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Prime15 E-liquid

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Prime15 is a premium tobacco blend offering the complex nuances of an authentic cigarette experience. The taste is somewhat earthy, with a subtle dry sweetness that offers hints of cocoa when used with certain electronic cigarettes. This very smooth tobacco E-liquid offers a solid throat hit with excellent vapor production and is perfect for those seeking an authentic analog experience.

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Prime15 is a premium tobacco blend offering the complex nuances of an authentic cigarette experience. The taste is somewhat earthy, with a subtle dry sweetness that offers hints of cocoa when used with certain electronic cigarettes. This very smooth tobacco E-liquid offers a solid throat hit with excellent vapor production and is perfect for those seeking an authentic analog experience.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Prime15 E-liquid's test results

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  1. Toasted honey smacks review by Simon

    Prime 15 is my favorite one and I think it tastes like toasted Honey Smacks cereal.

  2. Really Good, just kinda thick review by Christopher

    I really enjoyed this e-liquid! It was one of the best tobacco flavors I have ever had. The only two minor complaints I have is the flavor diminished quickly after opening the bottle. I felt that by day 2 the flavor seemed to be gone. It was a little thick and would clog up the parts. However, I would recommend this to anyone.

  3. Super Fan! All my orders have Prime 15 in it! review by Clarissa

    I absolutely love this flavor. It is one of the best tobacco flavors that Halo makes. I have been using this one for over a year now and one of the reasons I like it is because the tobacco notes are not as strong as some of the other tobacco juices Halo sells (Longhorn). The sweetness cuts through any strong flavors and makes a smooth, slightly sweet, vape experience. It is by far the best e-liquid on the market.

  4. Oh Yes They Did! review by James

    Halo has gone ahead and created an authentic analog cigarette flavor and I mean from the inhale, through the exhale, and even the aftertaste (which remains on your palate for quite some time). Prime15 is truly remarkable and will be a mainstay for me. Prime15 is quite obviously not for those who don't care for tobacco flavors, but those who enjoy tobacco juices are definitely missing out if they have not at least sampled Prime15.

  5. My #1 review by Kimberly

    I've been vaping for 20 months, and vaping Prime 15 for just about the same amount of time. I feel very fortunate to have found Prime 15 so quick when I started. I've tried so so many different juices out there, all while still having Prime 15 in one of my tanks. I haven't found any other that could take its place as my ADV. The quality of Halo's juice stands out among others I've experienced; clean, clean vape. Although I currently use an Eleaf iStick 30W with an Aspire Nautilus tank and am not in the market to replace it at the moment, I am happy to see that Halo has branched out from E-cigarettes and Vape pens to include MODs. I'll be watching to see if they bring on-board something comparable to my current tank; as I don't see the need to go "sub-ohm" now. Halo has won my trust as a customer, ...great liquid and speedy shipping! Thank you!!

  6. Closest to a cigarette (but better) review by Larry

    Starting vaping Prime15 today (high-VG-3mg/ml) to try it out. I use Halo's excellent Reactor mod. I've been using Halo's Tribeca (also excellent but much sweeter). I have to say, it's quite delicious. It's much closer to a real cigarette—very nice aftertaste. I think I'll keep one tank with Tribeca and one with Prime15, so I can have some variety with two outstanding tobacco substitutes.

  7. Surpassed Tribeca review by Nia

    This makes Tribeca feel like more of a novelty vape. I lowered my nicotine dosage and was starting to crave cigarettes again, but Prime 15 takes care of that for me! It's perfect because there isn't that sweet taste that Tribeca has (which I actually do love). But this is one of those flavors that's just better by itself, don't mix it with anything. I'm a mixer junkie, I mix EVERYTHING. Now, I mix everything except my Prime :) I don't get the Belgian Cocoa comparison at all. Steep it for a few days and any strong cocoa / sweet flavors will be toned down.

  8. Prime is right review by RICHARD

    I have been looking for the best e-liquid out there. I have gone through many different tobacco blends, even going as far as blending my own. I ran across a random write up on Halo and like all other juices out there, they say theirs is the best. Being honest, Prime 15 tops all flavors so far in the tobacco area. I will be trying other flavors still out there that say theirs is the best, but as of right now Halo Prime 15 hits that tobacco spot very well.

  9. A nice tobacco flavour. review by Matthew

    Nice semi-sweet tobacco flavour. The closest to a regular cigarette that I've found so far. It might not become an all day vape for me, but I'll definitely keep some around because of the mild flavour and pleasant hit. I found the flavour blends nicely with many other flavours (tried a mix of about 75% Prime 15 to 25% medium strength Menthol and it made a very nice comparison to a menthol cigarette). I would recommend this for anyone looking for something similar to a sweet-ish cigarette experience.

  10. Outstanding tobacco flavored e-juice review by Chris

    This review is for the standard formula. Prime15 is spectacular for folks looking for an authentic tobacco flavored e-juice. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first ordered a 7ml bottle of this, but I liked it immediately upon the first puff. It definitely has a dry character to it. It delivers a great throat hit with a slight chocolaty and nutty aftertaste. This is quite irresistible for people who love tobacco juices like myself. If you're looking for a great e-juice then I highly recommend this one. It ranks right up there with Tribeca and Freedom Juice, which are my favorite Halo liquids. This is a perfect all day vape.

  11. First Impressions review by Suresh

    Just received my shipment, which included the Tobacco Sampler Pack. Having read Halo's claims that this is an authentic cigarette experience, I instinctively went for the Prime 15 first. While I am thoroughly enjoying it, and definitely earmarking it for my next order, I can't say their description is entirely accurate. For one, I've had closer to an authentic cigarette, from two separate manufacturers. And the sweetness isn't subtle. And the throat hit is moderate at best. But this is delicious. Very well balanced. By comparison with anything I've vaped till date, I'd safely say that while maintaining two independent Triton tank systems, I safely leave one loaded with Prime 15 at all times. I do have five more to go in the sampler pack, maybe Halo will change my mind over the coming weeks?

  12. Best All Day Vape review by Keith

    I have been vaping Prime15 for the past 7 months and from the first vape, it became my ADV. First, I would recommend shaking the bottle before each fill. The initial inhale is a very nice nutty (with a peppery taste) earthy note almost semisweet in taste. The exhale is a pleasant not too sweet cocoa flavor that adds to the earthy notes. I DIY my own juice but this is not a juice you can DIY. I have found that letting this set and steep for 1-2 months after receiving it does give this the sweet flavor so many vapers do not taste.

  13. Mild review by Jonathan

    This one has a mild taste, easy all day vape, not my favorite but right there with it.

  14. Wow! like a "normal cigarette flavor," but better? review by Robert

    Prime 15 is that really good taste that you wish you always had - It has pure "regular" tobacco taste with that slight sweet taste at the end that lasts just long enough to appreciate it.

    Believe me, the tank systems taste WAY better than the cigarette version - If you are trying to quit smoking or looking for something healthier, skip the G6 and go straight for the Triton kit. Not that the G6 is bad (it's what I started with) but you WILL find yourself upgrading within a month anyway so just get the tank system first.

    Vape Voraciously,
    PS (I am no way affiliated with Halocigs or any of their partners).

  15. Good vapor production! review by Drew

    This flavor has very good vapor production (I use with the G6), and offers a nice dry taste with an earthy feel to it. This is a good starter flavor, I especially like to use this flavor in conjunction with the Mocha flavor, about 3 drops of Mocha for 12 drops of Prime 15 (about 20 drops fills a 1ml cartomizer, 2 drops Mocha, 16 drops Prime 15, 2 drops Mocha).

  16. Hands down favorite review by Steve

    A lot of friends (and other sites) recommended Tribeca/RY4/etc but, those all seemed a bit too sweet to me so, I went on a quest to find a decent tobacco flavor that wasn't too sweet but was still rich in flavor. I purchased a sampler pack that contained Prime15 and I was amazed. This is exactly what I was looking for - great flavor, excellent vapor production, nice balanced aftertaste.

    Excellent work Halo!

  17. Another Must Try review by J Guns

    Smooth, clean flavor. Very reminiscent of actual cigarette flavor, think higher end.

  18. Mild flavor great hit review by Vapor2

    I really like this juice. I was a little unsure as it stated it has a cocoa flavor. The cocoa really is very subtle and does not overpower the tobacco flavor. It is such a terrific blend... Halo has done it again! Their E-liquid is the best!

  19. My favorite Halo tobacco flavor. review by Carmela

    I didn't like this flavor the first time i tried it. I let it sit overnight and the next day it was much better. I taste a nutty flavor on the exhale that has really grown on me. Just ordered a 30ml bottle. Definitely a flavor I could vape all day.

  20. Alternative review by Ludmila

    In my opinion Prime 15 is the best alternative available for analogs. I tried juices from just about every site on the net and none of them compare to prime 15 to give you that authentic cigarette throat hit, taste, and lung filled feeling.

  21. Smooth review by Danny

    Out of all in the Tobacco Sampler this one is the most 'dry' (as in not sweet). As a matter of fact I get the biggest salty note out of this one. It's got the tobacco scratchiness probably from fairly high PG. But for me it tastes like very lightly glazed, lightly salted, honey roasted almonds! But the sweet is very muted. Could definitely be an all day or anytime vape because it's fairly neutral.

  22. Best tobacco flavor in my opinion.. review by Web

    Prime 15 is a awesome tobacco flavor and my top pick. But Malibu I received today and OMG I almost didn't consider buying it. So glad I did. Props to Halo for having my top 3 flavors to vape..

  23. Fabulous! review by Scott

    Finally a company has created a "tobacco" flavor that actually makes me think of burning tobacco!

  24. Great review by Sky

    Really wasn't sure about this flavor, figured it would be too chocolatey. The cocoa comes on the exhale and is only so slight. Its a nice flavor.

  25. Sweet and Spicy review by Twin

    This is a sweet coco tasting vape with peppery finish. Its alot like
    " Longhorn" but with a little spice on the exhale. Not an ADV for me but a nice occasional vape

  26. Awesome review by Joy

    Love Prime 15! Nice nutty tobacco flavor, smooth TH and plenty of vapor. TRY THIS! Halo has the best liquids!

  27. Genuine Tobacco Flavor review by FG

    Prime 15 is a true tobacco flavor that gives the vaping enthusiast that true tobacco taste. This flavor along the same lines of RY4, but not as sweet. It really just a well balanced authentic tobacco taste, with a tad bit of sweetness.

  28. Best One ever review by Kendall

    This is my number 1 go to flavor. I can't live without it, definite must try, you will be hooked.

  29. Not like a cig review by Aaron

    I was kind of disappointed with this liquid. Don't get me wrong, Halo is the best with liquids, with that said...This juice does not taste at all like a cigarette in my opinion. It had a VERY strong nutty/almond flavor when I first received this juice. I let it steep for about 2-3 weeks and the flavor definitely got better (less nutty) but still nothing like an analog as it is described on the website. Overall its not a horrible juice but I was just disappointed that the description on the website did not match at all what it tasted like but THERE IS DEFINETELY A CHANCE YOU WILL LIKE THIS LIQUID. Just don't expect it to taste like an analog.

  30. Great my go to liquid review by Greg

    This is the best liquid that tastes like and vapes like a real tobacco cigarette. I use this all day no problem. If you are just quitting analog cigarettes this one will give you a very close taste and throat hit. Great job Halo.

  31. Taste and Smells like the real thing review by ELWIN

    This is the closet experience you will get to that real tobacco taste. It even smells and taste like quality Tobacco. I love to vape this with a glass of scotch. Just Awesome!

  32. AMAZING JUICE!!!!! review by Bryan

    I vape Tribeca primarily, and I thought Freedom Juice was my second favorite so far.. I was mistaken!!! Prime 15 is an amazing tobacco vape... I would recommend this to new vapers... This is a nutty type of tobacco that I cannot get enough of. Too bad I only ordered this in a 7ml bottle... Payday cant get here soon enough!!! Gotta have more Prime 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. My all-day vape review by Gina

    Prime 15 is my favorite Halo juice. There is a subtle nutty taste on the exhale. The throat hit and vapor production are superb. Try this one. You will not be disappointed.

  34. awesome review by Alex

    Think Tribeca with less sweetness and a bit nuttier. It's almost like an extremely mild vanilla butternut flavor with a very light tobacco undertone. I will definitely buy this again. I haveo found that you get a slightly peppery taste and larger throat hit with higher cncentrations of nicotine, but the flavors stand out on their own a lot more with lower concentrations. I'm going to vape the rest in the clearomizer and let the bottle steep for a week to see if i can coax any more intricacies out of the mix, but first impressions are great. If the steeping doesn't make any changes, I'm confident that the 6/ml nicotine bottle will be a knockout.

  35. Awesome Tobacco ! review by barefootgirl

    Prime 15 is my second fave tobacco after Tribeca. It tastes like Tribeca but is nutty and less sweet. I mix it with Belgian Cocoa (just a few drops) to enhance the slight cocoa it already has and it is OMG Amazing !!! It has a smokier quality than Tribeca and produces more vapor. A very realistic smoking sensation with this one. Well done Halo !!!

  36. Nutty! review by Jonathan

    Halo knows what they are talking about when they describe their liquids! I bought a 7 ml bottle of Prime 15 and was very satisfied with this ejuice! It has an excellent vapor production and great throat hit, just as Halo stated : ) The flavor is best described as nutty and earthy. Reminds me of roasted chestnuts I've had when in England. I can taste Hazelnut as well on the aftertaste. I enjoyed this flavor so much I plan to buy a 30 ml. If you are a fan of deez nuts, I totally recommend Prime!!!

