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Menthol V E-liquid

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Formerly Menthol X We start with a base of ultra-smooth tobacco and blend in peppermint and menthol flavors, then we finish with just a touch of Eucalyptus to create Menthol Ⅴ. It’s a complex E-liquid flavor that offers a strong, refreshing throat hit with a cool, sweet finish—a must-have for any vaper.

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We start with a base of ultra-smooth tobacco and blend in peppermint and menthol flavors, then we finish with just a touch of Eucalyptus to create Menthol V. It’s a complex E-liquid flavor that offers a strong, refreshing throat hit with a cool, sweet finish—a must-have for any vaper.

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  1. Halo has the smoothest, most flavorful liquids by far! review by dd

    I'm new to vaping and used to smoke a pack a day, until I decided to give this vaping thing a try. I researched the best liquids, watched numerous videos and chose Halo.

    I have no problem spending money on vaping, I spent a lot on smokes for yrs. I have ordered several different flavors from Halo and their competitors. Halo has the smoothest, most flavorful liquids by far! Even the ones I just KNOW I'm not going to like are frigging awesome! I have been shocked by how they have made quitting for ME easy. I vape like a chimney- and I love it! I added new flavors to my recent order this time. Menthol V is one for the books-- It is smooth, gives me just what I need and more when it comes to flavor and taste. Gee wiz Halo, you guys know your juice. Thank you so very much. I will be ordering way more of this one. Not sure if this review will help anyone as I'm kinda ranting on. I was a menthol cigarette smoker for over a decade and this juice is awesome-! It's not super sweet ( I don't like) it's not to strong for me.

  2. Superb! Great when mixed with Kringle's Kurse or SubZero review by Aaron

    Absolutely love this flavor! Originally, I got some as a free sample with one of my other orders and I'm so glad that I did! I immediately fell in love with it. It's great as a menthol, but the reason I fell in love with it was due to its' interesting flavor complexity, and really smooth blend. I never liked any tobacco based e-liquid before but this one caught me off guard. Also, it mixes great with Kringle's Curse and Subzero which are two of my all time favorites. It takes them both up a notch by adding just a bit of smooth flavor magic. I absolutely love it!

  3. finally a realistic tasting menthol cigarette flav review by ross

    Generally, when you buy a menthol flavor e-juice, you end up with just pure mint or menthol flavor. This one actually tastes like a good menthol cigarette. It is like pairing Halo's menthol and tobacco flavors together. Halo has the best tasting tobacco flavors in my opinion so I'm biased. Try it if you like menthol cigarettes and you'll be happy with what you get.

  4. The bomb! review by Patricia

    If you are looking for an e-liquid that will give you the satisfaction of menthol, with a hybrid tobacco blend, then this is the e-liquid you need to try. It produces volumes of vapor that tantalizes every one of your senses, from your nose to your mouth—where every taste bud comes alive. You even appreciate the taste and aroma when you exhale the volumes of vapor. Halo has hit the mark, yet again.

  5. Best when mixed with SubZero review by michael

    I think this one is pretty good mixed with something like SubZero and then it becomes a 5 star liquid to me. By itself I feel like it lacks enough menthol and is more like a regular tobacco e-juice, because it has little menthol for my taste. But overall it is still a good flavor.

  6. Tasty that you can't put down! review by BenFifty

    Received a 7ml bottle of this flavor in one of my orders, and was surprised at how fast it went. You truly don't notice how much of this you vape until you're down to your last drop ha-ha. It's a great menthol, that doesn't get annoying. I'm guessing it's due to the fact that it's a tobacco hybrid as well, which I only now discovered—great vapor production as well every time. Debating on which menthol flavor to order in a 30ml bottle, but it's definitely miles better than the Menthol Ice in my book.

  7. I didn't like tobacco flavors until trying this one. review by Herb

    This e-liquid has a very subtle tobacco flavor, along with a sweet mint that is not overpowering but more noticeable than the tobacco. Even for a non-tobacco vaper, this is a good alternative after a meal. I chose the menthol variety pack during a recent special promotion Halo ran and this flavor was included. I was pleasantly surprised by the good taste and vapor production and will consider ordering more to keep alongside my much loved Kringle's Curse.

  8. Great when you have a sore throat review by Michele

    I enjoy vaping a menthol e-liquid when I have a sore throat. The Menthol V e-liquid has a smooth and comfortable throat hit. I love the blends of menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermint. This liquid provides the soothing vapor that I need while waiting for my throat to heal. However, this e-liquid is a product that is great for vaping at any time. As with any menthol e-liquid, I enjoy adding a few drops to my favorite traditional flavors as well.

  9. Blows away the rest review by Joshua

    By far my absolute favorite! I am pretty new to vape here but I got the G6 starter kit and the menthol sampler pack. I fell in love with this menthol and tobacco blend. To me it’s the perfect hit for someone who wants to switch from Newport's to vape. Thank you HALO!

  10. Very Nice! review by Giz

    I received this as a sample with my order. I have to say it's very good. Great menthol flavor with a slight tobacco undertone. It also has a very good vapor production, and a great throat hit. I might order it next time.

  11. Best menthol review by Leila

    I've tried a lot of menthol e-liquids. Most are just too strong tasting like vaping toothpaste. Menthol V is smooth and it doesn't have a strong peppermint flavor like others. This is smooth and more subtle. Great juice!

  12. Can't Live Without It review by Brave

    Not usually a big menthol vaper, but I do enjoy the change in taste as an alternative to my tobacco selections from time to time. Having already tried a number of the other Halo menthol flavors, and enjoyed them all, Menthol V was a real taste bud opener. Plenty of fresh, clean menthol, but not so much as to be overpowering. It's definitely the strong eucalyptus that really hits the spot for me. It also adds a subtle sweetness and unique taste that sets it apart from every other menthol liquid I've vaped. Loved it so much that it's now become a permanent part of my e-juice home stocks. Can't live without it!

