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Menthol ICE E-liquid

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Refreshing and extremely popular, this remarkably smooth e-liquid keeps you cool in any situation. Always a fan favorite, this thrilling menthol flavor provides a blast of menthol with thick, full, satisfying vapor.


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Menthol ICE exemplifies American-made quality e-liquid, with ingredients you can trust and flavor that is second to none. Try it for yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree.

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  1. Not for me, but more enjoyable than I expected. review by Aaron

    I got this free 10ml bottle of menthol ice along with what has become my usual bottle of Tribeca. I'm a tobacco/dessert flavor vaper and while I smoke menthols when I do smoke, I've never found menthol vape juice enjoyable. Regardless I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. If I was going to use a menthol juice, it would most likely be this one. After repeated vaping I found it overwhelming, like drinking ice water with mint gum. Definitely couldn't be an all day vape for me, but if you enjoy that kind of thing or else have multiple tanks to swap out, it could work well. 4 stars because I liked it even though it's not my type of liquid at all.

  2. Great mixer - Dances well with others review by Jason

    So I got the standard 0mg 30 ml and fired this up on it's own. One note menthol to me. Not really thrilling to vape alone. I know others have exclaimed too much peppermint, but I actually had to add Kringle's Curse to taste that. Then wow! What a great peppermint menthol. Enjoyed that for a while and added a very small amount of Coolmist that I also didn't resonate with vaped on its own. Crazy how much vapor I got and such a perfect amount of throat hit. Enjoyed that mix for two days straight. After reflecting on my new frosty Halo creation - it could use some sweetness...spearmint? Anyhow it cleared the sinuses and left my mouth feeling fresh and toothpaste clean blast - sensational. I look forward to mixing this in small ratios with sweeter fruit vapes. I have to grade it 3 as most people are considering it a solo vape juice and not a mixer. As a mixer 4.

  3. Not the same. Way too peppermint like review by Valerie

    I will gladly come on here and write a good review if my next batch goes back to the original flavor it used to be. I've been using menthol ice for a very long time. It was always so smooth and had the perfect balance of menthol. However, my most recent order tasted horrible. Felt like I was vaping straight peppermint. And very strong at that. Customer service tested my batch and said everything came back fine and said to let it steep by letting it sit out without the cover. That definitely did nothing for the flavor. I am so disappointed. Customer service however was very helpful I will be ordering another batch to give them another chance. I really love the Halo Cigs brand and really hope they read the numerous reviews of people complaining about the same peppermint flavor so they can fix their batches going forward. There is no way this tested the same as older batches. We are not all crazy.

  4. Not the same formula review by Garrett

    I just ordered 2 100 ml bottles because this has been my go-to for years, and now it tastes like peppermint, which is not the same as I remember. Please change it back. This new formula is not the same and I am extremely disappointed. Why fix something that wasn't broken? There is a reason I repeated buying it over and over, because I liked it the first time.

  5. Menthol Ice Liquid review by Judy

    I’ve been a customer since 2009/10 always purchasing Menthol Ice. A couple of times in the past, I would receive a batch that tasted a bit off, but it wasn’t a big deal. Recently, my very large order of 12 bottles had a very strong taste of peppermint. Now, I ordered Menthol, not mint. I was told that the batch tested fine and that no one else had complained. Really? Then, I was told to open the bottles and let them sit for a few days. Well, it’s been a few months and the liquid STILL tastes of peppermint. Within the last few days, I placed another order. Guess what it tastes like? I’m really upset about this because when you find a good product you want to stick with it. Your previous Menthol Ice was the best menthol liquid I’d ever tasted. No more. Sadly, you must have changed the formula or perhaps are now using different ingredients, but this liquid tastes strongly of peppermint. Like your Kringle's Curse. This is not what I’m paying for. So, fortunately, I found another company that has great menthol flavors. I’m going to have to start doing business with them. I don’t appreciate being told that the liquid is fine and no one else is complaining as if it’s all in my mind. Taste this stuff yourself. Be honest about what you are tasting. What was once the best tasting menthol now tastes like a candy cane. Not good.

(5 out of 9 loaded.)
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color10ml – Clear
30ml - Premium Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Tank ColorNo