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Reactor Tank

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Keep your vape going by ensuring your Reactor tank stays filled with your favorite Halo e-liquids! It takes just a few simple twists to refill your tank!

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  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
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Keep your vape going by ensuring your Reactor tank stays filled with your favorite Halo e-liquid! Simply unscrew the tank from the battery. Once removed, hold the tank with the mouthpiece facing upright. With your thumb and index finger directly underneath the grooves of the mouthpiece, gently twist counter-clockwise and pull upward to remove the tank’s cap. Once the cap is removed, pour the e-liquid into the tank on the glass side. Once filled, reattach the cap and you’re ready to go!

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  1. Good review by Jay

    I need to post this for all of you who have leaks from the air flow. If you follow these steps, the leaking will stop. 1. Close the air flow flip it upside down and remove the bottom piece from the tank. 2. Remove the coil and put it in a safe spot for later or discard if not good anymore. 3. With warm water, wash and rinse the bottom piece. DO NOT WASH THE COIL. 4 Dry the bottom piece and reattach the piece to the tank with the coil attached. 5. Do the same with the mouthpiece 6 With the tank slanted, pour your juice 3/4 of the way full. 7. Reattach the mouth piece and make sure it is on securely. 8. Flip the tank upside down where the mouthpiece is touching the table. 9 Open the air flow and let it sit for a few minutes. After all these steps, you attach it back to your battery and enjoy. This works all the time. It may be tedious but it is better than your liquid spilling everywhere and wasting all the juice.
    I hope this helps everyone as it did for me.

  2. Great Tank review by Josh

    I've had two of these for a long time now. I always have an extra, and can keep two different flavors set up if I want. Have never had a problem with either one. Great flavor, have never leaked, easy top fill, and you can experiment with different coils if you like. I always try to keep an extra tank glass, and O-ring kit handy when you can catch them in stock. Only con I've found is that the mouth piece fits a little loose on them, but I can live with that.

  3. horrible review by Jennifer

    I ordered a spare reactor tank from here for $25.00 just in case I ever break my tank. I don't want to be without a way to vape. Finally the day came when I broke my reactor tank so I opened the brand new tank. It was defective in a MAJOR way. The bottom was scratchy (where it connects to the glass) and there was no way to keep the juice from pouring out of it. I know it was defective because right at that time I ordered ANOTHER one and it was perfectly fine. That was $25 down the drain. So much for planning ahead. Because I had it for so long before I even opened the package it was of course too late to get my money back or a replacement. Not only that but I wasted an entire bottle of subzero trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with it. So that whole situation cost me $45.00 AND I had to wait 5 days to get the new tank. It was awful. I came very close to going down the road to the vape store and getting whatever device they recommended so I didn't have to go through issues like this. Moral of the story, if you buy a reactor tank from here, even if you do not need to use it yet, test it out immediately. If I got a bad one, so can you.

  4. Love it! review by Fernando

    I love this tank. Five ml of juice lasts me a long time. When I leave the house, I can relax knowing I'm very unlikely to run out of juice. The perfect combination for me is using the Reactor Mega tank on the Reactor Mini battery -- compact size, functional, good cloud production, excellent flavor. The Mega tank aligns with the sides of the Reactor Mini perfectly.

    The Rector Mega tank initially had a small leak, but that was my fault. I didn't check the components to make certain they were snug before filling with juice. Once I corrected this, there was no re-occurrence of leaks. I've had the tank for about a month and I'm still on the original included Kanthal coil.

    Overall...very pleased.

  5. After a few months the tank constantly leaks review by John

    I am not one of these guys that really knows how to service my equipment, well I want it to just work, and this thing leaks nonstop after a month or two. I cleaned it out completely and tried to start from scratch, and every time after a day or two it all leaks out again. I keep buying these HALO products and I would like them if they worked, but I keep getting let down more and more.

(5 out of 29 loaded.)
Quantity Included1
Tank LogoHalo
Tank ColorNo
Tip Color(1) Glass / (1) Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity5.0 ml
Tank Resistance.50 ohms
Tank Length75.8 mm
Tank WidthNo
Tank ThreadNo
Tank WarrantyN/A