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Mystic E-liquid

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Mystic brings a crisp, clean menthol taste that is neither too subtle nor overpowering. This E-liquid is perfect for vaping on its own or for mixing with other flavors. Mystic is one flavor that will become an instant staple for even the most hardcore vapers.

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Mystic brings a crisp, clean menthol taste that is neither too subtle nor overpowering. This E-liquid is perfect for vaping on its own or for mixing with other flavors. Mystic is one flavor that will become an instant staple for even the most hardcore vapers.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Mystic E-liquid's test results

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  1. Mystic E-liquid review by kjvapes

    Mystic E-liquid taste amazing, and without a doubt, I will buy it again...and again...and again!


  2. Overall best menthol eliquid review by allen

    I was a die hard Subzero fan when I started but then I switched after a couple of years. When I switched up the flavors I notice that I had a harder time tasting my other e-liquids. I decided to find a new all day vape, a menthol flavor, so of course I started with Halo. I purchased the menthol sample pack and I found this gem, Mystic e-liquid. The best way to describe the taste is actual menthol mixed, a clean natural mint, with no tobacco taste. When I got my first 30ml bottle of Mystic, I have never gone through a bottle so fast, and it's hard to put this one down! I suggest to try this one!

  3. Smooth! review by Rodney

    A very smooth menthol taste and I would recommend it for those who enjoy menthol flavor!

  4. Excellent review by dcross

    I actually had ordered this by mistake. When I received this, I used it in a clean atomizer, and after the first draw it didn't seem to be what I wanted. I gave it another chance and the taste was better. It tasted a smooth hint of sweetness then ended with a cool crisp taste. I have enjoyed this and will most definitely be getting more as needed. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who likes menthol with a little sweetness, and a good cool taste. 10 stars to Halo

  5. One of my favorites. review by Kit

    Mystic e-liquid is one of my favorites. A great menthol flavor but a little light on the tobacco. So far my favorite is a 50/50 mix of Mystic and the HX3. For me this is an almost a perfect balance of both menthol and warm tobacco. I don't know what I'll do if the HX3 is discontinued. Still trying out all the different flavors to see what is best for me.

  6. Perfect menthol/tobacco blend review by Amanda

    I have been looking for the right "menthol" flavor ever since my usual brand discontinued their "Reno" flavor. Their flavor was a perfect tobacco and menthol blend. All the other brands and flavors I have tried are either too minty or to much tobacco. This Mystic flavor is exactly the right blend. It is not too minty, it is more of a spearmint flavor. It is a bit too harsh on my throat. I am not sure if I am just not used to it yet or if my coils are new. It might be that the nicotine is too much. Either way I think this is my new go too brand :) I am hoping my local vape shops sell this brand and flavor!

  7. Great choice for winding down........... review by Patricia

    After coming in from work I always look forward to sitting down, kicking up my feet, and getting out my vaping pen filled with Mystic Menthol. I love the rich blend and of course, the menthol taste just seems to sooth every frayed nerve. I have tried other brands but not the same as when I found Halo, and knowing they are all quality made. I hit the jackpot! Mystic just seems to help me relax and let my mind wonder to happy places. If you would like something a little different, and a whole lot improved (if you do not use halo vapors), give this a try. You will be so glad you did. I am looking forward to trying many different flavors and adventures from Halo. Happy vaping!

  8. Chill and Relaxed review by BILLIE

    This is the first Halo e-juice I tried. I would characterize is as a very rich and smooth menthol, with a wet and mild throat hit (relative to many menthol juices). For me personally, I prefer a bit more icy menthol kick, but this is an excellent juice. Of my two vaping friends who I let try it, one found it a hair too mellow for their taste. However, the other absolutely loved it and immediately ordered a bottle. Probably the best bet is to get the menthol variety pack and find the exact right style for your taste.

  9. Mystic Menthol is a diehard menthol-lover's flavor of choice! review by Steven

    I have tried every menthol flavor in the Halo E-Juice library. Mystic Menthol is the flavor I return to consistently. It has a very smooth, sometimes slightly sweet but always menthol-y hit which is consistent throughout the life of the cartridge and bottle. The sweetness level is not quite on the level of, say for instance, Tribeca or Cool Mist... it is more subtle and in being so really complements the smooth menthol tone. I found the Subzero and Menthol Ice to be a bit too "mint-y" i.e. more of a toothpaste-mint feeling. Mystic gets it just right by throwing some tobacco flavor in as well. I will continue to vape this on the regular, as it is the best menthol flavor I have found to date.

    As I wrote this I reviewed the menthol selection and realized that I have NOT yet tried Menthol V. I will have to remedy that oversight with my next order however the rest of my review for Mystic stands the same. GET THIS if you enjoy Menthol in any fashion you will not be disappointed!

  10. Very crisp and refreshing review by Mary Beth

    Being new to vaping this was my first menthol. Very cool, crisp, and refreshing. I can't wait to try some of the other Halo e-liquids.

  11. Would give 10 stars if I could review by Mary

    This is my FAVORITE vape. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I use to smoke Kool Milds aka Kool Blue and this vape is so satisfying. Very smooth. Not too menthol like Sub Zero. Not real tobacco-ey either and not too sweet. Just the right amount of everything! I'm vaping 12. Gonna step down in nicotine but expect it to be perfect at every level.

  12. First Impressions review by Suresh

    Mystic is so clean and smooth. I'll be repeating this for sure. If you're looking for a very unadulterated menthol flavour, look no further. I'm vaping 18mg, and throat hit is moderate at best. Nowhere near that hit from Menthol Ice 18mg.

  13. Mystic is an Awesome Flavor! review by KWD

    I mix Mystic and Midnight Apple together—the perfect blend for me! It couldn't taste any better at this point. Thank you!

  14. Smooth Mystic review by Don

    This has become my favorite menthol additive; not too strong, but a nice menthol finish. I have used Mystic, about 25%, to smooth out the drying throat hit from Midnight Apple and it does so admirably. Though I love trying all the flavors and am always experimenting with mixing, Mystic may actually be smooth enough to stand alone. I have tried all the Halo menthols and it is certainly the smoothest.

  15. The absolute best flavor I've ever found review by Loren

    The absolute best flavor I've ever found- just the right menthol hit with a small bit of sweet aftertaste. Even leaves a small sweet smell. Can't get enough of this one, even at the 24mg it's perfect. Do yourself a favor and try this one- just be prepared to order more and more!

  16. Smooth Menthol Flavor review by Ophelia

    This is a smooth tasting e-juice with a minty refreshing inhale and exhale! It's smooth, delicious and gives you a hint of suspense as you wonder what scent it may be! It feels like a mix of peppermint and spearmint to me, different from the SubZero and the Menthol ICE. The menthol throat hit isn't as strong as the Menthol ICE but this juice surely doesn't disappoint!

  17. Nice and smooth review by Michele

    The Mystic e-liquid is a nice and smooth menthol flavor. It has a slight sweet flavoring and great vape production. This flavor goes well when mixed with another non-menthol e-liquid. I like to add a few drops to my Tribeca sometimes. It also tastes fantastic alone. This is one of my favorite menthol flavors.

  18. A great menthol! review by Larry

    As a menthol smoker for many years, I find Mystic to be a wonderful flavor. You get a great menthol burst with every vape! It has a clean and smooth taste, with no cough drop or false menthol aftertaste. Love it!

  19. A good mixer to tobacco flavors for a great menthol experience review by Joseph

    I read some of the reviews about Mystic tasting fruity and thought it would be something I’d enjoy. While I don't taste any fruit, the overall menthol is great alone. I prefer to mix this with my tobacco flavors when I want a traditional menthol experience. If you've tried SubZero this tastes just like it but not as intense. Mystic goes great with Tribeca, LongHorn and Prime15. I assume it would go great with most other tobacco flavors offered by Halo.

  20. Love it review by Xavier

    I've been using Mystic for quite a while now and I have to say I love it. It has no harsh taste and it’s very smooth and relaxing. I would highly recommend this to everyone and anyone who vapes menthol flavors.

  21. Smooth Delicious Menthol review by Mary

    Vaping has opened the door to so many flavors and I am having entirely too much fun! I always add Mystic to my Tribeca and Midnight Apple Those are my favorite tobacco blends.

  22. Great Taste! review by Mike

    This is very smooth and it has a great taste. I've tried all the Halo menthol flavors and I like this one the best. It’s strong enough but not overpowering. I would recommend to anyone wanting to try a great menthol!

  23. Excellent review by C.

    I have tried both Mystic and Menthol Ice and while they have subtle difference. They are both equally minty and refreshing. Especially on a hot day with a cold drink. Great stuff!

  24. Menthol perfection review by Deneb

    A crisp, pure, clean, refreshing menthol at its best. I never liked menthol but Mystic has been the one flavor that made me realized how brilliant menthol could be when it comes to vaping. Five stars and a half.

  25. Try this flavor if you're interested in menthol review by Jacob

    I wanted to try this one for its unique flavor. I was pleasantly surprised that it was strong but not too strong. There is a mild mint flavor that made it a refreshing change up to my Malibu e-liquid. I definitely recommed giving it a try!

  26. Great Neutral Juice review by Alltone

    Mystic is between tobacco, menthol, strong, and mild. A great vapor production and excellent for mixing with other Halo e-liquids. Also, it is not bad for long sessions.

  27. Great menthol review by Adam

    Mystic is great as an all day vape! It has a very good vapor production with a mellow throat hit. It is one of my favorites from Halo and it is a must try!

  28. Fantastic! review by Steve

    Mystic is by far the best menthol I have had compared to any other brands!

  29. Mint paradise review by yury

    I received Mystic in 18mg strength. After several flavors I have tried it pleasantly surprised my expectations. A crispy, refreshing, enjoyable flavor. Mystic seems to become one of my favorite choices. Also, it helps with refreshing your breath and I am hitting two birds with one stone.

  30. crisp! review by Chris

    Mystic was in the menthol sample pack and I realized I didn't like menthol right away. I started vaping four months ago and I usually don't vape menthol. However, if I do I add it to various flavors which is the most balance crisp of menthol. I would still add it to other e-liquids rather than just vaping it alone. It is like a mint which can add a sweetness to coffee or improve mintiness to a gourmet flavor.

  31. Excellent!! review by Lopez Clan

    Mystic is the best menthol flavor! It has an excellent throat hit and this is the closest to a Newpot. We vape Mystic all day long.

  32. Good with one flaw review by Molly

    I love this flavor and it is a very authentic menthol. My only complaint is that the flavor seems to diminish after a few puffs.

  33. The perfect blend! review by nick

    Mystic was the first menthol products I have tried and I was not disappointed at all! Halo has exteremly good menthol flavors but this one I will make sure I always have on hand to use daily. It has a very smooth menthol that is light but has enough throat hit and vapor to make a perfect combination. Also, with this amazing e-liquid you can mix it with almost any other Halo e-liquid and it adds an amazing kick of flavor.

  34. Might be my new #1 review by Fadra

    I am a Tiki lover with all my heart! It has been my number one flavor since the very first time I vaped it.

  35. My favorite! review by Lopez Clan

    Mystic tastes similar to Newports. It has a great menthol flavor and a great vape.

  36. The BEST!!!!!!!! review by Pamela

    I was never really into menthol flavors but I tried Mystic and to my surprise it has become my favorite. It is especially good when mixing with other flavors. However, when I want a more mellow vape I mix Fusion to my desired strength. I highly recommend this e-liquid and I am never without it.

  37. Fantastic review by Nicholas

    This is one of my favorite flavors so far. The slight sweet aftertaste actually makes vaping a compliment to post dinner meals.

  38. Cool calm minty review by Dovi

    Mystic e-liquid is the best menthol flavor to mix with almost any type of e-liquid. If you looking for a perfect menthol flavor then purchase a bottle of Mystic.

  39. very good! review by nick

    Mystic has a very smooth, minty menthol taste to it and I would highly recommend buying it!

  40. Great Taste review by Catfondler

    I love the menthol taste and it our does any other brands that I have tried.

  41. Awesome review by Matthew

    A great all day vape and a refreshing taste with quality ingredients.

  42. A great mint menthol combo review by Adam

    This is one of the first e-liquids I have ever liked. I was just about to give up and foung my e-liquid. Wow, so good!

  43. Enjoyed it. review by Kelly

    "Pleasant" is a perfect description. A light mint with a pleasant menthol kick. For some people, this will be exactly the vape they are looking for.

  44. Not Bad At All review by Cory

    Mystic is a menthol flavored e-liquid that has a very good taste to it. However, I am having trouble vaping this flavor, (just like Subzero) more than once or twice every couple of days because of how crazy intense the menthol is. It is not nearly as harsh or cough drop tasting as Subzero but it was still a little too overwhelming for me. I usually love menthol but Mystic just didn't do it for me. I would still absolutely recommend it to a big menthol and eucalyptus fan. It does have a nice, high quality taste.

  45. Cool and clean review by mark

    I hesitate the non-menthol variety of tobacco e-liquids but this is a clean menthol flavor I can enjoy. I blended a little Mystic with a non-menthol e-liquid and added some unflavored high nicotine e-liquid for a personal vape when I feel from time to time during work. I can take 3-4 vapes here and there and get my nicotine fix and a strong throat hit too. This would be for those like my wife who enjoys menthol cool over tobacco taste.

  46. Excellent review by Nick

    Hands down the best menthol e-liquid on the market! I took me years to find the perfect menthol that suits my needs. I did hours of reading peoples reviews on forums. I have tried all the "Best Menthols' on the market and nothing compares to Halo's Mystic E-liquid. It has enough kick for those menthol lovers but a very sweet aftertaste that makes it very enjoyable. This has been my everyday vape for over a year now. I absolutely love it and don't think I will ever find a menthol to beat this. This is a great product! The only thing I can say is listen to Halo they warn you that the cold can disturb the flavor of the e-liquid which is very true. I left my bottle in the car one night in 15-20 degree weather and it tasted awful the next day. Make sure you store it in room tempature and you will never have that problem.

  47. Incredible Blend review by Holly

    The Mystic experience is just the incredible blend like it's name. It leaves you mystified with the combination of subtle flavors which can be sweet, harmonious, and intensely flavorful. As a non-vaper, my wife loves the scent and will even steal a puff from this every now and then. If you're looking for something to get away from the more menthol traditional flavors then this blend is a go to.

  48. Interesting, but great review by Sean

    A lot of reviews all over the internet really don't know what to say about Mystic. When we got it, I loved it but my wife was more of a fan of Subzero. I really like both of them. Mystic has more mellow throat hit and great vapor production. The aftertaste is sweet, subtle, and vanilla to me. I enjoy mixing it with my other favorite e-liquids and it goes with anything. I dropped a tank (full of Mystic) and a variable voltage battery in the ocean and I did not hesitate to order another bottle.

  49. Purist Menthol Flavour review by Paul

    Mystic is the absolute best! It is the most puriest, clean, and refreshing flavor I have found!

  50. Everyday review by Joshua

    I just recently purchased Mystic after trying Menthol V and Subzero. I wanted to find more flavors I liked. I have to say I notice that my palette was a little off after vaping Subzero all day. However, I was eager to try Mystic out. I noticed rigth away this was the perfect e-juice for me to use everyday, it was something I had been looking for. I really enjoy the Menthol V and I consider that my main choice for a flavor. I really wanted something I could vape on without really getting sick of the flavor or from the throat hit (maybe my 24 mg nicotine level was to high). Mystic I can now carelessly vape away until my heart is content. It is hard for me to explain the flavor but it just tastes like a goof menthol flavor and not overpowering. Thanks again!

  51. 1 of my favorite Fluids review by Christopher

    Mystic is hands down one of my favorite e-liquid ever. I have tried a lot of different brands, flavors, different mixtures, everything you name it and this is one of my daily vapes. I usually always have at least a small bottle of this on hand. I find that it's a great vape just by itself or mixing it.

  52. Love it! review by amber

    I have tried a ton of menthol flavors but this is the only one that truly tastes like menthol. I love Mystic!!

  53. Absolutely delicious review by jdsteven

    Mystic is the first menthol flavor I have tried of Halo's line of e-liquids. Mystic quickly became my favorite and the one I plan on ordering more. As a flavor I will keep it constantly topped off in one of my excellent Triton tanks. Thank you Halo for delivering a top of the line product yet again.

  54. Great all day vape! review by Abraham

    Mystic is a sweet minty candy with a menthol taste. It is a great fresh taste and an all day vape!

  55. Awesome flavor review by Halo4life

    This e-liquid has a great mix. I tried it from the the menthol sample pack and loved it. My wife tried it and liked it so much she made me order her a G6 started kit. I can't say enough about Halo's e-liquids and products. They are top notch all the way.

  56. Good middle of the pack menthol review by Johnathon

    I vaped from my Triton Tank with a 2.4 - 2.6 ohm coil and used a 7ml bottle of Mystic 18mg nicotine. The throat hit was solid at this nicotine strength. The taste was what I expected which was a mild Subzero with not a lot of mint taste like Kringle's Curse. It is a good flavor but it's not my favorite menthol flavor.

  57. What's Not to Like?!? review by Zane

    Like so many people, I have tried a lot of different flavors and brands. However, Mystic has a great mint flavor and is a wonderful juice to blend with others to make truly unique flavors. It has a good throat hit and wonderful vapor at 18mg nicotine. Try it!

  58. A decent choice review by Roger

    I've been trying every single Halo e-liquid and although mystic tastes good, it is not my favorite. I'm not saying it tastes bad. It actually tastes pretty good but as I try each e-liquid I'm realizing that most of the menthol's are pretty much the same with either a lighter or stronger mint flavor. This one is probably right in the middle of the spectrum. I would definitely buy Mystic again but I'm looking for a little more of a tobacco taste.

  59. My favorite so far! review by Gale

    Being fairly new to vaping, I haven't tried lots of different liquids. However, Mystic is my hands-down favorite so far. I've always loved menthol flavors and Mystic has a complex menthol flavor that is difficult to describe...but it's fantastic! It has a great throat hit in 18mg, and produces excellent vapor. I've been trying a few other flavors, including Menthol Ice and Tribeca, but Mystic is still #1 in my book.

  60. Customer Support review by Debra

    I wasn't sure where to write this review so I decided to begin where it all started. I ordered a 30ml bottle of 0.6 strength Mystic and with this order I was to get a free 10ml bottle of Malibu. When I received the order this afternoon it was incorrect. I had been sent both flavors, Mystic and Malibu in 0.0 strength. I called and within 2 hrs. the mistake had been verified and I had received a follow-up call to let me know the mistake had been verified and both flavors were going to be shipped out the first thing tomorrow morning. This is the way customer service should be. I appreciate your excellent service and is one of the many reasons I will remain a loyal customer. Thanks again.

  61. Awesome... Totally Awesome !!! Well Done Halo !!! review by Donny

    Mystic has become my favorite and go to vape. Like many of you I am sure, I have acquired quite a collection of different juices from different manufactures and to be quite honest most of them are not good at all. I have settled on a few that were actually OK and 2 of the bunch that I really like. However, most of them fall flat on flavor and on vapor. I read the reviews here and found myself bouncing back between Mystic and Cool Mist. I don't like tobacco flavors and don't care much for super duper menthol's, fruits or sweets.The flavor of Mystic is exceptional to say the least, it is very different from what I've been experiencing with other brands. For me it kind of tastes like a "Cool Minty Raspberry" with a twist... The vapor production for me is fantastic and very satisfying... Mystic, I can assure myself to purchase many more, and I am very happy with my purchase. I am actually running low and need to get more and this is the first time I'm actually going back for seconds on any e-liquid. I have wasted anywhere from $4 - $15 a pop on the others and I was reluctant to spend $20.00 on one bottle of juice that I was not sure I would even like. However, I figured I would have another $20.00 sitting in the shoebox... Well, it worked out this time !!! Halo's Mystic is an excellent product and it is well worth the $20... Awesome... Totally Awesome !!! 5*****

  62. Recieved in Sampler pack, easily my fave. review by Karen

    Mystic is by far my favorite. It's very sweet with a menthol undertone to it. If you want a sweet, light minty flavor this is for you.

  63. Yum! review by Vanessa

    This is my favorite menthol flavor so far. Unique! I add a few drops of tobacco (Torque) to create a menthol cig flavor.

  64. Great Taste review by Matthew

    I love having this as a 2nd option (next to Tribeca). I don't like menthol daily, but every once in a while I crave it...and this satisfies that urge! So if you are looking for a good, not over powering menthol flavor...this is it! I love it...and my wife who has never even used a menthol product truly enjoyed it too!

  65. 4 stars review by michael

    Mystic is a nice hit off the vaporizer and is smooth though the mouth until it hits the throat. For myself, it hits the throat a little hard, and that is why I took one star off. However, it is still a good hit and I will be using this flavor again. It is not too over powering of a flavor, yet not too soft that you can't taste it at all. It is just the right level for me.

  66. Interesting but good... review by sara

    Good menthol flavor, but not overly heavy. There is no tobacco taste (which I liked), and no weird aftertaste. Altogether, a good liquid which I will purchase again.

  67. My Favorite Halo Menthol Juice! It Truly Is Mystical! review by Elik Anoa'i

    I gave this juice 5 Stars! Excellent! First, let me begin by telling you guys about the vapor production. It's insane! This will definitely give you the dragon breath, you vapor aficionados are looking for! Huge massive plumes of vapor when vaped at around 2.0-2.2 ohms at 3.7 volts. Freaking awesome! The throat hit is really amazing but it isn't harsh. The taste is out of this world and doesn't leave that toothpaste or mouthwash aftertaste. The inhale you get is this minty sweet top note and on the exhale you will pick up hints of vanilla spearmint/peppermint with subtle berry undertones. This is my favorite Menthol all day vape. Hands down,I will order 30 ml of this stuff every month!

  68. Certainly my favorite review by Ethan

    What can I say about Mystic that hasn't already been said? It has a smooth and subtle minty taste combined with a nice hit. I bought a small sample bottle, took one vape, and ran off to place an order for a 30ml bottle. One hit and I was hooked.

  69. Just the right amount of.... review by Sam

    Mystic is my go to all day vape for a menthol. The slight sweetness and mint undertones sets this one apart from the rest of the menthol family. This is a must if you don't want to get over powered by menthol hit but want to have that smooth draw that menthol flavors offer!

  70. awsome coming from a non-menthol smoker review by nick

    I always preferred menthol liquid to tobacco liquid. I wasn't a menthol smoker until I tried Halo juice. This menthol stands out. I mixed it with Tribeca and it's an amazing combo.It is not overwhelming at all and it's the best menthol liquid I have tried yet. I now have to try Halo's other products and e liquids.

  71. My favorite! review by Lucid

    So far in the menthol line, I have tried Mystic, Coolmist, and Menthol Ice. Mystic is my personal favorite. It has a nice cool and minty throat hit. with great vapor production and a touch of sweetness on the exhale.

  72. my perfect menthol review by jenny

    I like strong menthols but have a hard time finding one. I love sub zero but was hoping to find one that was sweeter. This is it!! It is a little sweet without being too sweet, cold, and has an almost vanilla note in the back ground that is really fantastic definitely an all day vape

  73. Old Friend review by Gary

    I've been around and around the e-juice world for the past two years, but I always find myself settling down with my old friend Mystic, wondering why I wandered away. Mystic is a pleasantly satisfying blend of light menthol with a sweet kind of mixed berry undertone and refreshing mint that draws me back for another hit, then another. My all day vape for months and now my old friend is back in my life to stay. Most highly recommend you try this gem!

  74. The Menthol Kick review by DaveOno

    This is wonderful Menthol. But for me, personally, it's best as an additive to Torque56. I just a few drops and I get the tobacco with that wonderful Menthol. If you are missing a Menthol cig, that's the recipe.

  75. Another Great Halo Menthol Flavor review by NIN

    Once again another menthol flavor that's good, started with coolmist and now mystic. Going to try subzero next.

  76. My favorite... review by JULIE

    With Mystic you get the strong throat hit of Menthol Ice without the minty aftertaste...and this is what I prefer. Superb!

  77. minty cool review by Ryan

    I've tried all the menthol flavors from Halo and I like this one the best. Sub Zero was a little too strong for my liking and the others were great but I chose Mystic as my favorite. With all the choices Halo offers you're sure to find one that satisfies your menthol cravings.

  78. Halo is the best review by Gene

    Tribeca is my main liquid. I wanted to try a few of the different Halo liquids. Mystic is a little strong at first but you get used to it fast. It has a clean crisp vape and it goes very well with carbonated drinks. Kind of like hamburgers and French fries. If you are looking for something to change up the pace, Mystic is a great liquid.

  79. love it! review by Tholmes

    This is the best Menthol liquid I have ever tried. I get a great throat hit with this.

  80. Great Mentol - review by Dst702

    I was looking for a good menthol to start vaping. Subzero tasted too much like vicks cough drops and not like a normal menthol. This pretty much hit the spot. I have yet to try the other two menthols. It gives a strong menthol/cooling sensation in your mouth and throat that does not linger too long and is not too over powering.

  81. Nice all day vape review by Louis

    It's great alone or with Sub-Zero added for a little more menthol kick.

  82. Favorite E Liquid! review by Kyle

    Ok, just got my 30ml bottle of this and tried it and it is my absolute favorite of the menthol flavors!!!!! I really like all of them but, this is the clear winner for me as far as the menthols go. As other reviews have said, the vanilla undertones area AWESOME, the menthol feel/taste is better than menthol ice, AND there is a feeling/taste of tobacco that was the missing element of Menthol Ice, DEFINITELY worth getting a 30ML bottle of this if you are a menthol ice user!

  83. Great! review by Monstro

    My sister let me try some of her mystic, and I loved it. Just the right amount of flavor!

  84. What a menthol should be! review by Drew

    Like authentic Menthol flavor, without any gimmicks? Mystic is for you.

    This is a true menthol without any tobacco, and without the overwhelming menthol effect of Sub-Zero. All of the flavor, without the overbearing cool sensation.

    Just enough sweetness and mint to keep you coming back for more. Halo nailed what I wanted in a menthol with this one.

  85. Great for Peppermint Lovers. review by fstate33

    Menthol and peppermint mix. Great peppermint flavor. Taste just like peppermint candy with menthol bursts. Fun to vape and would be good as an additive to other flavors to spice things up a bit. Not my favorite menthol from Halo, but worth it if you like peppermint.

  86. one of my faves review by Em

    This is one that I can't be without. I seldom vape it on it's own but I love mixing it with other flavors.

  87. Hands down, the best juice Halo has to offer. review by Ludmila

    All of halo's juices are good but this one is hands down the best in their entire lineup. It's the perfect menthol and the perfect all day / all month vape. You cannot get tired of this flavor. Every hit has a menthol flavor and a generous throat hit that never fades. The menthol is never overpowering. Decent amount of vapor and the mint undertone does not overpower the menthol flavor, it only compliments it.

  88. Best yet! review by Diana Prince

    This is by far my favorite menthol flavor. Smooth, cool, and mild with undertones of vanilla. Definitely an ADV for me. I'll be buying this in a larger size to add to my flavor stock!

  89. Delicious Taste, Great Vapor Flavor review by Edith

    I am thoroughly enjoying Mystic menthol and it will be one of my main E-liquid choices.

  90. Marvelous Menthol! review by Tanya

    I've sampled all of the Halo menthols and, while they're all good, this is by far my favorite and has become my go to regular liquid. Mystic has a wonderfully mellow menthol that isn't overpowering like a peppermint and just a touch of sweetness to finish it off. Along with the great throat it, it's definitely a winner. Rock on Halo!

  91. 2nd favorite! review by Christy

    Kringles curse is my all time favorite but this one comes in 2nd Love halo juice it truly is a premium juice this is a nice menthol its exactly as described. Some have said this juice is somewhat of a watered down sub zero I dont think so at all because I didnt care for the sub zero at all just put in an order for a 30ml bottle in the 12mg

  92. Cool with a touch of sweet. review by Eliza

    I have always been a fan of lightly flavored e-liquids. I almost always mixing a little fusion in, but Mystic is a perfect blend of refreshing menthol and a slightly sweet mint flavor.

  93. Love this flavor! review by Brandi

    I started with a sample of this from a local store that sells the Halo liquids. I tried all the menthol flavors and liked this one the best. It's not overpowering, but still gives me the feeling of smoking a Salem cig. Very smooth vape with lots of vapor and a nice menthol feeling on the throat. Liked it enough to go back and buy the 30ml bottle. Love the dropper! Makes refilling my Triton tank even that much easier! Good job Halo!

  94. Nice n smooth review by steven

    Awesome menthol flavor, not too overpowering but refreshing. I'll definitely be getting the big bottle next time!

  95. Good throat hit review by Jason

    To me, Mystic has the best throat hit of all of Halo's menthol flavors. Nice full flavor for those looking for that kind of experience.

  96. ~Mystic Menthol~ review by Kat

    Lovely...nice smooth tobacco taste and a light menthol kissed with a hint of sweetness! Think I have found an all-day vape~ definitely happy with this one. I ordered the 7ml- 6mg to sample this and really digging it's smoothness. Will be back to order this delight~ Thanks Halo!!! :)

  97. Fantastic review by Todd

    Of all the menthol liquids, this is my favorite. Cool, crisp inhalation followed by a satisfying thick vapor. Highly recommend.

  98. Menthol Sweet Mint review by Sam

    Cool Mist is still my favorite Halo menthol flavor but Mystic is for sure a close second. Nice clean sweet mint flavor with great throat hit and vapor production. A must have to give any other liquid a nice menthol twist.

  99. Refreshing and light review by Andrew

    Just as the summary says; it is refreshing with a light-medium menthol flavor. Taste? There isn't a very distinct flavor but there is a touch of sweetness. It has a light throat hit with plenty of vapor as well. I'd recommend this flavor to anyone that has a liking for menthol or anyone that would like to delve into the menthol flavors. Like I said, it is a light to medium menthol, or light to anyone that is used to other stronger menthol flavors. Love it!

  100. My Favorite of all Menthols review by Sheree

    After tasting all the menthol flavors my favorite was a toss between this and sub zero. This one is the one I chose to order again because it was a smoother taste and when mixed with HX3. Thank you Halo!

  101. Still not quite sure about this one review by Katy

    This is my second bottle (24 mg). I struggled to get through the first bottle and then when I was down to my last 3-4 mil--I decided I might like it. My tastes are changing and I'm still experimenting.

  102. Nice flavor review by Christine

    Great taste, not too strong! I mix mystic, subzero, and kringles curse together for my own unique flavor!

  103. Crisp, Refreshing Flavor review by TempleVapor

    I love this flavor. It has a really crisp and refreshing minty flavor without being over powering or harsh. It vaporizes very nicely with the stock amperage 2.2-2.4 and makes an excellent vapor cloud. I get the extra high nicotine level and it gives such a nice clear headed buzz. But the best thing about it, you ask? It's that I'm saving tons, and I mean tons, of money with this e liquid in my triton system. It takes me about a month to get through the 30 milliliter bottle. That means I'm spending just $20 a month on nicotine. How can you beat that?

  104. Unique mellow Menthol vape review by Sledman

    This is such an interesting juice, Mint, Vanilla, light Menthol all balanced, nothing overpowering, simple yet complex. I'm a menthol vaper and almost exclusively vape menthol juice (Halo Malibu changed all that, simply amazing stuff). I ordered Mystic based on reviews and it is a winner. It's light on the menthol for my tastes but thats easily fixed with a few drops of the awesome Halo Sub-Zero. It has a sweet and mellow flavor with a nice throat hit and huge clouds of vapor. It's a smooth sophisticated vape that firmly qualifies itself as a Premium juice. Interestingly my wife, who is not a menthol vaper, took a puff of this and immediately fell in love. After a few puffs she grabbed a clean Triton tank, filled it up and now this is her ADV. Even if your not a huge menthol fan this juice is worth trying.

  105. wonderful review by Todd

    Although I'm not a menthol smoker, I was surprised at how refreshing mystic was. It is now amongst my top 3 must have Halo flavors.

  106. Way too candy-like review by SHU

    I happen to love sweet things but I could not appreciate this flavor at all. It seemed nothing like menthol to me and a lot like inhaling those little spearmint candies that are shaped like trees. I thought it would grow on me but It hasn't. My next menthol liquid will be a bolder choice. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will love this but I'm definitely not a fan of this one. It isn't bad, just not my taste. I'm debating whether I want to just toss it or try to blend it into something else.

  107. A very smooth flavour. review by Anna

    Mystic e-liquid. It's the light peppermint flavour I've been seaching for with light vanilla undertones. Most others I've tried are have much too much of a menthol taste, not peppermint itself, or have way too harsh of a hit. Not Mystic, I'm very satisfied, especially with the fact that there's no tobacco base hidden anywhere.

  108. My favorite so far review by CorallineAlgae

    Out of the 10 liquids I have tried from Halo this is my favorite. I tried every menthol flavor Halo makes and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It isn't at all overpowering. Much more of a mint than a menthol to my taste. I'm not a fan of "all" of Halo's menthol flavors, but this one is outstanding. It's my favorite eliquid from any vendor and I've tried a bunch. Worth trying.

    If you're looking for a refreshing vape that isn't to strong, to sweet, to dry... something easy on your throat, then Mystic and Malibu are the best I've ever tried from any eliquid company.

  109. Great Menthol Punch review by David

    Ok, let me start by saying that this flavor is the definition of menthol. It is a little too strong for me as a single flavor, however when mixed with my tobacco flavor (~20% mix ratio) it provides a very pleasant menthol experience. I am not a big fan of the fruity/candy flavors so I cannot comment on mixing with those though I am sure that it would compliment some of them as well.

  110. In love! review by ashley

    Couldn't be more pleased with the products shipping time, quality, pricing, and just the product itself! I have been using a different vaping system for almost 2 years, and had heard about Halo Triton. I gave it a shot.... I'm am truly impressed, it smokes so incredibly well, I'm now a believer and will never ever go back!

  111. So smooth. review by Phillip

    Mystic from my sample pack, had to be one of my favorites. It was a smooth flavor. Yet left my mouth with a refreshing minty kind of feeling. Loved it. Can't wait to order more.

  112. Not realistic like a menthol cigarette review by Cheryl

    Not bad, just didn't care too much for it. Going to try some other juices.

  113. Great Smoke Juice review by Robert

    The Mystic E-Liquid is fantastic! This has a great balance of menthol flavor, not too bold but strong enough to still taste the flavor. There is absolutely no tobacco flavor with this smoke juice, I have never tasted any nor has anyone around me ever made the statement that it smells like cigarettes. It provides a solid throat hit and and great vapor. I would definitely recommend this e-liquid to any one. The taste is very similar to a mint flavor and is very refreshing.

  114. Very good! review by Boogs

    Got this for my mother in law as she is just starting to vape. I tried this (typically not a menthol smoker) and have to say it was very clean and refreshing. Mother in law has been thoroughly enjoying. Another great e liquid from Halo!

  115. As described review by Joan

    Halo's description is very accurate on this one. It is a robust but not overpowering mint with a touch of sweetness and the cool blast of menthol at the end only adds to the pleasure of this liquid. It is cool, crisp, and refreshing without being over the top and all elements balanced very well.

  116. My favorite menthol! review by Joanne

    I add 4 drops of Mystic in with my Tribecca. I love the flavor on this menthol. I have tried all of the other menthol's Halo offers and this is my favorite!!

  117. The mint is a nice touch review by Gene

    The Mystic is different from the other menthols with the addition of the mint. The longer this one "steeps" the more pronounced the mint seems to become.

    For a special treat, try adding this to some Shamrock.

  118. By far my favorite MENTHOL review by Burger

    I really like Mystic! It has a crisp clean taste. It is really good mixed with the Tribeca flavor. Incredibly smooth and natural tasting.

