didn't like the flavor at first, but once I let it air out for a couple of days with the top off, it tasted wonderful. The only downside of this juice is that the actual juice smells like funny… but once it's vaped it smells great. I would recommend this juice. Try a sample size if you're not sure. And if you don't like it at first, let it air out for a couple of days and then try it again.

  65. YmmmmEE! review by candace

    Sweet, Smooth, vanilla that's what I taste, I'm in love with all of halo vapes, I have my ADV, BUT I like to vape them all, I'm just greedy, halo greed!

  66. Good Flavor review by Colin

    I thought it could do without the small taste of citrus. Tasted much better after leaving my bottle open for 24 hrs.

  67. Too much citrus, but great for mixing. review by Myrto

    The citrus is too strong for my taste, even after steeping for over a week it reminds me too much of cough drops. However, it's really great to have around to spice up other flavors. A few drops in my HX3 (which I also find a little too harsh on its own) turn it into one of my favorites. On its own I'd give it a 3 star, but as a spice it's a 5.

  68. Best one yet review by Rodney

    I recently purchased the Halo Triton kit and six of the most highly rated flavors. This one is my favorite followed by Voodoo, then Tribeca. I will need to re-order this one soon as I enjoy this one as an EDV.

  69. Vapable with Appreciation review by Kirk

    I'm a Southern Comfort fan, and this one hits the mark on that flavor for sure. I can appreciate this liquid for what it is, but I find that I avoid vaping it, its more of a novelty for me. It may very well be spot on for a night at the bar, but I don't turn to it regularly. I guess i would rather drink my liquor than vape it, though I certainly cant blame the folks loving the citrus and spice notes on his one.

    If you try this one fresh, expect a SoCo cough drop (not very good). Steeping this one a few weeks is a must.

  70. Light, Citrusy review by Stephen

    I find this to be a lighter, or milder, juice. Produces great vapor with a mild throat hit at 12 nic. The predominant taste for me is slightly sweet citrus. I tend to think of 7-Up or Sprite as the flavor I'm getting when I vape this.

  71. Diffrent review by Jason

    I tried this eliquid on a new coil. The taste surprised me. I vaped the triton tank on through but still couldn't get past how similar the flavor was to black jelly beans. Not a bad flavor, just wasn't what I expected. Vapor production was good. Throat hit was good. Not my favorite but still good enough to finish the bottle off.

  72. nice and light review by Anthony

    This has a light tobacco flavor with a mellow sweetness to it. The honey and cinnamon mix is great for an all day vape, with out being over powering. You can truly taste all the elements that go into this product.

  73. worth a try review by anthony

    This is a solid juice but just not quite my style. I reminds me of southern comfort. Lots of good flavors going on in this juice but its a little too much for me to use as an all day vape. Used it while drinking wine one night and it blended perfectly.

  74. Unique and mellow review by Robert

    This has become a new favorite! I was not too sure about it at first so let it steep for a few days with cap off, making world of difference, as I was afraid at first it was almost like Voodoo, which I am one of few people that just do not care for it. Well, this Southern Classic must be right up there with Tribeca and Turkish as ADV. Like a previous reviewer so rightly stated, it seems to be a great thing to switch from time to time through day, having options, and reason I have several Triton Tanks, with each dedicated to own flavor or my mixture. Southern Classic has a flavor I cannot yet place a single adjective towards in describing it. However, at least I do not taste the extreme citrus others note. Really nice vape cloud and throat hit and mellow. Love it.
    Made In USA!

  75. I LUV THIS review by Bama Princess

    Well I'm a Southern Girl so of Course I am gonna Love THIS! It's nice and sweet just the way I like it. It still has the smooth tobacco taste to it but the sweet comfort of it is what I love. This is my 2nd favorite right behind the Tribeca flavor. It's also very good to mix with the Freedom Juice. And I haven't tried this yet but I bet if you added just a couple of drops of vanilla to it it would be like a dessert cake. Try this...you will like it if you are a Southerner or maybe a Southerner at HEART!!

  76. wonderful! review by Nao

    This is my all the time ejuice. I love it. Its light and not overwhelming but still offers a solid flavor and throat hit. Highly recommended!!

  77. Super Yum! review by meowmix915

    I have several favorite flavors here @ Halo & this is definitely 1 of them. This is so easy to vape. Wonderful unique flavor that reminds me of SoCo. It is an ADV for me!

  78. To Each Their Own review by Sean

    Southern Classic in my personal opinion is a very strong citrus e-liquid. I found the citrus to be overwhelming and had to dilute by 1/3rd with Fusion base e-liquid flavor and found it to be just right!
    If you want a small hint of Citrus in your non-citrus e-Liquid just put a couple drops of Southern Classic!

  79. Could be your ADV !! review by DJB

    With so many different flavors - the one all encompassing phrase is TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE. Just because one person doesn't find this Southern Classic to be their favorite vape doesn't mean it may not be yours.
    This has more of a very hard to describe light citrus note to "ME". My husband like sit and sense no citrus - so there ya have it.
    It's been repeated but I'll say it again - stay hydrated.. vaping dehydrates your more. Changing your flavors around can be very helpful - your taste buds and smell get tired of the same vape so mix it up - rotate your flavors!
    I revisit a flavor I may not have cared for 2 months ago... only to find HEY what did I miss!
    Southern Classic is now back in my rotation! YAY!
    Using MVP2 and Tumbler tank. Lovin it!
    Thank you HALO!!!!!

  80. One of Halo's better blends if you like citrus review by M

    I'm a little surprised Southern Classic isn't rated a little higher, it's a great vape if you like citrus and only slightly-sweet tobacco. I've been really impressed by it, the ratio is just right to give you a unique flavor instead of a combination of flavors and is one of the few 5 stars I've given their juices. If you like Tribeca and are looking for something new I'd definitely check it out.

  81. A True Classic review by Dave

    Really flavorful juice and not too harsh. Received this as a free sample and tried it out when I ran low on Torque 56. It was very mellow and has now joined my other favorites from Halo.

  82. One of My Favorites!!! review by Russell E.

    Although I am new to the Vaping world. I would like to say this is probably one of my all time favorites from Halo. I am totally satisfied with my new Halo Triton tank system. I will admit i was skeptical at first, but I wish I would have done this a long time ago. The Southern Classic is a great E-liquid, that i would recommend to anyone wanting to start off with a mild tobacco flavor topped off with hints of vanilla,citrus and cinnamon. At least that's what it tastes like to me. Thank you Halo for making such a great product in the Triton tank system and wonderful E-juices.

  83. Pretty good juice review by Dustin

    I got this as my first halo flavor to try because it sounded really good with the honey and citrus flavors. At first i was taken back by the taste, it was more like medicine but after steeping it for a week, it turned out 20 times better. I could vape this all day now. No one flavor is too overpowering, they all come together very nice.This flavor is nice for a light vape, not a harsh throat hit but enough to let you know its there. Quality product!

  84. SOUTHERN JUICE! review by Michael

    Southern living has found its place in this wonderful tobacco E-juice. It's s super smooth light tobacco e-liquid blend. It's got honey, citrus and cloves, and vanilla notes. Each flavor profile is distinguishable and yet comes together beautifully in this wonderful blend!

  85. Very mild, and fairly sweet. review by LVE

    I taste a little apple (but nothing near as strong as Midnight) and I don’t really taste the tobacco. It has a soft throat hit, even at 18. Vapor production is good. The taste is definitely not over-powering, and the aroma is light / pleasant. I wouldn’t call it a tobacco flavor, but it’s not a bad as desert.

  86. Good product! review by Josh

    Product has good flavor and produces thick smoke. Make sure you order two weeks in advance because two day shipping took two weeks.

  87. Southern Classic review by W. Joseph

    When I first began using a vaporizer, one of the first e-liquids I tasted was one of Halo’s other Tobacco flavors. Had I tried their Southern Classic first, I may never have tried their other flavors because I have to admit that it is my absolute favorite! No matter how hot (or at what voltage) it vaporizes in my atomizer, it seems like it never tastes burnt. The mild citrus bouquet is delightful, and its viscosity always seems to produce thick clouds of vapor that envelope me in a comfortable aroma. I never get tired of it.