  37. Spot On !!! review by barefootgirl

    Halo nailed this one !!! The description by Halo is spot on to the experience with this flavor. And It is delicious ! I get the dry sweetness, earthiness, nuts (get hazelnuts) and cocoa too. This tobacco goes great with a few drops of Belgian as well. Prime performs beautifully. The smokey vapor and tobacco like feel is a superb analog representation and it's very coil friendly. Love to spend time with Halo's flavor as they are complex and there is so much to discover. Another huge hit by Halo !!!

  38. It's OK, not a favorite of mine though. review by Mary

    I tried a sample of this juice (thank you Halo for giving us that option) and while it doesn't taste bad, it didn't taste very good to me. Remember taste is very subjective and what taste good or bad to one person will most likely taste different to another. The throat hit was very good and so was the vapor. It is defiantly a tobacco flavor without any sweetness to it.

  39. great ADV review by skyM

    This flavor was initially overshadowed for me by authentic tobacco taste of Torque56 and decadence of Tribeca. It didn't seem as direct as the former and not as complex as the latter... So it was easy to dismiss (kind of like a middle child).

    Lately, I turn to it more and more as a main liquid choice through-out the day. It has enough intricate layers to keep taste buds entertained, but at the same time carries with simplicity that doesn't distract. A perfect balance, which over time placed this for me in my top 3.

  40. My "All Day Vape" review by Dan

    This is my favorite Halo Juice so far. It is a very smooth vape. If you are looking for a good tobacco vape without any underlying tastes (as with some of the others) you should give this one a try. It has a slight sweetness to it, but not overbearing at all. The vapor is good. I used to smoke "lights" of a very popular cigarette maker (the biggest one) and this makes for a good transition. While no e-liquid that I have tried truly emulates the taste of an analog exactly this comes as close as I have found. This is currently my ADV along with SubZero when I want to mix it up a little.

  41. King of juices. review by Kotch

    Prime 15 is my personal favorite out of all ejuices, period. There is nothing that quite matches up to the intricate flavor of this baby. Perfect mix of tobacco and very very mild cocoa. My regular ADV from now on when I get it again. I used to smoke all sorts of cigarettes, but this blows even my favorite analog out of the water and made me hate them. The only bad thing about it is it has a very unique scent that some people don't like. (I don't mind it, but my mother can't stand it. Then again, she has a very sensitive nose.) All in all, a perfect tobacco juice.

  42. Good second choice!!!! review by Garemlin

    I am an admitted Tribeca addict. Since I started vapeing four months ago I have already gone through four 30ml bottles and just got two more 30ml bottles in the mail. I go through it too quick to have just one bottle on hand but wanted to try something different. This is the second tobacco Halo flavor I have tried and it is pretty darn good. It is a little dry compared to Tribeca, but has a nice nutty overtone. Reminds me of how many companies describe their 555. But those have all fallen short.. This could easily become a regular for me along with Tribeca.

  43. Nice balanced tobacco flavor, subtle but nice overtones. review by PeteC2

    I've seen Prime 15 described as a close to cigarette flavor. While I do not disagree, there is more to it than that. Prime 15 has a dry, but nice and smooth delivery with just a tease of complexity on the exhale to keep it interesting. There is a touch of "nuttiness" but not over-done. I can see this as a flavor that will please both newer vapers as well as anyone who enjoys a good tobacco blend. I think that Halo does tobacco blends pretty much better than anyone.

  44. Great Tobacco Juice review by HF

    I recently ordered the Tobacco sampler pack...the Prime 15 was my favorite by far. Real nice flavor...leaves a satisfying tobacco taste in your mouth. I would definitely order this juice again.

  45. #2 on my list review by Theresa

    I love Tribeca, now this is the 2nd in my favorites. No harsh feeling just nice and smooth. Can't stop vaping with it. Slight sweet taste to it. Will be ordering a 30 ml bottle of this next time.

  46. Close to Belgian Cocoa review by Gabriel

    I've started vaping Halo G6's with minitanks and I don't regret it one bit. This is my first review on E-liquid itself. I understand that flavors are very subjective, so here's my input:

    I ordered Prime15 after reading the description, and as far as I could tell this was as close to flavor as you can get to the "analog" experience when reading descriptions, so I ordered it. As the description says, you do get a bit of cocoa in it, but to me it's a little too much cocoa to for it to be compared to an "analog" flavor of any kind that I've ever experienced.

    I will say this, it is exactly what I wished Belgian Cocoa was. I'd go as far as to say this should be called "Belgian Cocoa Light" because it is so much similar, yet not as strong. I'd say this is smoother than Belgian Cocoa.

    The throat hit is about middle of the pack, not too strong or too weak, so perfect for an all day affair. I draw is smooth and flavorful, and the exhale is dry similar to an "analog." Overall it's solid. I think the only thing keeping it from graduating to 4 or 5 stars to me is there's just a little too much cocoa to me. If you don't mind the cocoa, it's absolutely worth a shot.

  47. Good but steeping needed review by Maciej

    This juice need steeping. For me it was about two weeks and then it starts to taste good. But for me it's still to dry. Prime15 have for me even less sweetness than Torque56. If you like a dry taste then it's for you.

  48. My Favorite review by Danielle

    Love, Love this vape! I add a few drops of Torque to it sometimes to get a fuller flavor but alone, as an all day vape, this is just purely awesome. Highly recommended!

  49. A little too nutty for me...... review by michael

    Prime 15 has this noticeably distinguished nutty taste combined with a little more throat hit as compared to the other tobacco flavors. This is still however a great blend of tobacco with a hint of nutty taste. It's not exactly my ADV but is something I tend to keep in my rotation. Awesome vape. I rate it 4 stars because for my taste, it is not as equally appealing to me as the Tribeca and Freedom Juice.

  50. BEST FLAVOR review by jose

    I gave this a 5 star because I absolutely love it, it does have a cocoa taste. PERFECT

  51. All Day Vape review by John

    Love this stuff. Great throat hit. Smooth and not harsh. I will be buying more.

  52. Prime 15 review by David

    This flavor is a good crossroad between Tribeca and Torque 56. It has a nice tobacco flavor that has a mild throat hit with a tobacco taste and nothing complex about it. It's a definite all day vape for those who enjoy the tobacco flavors that Halo produces!

  53. Found my every day vape. review by James

    This is by far my favorite Halo e-liquid I have tried. As I stated in another review, I just purchased my Triton starter kit, with nine 7ml e-liquids. I feel like this can possibly be a daily vape for the majority of people out there. The reason I say that is the flavor is great, but subtle, and the throat hit is perfect. It seems like a lot of people are making so much noise about Tribeca, and Torque that this one flies under the radar, and it's a shame. If you haven't tried Prime 15 yet, you must.

  54. The more I vape this the more I like it review by Squishybear

    I like this one, it's a clean nice taste with a hint of coco. This and Tribeca are my everyday vapes.

  55. Favorite review by Robert

    So far this is my favorite flavor. I have tried all of the sample pack. I still need to try the voodoo but Torque 56 and Tribeca were both very good. Not as big as a fan of Longhorn or Midnight Apple. As far as Prime 15 the smoothness but still hard hitter was very nice. It does simulate a normal cig pretty well.

  56. My "relaxing at the bar" flavor of choice review by Anthony

    This flavor is my go to when I am enjoying a good glass of bourbon or a frosty beer. Has an excellent heavy throat hit without being too harsh and finishes extremely well. One of my favorites when relaxing after a long day.

  57. It's an All Day Vape review by Pete

    First off I must say that Halo's description of the liquid is spot on. I used it on my G6 (which I love). I use to smoke strong rollies. I am not saying that this juice is like a rollie, this is more of a medium strength flavor, but my point is the throat hit and exhale feel great and remind me of one.

    I definitely taste the cocoa and actually get a hint of apple in it. I have been vaping this and Tribeca all day long. Tribeca is more subdued with a smoother hit.

    I keep two clearomizers filled with Tribeca and Prime 15. They never go dry :)

  58. Best All Day Tobacco Vape review by Melinda

    Prime 15 is by far my favorite of Halo's straight-forward tobacco flavors. This e-liquid is slightly sweet, dry, and really simple. It's the closest liquid that I've found that isn't too flowery, aromatic, or sweet. It's just right and definitely one that I'll be ordering again.

  59. favorite flavor review by Kevin

    This has been my favorite for a long time. Semi sweet with good tobacco taste. Highly recommended for an all day vape!

  60. Not bad, definintely needs steeping review by Michael

    As mentioned already, definitely needs steeping. I tried it when it first came and it was a bit harsh but after a few days of steeping it smoothed out nicely. It's definitely a stronger tobacco flavor then Tribeca and a more subtle sweetness, but its there on the exhale. Not bad at all but it will not replace Tribeca as my favorite.

  61. Very pleasurable taste review by Eduardo

    I tried this juice and loved it. It has a very nutty flavor to it, in my opinion much like peanuts or peanut butter. I have been going strong with this juice for a while. It is very smooth on the throat and has very distinctive tobacco notes to it. It does get tiring after a while, because for me the "peanut" taste is a little to sweet and I found it leaves a strong smell on clothes.

  62. Smooth review by Stephen

    Excellent juice. It's got a hint of cocoa or chocolate, and the right blend of tobacco. Very smooth and has an nice TH. It will be added to my rotation.

  63. Smooth but nutty review by Craig

    Having regularly been using Longhorn, I decided to try Prime15. Not sweet by any means but does come off as a smooth vape. I find that I am not attracted to the nutty/cocoa flavor of the liquid, but it's not overpowering by any means. I do agree that this is a close match to an analog, and perhaps that's why I'm not as happy as I might be otherwise. I do love some of the tobacco flavored liquids but not a favorite of mine.

  64. Fantastic! review by GDSIII

    Perfect all day vape! I can't decide between Tribeca and Prime as my favorite, but they are the two I can't be without. Prime is a great, straightforward tobacco flavor with a little less sweetness than Tribeca. As always, solid throat hit, huge vapor and, as it is described, really is akin to the real analog experience. Halo's liquids are truly the best!

  65. Great tobacco vape! review by Rynhi50

    Prime 15 is my all day vape. Very consistent in flavor, strong throat hit and heavy vapor production.
    With earthy and smokey qualities ranging from toasted pumpkin seeds to tootsie rolls, prime 15 is great alternative for the tobacco vaper!
    Prime is also a great base to mix with other Halo flavors.
    Prime 15+Torque 56=smokey sweet goodness!

  66. Good and unique review by Dom

    It's a very unique flavor. Almost ginger like. I particularly like this one when the weather is warm in the summer. It has a tiny sweet tobacco taste on inhale and a spicy ginger on exhale. Always clean and always big vapor. Try for yourself because it is really a unique flavor.

  67. Good Vape review by DnaAngel

    I was eager to try this vape after reading reviews of it being similar to an analog. I would say it is pretty close, but no liquid would be able to mimic the experience and taste of a true analog.

    When I first treed this, it reminded me of the Tobacco flavor from another brand I used to vape, though theirs is slightly stronger and a bit more satisfying. It does have a uniqueness to it that will have me buying more. Its definitely a good all day vape.

    I prefer "Tabaccoey" flavors to the sweet fruity ones, so this will be added to my line-up for sure.

  68. My favorite review by Robert

    This is my favorite juice!! Little hint of cocoa with good tobacco flavor. I have found that the lower resistance coils give that burnt flavor at least with the Triton.

  69. Could be better review by Mike

    This was the first flavor I tried from Halo. It's not a bad flavor, just not quite what I was looking for. There's a slight sweet taste to it but the part I didn't like is at the end of taking a drag, you get a serious burn taste to it. I figured it was just that way at the beginning, but the more I tried it, the more I was surprised it didn't go away. Halo has way better flavors out there. My favorite right now is the Tribeca. I actually found mixing the Southern Classic and Tribeca together is a GREAT combination using a G6 mini tank!

    Again, this flavor isn't a complete bust, but personally it just didn't do it for me.... just a middle of the road flavor in the huge list of what Halo has to offer.

  70. The "big" league review by Travis..

    Prime 15 has just become the next flavor that I will be ordering a big 30ml bottle.

    I have received my small, sample bottle of this stuff in 18mg. As my usual custom, I let it steep overnight. It has a very nice throat hit. Good vapor as well. The taste is unique from most of the tobacco based liquids that Halo offers. The sweetness sets it apart. Many flavors have a "sugary" note on exhale. Prime has some sweetness, but it's a nutty flavor. Very good. It's a little less sweet, but quite enjoyable. The inhale tobacco flavor is not overpowering, but more substantial than something like Turkish, IMO.

    I still love Torque 56 and Tribeca, but Prime 15 has earned it's spot in my daily rotation.

  71. Very close to Red's review by bill

    This is a very convincing tobacco flavor. Dry and "to-the-point". It totally reminds me of Red's (you know what I mean). It has a pleasantly smokey flavor which is what you look for in an e-cig. Prime 15 has a little background flavor - it's a vegetative quality - not floral but pleasantly plant-ish. Definitely an ADV - probably my number 2 or 3 overall.

  72. The more I taste it, the more I like it!!! review by Matthew

    I have been searching for a good tobacco flavor for some time.
    After receiving this, I can put an end to my search! This is really good juice!
    It’s very smooth with a great flavor. Whatever they do, I like it!

