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Nicopure Press Release 03-16-21






Tampa, FLA, March 16, 2021 -- Nicopure Labs announces that the Food and Drug Association (FDA) has Accepted all Halo Products Pre-Market Tobacco Applications for the Substantive Scientific Review phase.  


Just over 6 months after submission, Nicopure Labs’ Pre-Market Tobacco Applications for Halo Turkish Tobacco E-liquid, Halo Triton II Starter Kit, Halo ZERO Starter Kit, and all supporting consumable components, have been Accepted and advanced to the final phase, Substantive Scientific Review by the FDA. This after Halo’s first round of products was rapidly Accepted and advanced, three days after submission.


“Halo’s more than 12 years’ of commitment to producing the highest quality vaping products available for adult consumers has been our organization's mission for more than a decade.”, said Jeffrey Stamler, Co-Founder Nicopure Labs. “We believe in science and we believe in transparency, we are honored to continue to work with the FDA, and as always, in the best interest of the industry and the most important thing of them all, our loyal customers”, said Stamler.


Halo FDA Accepted Premarket Tobacco Applications Include:


  1. Halo Tribeca Tobacco E-liquid
  2. Halo SubZero Menthol E-liquid
  3. Halo Turkish Tobacco E-liquid
  4. Halo Fusion Unflavored Tobacco E-liquid
  5. Halo Triton II Starter Kit (and supporting consumable components)
  6. Halo ZERO Starter Kit (and supporting consumable components)

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Operating since 2009, Gainesville-based Pure Laboratories LLC, also known as Pure Labs and subsidiary’s, including Nicopure Labs is the industry leading tobacco and menthol e-liquid manufacturer that produces award-winning products in the USA, sold in over 100 countries. Pure Labs has a state-of-the-art 110,000-sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility in Gainesville, Florida with a 10,000-sq. ft. ISO 7 cleanroom, Headquarters based in Tampa, Florida, as well as European Operations.


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