  119. The Perfect Menthol! review by Alexander

    I was skeptical about purchasing a menthol e-cig flavor, as I had tried others before with varying tastes and strengths. I enjoy a decent throat hit with clean flavor, and Mystic delivered both effectively. I look forward to smoking this every day, and never tire of the pleasant, sweet, spearmint taste. This is definitely my standby!

  120. MYSTIC!!! review by Michael

    Mystic E-liquid is an ultra refreshing menthol e-liquid blend that gives off a light sweetness on the exhale. This lacks any tobacco taste but instead provides a strong minty/menthol flavor profile. It's not my favorite Halo juice but the quality definitely shows.

  121. Very flavorful review by Christopher

    I can see why Mystic is Halo's best-selling menthol e-liquid flavor. The inhale is a very pleasant mid-strength menthol base, with a discreetly nutty undertone. The nutty flavor becomes a little more prominent in the aftertaste, but it doesn't linger for too long. It's just the right balance in my opinion. And the throat hit and vapor production of Mystic are plenty strong.

    I'll still prefer CoolMist or Menthol ICE as my daily vape, but several drags of Mystic is nice a few times each day, mainly after meals. It's definitely another winner from Halo!

  122. Just a CLEAN, slightly sweet menthol vape ! review by DJB

    IMHO Mystic is a nice NOT TOO sweet vape. When I first started vaping - Sub-Zero was my first test of Halo's Menthol Line-up. LOVE the BAMM you get with Sub-Zero Then I just HAD to order the menthol sampler so I could tune in to WHAT would be my FAV ADV !
    Originally started with the G6 to be followed by more and more vape gear - it just happens! Now with VV and VW I can fine tune any e-liquid to that perfect sweet spot. Halo speaks of purity and freshness - the quality of their e-liquid is plain to taste. Simply put ALL of the Menthol line-up there's not one I don't like.
    Your delivery system is everything - I've gone from cartos, to mini-tanks, now to the larger capacity clearos (less refill times :) ! )
    Just a happy vaper using my tanks.
    Started out at 12MG and still keep a tank around for those "moments" life can give you , however mostly 6mg will do the trick when (again) you have the right delivery system - total people to date who know are HALO fans.. about 16.. because of the product, it's easy to help people when you KNOW you're referring a GREAT product.
    Thanks HALO - it's an awesome ride that I'm still on and LOVIN IT!

  123. A solid E-liquid review by Nicholas

    It may be their most popular menthol E-liquid, but not my favorite. It is a great product though. It has a smooth throat hit, with a smoother menthol taste, and a slight minty taste, but the mint is barely noticeable. It is a good liquid, but to me it is the same exact thing as cool mist.

  124. Great tongue cleanser to have in your rotation review by M

    This is one heck of a great vape if you like a sharp clean menthol but think something like Subzero is overpowering. It's a great tongue cleanser in the rotation with just enough sweet that you feel like you've popped a mint. It's the kind of juice that isn't super flashy but does what it says on the tin very well.

  125. different but pleasant review by Eric

    This is a different menthol flavor. I was expecting something with a bit more menthol that leaves you chilled but this is not it. This had a sweet taste similar to a light spearmint flavor with a balanced mint experience. I prefer the stronger menthol flavors like sub zero or menthol ice, but if you are looking for a refreshing mint taste, this is excellent .

  126. Mystic E-liquid is perfect! review by Troy

    I am a newbie to the world of E-cigs and I can tell you that Mystic liquid in the Triton system is almost identical to the real cig. I have never tried any liquid that tastes so close to the real thing. This stuff is amazing! If you're looking for a not fruity flavor, this is your ticket!

  127. Good menthol taste review by Troy

    I really liked this one, not quite as strong as the subzero but I leaves me feeling like just used mouth wash, taste good and leave my mouth feeling clean. Really like switching between this and the subzero.

  128. One of the best menthols review by Shawn

    I originally purchased a menthol variety pack to test all of the menthol flavors. I tried Mystic once, but never really gave it a fair shake. I was done with my sample pack, but the Mystic remained. I finally gave it a try and it is great. The menthol is not so overbearing and the lite sweetness is a good addition to the flavor of this liquid. My 30ml bottle arrived the other day.

  129. my absolute favorite review by melissa

    This is my absolute favorite oil!! My all day everyday vape. It's the closest thing to an actual menthol cigarette. Perfect amount of menthol with just a hint of tobacco flavor. You definitely need to try this oil.

  130. very nice review by Blake

    After reading the other reviews and description, I was not disappointed. Mystic is very smooth, no odd after taste, and a very solid menthol taste and smell. Due to a slight amount of sweetness, would say its not the best for mixing with other flavors, but by itself is well worth a try for any menthol fan.

  131. Best Choice for Menthol Lovers review by James Bro

    Trust me I've wasted a lot of cash of other brands searching for the Holy Grail Menthol. I'm so happy to finally be able to just order this as my regular all day vape and stop wasting cash on other brands. Has a genuine realistic taste & hit!

  132. Mixes great review by Mitch

    Brought a 30ml to try, was very surprised this is a breath of fresh air. Great by it self , but great to add a dab to other juices to liven them up. Good Vapor production, and great throat hit. One of my regulars now.

  133. so good review by suk

    Unique menthol flavor, with a hard throat hit. Not an all day vape for me, but highly recommended for menthol lovers.

  134. The Best! review by Ryan

    Mystic is my favorite menthol, hands down!

  135. Best of menthols review by Oleg

    I have tried all four menthol liquids and found Mystic the best. SubZero is very harsh, CoolMist is too weak. Mystic has a very distinct flavor. And by my opinion, it is the only Menthol from Halo, which has some tobacco flavor in it. The rest is just cold menthol, nothing more.

  136. Great all day vape review by Ron

    It's hard if not impossible to describe this flavor but it's great!
    Light menthol / sweet something wonderfull?!?
    Next to Tribeca my all day vape!

  137. If I had to choose only one, this is it. review by David

    Sweetness and menthol. Perfect! At first I liked to vape it straight long draw and exhale. I was getting the sweetness and menthol flavor. However, lately I found that the flavor accentuate when you do a short draw and let the vapor fill your mouth a bit and do a long draw. And I have also discovered that different tank deliver different thickness of the flavor. So far I am very satisfied vaping it from iClear 30 and Kanger ProTank 3.
    I wish Halo made 60ml bottle :)

  138. best menthol review by Raymond

    This is the best menthol flavor IMO. I never really use this flavor unless I am around my wife when my battery dies on my triton and use her G6. This is my wifes favorite flavor along with the kringles curse. The menthol is strong but not too overpowering like the sub zero. If you like menthol I would recommend this flavor over the others!

  139. Spot on... as close to the real menthol as I have tried review by John F.

    Believe the reviews here that say this is as close an analog menthol cigarette as you can come. It has a really definitive tobacco flavor with just enough menthol to give it that kick and throat hit that comes from an analog. Between this one and the Cool Mist, you just can't go wrong... I still can't decide which of these two is my favorite between the menthol flavors.

    So, do what I do... order both :)

  140. pretty darn good review by Steven

    This is the best menthol Halo sells in my opinion. Love the vape.


    This is very close to an analog menthol taste so great job to HALO for finding a match. Smooth and satisfying and is very light. I personally prefer something with a little more kick and punch but this is great if you don't want to experience all of that craziness ALL of the time. I started smoking it and didn't think much of it but gave it a chance and it keeps growing on me!

  142. Excellent - Reminds me of Marlboro Smooth review by Shane

    This was my first liquid, and so far, my favorite. I bought the Halo G6 a couple of weeks ago, and started myself off with Mystic and Menthol Ice. I have a Triton on order now, along with another bottle of Mystic and the Gourmet Sampler.

    First off, this was excellent right out of the package. No steeping required. This was great for me, since I was new to vaping. I needed something at the time that required no steeping.

    Second, it had a mild throat-hit with 18mg of nicotine. Not too strong, but I could tell that I was inhaling the vapor, so it was perfect for me. I've tried a few liquids since that immediately started me coughing, and others where I couldn't tell that I was inhaling anything at all.

    Third, it had excellent vapor production. Not much I can say here; it was just excellent compared to about the other dozen liquids I have tried, from six other companies. So far, Halo has simply been the best all around.

    Last, I found that Mystic reminded me of the flavor of a Menthol Smooth. I'm honestly surprised that it isn't categorized as a Gourmet flavor. I wouldn't even call it a menthol exactly.. Slightly minty, a little sweet.. Like those soft mints (I can't think of the brand) but not really a peppermint flavor. I dunno. Just a great flavor.

    I have another bottle on order now. This is one liquid that I will never run out of, and so far, the only liquid I can say that about.

  143. The best menthol ADV review by Naseeruddin

    If you are looking for a menthol flavor that you can vape all day long, Mystic is the one. By far the best e liquid I have tried to date. Very subtle and refreshing and an amazingly smooth vape. The best...period.

  144. LOVE IT!!! review by PsyhcoDawg69

    Been daily vaping Mystic for over three months now and love it. Tried several different menthol flavors and this was the one i had been looking for. Highly recommend if you want a great menthol flavor.

  145. Crisp menthol review by Helen

    Mystic is nice. That was my first thought on vaping it. Smooth, crisp menthol and easily an ADV. I will soon be ordering the big bottle of this one!

