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Halo Rewards

Rewards Program:Overview

Rewards Program Introduction

As part of our commitment to customer appreciation, Halo offers an exciting Rewards Program. This comprehensive program gives customers a chance to earn Halo Points by purchasing products through our website and for showing their support through social interactions. You can then redeem those Halo Points and get free products from our Halo Rewards Catalog. Halo loves our customers and we're sure you'll agree that this program shows our appreciation for those who show their loyalty to the Halo brand.

How To Earn Halo Points

There are multiple ways to earn Halo Points on our website, from purchasing products to sharing your Halo experience with others. Points earned from any of these avenues are added to your Halo account once approved.

Purchasing Halo Products

You can earn Halo Points by purchasing almost any item in our online store, from bottled E-Liquid to new Hardware. All items included in this program will clearly display the number of Halo Points you can earn by purchasing them at the top of their respective product information page. There are no limitations on how many points can be earned for purchasing Halo products; however, the points earned will vary slightly depending on the item purchased as outlined below:

Bottled E-liquid:Earn 100 Halo Points for every $20 spent on E-liquid
Hardware:Earn 75 Halo Points for every $20 spent on Hardware

Due to the limitations of our points system, there is no way to offer partial points for orders that do not meet the dollar threshold. For example, if $30 is spent on hardware you will receive 75 Halo Points. You would have to reach the $40 mark to earn the full 150 Halo Points. Please note that points are calculated after discounts are applied, so the dollar amount must meet the threshold after any coupons are used. Good news though, we actually set the threshold at $19.99 for 30ml bottles of E-liquid. That means you'll still get 100 Halo Points even if you order just one 30ml bottle of E-liquid. You didn't think we would intentionally beat you out of points over one cent, did you?

Sharing Halo on Social NetworksEarn 15 Halo Points

If you really like a Halo product or one of the informational pages on our site, we encourage you to share it via your social network. Earn an additional 15 Points just for clicking any of the social buttons at the top of our pages. The Social Share Buttons are located on the top-right of each Halo page, and are ready to be clicked. You will earn points for sharing Halo via Facebook, Twitter, Google and even Pinterest. Please note the following to ensure your sharing is approved by the Halo team:

Logged In: Please ensure you are logged into our site before clicking the social button to ensure that points are credited to your account. This is the only way that our system will recognize that you have shared an item, and is required to earn points.

Maximum Shares: Points will be awarded for up to one share per social network per day, up to three networks. You are more than welcome to share on more networks; however, you will receive points for not more than three shares in any given day. This is to prevent spamming on our site, while ensuring the points program is not abused.

Review Period: All Social Shares will be held for up to 10 days for review before points are applied to your account. This is to prevent abuse of the points system, by ensuring that the page is not "Unshared" during the review period.

Writing Product ReviewsEarn 25 Halo Points

Show your love for your favorite Halo products, and earn 25 Halo Points while doing so. For each product in our store, you will find the "Write a Review" link under the "Reviews" heading. Simply click this link, and write your review of the product. Once submitted, a member of the Halo Staff will review it for approval in a timely manner. Once approved, your earned points will be automatically applied to your account.

Reviews are meant to give product feedback to fellow vapers. They are intended to help shoppers learn more about the products, see reasons behind the ratings, and decide if the product is right for them. Please note the following to ensure your review is approved:

Proofreading: Submitted reviews must be submitted with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Minor corrections can be made by Halo staff; however, very poorly written reviews will not be accepted.

Minimum Length: Submitted reviews must be at least 250 characters with at least some level of detail for points to be earned. Please don't just tell us you love a product, please tell us why you love it.

Maximum Submissions: You will earn points on a maximum of (2) reviews per day. This is to prevent spamming on our site, while ensuring the points program is not abused. Additionally, all reviews must be substantially different from one another and reviews for different products that are too similar to one another will not be approved.

One Review Per Item: Points will only be approved for reviews on different items. Reviews submitted by the same person for the same item will not be accepted to ensure the points program is not abused.

Disallowed Content: Reviews submitted with inappropriate language or disrespectful to the Halo brand will not be accepted. Our products are a tobacco alternative and not a smoking cessation device. We reserve the right not to post reviews that reference quitting smoking. Reviews that are not specific about what you like or didn’t like about our products may not be approved.

How To Redeem Your Rewards

Redeeming Halo Points for free products is a breeze and can be done right through our website. You can always view your total Halo Points and how they were earned by going to the Points and Rewards section of your account. . You can also view your Halo points in the right corner of your screen by your name once you are logged into your account. Once you have earned enough points (1000 points are needed to redeem each bottle of e-liquid), simply browse our Rewards Catalog to see what items you are eligible to redeem. When you find a free product you would like, just click the "Add To Cart" button on its product information page. Once added, you will see the item in your shopping cart. Then you will want to take the following steps:

1. Under payment method, check the box that says “Spend Your Points.”

2. When you do this, you will see a points meter. You can adjust it to indicate how many points you want to spend. If you would like to maximize your discount, check the “Maximize my discount with points” box.

3. The full item amount will be deducted from your subtotal. You will also be able to see how many points were used to redeem the item. Please note that if you do not have enough Halo Points in your account, the normal product price will be charged.