  73. Perfect for All Day Vape review by JD

    This is the first Halo liquid I tried and so far it is still my favorite. I have this in 0mg and 6mg. I've tried it in carts and in the G6 mini tank. It has a great flavor and, to me, perfect for vaping all day. The flavor is just like as described, even at my nic levels. This is a very tasty flavor that is really as close to a real cig that I need. This and Southern Classic are my favorites and I vape them constantly. Can't go wrong with this juice.

  74. One of my favorites review by AngiBe

    I love the taste of Prime! The flavor is hard to describe because it has several layers of flavor but it's extremely smooth and easy to vape all day. I taste a hint of nut, but maybe that's just me. I do not taste any overpowering sweet taste and that's why I think its a great tobacco vape. I'm so glad I tried it and actually ordering another, larger bottle. It's awesome!

  75. A bit of a let down. review by CG

    To be candid. I found Halo by researching for a liquid that most resembles tobacco. I found a lot of rave reviews about Prime 15 which led me here. I got the sampler pack with the highest hope for Prime 15 and was let down. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't taste bad, actually, it taste pretty good. Just a little too nutty for me. I ended with Torque 56 as my daily vape. The flavor has a very aromatic nutty flavor to it which makes it too rich for my taste, but if you like nutty flavors, you'll love this.

  76. Great with my Triton! review by AC

    I first tried Prime 15 with the Tobacco Sampler pack, in the Halo LR cartomizers with a 808 stick battery. It was nice, a good light tobacco that wasn't overwhelming, but still had a good throat hit. I just loaded some into my Triton tank and got a completely different experience. Layers of flavor, cocoa over smoky tobacco and a faint bitterness almost like coffee. The scent is floral with a hint of spice, absolutely delightful. I think I've found another ADV!

  77. It's a nice morning-coffee vape review by Koi

    This vape goes really good with my morning coffee. For me, it hits hard and tastes like a good smoke, but to vape it all day is too much. I like it a lot better than Torque because it has that earthy real tobacco taste. For the rest of the day, I vape Voodoo or Southern Classic (which I changed my mind to actually enjoying this one) because they're lighter and smoother to hit on.

  78. Great Flavor! review by Timothy

    I recently received this flavor as part of my Tobacco sample pack, and let me tell you, I love it! It has a great flavor of a smooth tobacco that had me wanting more and more. I quickly went through my 7ml bottle, and am going to order more with my next purchase. It creates a lot of vapor, and also has a really nice throat hit as well. I also didn't have any problems with a burnt taste either. For those of you out there looking for a realistic tobacco vape that has a smooth kick, this is the one for you.

  79. Not for me review by Geoffrey

    This is actually the first Halo juice that I really didn't like. I read the others reviews. Everyone has their taste preferences, which I guess is why there were so many positive reviews. I'm not tasting what some other people are describing. I don't think it tastes anything like tobacco.

  80. Goodish review by David

    This is not my all time favorite tobacco blend. Unfortunately, I went with the Tribeca pack when I got my starter kit, so all my reviews will be slightly influenced. This flavor definitely has an earthy taste, in that it tastes quite a bit like dirt. I love a strong tobacco flavor, but I think that the description of this tobacco was confused with the Longhorn.

    I'd stay away from a big bottle of this until you've tried a sample size.

  81. Smoke Your Dessert review by MOCO

    For starters, I don't prefer this as my all-day-vape. This is more like a dessert and it tastes very nice after a good meal. This is my snack throughout the day. You open it up and you can really smell the cocoa. I took my first taste and you can actually taste the cocoa, but it's not overpowering. This flavor offers a great throat hit with a thick vapor. It's also a nice compliment to a hot cup of coffee.

  82. A seriously satisfying blend review by Wheezal

    I was hesitant to try this flavor, until it was described to me as "Tribeca with chocolate". That is such a great and accurate description.

    This blend is very full bodied and tastes of premium tobacco with perfectly subtle hints of chocolate. The throat hit is full and very smooth compared to other tobacco-centric flavors. And the easy to identify but mellow chocolate is a perfect finish to each vape.

  83. ALL DAY VAPE review by Trevor

    I first ordered a 7ml bottle of this and soon after trying this flavor I knew it was going to be in my collection always, so I bought the 30 ml with no hesitation, Prime 15 offers a great throat hit and vapor. It also offers an excellent "hazelnut" and sweet flavor, but not too sweet it just has the perfect tones for an ADV its not overwhelming and you won't be disappointed.

  84. worth trying review by Topaz S.

    After shopping around I finally decided that this would be the new place I'd be getting my "vape" from (aka "e-liquid"; "e - fluid", etc). My first purchase directly from the site was the tobacco sampler pack; which offered a good variety of notes.
    Now I am trying to remember the three flavors that " blew my hair back" the most. It's actually hard to decide, and I may just have to order ANOTHER "Tobacco Sampler pack".

  85. GREAT flavor! review by Mark

    I still haven't tried all of the Halo flavors but Prime 15 is easily my favorite so far.
    Excellent, smooth throat hit and lovely hazelnut flavor which is not overpowering. I'm pretty sure I detect a little vanilla also. Easily an all day vape for me.
    Also great mixed 50/50 with Longhorn for something different.

  86. personal fav review by Daniel

    This is my personal favorite ejuice from Halo. The description is spot on, tasting like cocoa on exhale with a great throat hit! I love this juice and will be ordering more soon as an all day vape for me. I love the light taste of cocoa! Great job Halo for helping me realize that your electronic ecigs and liquid are second to none!

  87. Sample this one review by E.E.

    I picked up a small bottle of this at a local vape shop that carries Halo's E-Liquid. First time I tried it, quite honestly, I was disgusted. I set it back and gave it another go. The second time around I picked up a chocolate / cocoa mix. Huge vapor production with this one. I feel as if I was vaping this way to fast the first time. You need to vape Prime-15 slow to get all the flavors out of it. Prime-15 doesn't make my top 3, but my 7ml is empty and will be re-stocked. Sample this one, it is worth a try.

  88. Very Good Flavor! review by Ronda

    Great with morning coffee!!!! Has a very pleasant "nutty smell & taste". It's NOT overpowering. It's also slightly sweet. Nice balance of warm & sweet!!!! Nice for ADV, especially on a cold day. Started with the pre-filled carts, then bought a 30 ml bottle for refilling. I really enjoy this flavor.

  89. Strong earthy tobacco flavor review by Chris

    First off let’s start with this only got a four star simply because I didn’t like the flavor. (And taste is very subjective) Past that, as the description says this flavor was very earthy and had a very strong throat hit. (Thus why I didn’t like it, too powerful for me) and has a very distinct tobacco flavor. If you like your tobacco flavors raw, earthy, and strong, this is the flavor for you, it won’t disappoint if that’s what you like. It’ll definitely wake you up in the morning. Past that, I had no problems with it vaping, it was always consistent. I had no problems with the flavor changing (past the 48 hours they tell ya about on the card they send with each order) or going bad or anything along those lines. Overall it was a well made liquid, the only reason didn’t five star was cause the aforementioned. Thanks for good quality products though Halo, even if I didn’t like this one.

  90. Mmm Chocolate! review by Anne

    I first bought a 7mL bottle of this to try and loved it immediately! It had the perfect amount of distinct chocolate flavor. I think I killed the bottle in just a few days haha! I recently bought at 30mL bottle and for some reason the flavor is just not the same? I don't taste chocolate at all. It does produce a good throat hit, good amount of vapor, and tastes like tobacco, but the chocolate flavor is just not there. Maybe a different batch? Disappointing and probably won't buy again. :/

  91. Peanut Butter review by B'Dealy

    Received a small bottle of this fluid in one of 2 packs I received, and it is so far the only flavor I have found disagreeable. It tastes like pure peanut butter, without any hint of tobacco flavor. Its still obviously well made juice and smokes smoothly, which is the reason Ive given it 3 stars instead of 2. With so many other very excellent flavors to choose from, I would avoid this one.

  92. My soothing vape. Love it review by Dana

    This was my very first bottle of e-liquid I bought and from a brand new brick and mortar shop locally. To me, it tastes exactly like smooth hot chocolate. It always has a spot in one of my tanks and I go to it in the morning, but mostly at night making me feel like I'm sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, very soothing. I can't really taste the tobacco flavor though. I am very interested now in trying the tobacco sample pack along with Belgian Cocoa. My expectations are high and I hope they are as good as the prime 15.

  93. Excellent morning vape! review by Steven

    I alternate between this and Tribeca during the day. It's an excellent morning vape when coupled with a cup of coffee. There's a slight hint of cocoa and a mild nutty taste (reminds me of Hershey's with almonds). Incredibly smooth draw and a throat hit that's strong enough to satisfy a traditional smoker but smooth enough to make you want more without over doing it. Can't say enough good things about this flavor, it's definitely going to find it's way into my shopping cart with my next order.

  94. Not Liking This Genre review by Peter

    I wish there was a better classification for tobacco flavored juices. This, like most of the Halo tobacco juices (except Tribeca), has the pungent undertones of pipe tobacco or something, which may not be pleasing to those looking for a cigarette-like taste. I know this is very subjective, and there is an audience for this type of juice, but it's definitely not for me.

  95. Best Tobacco Flavor review by Mike

    I got a 7ml bottle of Prime with my last order and I love it, I find a lot of tobacco flavored E-Liquids are either too light or too strong and can be difficult to enjoy them all day long, but not this bad boy. Prime is the perfect balance of strength and flavor and is now my favorite tobacco flavor hands down and I will be ordering a big bottle. 5 Stars!

  96. Mysterious Deliciousness ! review by John

    Prime15 quickly became one of my ADV's.
    If you like Tribeca (and who doesn't), you will probably really like Prime15 as well.
    Prime is definitely stronger on the tobacco flavor than Tribeca, but it has some magically delicious mystery notes that really remind me of the same notes I can't put my finger on in Tribeca.
    This stuff is DELICIOUS, and unless you completely stay away from the tobacco line of liquids, Prime15 is a must have.
    Very good TH and vapor production at the right levels!

  97. Very good flavor review by Jason

    Prime 15 is my second favorite flavor out of everything I've tried so far. The first is Tribeca. I think Prime 15 is very tasty especially after few days of steeping. It has a nice sweet taste, but not too sweet. It's mild enough to be enjoyed all day long. Two thumbs up. I will definitely be getting more!

  98. My primary ADV review by Bryan

    This was my first favorite of Halo's juices. I quickly fell in love with it. I admit, the very first few puffs were a bit off-putting because of that cocoa aftertaste on the exhale, but only because I wasn't expecting that. It's actually very pleasant, VERY subtle with the cocoa hint, and primarily there is a nutty tobacco thing going on. The amount of vapor is top notch. The throat hit is great. This one is easily my most-used flavor. I've gone through more bottles of this than any of the other ones.

    Basically, it's a neutral tasting tobacco flavor, with a slight nutty nuance, and a *hint* of cocoa on the exhale.

  99. Perfect review by john

    This is a great blend, that has a smooth flavor that hits the back of your throat perfect. This flavor has a nice hint of chocolate, but is not over powering. This is my new favorite flavor and will continue to use this. I have tried multiple flavors in the past, this seems to fit me the best.

    I would strongly recommend this product. It has great reviews, and I can see why.

  100. Great choice for a first time user. review by Leonard

    This is my first real experience with e-liquids and I'm completely happy. This stuff tastes phenomenal. Rich tobacco flavor without any harshness, hints of cocoa and chocolate and maybe a bit of leather.
    There's some nice sweetness that isn't overpowering or cloying, would definitely recommend this flavor for a first time user.

  101. Good but not as close to analog as I thought review by Dylan

    When I ordered my starter kit I chose my 5 free carts to be Prime 15. In 18mg nicotine the throat hit is phenomenal. Although the flavor is not that of an analog, the throat hit sure is. The hot vapor and high nicotine make it extremely satisfying. I would compare the flavor more to an original cigarillo maybe. It tastes kind of like sweet chestnuts. Overtone of honey with undertones of chestnuts. It's hard to pin point the flavor exactly, but it is good! I can't vape this all day but it is definitely a good go to for a nice throat hit and enjoyable flavor.

  102. this is my product of choice! review by don

    This is a great e liquid that has everything you want in an ecig experience. This product has the bite your looking for, the throat hit is outstanding! To describe the flavor, it was a little harsh the first few vapes, but after the flavors became in tune with my senses, it really does have the great flavor I was expecting from a halo product. The light coco flavor comes out along with the perfect tobacco flavor, and really has become one of my favorite tobacco flavors right behind torques56 (my favorite). I'm rather new to the e cig world (3 weeks) but every new product i try from Halo have not disappointed! Just put in another order and this product is a reorder for me. The thing I like the most about Prime15 is how quickly it calms my nicotine cravings. This is my go to e liquid when I'm having a stressful day, or if I'm just in the mood for some great tobacco flavor. Order this product and I promise you will not be disappointed. Another two thumbs up on this one Halo!

  103. Fantastic!!!!!! review by Frank

    This E liquid is fantastic! It has a great flavor, a great throat hit, and great vapor production. I filled up my tank about an hour and a half ago, and it's almost empty. Overall this E liquid is great!!

    What I like:
    - Great flavor
    - Great throat hit
    - Great vapor production

    What I don't like:
    - Nothing

    Would I buy this e liquid again? Absolutely!

  104. the classy tobacco flavor review by ken

    Prime 15 has become my favorite all day flavor. Its true tobacco flavor is gently wrapped with a shadow of chocolate/nutty sweetness. It is full flavor that is not harsh in any way but delivers a satisfying throat hit and full vapor production. Simply amazing.