  146. Yumm! review by Cheryl

    This was the first of my sample menthol package. First, cool, refreshing and nice throat hit. I am smoking on 3.6 amp. I enjoy the good vapor it provides. Also a nice little sweet undertone. So far so good! Good job Halo! Can't wait to get to the next one! I will order from you soon again! Thanks!

  147. Great review by Marina

    -Nice medium mint flavor
    -Hits throat with a nice chill/cold feeling
    -On exhale cool on skin and nose
    -Sometimes, I get a burnt marshmallow taste

  148. GREAT MENTHOL JUICE! review by Joel

    Very good taste. I was not disappointed by this flavor! I've smoked plenty of menthol cigarettes and this is the one that comes very close! gives your mouth and throat that nice clean min feeling after exhaling. throat hit is pretty high up there, so if you're a newbie try to take it easy.

  149. Mystic is Great! review by Stan

    I recently received my bottle of Mystic. I purchased it after reading a majority of the reviews. What a great taste! This definitely has become one of my favorites! I am so pleased with everything that I have purchased so far from Halo. I wish I would have come across them much sooner before I wasted money on other products. Keep up the good work!

  150. Its good review by Danny

    This sort of reminds you of a cough drop. The menthol lingers a few minutes after taking a few drags. Nice cool feeling.

  151. Arctic paradise review by Deneb

    Minty, sweet, crisp, vivid, icy, refreshing, fantastic throat hit, fantastic vapor production… Never liked menthol but this is nonetheless one of my favorite juices. Mint magic. At last, I can blow arctic fog with my mouth just like they do in gum commercials!

  152. It's satisfying and tasty review by Allan

    Definitely something I will soon reorder. Mystic is easy on the throat but with full flavor that never seems harsh. I never thought I could taste the subtle differentiations of flavor that Halo offers its customers. But I think I'm starting to appreciate them more every day.

  153. My favorite! review by Alice

    I was a light menthol smoker and when I got Mystic, it became my favorite e-liquid! I enjoy it everyday and use it more than any other flavor. I love it!

  154. A very good menthol review by Jason

    I have purchased Mystic and Subzero from Halo and with that being said I prefer the SubZero, but only because I like a strong menthol. Mystic is a weaker menthol compared to SubZero, but still a very well flavored e-liquid. It reminds me more the analog cigarette. Although I enjoy SubZero I still like this one when I don't all the menthol. I recommend Mystic if you like menthol analog cigarettes and if you don't want a ton of menthol.

  155. Menthol at it's best review by Gail

    I didn't want a really strong menthol when I chose Mystic. I got EXACTLY what I wanted. A nice smooth, almost creamy menthol that's NOT harsh on the throat. Great job Halo!

  156. Fantastic Juice! review by Batmanwh300

    Just what the doctor ordered! This Mystic Menthol liquid has a super smooth taste plenty of throat hit and a ton of vapor. My girlfriend has gone through a full 15ml bottle in about a week, and she is a pretty light vaper.

    I guess you could say that she has been MYSTIFIED...

  157. Great Mint Flavor! review by Big John

    This juice delivers great vapor, throat hit and tastes just like spearmint chewing gum (which is my favorite), I will definitely be ordering a large bottle before I run out of my sample size.

  158. Love it! review by Judy

    I love Halo's Mystic E-liquid, it's my absolute favorite! I have tried all Halo's menthol flavors and in my opinion, Mystic is the best. It has no tobacco flavor at all, just freshness with a sweet undertone. It's lovely!

  159. My favorite Menthol review by Joanne

    I love this flavor! This tastes like those chalky mints that some restaurants and many diners have in a bowl by the cash register or entrance/exit. It has no tobacco flavor at all - which I thought I wouldn't like - but instead it's my favorite of all of the menthols in the sampler. It has a very pure sweet taste - it's creamier than all of the other menthols, which I find more satisfying. It has a great mouth feel. If you like the flavor of Marlboro NXT cigarettes and are looking for something similar to that type of a "menthol" cigarette, you'll LOVE this flavor.

  160. Good Flavor, Weak Menthol review by Brendan

    This is the first menthol flavor I have tried from Halo. The taste is definitely crisp and clean, but the menthol left me wanting. I would probably get the menthol effect for the first few puffs and then nothing after that. But if you are looking for a light menthol with a clean taste then this liquid is for you. I really enjoyed it.

  161. A crowd pleaser with a light vanilla undertone review by Cody

    Good day Vapers!

    This is the third liquid I have tried, I was a menthol enthusiast! This liquid is a light bodied one, with a light throat hit and sweeter undertones along with the slight "chill" effect. This liquid left me with a vanilla taste on the exhale. It fills the room with a slight vanilla aroma. This is a sound choice, if you are looking for a more potent menthol effect, sub-zero is a great alternative. There is no tobacco flavor present in this liquid, as the description says as well. A must try!

  162. Fantastic liquid review by Josh

    This was the only liquid I've found so far that can quench the thirst for a real menthol. It is minty but not overpowering like the mystic ice was for me. Great throat hit, very smooth, and just menthol enough to be great without over powering me. This is my daily vape. I switch out other flavors all day like coffee, fruity flavors, etc...but I always have this liquid with me. Love it, keep up the great work.

  163. After taste :) so good review by Jeremy

    It is a clean crisp menthol that sticks around after you vape it. I love it. I was never a fan of menthol cigarettes, but I tried this and it is very good.

  164. Smooth and sweet menthol. One of my favorites! review by Robert

    Mystic is a sweet indulgence in the menthol catagory. It offers a medium throat hit not too much and not too little. I have tasted many menthols but Mystic is by far the smoothest due to its sweet undertones. Just like all Halo liquids Mystic produces lots of vapor. I think Mystic is a great choice for any menthol lover and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different tasting menthol. My girlfriend loves it as well and I'll definitely be ordering more. Thanks Halo for a sweet twist on menthol!

  165. Nice menthol! review by J-Holiday

    As a menthol smoker, I thought I would try a menthol flavor. This is my favorite all-day flavor. And I have tried other tank systems and flavors, and Halo is by far the best. I don't usually write reviews for anything I purchase (even if it's great) but I am so impressed with Halo products, I have to share. I am in love with all things Halo. I will certainly be ordering from Halo regularly. The Triton Tank system is the best, no leaking whatsoever, battery life is great, and charging is a breeze. Nice work, Halo!! Keep those yummy flavors coming!

  166. SO GOOD! review by Travis

    I have only taken a handful of hits off of this stuff so far and I think I am in love, this juice tastes amazing! Pretty certain I just found my all day vape with Mystic. You can taste the cool sweetness before you even inhale and it leaves and excellent after taste. I was looking for something just a little weaker than Sub-Zero and this is it.

    Great cool, refreshing taste and great vapor production!

  167. Smooth and very delicious review by Devin

    This is the first e liquid I have ever tried (besides the occasional hit off someone else's e-cig). I didn't want a tobacco flavor while still getting a nice throat hit. Mystic is WONDERFUL! The flavor is sort of creamy minty. Very delicious and it has a very nice, but not too harsh, throat hit without tobacco flavor. Highly recommended.

  168. Cool & Icy Smooth! review by Cam

    A fairly light throat hit is accompanied by a chilling taste
    left in the back of your throat.

    This liquid may be one of the top menthol replications
    I have ever tried. I use this flavor in between gourmet
    flavors, as I also have a weak spot for menthol!

    I purchased a 7ml bottle of this along with my first G6 starter kit
    and am nearing the end of my bottle. Looking to buy a
    30ml next!

  169. great menthol!! review by Daniel

    I have tried many menthol ecigs and juices and never came away satisfied. Well my girlfriend brought over her Sub zero juice and WOW! FINALLY! A menthol flavored juice that taste not good but incredible. The taste is great but I also have to say the feeling, it's like inhaling ice. I loved it and will be my next juice.

  170. Sweet and soft review by RottenMilk

    Minty and refreshing, with a really nice light sweet flavor. This is my everyday ejuice because it leaves a delightful feeling in your mouth. Would have loved it a little stronger though, but hey! That's just my personal preferences for strong flavors :)

  171. Crisp and Clean as described review by Phillip

    I really enjoyed Mystic more than Menthol Ice. I think it needs a little more minty flavor to spice up the juice; Spearmint flavor would help a lot. Clean and crisp upon inhaling, the throat kick was good. Great vapor production as with any other Halo's e-juice. I am a true menthol lover and will be a fan forever.

    I would suggest Halo to create a new Menthol flavor. Strong "Spearmint" flavor that has that wow factor. It would be great to have another minty flavor in their arsenal.

  172. Sweet, sweet mint. review by Kevin

    Wanted to try something menthol, but not Kringle's Curse. No don't get me wrong, the curse is great. It's just a little strong for an ADV. I like to have a tank of tobacco (torque56 right now, which is great) and menthol (was the curse, now Mystic) in my kit at all time so I don't get bored with any one flavor. I really like Mystic!!! It's a sweet menthol taste with sugary undertones. Not too unlike a mint gum or icebreaker mint. It throat hits just right and vapes great! Very light on tobacco taste, similar I would think to a Kool.

    I have only tried Halo juice, will continue to do so, and will not break the habit. IN HALO, I TRUST!!!

  173. Awesome menthol review by Jullian

    This is an awesome menthol tasting liquid, I've tried a bunch and this is far the best.

  174. nice menthol, sweet aftertaste review by Flex

    This menthol reminds me of the creamy menthol cigarettes Camel used to sell before flavored cigarettes were banned. Has a very nice aftertaste to it, very sweet. I was chilling on this flavor before I discovered Halo's SubZero, and would definitely suggest at least trying a 7ml of it.

  175. Ridiculously good review by Timothy

    To be completely honest when i first ordered this Eliquid i wasn't expecting much, just your run of the mill minty menthol... BOY was I wrong! The flavor is fantastic! the mint is nice and fresh, there's a subtle sweet flavor that brings everything together, it's rather hard to describe, but I suppose you could say it's almost a vanilla flavor. This is easily one of my new "All Day Vapes" if your looking for a mint/menthol flavor you definitely need to buy a bottle of Mystic.

  176. Like butter! review by Tonya

    Very nice flavor and throat hit, there is almost a "buttery" undertone, slightly creamy. I like that there is no underlying tobacco flavor to this as well. Try it, you won't be sorry!

  177. My favorite menthol review by Jeff

    This flavor is very similar to Menthol ice with a little more menthol kick to it. I have to add some Subzero to liven up Menthol Ice and tone down the sweetness, but I find Mystic to be just right as a stand alone flavor. In contrast to the refreshingly crisp settle flavor of Cool Mist, Mystic offers a more notable hint of mint and sweetness. Throat hit is minimal similar to all other menthols outside of the throat blasting Subzero, so if you need that sensation then you may have to add a little Subzero or give Kringle's Curse a go.

  178. Great flavor, great price review by Tony

    Mystic by Halo is a different type of flavor.This was the first eliquid I'd ever tried. And oh my was I in heaven. It tastes sweet where it needs to, and fresh all around. At first its a fresh mint, but hits the throat in an almost spicy way. For me, it's a little too "rich" of a menthol flavor. But it's perfect for a morning vape. If you're into a well rounded, deep mint flavor, this one is for you.

  179. LOVELY !!!! review by Jennifer

    Ok, just got my 30ml bottle of this and tried it and it is my absolute favorite of the menthol flavors!!!!! I really like all of them but, this is the clear winner for me as far as the menthols go . Cool Mist was my favorite, and while it does still have the more solid throat hit than Mystic I so do not care because this flavor is just so immense and perfect. You get sweet, mint of all variation, and a little something more I'm just not sure what it is. Totally satisfying. I am a mixer and yet, have no desire to mix this with anything. I think Halo made this one just for me. And the kicker, I wasn't even a menthol smoker. Hmmm, who knew? Just so delicious!!!

  180. Mystic review by Matthew

    This is my top menthol flav besides the sub zero.
    I like the vapor hit on the mystic best , flavor wise for menthol this is my top choice.
    My main all day vape fluid #1

  181. If you use menthol ice...MAKE THE SWITCH review by Matthew

    There is a REASON this is Halo's best-selling menthol!

    First and foremost, Menthol ice tastes GREAT, but being a loyal Halo user, I was beginning to feel like the menthol ice was lacking. The name is true, it is simply menthol flavor with an icy/refreshing undertone. Not much other flavor...the tobacco flavor isn't really there either.

    ENTER Mystic. As other reviews have said, the vanilla undertones area AWESOME, the menthol feel/taste is better than menthol ice, AND there is a feeling/taste of tobacco that was the missing element of Menthol Ice, DEFINITELY worth getting a 30ML bottle of this if you are a menthol ice user.

  182. Number 1 on my list!! review by Elizabeth

    I am SUPER picky with menthol liquid and Mystic, in my opinion, is PERFECT!! I have been through so many menthols from a variety of companies and when I finally came across Halo and Mystic, my search was officially over. It is not overwhelmingly minty or sweet, it's not overwhelming in any fashion. Being that I'm a single Momma of 3 and finances are rarely great, there are times where I can't afford to put out the money for it, so I end of having to "settle" for a runner-up menthol from another company. When I am able to get my Mystic, I CHERISH every last drop!!

  183. Nice for a regular vape review by Cory

    It's a nice light mint and a light menthol mix. It's easy to vape constantly without the flavor getting old too quickly. It's not like a spearmint either, it's a really clean mint. It kind of reminds me of Wintergreen gum but not nearly as strong.

  184. Excellent Mint/Menthol Flavor review by l_strider_l

    I reserve my full 5 star support for anything unless it just blows me away. Well, this folks is one of those very incidents. I am a bit of a connoisseur of mint/menthol flavors by now and I would put this one in my top 5 easily. I got this as a generous sample from Cinder Ella along with my 30ml of Sub Zero. I couldn't wait for it to steep as recommended by Halo so I rushed to try it. News to me, it was great fresh off the assembly line. A decidedly minty flavor with some cool throat hit of menthol, subtly sweet and ever so slightly creamy in addition. Great throat hit and vapor production. Truly and ADV. Mix with a bit of SubZero for a more keen blast. Highly recommended for menthol/mint smokers or those who enjoy a palate cleanser.

    Yours Truly,


  185. Great sweet refreshing tast review by Mimi1885

    It's very refreshing menthol flavor. It's the first flavor I tried out of the sample pack. I'm quite satisfied. I tried adding a few drops of sub-zero and it's the closest thing to B&H luxury menthol.

    The sweet aftertaste took a few puffs to get used to but it's a welcome addition.

  186. Pretty darn good all around review by Lynn

    Good flavor and aftertaste with good vapor. Menthol Ice is my favorite Halo e liquid and Halo is my favorite e liquid after trying several others. Have to say that if I keep vaping this one, it may pass up Menthol Ice. Even if you are not a menthol smoker you should give this one a try.

  187. SMOOTH Menthol flavor with just a mint of sweet! review by CaptDonna

    With an added line up of Menthol Ice, Cool Mist and Sub-Zero I thought hmm can there be such "major" differences? Absolutely YES!
    This is a genie in a bottle- wish for menthol and you get it! On the inhale this soothing menthol juice is so smooth and then I get a hint of minty sweetness on the exhale. Nice and easy throat hit with tons of vaper at 12mg YES definitely another reorder on my wish list!
    I keep tasting and testing the menthols (plus Voodoo and HX3) and I have said THIS is the one. Then I try another – it’s mind boggling! Each has it’s own personality suited for the mood I’m in. I love that HALO can create such individuality.
    IMHO HALO doesn’t just add a little more of this or that to make the next one. They LISTEN – READ our reviews!! They just keep the choices coming. To me that’s says exactly what IS different about HALO juices! Once again no disappointment here.
    Thank you for your exciting challenges HALO – I’m game! Keep them coming!
    (As my reorder list gets longer and longer LOL!!)

  188. Subtle Mint Flavor... review by Janay

    The Mystic e-juice has great flavor if you like a light and very mellow menthol taste. It has a nice throat hit and produces some righteous vapor! This makes for a nice treat when you're tired of your other flavors. Occasionally, I add it to my Belgium Chocolate e-juice for a minty chocolate flavor. Very nice...I would buy this again.

  189. Toothpaste juice review by Jeff

    This is a great menthol juice, and I love it. It just seems like I'm vaping toothpaste though lol. It leaves you with that taste you have just after brushing your teeth.

  190. Love Halo Cool Mist Above Any Menthol E-liquid review by Kristal

    I love the Halo Cool Mist above any other liquids. I've been using it about a year and have tried cheaper liquids only to find they are not worth the savings. Halo all the way for me!

  191. Best menthol I have ever Vaped! review by Joshua

    I think that this was the best tasting menthol I have ever vaped. I bought the menthol sampler and this was by far my favorite.

  192. vanilla taste review by Tanner

    I don't know if it's me but this tastes like vanilla with a very cool sensation. Since I love vanilla it's awesome! Great all day vape.

  193. When in the mood, this is the most refreshing! review by Corey

    It's been awhile since I had this flavor but since I just saw it and was reminded on how I got it as a free sample I recall how awesome it was. I think I might re-order some soon because the tobacco flavors can get a little boring. One of the better menthol flavors I've had.

  194. The Best of the Best review by Jean W Barker

    Love the e-liquids in 0% nicotine!! Flavor is top of the line. Tried another brand and man, it sucked and I had to throw it in the trash asap! I am only buying Halo e-liquids because they have been and are the best in the business....top quality!!

  195. Best off all the mentols review by Grizzal81

    This is my favorite e liquid, I vape it every day. I have found that the 3-3.2 ohms coils work best with this e liquid. At lower resistance on my Triton it burns the wick too quick. The vapor is about an 8 and the throat this is also an 8 (18mg) it's a little lighter in both categories with 12mg. If i had to compare it to a tobacco cig it comes close to a camel crush.

  196. Finally back to menthols review by Gabriel

    I used to be a heavy menthol user back in my analog days, but they'd leave my throat way too dry and raspy the next day. It was downright painful and I went to just plain tobacco for the longest time. Since I've started vaping I thought, "Well, none of Halo's liquids have given me that feeling at all, I think I'll give a menthol a shot." I regret not doing it sooner.

    This menthol is just what I remember loving back in my "analog" days, and the best part is I don't get a dry pain the next day. This has been my all day vape at work and home, especially in the hot summer days when you want a fresh feel/taste. Excellent flavor, throat hit, draw, and exhale. Perfect.

  197. Perfect Menthol review by Christine

    I love this flavor. It's a light refreshing menthol with a little bit of mint and a little sweetness. It's a perfect combination. The smooth cool menthol gives you a good throat hit that's not too strong and the sweet minty flavor leaves your mouth refreshed. I use it in the G6 mini tank and it produces a lot of satisfying vapor. I was a long time menthol smoker and Mystic hits the spot. I highly recommend it.

  198. a perfect menthol review by lasttango

    Mystic has been my #1 go to since I received my first free sample back when it was just a tester / beta liquid. It's not too sweet... yet there is plenty of flavor... the throat hit is moderate to strong. Mystic is an extremely clean liquid that performs perfectly in my 801 fusion carto or 510/801 atomizer at 5volts. All of halo's liquids perform heads and shoulders above 99%+ of other juices.

    I have been vaping menthols for almost two years now and I have tried SO MANY different menthol liquids from so many vendors... A Halo menthol or Mystic has stayed at #1 the entire time.

  199. Nice review by Patrick

    Very cool menthol flavor. Its almost like a spearmint in my opinion. This is the first and only menthol flavor by Halo that I've tried, looking forward to trying the others!

  200. Nice flavor review by JantheMan

    I can't decide if which I like better, Mystic or Menthol Ice. MI was my favorite, then I tried Mystic. A little less....juicy. but a slightly better throat hit. To me, MI is more minty and Mystic is more menthol. Fortunately, I don't have to choose.
    Thanks Halo.

  201. Awesome E-Juice review by Christi

    I have been so pleased with this e-juice! . If you are a menthol smoker, this is very similar to that experience. This will definitely be my every day vape. You rocked it, Halo!

  202. A great all day vape review by Christine

    Sometimes I just need a change in my all day vape and Mystic is just what I need. Just enough mint or menthol to take me to my relaxing place, throat hit is just right. Yeah I will be ordering more of Mystic for sure.

  203. My favorite! review by Derek

    Ive tried a variety of Halo juices and this is by far my favorite! It hits like a classic menthol and finishes with an extra minty note. Some menthols are a little overpowering, but this one finds the perfect balance.

  204. Top two methol flavors review by kyle

    This was my first ever Halo juice. I love it. I put it as a close second to Sub- Zero. Any menthol lover needs to try it. Nice TH and smooth exhale. One of the best from the best juice makers!! Give it a try. It wont let you down.

  205. The Best of the Lot review by Terry

    This is the most satisfying of all the menthols I have vaped and is my go to daily vaping experience. The flavor is full with a hint of sweet flavor. A surprising amount of vapor and great throat hit without any harshness. That's it - it's a smooth, even flavor. Great favorite. It also mixes well with any other fruit or menthol. Easily a 6 star vape!

  206. Excellent Menthol review by JR

    I got this bottle with the menthol sampler pack. My all-day vape is/was Menthol Ice. This is very similar, but it's a bit smoother and has a touch less flavor/sweetness. I think this will most likely replace Menthol Ice for me.

    It has a very clean and refreshing menthol taste with a touch of candy-cane-ish syrup flavor to me. It's definitely not a sweet/dessert flavor, it's just a very slight touch.

    If you were/are a menthol smoker and/or vaper, you really should give this a try.

  207. Just so fresh and clean.. review by Devin

    This fluid is superb! I've tried a considerable amount of other menthol flavors from other companies and at the time I thought they were decent.... until I tried this. Mystic blows them all away. It has a very good, but not overpowering menthol taste that makes your mouth feel cool and fresh like you just put a fresh piece of delicious gum in your mouth. It produces a large amount of vapor, and though this is my first Halo menthol flavor (I'm going to try them all), it is currently the best menthol vape experience I've had to date. I vaped this out of the Halo Triton system (ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) .

  208. Quality flavor. review by Michael Friel

    I have a hard time choosing between this flavor and Sub-Zero. While Mystic has a strong menthol element, Sub-Zero adds a little spearmint sweetness on the end notes which make them both very pleasurable. I would recommend getting one of each flavor.

  209. Unique. review by Danny

    This e-juice certainly wouldn't offend anyone. It's got a smooth taste but pretty good throat hit too. Obviously its got menthol but the other good flavor I get in this that really smooths it out it a slightly sweet spearmint. Kinda like the spearmint that's in Extra Spearmint gum. Good vapor production but not quite as much vapor as Cool Mist. I think Mystic has a touch more menthol kick than Cool Mist too.

  210. Clean and Cool review by Alex

    Purchased small samples of this and HX3 to use with my new Triton Tank System. This is a great liquid; extremely clean and cool with a very subtle sweet aftertaste. The menthol flavor is right up front and after my first hit I likened it to a purely mentholated cough drop. I recently was using an e-ecig from a competitor and felt that menthol flavors would offer the best throat hit. Continuing the trend, after reading the review for Mystic, I figured why not. Although I am awaiting a variety sampler pack from Halo as we speak, this is one of my favorite flavors thus far.

  211. Great juice review by Dan

    I liked this juice but the flavor was a little too mild for my personal taste. This was the very first juice I had ever tried and I was not disappointed but I have decided to try Sub Zero and Kringles Curse to seek out a more intense minty flavor. If you are searching for an subtle menthol juice and don't want too intense of an mint flavor this juice will be perfect for you.

  212. Pretty Awesome review by Ben

    Nice blend of sweet and menthol....excellent throat hit and nice vapor production, but no surprise bc it's Halo juice....will be switching out this with my sub zero for variety...

  213. Menthol perfection review by Rick

    I only smoke menthol, and this one is my second favorite. Has a very good balance and not overwhelming and not lacking... Perfect.

  214. Above the rest of the pack!! review by Adam

    Just tried this recently and I have to say it's my new favorite, and will be my go-to menthol vape! Absolutely brilliant and not like the other menthol's they offer. Very difficult to pinpoint what it is, but there's a subtle sweet note on top of the menthol base that blends perfectly. A must try!

  215. Awesome Vape review by Greg

    By far my favorite Halo vape. I started with Tribeca, which is also an awesome vape, but wanted something with more pop to it. Mystic has a better throat hit and very consistent flavor. I would recommend this one to any menthol lover, and to any sweet lover as well. As with all Halo vapes, it lives up to the high quality standards the company has set for itself.

  216. Good but strong review by Monica

    Unique menthol flavor, with a hard throat hit. Not an all day vape for me, but highly recommended for menthol lovers.

  217. Another great juice review by Jason

    This was the first Halo juice I tried. I have tried a ton of menthol juices and this is my favorite one. It's a nice menthol with a twist that I can't really describe. It's a very smooth juice with great vapor. The throat hit is plenty for me and this juice alone actually got one of my co-workers to switch to Halo. This is my main liquid which I use with my Triton system. Great product that anyone looking for a real nice menthol will love.

  218. Mystic- Smooth taste, nice throat hit review by GraziosaTina

    This was the second flavor I tried after I ordered my starter kit which I ordered with pre filled Menthol Ice cartridges. It is similar to the menthol ice. But with more a sweet mint flavor and a little bit stronger. Coming from a menthol smoker who only seems to go with menthol or mint flavors I would say this a very good ejuice. In my opinion it has more of a sweetness to it as described. Basically Halo's description of this ejuice and my flavor senses are spot on!! They described just as I would. A great juice with a very good smooth throat hit and great sweet mint taste. A must try for menthol lovers!!

  219. Great Menthol Flavor with a hint of Sweetness review by Allen

    After years of using Menthol Ice as my primary liquid, I decided to try Mystic when I purchased my new Halo Triton ecig.

    It was love at first puff! Mystic provides a wonderful smooth menthol taste with a hint of sweetness. This is a great all-day vape that is slightly smoother than Menthol Ice and never show any sign of harshness or burning, even on long draws.

    I just ordered 2 more bottles and I wouldn't be surprised if Mystic becomes my new favorite.

  220. Love the smooth menthol taste review by Anthony

    Bought the large bottle for my wife and I. We both like the coolness of the menthol and great throat hit. This is a repeat buy for sure. Thanks Halo for this great E-liquid.

  221. The absolute best! review by Geri

    If you're looking for a true menthol e-juice, look no further. I've tried a variety of e-juices claiming to be menthol, and have been disappointed or even grossed out. Halo's Mystic is the absolute BEST e-juice I've vaped. Whatever they put into it, it's the perfect recipe. It provides a delicious, robust, and smooth vape. You won't be disappointed. Trust me. I'm picky. Once you try it, you'll be a Halo customer for life, just like me.

  222. Glorious Sweet Menthol! review by Infectellect

    A Perfect combination of light sweet flavor mixed in with your menthol. One of my favorite menthol flavors offered on any website. I am a huge fan of mixed flavors, mainly sweet mixed in with another flavor. For anyone who loves menthol and sweet flavors.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass