WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Exclusive online retailer

While Halo does not sell vape products online, we have named an exclusive online retailer, Vaprzon, who will continue to carry the Halo brand. Halo has put complete trust in Vaprzon to carry out online sales to our loyal fan base.

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Why did this happen

The ever-changing landscape in the Vape world has caused us to make some changes to how we approach our business. The FDA has stringent reporting guidelines for online sales, and because of this we decided to choose a single, trusted partner: Vaprzon. In addition to the FDA reporting requirements, there are new carrier restrictions for shipping vape products, adult signature required, and registration with the ATF and Attorneys General in each state.

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Shipping changes

The new requirements for shipping include adult signature and reporting by state at the customer level. Most larger carriers stopped providing shipping services for Vape products. This includes UPS, FedEx, and DHL. USPS can stop anytime between now and April 27th, with no notice. Some smaller regional carriers have also opted out of carrying Vape products due to the regulatory requirements put on them.

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Filing Requirements

All online sellers are required to register with the ATF, and the tax authorities and Attorneys General for each state! With this comes monthly reporting requirements by state, and major municipality. We make really good vape juice, and that's what we want to focus on. We looked for a good online partner that was positioning themselves to be able to handle thelooming regulatory landscape, and we found that partner in Vaprzon.

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Why Vaprzon

We have been working with Vaprzon as a customer for many years, and they have been able to demonstrate that we can trust them as a retailer of our products, and we can trust them with the regulatory side of the business as well. As you know and understand, following regulatory guidelines is what allows us to keep making the best e-liquid so you can keep enjoying it!. They are the only trusted source to buy Halo online!

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All halo products on vaprzon

Whether you are looking for Halo e-liquid, Hardware or CBD, we've got you covered with our trusted partner, Vaprzon.com

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All four FDA PMTA accepted flavors are available. Try them now!

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Halo Hardware

Triton II and Zero

Both of our FDA PMTA accepted hardware devices and their accessories are available!

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Halo CBD Vape Juice in a PET bottle

Halo CBD

Isolate CBD

All flavors of Halo brand CBD are still available online as well

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