  105. Hands down my favorite!! review by William R.

    I received Prime 15 in the tobacco sample pack. I went through that 7ml bottle really quick with my G6 and mini tank. So I ordered a 30ml bottle right away. It is hands down my favorite tobacco e-liquid. It has such a smooth semisweet taste, nice strong throat hit and great vapor. When I bought the Triton VV I immediately filled my triton tank up with Prime 15. That's when I noticed the hints of coco. As I changed the voltage the cocoa and other delightful flavors were coming out. I always have prime in one of my Triton tanks and mini tanks. I highly recommend Prime 15. Anyone I let try it falls in love with it. I just wish Halo offered 120ml bottles of it!

  106. Better than Greensmoke review by Chris

    As a Greensmoke user, I was looking for a way to save some money, using Halo to refill my cartomizers. I will say it took a little getting used to Prime, but after a week, I was sold. I was vaping the Absolute tobacco from GS and came across some Prime reviews online. Good stuff. Let it steep for a week (or more) to get the best flavor.

  107. favourite juice thus far, now my adv review by nzchippie

    I brought the tobacco sample pack in 18mg with my triton starter pack, this flavor really stood out to me and I ordered a 30ml 18mg bottle. Really smooth tasting and very very light nutty sweetness. I highly recommend this juice.

  108. Simply the Best review by Steve

    When I was new to vaping, I bought many, many, many, many (you get the idea) flavors from different stores. One of the first I tried was Prime 15 and I have not found anything better. Now, I only have Prime 15 at home. OK, I sometimes use chocolate flavors. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a larger bottle.

    Halo, can you put Prime 15 in a 50ml bottle? I don't know how you did it, but Prime 15 is by far the best tasting with a good throat hit. I just don't want to run out.

  109. Pretty good review by Nick

    I thought the Prime 15 was decent. I can't say I'm a huge fan of it but at the same time I can't say I disliked it either. It has plenty of flavor and vapor. Not quite as much throat hit as I prefer but I'm one that prefers harsh throat hits. So for most people it's probably right on the money. The only thing is that my taste buds weren't overwhelmed. But it's still good enough to me that I will finish off the bottle.

  110. Halo's best flavor review by Timothy

    This Is The Best Flavor Halo Offers, In My Opinion. I Can't Really Describe What It Tastes Like But It's Almost Like A Baked Chicken Or Something. I'm Telling You It's Quite Good, One Of The Few I Can Vape All Day. But Boy, Is It Weird! I Don't Get Tobacco Or Cocoa, Especially. All I Can Say Is That It's Pleasant And Worth Trying.

  111. Medium tobacco flavor review by Shannon

    This juice has a roasted nutty taste to it. The tobacco is a medium flavor. Throat hit is excellent, vape cloud is very nice. The flavor reminds me of planters roasted peanuts, I can't taste the cocoa. It's not a bad flavor it really grows on you. My first 3 draws, i would take a draw and look at the e-cig with curiosity lol. I thought maybe i forgot shake the bottle before filling the tank. The roasted nutty flavor stands out the most. I thought maybe if i added a drop or 2 of the Belgian cocoa with taste like a baby ruth, but i did not add anything to it at all. The flavor grew on me. This juice is really good with beer for some reason. I really thought from Halo's description it would have a chocolate taste to it but i never got 1 hint of chocolate at all. I bet a bit more chocolate flavor would over power the nutty flavor. Other than letting my tobacco sample pack sit undisturbed and shaking it for about 1 minute before opening i do not let them steep by opening and leaving caps off the bottles. I am afraid to do so, i keep thinking the flavors will diminish or go flat like beer/soda. That being said it still taste the same, as i ordered this between 2 - 3 weeks ago and i tried some upon receiving it. Then i just put some more back into my tank. So as far as that goes the flavor has not changed. Which is good in my book, because i liked every flavor in the sample pack with longhorn being my absolute favorite. I'm really quite impressed with Halo's flavors. I'm finding myself liking what i thought i wouldn't and having no complaints with the ones i'm not crazy about (single flavored). However all Halo juices are of great quality, which is why i'm not complaining. All have good throat hits and great vape clouds, with the flavors spot on per description, with the except of undertones. I look forward in the next couple of weeks to ordering the remaining flavors i have tried yet, even the menthol flavors.

  112. Fave ADV review by meowmix915

    Prime15 is another excellent flavor from my favorite company! When I'm craving a smooth vape this is my 1 tried & true go to. This is the perfect tobacco flavor w/ a nice touch of cocoa. Simply scrumptious!

  113. Prime15 is a Wonderful eLiquid review by Michael

    I have added this to my normal rotation. Some days, I am enjoying Prime15 so much I forget to rotate another eLiquid in. This is definitely an all day vape eJuice!

  114. Good Tobacco Flavor with a Twist! review by Marsha

    The thing I like about e-liquids is that the taste is so much better than a real cigarette. Prime 15 gives you that good tobacco flavor without all the other stinky stuff of a real cigarette. It adds some hints of nuts and cocoa and a good throat hit. A good all day vape.

  115. good flavor for sample pack review by Joel

    Hint of roasted nuts for the after taste, medium throat hit. Wouldn't really go out of my way to buy it though. But it's good to sample.

  116. Great for all day vape! review by Chris

    This was my second juice purchase after Tribeca, which I thought was great as well. To me, it is like Tribeca with a stronger taste and throat kick. If you want that little extra kick this will do the job. Great all day and even mixed with a few drops of Sub-Zero for an extra kick! Thanks Halo, great job!

  117. Not for me, but will revisit later. review by LVE

    I originally was going to order my starter kit with Prime. From the website description, it seemed like it was the closest to a ‘real’ cigarette. But from all the reviews, I ended up going with Torque in the starter kit – but got Prime in the tobacco sampler. First draw was smooth enough, very mild (only 12 nic) - but didn't taste any cocoa, and had good smoke (vapor) – but the smell . . . I don’t know what it is – but it does not suit me at all. They say that smell is the number one thing that triggers memories – so maybe it’s just a really bad memory it’s triggering – but whatever it is, I just can’t take it. I gave it a good try (sat it down, came back, sat it down, etc), but ended up diluting it with a bunch of Midnight Apple (which also came in the sampler), just to get through what I had put in the blank filter. I will put it away and maybe give it another go in a couple months. I am giving it a 3 – okay on the taste, throat hit & vapor – and maybe the smell won’t be as repulsive to others. Glad I went with Torque.

  118. No sweet taste at all - the closest flavour to a normal cigarette review by sorin

    I just received my sample of Prime 15. First thing first, I combined it with 3 drops of menthol and with fear in my heart I offered the new mix to my wife. And she said after 2 puffs : “ all right pal , this is very good, is not sweet and I can have it with my coffee and my glass of red wine without changing the taste of them. I have no words to thank you Halo guys for this happiness. I will order 2 big bottles of Prime 15 at 12 mg and I highly recommend it for the people who can not accept a sweet taste of the vape. Great product ! Congratulations!

  119. Great taste great vapor review by Bobby

    I am new to vaping and this was one of my first liquids. I love it, it has a great taste, it has a subtle chocolate aftertaste. Nothing has been this good.

  120. Prime review by Steve

    At first I didn't like the smell of this just didn't hit me right. But a month later came back and love it bit of a nutty flavor for me on exhale. The inhale to me is just as a cig. I can't bring myself to vape sweet things (I can't smoke something I should be eating). It took me awhile glad I found Halo. Thanks and keep up the good work. By the way nice packaging.

  121. Pretty solid mix. review by John

    Not my favorite but decent, respectable mix. Tobacco base with a sweet overtone and a medium throat hit. I actually thought there would be a bigger throat hit. Very nice vape cloud on exhale. I may have gotten a slight cocoa flavor. Maybe I'll mix it with Kringle and see if I make a winner.

    flavor 4
    TH 3.75
    vape 4.5

  122. Amazingly smooth with lots of vapor review by Naseeruddin

    This e liquid produces the most vapor of all the halo e liquids in my opinion. The draw is amazingly smooth. The flavor is nutty, with almond being the dominant one. Sometimes it tastes sweet. I am still learning to dial down to the exact voltage to vape this at on my VV battery. I did notice that it does not perform very well on the standard battery. This one is definitely one of the beat from halo.

  123. Not too Bad review by Funzy32

    I like the Prime 15 a lot. Nice tobacco Flavor and not too strong. Good for all day Vaping. Try it out.

  124. Like the real thing review by betty

    Got some of this from a sample party it was good. I've been vamping for three months now and its a little strong for me almost like a pipe tobacco but not quite. Good throat hit big vapor I'll give it four stars now its not as strong as the torque 56.

  125. A nice satisfying tobacco. review by Don

    While not a mainstay in my Halo juice rotation I do enjoy it when I want a nice bold tobacco flavor with a slightly creamy edge. I do not detect the hint of chocolate in my devices but it definitely has a robust nutty aroma and slight nutty taste.

  126. Good review by konstantino

    It has a sweet taste with a hint of tobacco, I'll probably get this one again, I'd recommend it to my friends.

  127. Awesome if you're looking for something not quite as strong as Torque review by John F.

    I like to sometimes just vape a regular cigarette flavor. I'd tried Torque and I find it a little strong for my personal taste. However, this one hits the spot much better. This one definitely fits the bill quite well. It has a nice rich and somewhat creamy taste with a good solid throat hit, but not overwhelming either.

  128. Great tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness. review by Kimberly A.

    I have read other reviews about Prime15 and it being too sweet. I find it the opposite. Great tobacco flavor with a mild sweet taste of something I can't pin down. The description mentions chocolate but I taste something different. Nevertheless it is a very good e liquid. I change between flavors all day and I always have a little Prime15. I am almost out. Time to order more. Good T.H., vapor and taste in 12mg.

  129. Not like the real thing review by Raymond

    Let me begin by stating that prime15 is a great e juice, however I feel that it is inaccurately described. Halo claims that prime 15 is gives a "authentic analog experience", a statement that I don't agree with. I found prime 15 to be very sweet with a strong clover flavor and very little actual tobacco taste. Now of course there is no such thing as an e juice that perfectly mimics analogs, but this juice, in my opinion, doesn't come close. Furthermore Halo does offer many tobaccos e juices that more closely taste like an "authentic cig", such as torque56 or captain jack. I feel both of these e juices, more than prime15, deserve to be described as an "authentic experience". In closing Prime15 is not a bad e juice. It is actually very good, just like all halo tobacco flavors, but don't be surprised to find that the tobacco taste is a small side nuance to a complex sweet tasting vape.

  130. Needed Steeping review by Kai

    Prime15 was a good vape. Its definitely refined itself quite a bit after about 36 hours of steeping. At first it smelled like burnt Frangelico, but after 3 days or so it has taken on a good, solid analog taste, but more like a specialty cig. This one will be staying in the rotation.

  131. On the money! review by James

    This is the closest e-liquid to a true cigarette! I've tried many other tobacco type e-liquids, but none of them come close to how true it should taste to a real analog. I suggest this to new vapers who crave a true analog-like experience! It has a great throat hit and medium vapor.


    I will keep a bottle or so of this always.

  133. A good E liquid review by Josh

    I wouldn't say authentic tobacco flavor, but it is a good e liquid with a good throat hit and vapor production. Its has a slight tobacco flavor, no fruity flavors very basic tobacco flavor, so not a bad substitute to real tobacco but I wouldn't say spot on tobacco flavor.

  134. Great Flavor review by Ted

    I have been using a competitors brand for over a year but when I started to become dissatisfied with their decrease in quality a coworker told me about Halo. I've tried the Halo "tobacco" sample pack and have decided that the Prime 15 is the flavor for me. It has a smooth taste that is very pleasant. Thank you for making a great product!

  135. Best tobacco flavor review by Don

    In my opinion prime 15 is the best tobacco flavor. It goes great with a mix of twisted java. A mix of prime 15 and twisted java has been the greatest taste I have found in any e-liquid. The only bad thing about this flavor is that it really makes an indoor room smell strange for an entire day or two. If you want a tobacco flavor that is slightly sweet this is the flavor for you. The smoothest flavor out of all the tobaccos.

  136. Prime 15 review by Michael

    This tobacco e-liquid gives a subtle but sweet chocolate and nutty flavor on both the inhale and exhale. The tobacco flavor is bold and semi-creamy. Solid throat hit and beautifully dense vapor clouds I’ve come to expect with Halo liquids. It’s not my favorite tobacco flavor but definitely worth a try.

  137. Perfectly Smooth review by Daniel

    Prime15 - 18 Mg/Ml - Triton E-cigarette - Stock coil.

    Among the 10 flavors that I have tried from Halo, this is my favorite. I enjoy this flavor because it truly is as close to traditional cigarettes as it suggests, and easily the closest of all flavors I have ever tried from all manufacturers. The description talks about a taste of Coco, which I only tasted once. I do not like any chocolate flavor of E liquid from any manufacturer, but the very small hints of coco in Prime15 are very enjoyable.

    Note that this flavor does not taste anything like traditional cigarettes, but it has a very special and unique taste that is very smooth to vape. While it does have a throat hit significantly stronger than something such as a Blu brand E-cig, it does not have the throat hit I have experienced from every other Halo flavor. Personally, it could have a little more throat hit, but I really do love it just the way it is. If you are looking for a STRONG throat hit, this isn't the flavor for you. It does have a NOTICEABLE throat hit with that said.

    It lacks any "sharp" flavor, it tastes like a very dull tobacco flavor and not much more, which is exactly what I have been looking for. I could compare this to Halo's Tribeca liquid and say that they are very close to the same thing, however prime15 doesn't have that sharp sweet flavor found in Tribecca.

    Overall this is a 5 star, very mild, very enjoyable. Closest sensations to analog cigarettes (still different!) in flavor and throat hit. It is a familiar type of flavor, like something I have had before, but I can't match it with anything...

  138. Prime 15 review by Pearl

    Love this flavor, it is the least sweet and most authentic tasting to me. Have been using the lowest nicotine for a while now. I am so glad for these ecigs. Lifesaver!!

  139. Good eliquid, but nothing about it stands out review by M

    I've gone back and forth on this eliqud, it isn't that I don't like it but it's always felt like something has been missing. The cocoa is there, but it's very mild and often lost except for when it shows up on random exhales. It doesn't taste a whole like tobacco either, so it isn't necessary going to be perfect for people just trying vaping. However, the taste you get is very good, it's just a little forgettable.

  140. Tobacco + Cocoa review by Jessica

    To me, Prime15 is definitely the closest to an analog that I have tasted since starting my journey with vaping. It has a similar throat hit and a very earthy tobacco taste. But on exhale I get a bit of cocoa which really rounds off the flavor nicely. Definitely recommend! The only thing is, I vape at my desk at work and this one creates a bit of a harsh smell so I usually use it outside rather than indoors. But otherwise, great stuff.

  141. A Very Good Vape! Smooth and Relaxing... review by Gail

    I didn't know what to expect from Prime 15. I also didn't know how Halo could make another awesome tobacco flavor after I fell in love with Tribeca, and Torque56. Well, needless to say, Halo has done it again! As I am typing this review, I'm vaping Prime 15, and it is everything the description says it is. This is definitely a very satisfying vape. Great Flavor, Vapor, and a NICE Throat Hit.
    Halo...you've done it again!

  142. superb experience review by shawn

    This blend is perfect for those looking for that "real cigarette" taste. I'm not much for the fancy flavors, I want to feel like I had a cigarette, not dessert. Although I have delved into the voodoo blend which also an exceptional e liquid. Keep up the good work, you've made a loyal customer out of me so far.

  143. third fave review by drifter848

    This is my third favorite tabacco flavor from halo I like torqe56 and Tribeca but to change things up I get some of this. That's whats so great about halos juices there's gonna be at least 5 or more that you'll wanna vape all day. This is a nice throat hit with the analog taste without being drowned in a bunch of fancy flavors making this easy to vape all day. I'd recommend torqe56, Tribeca and prime15 to new vapors that want the serious no frills analog taste and at 25 for 30 mill is a great value. You can find cheaper then halo juices but you'll notice the lack of taste and vapor from the cheap stuff I'd recommend even getting the 7 mill bottles of different flavors and a few taste test tanks you'll be surprised how many awesome flavors there are at halo. Some are great fresh from the mail some get better with age and steeping, experiment or get the trial tins its worth the effort no one wants the same thing everyday all the time even try the base and mix the juices to come up with your own custom flavor.

  144. based on taste and satisfaction review by daveman

    I am impressed with its full bodied flavor how the vapor flows in and just rolls out truly relaxing and kicked back you folks have done your homework on this flavor I love it, don't stop what your doing.

  145. A Must Try review by DaveOno

    I recommend Prime15 to a newcomer to vaping. Nice flavors, nothing too harsh, and works great for multiple refills in a Triton tank without cleaning for at least 5 refills! Between Tribeca and Torque, there is Prime, and all are "must try!"

  146. Nutter Butter review by Edward

    I really like Prime-15. Kinda tastes like a nutter butter cookie.

  147. satisfactory review by Eric

    Of the sample pack I received I think this would have been the weakest flavor. I heard someone else mention a popcorn hint and I'd have to agree with that.. I'ts not my thing but I could see it working for someone else. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

  148. THE BEST BY FAR !!! review by B.J.

    Prime liquid awesome flavor. Triton battery is amazing!

  149. New favorite. review by Brian

    This is my new favorite. Closest out of halo flavors to analog for me. I vape this with triton tanks and LR blanks on the triton. It's great will be ordering more.

  150. Nice and mellowwwww review by Robert

    I am relatively new to vaping. I just bought three new flavors which are all awesome. I'm sure glad I tried Halo brand first. My favorite has been Tribeca. I just received some of this Prime 15, Midnight Apple and Freedom juice. They are all very nice but this one is sooo mellow and enjoyable in it's own way. Halo has me hooked. There are still some more flavors I need to try out, but I'm going to have to buy a couple of these flavors in the 30ml size cuz I can't stop. Thanks.

  151. smells like cigars review by kelley

    I like the taste of this flavor, and it definitely has a genuine tobacco flavor, but the smell is a little overpowering. Every time I open my case, the cigar scent stinks up the whole house. I do love the Tribeca, though. It is the best flavor in my opinion.

  152. Favorite e-juice review by Chris

    This stuff is perfect... it has little to no notes outside of tobacco, you will definitely recognize the taste elements in this mix!

  153. Genuine tobacco taste review by Gil

    I wanted a flavor that simulated the taste of a light cigarette. Based on reviews and the product description I ordered a 7ml bottle of Prime 15. The taste is definitely close to light tobacco. However, after sampling a few other flavors from Halo that go beyond just tobacco, I've already gotten away from trying to mimic an analog cigarette. For my tastes, there are much better options for vaping, but that's just me. That being said, this isn't a bad flavor if that's what you're looking for. Its exactly what the description says it is. So if you're looking to closely simulate the experience of an analog Light, you need to try Prime 15. Personally, I prefer something with a little different flavor, but that's just my own personal tastes.

  154. closest analog cigarette experience review by Kim

    I was struggling at first because I couldn't find any flavors that truly tasted like tobacco. That was until I found prime 15. Thanks Halo!

  155. Great stuff review by Ryan

    Not my favorite flavor, but I did really enjoy it. It's probably my third favorite tobacco flavor behind Midnight Apple and Tribeca.

  156. Love this! review by tracie

    I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the smell. Somehow they harnessed the odor of a wet beach towel left in a plastic bag for a few weeks. It literally made me search my cupboard for the funky source. It was this. That said, I didn't care for this on the first day of arrival. But after it sat for a week, I tried I again, and absolutely love it. Someone else here said it had an underlying taste of a chips ahoy cookie, and I tend to agree, but it's not a sweet liquid ,and I don't care for sweets in my ejuice. I can't really describe it, but I adore it.

  157. Tried the cartomizers first review by Herbert

    I used the cartomizers first for Prime15 and loved it. Finally got around to trying the Prime 15 E-Liquid 12MG in the got with the tobacco sample pack. Tastes about the same as it did in the cartomizers and I love it so much I bought the 30ML bottle!
    Thanks Halo!

  158. Perfect review by Brett

    When I first started vaping 2 months ago I started with this, Torque 56, and Captain Jack. All 3 are great flavors, but this one stood out the most in terms of taste and feel. To me, it closely tastes and feels like a Winston Gold pack, except its clean and has a nice, subtle sweetness on the inhale and an equal amount of nutty/earthiness on the exhale. Truly an awesome vape with the perfect flavor and throat hit.

  159. Near the top review by Brandon

    Prime 15 has a very distinct taste. This is not my favourite, but one that I do enjoy. I can see why many would really enjoy this one!

  160. Nice! review by Carl

    Six weeks into vaping and after much research decided to order the tobacco sampler from Halo. After Tribeca, Prime 15 is my next favorite flavor. It has a smooth tobacco flavor with a good throat hit without any sweetness or spice associated with a cigar or pipe tobacco. A definite win in my book. Pairs well with a cold beer. I will definitely be ordering a 30ml to put in my rotation!

  161. I like it review by Lynn

    I agree with some of the other reviews about the smell. Smells like an ashtray. I thought I made a huge mistake buying this one by just the smell but once you get past the smell it's a darn good tasting tobacco flavored juice. Smooth taste, a tiny bit sweet, I like it a lot. Would have given it 5 stars but the smell, yikes!

  162. New Favourite! review by Brave

    Liquid flavours can be a very subjective thing to review as everyone has their own individual tastes and preferences. What I have found however, is that I am yet to be disappointed by *any* flavour from Halo; even some that I wasn't sure I'd like.

    So for me:

    Prime15 is a perfect blend between the sweet, almost caramel flavoured top notes of Tribeca, and the cool, thick vapour blast of Torque56.

    Torque56 makes for a great morning vape to kickstart the day, Tribeca for relaxing evenings at home after dinner, and other flavours - such as Longhorn or Kringle's Kurse - make for an interesting change.

    After my first bottle of Prime15 arrived however, it quickly became my preferred all day liquid and now I simply won't go anywhere without a spare tank of it stashed in my carry case.

    Prime15 all the way!

  163. Great flavor review by Ron

    I've tried many flavors since I began vaping a few months ago. Halo is where I started on ecigs. I was looking at tobacco flavors and bought a few bottles here and there along with a variety of nutty and fruity flavors. Now I'm back to buy my third bottle of Prime 15. This is my favorite of any flavor that I have tried yet from anywhere. I don't know if I would put it in the tobacco category because it is in a class by itself. Easily an all day vape. It's now my go-to juice. I usually just stare at my Triton after taking a drag and say to myself "man that is so good". Can't get over it.

  164. Good Tobacco flavor review by Josh

    Good tobacco flavor, but the smell is a bit troubling. It does have a good amount of vapor, and a decent amount of throat hit. A reminiscent flavor along the lines of Atlantic Cut Tobacco. Not a everyday vape for me, but a good choice to change things up a bit.

  165. Oh Yeah review by John

    I am relatively new to the vaping scene.

    I find Prime15 to satisfying . I am using Halo's G6 with a "mini tank" and the subtle flavor and vapor smoke that Prime15 delivers is amazing.

    Thanks Halo, for a satisfying full flavor experience!

    Bonus... Made in the USA!

  166. I love it review by Herbert

    I used the cartomizers first for Prime15 and loved it. Finally got around to trying the Prime 15 E-Liquid 12MG in the got with the tobacco sample pack. Tastes about the same as it did in the cartomizers and I love it so much I bought the 30ML bottle!
    Thanks Halo!

  167. Perfect! review by Tim

    5 stars:
    Prime15 is the perfect blend, in my opinion. A nice smokey taste which is perfectly complimented by notes of chocolate/cocoa. I've never had a finer vape. I will be making this my go-to eLiquid. Beautiful job, Halo!

    My Ratings:
    1 - Awful
    2 - Ok
    3 - Good
    4 - Very Good
    5 - Excellent

  168. Prime Is Devine review by Scotty

    After trying nearly every flavor on the market from Halo and a few other big names out there, I have to say that Prime15 is the King of Kings, Queen of Queens, Champion of the Realm. I do have a close 2nd, Tribeca. I have almost gone through 100 bottles of Prime15 and it still sends me into withdraw when I run out. Prime15 has a Ten Star from me! Don't ever drop it or I'll die from heartbreak.

  169. Not for me review by Tina

    I ordered this with a bottle of Tribeca. I tried this after using about half of the Tribeca. I just didn't care much for the Prime 15. I dont like the after flavor. It isnt so bad if I mix it with Tribeca. Wont be reordering this one. Other than that, I love Halo's other eliquid!

  170. Time for 'Prime' review by Bryan

    Prime 15 is awsome. Love the sweet hints and great vapor. Sort of a sweet cig/cigar after taste with a hint of sweet caramel. I use this as my everyday after dinner vap. Love the 30ml bottles they come in and child proof caps too as we have a grandson, so always safety first....thanks Halo!!!

  171. Takes a lil getting used to... But well worth it. review by Bryan

    I chose Prime 15, 12mg for a starting place to start reducing my smoking. At first it was an over bearing kind of nutty flavor. I followed some advice, and left the bottle open overnight, and it became a very tasty experience :-] Very happy with this flavor, as its not super over the top sweet, like the Tribeca.

  172. don't like! review by Bob

    I tried the prime 15 e-liquid in a blank cartomizer and did not care for it at all. It taste like I was smoking dirt. It has a very earthly flavor and no tobacco taste at all as far as I'm concerned. I realize everyone has different taste but this one is not for me!

  173. Reminds me of a maverick or winston cigarette. review by Justin

    I just got it, so I will try it out for a while to see if I can grow to love the taste, its the only reason it is a 4 star liquid. It is definitely a good flavor overall though and for anyone who wants a liquid that is similar to an analog or traditional cigarette it would be a good choice. I will more than likely review again after a week and let people know how it tastes.

  174. Not for you if you use a Kanger Aerotank and are looking for a tobacco taste review by TJ

    I use a Kanger Aerotank and was disappointed with this flavor. There is not even a hint of tobacco flavor, in fact it is overpoweringly cocoa flavored. I very much dislike juice that is not tobacco flavored, so this was a disappointment.

    I still give it three stars because it is mellow, produces great vapor, and has an excellent throat hit. Not a flavor I would buy again. Still a fan of the Turkish Tobacco.

  175. Earthy and semi-sweet. review by Joe

    This is the third E-Liquid I have tried since getting started with Halo. I found the Prime 15 to have an excellent throat hit and vapor production, but it was a bit too earthy for me. They nailed it in the product description by calling it earthy with hints of cocoa. Unfortunately it reminds me more of a dark bitter chocolate than a creamy sweet milk chocolate. I also pick up some toasted nut notes on the finish. It's a very unique flavor, and I can see why some would really enjoy it.

  176. My Favorite review by Dan

    This e-liquid is hands down my favorite Tobacco replacement. Prime 15 packs a nice throat hit, strong tobacco flavor, and above average vapor yield. I highly recommend this e-liquid for any non-menthol user looking to get a close to analog feel.

  177. Only Halo E-liquid that I haven't liked review by Chip

    I have to admit I was disappointed by this flavor. Many reviews recommended Prime15, claiming it had a fairly accurate analogue flavor. I gave this one a try right out of the box, and all I could taste was an overpowering flavor of roasted nuts. While I do like nuts, I have discovered I definitely don't enjoy vaping nutty flavors. I left the liquid alone for 2 weeks to steep. When I tried it again, the flavor had changed--and not in a good way. I still get a nutty flavor, but now there is an unpleasant taste in the background that is almost nauseating to me. I love Halocigs, and will continue to buy from them. However, this flavor is definitely not my cup of tea. However, the reviews speak for themselves. This is a popular offering from Halocigs, and if you like nutty flavors, this one could very well become your favorite.

  178. Very good, just not for me. review by Dustin

    This liquid has a very good aroma and has a very earthy, nutty smell to it. It tastes a lot like it smells. I only got the 6 mg nicotine level so that might be why the flavor really came on strong to me, but it was just too nutty for my tastes. Don't get me wrong it is very good and i see myself finishing the 7 ml bottle I have but I don't know if this is one that i will buy again.

  179. A solid Flavour review by Justin

    After using this for almost two weeks I can safely say that it does grow on you, I can definitely tell the earthy flavor with a soft cocoa finish. I can also see why some people do not like this as it does have a subtle aftertaste and fragrance. My wife says its almost like a bittersweet pipe tobacco smell, considering her father smokes captain black pipe tobacco I can also smell almost the same scent. For those who are looking for a pipe tobacco taste this would definitely be a good one to try.

  180. Didn't care for it. review by Jon

    Flavor was very earthy and nutty with an aftertaste that stuck in my nose for awhile after use. Definitely prefer the Tribeca and and Torque56.

  181. Eureka! I've found my go-to flavor! review by Nate

    Been vaping for a few months now, tried quite a few brands/flavors of liquid. I've liked some, disliked some, but nothing really knocked my socks off until I tried Prime15 yesterday. This is what I've been wanting my vaping experience to taste like. Close enough to an analog to have some nostalgic value, but with very subtle sweet/nutty undertones that make it an experience all its own. With most of the other tobacco flavors I've tried, they're either overly sweet or overly harsh and that drowns out everything else. But Prime15 balances everything just perfectly. I am in heaven.

  182. Great taste. review by Amanda

    I highly recommend this flavor if you are wanting a tobacco flavor.

  183. my first halo review by michel

    I started halo life with this one.

    So far I can't decide if it's my fave or not, sometimes I stop it then I come back.

  184. Smooth in, smooth out and almost "neutral" tasting review by JunkyardDog

    This is the most mellow juice I believe you will find here. Not that that's a bad thing. Smooth in, smooth out and for me personally almost neutral tasting. I find that it's a perfect juice to use to dilute/cut juices you may find to be to strong for your taste. A great first juice to try and a perfect juice for those who don't like to be overpowered with flavor. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I personally like a bit more flavor and kick to my juice.

  185. Not what I expected review by vapegw

    I received this flavor in the simple pack which I was quite excited to get. I am newer to vaping so I got the tobacco pack. Well, at first this ejuice was good to me, robust full sort of flavor. Then the next day I was appalled by it! Like seriously, I tried to vape it and it grossed me out. Also, the smell of it in my tank and being toted around in my purse was just quite appauling. I was sadly disappointed though glad I got the sample only, though really don't think I will make it through the bottle even as small as it is. Perhaps it will get better as it steeps....

  186. Excellent flavor review by Chuck

    My all day vape. You can't go wrong with any of halo's tobacco flavors. This and tribeca are must haves for anyone who likes pure sweet tobacco taste.

  187. Flavor Was Amazing review by John

    The flavor body of this liquid was outstanding. I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase.

  188. decent but not for me review by Matthew

    Prime 15 has a very earthy flavor. It is a really heavy throat hit. Just a little too much for me.

  189. nice surprise!!! review by Joseph

    I started my halo experience by getting a Triton kit, and with it I got 7ml bottles of Tribeca, and Freedom Juice. Tribeca initially was a little too sweet so i went to the FJ and loved it. While ordering a 30ml of FJ, I got a 7 ml of Prime15 & Longhorn. I gotta say, I'm really liking this Prime15! It's got a great throat hit and a touch of sweetness. If Tribeca is too sweet for you but you still want some sweetness, try this stuff!! My next order will definitely include a 30ml bottle.

  190. earthy and dry review by Brian

    For me, this is a very earthy dry taste to it. Just not what I want most times. I did find it a good flavor bud shocker for vapers tongue, but this wont be my all day vape. I much prefer the tribeca and capt jack, tobacco flavors from halo.

    Still there is nothing bad about Prime, it just isnt me, and the one thing I think we all learn is, our taste are all very subjective. So while I dont "love" the taste of Prime, I can really appreciate the complexity of a solidly crafted Halo Juice, which is what Prime is.

  191. Prime 15 review by Jeff

    This is one of the two best tobacco flavors I have ever tried. The other being Tribeca from Halo as well. I really like it. Just barely give the edge to Tribca, but will be ordering this on a regular basis as well.

  192. Best of the best review by Alex

    Tried many flavors but this is tops and burns real nice also.

  193. love it. review by lane

    I prefer something with a strong throat hit, prime 15 doesnt exactly offer what the torque 56 can do but its still pretty good, slightly sweeter than other smoke juices i have tried. Love this on the cool evenings infront of the fire at home.

  194. Mellow Tobacco Flavor review by Rachel

    This is by far my favorite flavor eLiquid. It has a nice mellow flavor similar to traditional tobacco, without being too harsh or tasting too much like pipe tobacco. I get a good amount of vapor with it, and it also mixes very well with other flavors.

  195. Not bad review by Julie

    I like this flavor. It is not one that I would vape all day but it is a good one.

  196. Prime 15 Review review by Johnathon

    Nicotine: 18mg

    This was the first halo juice I've tried. Vapor production is fantastic and throat hit is on the higher side, which for me is great. Flavor notes seem to be more of a creamy mellow "nut" flavor with a semi-sweet finish on the exhale. Don't notice much of a tobacco style flavor, any and all tobacco notes are all on the exhale. Also has a mild earthy flavor but goes well with everything else it has going on.

    Easily an " All Day Vape" flavor, I personally enjoy it very much and after trying various flavors this has been my default vape.

    Recommend for anyone who wants a nice well rounded flavor with a larger then average throat hit.

  197. My go to backup review by Chris

    While my primary tobacco flavor is Torque56, Prime15 is the perfect backup and a great alternative when you want something a little different but still in the ballpark. It is neither sweet, nor slightly cloying, like Tribeca. This is a drier leaf style, while not being a completely dry experience. If Tribeca is not your thing, give this a try and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm always amazed at the quality of Halo's juices and this is no exception. This flavor is a steady rotation in my vaping experience, and if you are anything like me, it will be in yours as well.

  198. Excellent....One of my Favorites. review by tom

    Truly amazing. Prime 15 gives excellent vapor and taste. It is very smooth and produces great vapor. There is no harshness at all. It is definitely a must try, and is without a doubt, one of my favorites! A truly smooth, unusual, and satisfying vapor.

  199. Pleasantly Surprised review by 69CamaroSS

    My initial thought on Prime15 was that it was too earthy or musky. Knowing how wonderful and complex Halo's juices are, I set it aside to revisit after some steeping time and BOY was I glad I didn't give up on this one! Prime15 IS truly one of the closest analog experiences that I've come across since exclusively vaping. No worries about it being "too close" and triggering a relapse due to the fact (like all Halo juices) it's FAR too complex and yummy to even be compared to any stinky that you once enjoyed. After a good steep, the overly earthy nuance relaxes and allows the perfectly blended sweetness to join the fun and then it's simply amazing. Nice gap filler between straight-up tobacco and a mild desert...one foot on both sides of the line. Definite reorder!

  200. Great liquid except for throat hit review by jay

    I like this liquid. The only downfall of this liquid that I found is that when it heats up, I don't get the throat hit I want. The vapor production is good though, and the flavor is really great. I find myself mixing it with prime a lot. I love the 2 together. Thanks Halo!

  201. must have review by Abdul

    It's sweet but not too sweet.
    It's nutty but not overwhelming.
    It tastes like tobacco but doesn't overdo it.
    It's better then Tribeca and not as boring as Midnight Apple.
    I vape this more then i talk to my wife.
    Order a 30ml bottle right off the top. My favorite Halo flavor, hands down!

  202. Maybe my new favorite Halo liquid review by Matthew

    I got a sample bottle of Prime 15 recently, and I think this ranks right up there with Tribeca as my favorite Halo liquid. It has a great smooth tobacco base, and I can taste hints of chocolate when vaping it. The throat hit is moderate and vapor production good. The subtle, sweet flavor is not overpowering but has a great balance. I have tried Torque56, but I definitely like Prime15 more. I will be ordering a larger bottle of this on my next Halo order.

  203. Prime 15 review by jeodee

    Prime 15, in addition to Tribeca, is one of my favorites. I enjoy a variety of flavors depending on my mood and so on, but I always find myself smoking Prime 15 or Tribeca. Outstanding, rich and satisfying.

  204. Good tobacco flavor that delivers in terms of it's claims. review by RUNE

    Prime 15 was an interesting experience for me. I had been looking for a good tobacco flavor for about a month when a coworker gave me a bottle of this. I have to say, at first I was a bit intimidated by the taste. It was one of the most rich flavors of e-liquid I had ever vaped, and I was quite taken aback by it at first. As the day went on however, I found myself more and more intrigued by this new sensation, and I had certainly gotten used to the rich and throaty flavor. While this is not my favorite e-liquid that I have ever vaped, it certainly is the best tobacco flavor I have tried thus far. I would absolutely recommend it, with a four star rating.

  205. Great for cravings review by Zachary

    I am in love with this flavor. It feels and tastes like the cigarettes I used to smoke, even without the nicotine. The taste is so rich that I just can't decide whether I like this or Tribeca more. I'm glad the Triton I got came with two tanks and two batteries. I don't have to decide at all :)

  206. Love this! review by Paula

    Love at first vape. Light tobacco flavor, nice vapor, easily an all day vape. I am looking forward to trying more Halo flavors in the near future.

  207. Very light flavor review by someguy

    Having smoked for a number of years, I can only compare this to the taste of any "light" brand cigarette. As they have never been my first choice, this was not one of my favorites. With that said, I have to give Halo credit for really creating an authentic taste when it comes to a "light" cigarette flavor.

  208. Cured Tobacco leaf dipped in Chocolate! review by Elik Anoa'i

    This e juice disappointed me when I tried it three days after receiving my first Halo order. When I first vaped it, I only got subtle hints of dry tobacco with a faint sweet top note. So I decided to put it away in my e juice shoe box and stashed it in the closet. I shook the bottle everyday and opened it to allow some air in the bottle. About six weeks later, I received my Halo VV twist battery and pack of 3.0-3.2 ohm coils. I decided to give this juice another shot. My set up was 3.0-3.2 ohms at around 4.3 Volts. Man, what a surprise. At first I got this really earthy, yet not bitter tobacco flavor, with hints of vanilla, and on the exhale I got really strong cocoa undertones. I could taste some chocolate in there. The throat hit on this is phenomenal I am very pleased with this juice and I will be placing an order for a 30 ml bottle very soon. It won't be an ADV, as Tribeca still rules, but it will be added to my rotation of Tribeca, Cafe Mocha, and Belgian Cocoa every month. Halo did an awesome job with this juice! Love it! This is a dry tobacco leaf dipped in Chocolate! Really yummy. 5 Stars!!!

  209. another nice one review by ricardo

    I'm glad I found Halo e-juices. I purchased a bottle of Tribeca from my local store. What a pleasure. I then decided to try some others flavors. Now, I dont know which one is better, Tribeca or Prime15? That is a good question. My answer is: I'm going to buy another tank so I can have them ready to vape. Problem solved!

  210. Prime is excellent review by Lori

    I toggle back between Tribeca and Prime 15... Prime 15 is perfect if you don't want any sweetness, although it has a wonder chocolate hue in there.... Let's be honest, if you have a drink? A smoker will want to vape.... Not if you have Prime .. I love this juice!

  211. FAVORITE THUS FAR! review by Doug

    I have tried a lot of juices since I started vaping. Prime 15 is what I have been looking for. The subtle nuttiness is spot on perfect. It makes a great base for mixing other Halo flavors as well. I will be ordering 30ml at a time of this great goodness!

  212. Analog like, but nutty review by matthew

    Right off, if you do not like nutty flavors, this probably is not for you. However, for me at least, after an hour or so of use, the nutty flavor becomes more or less unnoticeable, and you are left with exactly what the description says, an authentic analog experience. Other than Tribeca, this is the only other juice I prefer to use all day long. Very Good!

  213. My favorite bar none review by JJE

    Without a doubt my favorite eliquid of all the various flavors I have tried. Sure, there are other companies that I enjoy and Vape regularly, but I always come back to Prime 15. The subtle sweetness, the undertone flavors, I enjoy it everytime I fill a tank. One idea though...how about offering bigger bottles? I'd go for a 50-60 ml in a heartbeat. Well done Halo!

  214. nice review by matthew

    This is an interesting liquid. It produces a very sweet smelling vapor. It is not so sweet on the inhale though. Good, authentic tobacco flavor, with, as others have said, what seems like just a touch of mint on top. I think this is very good!

  215. Growing on me review by james308au

    I wasn't overly huge on this flavour but after vaping it for a few days, it has really grown on me. I would rate it as a stronger version of the Turkish Tobacco with a nutty aftertaste, Good work Halo.

  216. liked very much. review by Bekir

    I will not write long. I could taste the cocoa, nut, caramel very much. Halo liquid is what I've used. I will be Halo's constant customer. When finished, I'm going to order a sample pack... nice.

  217. Best Tobacco flavor I've ever tried review by GT

    I have had the chance to sample many different varieties of e-liquid. Although I regularly vape a simple apple flavor, every so often I'll pickup some Prime15. It is a pleasant mix of tobacco and chocolate, and is excellent with a cup of coffee. Great throat-hit too. Prime15 is a treat for me on special occasions. Bottom line -- Prime15 is the best e-liquid flavor I've ever tried.

  218. Just like a mild cigar review by James

    Outstanding cigar flavor. I'd say a medium light cigar flavor. Its definitely bold and you will know from the first puff you got a full flavor tobacco here. Its not shy by any description and is something to be tried by the true tobacco connesiour.

  219. Great liquid review by DJHizzie

    This is the only liquid I have found, from the many vendors I have tried, that resembles to an analog. A most pleasant vape with just a hint of cocoa.

  220. Great if you are trying to quit review by Cynthia

    I tried many flavors and brands of e-liquid but none gave me the hit that I needed first thing in the morning. I started vaping Prime 15 and it gave me exactly what I needed. Prime 15 is not as sweet as many other flavors. Thank you Halo.

  221. Let it steep review by phibbus

    I ordered four tobacco flavors to try along with my Triton kit: Tribeca, Torque56, Prime15, and Turkish. Of these, the first three seem to have the same carmel/vanilla tobacco base. Tribeca has the flavor in full, while in the other two it is more subdued with different top-notes added. The vapor in Prime 15 tastes sort of like a little Tribeca with a bitter top note—with the two flavors being quite distinct from one another. I had read several reviews that said Prime15 is best left to steep (one said he had left it for six weeks before coming back to it.) I can confirm this is the case to let it steep and sadly I've now only got a quarter of it left.
    I can say that the taste is now nothing short of exquisite and among the best I've tried. The separate flavors have melded into something still resembing a cigarette but with the sweet/bitter contrast gone and turned into an even blend more like a floral (although that doesn't really describe it, either.) I'll just recommend buying a bottle and letting it sit for a few weeks before filling a tank with it.

    Final note: I still haven't tasted cocoa anywhere in the flavor.

  222. Closest so far review by Matt

    This liquid is the closest I've come to finding an actual cigarette-like experience. To me, the flavor is much like a number of filtered cigarette brands we have here in Australia and the sensation when I vape it is almost identical to an analog, particularly on the exhale. I'll be ordering more!

  223. Nice taste review by Juan Pablo

    I try a couple of premium e liquids tobacco and Halo Prime 15 is awesome. You must order!

  224. Great Throat hit and taste review by C

    I was looking for an e juice that rivaled the throat hit and taste of an analog. Prime15 has definitely did the job!! I did not enjoy the first half hour of vaping Prime15, but once you give it some time, you'll learn to love it. The description is absolutely correct. Great vapor production and throat hit. It has a nutty cocoa undertone.

  225. Great tobacco taste review by Jared

    Prime15 is one of the best tobacco flavors I have tasted... It actually does have a tobacco type of flavor to it and I can vape on it all day no problem... I am happy to get this liquid it was worth it and look forward to get more in the future...

  226. Rich, Fun ... But Kind of Crass review by Bathos

    I'm sure Prime15 has its adherents and it has a lot to like. It's a very rich blend with a very potent nut-flavored base. Out of the Halo flavors I've tried, this is the one that places the most emphasis on capturing a particular tobacco flavor but I can't say I like the effect. Halo's more original efforts (Turkish, Longhorn, Voodoo, etc) are much better in my opinion a large part because they don't seem to try so hard to be something else. However, if you love nutty flavors, I would still recommend this highly. The hazelnut/walnut effect is so strong that I can't use it for too long of a stretch, and it's very sweet (there's more than a hint of Tribeca's caramel flavor), but it's still a pretty artful blend with a lot going on. I think of it as a dessert flavor.

  227. at it as comes or mixed review by Sarapu

    This has a sweet blond tobacco base. Prime 15 accepts to be modulated with different flavors. My favorite rate is 75/25 but can be at 50/50. It works nice with Tribeca, Captain Jack, Longhorn, and so on...If you get bored and want to taste something new at each tank. This is the way to go!!

  228. a robust tribecca flavor review by jesse

    I really enjoy Prime 15. However, if Tribeca seems to be too sweet (which I don't think it is) then I would go with Prime 15 for a bolder flavor.

  229. Nutty Flavor review by Tommy

    Prime 15 e-liquid has a very similar taste to Tribeca. However, Prime 15 is a bit more mellow in flavor and with a nutty finish on the exhale. If you like Tribeca you should definitely try this one out. It might be your next favorite e-liquid.

  230. Oh YEAH! review by Kurt

    I tried the Prime15 a while ago in some cartomizers but I felt I couldn't get enough. They went so fast. A friend said it tasted like dirt. Other reviewers have made similar observations. I don't get that at all. I bought a 30ml bottle at 18mg nicotine. (Halo delivers fast. Thanks, guys.) It wasn't ready to vape right out of the bottle but I let it steep for a week in my medicine cabinet. (Mandatory). I'm now vaping it in a Triton tank and it is sooo smooth, sooo delicious, and it is the closest thing to an analog I've ever tasted with just a hint of nutty flavor. I bet it'll get better with more steeping... if it lasts that long. I definitely like it better than Tribeca and I think it's going to take the place of Torque56 (which I love) as my daily vape. However, I might have to just keep switching tanks. I have yet to try any of Halo's e-liquid that I haven't enjoyed. Prime15 Rules! Thanks HALO!

  231. Definitely Hints of Cocoa in this enjoyably mild juice review by Bruce

    I've vaped a few tanks of Prime 15. I recently ordered a Tobacco Sample Pack and I am just finishing the 7ml bottle of Prime 15. I actually quite enjoy it and it is not harsh at all. The flavor is sweet and reminds me very much of a chocolate flavor that I had a few years back.(which has that sweetness to it) It's a clear liquid with perhaps a slight beige color. I highly recommend it for someone who wants a clean pull with just hints of sweetness.

  232. Perfection review by Chris

    I have never been a fan of most liquids that add flavors until I tried Prime 15. Prime 15 was the perfect combination of a smooth tobacco flavor with a kick of cocoa. The little twist of flavor just hits the spot. It enabled me to broaden my horizons and branch out into non-standard tobacco flavors. If you are a fan of tobacco, this is good and if you like a little extra then this is perfect!

  233. Best Flavor review by Cody

    Prime 15 is the best liquid I have tried. It has a perfect blend of flavors and a really good vapor production. It has just enough chocolate flavor which adds a sweetness to it. I use Prime 15 more than any other flavor I have tried and I highly recommend trying it out.

  234. the best I’ve ever tried review by Carlos

    I have tried a lot of e-liquids from China, Italy, Croatia, and the UK. However, Halo has the best e-liquids and tobacco flavors that I have ever tried.

  235. Prime15 for the Win! review by Richard

    Prime 15 is delicious and amazing. However, I do like Tribeca but not as much as Prime 15.When you are looking for a great tobacco like flavor, then Prime 15 is the one you want. Thanks Halo!

  236. A magnificent product. review by VIctor

    This is a magnificent product and I strongly recommend it to anyone. The flavor, throat hit, the softness and texture makes this product unique. We are facing one of the best inventions of recent years.

  237. Love it review by Garo

    Prime 15 has the absolutely best flavor. Everyone who has tried my e-cigarette with Prme 15 in it has loved the taste.

  238. My favorite flavor review by william

    I can't find a better flavor than Prime 15. Period! It has an excellent pseudo-tobacco taste. It is not to strong in flavor but it's highlighted by a wonderful subtle nutty taste. The flavor has been so appealing that I refuse to vape anything else, even if I don't have any Prime 15.

  239. Perfect tobacco flavor! review by Erin

    Prime 15 has a great throat hit and a perfect tobacco flavor. Halo makes an amazing e-liquids and you can't really ever go wrong but this one is great! Iit is good when it is mixed with a bit of menthol flavor too. If you like an authentic menthol and tobacco taste and feeling then this is for you.

  240. Prime15 18mg review by Vaporpig

    I got the 30ml bottle of Prime 15 because it is my all day vape. Wow, It tastes great! I am very happy with this purchase and will be ordering again.

  241. A top 3 flavor for me review by mark

    If you are a first time vapor and shopping for a good starter flavor for non-menthol tobacco then I would suggest to try Prime 15. I was interested in the flavor as described on Halo's website and I was pleased with it. I will be purchasing more of Prime in the future. It is not a sweet type of flavor to me and an earthy taste. It is much more in line with a real rolled tobacco.

  242. Nice slightly 'exotic' blend review by Sal

    Prime 15 is new to me and is one of those flavors that I wasn't quite crazy about at first. By the time I had gone through the sample bottle I was disappointed it was gone! Tribeca is my main vape and I would say Prime 15 come from the same family of blends. I am only giving it four stars because it is not Tribeca but an excellent vape on it's own!

  243. Not bad. review by Kelly

    I probably won't get this again but it was very interesting to try. My impression was a slight nutty undertone, very dry, with a big throat hit and average vapor. The tobaccco was unquestionable. If you don't like tobacco then you won't like this.

  244. A Mild and Earthy Flavour review by Peter

    Prime 15 is not my favorite e-liquid but it is quite pleasant. It has a nice earthy tobacco flavor that leans towards a mild and has a light throat hit. This could easily become an all day vape. If you find some of the other tobacco flavors a bit too strong, then give Prime 15 a try.

  245. Prime 15 to "cut" review by Alexander

    Prime 15 reminds me of Torque 56 but not as harsh. I use it to mix down other flavors that I tried and don't like. The flavors with too much sweetness or perfume like overtones. For example, Southern Classic is too sweeto to me so I mix 50/50 with Prime 15 and then the taste is just fine!

  246. WOW review by naska

    Prime 15 is the best e-liquid ever that I could find and there is nothing better than it.

  247. Light for a tobacco review by Phillip

    I liked the light flavor of tobacco but I got a nutty undertone taste that I didn't care so much for. I would definitely order this again. If you like a nutty undertone then this is a perfect light tobacco flavor for you.

  248. Good flavor review by Donna

    When I ordered my G6 Starter kit, I chose this flavor and I was happy with it. However, I did branch out to other flavors but I still go back to this one. The reason why I go back to this because it has a nice mellow flavor.

  249. For Tabacco Lovers review by Chuck

    Prime 15 is another great Halo e-liquid. It is mooth but not extremely sweet. This is my second favorite e-liquid.

  250. ADV without a doubt. review by David

    Prime 15 is amazing. It has the exact feel and flavor that I have been looking for. You get a super suttle amounts of sweetness on a nice warm dry tobacco base. The smell right out of the bottle is just awesome. The 18mg is a bit harsher than I anticipated but I can feel my throat getting more used to it. I wanted the 18mg for a morning and work vape when I really need my nicotine fix so I am ok with it anyway. Great work Halo! Thanks again!

  251. Simply the Best! review by Codey

    I loved Tribeca and Malibu up until I tried Prime 15. Since I had made the switch to Halo products I have not been disappointed. Prime 15, Tribeca, and Malibu are always in my vaping rotation. If you are looking for a real tobacco flavor then you need to try Prime 15. There is no company out there that can even make an argument that they have better products than Halo.

  252. Prime Rib review by Phil

    At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Prime 15. In my opinion, it reminded me of a Prime rib or like a deglazed steak. I went back to it after 10 days or so of steeping and I discovered that I really like it. However, it mixes well with Turkish Tobacco. I ordered a 30ml and will be keeping it in my rotation.

  253. Great review by Neville

    Prime 15 gave me a slight nutty aftertaste but a great vape as always with Halo. There is nothing but the best from Halo. Keep up the great work!

  254. eartht review by Chris

    I usually go lightly with tobacco as I have been burned by strong or cheap flavors before. Prime 15 is good quality like all of Halo products but it may be a bit dry for me. It definitely has an earthy taste which sounds good but it can just come off as too dry. I would recommend either steeping or mixing some Twisted Java or a menthol flavor.

  255. Free Sample Review review by Robert

    I like the light flavor of tobacco but I got a nutty undertone taste that I didn’t care for but it is not overly sweet. It has more of a dry tobacco flavor. I mixed it with Fusion and it made it much better to enjoy the 10 ml bottle. Thanks Halo for great customer service, quick shipping, and for being made in the USA!

  256. My go to flavor review by GillyGirl

    Prime 15 is my perferred flavor to vape all day. It is smooth, slightly sweet with a decent throat hit which makes it perfect! You can't go wrong with this one!

  257. Love it review by Roland

    Prime 15 is by far the best e-liquid that I have tried. It tastes great and I love it!

  258. Favorite Vape! review by vickie

    Prime 15 is the best flavor by far and I love the taste! A slight nutty flavor with a good throat hit and aroma. The best out of this e-liquid it doesn't clog up your tank like other e-liquids do at all times. This is my go to all day vape with Tribeca being second.

  259. Prime 15 is the best cigarette flavor I've tried review by Reno G

    I have tried most of the tobacco and gourmet flavors from Halo but Prime 15 is the best of the best. A subtle hint of nut and full flavored taste like a real cigarette without the ashy aftertaste. If you are looking for a flavor you can puff all day, Prime 15 has great vapor production and a serious throat hit. I prefer Prime 15 over Torque 56 and Tribeca any day.

  260. High quality review by Emily

    I like to mix this with other flavors to improve other lower quality flavors. It is smooth and nutty. This is a quality e-liquid as I expected from Halo.

  261. Best Liquid Ever review by Me

    Prime 15 is by far the best e-liquid I have tried. It has a nice earthy, nutty flavor, dry, not sweet, and a good throat hit even with a low nicotine level. I really wish they would sell bigger bottles or lower the price.

  262. My staple e liquid choice! review by Chris

    This offers an excellent throat hit while being smooth enough to vape all day. I tried all different flavors but I keep coming back to Prime 15 as my staple. The first time I tried it, I found it a bit complex but I stuck with it. The overtones of cocoa and round out robust tobacco flavor. Try Prime 15 e-liquid and you won't be disappointed!

  263. Prime 15 review by steve

    Prime 15 is the closest to to an analog experience I have come across. I have tried many tobacco flavors and this one hits the mark. It is not to sweet and has a nice hint of nuts which makes this e-liquid awesome! An all day vape for sure. Great job Halo!

  264. This is the one, but needs lots of steeping review by Jay

    I purchased a G6 starter kit with Prime 15 prefilled cartomizers. I found the nutty taste to be a bit overpowering but I didn't hate it so I kept using it. I then purchased several G6 mini tanks, a 7ml bottle of Prime 15, and Tribeca in 6mg. I started searching for other tobacco e-liquids that would taste more like Marlboro Lights. After a month of so called tobacco flavors from other brands, I went and tried Halo's Prime 15 and couldn't believe the difference in taste. The nutty undertones had diminished and it truly tasted great in the morning with breakfast and some coffee. Unfortunately, my second bottle didn't taste the same so this e-liquid needs to steep for weeks before it becomes ready to vape. Therefore, I will purchase several bottles at a time, so as not to "suffer" with something less desirable when starting a new bottle.

  265. One of my favorite all day vapes review by Michael

    I initally did not like Prime 15 as much as some of the other flavors I had received in the sample pack. I find myself coming back to this and I enjoy that the flavors do change a little over time. I keep this one in a constant rotation now.

  266. Prime15 Mix review by David

    I wasn't crazy about Prime15 at first. However after adding a few drops of Midnight Apple, it ended up being very enjoyable. It's definitely worth a try and now it's one of my favorites.

  267. An all day vape for me! review by Andrew

    This is definitely one flavor that I can vape all day long. Smooth and flavorful!

  268. My go-to review by Patrick

    Coming from analog I was looking for something with some flavor, but not too fake. I know some ex-smokers like the fruity flavors and some of them have grown on me. However, I wanted something a little closer to home and this was it for me.

  269. Love this one review by Naynay

    The taste is just amazing. I don't know, maybe it's a very slight hint of cocoa? It just has a delicious smooth clean taste with a slight hint of cocoa. It’s not a sweet juice and it doesn't have a chocolate taste either. It's really great tasting, with a very satisfying throat hit and vapor. After three years, it's still a staple in my rotation.

  270. Primo 15 review by Monte

    All I can say is wow! I received a 30ml of this juice yesterday. I started vaping about three years now and I don't know how much money I have spent on different juices, but this is the real deal. I am amazed at how good the flavor is. It has a real nutty tobacco flavor with just a hint of cocoa. I believe you have found a new customer. I’m anxious to try out your other flavors.

  271. Prime 15 - I'm a believer review by Brooke

    First off I've read some negative responses to Halo's new packaging with some people saying it was fine for retail but only added to the expense for online shoppers. After vaping on some other cheap flavors, it was really reassuring to see the Halo e-liquid presented this way. The new packaging gave me a lot of confidence that I had finally come across a quality e-liquid. As far as Prime15, there's a nice tobacco flavor in there with some nuttiness and a subtle hint of something sweet. It works well with coffee or a beer after work. I had read a lot of different positive reviews about Halo liquids before buying and I wasn't disappointed. This is quality e-liquid and a brand I wish I had discovered earlier in my vaping journey. When it comes to Halo and Prime15, I'm a believer.

  272. Everyday review by DLange

    I recently started vaping two months ago and went through about 20 flavors (none Halo) before I found Prime15. So far this is the only flavor that I can vape on the daily. I just placed an order for Captain Jack and Belgian Cocoa after reading their descriptions. I'm really looking forward to trying them out. As far as Prime15 goes the only way I can explain the flavor is that it’s like a mouth full of slightly burnt peanuts. It has an excellent throat hit. Everyone that tries my vape loves the flavor. I would recommend this to anyone!

  273. Still My Go-To Liquid review by Codey

    I first tried Prime15 around 4 or 5 months ago and fell in love with it the moment I tried it. It has been my go-to all day vape ever since the first day I tried it. I've thoroughly enjoyed this flavor no matter the tank or mod I'm using. Prime15 is the one flavor I have ready to vape at all times. There is the perfect hint of cocoa to go along with an amazing tobacco flavor! Halo has absolutely created a masterpiece.

  274. Cocoa like! review by Angela

    Last year I tried a sample of this and didn’t like it at all. I ordered it again recently. I let it steep and then I tried it. It was an amazing complicated taste for tobacco. It is dry, semi-sweet, and has hints of nut, vanilla, and a lot of cocoa undertone. I have since been vaping this for a week straight now and I love it with my morning coffee!

  275. A GREAT VAPE review by Philip

    I recently purchased a 30ml bottle of Prime15. I actually tried it before and realized that I haven't written a review about it. It's a great vape and tobacco juices are my favorites. I'll be buying this flavor again. Between this flavor and Torque 56 I'm sold on the quality of Halo.

  276. Taste like Cocoa review by Joseph

    This is a good tobacco vape. It’s bold and smooth and really reminds me of cocoa for some reason, which is not a bad thing. I received this when I ordered some Tribeca and would probably give it another try. It’s a smart move by Halo to sneak in some other flavors into your order. Now that's marketing Halo!

  277. There is none other review by Mota

    I've tried 30 different e-liquids searching for the best one. Once I tried Prime15 I haven't been able to vape anything else. It’s so smooth and a perfect flavor. I now sub-ohm vape and it produces clouds. I'm shocked this only has 4 1/4 stars when it's a perfect 5. I recommend throwing in some Torque56 for an awesome combo.

  278. Pime 15 is an Excellent everyday Vape review by Joe

    I just recently started to vape. I ordered the 30ml bottle of Prime15 just on a hunch. After trying a variety of different Halo flavors, Prime15 has been my everyday vape. I always have it filled in my main tank. It has excellent throat hit, smooth taste and tons of vapor.

  279. Top pick review by beth

    This one is very strong and produces a lot of vapor. This is my new favorite flavor!

  280. Best Tasting Tobacco Flavor review by TMB

    Prime15 e-liquid tastes very much like a regular strength tobacco. It is smooth without being too light. It gives a vapor hit that is just right. There’s no bitter or heavy taste with this flavor. The larger size bottle with a dropper makes it easy to fill cartomizers or tanks. I highly recommend this flavor to former smokers who enjoy a medium tobacco vaping experience.

  281. My go-to base review by Rob

    Prime15 e-liquid is my go-to base. I am never without a 30ml bottle on hand. By base, I mean that I typically mix flavors and use Prime15 as roughly 75% of my mix. My favorite combination is 75% Prime15 and 25% Tribeca. The nuttiness of the Prime15 and the caramel taste of the Tribeca combine to create a great flavor.

  282. Good mixer review by Rev. Frank

    If you add a few drops of Fusion and Prime15, you get a 10. I love the earthy taste of Prime. Its woodsy, earthy and leafy flavors cannot be beat.

  283. Great when mixed review by Michele

    Prime15 is not normally my go-to flavor. However, I enjoy mixing Prime15 with other e-liquids every once in a while. I normally mix Prime with either Tribeca or with a menthol e-liquid from Halo. I don't think that I have experienced the cocoa vape that is described, but it does say that this happens with certain devices. This e-liquid has a great vape production and it’s not too harsh on the throat.

  284. Great Flavor! review by Richard

    Excellent flavor with a good throat hit. This is a very satisfying e-liquid that I found when ordering the tobacco variety pack. I occasionally mix with Tribeca for a little variety. I definitely recommend trying this one. The hint of cocoa adds to the overall enjoyment.

  285. Not Bad review by Lauren

    I’ve only tried this liquid in a cartomizer so far and it’s not bad, although it was quite what I was expecting from the description. It’s smooth with quite a nutty subtle taste. I’ve yet to try it in a tank but I am hoping it will have a bit more flavor than in the cartomizer.

  286. Strong at first, gets better review by Miguel

    When I first fired it up I went "whoa" very strong tobacco flavor, almost like a cigar. I was doubtful too, but I kept vaping it and it got a little sweeter after a while but then I actually felt like I was smoking a cigarette. Didn't take long when I started enjoying it a lot. I got it in 6mg nic and I'm vaping it on 0.5ohm coil @ 25W on a mod. Throat hit moderate. Hope this helps.

  287. I've never actually ordered this, but have gotten a bottle every time review by Jennifer

    I've never actually ordered this, but have gotten a bottle every time I order Tribeca, which is usually my favorite, but I have tried it and I love it. I think I love it more than Tribeca! I'm definitely going to start ordering it because when my Tribeca usually arrives, I've been wanting to use the Prime15 first. The first hit tastes like ice cream to me! I can't really explain it, but it's a wonderful vape. You should just give it a try; I think it may surprise you as it did me.

  288. Excellent review by Eric

    I have sampled each of the tobacco flavored liquids available from Halo and have enjoyed each one (though the Tribeca and my palate are occasionally at odds), but Prime 15 is by far my favorite. It is subtle and smooth, much like the similarly enjoyable Torque 56, and has a slightly nutty flavor that makes for an excellent puffing experience. While the other flavors, sans Torque 56 and maybe Longhorn, have more of a novelty or occasional/rotational quality to them (to me, at least), Prime 15 is my daily puffer and I now buy it 30ml at a time. We all have our favorites and this one just so happens to be mine. What's your favorite?

  289. I'm Really Liking Prime 15 review by Patricia

    Full disclosure, I just got this flavor to spend Halo points, so all I paid for was shipping. That being said, I'm buying two 30ML bottles as soon as I finish this review (and it will be a quick one). This is the best tasting tobacco - nut blend available (IMHO). The balance is perfect. It will now hold a permanent spot on my vaping menu.

  290. Odd, but satisfying. review by Adam

    Though not my favorite, I found Prime 15 to be a pretty good vape. I kept getting this impression of peanut butter on my taste buds. But anyone I know tells me they don't get the same thing out of it. Pretty straight forward, not too complex, good throat hit. Not my favorite, but I did take out a 20-something odd ml bottle pretty successfully.

  291. Bold review by Christen

    I haven't bought my own bottle yet, but I will be when I need more juice! I had a sample bottle of Prime15, and was sort of hesitant to try it at first due to the strong nutty smell out of the bottle. I gave it a try and it really satisfied my cigarette craving when mixed with a little menthol-subzero preferably. I used 12mg which really packed a solid throat hit, and had excellent vapor production- like most halo juices do. The nuttiness was different but kept me coming back for more. It's good stuff!

  292. Wonderful flavor review by marie

    Prime15 is wonderful taste that is a bit dry but is great for mixing with other liquids that might be a tad too strong. I absolutely loved the Timber flavor, which isn’t being sold anymore, but now I mix Tribeca with Prime15 and it’s exactly the same! So perfect! Everyone who smokes Halo brand definitely needs Prime15 and Tribeca in their supplies!! Thanks to all the amazing mixers who make these flavors possible.

  293. Smoky review by Jared

    Prime15 is very subjective and tastes different between devices. I recommend using it in a cartomizer at a low wattage—no rebuildables for this one. It reminds me of a fancier cigarette brand—slightly bitter, and very slightly sweet to counter it. It’s mild and has smoky notes that are reminiscent of burnt tobacco.

  294. A World of Pure Tobaccoliciousness! review by Gregory

    The dryness, the complexity, and an undertone of dark chocolate make this e-liquid LITERALLY THE BEST I have ever tasted! In fact, within minutes of my first puff, I was online ordering a full 30ml bottle. Its additional ability to continue producing thick, thick vapor in a relatively old tank, was an unexpected but certainly not unappreciated bonus.

  295. Has the best tobacco cigarette taste over all others review by Lisa

    Prime 15 is my favorite go to juice. It has the best tobacco taste. The tip of my cartomizer has this good cigarette smell. It also has a sweet, slightly maple taste on the inhale and a good tobacco taste on the exhale. If you like good tobacco e-juice's, Prime 15 is for you. First I have to say I only use Halo e-juices now. I've tried a lot of other juices out there, but in my humble opinion Halo beats them all.

  296. Best flavor ever review by love2vape

    I have tried most of the tobacco flavors and this is my favorite along with the Freedom Juice. It's the closest to smoking a cigarette, but tastes much better—and smells better too. I'm totally addicted to Prime15 and keep coming back to it.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass