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Reactor Tank

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Quick Overview

Keep your vape going by ensuring your Reactor tank stays filled with your favorite Halo e-liquids! It takes just a few simple twists to refill your tank!

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  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
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Keep your vape going by ensuring your Reactor tank stays filled with your favorite Halo e-liquid! Simply unscrew the tank from the battery. Once removed, hold the tank with the mouthpiece facing upright. With your thumb and index finger directly underneath the grooves of the mouthpiece, gently twist counter-clockwise and pull upward to remove the tank’s cap. Once the cap is removed, pour the e-liquid into the tank on the glass side. Once filled, reattach the cap and you’re ready to go!

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  1. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly review by Donald

    The Good. I have two Reactor kits because I believe I should always have a backup. The Reactor has a large 5ml capacity, which is great for a few hours of moderate vaping because it does use some juice using a .5 ohm coil. The battery will last virtually all day and into the night despite regular use on a nominal 30w setting, which may be too low for some, but I am not a cloud chaser. My batteries are well over a year old and still hold charges as well as they did when new.

    The Bad. The drip chamber/mouthpiece, tends to loosen up over a few months since it uses a slip in plastic design rather than screw in design. When changing the coil, something I do about every six weeks (alternating devices daily) when the relaxed draw exceeds 5.0 seconds, secondary to the buildup of gunk (more prominent with dark juices than light), the bottom ring of the tank does not always easily unscrew. I always make sure to hand tighten the new coil well, however, there is a small amount of leaking both into the battery/atomizer connection and from the air vents. One device has suffered from a faulty pin that connects the atomizer to the battery connection, and it can leak rather profusely, running out the air vents and the battery connection and down the sides of the battery itself.

    Which brings us to the Ugly. A new atomizer or base unit? Not sold. A new tank? Not in stock. A new kit? Not in stock. Use interchangeable Mega parts? Not in stock either. And this goes on month after month. I only broke the glass cylinder once on one unit, however, cylinders were out of stock for a few months. I waited a couple months for replacement mouthpieces. Batteries? I am happy to say that appears to be the strong point, however, if you have to replace one, good luck; out of stock.

    Halo does carry the JAG6 tank that is recommended for both the Reactor and Mega, however, it is 25mm wide, hence, exceeding and hanging over three sides of either battery. Odd to have a 25mm tank but offer no battery exceeding 22mm in width. Not that is matters anyway; the JAG6 have been out of stock for some time.

  2. FRUSTRATING review by Katharine

    It's often out of stock and for some reason the components STICK, such that it's difficult (and now, impossible, even with pliers and wrenches) to separate the ring in order to change out the coil. I don't know how this happens - lord knows I don't twist things on very tightly.
    Requires a decent amount of care when filling up too - will leak - though it's better in this aspect than some other tanks I've encountered.

  3. not in stock again? review by jennifer

    So, I only have one vape so I always keep a backup tank. I actually broke my tank and had to open the backup. I came on here to order and of course BOTH of my two options are out of stock. I guess if I drop it again, I have to go buy a whole new vape machine someplace. Finding parts for these products on eBay has not been productive. Things like filters and tanks for these critical devices, which keep me from smoking (8 months), should be anticipated as far as demand. Especially when it is a monopoly and cannot buy either anywhere else.

  4. Really good tank. review by Robert

    This is one of the best tanks I have used so far. I would have given it 5 stars, but Halo can't seem to keep them in stock. I probably would have bought another 2 by now just to have on hand. Please let us know why you can't seem to keep them in stock or let us know when we can expect them to be available. All around really awesome tank though.

  5. GREAT TANK review by ALBERT

    Why in gods name can you all not keep this in stock? I would give it a five, but you all can’t keep it in stock; please let us know why!

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Quantity Included1
Tank LogoHalo
Tank ColorNo
Tip Color(1) Glass / (1) Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity5.0 ml
Tank Resistance.50 ohms
Tank Length75.8 mm
Tank WidthNo
Tank ThreadNo
Tank WarrantyN/A