Paradise-icle NS Eliquid (10ml)

Fill a tank with paradise with one of four sweet, chilling treats. Every flavor has been crafted to elevate the senses with a delightful coolness that doesn’t overpower the sweet fruity taste. Paradise-icle is just like having a fruity, icy treat in paradise!
Bottle Size: 10ml
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Frozen Fruit Punch Enjoy the tantalizing taste of luscious red fruit punch with the frosty spin that is causing a commotion in the vape world. Frozen Fruit Punch delivers the full fruity flavor of the Hawaiian tropics with a chilling twist that will whisk you away.
Iced Green Apple This uniquely refreshing flavor satisfies the fruit lover with a crisp, juicy apple flavor and the mint lover with the minty coolness that brightens the taste. Iced Green Apple
Razzle Pop Razzle Pop is a vape experience filled with sun-ripened raspberry flavor and a brisk chill! Feet up, sunglasses on, hammock swaying in the breeze and a raspberry popsicle flavor in your device. Ahhhh!
Strawberry Slushy Escape into the sweet, juicy flavor of rich red strawberries balanced with a frosty cool finish. The perfect amount of sweet and cool will make Strawberry Slushy your favorite way to stay-cation.
PG/VG Ratio High PG
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