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Reactor Tank

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Quick Overview

Keep your vape going by ensuring your Reactor tank stays filled with your favorite Halo e-liquids! It takes just a few simple twists to refill your tank!

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Keep your vape going by ensuring your Reactor tank stays filled with your favorite Halo e-liquid! Simply unscrew the tank from the battery. Once removed, hold the tank with the mouthpiece facing upright. With your thumb and index finger directly underneath the grooves of the mouthpiece, gently twist counter-clockwise and pull upward to remove the tank’s cap. Once the cap is removed, pour the e-liquid into the tank on the glass side. Once filled, reattach the cap and you’re ready to go!

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  1. Leaks review by Sal916

    Had mine for a few months now. Worked great for a little while, but now leaks all the time.

  2. CONSTANTLY out of stock review by Eric

    The glass cylinders on the tanks break easily. They're impossible to replace due to the fact that they're not sold locally and they are ALWAYS out of stock online. After contacting customer service, the only resolution they have given is to buy the first version of the tank. I only need the cylinder ($2.99); I don't want to buy a $10.00 tank every time my cylinder breaks. Not to mention I bought a new tank the first time it happened. I plan on buying MULTIPLE cylinders whenever they come back in stock.... whenever that will be.

  3. A shatterproof tank? review by Mary

    My battery tipped over on the bathroom counter, another tank gone. Is it too much to ask to make the tanks more durable....shatterproof? Of course, they are out of stock. Gee, is it because they leak and break constantly? I love the devices, but it's getting really expensive to constantly buy tanks and batteries.

  4. Good, but could be improved review by Cyndi

    I have broken about five glass cylinders for these tanks, even with silicone bands on them. And I'm not rough on things. They also leak fairly quickly.

    Other than that, I love the tanks. Could you guys not make a shatter-proof plastic clear cylinder? Or keep the glass ones in stock? I've looked for a month and you're always out of stock on the cylinders. I don't need a new tank, just the cylinders and o-rings.

    I LOVE the top-load feature. It's amazing. And easy. And I'd give this tank five stars very easily if the cylinders were available OR you improved the design by making them of shatterproof plastic.

    Oh - and the mouthpiece comes out way too easily. Needs to sit in it tighter. I lost one of those while fishing (I was rough on it that day)...went straight to the bottom of the lake.

  5. Customer Service review by John

    Hope to never accidentally break the glass cylinder. They NEVER have them in stock forcing you to purchase an entire tank setup.

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Quantity Included1
Tank LogoHalo
Tank ColorNo
Tip Color(1) Glass / (1) Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity5.0 ml
Tank Resistance.50 ohms
Tank Length75.8 mm
Tank WidthNo
Tank ThreadNo
Tank WarrantyN/A