  13. Delicious review by Jon

    By far the best e-liquid I have ever vaped. It has a sweet peppermint draw with a menthol and very mild tobacco exhale. I'd say the peppermint taste is a lot like a lifesaver mint. It’s sweet but not too overwhelmingly minty. I've tried peppermint from another company and other menthols but nothing compares. This e-juice is worth every penny. Halo nailed it with this e-liquid!

  14. Something Different review by Ron

    This flavor is so unique! I tend to mix a lot of flavors. Nothing in my stash sounded like it would be a good mix, except for another mint or menthol. I will keep this around for my menthol sessions.

  15. Root beer? review by Jeanne

    I never write reviews but this was totally unexpected. I usually have three tanks full of Malibu, Kringle’s Curse, and Turkish Tobacco, which I alternate throughout the day. I have never ordered menthol and was surprised when Halo sent me a sample of this. I opened the bottle and did not like the smell so I put it in the closet, wondering who I could give it to. A week later I tried it and thought it was strange and too strong. The next day I accidentally added some Turkish Tobacco to the Menthol V tank and it was better. Then I added some Kringle’s Curse to the mix and it was wonderful. It reminded me of root beer! I just ordered 2 large bottles!

  16. Awesome review by Nicholas

    I don't know where to start, this Menthol V is great. I taste a hint of peppermint, menthol, and tobacco. I love menthol flavors when it comes to vaping. I bought a 7ml bottle and will be ordering a 30ml next time. Great e-liquid!

  17. Wow Just Wow! review by Michael

    I have to say this came with my last order and I tried it out. I am really not a menthol user but this menthol was different. It had no candy or fruit flavor. It has a touch of tobacco and all I have to say is, Wow! I ordered (2) 30ml bottles on my next order and will certainly keep this on hand from now on. However, it may not be for everyone but it is for me.

  18. Best yet!!!! review by Jack

    I just received the Menthol V a couple of days ago. It just blew my mind! I just love the tobacco flavor with a hint of menthol. I have tried tobacco and menthol mix from other companies. Man, they were really tasted nasty! Menthol V is just so smooth and the throat hit is light. If you are not a menthol fan, just give this a try, you might think twice about passing on the menthol. Great job Halo, I just found my all day vape!

  19. Delish review by Jessica

    I bought a menthol sample pack along with a small bottle of Menthol V on my first order. I like Menthol V better than any of the flavors that came in my menthol sample pack. It has a nice smooth menthol taste that isn't too minty with a mild tobacco undertone. I let a friend try it who normally doesn't like menthol flavors and she just had to know where she could buy it. Great stuff!

  20. Menthol V hits the mark review by daniel

    I received a free bottle of Menthol V with my last purchase. What I found with this e-liquid is that it has the smoothest menthol flavor and is not overpowering. I have never been into menthol but this has found a place in my line up juice. The flavor you get is cool and does't make your throat sore like many other menthol flavors. I really enjoyed this e-liquid and the quality shows every time you vape. It has a great blend and offers so much more than just menthol.

  21. a great menthol review by Gene

    In my opinion, the only problem with most menthols is they end up tasting the same. Menthol V has a unique taste which reminds me a lot of a Camel menthol. However, I combine Menthol V with the Turkish Tobacco to enhance the effect.

  22. Eucalyptus! review by Chris

    Eucalyptus! It sounds weird, I know. I was hesitant when I got this with the menthol sample pack as I was not too fond with menthol flavors. This is a genuinly ingenious flavor. I love eucalyptus and I use it in the steam room all the time.

  23. nice minty, menthol flavor review by Don Paulieone

    I don't typically vape menthol but received a free 10ml sample and I gave it a spin. The mint and eucalyptus has a lot of flavor, medium throat hit, and soothing to vape when I had a sore throat. I then ordered a 30ml bottle and occasionally work it into my rotation. Menthol lovers should give this a try and you would be hard press not to like it.

  24. A truly amazing flavor! review by Dina

    Menthol V is the first menthol flavor I have tried from Halo. Personally, this is my favorite menthol e-liquid. The unique blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and menthol layered over a smooth tobacco base sets this flavor a part from any e-liquid I have tried. Menthol V truly has a complex flavor with a touch of sweetness that reminds me of caramel. It has just a hint of sweetness to make it amazing.

  25. One of the better ones review by Brandon

    Menthol V is really smooth. I never thought I would like menthol flavors so much!

  26. Menthol perfection review by Deneb

    Menthol V is another masterpiece for Halo. It is refreshing with a nice subtle dryness to it. It is a brilliant addition to your legendary menthol collection. Hats off to Halo and five well deserved stars.

  27. Great taste review by John

    Menthol V is a great and by far my favorite e-liquid. This is the closest one to an actual menthol flavor.

  28. Excellent Flavor review by Luca

    Menthol V is all it lives up to be. It deliveres a clean crisp, slightly sweet flavor, and slightly herbal. At first it shocks your tastebuds but eventually becomes a delicious blend. It vapes great too!

  29. I'm hooked on "MENTHOL V"............ review by Kimberly

    I'm so hooked on Menthol V that I can't smoke anything else! It has a very clean, smooth, and pure taste that I can't find in any other e-liquid. I am strictly a menthol vaper and I tried about 30 menthol e-liquids and none of them have come close to Menthol V. I can't sing and praise enough about this e-liquid! Please don't ever stop making Menthol V, Halo!

  30. Smooth blend good hit. review by Sean

    It took a day or so to adjust to this flavor but afterall it is one of my favorites. It is a good mix of toabcco and menthol.

  31. Best Halo Flavour! Highly Recommended! review by Joe

    I received a complementary 10Ml bottle of this e-liquid a few months ago. I thought it couldn’t' get any better than Tribeca (which was my favorite flavor before) but Halo surprised me. It has a light menthol taste with a mild balance of sweetness and flavor. it is my go to e-liquid that I don't get tired of which is rare for me. I highly recommend it!

  32. Menthol Lover!! review by Diane

    Menthol V is the only e-liquid that I keep in stock. It has a sharp flavor to it and not a vicks, cough syrup, or cigar flavor. It has just the right amount of tobacco in it. If you are looking for that perfect menthol tobacco blend then this is it.

  33. Not bad, just not for me. review by WWJD

    This is a blend of tobacco notes with menthol. It moght be too realistic for me but I prefer most of Halo's other menthol flavors. However, I would say if menthol is your thing then this is worth to try.

  34. best menthol ever review by Justin

    Menthol V is the best menthol ever. It has a nice, clean, and menthol taste with just a touch of sweetness. This is my go to e-liquid when I am in the mood for a nice menthol vape.

  35. An awesome hybrid juice review by Joe

    Menthol V is a new take on a menthol flavored e-liquid in all the right ways. The taste itself can't be compared to any other e-liquid I have tried. It doesn’t have too much menthol or too little just the right amount. The menthol flavor isn't as intense as other e-liquids like Subzero but in this case it is a good thing! It gives more of a full flavor. I have went through a 30 ml bottle of this in about a week because it has become my go to taste. Thanks for the delicious quality e-liquids Halo!

  36. Excellent! review by David

    I received a sample of Menthol V awhile back with one of my orders. I was never liked menthol (although I love Krinle's Curse and Subzero so I left it on the for awhile. I finally tried it and all I can say it is excellent! It is smooth, minty, great vapor, and good throat hit. Halo has done it again!

  37. Favorite Menthol, Hands Down! review by Cory

    Menthol V e-liquid is without a question my favorite menthol flavor offered by Halo. I have tried other menthol flavors from other brands but they were completely overpowering and tasted mostly like a cough drop or medicine. However, Menthol V was diffferent. It was the perfect blend of light tobacco, smooth, and satisfying menthol like you get a creamy minty flavor at the end. It reminds me of a "sweet mint" chewing gum which I love. It is very mild in flavor and doesn't have to much menthol or tobacco taste. It's a perfect mix which is what I was exactly looking for. 5 stars!

  38. Tastes pretty good! review by Christina L

    Menthol V taste so good. The flavor doesn’t become annoying or off putting after multiple days. The menthol flavor is fairly light.

  39. Great combination of flavors review by Holly

    I thorougly enjoyed the subtle mixture of flavors in this blend. The menthol and eucalyptus were awesome. The smooth tobacco "undertones" were a bit more than I cared for and somewhat overpowering of eucalyptus with a menthol mix. Overall, it came out just a little too strong for me. However, if you like the nice smooth feel of menthol with a soothing eucalyptus background and a rich tobacco taste. You're in for a treat!

  40. One of the best review by Josh

    At first I didn’t like Menthol V but the more I vaped it the more I like it!

  41. Fantastically delicious! review by Matthew

    Wow, where do I start? This was the first flavor I tried in my Triton and I got a 7ml bottle in my starter kit. It really went beyond my expectations, it just tastes so so good! It is just the perfect balance of everything. It does not have an overwhelming menthol taste and not a terrible disappointing menthol like you get from the blu cartridges. It is just the perfect blend of several crispy mint flavors with just a touch of tobacco for that addred smoothness. I have tried lots of different menthol e-liquids from gas stations and cheap blends at local vaporshops and this for me takes the cake. I can't really stress enough just how good it is. I liked it so much that I just ordered a 30ml bottle along with a couple of other flavors and extra tanks! I think Halo has just found another life long customer! I just wish they sold the stuff down the street because my 7ml bottle is empty. Yum, Yum, Yum, Buy it, Buy it!:-)

  42. The best Menthol ever! review by ANDYCG

    Menthol V, malibu and Kringle's Curse is my favorite e-liquids. The flavor of menthol and peppermint are well balanced and the tobacco flavor is subtle. This is my all day vapr and it is good for all seasons. It is great for a hot summer and cold winter. If you are not a fan of strong and aggresive menthol flavor then this is for you.

  43. The Best review by Chris

    Menthol V is one of my favorite e-liquids. It is smooth and not an overwhelming menthol. I doesn’t feel like you are vaping a cough drop.

  44. Best of both worlds - menthol & tobacco. review by Kubi

    Menthol V is a unique flavor and it offers a menthol taste but a bit different. It seems to have a darker and unusual menthol taste than Halo's other offerings. If you are a person who enjoys a mild menthol flavor topped over a very smooth tobacco base, then look no further, Menthol V is here. While the menthol flavor is definitely here, it is the combination of "mint" flavoring that makes this a very unique product to vape. This never really gets old and is great for those days where you can't decide between either vaping a tobacco or menthol blend.

  45. Best Menthol on the Market! review by Kimberly

    I'm so hooked on Halo's Menthol V that nothing else will satisfy me!

  46. Love review by Wugglez

    I wish the taste was a bit more tobacco but it is still very good.

  47. This is a great product! review by joseph

    I received Menthol V yesterday and gave it some vape time. Well, if you like sweet, robust, solid menthol flavor then you will fall in love just like I did .

  48. Fantastic review by jennifer

    Menthol V is a great way to keep a menthol flavor but I like to switch it up a little. It is hard to explain but it has a very unique taste and it is the only e-liquid I have tried with no after taste. Halo's e-liquid is a high quality you will get the flavor, throat hit and no after taste. If you are looking for a new e-liquid and you like menthol, I highly recommend getting the Menthol V and Subzero. It is nice to switch back and forth without ruining your tank and you can't taste the previous liquid. I don't know what they use here at Halo but it is some really clean stuff. I would suggest to not look any further, Halo is the place and their shipping is the same day. Also, I wouldn't even go with a 7ml bottle of this liquid because you are going to be back in 2 days for a 30ml bottle.

  49. Outstanding!!! review by Matthew

    This may be the best balance of tobacco and menthol I have ever tried! Also, it maybe the best flavor I have tried from Halo so far. I have probably tried about 15 of their flavors and Menthol V is one of my favorites.The best thing about this one, is it doesn't seem to gunk up my coils and turn brown as quickly as Tribeca (my other favorite). Therefore, from a maintenance stand point I enjoy this aspect as well. More time vaping and less time cleaning :)

  50. great new juice review by keith

    I love the new Menthol V flavor. I started mixing it with Subzero and it's my new favorite vape.

  51. Might be my new favorite review by Saiho

    For most of my vaping, I mix tobacco flavors with menthol which is usually Tribeca or Turkish Tobacco with Subzero. I was very eager to try this one and it didn't let me down. It does have a hint of Tribeca but more spicy, less sweet, and a hint of cinnamon too. With that being said, I love the hint of cinnamon which I've been hoping Halo would make for a long time. Overall I'm very happy with it.

  52. Surprisingly good review by LVE

    I am not a menthol or mint fan but this was a freebie promotion added to regular order. I like to let all e-liquids sit for a couple weeks before trying them it seems to enhance the flavors. I was a little concerned because of the name but it’s really not an over-powering menthol. It’s slightly sweet with just a subtle tingle in the back of the throat. It is actually a refreshing change from my harsher or dryer tobacco e-liquids or even add a little to them to lighten them up a bit. For a menthol e-liquid it’s actually, pretty darn good.

  53. Surprisingly good review by Glory

    We got this as a promo item a few months back with our order. I was rather suspicious of it, since most of the tobacco flavors I've tried, taste more like burnt, dried mud than anything else. However, I'm also the menthol person of this house, so eventually I gave it a try. I ordered the large bottle of it today with our refill order and it has a nice balance of flavor and no burnt taste. The menthol in this combination is also more subtle, if that suits you (I am a huge fan of Subzero) and the flavors are very nice.

  54. guud stuff here review by Jerry

    I got the free 10ml bottle of Menthol V and I added Malibu and Shamrock for a little extra kick. I absolutely loved it. I am going to get a bottle of Menthol Ice and see if it's just as good.... Overall, I am impressed. I have been a Halo customer and I am sold!! I love the variety of juices and plan to try them all.

  55. A Perfect Blend review by Damian

    I received the 10ml bottle of Menthol V with my regular order (Tribeca 30ml 18mg nicotine). As I'm always eager to try new Halo flavors, I quickly filled up my tank with it and was pleasantly surprised. Even with the name of Menthol V, I thought that it would be some very overpowering menthol (something blended and hard to name). I was wrong, as for me it seems like a perfect blend of light menthol, light tobacco taste, and a hint of sweetness on the exhale. This might just become my everyday liquid along with Tribeca. I will give it 5 stars for the taste and for the well thought out blend of flavors!

  56. my favorite review by maryjane

    I received the free 10ml bottle with my order. After sampling this E-liquid, I have decided that this is by far my favorite flavor!!! This is a very nice and satisfying liquid that meets my appetite. It does not have too much menthol (some are too strong). This has a very pleasant menthol flavor with a hint of sweetness to finish. My friends enjoy the smell- they say they feel as if they are at the "carnival" as the vapor reminds them of 'cotton candy'. lol

  57. Nice surprise review by Michael

    I like many other flavors but I received Menthol V for free in an order. It took me awhile to get around to trying it and at first I wasn't too impressed. I used it in a cartomizer and felt I got little flavor but only a light menthol sensation. However, after a week or so I've come back to it and I have to say I like it. I am using the same cartomizer and now I feel there is more flavor. The closest thing I can relate to the taste and smell would be ginger bread. Boy do I love ginger bread!! It also has semi sweet but a little cinnamon flavor with a light coolness of the menthol. All in all it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

  58. Quite Good review by Herbert

    I ordered a 30ml bottle of this e-liquid when it first came out. Yes, I did take a gamble but I thought why not Halo makes great E-liquid. Well I tried it out and it was a treat!! I found it to be very smooth and not overwhelming of menthol flavoring. haha..I would recommend it! Thank you Halo!

  59. Reminiscent of Tribeca review by Cam

    This is an excellent blend. I received a FREE bottle with my last order, and have already gone through it! It reminds me of Tribeca, but a bit milder. Tribeca has been one of my longstanding favorites from Halo, so I was excited that Menthol V was released with a similar flavor profile!

  60. Nicely done review by Vanessa

    Once again halo proves they know what they are doing - Menthol V is a nice blend of menthol and tobacco.

  61. Keeps me coming back review by Scott

    I've tried quite a few of the e liquids, and this is my favorite and ADV. I started using the Triton about a month ago and picked this as my starter. I don't think any of the tobacco flavors that I've tried really taste like tobacco, per se. But this one hits the spot for me. It is just the perfect combination of "tobacco" flavor, bit of sweetness, and menthol -tastes great. Thanks Halo for this juice.

  62. Go to adv review by Ruth

    Wow! This is a must for any menthol lovers! It is so different than any others I have had before. This was love at first vape for me! I just love the hint if eucalyptus! Well done Halo! Perfection!

  63. Menthol V is the Juice I've been searching for. review by JR5122

    Along the road, to finding that perfect juice, you come across many that seem to be the "one for me." Although, after a while you can take it or leave it. After trying Menthol V, I have to say that my search is over. First of all, I love the incredibly sweet and crisp taste of the menthol and tobacco flavor. It is the perfect pairing for the menthol and reminds me of the Tribeca with a menthol kick. It creates one of the smoothest, most delicious tastes I've ever encountered along with my journey vaping. I will definitely be stocking up on this wonderfully, delicious, juice.

  64. Pleasant surprise review by Matt

    I didn't smoke menthols before I started to vaping, so I wasn't too excited about trying this when I received a sample bottle with an order, but I'm glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, cool, and satisfying throat hit. Being a former virginia purist, the tobacco undertones on the exhale were pleasing, too. Now I'm looking forward to trying Halo's other menthol flavours :)

  65. Very nice menthol tobacco review by JJE

    With a nice menthol hit at the start, the additional oils add a subtle spice. The finish is tobacco... Tribeca I'm told, but nowhere near as strong as regular Tribeca. Very nice as a change of pace. Vapor production was a bit low. Try it at 3.8 on a Triton VV.

  66. Pretty Good review by shawn

    It is not as good as SubZero, but it is pretty good. It is not an ADV for me, but it has a distinct and unique flavor. I would recommend a try.

  67. I did not think i would like this... but I found a love for it review by William

    When Halo was doing the free bottle giveaway with this juice, I got it at the tail end of the period. Some reviews had already been written for it, so from what I could tell, the reviews were telling me it was Tribeca with Menthol. Well, i didn't like Tribeca when I tried it, but I just finished the bottle. At first vape of Menthol V, I was like, "Oh God, this is Tribeca with menthol," but as i kept vaping it, I found a love for it. It really is Tribeca with menthol, and it did remind me of a menthol cigarette. If you didn't like Tribeca, but you like Halo's menthols, give this a try.

    I will also note that I got the sampler pack when I first started vaping from Halo. Maybe my taste has changed... I will find out as i got Tribeca from another Halo giveaway.

  68. Amazing Menthol review by Julian

    I usually never smoked menthols, except for the rare occasions back in my analog days. This flavor is just amazing. I get a hint of Tribeca, a hint of menthol, and an overall amazing flavor. This is a good switch between my ADV (Turkish) and Tribeca, which I occasionally vape. This reminds me of a Marlboro Smooth, so if you ever enjoyed those, this would be perfect. This menthol is the only menthol that I enjoy, as most others are just to overpowering for me.

  69. Aewsome taste! review by Chris

    I'm usually not a big fan of menthol flavors because I like tobacco, but this I got free when I ordered my normal Captain Jack. I have to say, if I was going to smoke menthol, it would be this! It still has the taste similar to the Halo Tribeca flavor, but with an added mint coldness. It is not an over powering menthol. It is just enough to let you know that it's there. In a way, the taste is like a chocolate chip mint cookie that you would get from girl scouts. Awesome vapor production as well, and a solid throat hit. This will go in my top 10 e liquids!

  70. Decent Menthol review by matthew

    I do not really like menthol flavors, but like many other Halo customers, I received this 10ml as a promotion. I gave it a try, and again, menthol is not for me. If it were my thing, however, I would really enjoy this one. Nice, minty, straight to the throat. Good flavor on the exhale too. 4 starts not because I love it, but because I can tell it is a quality flavor.

  71. Best Menthol Juice Ever review by Kyle

    This is by far the best E juice that I have ever bought in my life. I've been a loyal Halo customer for years, and I never thought I would find something better than Mystic. But, this one tops it all! I highly recommended and I just ordered 2 more bottles :-)

  72. interesting review by tabatha

    I received this as a complimentary trial. This flavor is different- but good. Menthol Ice is my ADV, but I vape some tobacco flavors also. When I whittle down my stash, I'll be purchasing a 30ml bottle of Menthol V.

  73. Good review by Nicholas

    During a recent sale, a 10ml bottle was given away with every 20$ spent. I never tried it but it wasn't bad. Not my favorite, but good for people who are used to strong tobacco and menthol cigarettes. People who smoke Camel Crushes or Marlboro Menthol Blacks would like this.

  74. Very pleasantly surprised review by Sam

    I've never tried menthol flavors before but thought I may as well give it a go with the free sample. Immediately converted! I love the eucalyptus edge and the tobacco base rounds it out into a very refreshing experience. I even used a dash of it to add a menthol hit to some of my other flavors. Definitely worth a try!

  75. Different review by Lucid

    I received a 10 ml sample with my order of Tribeca and Mystic. I have tried all of the menthols so far except SubZero, which I will be checking out soon. Mystic is my ADV. Menthol V was kind like a toned down Tribecca with eucalyptus Menthol. A very interesting hybrid of sorts. It was pretty good with an even flavor balance...just not my cup of tea. I prefer minty menthols without the tobacco.

  76. Surprisingly Pleasant review by Tyler

    I am not a big fan of menthol flavors, but I was happy with the quality of this new blend. The tobacco flavor in this juice was strong enough for me to enjoy my free sample. I don't think this is something I will purchase, but if I decide to pick up any of the menthols flavors this one will be it!

  77. If you like menthol... You will like this... review by April

    I am not a menthol fan, however, this menthol was pretty good. I received a free sample with my order and was surprisingly pleased with the flavor. It has a rich minty flavor that reminds me of how fresh my breath is after I brush my teeth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes menthols.

  78. My New All Day Vape review by Charles

    My compliments to Halo on this one. I've been creating my own using other Halo e-liquids until now. As I said this IS my new all day vape. The flavor is excellent. Plenty of vapor and a very good flavor! The only thing I would ask is a slight increase in menthol hit, but that won't change my using it! I will continue to only buy juice from Halo! Great Job Halo!!

  79. pleased review by Ken

    I was pleased with Menthol V. A lot of times I would mix Torque56 and Mystic together to give me more of a tobacco front with a menthol finish, now I don't have to.

  80. Very Nice!! review by Glen

    I just got this as a sample in my last order. Very nice surprise! I am not a big menthol guy but this is a very nice change. Yes, I can taste all of the flavors mentioned, and it may just be me, but it seems that the "smooth tobacco" undertone is very similar to Tribeca. Definitely a winner and a cool smooth change up when desired. Another checkmark for Halo - as always!

  81. Tastes like a Halls Cough Drop review by Justin

    I got this as a free sample when I ordered my usual Freedom Juice. So I filled a tank with it and tried it. I immediately found that while it does have a strong throat hit, the flavor is too pungently strong for me. I felt like I had gotten a whole pack of Halls Cough Drops and just dumped them in my mouth. I will, however, vape this when I am sick. The last time I got sick, I couldn't vape because Freedom Juice did not settle well with my stomach. This Menthol V would best serve me then or when I run out of other e-juices.

  82. Interesting! review by Amanda

    A very unusual flavour combination that works well. I've never tried a menthol and didn't think I'd like it. But I do like it! A lot! Good throat hit, nice flavour, and decent amount of vapour. Shipping was fast to Australia!

  83. Usually Not A Menthol Lover review by Uber

    I never really smoked menthol analog cigarettes so naturally I don't like menthol flavors. But this is truly a good smoke. It is probably the closest to a cigarette that I have tried so far. 10/10. I am going to buy a big bottle of it with my next order.

  84. Not my favorite from Halo review by Dave

    I tried the sample that came with Tribeca and Torque 56 that I ordered, which are my all time favorites. I found the eucalyptus is not my cup of tea. It seemed to have a medicine taste, but that's just me. I will try the other menthol flavors soon.

  85. Great sample review by Megan

    I received this as a sample with my sample pack. It is a great flavor. However, I am new to vaping, so I am still looking for my all day vape.

  86. Interesting menthol review by Johnathon

    10 ml Bottle
    18mg Nicotine

    I got this as a free bonus a few days ago. The throat hit is good. The liquid is an orange-ish color. The tobacco flavor is pretty mild and the peppermint blends into the eucalyptus flavor. It's pretty much an eucalyptus, minty menthol flavor, with the tobacco flavor as an undertone. It is not bad, but not a strong menthol. I recommend mixing subzero into this liquid for a MUCH improved flavor.

  87. Best menthol flavor, hands down. review by Cory

    I was really excited to try this new flavor, and it more than met my expectations. It has just the right balance of menthol and sweet. Vapor production is top notch as well. I got a 10ml bottle as a sample, but a 30ml will for sure be in my next order.

  88. NICE !! review by JOHN

    I haven't been a menthol guy in at least 25 years, but once upon a time I was. Upon discovering the world of vaping, it took me a few months to find my vape of choice, Tribecca. In the beginning, it seemed like all I did was waste money on e liquids I didn't like. Since finding Tribecca, I refuse to spend money on other flavors or juices. I tend to stick with what I know I like... yeah, kind of a smokers mentality huh?? LOL. I received the Menthol V with my order so I tried it... I like it. I do taste all the subtle flavors that others refer to, but for me, after just a few minutes my taste buds seem to die down. This tastes a lot like what I remember a good kool tasting like. I cant say I will buy it, but it's very nice, Halo, I would suggest you send out more free samples. I never know what I might like, but I am the kind of guy that I won't waste money to find out. I'm the customer, you sell me your product then I buy LOL. You sold me on this one, if I ever want a menthol, I know what I will be buying :)

  89. Free Sampe of Menthol V review by April

    I received a free sample of the Menthol V liquid with my latest order. I love idea of offering free samples so that I have the opportunity to try new things with no risk. I usually try to time my purchases with different samples to help me decide which Halo products to actually purchase. I'm not big on menthol, personally. However, that said, I was still impressed. The Menthol V had great flavor and a strong menthol flavor that made me feel like I had nice, fresh breath, which was pretty cool! If you like menthol, I'd definitely recommend you try it out!

  90. Excellent! review by Tammara

    I got the sample. It is the menthol that I've been looking for. It produces a great vape. I'll be back for more!

  91. I loved it right away! review by Gail

    I was a little wary of this flavor when I read the description. Eucalyptus is not something I thought I would like to have in a vape, I was SO wrong! Menthol V is a smooth, nicely sweet, well blended ejuice. It is perfect for those that smoked menthol cigs. It grows on you fast. The more you vape it, the more you WANT to vape it! I highly recommend this one. Halo has done it again.

  92. It's OK review by Daniel

    Let me start by saying my ADV is CoolMist. This new flavor is not bad at all. However, I prefer a little more "mentholy" taste if that makes sense. Give it a shot though. If you like bold flavor, then you will love this. I do have to say though, the description that Halo has listed fits perfectly. It literally tastes exactly like the description, and it's very hard to capture the taste of something with words.

  93. Adding this to my supply review by Menthol4life

    I got this as a freebie with my last order. I wish Halo offered 10ml bottles all the time. I didn't think I'd like this, as it is a menthol tobacco hybrid, but I was surprised.This is very nice. For me, it's kind of a sweet menthol mix. It is not too strong, but not weak. It's actually a really good balance. I will be adding a 30ml bottle of this to my next order. This is definitely a contestant for my everyday vape. Even if you're a strict menthol vapor, give this a try.

  94. Great Menthol! review by Priscilla

    I just received my sample of Menthol V. I didn't expect to like it so much, since I've never been much of a menthol smoker. The tobacco base is super smooth and I love the eucalyptus notes on top. I will definitely be ordering more. This is my favorite new flavor in the last year and a half!

  95. Strange at first, but it grows on you review by Ethan

    I first I thought this liquid tasted like something the dentist would give you, but after a few vapes, it grew on me. It's not my favorite flavor, but it packs a very strong and satisfying hit. That alone makes it worth giving it a shot.

  96. pleasantly surprised and enjoyable (non-menthol smoker) review by Don Paulie

    I received a sample (2 actually, been on an ordering spree lately) and I'm liking this juice very much. I'm not a menthol smoker, and the flavor profile is amazing. The peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol combine for a cool, smooth, utterly delicious vape that is great for after dinner, or ADV. Mild, if any, tobacco flavor is present, but that shouldn't be a letdown... There's minty flavor and plenty of it. I’m very likely ordering a 30ml to have on hand. I haven't seen many new juices by Halo, but this one certainly was worth the wait. Highly recommended!!!

  97. I am very HAPPY with Halo's new flavor! review by Kimberly A.

    I am not a big menthol person but when I got my free sample of Menthol V, I couldn't have been more pleased. The mint and eucalyptus are what I taste, along with tobacco and a very slight hint of menthol. All these flavors together create a very delicious vape. I just placed another order that included a 30 ml bottle of Menthol V. I hope I get my free sample again. The more the better. I think I have purchased almost every flavor that Halo offers, except for a few menthols and a few tobaccos, and this flavor is in my top 4. I hope you enjoy your free sample as I did and order that 30 ml bottle (and get another free sample while the promotion is still going on)! As I said before, the more the better with this yummy flavor. Don't wait too long because I'm sure the free sample giveaway will end soon because Halo is likely to have a 4th of July promotion that I am very excited for. After all, it's part of their logo. Thanks Halo and I look forward to buying more goodies. I want to thank you again for putting the free samples in 10 ml bottles. I am so happy with Halo's E-Liquids and I hate it when curiosity gets the better of me and I order E-Liquid from other sites. I am always disappointed. Nothing out there is even close to Halo's quality.

  98. A great blend! review by Bryan

    This blend is truly the best of both worlds. Great tobacco flavor with equally pleasurable menthol undertones. I'm so excited about the promotional bottles right now because this is my go-to blend for everyday use. I love the fact it has both flavors, as this one reminds me most of my old-school packs. I'm so glad I can enjoy that flavor.

  99. excellent review by kevin

    Got the free bottle on my last order. Now I am back to buy a giant bottle. Delicious flavor and helps get over vapor tongue as well. Recommend for sure!

  100. wow!!! review by Shager

    This is my go to juice so far. It is smooth and tastes great! Thanks for the free sample. I never would have thought that a menthol flavor would be what I like in E-liquid, but I must say it is very good!!!

  101. Flavor Harmony review by Chris

    I just received my free sample of Menthol V and was elated. This liquid went well beyond my expectations. It has a smooth, semi-sweet tobacco undertone, with a mild menthol cooling effect, topped off with a sweet, sugar like finish. This is the glorious mixture of tobacco, menthol, and sweet gourmet.

  102. really nice flavor- a light menthol with a solid tobacco taste review by JOHN

    I just got my free bottle with my last order. I was never a big menthol fan, so I probably wouldn't have tryed this if I did not get a free sample. I am so glad that Halo sent this because I really like the taste. The menthol is not overbearing--the main flavor is the tobacco taste, with just enough menthol to make it refreshing. I have gravitated to tobacco flavors like Turkish and Torque56 for my regular vape, but I will be ordering a big bottle of Menthol V with my next order for when I want that minty flavor. Place an order now while they are still giving this away free--it will wake up your taste buds.

  103. intersting so far... review by Sam

    This one is the best hybrid of tobacco and menthol. I don't get much of the eucalyptus but the underlying menthol tones are there. I didn't think I would consider this one for a all day vape but I ended up finishing the sample bottle in a few days...This flavor certainly grows on you!

  104. Great Menthol review by Matthew

    I really like this new menthol flavor from Halo. There is a pleasant tobacco flavor in there and I can also taste eucalyptus and sweet peppermint. I liked this one more than other menthols I have tried because of the tobacco flavor. This one is my favorite menthol flavors from Halo that I have tried, as its not too strong. I did also like Menthol Ice and haven't tried Cool Mist yet. I will be ordering this one again in a larger bottle.

  105. The bomb! review by Travis

    I have been using Halo juice for almost a year now. I have tried every Menthol flavor offered and this stuff is by far the best Menthol flavor Halo offers in my opinion.

    Subzero has been my go to juice for the last few months, but I was getting a little tired of the strong taste, Menthol V came out right in time because I was just getting ready to switch over to a tobacco flavor for a bit.

    You can definitely taste the tobacco flavor in this juice and it is very similar to Tribeca. Throw a nice, light, cool peppermint on top and you get Menthol V. I went straight for the 30ML bottle with hopes that it would be good... and it was. Now I have 40ML to last me until I order some more.

    Using a VV Trition @ 4.8 and getting excellent vapor production as well.

    Nice work Halo, you hit a home run with this juice!

  106. Great Flavor! review by Trent

    This is the closest thing to a analog menthol that I have found. Great vapor production. Even though the bottle I received is a sample bottle there will be a 30ml bottle ordered very soon!

  107. Delicious Menthol review by bobby

    I love this liquid! At first, the cool burst of eucalyptus was very dominant and was very strong and cooling, but over a short hours, I started noticing small subtle tones of delicate sweetness in the vapor and a peppermint exhale and aftertaste. This juice makes my mouth water, unlike some other flavors that seem to dry it out. This an interesting hybrid blend, because it isn't completely menthol, yet reminds me of a menthol cigarette. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a refreshing liquid that isn't completely a menthol, or completely a tobacco, and I suggest letting it air out, at least overnight, with the cap off.

  108. Bold new flavor that is a real winner! review by Wheezal

    With the exception of Kringle's Curse, i had stayed away from Halo's menthols.

    I got my free sample, and immediately went to town on a Triton tank.

    This is an incredibly smooth vape. The peppermint and eucalyptus enhance each other with neither really taking the lead. There's a very subtle tobacco layer reminiscent of Tribeca underneath all of that. The flavor is bold, complex, yet still surprisingly easy.

    After a couple days steeping, the sweetness of the peppermint appears and the flavor really takes off. The eucalyptus is very aromatic, but you never really taste it. Instead it just lends strength to the menthol aspect of this flavor.

    Halo has another big hit on there hands with this new flavor.

  109. New Favorite review by Tanya

    I just received my sample of the new Menthol V and I absolutely love it. I'm not a big fan of strong mint flavors and this one is beyond perfect. It has just enough menthol without being overpowering and I really love the slightly sweet finish. I think I've found my new daily flavor. Well done Halo!

  110. My new favorite review by Philipe

    The eucalyptus is very nice and the description is right on... Another great product from Halocigs!! Thank you.

  111. Great review by Nicole

    I absolutely love this e juice. It was the first one I've tried since I got the free sample and I can't put it down.... I'm new to e cigs and this has me hooked. I'll be trying other juices but I'll definitely reorder this one.

  112. Cool new juice review by James

    I received a sample of Menthol V-06 nicotine level with my order. I used a new LR G6 cartomizer on a 650 Triton and it is an outstanding blend. It is just the right amount of menthol with a mellow tobacco base.

    I put on my wishlist an Menthol V-18 nicotine and looking forward to trying it.

  113. Pleasantly Surprised review by Jebadale

    When I first received my sample bottle I was a little worried about it, because I opened the bottle and it smelled just like sausage frying, not what I want in a juice even though I love sausage. So I let it steep for a few days, and pulled it out today. The sausage smell is still there, which almost made me not even try it, but I loaded it up anyways. Wow. Super tasty.(And doesn't smell like sausage on the exhale :D ) The best way for me to describe it is a lil tiki juice mixed with a slight hint of peppermint and menthol, and I mean just a slight hint. Very light menthol. Could deff be an adv for me. All I can say is ill most likely be getting a 30ml of this next order, and you better hurry up and get a free sample while theyre giving it away! Great job Halo!

  114. Cool flavor review by MT

    Good flavor with a nice subtle menthol undertone mixed with a tobacco flavor.It is not perfume-like even without steeping. Would recommend to anyone. Also try to mix with Freedom Juice. Good mix!

  115. Very lovely soft menthol review by Ashton

    It tastes as if there is a little Tribeca in there. Very soft menthol over a nice caramel tobacco under it all. I mix it with 3:1 Kringle's Curse to Menthol V. If you are looking for a perfect menthol/tobacco blend then look no further. I got a free 10 mL bottle with my order of Kringle's Curse and Twisted Java. I will definitely be getting a 30 mL of this soon. I think I may have found my new old reliable!

  116. AMAZING! review by Ryan

    Just received my free sample bottle and I fell in love with this! I'm not big into tobacco flavors but this is amazing! Next to Kringles Curse this is my new all day vape! Keep up the great work Halo!

  117. Thanks review by John

    I appreciate the free bottle of this E liquid from Halo, it is always great to try new things. I am not a menthol fan and I would recommend anyone ordering it to be one. Clean finish and crisp flavor good vapor production too.

  118. Finally a tobacco flavor I like! review by Brad

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I've tried a lot of tobacco flavors and none of them tasted right to me. Not here, this with the menthol and the just a hint of sweet is probably going to be my go-to vape from now on. Perfect throat hit, not harsh like some of the stronger menthols.

  119. Yum review by Jon

    This has a clean crisp taste. If you like menthol with a little extra kicker this would be a great choice!

  120. Sweet menthol review by Luis

    Sweet flavor with a cool menthol flavor. It reminds me of Tribeca in a way, but with a menthol flavor. It is now in my favorite five and is worth the buy. I could put this in the gourmet flavor since it has the sweet tobacco in it. Thanks for the free sample.

  121. good and smooth review by Rebecca

    Just tried my sample of this flavor in a cartomizer with a Triton battery. This is a nice smooth menthol - not too icy and lots of flavor.

  122. The most complex flavor yet. review by deuce45

    I just tried Menthol V for the first time. There are a lot of flavors going on here. It is a nice menthol, but it is not overpowering. Regarding sweetness, it is almost like a brown sugar type finish. My wife says it smell like a pie baking. Good throat hit as well. Try it. It is unlike any of the other menthol flavors which I have also enjoyed.

  123. Another great Halo E-liquid review by Sam

    Menthol V is an amazing combo of tobacco flavor with a hint of menthol. It is mildly sweet and has a very nice menthol(not minty) flavor with a wonderful tobacco base. I pretty much exclusively use Tribecca and Kringles Curse in my E-cig, but Menthol V could easily become an all day vape for me! Way to go Halo!

  124. Sweet and Crisp! Great!!! review by Karen

    I just received my free sample of this new flavor and ohhhh boy it is GOOD! Nice sweet, crisp flavor with a strong throat hit. I love the Eucalyptus undertones!!! This will definitely be one I buy in a 30 ml bottle to have on hand as a daily vape! Halo you have done it again!!! Kudos!!! Also, thank you for letting me be one of your sample vapers to try this AWESOME new flavor!

  125. Awesome! Smooth and delicious review by Dustin

    I saw this new flavor on the site and ordered a 7ml bottle. The package included a 10ml bottle as a free promo, and I'm so glad it did! This is my new favorite flavor. The blend of eucalyptus and tobacco is wonderful, with just a hint of a menthol tingle. It is a great companion to Kringle's Curse. I may try adding a bit of Kringle's Curse to it to make it a bit more minty, but this flavor is awesome!

  126. This blend is overall refreshing and very flavorful. review by Elik Anoa'i

    I got quite the surprise in the mail today. My friend Christina over at Prestige Vapor Shop in Belleville NJ sent me a bottle of Menthol V! I put some drops in one of my mini tanks and was blown away! First off the throat kick was out of this world. Vapor production was solid. I thought I was smoking a strong menthol cigarette. I got the tobacco undertones on the exhale and most of the mint and eucalyptus on the inhale. I finished an entire mini tank of this stuff in 20 minutes. Very good will definitely snag a 30 ml bottle in my next order. Great juice for all of you former Kool and Newport Smokers.

  127. This blend is overall refreshing and very flavorful. review by Elik Anoa'i

    I got quite the surprise in the mail today. My friend Christina over at Prestige Vapor Shop in Belleville, NJ sent me a bottle of Menthol V! I put some drops in one of my mini tanks and was blown away! First off the throat kick was out of this world. Vapor production was solid. I thought I was smoking a strong menthol cigarette. I got the tobacco undertones on the exhale and most of the mint and eucalyptus on the inhale. I finished an entire mini tank of this stuff in 20 minutes. Very good! I will definitely snag a 30 ml bottle in my next order. Great juice for all of you former Kool and Newport Smokers.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass