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Reactor Coils

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Reactor Replacement coils are easily replaceable and sold in packs of five. These coils, available in five-packs at .25 and .5 sub-ohms, are also a great way to extend the life of your tank and avoid the carryover of flavors.

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Reactor Replacement coils are perfect for avoiding the carryover of flavors and extending the life of your tank. These coils are sold in five packs at .25 and .50 sub-ohms. Best of all, they’re easy to replace. To replace a coil, unscrew the Reactor tank from the battery. Once the tank is removed, hold it with the mouthpiece side down and unscrew the base from the chamber. After removing the base, unscrew and remove the old coil head and attach a new coil head by lining up the threads and turning clockwise until snug.

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  1. my honest opinion review by Rebecca

    So far I've only tried the kanthol and the stainless steel and they're both amazing. I prefer the kanthol because for some reason it seems like I get more flavor from them, but they both last at least 2 weeks and are cheap. 5 for $14 is all I could ask for and so much better than the expensive coils and atomisers that spit and give harsh hits more than Halo. Out of 10 or so packs that I have bought, I only got 1 real lemon and that was only because my atomiser base was so gross it made the ohms go up and burnt the coil in like 3 days so yeah clean your sh*t. Love the juice, love the reactor, love the coils. Best vape company I've bought from.

  2. Sometimes good, sometimes burns out quickly review by Erica

    I generally like these coils and can ideally get 2-3 weeks of vaping out of one. Other times, I’ve had to replace my coil within a few days because it was burnt or gross. I’m not sure if those are busted coils or something...definitely frustrating :/

  3. tricky review by Matt

    Hard to find the right temp starting out but definitely controls spitting and harsh hits.

  4. They Last and Last and Last...,, review by Linchetto

    I cannot speak for every Reactor coil available but so far I’ve been the most happy with the .5’s in SS. And that has nothing to do with the quality or life of the coil, but smoking preference. My review is solely about the .5 SS and there isn’t much to say except I have Reactors, in some cases, set as high as possible and still get approximately 3-4 weeks of use. I also use several devices, and my fluid choice (all halo) lends to a plus or minus on that 3-4 week lifespan. For example Kringels Curse or Spearmint require a lot less volts/ watts/ temp, because they are powerful flavours, so a coil could even go beyond 4 weeks, as long as one primes it, does’nt chain it, or smoke till it’s dry. I think the abundant space, filled with fluid, allowing the fluid in the coil, rapidly, helps. I have an old Kangertech and the coils take up the majority of the tank and are almost touching the walls. Depending a 5 pack of Kanger .5‘s lasts about a week or less and are probably fakes anyway. (Look on EBay:) So if have one Reactor it costs approximately $14 for almost a 2 an a half to 3 month supply which is super cheap and they are super quality. I am so glad I do not have to hunt the web for deals on potentially fake merchandise when the Halo parts are all through Halo.

  5. A great coil! review by Kelly

    I've used several devices where I absolutely hated changing the coils. The Reactor coils screw in and out very easily and are a breeze to maintain. I'm a moderate vaper, so I get about 3-4 weeks out of each coil before I feel the need to change. The pack of 5 coils are very reasonably priced and that makes me one happy camper.

(5 out of 20 loaded.)
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