  88. taste really good review by micheal

    If you are looking for a good sweet undertone tobacco flavor this is the one for you. I like to use this to mix with my subzero to make the true menthol tobacco flavor. Great product!!!

  89. very nice, mellow review by Tammara

    Very nice mellow flavor. This could be an all day vape very easily. The flavors blend so well it's hard to pick out any specific although I can taste a slight hint of citrus with a touch of clove on the exhale. Smells like cherry though. Very nice.

  90. My All Time Favorite! review by Cindy

    I didn't think I'd ever find a flavor of eliquid I would like better than Halo Torque 56. Then Halo announced their new flavor Southern Classic. So I gave it a try. When I opened the first bottle I thought I liked the aroma. But the first inhale was a bit of a shock that left me thinking, this may not be for me. I left the cap off the bottle and put it away to let it steep for a couple of days, then tried it again. Wow, what a difference! And that's how my continuing love affair with Southern Classic began.

    By the time I had finished that first bottle I knew I had found the perfect eliquid for me. It has exactly the right sweetness of honey, and mild citrus note to be a thoroughly satisfying all day vape for me. I've been vaping Southern Classic daily for almost 4 months now, and I really can't imagine going a day without it. I wish I had the words to really describe the wonderful flavor of this eliquid!

  91. Coming back for more review by Vapaday

    I gave this a try with the 7ml bottle, when it was gone I found myself attempting to get every last drop out of it. Good all day vape. Sweet at first but then it becomes very tasty. Highly recommend a try!

  92. Pretty good! review by John

    This is a pretty decent e-liquid by Halo. It's growing on me and after steeping it for about a week and vaping it, I finally am getting the gist of it. It's a tobacco base with citrus. It is a sweet vape with a very slight spice. It kind of reminds me of hot lemonade with honey, if you ever had that as a kid. The tobacco is very mild but there is a decent throat hit.

    12 nic
    Flavor: 4.0
    TH 3.75
    Vape 4

  93. Taste good review by Jorel

    Good tasting but smells like cough syrup, and when it dries up it's even worse smells like really old cheese.

  94. Southern Classic is a winner! review by Dave

    I barely missed the free sample offer a few months back, but the reviews here intrigued me. I'm a tobacco flavor vaper and Halo has the best tobacco flavors hands down, but I was skeptical on buying this before trying it. Took a chance and bought a 30ml bottle and let it steep for 4 days before sampling a tank (I ended up steeping the bottle for 10 days); what a pleasant surprise! Their description mentions cloves, but I didn't pick it up too much. I can't stand the overly fruity juices local shops tend to sell, however I picked up a plum liqueur note which is very flavorful and most of all, satisfactory. If you too were on the fence, at least put this on a wishlist to help get the free shipping in a future order. You won't be disappointed.

  95. meh review by Zach

    I thought it was just ok. It's not my favorite but if I need a smoke feel it does the trick.

  96. Absolutely my favorite!! review by John F.

    I wasn't too sure I was going to like this one after reading some of the reviews. But, man, was I wrong. This is definitely a lighter flavor and intensity flavor with a nice hint of sweetness and almost a light Bourbon flavor; it has a really interesting mix that is just absolutely wonderful to taste. It is my absolute favorite all day kind of vape... I actually find myself having to put down my Triton or G6 when I have this flavor in my tanks.

    I ordered three more bottles of this one... and I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

  97. My all day vape review by Justin

    Didn't think I'd find a juice I like as much as Freedom Juice and Tribeca, after a good steeping (a few days to a week) this is my absolute favorite! Straight southern.

  98. A Classic review by Carl

    Hello, I need to thank Halo for sending the sample of Southern Classic E-Liquid complimentary with my Triton order. It was a very pleasant surprise! To qualify my review I need to mention that all the flavors, like or dislike, present with the high quality I have associated with Halo products. Southern Classic has a smooth vape that flows well across the tongue, however I find the flavor not to my liking. I suspect that it has to do with the particular tobacco flavoring used in the product, along with the sweet choices of flavor added. For example, I can drink a whiskey drink on occasion, but I don't do well with the sweetness of, say, Southern Comfort. I believe that Southern Classic would please the palate of many of those whose taste runs other than mine. I would recommend Southern Classic to those who enjoy tobacco flavors over the gourmet and dessert flavors to try. The flavor is clean and very present of which so far I have found and enjoyed with Halo's other E-Liquids. It brings to mind a mountain cabin in the woods, old friends gathered for a weekend of hunting or fishing, and of course, possibly a good bottle of whiskey shared as is the camaraderie. I am not at all suggesting drinking. It is the image I happen to envision with the vape. I am sure that Southern Classic will appeal to many that may taste this prime vape offered from Halo. Thank You Halo for allowing me to review Southern Classic. Carl

  99. More like a cherry taste review by MOCO

    This liquid is fairly close to the description on the site, but I don't taste the cloves which is great. You can taste the honey and the citrus, but there is almost a cherry taste as well. This is more of a late day vape for me because it is sweet and even smells sweet. It does produce lots of vapor which I love. I have also mixed it with a little Torque56 and that was pretty good. Everyone has different taste buds, so all you can do is give it a try.

  100. Not For Me review by JFry

    I got a sample of this one to try something new. I am more of a straight tobacco flavor. If that is you, do not get this. It was ok but, too much sweet and citrus for me. After I read the description, Halo is spot on and I should have not ordered it. Only because I know that I do not like the citrus flavors. It is great if you like that but, not for me.

  101. Staple item review by Lisa

    A good all around choice. A nice mellow flavor with a good throat hit and great vapor. I am a menthol lover but haven't found a menthol vape that does it for me and this is now my 'go to'. Thanks Halo!

  102. Very sweet. review by Jennifer

    This flavor is very sweet. When my daughter smells us smoking she says it smells like bubble gum. I am more of a red smoker and my hubby smokes menthol. My husband thought he would get tired of the flavor after a while but was shocked when he did not.

  103. My absolute favorite thus far! review by John F.

    Wow... after reading some of the other reviews for this flavor, I was a little hesitant to give this one a shot. But I loaded up one of my mini-tanks on my G6 and just could not get enough of this one. It's almost like sipping back on a really smooth drink (at least to me) and the after-taste is just as good as the inhaled taste. As always, everyone will have their own preferences, but don't pass this one up... give it a shot and see how you like it!

  104. Finally figured it out!! review by Garemlin

    Just got a sample bottle of this today. Wanted to try something new. I have been puffing on it for a few hours. I know the taste but I could not place it. It finally came to me. This stuff tastes just like Yukon Jack whiskey. Plain and simple. That isn't a bad thing. it is just really weird puffing on something that tastes like something I used to get drunk off of. LOL Not much throat hit but the very slight menthol taste makes up for it. Jury is still out if I will order a big bottle. It is way different than anything I have tried yet for sure. Of course so is Tribeca.

  105. Well done Halo review by VID

    Southern Classic has a taste that I haven't quite yet experienced in other Halo juices. The nuances in Halo's liquids are always top notch but this one is by far superior. Smooth tobacco with a mild hint of citrus and vanilla. Doesn't quite sound like the best combo as I'm typing this but it blends perfectly together. Especially in the Triton!

  106. Love this one! review by Cindy

    When I first received this flavor, I wasn't too sure about how much I liked it.

    After a few puffs I had a really hard time putting this one down.

    It has a wonderful citrus, vanilla, honey taste and is absolutely unique.

    Have yet to taste anything like it and I have tried a lot of flavors and vendors out there.

    Once I get started on this, I have a really hard time putting it down!

    It really is that good!

    Try it and I promise you will be impressed with how tasty and unique it really is.

    One of my All day vapes and I never want to be without it.

    I have tried other vendors, but keep coming back to Halo because the quality of all their juices is just something you can always depend on.

    There is NO bad juice at Halo (that certainly can't be said for other vendors!) and I will always rely on this juice as a staple.

    Thank you Halo for doing a superior job at quality, consistency, price and Customer Service.

  107. Very good review by J

    Got this free with a purchase as most people did and was pleasantly surprised. Smooth and sweet with a clear clove taste and hints of something tropical like pineapple or apricot. As with many other Halo "tobacco" flavors I do not taste much tobacco, which is perfectly fine by me =)

  108. Fantastic flavor for everyday use review by Amy

    I have tried a few different flavors of e-liquid, and this is by far my favorite for daily use. With a tobacco undertone, it has a hint of peach with a slight citrus finish. A friend gave me a 7ml bottle to try, and I immediately came home to order the larger bottle. I highly recommend this flavor if you want the tobacco taste with a slight (fruity) sweetness.

  109. Like Cinnamon Schnapps or Big Red review by Hot Damn!

    At first, I was taken aback. But then I found that this is one of my favorite flavors, like Midnight Apple, to have in a little bottle to ad a little tweak to my everyday E-liquids. It has a flavor that is like Cinnamon Schnapps or Big Red gum, but much more elegant. I personally wouldn't use this flavor straight, but I dig its spunky tincture.

  110. My go-to juice review by N.A.

    I have tried several different tobacco-flavored juices from a few different vendors, but I keep coming back to Southern Classic as my all day, baseline juice. It actually isn't very tobacco-tasting at all, and is pretty sweet and almost vanilla-ish. Also, it mixes well with other juices, particularly fruity ones. Home run, Halo! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to order another bottle...

  111. Good flavor review by Wade

    I am primarily a menthol guy, and I got this liquid as a freebie with my last order. Turns out, it's a very nice flavor. Smooth and sweet. This will be my go-to non-menthol vape.

  112. Good, but not my favourite review by Naseeruddin

    I believe this is a sober version of Captain Jack, with the sweet honey-like tasting juice, with a bit of spice. The tobacco flavor is very nice though.
    Those of you out there that prefer a strong sweet tasting tobacco, check out Captain Jack. Rest should give this small bottle a try.

  113. really good review by anthony

    This is a really nice liquid, it's sweet and has a hint of fruit flavor. I guess it could be perceived as a tobacco infused peach cobbler, great stuff!

  114. Excellent Flavor! review by diana

    This is the second juice I've tried (Tribeca was my first) and this has the BEST taste ever! It's a little sweet and very tasty and doesn't leave a bad after taste in your mouth. Try this one if you want a lighter vape and taste!

  115. very light very good review by William

    I got this juice when the free 10 ml bottle with an order. When I smelled it I thought it smelled the southern comfort. Loaded it up and to my surprise I got a sweet I guess clove taste I have never had a clove so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for but I definitely got a honey undertone. The juice has a sweet taste to it which I like. I wish I could give a better review but if you like sweet tobacco juice I would definitely give this one a try.

  116. A great all day vape! review by Gary

    This has got to be my favorite Halo flavor to date. It takes the flavor of Turkish Tobacco and kicks it up a notch with some great accent flavors. It has a slight citrus taste which I enjoy. I can also taste a hint of clove and honey. As for calling it Southern Classic, I live in the south and I have never tasted anything like it, but then again the flavor seems like an old familiar friend. I love trying different flavors on a rotating basis, but I always come back to Southern Classic. It's a definite hit! Great job Halo! Now go make something else to blow my mind!

  117. Great flavor.... after a good steep review by Nicholas

    When this flavor first came out I decided I would try it. I loaded up a cart and took my first pull. Gross. In the beginning, the taste is strongly of a clovey cough syrup. I decided to put it away and leave the cap off for a while. I would give it a shot again every day for the next few days, with little change in taste. I had also ordered a sampler pack so the Southern took a spot on the shelf with the cap off for about a week. At that point I gave it another try and wow what a difference. After a little bit of time this flavor really opens up and the sweetness comes out while the gross medicine taste completely goes away. The vapor production and throat hit from this juice are great. Some of the best from any flavor halo has. Trust me on this, let this flavor sit for a while and you will be able to truly enjoy this flavor.

  118. One of my all days review by Aegis

    I received this as a free sample at 12ml and 24mg nicotine and though I didn't try it in my Trition till later I did put it in a carto and gave it a few toots. I must say from day it was satisfying. As with almost all Halo liquids it gave great vapor production and throat hit. There is a very pleasant and sweetness on the inhale and a nice tame "citrusy" zest on the exhale. I've been told that it smells like Smarties candies but I'm not picking that up at all. Once I did put it in the Triton the flavors became more of dry tobacco and whisky with the same sweetness and zest. Great all day vape!

  119. My new favorite review by Steven

    I love this juice. I tried the free sample that was sent to me when it was introduced and could not put it down. It was strong and unlike anything I tasted before, but I couldn't stop vaping it. The next day it totally blew me away, it was mellow and tart at the same time, but tasted really good. During the first couple of days it had a slight peppery flavor that would appear at times, which I liked, but it went away. This stuff is just awesome and has become my number 1 juice. I don't know how they do it but Halo creates the best, most complex flavors that keep me trying to figure out what flavors are hid in there.

  120. Interesting taste review by Laura

    This is a nice solid eliquid with an interesting taste. It has a sweet undertone, maybe of cherry, it's hard to decipher. It's still very tobacco flavored but there is a sweetness. It has a good throat hit and is fairly smooth. I wasn't thrilled with it at first but have grown to enjoy it.

  121. Great tobacco flavor. review by James

    I received this as a free sample with my first order and I'm very glad I did. I heard that Halo has the best tobacco tasting e-liquid, and from trying this one, they are right! It's so smooth and not too harsh. It has hints of citrus and a great vanilla taste. The throat hit is nice and a good amount of vapor. I'm going to order this and try the tobacco sampler on my next order.

  122. Love The citrus review by michael

    Love this one! The hints of citrus and cloves sneak up on you while the tobacco flavor is mild.

  123. Flavourful, but not "light" review by Mike

    This Southern Classic e-juice was too extremely "mediciney" for me. However, the vapor production was good, and the flavor is bold.

  124. One of my three favorites review by Chris

    All right, where to begin… let’s start with that this is one of the three that are my faves that I use regularly. I love this flavor. (Albeit taste is very subjective) It is as the description says, very smooth with a distinct flavor that is mildly sweet and very pleasant. I personally can taste the cloves, honey, and citrus hints in it and enjoy them. (Don’t taste the vanilla but may be me.) I have had no problems with it vaporizing (cept when my battery runs low, but duh :-) ) it's always consistent. I’ve had no problems with the flavor changing (past the 48 hours they tell ya about on the card they send with each order) or going bad or anything along those lines. Overall it’s a flavor I enjoy much and it seems to be a well made liquid and I’m happy they make it.

  125. Well my wife likes it! review by Charles

    Well we ordered this flavor to try the different tobacco flavors Halo offers. Let me tell you, this e-liquid has a strong green apple-esqe flavor. It is definitely dominant when it comes to mixing flavors. I tried mixing this with Prime, Tribeca, and Turkish and they always ended up tasting like green apples.

  126. great liquid review by Hassan

    Great taste and I love it.

  127. southern sweet review by Trevor

    This e liquid I got because HALO was cool enough to send me a sample bottle and I'm glad they did because this liquid is really smooth first off, even in 24mg which I prefer and the taste has a superb sweetness of honey and there's a slight milky taste also, I could do without the clove though but its not something that would keep me from buying this because the clove is very light. All in all this is a great liquid that actually reminds off chewing tobacco (in a good way).

  128. Awesome. review by Andrew

    A sweet flavor but not too sweet. Another staple great by itself or with other tobacco or fruity flavors or whatever you like really. As with all the other flavors, you get nice vapor production and a good solid hit every time.

  129. Unusual review by Jody

    Received this one as free sample. Did not like at all when first tried. Let it sit open about 1 week. Decided to try again. Different and better than first try. Rather grows on you. As I was driving home from work vaping away I swear I tasted apple wood smoked bacon in this vape!!!! Crazy? Just a hint of smoked bacon. I really concentrated on the flavor and smell and yes, it reminded me of bacon?? I laughed and thought "this is my idea of Southern Classic"! Sweet and savory, by golly!

  130. An Acquired Taste? review by Rob

    This was the first e-juice that I tried with my Triton Tank System starter kit. When I first opened it, I didn’t like it; it smelled and tasted like cough medicine to me. So I put in my drawer and tried some other flavors. I read some reviews and many of them said to let it sit and it will be much better, so I gave it another shot…and WOW! I love this flavor now. The next bottle that I got was awesome right away; I didn’t have to let it sit at all. I have since tried a few different flavors from Halo, but Southern Classic is my ADV. Whoever said that it reminds them of Southern Comfort got it exactly right.

  131. A wonderful surprise! review by Ben

    I received a sample bottle of this with my last order, and I am very glad I did. What a fantastic flavor! The description is already very accurate, but I will try expand on it. At first, it tasted a lot like an orange creamsicle, but the more I vape it, the more it tastes like orange spice tea with honey and milk. You can definitely pick up on the citrus and clove, but the vanilla blends into the other flavors, and there is a light creamy top note. The tobacco is subtle in this juice, so there is not much smokiness, but the clove adds a nice element of throat hit and bite on the tongue. All the flavors do indeed come together to provide a uniform vaping experience. I will definitely be adding a big bottle of this to my next order.

  132. An excellent choice. review by Darth Vapor

    Southern Classic is an excellent choice for those who are craving that sweet and very satisfying taste with every inhale and exhale. Whenever I am smoking southern classic around people, they always tell me how good it smells and want a hit. Believe me, it tastes as good as it smells! The throat hit isn't extreme and produces a great amount of vapor to keep me satisfied.

  133. First tried , still going review by Mitch

    This is the first juice I tried, however I keep on reordering it as I find it fantastic as all day Vape. Slightly fruity, with a mild overtone of tobacco. Just enough to satisfy the habit.

  134. Me Fave review by Ced Stardog

    My favorite juice you guys got...That I've tried I mean...

  135. Smoooooth review by Lesa

    I don't usually care for tobacco flavors but this has a very light and VERY smooth tobacco flavor. It has complex notes that are slightly sweet, you can taste a little vanilla on the exhale and it is more smooth than most other tobacco flavors I have tasted. It has some other flavors that I can't quite put my finger on but it makes you keep coming back for more. I think you would like this even if you are not a tobacco flavor vaper. It definitely got me.

  136. Good, but missing something... review by Mike

    I was concerned when I bought this that the tobacco flavoring would be disagreeable, but I was hoping the vanilla would be prominent enough to outweigh it. I shouldn't have been worried. I could only detect the mildest hint of tobacco flavoring (which is good for me), but the vanilla wasn't as evident as I was hoping it would be. As much as I'd like to give this a higher rating, I simply can't as it didn't live up to my vanilla-laden hopes and had to be mixed with malibu to satisfy my tastes. That said, this is a great liquid to mix with other flavors.

  137. Smooth review by Greg

    A easy all day vape. Smooth light tobacco flavor. Good throat hit good after taste nice smooth tobacco.

  138. 5 Stars X Infinity review by meowmix915

    This flavor blows me away! I can taste the honey & citrusy notes. I agree that this tastes like a straight up SoCo vape. Just so happens that during my partying days this was my go to cocktail. Now I can see it becoming an adv for me!

  139. Unique smoke review by Ludmila

    Probably the most unique liquid I've tried yet, has a distinct citrus main tone that isn't too strong yet on the exhale you taste the tobacco. I really like the tobacco taste on the exhale, very genuine and clean. Not bad to mix this in every now and then but wouldn't say this is an all-day vape due to the citrus but maybe that's just me, don't like too much sweetness.

  140. Southern classic, Southern comfort review by CARSON

    I received the Southern classic in the 10ml bottle and so far I love the tobacco taste. It almost reminds me of a southern comfort flavor, and it's easy on the throat on every hit. Provides a great vape also. If you're looking to try something different with a sweet southern taste. Try it out!

  141. Sickly Sweet review by Lee

    This one is far too sweet for my taste, and I think it dulls my taste buds. For contrast, I find the Turkish flavor to be perfection.

  142. Good, but too sweet for my taste. review by Lindsay

    I liked the flavor generally, but there was too much vanilla for me.

  143. Tried it because it was a freebie review by billy

    I was pleased with the product. A sweeter liquid with a somewhat medium throat hit. I might try it again someday for a different taste although it isn't something I would use as an everyday flavor. For now I will stick with Tribeca and Subzero for that.

  144. Light, citrus tobacco review by Bryan

    I have only been vaping now for 3 weeks. So that's where my flavor palette is coming from...

    Anyway, this stuff came as a free sample when I bought my starter kit. I began my vaping experience with cartos. I was vaping Prime 15 and Tribeca for the first few days. After getting used to the act, I finally filled a mini tank with some of the Southern Classic, and puffed away.

    My first impression... YUCK!!! What the hell is this?! It tastes like pink bubblegum mixed with cotton candy, with a little high-proof ethanol in there for a burn. I could taste no tobacco whatsoever. It just came across as cotton candy bubblegum.

    So I put it back on the shelf and forgot about it. After running out of all my cartos, a week later, I tried it again. This time it had lost a bit of that sickly sweetness. Still bubblegummy. Now with a bit of citrus. But still couldn't taste any tobacco flavors, and was wondering if I had gotten a mislabeled bottle, filled with some kind of dessert flavor? I put it back on the shelf, and went out and bought some Torque 56, and Prime 15.

    Fast forward to today, about 2 weeks later. I finally pulled the Southern Classic mini tank out from the back of my closet, attached it to my G6 battery, and began puffing away with my morning coffee...

    WOW!!!! This stuff is really nice!!! It has changed so much since before! I now taste a light tobacco base in there. No more of any real sweetness to speak of. I still don't detect any vanilla. But I definitely get a citrusy, spicy tobacco thing going on. Emphasis, to me, seems to be on the citrus. But it is really nice. I had to go back and read the reviews before this one, and the people who equated this one to SoCo are the ones who nailed the flavor here. That is exactly it! It's like SoCo, or any other kind of southern-flavored whiskey bourbon with a little citrus overtone. This would make a great match for a tall glass of lemonade on a hot, southern summer day.

    I am only giving it 4 stars because I refuse to give 5 stars to anything that I have to put on a shelf for several weeks before it is finally ready. I am the CUSTOMER! I should not have to complete the manufacturing process for the manufacturer. Steep them yourselves before rushing them onto the market please. I can't imagine any other industry where that's acceptable. I've never gone out to buy a beer, and was told to "let the bottles sit on a shelf for a bit while the yeast eat the sugars and the malt ferments a bit.

    So, 4 stars. An easy 5 stars for this one, though, Halo, if you start sitting them on shelves for 3 weeks before rushing them to the stores.

  145. Husband YES me not so much, Taste = SUBJECTIVE! review by CaptDonna

    Well Ya’ll just nailed it with Southern Classic! For Hubby that is! He said a DEFINITE 5 star so here it is!
    Received the 10ml freebie with my last order and finally got around to filling up a tank to taste. For me, first there was a definite citrus note, then a myriad of blended tobacco type flavor. Could not find any vanilla I realize it states it as a light top note but none were there for me. I mainly stay with my favorites which is the typically menthol and sweet flavors. We all have our favorite go to HALO e-juices!
    Then my husband got a hold of it and I’m thinking this will soon be added to the wish list!!
    Taste (this is a repeat) is so very subjective. Just because one reviewer may love it doesn’t mean it will be your adv or not like it and you may miss out on something perfect for YOU! HALO just puts out such a diverse blend it’s definitely up to the individual (Great reason to order samplers LOL).
    As with every HALO e-juice we’ve tried great throat hit, vapor and smooth.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next in the HALO USA kitchen! Keep them coming!

  146. By far my favorite review by Nick

    I received a free sample of this juice with my G6 starter kit order, I'm glad Halo was generous with including this with my order. It is by far my favorite over a few others I have tried. It is very smooth with a good throat hit and has a slight vanilla hint to it. This is now my go to juice for daily use, just purchased the big bottle a few days ago to meet my needs. Awesome stuff!!! Will be purchasing this regularly now.

  147. Top notch review by Ben

    I'm not sure that the description does this e-liquid justice. It's like a Bourbon flavor, but without any hint of alcohol. It's just on the edge of sweet, as you'd expect a Bourbon to be. It's not "perfumy" or "flowery". This may very well become Halo's second best flavor, after Tribeca.

  148. Awesome Flavor review by Randy

    I really like this one. It reminds me of juicy fruit and was hard to put down. Left my mouth watering for more, literally.

  149. Good clove flavor review by Dylan

    What can I say, other than this is another great complex juice from Halo. Make sure to let the bottle sit in a dark space with its cap off for at least 24 hours. When I first smelled this juice it seemed like it would not make it into my rotation, but after 3 weeks of steeping, it is an amazing clove flavor.

  150. Impossible to be better this surprise review by Dariusz

    This flavor was a real surprise. I had not asked for it and I received it as a gift in my first order. Take long to prove, as I thought it to be given as a gift, should be "not so good" ... WOW what a surprise!!! This flavor, along with Voodoo are the ones I like more than all!

  151. Love at first Puff review by Roy

    Ordered a 10ml sample bottle since I wasn't sure I was gonna like it, but boy was I wrong. This one has perfect smoothness to it with refreshing citrus notes.
    I didn't even let it steep for 48 hours yet...I just left it in the dark for about 2 hours with cap off right from the mail...and IT IS PERFECT!
    wonder what other goodies will be in there once 48 hours pass.
    Big Up Halo! Keep those new flavors coming! You guys seem to get better and better. An all day vape for sure along with the Tribeca and Torque 56!

  152. Even better than torque! review by Mouheb

    My favourite e-liquid was torque 56 for months, I received a sample bottle from Halo, and when I tried it, it became my everyday taste, I really appreciate it and thank you Halo !

  153. my taste buds are in love. review by steve

    A friend of mine turned me onto Halo with a 10ml sample of this liquid. I was impressed with the flavor overall, I thought it had an almost blueberry note to it. I couldn't seem to put it down til it was gone. I put in an order almost immediately for a few more flavors, if they are this tasty I might have found my go-to e-liquid vendor.

  154. Surprisingly Good review by Stephen

    I would never have ordered this because the description didn't sound like something I would like but Halo kindly sent me a free sample.
    First impressions were ho-hum but as it mellowed it became very enjoyable. The citrus and clove are not overpowering and the tobacco is just right. Will likely buy more.

  155. great review by jose

    I gave this a 4 star because it gave me a little headache, but the taste is good, I taste a lot of honey. I recommended this to a few buddies of mine because I knew they would like it better, one of them bought it a few days ago and he enjoyed it. :)

  156. Not my cup of tea. review by Jack

    This E-liquid is just not for me. However, I can see someone else enjoying it.

    For me, it taste like a old dry cigar. It's not so bad that I can't smoke it, just that I don't enjoy the flavor after a several minutes of huffing and puffing.

    It also has a stronger seconded hand smell then most other E-liquids. Which my wife quickly complained about while vaping in car with her. She also clams the smell stuck around in the car for a few days, something she dose not complain about with the Mystic, Sub-Zero, or Kringle's Curse Flavors.

    If you like a strong, rich, and robust flavor. This might be for you. If you are a menthol smoker like myself or enjoy fruity flavors, Probably not your cup of tea.

  157. Unique review by Waz

    Let this one steep for a couple days or you might miss the light citrus note and vanilla touch. Smooth taste with an easy throat hit. An easy vape with subtle undertones of sweet citrus and vanilla, with a mellow tobacco flavor. Overall, it is a satisfying tasty vape.

  158. Something Quite Different review by Damian

    I received this 10ml sample upon ordering my menthol variety pack, and let me tell you, this e-liquid is really unique! Upon my first try it tasted mellow and I could not find the hints of clove and vanilla, but I recommend letting the e-liquid steep with caps off for about 48 hours, than you will taste the difference.

    This e-liquid is one of my favorites now, as it is not too harsh and you can taste the tobacco along with the citrus flavors and clove. I really enjoy this as an occasional vape, when I'm looking for a switch from my everyday Tribeca.

    I highly recommend this flavor, you will not be disappointed!

  159. Surprisingly good review by Vaporman78

    First of all let me thank the Halo company for their promotional giveaway of this product with orders over 20$. To best describe this flavor I would say upon inhale its smooth and has a tobacco taste to it. Upon exhale it leaves the user with a nice fruity aftertaste. Will continue to buy this flavor long into the future.

  160. Suprised! review by Hans

    I was pretty surprised when I inhaled it for the first time! Great and smooth flavor with great honey/citrus taste! Totally love this one! Reminds me of candy :)

  161. It grows on you, slowly but surely. review by Wheezal

    My first few dozen drags of this blend we're not impressive. It was overly harsh and there was no subtlety between the different flavor notes.

    However, as I tried it for a bit longer, the fullness of each inhalation grew much more comfortable. It is a very robust blend, like being slapped by delicious smoke, but in a good way. The finish is quite soothing, with a mild clove flavor and sweet hit that relaxes the palette.

    If the flavor wasn't so extreme, hard up front, soft at the end; it would score it higher. But it does require some balancing.

  162. The best for me review by ilke

    This is the best liquid from Halo for me. I have ordered a sample and there was an extra small bottle came in on the side of my order which was pretty nice of Halocigs. I really enjoyed its regular taste with not much of any other taste.

    Its somewhat hard to tell what it tastes like however I highly recommend this juice to anyone who is looking for a good regular tobacco juice. This is my favorite from Halocigs. Give a try you will not be sorry.

  163. Sweet and Mellow review by Ox

    I was lucky enough to get a free 10 ml bottle of this with one of my orders. It took me a little while to accept the flavor, but now I find myself going back to it if I'm tired of a flavor I don't like much. I've been told it smells like blue berries, but I think it smells like heaven. It has a very mellow, sweet flavor and never grows old.

  164. Great flavor, smooth. review by Traci

    I wasn't sure about this juice at first after receiving a free sample with an order, but now I can't get enough! It's so smooth, and only slightly sweet. I just got my "big" bottle in the mail and I'm thrilled. It's great for all day. I love it!

  165. A smooth All Day Vape review by bill

    It has a mellow, smooth throat hit and a flavor to match. Smokey but with a gentle sweet liqueur-ish quality. Kind of like one of the more dry flavors but with some Voodoo thrown in. It's not overpowering, though. It's just a nice, citrus-like top note over a mellow, dry, tobacco flavor. Not my #1 but definitely an ADV.

  166. Not The Vanilla I was hoping for review by Clayton

    Simply citrus. This flavor is seemingly quite popular. While it is good that people enjoy the new blend, I find no attraction to this offering from Halo.

    I was hoping for a strong vanilla with hints of citrus. This is the opposite. Strong citrus, flowerlike, with little to no vanilla. I bought the bottle based on the description. I had to give it away.

    If you are expecting vanilla then this is not the flavor for you. If you like to smoke orange blossoms this will fit the bill nicely.

  167. Southern Comfort Bubble Gum review by Nightcall

    Tribeca I liked from the very first puff, this one took a couple of days to figure out. I've settled on describing it as Southern Comfort liquor overall and bubble gum on the exhale. A tobacco flavor is subtle in the background, barely there unless you focus on it. In some ways I like this more than Tribeca, which I didn't think possible. Once I got used to it, it's quite interesting and enjoyable. I only gave it four stars because there's a minor but lingering alcohol aftertaste. This is after a week of steeping.

  168. Old fashion feelin ! review by jennifer

    This one is really nice ! It kind of reminds me of that old fashion pipe that I used to smell my grandpa smoking! I love the sweetness from the honey. I do get the clove as well but more on the exhale. It's a little light on the throat hit for me but I added a little Torque and that fixed it right up. With some Torque this is a great all day vape !

  169. Excellent product! Give it a try. review by William

    I am not a huge fan of the lighter juices on the market, and tend to stick with classic tobacco styles and Menthol Ice when I want to mix things up. That has all changed now that I have tried Southern Classic. It really is a wonderful experience. The different favors really mix well with each other, and it creates a very nuanced experience. You get a great taste when inhaling, a wonderful citrus tone when exhaling, and a slight vanilla aftertaste that just makes you want to try it again. This is the first time I have ever fell in love with an e-liquid on the first drag.

    Oftentimes liquids try too hard with flavorings, but this is just perfectly balanced and quite enjoyable. Good job Halo.

  170. Best Flavor yet review by Veronica

    Got this as a free sample and fell in love with the taste, great throat hit. Best one I've tried yet.

  171. A southern bang review by chloe

    The first time I tried this flavor I didn't care for it too much then a couple of days later I wanted a change from what I was vaping an thought I would try it again finally that's when the full flavor hit the back of my throat and I was impressed the tobacco blends well with the Southern flavoring and the smell makes me think of the good old days of my childhood growing up in Texas I really like that that the flavoring seems to have a roughness to it but not to much its rough but smooth at the same time with an added hint of sweetness.

  172. Halo's newest flavor review by billy

    I really like this new flavor. Kinda sweet, but with a good throat hit.

  173. Takes a minute... review by PYTinTN

    I got the 10ml sample and was anxious to try it because of how Halo described the flavor. Initially I absolutely hated this juice! I was so disappointed because I vape Halo exclusively and have been waiting for some time for them to create a new sweet tobacco vape for me that would come even close to my ADV "Tiki". Threw it in the vape box and forgo about it for about 2 weeks, but then while I was about to place my last order I was curious to read how much other people loved this juice so I gave it another try. Guess a good steeping was all it needed because it tasted nothing like I remember! Much more pleasant and enjoyable. Definitely taste the honey and maybe a shot of Southern Comfort! Nice job Halo, but it doesn't hold a match to my ADV and all time fave...Tiki.

  174. Mellow and fruity review by Nick

    Not an ADV for me, but an interesting flavor I can't quite put my finger on. Mixes well with other tobacco flavors. Very light/mellow and a mild fruit taste.

  175. Great flavor! review by Mike

    I have a couple 10mL bottles of this stuff from the promotional offer Halo was doing recently (I love getting the free flavor I haven't tried yet. If you like it, great! If not, you can rest easily knowing it didn't cost you anything! Anyway, I digress....

    This is becoming one of my go to flavors! Recently, I've been mixing it with the Tribeca flavor and the two together make for an amazing taste! I found that the Southern Classic by itself was slightly harsh for me but still inhaled nice and provided great vapor with a slightly crazy throat hit. I have to agree with people that I do get that tingling feeling after on my tongue.... Almost has a menthol kick at the end.

    I would recommend this flavor to people for sure and also include the trick of mixing Tribeca and Classic together. Halo nailed this one!

  176. Very smooth flavor review by Joe

    I got this free with an order and just placed an order for 2 x 30ml bottles. Tribeca is still my ADV but this is very smooth and is a good break from the norm.

  177. Really good flavor review by Wil

    This flavor is one that is hard to identify at first but once you are able to put your finger on what it is, it is amazing. It seems like many people get different flavors from this juice but for me it's Egg Nog all the way - with a huge kick. This flavor is not too sweet and packs a punch and leaves a slight tingle on your tongue. The tongue tingle I think can be attributed to the clove aspect of this juice (and possibly the nicotine since my SC is 18mg).

  178. SURPRISING review by Antonio Carlos

    I received my Southern Classic as a sample. When I tried this unique e-liquid my mind just blew.

    I couldn't believe the flavor.

    Precisely combines with citrus and tobacco when I thought it was over, BOOM! Has a slight honey flavor.

    Surprisingly tasty!

  179. w0w review by VapeFace

    I got the sample with my recent order. Holy Cow!! I was surprised! I didn't expect to like this all. But boy was I fooled. It reminds me of getting drunk on bourbon street. I have totally under estimated by Halo's line of juice especially the tobacco. I have never been a tobacco flavor fan. I can't believe I have been vaping for 4 1/2 years and never tried any of these juices. Now I need to make up for lost time! This flavor is difficult to describe other than saying you just HAVE to try it! It's different than anything I have ever tasted. Just delicious!

  180. Bold and subtle citrus review by AC

    To me, Southern Classic tastes like citrus spice-- fruity, flavorful, refreshing and warm at the same time, with an impressive throat hit. If I really try, I can barely find a base of burley tobacco underneath. But, to me, this isn't a tobacco flavor, and I can't even call it distinctively "Southern." It's just a lovely fruity vape, light in the mouth but never boring.

    It's not quite an ADV for me; I sometimes find it overwhelming and have to put it down for something else. But it's delightful and, though I might put it down, I do keep coming back. Another hit for Halo, I think!

  181. Indistinguishable flavor?... review by Mark M.

    "The unique blend of these premium ingredients offers a single, indistinguishable flavor"... really? I had to write a review on this after reading almost 40 reviews and no one nailing this... This flavor is almost exactly like smoking a shot of Southern Comfort!!! I even saw one person say apple cider... crazy. If you like the taste of Southern Comfort then you will love this... I may even add a drop or two of lime into this to see what happens. That being said, it's not overbearing with the taste... and as usual with Halo juice, amazing vapor. Smoked this all day yesterday and it really grew on me... will be ordering up a 30ml and getting this into the rotation. Another home run for Halo in my book but if you have had a bad night with Southern Comfort in your past, this may not be for you.

  182. Great Products review by Jason

    This is a great flavor and it was free with my order...I will for sure order this one again.

  183. Nice review by BigLiquid530

    So I got this free with my purchase. I figured since it was free it was probably going to be my least favorite of all the flavors I ordered. Man I was wrong, this is actually my favorite so far. The flavor and aroma are amazing. Has a hint of clove taste which is perfect, and then a honey and citrus flavor. This flavor will definitely be a keeper.

  184. All day vape! review by Patrick

    At first I didn't know what to make of this, I let it sit and steep for a day. Glad I did, this is a great tobacco flavor! Now I can't put it down. I love the flavor of this! My new all day vape. Keep up the good work Halo!

  185. Love This One review by Joy

    I cannot figure out what I am tasting, but it very nice, maybe citrus? I am a staunch tobacco flavor lover and this one is very different, yet I can still taste the light tobacco flavor in the back, but the other flavors coming through are not so overpowering that it's unbearable. I have tried it in my tester ecig and now in a larger tank and it tastes good in both. Good job again Halo!

  186. There's tobacco in there? review by Robbie

    Got a free sample of Southern Classic. Its a light but complex flavor. Not entirely sure that I detect the light tobacco base, but that is kind of irrelevant to me after thoroughly enjoying the flavor. I'll be buying some Southern Classic in the future.

  187. Unique fruity flavor with no notable tobacco taste review by Jeff

    This is a difficult blend to describe. The best flavor I am able to associate it with would be that of some exotic fruit mixed with clove. The fruity hit from the first drag was a little overpowering for me, but the longer I vaped away the better it got just never to the point I found satisfying. The vapor production is excellent as with all Halo juices. It has more of a smooth catering better to those who do not care for much of a throat hit. I'm not a big fan of exotic flavors so I won't be buying this after trying my free sample, but I am sure it will suit others just fine.

  188. Underrated and Excellent Flavor!!! review by Adrian

    I received Southern Classic for free with my first order over $20. I didn't use it until the other purchased flavor was empty. Southern Classic is by far my favorite E-liquid flavor. It is so smooth with a sweetness to it. But not overpoweringly sweet. Just a perfect compliment to the tobacco flavor. I guess the proper way to say it is perfectly sweet top note balancing well with the smooth tobacco flavor underneath. It reminds me a juicy fruit (the gum). Even that is not exactly right, but that is the closest thing that I can think of when describing it to people. It has great vapor production and a noticeable but not strong throat hit.

    I listened to the overwhelming amount of positive reviews for Tribeca and bought a 30ml bottle of it. It is OK, but not even in the same universe as SC. Tribeca reminds me of a sugar cookie or snicker doodle. That coupled with the strong throat hit is a bit much to handle. I like a strong throat hit, but not something with a cookie sweetness to it. I placed another order today for the 30ml bottle of SC and will be buying more of it in the coming weeks and months as my go to flavor of Halo E-Liquid.

    I started with a G6 starter kit and moved to the Triton Starter kit. Both really do this E-Liquid proud. But what makes it is the tanks. If you have a G6 get a mini tank (I use one for each flavor). You will not be disappointed in this flavor.

  189. Great review by yadier

    This juice is awesome the description is on point. The vanilla citrus for me was the ingredient I got more and is just relaxed. Highly recommended.

  190. Southern Classic review by Marcus

    Very good taste. It has an extra hard throat hit in my opinion which I personally like. If you like intense throat hits with a good taste, I would highly recommend this e liquid.

  191. refreshing review by Ken

    Kudo's to Halo for the free sample. Nice vape and throat hit. Flavor didn't change much days after opening. Slightly sweeter then I like, but cut with Prime 15 for my perfect balance. I ordered the 30ml bottle of Southern Classic this week.

  192. steeping may be required. review by Deter

    This definitely has its own taste, as do ALL of the Halo line of flavors. Put a couple drops onto an atty, and all I can taste is a real smooth vanilla and a huge whopping kick of clove. Defiantly a good flavor for any ex-djarum black smokers, not keen to my taste buds tho. Defiantly going to let this sit for a week or two before I try it again.

  193. Great quality product review by blackwidow7293

    Southern classic is extremely good, I got it free with a purchase of the $20 or more offer from Halo the longer you let it steep AKA sit out at room temp the better it tastes. I actually think it is my favorite if not second favorite. It has a nice mellow tobacco taste with a sweet citrus after tone the clove is very mild but it does taste very good. Tthroat hit is good too as well as vapor production. Would recommend to anyone looking to try a new flavor and make it their favorite.

  194. NOT THE BEST....BUT I PREFER MENTHOL... review by Matthew

    The flavor on inhale is cool and refreshing with a hint of citrus....on the exhale though, the citrus is almost too much. I think adding some fusion to this might help, but overall the flavor doesn't even compare to VOODOO...so I'll be staying away. It was a free sample, so no harm, no foul. Probably would enjoy it more if I was a straight-up tobacco smoker, but this flavor honestly can't hold a candle to VOODOO.

  195. I said blech the first day on the third day I say hm. review by PAUL

    Do not smoke this right out of the box. Let it steep a few days. The first day I got it, redbull, mountain dew and kerosene...the third day...It tastes like lemon honey smoke. I think if I was drinking tea with my pinky out this would be my flavor choice. Nice, mellow vape with a gentle throat hit.

  196. A great interesting juice from HALO review by JD

    Like many others, I received this sample for free in one of my orders. I'm still new to vaping so I didn't let it steep. I loaded some up and spent some time getting to know it. I like the honey/clove/citrus combo on first inhale but I really like the mellow but satisfying throat hit with the light mint aftertaste. Like another reviewer said, sorta of like mint gum, not heavy menthol and not overpowering

    Also I get a TON of vapor, which is awesome. I'm only using the 6mg strength. I'd be very curious to try this again with 0mg and see how the flavors and TH are

    I would easily buy this flavor again.

  197. Complex Tobacco Flavor review by l_strider_l

    Upon opening the bottle and smelling, the flavor instantly reminded me of a certain cordial liqueur. It was a pungent aroma. I let the Southern Classic steep, as recommended because the flavors are fresh, for 2 weeks. The initial vaping was ripe with complex flavors, the most obvious being clove. A subtle hint of sweetness followed by an aftertaste of strong vanilla extract. This is a strong and complex tobacco flavor with a good throat sensation and smooth vapor. This flavor would be welcome for those who enjoy a distinct palate cleanser or complex flavors for that morning cup of joe.

  198. Good Stuff review by Travis

    This was free with my order .So we tried it after we used Torque. I do however like Torque better. I do like this but the honey flavor is distinct. If you like a honey flavor you like it!

  199. Really interesting and smooth, but not for me. review by Ashley

    I don't hate this, but I'm not in love with it either. Everyone else mentions cloves, citrus, and honey, and that sounds phenomenal but it's not really what I get. It's all very smooth and the flavors are so well-blended I can't really identify single notes. It is a tad citrusy with a cool tingling sensation in the mouth. If there is clove in here, it's just a lightly spicy backdrop to the other flavors. In fact, it reminds me a tiny bit of absinthe. I'll keep this one around for sure. I'm interested to see how it will develop over time.

  200. REALLY Mellow Throat Hit review by Buzz

    I got this as a free sample a few days ago. It has the smoothest (almost non-existent) throat hit I've ever had. Super smooth. But loads of vapor on the exhale. It is kind of "fruity" but not overpowering. I vaped it all day at an outdoor fair yesterday, and it was quite refreshing. I might wind up adding it to my rotation, but I'll definitely order it again in some quantity. I think it's a little better than Voodoo.

  201. Very Nice Change of Flavor review by Shane

    Although, not an all day vape (Voodoo is mine), Southern Classic tends to take up a large portion of my day. Usually late afternoon/evening when I'm finally ready for a change from Voodoo, or afraid I'm going to vape it all too fast like usual, I switch to Southern Classic. It is fairly sweet so I don't like to vape it all day but it is a really nice juice to switch to sometime during the day when it's time for something different. Very nice job again Halo. So far all of your tobacco flavors I have tried are excellent and are finding a place in my juice supplies!

  202. oh well...now I have to retire my Prime15 review by Lorraine

    I don't usually do juice reviews because it's just TOO subjective. But I just had to say my piece about this Southern Classic. When I first got the sample I almost tossed it in the trash because of the smell. Just my immediate reaction to it.....it was very, very weird. But it also grabbed something in my psyche....a deja vu kind of thing..I know...strange. So I opened it and let it sit for about a week and finally got up the nerve to try it. I showed some restraint and only ordered 2 30ml bottles since I still have so much Prime15 and Tribeca. But my point is....if you are not an experience HALO user.....don't ever give up on a HALO flavor without giving it a chance. The best description I can come up with for this flavor is it's like smoking a good cigarette with a Wint-O-Green life saver in your mouth. And the mint is very, very mild...just enough to be refreshing. And this is true mint...not menthol. Definitely my new "favorite HALO"

  203. Just received first bottle review by Craig

    I couldn't bring myself to allow this to steep as recommended before trying. My first hit told me that this is going to be a keeper. I enjoy Torque56 as something I can vape all day and I think this is going to be another. I'm thinking that I might get a better hint of honey after waiting a day or two, but the citrus and cloves come through right away. A light tobacco that leaves a very pleasant afterglow post exhale. I will most definitely get a 30ML bottle of Southern Classic upon my next order. A welcome addition to my Halo rotation. Great job y'all!

  204. WOW review by Darrel

    I received this when I purchased my starter kit . This is really good ! I will never buy any juice from a local shop unless it is made by Halo. I have found my flavor.

  205. Sweet Tangy Smooth review by James

    Good call giving samples of this stuff out because I'm sure I won't be the only one grabbing a 30ml bottle on my next order. I didn't have to leave the cap off for a day like one guy suggested. He might have gotten a bad batch because mine was tasty strait from the jump. The cocoa flavor is good too but it's currently my backup when my battery runs out of juice because I liked this one so much.

  206. Unique flavor review by skyM

    I'm not a clove fan, so was a tad hesitant to try this flavor, but I like this juice. It doesn't have a pronounced clove taste, it's rather subtle. It's difficult to describe the taste, but it feels like a cool summer evening when you vape it. Refreshing light taste with a dash of sweetness.

    The sample came perfectly steeped, and the flavor didn't change with time. I actually crave it when I can't decide if I should go with a dessert type liquid or my ADVs. Just perfect to revamp the taste buds for when bouncing between flavors. Will definitely be ordering again.

  207. Delicious! review by Kimberly A.

    Thank you for sending me another free sample e liquid flavor with my last order. I really am enjoying the spicy sweet flavor with that hint of tobacco. It's not too strong and not too weak. It's just right. I was thinking traditional clove but it's not. There are so many wonderful flavors mixed perfectly together that its really hard to say exactly what it tastes like with one word except delicious. At the rate I'm going I need more tanks and a nice little display case. Batteries will be on my list soon also. Thanks again Halo.

  208. Nice freebie!! review by Lolaney

    Received a sample bottle with my last order- love freebies- and love this new flavor from Halo! Taste a bit like Cola, but not too sweet. It's a perfect blend of spices & tobacco flavors. Thank you Halo!! I'm continuously amazed with your e-liquids!!

  209. Thumbs up! review by Daniel

    I ordered two other tobacco ejuices and got the Southern Classic free. And you know what, this one is the best! SMOOOOOTH and lite and tasty. A little pepperminty, and ever so slight citrus....I dig it. Very pleasant. What else can I say I am ordering a big bottle of this one.

  210. Another unique flavor! review by James

    This one confounded me. I vaped this liquid exclusively for 3 days before writing this review. The clove is the star here and easily identifiable, and gives a slight numbness to the tongue.This mingles with citrus (think orange peel rather than sweet citrus) and are the most prominent flavors. Slight vanilla notes on the exhale. I could not pick out the honey flavor distinctly but it does have a sweet undertone, and I'm guessing that would be where it comes from. Light tobacco mixes with the clove and gives a pleasant earthy (woody?) taste. But this being a Halo juice, it's all about how these different flavors come together. And this is where I was stumped. It reminded me of something I could not quite put my finger on.And then I got it..It reminds me of Ginger Beer. For those that are unfamiliar with the drink ,Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic beverage (like root beer) that is kind of like a less sweet ginger ale. Very good but an acquired taste for some, I imagine this liquid will be the same for most people. But I have to admit, I like this one a lot. Add another one to my rotation.

  211. Just got the sampler... review by Chris

    Very good vape. Definitely worth checking out. I will be ordering a 30ml bottle very soon.

  212. A Halo classic review by jason

    This is another Halo classic! I enjoy mostly light and mellow flavors, for instance, Cool Mist is my favorite menthol, and now Southern Classic joins my vaping lineup as one of my favorite tobaccos.
    For starters, this e juice needs to be steeped and I can tell you from experience, all of Halo juice needs to be steeped. Here's how I steep Halo juice for the best performance and flavor.
    Day 1- Caps off, dark closet or drawer. 24 hours Do not shake.
    Day 2- Cap on and shake very very well. Cap back off overnight at least 8 hours.
    Day 3- I would not vape any Halo juice until at least day 3, that's why I suggest pre-buying extra stock so that everything is steeped when you get to it
    By day 3 everything should be vapeable but for full flavor and performance I would wait at least a week or two of steeping and shaking each day after day 3 with caps on. If you can afford it, stocking up is the only way to go. That way your juice has already been steeping when you get to it.

    Anyways as for Southern Classic, Very smooth. After steeping I can tell you it is one of the lighter tobaccos, much like Cool Mist is the lighter menthol.

    Throat hit - Smooth and mellow.

    Flavor - Mellow Clove with light vanilla and citrus, some sweetness from the honey. All day vape indeed.

    Vapor - Just as good as all the other Halo juices no more no less.

    Thanks Halo, This is the most honest and to-the-point review I can offer.

  213. Great Juice! Crispy, refreshing flavor! review by Bryan

    Hats off to Halo... They've done it again! This is another top notch e-liquid from a great company! This "sort-of" reminds me of Voodoo... Only because it has a "fruitish" flavor. Very crispy, semi-sweet, citrusy tobacco... I'm diggin this one! I like it better than the new Voodoo flavor! It won't replace my Tribeca as my all day vape, but it'll get some tank time :) Thanks again Halo!

  214. Classic indeed review by Tony

    I just recently found the Halo brand and got a Triton, so I was on the site getting some more tanks when I noticed a new non reviewed liquid! I thought "heck yes I'll get to be a pioneer of sorts with the company!" so I ordered a 7ml bottle. After I made my purchase I got an e-mail saying they switched the 10ml bonus for $20 orders to this one, but the website still said Voodoo was the bonus, either way I had a buddy who wanted the Voodoo as it's not my cup of tea. I got the package in the mail a few days ago and it did indeed come with a 10ml bottle of this as well as the ordered 7ml, which goes to show when they say something they mean it! I wasn't upset though because I LOVE this flavor! Been vaping on it for the past couple days and its not a terribly strong tobacco flavor, but it does have a taste of one of those blue freezer Popsicle's. Amazing vapor output and a mildly strong throat hit complete it for me! Definitely going to be purchasing a 30ml bottle of this!

  215. Very smooth review by Michael

    This is a very smooth, tobacco based flavor. It gives a nice throat hit but is not over the top. This also has an element to it that reminds me of an analog smoke. This flavor makes a great base to making your own tobacco + flavor mix or your own RY4 type mix. Much smoother and less distinct then Freedom, which I also use, but more mellow and less sweet then Tribeca or Voodoo. If your into tobacco juices definitely give this one a go.

  216. Surprising! review by Jason

    I got a bottle of this free with my purchase. At the same time I purchased a tobacco sample pack. I filled up the carto with the Southern Classic and loved it. Haven't even tried the other tobacco flavors yet. If I had to compare it to a certain flavor it would be Apple Cider. I can't taste any of the flavors Halo says is in it. Smells and tastes of apples to me.

  217. Ten Stars for Southern Classic review by LadyPharaoh

    An ex-menthol-user, I never fully appreciated the taste of tobacco e-liquids until Halo hit it out of the park with SC. I wish I could describe the individual notes in it, however no one flavor jumps out at me when vaping this. The perfectly blended ingredients in SC produce a very smooth, mildly sweet vape that is satisfying any time of day or night. Thanks for this Halo. It's "hide it from your friends" good!

  218. Another good liquid from Halo review by mohammad

    This liquid taste good. Good taste of light tobacco & a little bit sweet, is not an all day vape liquid, but tastes really good. I mixed it with Turkish tobacco and it became a much better flavor.

  219. Smooth, sweet and tangy review by Jeff S.

    First off, this one needs a few days to steep. Caps off for 24 hours, back on, shake, sit for another day or so. If not, you might miss this unique and satisfying new tobacco.

    I know I nearly dismissed it the first day, because all I got from it was "cough drop." The clove and citrus hit you hard with notes of medicine. So let it air out overnight, and the next day or so you'll taste it's true delight.

    As with Halo's other new offering, Voodoo, Southern Classic is a light tobacco with more prominent notes taking the forefront. There is the sparkle of lemon, lime and orange zest blended with clove and honey with a sweet, creamy vanilla note on the inhale. The exhale brings it all together, with the citrus up front. It's more of a candy citrus like those long slabs of translucent fruit hard candies one finds at the supermarket checkouts. But, like Halo's Voodoo, the flavor changes periodically, the candy becoming fizzy like soda pop, or when mixing with the vanilla almost an orange creamsicle.

    The sweet tobacco and clove spice up the tongue and help deliver a satisfying throat hit. Vapor is on par with Voodoo, and more intense than some the more prominent tobacco flavors they carry. If you return to the room you were vaping in, the aroma might remind you of cookies or spiced bread baking in the oven.

    Southern Classic delivers a unique, refreshing tobacco blend that will intrigue you while it satisfies. It's light, sweet and remarkably not very tobacco-y. If you enjoy candies and sweet breads, you will not want to pass up on Halo's Southern Classic.

  220. Love it! review by dianna

    I just received in the mail today. I love it.very smooth! Great blend.

  221. Just as expected review by Danny

    As soon as I read the description of this juice I had to get a small bottle of it to try. It's exactly as it sounds. Very smooth flavor, very citrus-y with a light tobacco flavor. I can see this being an all day vape for some people. I think it might be for me which is good because usually the only other all day vape I use is Tribeca but this one impressed me with it's smoothness. Will buy again.

  222. Really Smooth and phenomenal taste review by Eduardo

    I really liked the taste of this juice. I got it via sampler, and must say it is one of my favorites, along with Longhorn and Torque56. Its notes are distinctive, very pronounced is the clove and citrus notes, the vanilla is barely there, just like a hint of a hint, if you get me. Must say this is of all the Halo juices out there, my favorite from the Tobacco family flavors. I also got the sampler arrangement and will review them as I try them out.

  223. Very enjoyable review by Josiah

    This e-liquid has a great taste and is ultra smooth. I received a free sample with an order I placed recently and was reluctant to try it at first but now I am hooked. I will be ordering a 30ml bottle very shortly.

  224. Delicious! review by Linda

    I didn't let it steep; immediately put it in a new tank on my Triton and started vapeing it. I am using 18 mg. The flavor is very nice. I can definitely taste the citrus. The clove is not overpowering and I can't tell if I'm tasting the vanilla or the honey. The throat hit is definitely there but mellow and not harsh. There is lots of vapor. I will definitely get this one again.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass