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Menthol ICE E-liquid

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Menthol ICE is always smooth and produces thick, full vapor—it’s one of our most popular flavors for a reason. It’s great for menthol lovers or for vapers just looking to mix in a little minty freshness with our other premium E-liquid flavors. Menthol ICE is bound to satisfy.

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Menthol ICE is always smooth and produces thick, full vapor—it’s one of our most popular flavors for a reason. It’s great for menthol lovers or for vapers just looking to mix in a little minty freshness with our other premium E-liquid flavors. Menthol ICE is bound to satisfy.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Menthol ICE E-liquid's test results

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  1. Absolutely menthol! review by Michael

    Was looking for something that was close to the cigs I smoked for over thirty years.....menthol ice met that need ....clean crisp menthol taste with a cool throat hit. Halo menthol ice was the first one I tried. Have tried other brand menthols since and non of them deliver the punch that this one provides.

  2. Best Menthol around review by Alan

    I found Halo e-liquid through a review online rating them as the best in the menthol class. After my first order, i can now understand why. Their juice is by far the best I've tried, the hit is always smooth, flavor consistent, and quality is superb. I don't even order from other places now. Halo is the way to go, and not just for Menthol. Menthol Ice is by far my favorite, but try the sample packs for a new flavor.

  3. Best Menthol around review by Alan

    I found Halo e-liquid through a review online rating them as the best in the menthol class. After my first order, i can now understand why. Their juice is by far the best I've tried, the hit is always smooth, flavor consistent, and quality is superb. I don't even order from other places now. Halo is the way to go, and not just for Menthol. Menthol Ice is by far my favorite, but try the sample packs for a new flavor.

  4. My favorite menthol hands down review by Louis

    Back before I found Halo two years ago, I looked for a good menthol everywhere and was disappointed until I found Halo. Amazing is all I can say about this e-liquid. All the other menthols I tried tasted like a really bad candy cane but, this menthol is great. It has a little sweetness to it and a nice throat hit—reminds me of maybe a harsher version of camel crush. If you’re a menthol smoker, then I highly recommend adding this to your cart for a good all-day vape.

  5. Im normally a SubZero kinda brotha but now I'm straight ICE review by oliver

    I'm normally just a SubZero guy. Love the flav. Love the color. But recently have been trying new menthol flavors. Tryin to get back my old Menthol feels.
    Its really cold but not too cold. I started out only mixing it into a few different tobacco flavors. I found it best in the HX3 and Tribecca. Eventually I ended up mixing in more and more and now all I vape is Menthol Ice,,, solo. Its got a great throat hit without needing a tobacco flav. Great on a hot summers day. Killer with a beer or a coffee because it doesn't overload your senses the way I find SubZero does but you still get all that minty mint mint that you want.

  6. Great All Day Vape review by Hades

    I never get bored of this flavor. I vape this all day, with each vape tasting exactly like the first vape—fresh out of the bottle. I absolutely love this flavor. I have been ordering from multiple different sites to find my favorite flavors, and so far I love Menthol ICE, Kringle's Curse and Cool Mist.

  7. First Impressions review by Suresh

    Just received my shipment, which included the Menthol Sampler Pack. Confused about where to begin, I picked out Menthol Ice at random. My wife and I sat to watch a movie with a pair of new Triton tank systems, Prime 15 in one, and Menthol Ice in the other. The first few draws, we truly did not enjoy. The throat hit was very intense, and the flavour just failed to impress. We passed it off to one another as fast as we could. And we spent the evening swapping back and forth. But she started to enjoy it. Insisted I needed to give it a chance. Reluctantly, I picked it up after dinner when she'd packed the Prime 15 into her purse. One hour later, I am enjoying it. Haven't put it down, but that's still for lack of choice. I am wishing I could find have that Prime 15. But this is quite refreshing. Pure menthol, no adulteration of flavour. Very very cooling. However, I can't say I'll be ordering Menthol Ice. Electronic cigarettes opened up a world of choice, and with that, why settle for anything but the very very best.

  8. Classic Menthol review by Jared

    If you want a classic menthol flavor, without anything extra extraordinary added, then this is the menthol for you. I enjoy mixing this with my other menthol flavors, when they are getting low. I would definitely recommend this flavor for any menthol lover.

  9. Exactly as described--menthol and ice! review by Wheezal

    You could have performed surgery on my tonsil after a few hits of this fantastic blend. The back of my throat was numb with minty, icy, goodness. The flavor is not as overpowering as other menthol flavors, but the temperature drops quick, even on the hottest setup. A great vape to clear up clogged nasal passages or engine blocks.

  10. It has a nice cooling sensation review by candace

    It has a nice vape to it and a nice cooling sensation when you inhale it. I would buy this again and have referred it to other people that have said it was really nice. I think this flavor is up there compared to different menthol flavors.

  11. For the Stronger Menthol review by Donald

    This flavor is great for mixing with your favorite juice if you are looking for a cool and strong menthol flavor; the kind you might get from a fresh analog. I have not tried it by itself, but if you are a die hard menthol fan and not satisfied with light menthol, this would be the hot ticket (or cool ticket). I found it to be a good mix; adding about 25% to my Midnight Apple.

  12. Great Menthol Flavor review by Dale

    I have been using Menthol Ice for 5 years now. I've tried many others, but always find my way back to the best! It's got a really nice clean menthol taste with a surprising hint of vanilla at the very end! It's light and refreshing, while still providing a nice throat hit that we all look for in a great vaping experience! If you are into menthol, this one is a must try!

  13. Outstanding E-Liquid! review by Darren

    Menthol cigarettes were never my thing back when I smoked analogs. However, since I went nicotine-free 4 months ago, I've been struggling to find an e-juice which provides a similar feeling to the throat hit you get from juices containing nicotine. I took a chance on Menthol Ice and couldn't be happier with it. It's the perfect blend of menthol and mint, like a hybrid of SubZero and Kringle's Curse.

  14. A real pleasure! review by Herb

    This has got to be my second favorite menthol flavor right behind Kringle's Curse- which I love but having now tried Menthol Ice I switch between the two. It's so sweet and delicious you'll wonder how Halo ever comes up with such fantastic flavors. I'd say that it actually is a little sophisticated even. It is a real pleasure to vape.

  15. Sweet and Minty review by Michael

    I was never a regular menthol smoker, although I have smoked many menthol cigarettes. Now that I am vaping, I have tried many of Halo's flavors. This was sent to me as a free trial, and I will say that it was very good. I see that Halo has several menthol flavors, so it would be interesting to taste the differences among them. Menthol Ice walks the line between menthol and mint with a slight sweet taste. Menthol fans should try this. It is pretty good!

  16. Review on Halo's Menthol Ice E-liquid review by maria

    Halo's Menthol Ice E-Liquid offers me the perfect blend of refreshing, menthol flavor. It provides my palette with a smooth, soothing, and flavorful burst of menthol that is never too harsh or strong. Halo Menthol Ice E-Liquid has a mild yet exhilarating flavor that I was never able to experience from any other menthol e-liquid in the past. Those individuals who crave a good menthol e-liquid know that it is very difficult to find just the perfect menthol flavor that will satisfy their palette. Many of them have an offensive taste, or are too sweet or too harsh. I have experimented with many other menthol e-liquids from a variety of companies in the past, and none of them were able to provide me with the perfect flavor that was able to satisfy my taste. None of them were able to compare, or offer me the enjoyment that I receive from vaping Halo's Menthol Ice E-Liquid. I highly recommend Halo's Menthol Ice E-Liquid to all of those vapors who are searching for the perfect menthol e-liquid. It offers an enjoyable vaping experience that is not easily found in a menthol e-liquid. Once I experienced it, I would never go back to using any other e-liquid. Halo's Menthol Ice has won me over for life. I know that anyone who tries it will feel the same way.

  17. My Favorite! review by Sugar Ray

    I tried plenty of other menthol brand juices out there, but I keep coming back to Menthol ICE. Don't waste your money like I did. If you smoked any menthol light brands before, this e-juice liquid is very comparable to the lights. You can't beat the taste either! This is my favorite!

  18. Menthol ICE e-liquid is the best! review by Sugar Ray - Phoenix

    I've tried so many other brands on the market and I always come back to Menthol ICE e-liquid. This is the best tasting menthol liquid you can buy. Try it and you won't go wrong.

  19. Definite Repeat review by Capt Donna

    Menthol ICE has less bite than SubZero. For me this can be an all-day vape. I will always have this in my rotation!

  20. Awesome review by Nicholas

    This is just great, I love this Menthol ICE. I love menthol flavors more anyway. If you like menthol flavors this is a great one to try.

  21. True Menthol with an icy blast review by Bruce in Ocala

    If you want a strong menthol flavor but aren't sure you want Halo's strongest menthol, this is the one for you. I accidentally got the 18 mg instead of the 12 mg. I used a bit of 0 mg to knock the nicotine down and the slightly less blast was perfect for me. If you are concerned at all about too much menthol, then get their CoolMist instead.

  22. Best tasting menthol e-liquid I've had! review by Kaitlyn

    I have tried several different products with many different flavors of menthol. Halo was literally the only brand that I actually liked. I probably would have given up on vaping if I hadn't tried this brand and flavor. It's very smooth and gives you a thick full vapor every time. It’s much more satisfying than anything else I have tried. I wish more local stores sold this brand! I especially like the Menthol ICE flavor because it's more of a sweet mint taste rather than tasting like some sort of toothpaste. Gross! I think it tastes exactly like white tic tacs, which I love. The Menthol ICE e-liquid from Halo is the only one that I've loved! I don't think I could ever vape any other brand after trying Halo's e-liquids. I wish I had found this brand sooner!

  23. Excellent review by PNI089

    Just trying my new bottle of Menthol Ice. What an excellent e-liquid. I will be definitely buying more. It has a cool draw and a nice aftertaste.

  24. Menthol Ice provides a cool and smooth menthol flavor review by Jumbo Preacher

    The Menthol ICE is a very smooth menthol flavor. When vaping it, you get a cool refreshing taste from the smallest of drags. If you are looking for something with a pure menthol flavor that cools as you vape it, this is the e-liquid for you.

  25. Smooth review by Andie

    Menthol Ice has a very smooth menthol flavor. I would definitely buy this again and recommend this to anyone.

  26. perfect flavor for a menthol smoker review by jason

    I ordered a variety pack of menthol flavors and Menthol Ice is by far that stood out the most to me. It has a mild menthol flavor while giving a full throat hit of a delicious menthol. I would recommend this flavor to anyone looking for a good menthol to try out.

  27. pretty strong menthol for me. review by Kevin

    I usually vape menthol but this one has a really strong menthol hit to the throat! If you are the one who loves strong menthol, you are going to fall in love with this. It is a must try menthol if you are a menthol kind of person.

  28. Great review by C.

    Menthol Ice is similar to Mystic but has its own subtle uniqueness to it. They are both great and I switch back and forth between them when I am in the mood for menthol. Refreshing, is the first word that comes to my mind.

  29. Best Menthol review by Nicolas

    Menthol Ice is seriously the best menthol e-liquid by Halo and on the market. I went through hundreds and this is my number 1 go to e-liquid!

  30. Excellent! review by Steve

    Halo makes the best tasting menthol flavors. I have tried many and keep finding myself coming back to Halo!

  31. bit strong review by Chris

    I got Menthol Ice with the menthol sample pack and I relaized I was not a big fan of menthol flavors. However, this does not have a hint of peppermint flavor. Halo's e-liquid has great quality and I did enjoy the time I had with it. Also, I like to mix this with fruity flavors.

  32. Great authentic menthol review by Molly

    I really like the flavor of Menthol Ice. It has an authentic menthol taste and is very sweet.

  33. Mellow, Nice Menthol Flavor review by Daniel

    Menthol Ice was my first purchase of Halo's e-liquids. I am a menthol fan and I wanted something nice but not too strong. I checked out the reviews from all the menthol flavors and Menthol Ice seemed to be the best for me. The reviews of the other e-liquids said they all had a peppermint flavor which I wasn't looking for, I wanted straight menthol. When I received it withing a few days I vaped it. There was a peppermint hint to it which the reviews said nothing about the ice flavor. I was kind of disappointed with this but as it steeped and I continued to vape it more the peppermint kind of faded and the flavor grew on me. It is not strong but it has a nice chill vape. However, I am almost out of it and will most likely be ordering again.

  34. Like a mint candy. review by Andrew

    It reminds me of any flavored gum or mints witt he name ice behind it. It is not exactly what I was looking for but it is really good and refreshing. In my opinion, it is a sweet mint.

  35. Not bad for a moderate strength menthol review by Jeff

    I purchased this flavor once my local distributor was out of Subzero. I am a fan of strong, intense menthol, and this specific flavor didn't quite match up to what I was looking for but it was satisfying. It has a nice minty menthol flavor, moderate amount of intensity, and cooling sensation to satisfy the majority of menthol fans. If you are looking for a harcore menthol flavor then this won't quite be up to par. However, it will at least get the job done. If you love menthol but don't want something too intense then this is for you.

  36. WOW!!! review by sean

    I used V2 e-cigarettes for 2 years and loved their menthol. However, I just switched to Halo and I wish I did it sooner! Menthol Ice is the best menthol, great throat hit, and tons of vapor. I can't get enough vape out of it!

  37. Great product and best service review by Rebecca

    I switched to Halo about 5 months ago from a different brand. I can't express how great Halo's quality in their products and the service is excellent.

  38. Nice cold hit. review by Kelly

    Menthol Ice is definitely a brisk cold inhale. It has a fabulous throat hit and vapor. I will buy it again in a small bottle because I haven't decided whether I perfre this or Subzero. If you like a chilly vape then you can't go wrong with either one.

  39. Great menthol review by Latishiann

    Menthol Ice is an icy, cool, and menthol flavor. This is fantastic and I will definitely purchase it again.

  40. Intensely Refreshing review by Holly

    Menthol Ice is an awesome blend of menthol that was strong enough to awaken my taste buds. It was intense, refreshing, and a joy to puff. I usually switch flavors pretty frequently but this was one I kept coming back to over and over again.

  41. Minty Fresh review by Kristy

    I purchased the starter kit and decided to pick Menthol Ice as the flavored cartomizers and I must say I made a good choice. The flavor is very minty and I enjoyed it. Menthol Ice is a little stronger with the mint flavor but makes my mouth feel cleaner.

  42. Best menthol blend review by WWJD

    Menthol Ice is ice cold but very forgiving with it's sweet note. It is refreshing and clean! It is worth a try if you are not a full time menthol user. I use this e-liquid with Torque 56 at home. It is a good mix and savory!!

  43. Minty coolness will cool you off! review by Kubi

    Menthol Ice is amazing and my go to mint flavor! Just imagine a blue and green Ice Breaker candy that has a coolness and mint flavor each time you vape this e-liquid. If you are a big fan of those Ice Breakers as described then you will dig this.

  44. Exceeded Expectations review by Dante

    I have never been a huge fan of menthol, so a 7ml bottle seemed like plenty. The first drag was an instant regret. I'm still lamenting not sprning for the 30ml bottle. It kicked my expectations in the teeth. The couple non-Halo menthol flavors I've tried have tasted like a spponful of Vick's chest rub. It tasted like winter and crystals in my chest (like when you played in the snow as a kid). This is clearly going to be a new staple for me and has me very keen to sample the rest of Halo's menthol catalog. If your curious I strongly recommend Menthol Ice.

  45. Menthol ice review by Sharon

    I am not a menthol person but this mixes great with Tribeca. It has a great taste.

  46. Two Thumbs Up! review by Shaun

    Menthol Ice is hands down the best menthol e-liquid out there. Two thumbs up!

  47. Best Menthol choice for me review by sarah

    The balance is just right with menthol and sweetness. The menthol is not overpowered or underpowered like other brands. I can vape this all day without any loss of flavor.

  48. Just the right balance of flavor and vapor! review by Joshua

    I ordered Menthol Ice and so far I have not been disappointed. The throat hit is pleasant while offering just the right combination of flavor and strength. I am a little disappointed in the mild burnt flavor out of a cartomizer but I have ordered 2 mini tanks to alleviate that issue. Now the only problem is getting my local smoke shop to carry Halo brand products!

  49. An Outstanding Menthol review by Larry

    Menthol Ice is a favorite of mine and vape it daily. I think this is the best menthol on the market, and you will keep going back for more ... just try it and become a believer too!!!

  50. good vape review by keith

    This is a good vape but I prefer something a little stronger.

  51. like mio review by Jerry

    Menthol Ice changes everything and I love it. I would give it 7 stars if I could. I am definitely ordering a 30ml bottle.

  52. Excellent review by Halo4life

    I was looking for something with a good throat hit but not a lot of peppermint. This e-liquid took 48 hours to get used to but I stuck with it and loved it. It's just the right mix of menthol with a bit of sweetness. The throat hit is good and has a great vapor production. Also, the taste is great out of a cartomizer and is enhanced in a mini tank. Go Halo!

  53. My go to... review by 808Seattle

    I use this a major base and add Sub-zero and a little Menthol V. The Sub-Zero can be a little overpowering by itself. Therefore, adding it to the Menthol Ice balances it out and the Menthol V adds a little more of that tobacco flavor..

  54. Good menthol. review by Gale

    I tried a small bottle of this, but it doesn't have quite enough menthol "kick" for me. The vapor production and throat hit are excellent, and this could easily be an all-day vape for me. I've received several free bottles of Malibu from Halo, and I must say it's not a favorite...but it's good enough that I don't want to waste it! I found that mixing a small amount of Menthol Ice with the Malibu produces an interesting taste that's an excellent change of pace. If you're looking for a menthol that's not overpowering, and somewhat similar to an analog, Menthol Ice is certainly worth a try.

  55. Pure Menthol review by Nicolas

    So far this has the best vape hits out of the e-juices I have tried. It is my 2nd favorite flavor. I ordered a 30ml and will order another one very soon. I like to add a little bit of Malibu e-juice to this, makes for a flavorful vape.

  56. Very pleased review by Rebecca

    I have been using another supplier (V2) for the last couple of years. I became very dissatisfied with the service provided. I choose Halo to try based on product reviews and got my order today. I received my order in 2 days with free shipping! The hardware is appealing and I love the variety. The liquid I choose, menthol ice, is very good - better than what I have been using. I decided to write the review today as I am placing my second order so that I have the supplies I need to completely switch. Thanks so much.

  57. Our favorite so far review by David

    My wife and I ordered the menthol sample kit and made a five star rating chart of our own. Our favorite so far is Menthol ICE. I am about to order a 30ml bottle now. We have tried other brands from our local smoke shop and have found Halo to be the superior brand. We also like that is American made.

  58. Smooth review by John

    Very nice and cool flavor. I mixed (Menthol ICE + 2-3 drops of Sub ZERO= amazing! ) This combo is my ADV. Thanks Halo!

  59. Good menthol review by matthew

    I ordered this more for my girlfriend than for me, but as far as menthol juices go, this is a good one. It is not as crazy minty like Kringle's. It is more akin to an authentic analog menthol cigarette type flavor. Again, menthol isn't my thing, but I can tell this is quality stuff!

  60. Great alone or for mixing review by Nicholas

    The Menthol Ice flavor is great for menthol vapors and has just enough strength. It is great alone but mixed properly with other fruity or tobacco flavors, is amazing. I love and always have menthol added to my juice and this makes a great mixer.

  61. Decent Mentol- Terrible Aftertaste review by Elik Anoa'i

    The throat hit and vapor production on this is really good. The taste is straight up Menthol but nothing too fancy going on here folks. However, the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth is reminiscent of toothpaste or mouthwash. I would not order this to use it as an all day vape. Although, I would keep a small bottle around to mix with Sub Zero or to vape it before a long make out session with my girlfriend. It really does leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. I'm feeling indifferent with this e liquid. I don't love it but I don't hate it either. I recommend this to anyone seeking a straight up no nonsense Menthol e juice.

  62. Love the taste! review by Bryan

    This menthol blend is consistently cool and refreshing. However, it is not as strong as the Sub-Zero blend, but a very nice balance.If you are looking for something with a little less kick and you still want that refreshing menthol minty goodness!

  63. Great E-liquidl! review by melissa

    This e-liquid is the closest I have found to an actual menthol cigarette. This is one of my everyday vapes. It is great by itself, and I also like to mix it with one of the tobacco favors. If you like a menthol flavor, or even if you just want a vape that is refreshing, this is for you! I love this flavor and I am positive you will as well. I definitely recommend this flavor! Enjoy!!!

  64. Wow review by David

    What can I say? I can vape this stuff all day and not get bored. Menthol Ice has a great throat hit that is incredibly smooth. This has to be my favorite menthol flavor I have ever tried. I tend to vape this mostly at night before bed as I find it incredibly relaxing. Buy this, you won't regret it.

  65. Cool as Ice! review by Matthew

    Menthol ICE is cool and refreshing with no tobacco flavorings. The menthol minty-ness is moderate and is neither overpowering nor underwhelming. The menthol level of this E-liquid is similar to a menthol-type cigarette. Highly recommended for casual vaping!

  66. another hit from halo's epic menthol Line! review by Lucid

    This was the third menthol that I tried from halo. I must say out of all the juices that I have tried, Halo stands above the rest in terms of quality and service. Menthol ice has a nice icy throat blast with hints of peppermint. Not as flavorful as Mystic in my opinion but I still enjoyed it. I like mixing my juices at times... for a nice and balanced menthol fix I mix 3 parts of Menthol ice with 2 parts of Cool Mist! Try it out!

  67. nice cold menthol review by jenny

    This one is a nice cool crisp menthol without the intensity of subzero or the stronger minty notes in Kringle's curse. I did find this one very pleasant and great for mixing with other juices. If you are looking for a less intense menthol than sub zero you will like this one.

  68. Best menthol flavor!! review by Kirst

    I have tried all the menthol flavors and Menthol ICE is by far my favorite. It is the best option for those of you that like menthols. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!!

  69. Halos eliquid is the best!!! review by Paul

    Just received my 30ml bottle of menthol ice and another companies ejuice. The other company makes your juice specifically for you which sounded great...WRONG!! Their ejuice has to steeped for at least a month so you have to wait to be able to vape. I tried it and it is gross!! Do yourself a favor and spend a little more money and get Halo eliquids only. Their flavors are the best and I prefer the menthol ice with a little kringles curse for a kick!

  70. nice and cool review by Collin

    My first order from halocigs did not disappoint.

  71. Great consistent menthol review by fstate33

    Great menthol. Tastes like Marlboro menthol without the tobacco flavor. Not as strong as subzero, which is my favorite, but nice consistent menthol. Good for those that want something less strong then subzero but strong enough to curve menthol craving. Nice vape.

  72. Wonderfull review by Dylan

    This product is amazing and is one of my all day vapes. It is perfect for the menthol lover.

  73. Great taste review by Daniel

    I love Subzero but Menthol Ice is right there. If Subzero is too strong a menthol for you then Menthol Ice is just the right menthol to go with. It's like Subzero's little brother. Halo makes menthol juices that cannot be matched.

  74. love it review by michel

    My first menthol from halo.

    Always good to vape, even all day.

    Not too strong, not too light.

  75. Love This Product review by Sally

    I have used this product for 1 month. The flavor is very good.

  76. nice nice menthol.....ahhh review by JULIE

    Excellent throat hit, great clean icy menthol. Cant go wrong with this.

  77. Menthol Ice Liquid review by Nicholas

    I've tried many different menthol e-liquids from many different companies, and this is BY FAR the best. Other brands taste fake and or they taste like a peppermint instead of what menthol is supposed to taste like. 5+ stars for this E-liquid!!!

  78. Great menthol taste review by Yeno

    Has a really nice after taste that stays in your mouth for a while. By far the best e-liquid I had tried so far.

  79. Title doesn't lie review by Mikey

    This menthol is amazing. I have bought 4 other menthols from various places, and this one is the best by far. Throat hit is good, produces great vapor, and very good price for the quality. Will be back for more when this bottle is kicked!

  80. Lots of ICE review by Herbert

    I got the 7ml bottle in the Menthol Sample Pack. I love it so much, cool menthol taste and now I'm running short and will have to buy the 30 ML bottle! Thank you Halo!

  81. Perfect menthol with a strong throat hit. review by courtney

    If you are looking for the perfect menthol with a strong cool throat hit, this is it. This is my go to flavor when i'm looking for a really good vape. The flavor is strong and the throat hit is even stronger yet neither are too over bearing. This is the only e-liquid i have yet to find that gives me the kind of throat hit that I am looking for in my vape.

  82. Good Menthol review by Matthew

    I just tried this flavor and it is a great menthol flavor. I wanted to give some menthol flavors a try, so I wanted to start with some Halo flavors. This one is my favorite between Menthol Ice, Sub Zero, and Kringles Curse. All three were good flavor but this one was my favorite and not too overpowering. It has good menthol flavor, the throat hit is good and the vapor production is also good. I will definitely have some of this around at least for times when I have a cold, but I think I will be vaping it more often than that.

  83. Loving This Flavor review by Ellenor

    This was the 2nd flavor I tried out of the menthol sample pack. I knew with the first drag of this flavor, that it was going to be one of my favorites. Have already ordered another bottle. This is for the true menthol lover.

  84. Great flavor review by Chris

    This menthol flavor is the closest thing I have come to a true menthol. I do not get the peppermint or spearmint flavor that a lot of other flavors have. This liquid is always in a tank and mixed with subzero is really amazing.

  85. Great vap Great taste review by Luke

    I never used menthol, but having just grabbed a sample pack of this i will be ordering a large bottle next month
    Has a great throat hit and a taste that reminds me of fishermans friends throat lollies :) which i loved.

  86. Great taste! review by Michael

    This menthol ice is the perfect liquid for any and all menthol users. Perfect blend of menthol and throat hit, this e liquid will not disappoint. This is the only flavor will carry in a full 30 ml bottle I like it so much.

  87. Great E-Juice review by Jullian

    I've tried many different types of menthol flavors from many different companies, and this juice is by far the best. This juice has just the right amount of menthol, it has a great throat hit, and great vapor production. I vape this flavor all day long and just love it.

  88. All day vape review by Mukarram

    Great clouds. Good throat hit. Not nauseating like flavors from other companies. All day vapability is incredible.

  89. not for me review by Joseph

    This didn't do it for me it was more like peppermint the juice Is kinda pink which should have been a dead giveaway.

  90. love it! review by Janette

    I have tried many electronic cigarettes. I love this liquid. The vapor is the most i have had with any electronic cigarette i have tried. I mix this with a little cool mist and subzero and its great!

  91. a mellow favorite review by Bradley

    It is a bit mellower than the subzero and yet just as satisfying. It gives an great hit and flavor.

  92. Excellent juice review by Francine

    This menthol has been my fav. for years. I always have some on hand.

  93. Very Strong Throat Hit. review by Mike T

    I just received the Menthol ICE E-Liquid in the mail and I'm quite impressed with the strength of the drag you get from it. This E-Liquid leaves a very cool taste in your mouth which instantly reminds you why it is called Menthol "ICE." Other than that it just tastes like a menthol should which is what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

  94. Great subtle flavor! review by Andrew

    I was nervous because most menthol E liquids I've tried have been very strong mint flavors, but Menthol ICE actually tastes to me like I think menthol should. Nice taste without being over powering with the coolness. There is almost something sweet in there as well, though I can't guess exactly what that is. Throat hit is important to me and while this one isn't what I would call great, it is still good. Five stars for flavor, less one for the throat hit. Still, a great choice if you are looking for a new menthol E liquid!

  95. Great flavor. review by Shane

    This was my first juice from Halo. Fantastic flavor. I was and am very pleased with it. I had ordered just a sample, but have since order a 30ml. Also will be trying the Sub Zero and a few others. For my taste, it is well worth it.

  96. 90% of my favorite e-liquid mix review by Christopher

    After mixing and taste-testing several combinations of Halo e-liquids, I've discovered the best of all I've encountered. It's a mix of 90% Menthol ICE with 10% SubZero. I also tried several ratio variations as well - 80/20, 95/5, etc. It turns out that 90/10 is just perfect for me. I call the combination "Freezing Rain".

    This mix is the greatest balance I've found of base menthol with just enough edge to make it refreshing without being too sharp of an effect. The vapor amount and throat hit are just as great as they are with all the other Halo flavors I've tried. And it has an absolutely beautiful finish. The aftertaste is accentuated by just the right amount of "icy" sensation on the back of my throat. Not too sharp, but not too mellow, either.

    CoolMist was my first favorite ADV (all-day vape) from the Halo arsenal, but once I discovered just the right ratio of Menthol ICE to SubZero, I really feel like I'm being spoiled. If I never find a better vape than this, I'll die happy.

  97. menthol ice review by maile

    This has a nice cool menthol flavor to it I enjoyed!

  98. Very good but not my favorite review by Joan

    This is a very nice menthol with the great cooling on the exhale. Not take your breath away strong nor wimpy. It does not have the slight sweetness that I find in the Mystic, which I prefer but still great and worth the try.

  99. Best Juice Hands down! review by Kyle R

    This is by far the best menthol e-juice that I have ever tried. And I have been to at least over 20 different sites looking for that menthol. Although this isn't a super strong menthol it just has the most smooth taste and amazing flavor. My wife who wasn't even a menthol smoker loves the taste as well. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of what kind of cigs they smoked before switching to e-cigs. It might be a little pricy, but its worth every penny! Not to mention it comes in a glass bottle with a dropper with measuring on it, making it so easy to fill any type of tank you own. 5 stars all the way, never met anyone that I had try it disagree! Order this and you won't be disappointed!

  100. A good menthol flavor review by Gene

    I received Menthol ICE as part of the Menthol Sample Pack.

    This one has a good cooling menthol flavor.

    I like mixing it with the Turkish Tobacco flavor.

  101. Cool and icy review by Phillip

    This was the first e-liquid that actually tasted like what i was looking for. Wasn't to strong or too week. It was just right. I have tried a few other icy menthols from friends who buy their juices elsewhere and nothing so far has compared to Halo brand!

  102. Amazing! review by Rad

    Amazing taste, that's what I was looking for a while. Cool menthol taste with a little bit of sweetness. Love it!

  103. Mellow Menthol Taste review by Anthony

    This is a pretty decent, mellow menthol flavor. It delivers a decent kick, but it is in no ways has that overpowering mint/cough drop flavor that other e-juices give you. I recommend it.

  104. Best ive used so far. review by mark

    Ive tried the different flavor menthols from several different companies and haven't found any that equate to this the menthol ice. Most either arent strong enough or is too overwhelming. Ive had several companies that sent me bad burning liquid. This liquid is always fresh and tastes as close to a true menthol ive had so far. I will definately order the menthol ice every time i order.

  105. Minty goodness review by Herbert

    I decided to give Menthol Ice (that I got in the menthol sample pack) tonight. I find it has a tasty minty flavor. I only gave it a 4 as the throat hit is not there, at least not enough for me. But if you want a nice tasty minty vape that's not harsh than this is the one for you.

  106. Yup it's Menthol... review by Mr

    I tried the blu ecigs and the flavor of the menthol is great, sometimes.. I don't buy that brand anymore it's all old stock and hardly any puffs in the carts. So I was expecting a menthol like the one blu had. This Menthol ICE, is just plain menthol, to me it tasted like a menthol cough drop. I love the wisconsin frost from JC, it is the best I ever had. I've been using it for 2 years and love it but wanted to try something new. Halo does make a quality premium juice. This one was crystal clear with a pink hue, I love the balance of the texture, it vapes perfectly every time. It tastes fresh and clean just like menthol should be, I was really hoping for a flavor of tobacco or something to smooth it down.

  107. Nice flavor review by Olivia

    Menthol flavor gives a nice throat hit. Not over powering just enough menthol taste to make you enjoy it, and not feel like you are smoking a peppermint. Enjoyed this flavor. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys menthol without an overpowering taste.

  108. Great review by Hamid

    I have been using this product since Nov. 2013 It's the best e-liquid I have tried. I recommend it to everyone.

  109. Great Taste review by Derek

    As a regular menthol user this is my favorite, a nice clean menthol taste that is not too overpowering and is clean tasting. This also has a pretty nice throat hit. As a menthol smoker i would also recommend using this with the mini tank or tank system to get the full flavor of the menthol. The cartomizers give it more of a taste of a non-menthol type liquid.

  110. Tops For Menthol Flavor and More review by Richard F.

    I could not be more pleased. Halo has a great line of products and Menthol Ice is one of the tops. I urge readers hands down to try it.
    I enjoy it by itself, but I also mix it with some Tribeca, with some Belgian Cocoa and it's not unusual for me to mix all three. Amazing flavors when you try combining them in any combination.
    Now I have a great variety of E-liquids to combine and I enjoy every one depending upon my mood.

  111. By far my favorite flavor! review by Logan

    This has by far become my new addiction. Gives you a great menthol flavor and a decent throat hit.

  112. my favorite menthol review by Breanna

    I've tried five different menthols and this one is my favorite. Out of the two I've tried here on Halo this one is the one I prefer its very clean tasting I ordered it in 18 mg and the throat hit is excellent. Mix it with a bit of torque and I have the closest feeling to an anolog cig which Is great! So thank you halo for this great juice, it's great!

  113. Excellent! review by Burger

    Menthol Ice is incredibly smooth and has a real menthol taste to it...Tastes real and not too minty! This is one of my favorites.

  114. Excellent if you like menthol review by Richard F.

    This is another flavor I tried hesitantly and was positively amazed. I recommend it highly if you are or ever were a menthol user. I also often now mix it with Tribeca and that combination is excellent. Also tried my own mix of Menthol Ice plus Tribeca and Belgian Cocoa. That is also excellent. I urge customers to try blending two or more Halo juices (a few drops of each in a cartomizer). You will hit a ratio that will please you quite well, in addition to vaping each one separately.

  115. Best Menthol Ever!! review by Sean

    Just when I thought Mystic was the best, Menthol Ice taste actually like Camel Menthol, yum!!! I'm back to stock up on this liquid as this my daily vape I can't get enough of this flavor!!! Seriously this is highly recommended to all menthol users you will not be disappointed!!!!

  116. ICE ICE BABY!!! review by Michael

    This Menthol ICE E-liquid is super refreshing with an ultra clean menthol flavor on both the inhale and exhale. It's definitely got that koolada coolness on every hit. It's as menthol as you can get and I LIKE IT!

  117. After 6 months STILL my ADV review by DJB

    When first started vaping - Sub-Zero was my first of Halo's Menthol Line-up. LOVE the BAMM you get with Sub-Zero but for a refreshing all day menthol cool it's still my got to juice.
    Originally started with the G6 to be followed by more and more vape gear - it just happens! Now with VV and VW I can fine tune any e-liquid to that perfect sweet spot.
    When Halo speaks of purity and freshness - the quality of their e-liquid is plain to taste. Make no mistake Menthol Ice is pure Menthol with a cool after taste. If you like sweeter.. maybe give the menthol sampler a try. IMHO Mystic has a nice sweet vape. Simply put ALL of the Menthol line-up there's not one I don't like.
    Your delivery system is everything - I've gone from cartos, to mini-tanks, now to the larger capacity clearos (less top offs :) ! ) Just a happy vaper using my tanks.

    Thanks HALO - it's an awesome ride that I'm still on and LOVIN IT!

  118. Solid vape for a menthol user review by M

    This is kind of a vanilla vape... and by vanilla I mean a simple minty menthol. It's definitely smooth, and very mild, kind of a great starter vape if someone likes menthol but isn't quite sure where to start. In all honesty it has a lot of overlap with Mystic.

  119. Another good liquid from Halo review by Nicholas

    I like this liquid, it has a nice throat hit, with good vapor production. It is just like the Mystic and Cool Mist, but it has an even cooler hit, and a little bit more of a mint flavor. The mint isn't overwhelming and you really have to try to notice it. I think all 4 of the basic menthol flavors are good all day vapes for menthol users, but Sub-Zero is the closest I have found to menthol smokes.

  120. Great tasting menthol flavor review by Christopher

    I originally tried this flavor when I ordered my G6 starter kit. I had gotten the cartomizers filled with 18mg liquid. I instantly fell in love with them, being a prior menthol smoker. The taste is nice and cool with very little burn. I proceeded to order the big bottle of menthol ice with some additional cartomizers to refill for when I am on the go. I also ordered the mini tank for at home use. I still love the menthol ice out of the cartomizers, but it had a strange taste out of the mini tank. I think it is from the slight burnt taste that a cartomizer produces that actually makes this flavor taste better, and closer to a cigarette. I am not trying to knock this flavor at all, since I just put in another order for it. I just found that I prefer it in the cartomizer. No big deal, as it means I can use my tanks to finish off my sampler pack.

  121. Oh So Cool review by Mikki

    I am new to vaping and when I ordered my Halo starter kit (which I love) I picked Menthol Ice, 18 mgs, as my first order. I was surprised at how great the flavor is. It is so smooth, so cool, definitely menthol without being overpowering. It has plenty of menthol in it though. You will not be disappointed. I got the 18 mg and I am hooked. I get the throat hit and the vape is great. I am back already to order the 30ml bottle as this will be my primary vape for now. If you are looking for that real menthol taste and feel, you will be extremely pleased with Menthol Ice! Happy Halo Vaping!

  122. Great flavor review by Jasper

    Halo has always provided me with the best e-liquid that I've ever vaped. Menthol Ice is no exception, it does exactly what the description says. Delivering a crisp menthol flavor that the season vapers will enjoy (something like that). Menthol Ice is probably going to be my ADV because I like it just that much. I have no complaints about any of halo's e-liquid but I have a lot to say, and for starters, order yourself some menthol flavors, give Menthol Ice a try. I assure you, if you don't love it, you will at least like it.

  123. Amazing! review by Carolyn

    Love the taste this was the first bottle I bought with my starter kit. My fiance hates menthol anything and he even enjoys this flavor. I'm ready to try more.

  124. awesome menthol flavor review by Breanna

    This menthol flavor is great! it has just enough of that minty clean taste to satisfy. I got this and the subzero which i wasn't a huge fan of it was just too much this one is great for a moderate menthol lover especially added to a good tobacco flavor. It has a great throat his and tons and tons of vapor 18mg will not do you wrong I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you halo for finally giving me that flavor I couldn't find anywhere else.

  125. One Of Halo's Best Methol Flavors!! review by Christopher

    This is one of Halo's home runs as far as e-liquid! It has a rich minty flavor (smells and feels like your smelling fresh mint) blended with menthol ice for a nice strong effect, but is not overdone. You have to give this unique e-liquid a try even if you never had or tried a menthol flavor before, try it from Halo, it is simply the best I have ever had. I am now a firm believer in Halo's e-liquid!

    Go Halo!! You will now and forever earn me as your loyal customer!!

  126. Wow review by Charles

    I ordered a bottle of this for my sister, who I'm trying to get into vaping. She let me try it, and I was instantly a little jealous. This stuff is wonderful.

  127. excellence review by judy

    This is a very satisfying menthol. It's balanced and has a mildly sweet finish and is overall very cool and refreshing. Love this. It's delicious to draw and on exhale feels smooth and tastes wonderful. I'll be buying more of this soon!

  128. Good solid menthol flavor without being overwhelming review by John F.

    Wanted to give this one a shot so I loaded up my G6 with this liquid and really enjoyed the flavor and the taste. I have to say that to me, Mystic and Cool Mist are still the closest to a genuine menthol cigarette that I have tried thus far. BUT, this one definitely has a really good flavor and should absolutely be tried.

  129. Very Good review by Cheryl

    This is a VERY nice juice. I have enjoyed it very much.( Although Mystic and Cool Mist are my favorite by far!) Nice all day Vape. Thanks!

  130. Good juice:) review by allan

    This is a juice I buy often and I recommend it. It's not too overpowering but satisfies at the same time. It tastes just like any menthol cigarette on the market today. Recommended to anyone looking for a soothing menthol flavor.

  131. Menthol ICE review by Aaron

    Man the taste of this juice is great! It has a nice cooling effect on the exhale and an amazing slightly sweet menthol blast. Very refreshing! Def worth giving this one a try!

  132. Did not fancy this one review by Naseeruddin

    Okay menthol vape, but nothing to write home about. This and the CoolMist were just about the same in my opinion. The mystic is the best e liquid in the menthol category. If you want to knock yourself out on menthol.....go SubZero!

  133. nailed it review by Daniel

    HALO again nailed it with menthol. I behoove you to try and find a competitor that comes even close to the great menthol taste in any menthol ejuice Halo makes. Menthol ice is a great menthol. If Sub Zero is to much for you then this is the way to go. Nice and cool menthol hits, great vapor.

  134. My Favorite of the Menthol Flavors review by Andrew

    When I ordered my G6 starter kit, I decided on Menthol Ice as my free cartomizer starter flavor and I'm glad I did. It definitely does the menthol name justice. Although I don't care for menthol cigarettes, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this particular flavor. It's my second place flavor behind Kringle's Curse when I'm looking for something mild- and cool-tasting.

  135. Very nice... review by Robert

    I ordered this with my G6 starter kit and absolutely love it. Very smooth and the perfect menthol taste. I'm going to try a few more before settling on a flavor to stay with.

  136. This is it ! Found the right one ! No swetness at all ! review by sorin

    I received my package. I tried the other two flavors, Mystic, and Cool Mist. I found them good but a little bit too sweet for my taste and my wife's taste. This is going to be my wife's favorite. I combined a few drops of Menthol Ice with Prime 15 and I got want she wanted. A perfect menthol flavor. Last night we were vaping together around a glass of wine without any complaints. Mine was the great Tribeca and hers was working almost perfectly.

  137. best stuff out there! review by Nikki

    I've tried a few different brands but when I came across Halo e juice the search stopped. Very smooth, not gross aftertaste, and it doesn't give me a headache when vaping. Love the Menthol Ice! Very clean, crisp, and good throat hit! If you smoke menthol, this is a great choice!

  138. Great Flavoring But.. review by Tri

    Pros: I'm a menthol lover, and Menthol Ice got me. The taste is super duper GOOD! Not too strong of menthol and a little tingly sweet, a very very tip little sweet, barely notice.
    Cons: The vapor output isn't that good, on a scale of 10 for vapor output, I would give this a 6 comparing to HX3's vapor output. On a hot day, the vapor probably will just vanish right after you exhale.

  139. My fav: Menthol ICE review by Julie

    This was the menthol flavor I thought I would like least -- what a surprise!! I ordered quite a few different samples when I placed my original order, and this one ROCKS! It is my absolute favorite. I've just ordered two (2) bottles of the 30 ml. Thank you, Halo!!

  140. It's a good mild menthol review by Michael

    If your looking for a milder menthol this is good. I like to mix it with sub zero to get a little more menthol hit.

  141. good but not great review by benjamin

    I have been using electronic cigarettes for over two years, and i have tried almost every menthol flavor from almost every company. I have been using halo cigs since i first found the greatest flavor out there halo's sub zero now for almost a year. Menthol ice is a good flavor though, not great in anything but good in everything. So Here is my ratings for the menthol ice liquid flavor, on a scale of one to ten. Vapor 9, taste 7.5, lasting appeal 8, throat hit 7. Overall score a very solid 7.5 out of ten. The top three menthol flavors though are... number one sub zero overall score 9.9 out of 10. 2nd place malibu menthol 8 out of 10. and menthol ice in third with a overall of 7.5 out of ten.

  142. Smoooooth review by Nadean

    This is my favorite menthol flavor. Not biting, no aftertaste, just a smooth flavor of menthol. Thank you Halo.

  143. Good menthol blend review by sean

    If you like a mild menthol flavor, then try this.

  144. My second Halo Favorite review by Judy

    Menthol Ice is my second favorite Halo E-liquid flavor. It's a bit stronger than my favorite, Mystic, but I find myself going back and forth between the two all day long every day. Menthol Ice is very nice, very lightly tobacco flavored. I thought I'd like the more tobacco flavored menthol E-liquids, but I prefer these lesser two. And Halo E-liquids are the best. Tried a few other brands of menthol e-liquids but they all taste like stale cigarettes to me!

  145. Love this flavor! review by Ruth

    I started using E-Cigs two month ago and I have tried many menthol E Liquids and till my daughter turned me on to Halo Menthol Ice nothing came close to something I would vape all day! I can't believe how clean and fresh this juice is! I was a 2 pack a day heavy menthol smoker and with the discovery of Halo I now feel like I will never go back to smoking! It has Great vapor, smooth with just the right amount of menthol for me and most important to me, no funny after taste! So many other brands had a funny taste and I could never find one I liked! No need for me to ever try any other brand I am so happy with Halo and I can't wait to try all the other E Liquids that Halo has!

  146. Menthol that isn't too potent, but hits the spot! review by ITPython

    I took a long break from ecigs and this juice had steeped for almost 2 years, but even after such a long steep, it tastes amazing! This and Tiki juice are BEYOND the best flavors I have at the moment.

    Menthol ICE is a nice medium menthol hit mixed with a moderately sweet spearmint flavor. At first I vaped this juice with a 2.4 ohm carto with a 3.4v battery, but at that wattage I mostly just tasted the menthol. However when I paired this juice with a variable voltage mod and got the wattage up to about 7.4, the sweetness of the spearmint begins to shine! I can taste the sweet spearmint on my tongue while drawing, and exhale brings a refreshing menthol hit quickly followed by mildly sweet hints of spearmint. I am LOVING this flavor right now!

    If you want a menthol that isn't just a strong Vicks vapor rub flavor but still has some kick, this is the one. It has enough sweetness from the spearmint flavor which combines brilliantly with the menthol to make this an amazing vape that has a complex enough flavor profile to make it very fun and interesting to vape. It is extremely refreshing without being too overbearing in the menthol department. But is also not too sweet either, so you won't get sick of it like some other overly sweet liquids on the market.

    I am not sure how much a difference steeping this liquid for so long made (vs no steeping at all, or only a few days steeping), but I am simply amazed at how excellent and balanced the flavor is after each draw. I am VERY picky when it comes to ejuice, and there isn't much out there that I can tolerate (I have tried well over 150 flavors from more vendors than I can remember). But Halo juices steeped for almost 2 years, makes for some REALLY tasty stuff!

    Although I do suggest some kind of variable voltage/wattage ability to fully enjoy this (or any) juice, as it is amazing how much a flavor can change/enhance with just a few more, or less, watts. Simple eGo style batteries with twist-based variable voltage potentiometers work great and can be had for $25 or less, and they are WELL worth it.

  147. Great Smooth Menthol review by Frank

    The Menthol Ice E liquid is one of the best menthol flavored e liquids I have ever tried. It has a light menthol feeling when you take a puff and it also has a slightly sweet aftertaste, but you can definitely taste the menthol. It doesnt have a massive throat hit, its just nice and smooth when inhaling. Its not as strong as I expected it to be, but I still love it!

    What I like:
    - Its smooth when inhaled
    - Great taste
    - Great vapor production

    What I don't like:
    - Could be just a tad bit stronger
    - Need to up the throat hit just a little bit

    Would I buy this E Liquid again? Yes!

  148. Very simple, Perfect. review by William

    This is the simple menthol taste. If you get menthol taste in what you like, this is exactly what you are looking for. With nothing added, it's simple, just how you would like. Not too soft nor too strong. This is probably the best way to decide if you want a more powerful hit or not. This is the baseline liquid.

  149. Hubby's Fav review by Connie

    I didn't think there was a flavor out there that would get my husband vaping . Menthol ICE did it!!! Thank you Halo for this smooth menthol juice! Nice throat hit, and plenty of vapor...if you are a menthol lover give this one a try!!

  150. Great Menthol! review by Rob

    After letting this one steep for a few days it was fantastic! The smell from the bottle has a sweet spearmint type of smell to it. When vaping, it has a very powerful menthol flavor and a nice throat hit. It has a sweet taste with a hint of spearmint on the exhale. I haven't tried the Sub Zero yet, but this one will open your nose for sure! Overall a very nice menthol vape!

  151. solid menthol choice review by E

    I got this with my G6 starter kit and it was very enjoyable. I find it has a surprisingly strong almost harsh throat hit for a menthol. Maybe like a full flavored menthol analog. Not overly menthol either, so it the mintyness won't get old too fast. Second only to subzero for me.

  152. 5 Stars review by Adam

    After trying this Menthol Ice, I am floored. Absolutely lovely taste and I enjoy it a little too much to be honest. Completely satisfied.

  153. Minty cool refreshing. Favorite E-Liquid at the moment. review by Sun E

    I'm a menthol fan and this hits the spot. I got the lowest nicotine level and glad I did because the balance is perfect. Very minty cool fresh mist every inhale and exhale. Like breathing in the mist from a beautiful iceberg. :) five stars!

  154. awesome review by Adrian

    So I bought prefilled cartomizers with this flavor for my first e-cig, and I have no regrets. Great pull, great throat hit. The menthol flavor is perfect for me, less than Newport Menthols which were always too strong for me.

  155. Great e-liquid review by Aaron

    This is my second choice for menthol. Very good taste and a great menthol blast. Not the strongest but will satisfy any menthol lovers craving. Great job Halo! Very good juice.

  156. Good, I love menthol review by Drew

    I am relatively new to vaping and e-cigs in general; however, "Menthol Ice" is definitely one of my favorites. It's smooth even with a high nicotine content and it tickles your throat. The vapor comes out thick for good tricks. I would definitely recommend this flavor to anyone. This flavor is amazing.

  157. Awesome Mixer review by Alex

    Menthol ICE is a pretty good flavor on its own. Very smooth with decent throat hit. The sharp, cool menthol bite wasn't disappointing. Personally I prefer to mix this liquid with other flavors. My favorite mixes with Menthol ICE are Belgian Cocoa, Turkish Tobacco, and Shamrock. Not one of my everyday vapes, but I do enjoy it every once in awhile.

  158. Good stuff review by Anne

    This is my 2nd favorite. First being mystic. This one is a little too much for me in the mornings. So i start my day with mystic and late afternoon I like to switch over to menthol ice. I like the menthol hit on the throat... This is one of the less peppermint candy tasting ones. Not as sweet as mystic.

  159. My go-to all-day vape review by Andrew

    Of all the menthol flavors, this is my go-to all day vape. (I'd still try the others, they are all great)
    It's clean, smooth, satisfying, and leaves your whole mouth feeling refreshed.
    Highly recommended for menthol lovers and those new to vaping.

  160. Daily Vapor! review by Katy

    I absolutely love this e-liquid flavor!

    I am a big menthol fan. When I first tried this flavor it was a bit random, due to the sweetness of the end note. As I got used to it though, it has turned into my favorite vapor and I love vaping on it.

    It's a mild menthol to me, which is perfect for using all day.

  161. Awesome menthol! review by HadhunterJohnny

    I first got just the 5 carts with this flavor and after the first try, I was totally convinced and bought the 30 ml bottle right away. Great menthol taste, awesome vapor, subtle sweet finishing taste!! Must have if you like menthol. I can't wait to try the other flavors!

  162. Give it a chance! review by Tonya

    At first I wasn't overly impressed with this but as my taste buds came back I have to say I really like this. Not overly minty, very smooth and great throat kick. I am going to reorder for sure. As with all of Halo's premium e liquids great vapor as well.

  163. My favorite review by Sheila

    I love this. It is a nice menthol with a slight hint of mint. This is my all day Vape. I would recommend this to any one who smoked Menthol lights. This has a very nice smooth flavor and good throat hit. I have tried other menthol's and always come back to this. Good job with this one Halo!

  164. A great every day vape review by Cory

    Halo liquid is the best I've found anywhere, and the Menthol ICE is no exception. It's a very nice level of menthol, although I do sometimes bump it up with SubZero to give it a little more chill.

    The light level of sweetness and medium menthol makes a very smooth vapor, and if it weren't for the warmth you wouldn't even be able to tell you're inhaling it. Sometimes on the first puff I thought I wasn't getting anything so I would blow it out right away, and it's just as thick as usual. A very nice every day blend for those who want a clean, sweet taste.

  165. Blown away. review by Icey Ecf

    Mentos? Tictacs? Wintergreen? Best described as a soft spearmint with a splash of cool sweet menthol. Unlike most vendors, most menthols taste bitter. This however, is best described as a sweet cold menthol (sharp, but not harsh compared to subzero). Smell is pleasant to the nose as a hint of vanilla and maybe mint? Not so sure but amazing.

  166. My PERFECT ADV HALO HITS IT! review by Capt Donna

    When I placed my first order from HALO, I ordered my G6 Starter Kit with Menthol Ice carto’s. I was so eager to get started vaping I looked on HALO’s FB page to locate a local HALO reseller. Found not 1 but about 10 within “reasonable” driving distance. I just couldn’t wait to start vaping! I got a tank style starter kit and some Sub-Zero. Well let me tell you! Sub-Zero is GREAT however.. When I received the kit with the Menthol Ice carto’s well there’s a definite difference with a tank!

    Then I reached the 1000 rewards points and had to go back through my samplers and notes I’d written down. For me (we all know taste is subjective) MENTHOL ICE is NOW my ADV for sure !!! Not too strong a bite yet not too smooth like I missed something.

    I ordered the Café’ Mocha as my freebie, but KNEW I had to have more of the Menthol Ice. Just a truly nice menthol, definitely not as much a bite as Sub-Zero it is just PERFECT for me at 12mg. Now I hate waste but I could truly take all the other bottles I have (other than my Coffees and Mocha’s) and toss them. As you can tell I was torn between Sub-Zero and Menthol Ice I DO like them both for their own characters per say. HALO you have just made such complex juices that NONE will go to waste! Now on to tasting the Café’ Mocha and the sampler of Southern Classic (THANK YOU!!).

    SUMMARY: The taste is just perfect for me, Vapor – WOW, Thoat hit – very nice not too much - not too little All in all I may wind up thinking I should have just gotten 2 bottles of MENTHOL ICE ! LOL THANK YOU HALO!!! DEFINITE REORDER!!!!

  167. Good flavor that can be vaped all day. review by Jeff

    I really found the juice quite satisfying, but in a different way than the menthols I smoke. Despite the pure menthol description the menthol taste was rather settle with a somewhat sweet taste. It sounds odd but the taste reminds me of a lime flavor ice pop I loved as a child. Despite not being what I expected, this juice is enjoyable and I will be purchasing again after trying out the other menthol flavors.

  168. Menthol ice review by Marcus

    Excellent liquid. Nice smooth throat it and a good after taste.

  169. Great Flavor review by Matt

    The only knock you can have on the Menthol Ice flavor is the throat hit is weaker than the other menthol flavors. Now, granted I am using the low nicotine juice, but I find the other menthols to have a stronger, more satisfying throat hit.

    That being said, I didn't even realize that until I got a sampler pack of the other menthol flavors. Menthol Ice is a great flavor, maybe my favorite. Taste of bit of Andes Mint to it, subtly anyhow. But I do love the flavor. And I vape it fairly consistently. Though if I am out with friends and having a few cold ones, I sometimes go to one of the other menthols with a stronger throat hit. But Menthol Ice is great flavor than can be vaped all the time.

  170. Great flavor, clean and refreshing review by Mimi

    I love this flavor a lot. It's very crisp. The throat hit is spot on, no aftertaste. This is definitely my favorite from the sample pack.

  171. Halo knows menthol! review by Patrick

    I tried the SubZero and absolutely loved it! Made me want to try the other menthol flavors. Halo knows menthol. This is a really great E liquid. So smooth and crisp. I could vape this all day! Try this you won't regret it.

  172. Great! review by Dan

    I really did not like this menthol at first. However, it REALLY grew on me. It has a wonderful taste. I don't even know how to describe it. After a day of vaping it, you will fall in love!

  173. The only e liquid that I give 5 stars review by Lynn

    I rate Halo as the best e liquid in general and the Menthol Ice as the best for a heavy menthol smoker. I was a pack a day menthol smoker and tried several menthol flavors before finding Halo. A friend gave me the last of his bottle of Mystic, I liked it so did some research and ordered the Menthol sampler pack. I liked several, and only had one that I did not like, this is the best.

    Note: Started my last bottle in the sampler, Mystic, a close runner up.

  174. Awesome review by Jerome

    Very good menthol flavor and awesome throat hit.

  175. Cool and very tasty review by Chris

    Bravo Halo. This is cool but not overwhelming. Ordered a small bottle and made quick work of it. Love the flavors, kinda like menthol with peppermint. Great after taste. I prefer this one at night when I'm relaxing. Nice throat hit and vapor. This is definitely in my top 3.

  176. Everyday menthol review by Borja

    I have tried all the different menthol flavors I was able to find and I have come to the conclusion that this one has the perfect flavor for an everyday use. Some of them are too menthol or others not menthol enough (you can barely feel it in your throat).

    This one is refreshing but does not get you tired of vaping.

    Amazing product.

  177. All things Menthol Cool n Crisp review by CaptDonna

    As I’ve journeyed through HALO’s various menthols. I have to say every time I say WOW THIS is the ADV for me or this one it SPECIAL.. then I try a different one! It’s just that each e-juice definitely has their own.. personalities (for lack of a better word!)
    I do have to say there’s a WOW difference for me when used with my mini tank for my G6 (THANKS RAYMOND at ECCR!! GREAT advice!) Cool menthol all through the draw, really good throat hit and vapor. Then just a nice crisp menthol feel on the exhale. No mint that I could discern. Just PURE menthol ALL the way.
    After trying other menthol juices (shame on me) I had almost given up on e-cigs!!!! Always a chemical taste along with some nasty tobacco sort of taste left YECK! No comparison HANDS DOWN.
    No where even remotely near the quality and fresh aftertaste these deliver. Then one by one the exploration began into HALO’s menthol e-juices. You had me at Sub-Zero and it has just gotten better and better!!
    Yep I know it’s sounding kind of corny but I tell anyone -friends, family HALO is THE place they truly mean it when they say they stand for Purity, Flavor and Quality all made in the USA - doesn't get any better!
    I’m not going anywhere!
    Once again thumps up HALO ! Thank you for saving me from almost giving up on e-cigs !

  178. icee review by jennifer

    This flavor is menthol alright ,but to me lacked some flavor somehow in comparison to the Cool Mint. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but it was just menthol. Didn't taste spearmint, or peppermint just menthol. Which is great for a lot of menthol smokers. I personally like to taste some flavor too though.

  179. Not a menthol smoker but.... review by Travis

    For not being a big menthol cigarette fan, this vapor is very tasty and has a great throat hit. I would recommend it to anyone if they like a slightly menthol taste and likes a good throat hit. It is very tasty. Go Halo, keep making high quality products! Keep up the good work. You blow the competition away when it comes to liquid nicotine!

  180. Spot On review by DarthVaper

    I received a small bottle of 18mg Menthol Ice in my sampler pack recently, and have to say it is spot on with the flavor of a Marlboro Menthol cigarette. I have smoked menthol cigs for the past 15 years and have tried many brands (usually what's cheapest at the time). In my opinion, this juice comes closest to the flavor I get from smoking a Marlboro Menthol. The throat hit is there. I deducted one star for the simple fact that this is not my favorite flavor. I do, however, believe that anyone who enjoys the MM flavor would rate Menthol Ice at 5 stars. It is a quality and satisfying liquid, just not something I can personally use all day.

  181. My Fav Menthol so far!! review by Tim

    This is the best so far for me. Of the Menthol flavors I have tried the Sub-Zero and Kringle's Curse as well. The other two are much more minty. Sub-Zero is like smoking a Wrigley's Double Mint stick of gum, Which is not bad, but a bit much for too long. The ICE is very smooth with just the right blend of tobacco and Menthol as to not be over powering. I have been using this one for almost a week now and keep going back to it as my daily "Smoke". Two Thumbs up!!!

  182. wow!! review by Tanner

    They nailed the the menthol and the ice sensation down perfectly!! I recommend have an extra flavor on hand,one of those flavors that does not necessarily get old but is nice to switch out between another one throughout the day.

  183. This fluid is the only one I need! review by Ken

    Vapor, throat hit, flavor and satisfaction are all top notch.

  184. ALL DAY VAPE! review by Scott

    This is amazing stuff. I purchased the menthol sample packs and this juice was defiantly one of the best! Great job!!

  185. Great clean menthol flavor review by Jim

    I started off with Menthol Ice. Clean and crisp flavor all the way. Was a Camel crush smoker.. Thank you to the folks at Halo and keep up the good work. Best E-cig products on the market and American made!!

  186. Great product review by Dan

    A very good tasting mild menthol flavor. Will buy again.

  187. AHHHHMAZING review by kyle

    I tried my buddies menthol ice liquid and fell in love with it. I actually got on and ordered a 30 ml bottle of it that night. Its up there with sub zero as my top 2 favorite menthol liquids EVER. Nice throat hit and a def all day vape

  188. Menthol Ice Review review by vaperclouds

    Menthol Ice is a very nice menthol and for a long time it was probably one of the best menthols, the only reason i gave it three stars is because it is now 2013 and there is other menthols such as subzero and cool mist which top this IMO. Menthol Ice has a decent vapor output. It's not a ton of vapor but it is satisfying. The flavor is a cooling and sweet flavor a lot more mild than subzero. I can all day vape it but the sweetness does start feeling too sweet for me. There is no doubt it is a nice menthol. The best way I can describe it is like menthol and sugar.

  189. Menthol ICE E-liquid review by Susan

    This liquid is such a smooth great tasting drag, you wont even miss a real cig.

  190. the best review by miguel

    Now this flavor has just about got it. Cool, fresh, & menthol. Works for me, still needs a bit of a tweak yet, but it'll work. At least you can get flavor without too much, and yes, it actually has a good taste to it without being a cough drop or jar of vics kind of menthol. If it were an inhaler, it would be the store brand, not the name brand.

  191. awesome!! review by LINDSEY

    I have tried many e-liquids that claim to be menthol. None even come close to the menthol ice. I will not go anywhere else for my e-liquid needs.

  192. Very cool! review by Danny

    This one is good! Menthol Ice is a little less sweet than Cool Mist or Mystic. It's got a strong menthol kick that stands out front. I pick up spearmint and peppermint in here too. This is probably second only to Subzero in the menthol department. So if you looking for an e-juice that's not too sweet but is minty and very cool, Menthol Ice is a good choice!

  193. Menthol Strikes Again review by Jeffrey

    This is another fantastic flavor from Halo. I also like the Mystic, this one seems a little less minty, does not hit as strong so it is mild smooth and sweet. If you like menthol but not to the extreme this is for you, another all day vape for sure.

  194. My all-day vape review by JR

    I've been vaping for 3 weeks now, and Menthol Ice is my most satisfying vape. Tiki Juice tastes better to me, but somehow Menthol Ice satisfies my cravings better. No idea why. Menthol Ice tastes very good to me - it has a very cool and a very slight candy cane syrup taste. It has a throat hit that is almost too much for me, and great vapor. After about 5 or 6 drags below a full tank, the throat hit becomes just right to me.

  195. Good Menthol without the Sweetness review by Taylor

    This is a good menthol flavor, however there isn't much sweetness to it. So if you're tired of getting "menthol" liquids that taste like you're vaping some mint leaves, this is for you.

    In my opinion, it tastes exactly like smoking a piece of Dentyne Ice - Arctic Chill chewing gum.

  196. So smooth review by Jerrick

    This is one of my favorite e liquids, plenty of vapor production, incredible amount of fresh flavor and to top it off it's so smooth it feels actually refreshing in the back of my throat with every drag.

  197. A cool refreshing vape! review by Adam

    This is one of the first liquids I tried from Halo, and is really what turned me on to their products. It really is crisp and refreshing, totally smooth. A must try if you're into menthol vapes!

  198. Tasty! review by JantheMan

    Less menthol than say, Kools.
    It is a very pleasant, sweet, smooth, downright delicious flavor.
    I didn't give it a 5 because, I have yet to find the PERFECT flavor.
    I do believe I'm looking in the right place though.

  199. Pretty tasty but its no Subzero review by Ben

    Received some pre-filled carts with my g6 kit and was impressed. Nice menthol vape and pretty sweet like candy. It reminds me of camel crush. Was going to be my go to menthol until I tried Subzero. But for those that don't want that strong of a vape this is an excellent choice.

  200. Menthol Ice 18mg is great review by Fred

    I really like this flavor, after smoking menthol cigarettes for over 50 years. This flavor actually fulfills my taste buds...

  201. Not bad! review by Hope

    Menthol Ice isn't my favorite, but it's definitely a good one! It tastes almost tangy on the inhale and then sweet on the exhale. It sounds odd, but it makes for a yummy menthol flavor! In my top 5 flavors at the moment!

  202. Lesser Sub Zero review by Rick

    Menthol Ice is nice, it tastes just like the subzero flavor but less intense. If your looking for not such a hard hit or super potent menthol minty hit, this is the little brother of the subzero.

  203. Outstanding Menthol Flavor review by Allen

    I have been using Halo Menthol Ice as my go-to liquid for over two years and it remains a staple of my everyday vaping. The consistency and shelf-life of Halo e-liquids is far superior to other brands i have tried. I now rely exclusively on Halo liquids. And if you like Menthol Ice, you may also want to try Mystic and Sub-Zero.

  204. Better than V2 review by Greg

    Used to be a loyal V2 smoker. Now their product stinks. Thank god I stumbled upon Halo E-cigs. Tried the Menthol Ice pre-filled. OK flavor, incredible amount of vapor. I'm gonna' try the other menthol flavors to find my favorite. I'm hooked!

  205. Real menthol flavor review by Andrew

    I’ve tried Menthol Ice and Sub-Zero flavors so far. Sub-Zero offers a great flavor, but the Menthol Ice is by far the smoother and more realistic of the two. I wasn’t a menthol smoker, but I really enjoy the menthol vape. It has a very clean taste and sweet after-taste. This would be the ideal juice for menthol smokers.

  206. Good menthol flavor review by Derek

    This is a nice, clean, menthol flavor. It has a good menthol taste on the draw and a smooth clean taste on the exhale.

  207. Menthol magic review by Soulfool

    I've been vaping for well over two years now. After making my first beginner mistake with prefilled cartomizers from another well known vendor, I eventually found Halo and purchased all of their available menthols at the time. They we're all exceptionally good and each stood out as being very high quality. But there was something special about Menthol Ice. It is a true menthol - not really in the mint family, like Mystic (a close second favorite) or CoolMist. It has a very clean and crisp taste with a very satisfying menthol sensation. Prior to Subzero, it was the strongest menthol from Halo while easily still able to be an all-day, every-day vape.
    I've tried over 20 different menthols and menthol/tobacco flavors from an array of companies and none of them come close to the magic that's inside Menthol Ice. If I had to pick only one eLiquid for the rest of my life, Menthol Ice would be the one. It's a true classic that every menthol fan needs to try.

  208. Yup, it's menthol review by Trlinde

    Now this flavor has just about got it. Cool, Fresh, & Menthol. Works for me, still needs a bit of a tweak yet, but it'll work. At least you can get flavor without too much, and yes, it actually has a good taste to it without being a cough drop or jar of vics kind of menthol. If it were an inhaler, it would be the store brand, not the name brand. Almost enough that it'll do till a better one comes along.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass