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LongHorn E-liquid

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Bold, fire-cured Corojo and sweet Cavendish tobacco come together to create LongHorn, a unique vaping experience with a flavor profile and throat hit reminiscent of a hand-rolled light cigar. If you’re looking for traditional tobacco taste, LongHorn is the perfect E-liquid for you.

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Bold, fire-cured Corojo and sweet Cavendish tobacco come together to create LongHorn, a unique vaping experience with a flavor profile and throat hit reminiscent of a hand-rolled light cigar. If you’re looking for traditional tobacco taste, LongHorn is the perfect E-liquid for you.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our E-liquids undergo independent testing for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl: LongHorn E-liquid's test results

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  1. Delicious review by kenneth

    I received Longhorn in the variety pack and considering it was a cigar flavor I wasn't sure I would like it. I found the scent from the bottle very intriguing, but upon vaping found it to be wonderful. It's my number one vape now! If your not into cigars don't worry this is a delicious flavored juice with a nice vapor and great throat hit.

  2. delicious cigar like vape review by Bossyboots

    Longhorn is a smooth, rich vape, and not harsh like a cigar. It has a delicious flavor and wonderful smell of a lite Cuban cigar. I love to vape this after dinner or a night when I am having a few glasses of wine or scotch. It is truly one of the most delicious, complex, and not overly sweet e-liquid I have found. If you are looking for something similar to a cigar then you should definitely try this.

  3. First Impression review by Suresh

    I cracked open Longhorn a couple of months ago, and I couldn't even get through half a tank of it. I was not enjoying it one bit. I decided to allow it to steep so I uncapped in a closet. I gave it another try a week later and it was the same result. So I decided to further steep it, dipping it in a warm bath water, before allowing it to cool. I repeated the process while I shaved and showered whenever I remembered. A couple of weeks later, I gave it another go. Unfortunately, for me the flavor intensified. A 7ml bottle was demoted to the trade pile. I haven't struggled through a sampler before.
    However, there are some big positives. The throat hit is moderate, the vapor production is well above average, and in typical Halo fashion, this is quality e-liquid. It just really wasn't for me. The taste and flavor is an individual thing. I skimmed through 224 reviews to learn that only two people before me disliked Longhorn.

  4. Dislike - My take on Longhorn after several tries review by Suresh

    I cracked open this sample a couple of months ago, and I couldn't even get through half a tank of it. I was not enjoying it one bit. I decided to allow it to steep, uncapped in a closet, and gave it another go a week later. I had the same result so I decided to further steep it, dipping it in warm water and then allowing it to cool. I repeated the process while I shaved and showered. A couple of weeks later, I gave it another go. Unfortunately, this e-liquid is just not for me. A 7ml bottle demoted to trade pile. However, there are some positives to this e-liquid. The throat hit is moderate, the vapor production is well above average, and in typical Halo fashion this is quality e-liquid. It really wasn't for me, the flavor and taste didn't do much for me. I skimmed through 224 reviews to learn that only two people before me disliked Longhorn.

  5. Superb tobacco flavour review by Kevin

    Up until now, Freedom Juice has been my go-to tobacco flavor. Now, there's a rival for top spot. As many of the other reviewers note its quite similar to Freedom. The more I vape it the more pronounced the subtle differences between the two become. I find it doesn't hit quite as hard as Freedom. It has a smokier flavor that's even closer to real tobacco, with a hint of fruit, possibly cherry, on the exhale. It's sweet, but not overly so, in fact I'd say the balance is perfect. It delivers a great flavor every time. If you want a more traditional tobacco vape you can't go wrong with Longhorn.

  6. longhorn review by mike

    Longhorn has become my go to flavor. I was looking for an e-liquid that is close to real tobacco flavor. Longhorn was perfect. It doesn't`t have that metallic taste that most tobacco blends have. It`s very lite on the front end and a very lite touch of sweetness on the back end with a very nice tobacco flavor. This is perfect for an all day vape. Thanks Halo!

  7. Unique tobacco flavor review by James

    Longhorn is a rich tobacco flavor with an outstanding aroma on the inhale. I detected a slight floral-like sweet aftertaste, which was very pleasant; somewhat similar to a Turkish but with a much heavier tobacco flavor (closer to a cigar or pipe tobacco). Longhorn really is a unique tobacco flavor among Halo's line of tobacco flavor. This is one flavor I am hoping Halo will produce in a high-VG version, although the vapor production in the present version is still excellent. Nicely done, Halo (again)!

  8. The ladies "cigar" review by Patricia

    I have always loved the aroma of a fine cigar but thought it was a man's thing. Now, I have found another Halo product that has turned that wonderful aroma into a taste that is robust yet perfectly blended for all of my senses. From the time it enters my mouth, rolls over my tongue, and hits the back of my throat until I exhale the large volumes of "smoke", it tickles my senses with pure delight.

  9. A milder version of Captain Jack review by Chris

    I found LongHorn to be very similar to Halo's Captain Jack, but a bit more on the mild side and not so intense. I wasn't a huge fan of Captain Jack personally, but LongHorn is quite good and definitely an enjoyable tobacco flavored e-juice. I am not sure how to describe the flavor, but it seems to be more of a pipe tobacco flavor than a cigarette tobacco flavor, and the aftertaste is pleasant. I prefer Halo's other tobacco blends over this one, but if you like Captain Jack, you'll more than likely love LongHorn as well.

  10. My favorite so far review by Simmon

    Medium tobacco flavor—not much of a side note. It tastes most like a cig I have found. If you want a hit that is most like smoking cigarettes, this is probably the flavor for you.

  11. Lovely flavor review by papa culo

    I got this flavor as part of a sample pack, and I like it. I sniffed it first, and not much there. I loaded the tank, and took a pull—funny how smell invokes memory. The flavor and smell took me back to my great uncles tack room in New Mexico—the smell of leather from saddles and bridles and the light filtering through the dust in open door.

  12. On the podium review by OAKTOWN

    Prime 15 and Southern Classic are my favorites. LongHorn is a strong third—good flavor and throat hit with a little bitterness and sweetness thrown in for good measure. It mixes well with the two blends previously mentioned for a custom flavor.

  13. Great e-liquid review by Farshid

    I got this as a sample a little while ago and I went through it pretty quick. I'm mostly a menthol smoker but this brand is definitely for those who want a quality tobacco flavored e-liquid. I haven't ordered more of this yet, but I intend to!

  14. Loved the flavor. review by Adam

    LongHorn is pretty darn good. Though, for some reason, the smell it left in a room left something to be desired for me. Not that we're in need of after-smell. The big thing on this was the taste. So full of flavor. It does seem to me like a nice wrapper on a good cigar. It won't hit you with that cigar-like throat hit, but it will satisfy your taste buds in respect to chewing on a cigar a bit.

  15. Flavorful review by vincent

    Received this as a sample and I'm definitely impressed with it. I probably wouldn't have tried it otherwise. The flavor is quite mild but I pick up on a rich blend of mellow tobacco that's been aged and cured to perfection and carries a very subtle hint of vanilla on the exhale. Throat hit was very smooth and has good vapor production. I'm currently using this to practice a few vape tricks. My sample was 6mg so take that into account when considering throat hit, which may be more pronounced at higher levels.

  16. Good cigar or cigarette flavor. review by Amy

    This has a premium cigar flavor (yes, even as a lady I have smoked a few cigars). It definitely is a good vape and good throat hit. It also can be a stand-alone cigarette flavor. I prefer to mix this with Halo Freedom Juice to add a little sweetness to it. If you want a cigar flavor, try this one..

  17. Love review by tony

    When I originally bought my G6 kit, I ordered Turkish Tobacco and Torque56 coming from smoking camel non filters. I figured these two flavors are perfect and I liked them both. But along with my order I received a sample of Longhorn. After using Turkish Tobacco and Torque, I used my free sample. Thank you Halo for sending me this because without it, I wouldn’t have tried this flavor. Currently on my 3rd 30ml bottle of Longhorn.

  18. Liked it review by craig

    I received LongHorn as a sample in my last order. I found the flavor to be really bold and it tasted great. The throat hit was great as well. Overall LongHorn was very satisfying and I tried to get every drop out of the bottle as I could.

  19. Great complex flavor review by Clabian

    I've tried a lot of different tobacco favors and this one really jumped out at me. It has a great complexity of flavors. For my pallet it reminds me of a blend between a sweet Cavendish pipe tobacco and medium cigar flavor. I really enjoy the great throat hit! It has a sweet vanilla, dark chocolate flavor mixed with a strong tobacco flavor. It's a great flavor for a cigar smoker, pipe smoker, or someone looking to get a complex, pleasant taste when switching to vaping. I look forward to the flavor every time I pick up my vape!

  20. As good as its description. review by Glen

    This flavor is exactly what it says in the description. It has a rich and smooth tobacco flavor. I found LongHorn to be the most authentic tobacco flavor in the line.

  21. It grew on me review by Codey

    A first I didn't really like this flavor at all. However, after a day or so vaping it on and off, I really started to enjoy it. I'm not sure what changed as I didn't steep it or anything, I think it just grew on me. For me it's not an all-day vape, but it's a nice after work or late evening vape. I would definitely recommend this flavor for anyone who enjoys a strong tobacco based e-liquid with an excellent throat hit.

  22. Great Genuine Tobacco Flavor review by Joe

    LongHorn is definitely one to order for a tobacco purist and aficionado. It has great vapor production, strong throat hit, and tastes like a sweet cigar. LongHorn nails it down as a real earthy tobacco flavor.

  23. Tasty Tobacco review by Joseph

    LongHorn does a real good job at keeping a smooth traditional tobacco flavor. Alone or paired up with some menthol, this is a great classic tobacco vape that I received when I ordered some Mystic. I was always curious about LongHorn and now I know it’s a flavor to keep in my stockpile. You can't go wrong with LongHorn!

  24. The best tobacco flavor review by William

    LongHorn gives me the throat hit and taste that mimics my favorite tobacco flavors. The big problem for me was finding it at my local vape shop. When it would come in, I'd nearly buy them out! I'm now buying direct and never run out!

  25. Excellent Flavor review by Zach

    Hello all, just wanted to let everyone know that if you like cigars, this is a really great flavor. I was highly impressed with some of the flavors on here. I don't get how they make these e-liquids taste like cigars and pipe tobaccos, but it’s really impressive!

  26. Pure Tobacco taste review by C.

    I would describe it like smoking a cigar without the burnt taste. It is like you are just inhaling freshly cut tobacco. An extremely accurate flavor.

  27. Great flavor review by Dustin

    Longhorn came with my sample pack. I expected it to be harsh and smokey tasting based on the name. I was wrong, it doesn't taste like tobacco. It is not harsh at all and has a sort of balance between cherry and a wood flavor. It does have a very slight hint of tobacco but it is barely noticeable. The different tastes actually go together much better than you would think. It is not my favorite e-liquid but close enough that I will definitely be reordering!

  28. Excellent review by Niena

    A great tobacco flavor! It is very good by itself but I sometimes add a drop of mint or a drop of hazelnut. It mixes well together but even by itself. Longhorn is solid and a smooth flavor from the start.

  29. Very Good review by Bradley

    A nice tobacco with a little chocolate and a hint of vanilla. This stuff is delicious and I can't put it down!

  30. A Real Winner if you like Pipe-ish Tobacco review by Alltone

    Longhorn is fairly a strong pipe tobacco with a balck cherry aftertaste. It does have a little floral which can throw it off. As others have said, a little steeping is a good thing. I cut it with a little Mystic and it rounds it out nicely. Also, add some Subzero and it is a definite keeper.

  31. Rich and satisfying. review by Roberta

    I found this flavor to be true to it's description. If you like a richer, more robust flavor, and similar to a light cigar then this is for you.

  32. Enjoy after steeping review by Phil

    When I first tried Longhorn it came in a sample pack. I thought it was a little too strong and it reminded me of inhaling a pipe or cigar. I put it away for awhile but then got curious if it changed after steeping. Surprisingly, it really came around and it was still a bit strong. However, I have mixed it with Midnight Apple for a real taste sensation. This is one of my all day vapes. I am so glad I found Halo in my forum research and they are my exclusive e-liquid providers.

  33. full of fire-cured flavor review by Don Paulione

    If you are looking for a strong flavored tobacco vape then you need to try Longhorn. Right off the bat, you can notice the nuances of fire cured, pipe tobacco flavoring. I usually vape it as it but as I was running out so I mixed 50/50 with Freedom Juice. It gave it a much mellower flavor profile. I reordered and now I have a 30ml bottle in rotation.

  34. Great stuff review by Chris

    Longhorn is a really nice tobacco. I vaped the whole bottle in about 3 days after opening it. It tastes very similar to Freedom Juice. It is slightly less sweet though. I highly recommend it.

  35. Authentic Taste! review by Tammy

    Before switching to Halo e-cigarettes, I previously smoked little cigars by Remington. Longhorn flavor is as close to the little cigars flavor as you can get. This flavor is definitely in my top 3. Thanks Halo for your wonderful e-liquid flavors.

  36. but strong review by Chris

    Longhorn is not my favorite as I thought it would be. I do like the quality and the flavor to an extent but when your like me and vape all day it can take a toll on you. I will say that the first few puffs are great and when I fill a room with I have that prospector fell of manliness. However, you can dilute it if it's too strong.

  37. Massive Suprise review by Neville

    I didn't know if I liked this e-liquid to start with and the more I tried it the more it blew me away. It is one of those special surprises that hits you. All I can say is WOW! You have to give this one a chance it is a winner!

  38. Pipe perfection review by Deneb

    A fragrant, earthy, woody, complex, bold with a sweet finish and a hint of cherry. Longhorn is the ultimate pipe tobacco e-liquid reference. It is one of my all time favorite. Five stars and a half.

  39. Not for me review by Laura

    Longhorn was just not for me. In my opinion, it tasted and smelled like a cigar. I don’t care for cigars and found the flavor and smell to be heavy. However, this may be perfect for someone who likes cigars.

  40. just great review by nicolas

    Longhorn may be my favorite e-liquid. I am trying a lot of tobacco flavor e-liquids from different companies and Halo's great!

  41. For Tobacco Lovers review by Chuck

    My favorite tobacco flavor is Longhorn. It hits all the right notes and allows to mix other flavors to change it up.

  42. Website description is accurate. review by Dylan

    I really enjoy Longhorn. It is not an all day vape for me but I do like the flavor and throat hit. The description on this really nails it. It does have a cigar flavor and tastes like a real tobacco. In my opnion, the flavor is similar to the Torque 56 from Halo but is much more pleasant. I will purchase Longhorn again very soon.

  43. Saved for last review by Phillip

    Longhorn was the last one I used in a sample pack. It is a very strong flavor. As the distribution says, Robust! I coughed with the first few vapes but the flavor itself was good.

  44. If you've had MFS's Wyatt Earp, this is even better. review by Paul

    Longhorn has a big fresh tobacco flavor that finishes with a sweet and tart hint of anise. This can easily be an all dat vape. Another winner for Halo!

  45. Longhorn like non-filter or small cigar review by Alexander

    I agree with Halo's website description about Longhorn. I like to mix it with 50/50 with Prime 15 to take the harshness out of it.

  46. Great Cigar taste review by Jonathan

    Longhorn has a very satisfying cigar tobacco taste. I love this as an after dinner vape. It is very smooth, flavorful, savory, and relaxing. This is definitely one of my favorites.

  47. Great flavor review by Bob

    I had to let this steep for a day or so and try it a second time before I liked it. It has a slight coffee taste, under a tobacco, and a subtle coconut flavor. I love it! Some people said it tastes like cigars and I don’t think it does. However, I do suggest Halo would come out with a line of cigar flavors.

  48. Bold, and slightly sweet in a cigar/filterless kind of way review by Aussie_Drew

    Longhorn 18mg was the second e-liquid I tried and loved it. I am giving it 5 stars because I am yet to try anything better than this. It reminds me of a tasteful combo of rolling tobacco and a mild cigar withour the taste of tar! It is a beautiful multi layered flavors. I have had everyone try it and they love it.

  49. Smoothe Longhorn now a staple review by Kenneth

    Longhorn has gradually became one of my staple flavors. I have tried a lot of flavors, which most I liked. I slowly developed a main core of four flavors which is Longhorn. I like this one very much.

  50. Love it review by Jeremy

    This has a lovely smokey sweet flavor. It reminds me of a honey flavored cigar or a rich sweet pipe tobacco. This is definitely one I can vape all day. It is my second favorite next to Torque 56. Once again, great job Halo!

  51. Strong Flavor review by Chris

    Longhorn has a very strong tobacco flavor and is great for those who are not into all the frills and flavors.

  52. close review by joseph

    This is the closest fluid I have found to real tobacco taste and throat hit. In my opinion, it is not an all day vape (like Tribecca) but very good for a change now and then.

  53. Ron Burgundy review by Nicolas

    I've been vaping for about a year now and I haven't yet been inspired to write a review until now. I have to say Longhorn is a very good flavor. I have been looking for a good tobacco juice that is on the savory-earthy side, and this is it. Although, I don't taste much tobacco which is what I was orignially looking for. To quote Ron Burgundy, "It reminds me of leather-bound books and rich mohogany". It has a slight cologne taste but in a very pleasing way. I find myself reaching for this e-liquid more and more.

  54. Great taste! review by David

    I'm not into all the fruity flavors. I've been using Longhorn for several months now and find it very pleasing. I highly recommend it.

  55. one of the best juices review by Jared

    I love Longhorn so much. I got it in a tobacco sample pack and saved it for last because I didn't think I would care for it. Although, this is my favorite of all the tobacco juices I have tried so far and I still have more to try. I am definitely buying this flavor in the 30ml bottle. It has a really great indescribable taste to it and a really really great throat hit. I loved it and the taste so much!!!!

  56. Interesting Tobacco twist review by Chris

    I very much enjoyed Longhorn. Aside from Prime 15, it's my favorite out of the Tobacco sample pack. To me it was a good threshold of tobacco with a little twist of sweet flavor, while still staying rather smooth. I definitely recommend this if you're looking for a bridge from Tribeca to more tobacco flavors with a little extra something.

  57. Longhorn review by Jesse

    Here is the cowboy killer and great job on this one!

  58. Honey tobacco review by Chris

    This one surprised me in how much I am enjoying it. I am not a fan of the RY4 styles such as Tribeca, but I never would have thought that a honey sweetened tobacco would taste so good. My taste buds say "If I try it and say to myself, 'not bad', but don't frequently return to it, it's a no-go. If I try it and I am unsure, but keep returning to it to try more and more, it's a keeper". I am not sure if I will add it to the rotation or not yet, but I don't regret this purchase at all.

  59. Sweet And Smooth review by Tommy

    In my opinion, Longhorn tasted the closest to a sweet honey cured pipe tobacco when exhaling but not so much when inhaling. All in all, I will give it a 4 star as with all my other ratings for tobacco flavors because they usually do not match up in flavor to an actual cigarette, but they do taste pretty good.

  60. WOW! review by jesse

    I tried this yesterday freshly opened but now on day 2 I can tell there is a big difference. I love this flavor. Today I can taste a floral aroma that I wouldn't think I would enjoy but I love it. I did compare this with Torque 56 and Prime 15 but now it is more in a class of its own.

  61. Masterpiece review by Bathos

    Longhorn is unbelievable!! Halo's Turkish Tobacco and Longhorn are my two favorite e-liquid flavors period. It's probably no coincidence then that they seem to have some common characteristics. Both are aromatic flavors leaning towards the dry end (Longhorn especially). It's true that Longhorn has a slight smoke character -- especially in your nostrils right after inhalation -- it's an undertone only. Likewise the tobacco flavoring is a relatively mild component. The main show here is very difficult to describe, with the closest flavors that come to mind being Metaxa (a Greek chicory and rose flavored brandy) and various colognes. Despite being almost entirely composed of ethereal, aromatic flavors, Longhorn is very robust, and unlike many other tobacco-based flavors. It achieves that robustness without unwelcome sweetness. I suspect this combination -- dry, perfumed, and potent -- is probably not universally appealing. But if you found any of what I've described interesting, you should definitely give this a try. I consider this flavor the future of vaping: Halo has elevated eliquid formulation to craftsmanship.

  62. Longhorn - interesting vape review by Johnathon

    I vaped Longhorn 18mg nicotine with the Triton Tank and a fresh coil (2.4-2.6 ohm) This is pretty interesting because it tastes pretty similar to Torque 56 but with something different going on. I get what they say about "fire cured tobacco" because I do get this somewhat spicy note to the flavor but it isn't overpowering at all and it just compliments the entire flavor. It is a small spicy note mixed with a sweet note with just an awesome smooth tobacco flavor which makes for a VERY nice vape. This is my favorite tobacco flavor from Halo hands down. I would recommend skipping the 7ml bottle and going straight for the 30ml bottle if you haven't tried this because you will love it (If you love ANY other tobacco flavor from Halo). The throat hit is very good but not overpowering.

  63. Definitely a tobacco flavor review by matthew

    It is no nonsense! It has a dry, fiery, strong, and rich tobacco flavor. It also has a great throat hit and some may say harsh even, but I like it is just fine. Good to keep around for when you need to knock your socks off!

  64. Excellent Choice review by Wendy

    Once again Halo ROCKS with their tobacco flavors. It's nice & smooth too! Halo products are the BEST QUALITY juice.

  65. An amazing flavor[: review by Jay

    I'm still new to vaping. Randomly, I decided to try a new flavor, and this is first flavor I had tried of Halo's. The taste is really mellow and smooth. I am really glad I got a bottle of this e-liquid [:

  66. Whoa is this one strong. review by James

    This has got to be the strongest tobacco flavor I've tried. If you like it harsh this ones for you. It's bold and in your face. Whoa is this one strong.

  67. Flavour country! review by Matt

    This stuff tastes great - like a cigar, roll your own tobacco and a pipe blended into one. It's floral, earthy and delivers a satisfying throat hit. I couldn't vape this all day, as the floral notes become a bit too much for me after a while. For my taste, it blends nicely with other tobacco-like liquids, like Halo's Tribeca, and gives it a pleasing 'something else'. Otherwise, it's a really nice flavour on it's own, a great after-dinner vape.

  68. Packs a Punch review by Kelly

    Longhorn is not for me, but I give it 5 stars because it's a well-done liquid that a whole lot of people will like. If you love cigars, you need to try this. My cigar-smokin' friend approves, sayimg that it's quite realistic. Strong flavor, great throat hit and vapor.

  69. Delicious review by Seth

    I ordered a handful of different juices from Halo, (Torque56, Longhorn, Turkish, Twisted Java and a couple more). Of all of them, I have enjoyed Longhorn the most. It has a rich flavor with a gentle throat hit. I went through this juice before any of the others. I will be ordering the larger container of this when I make my next purchase.

  70. Wow! review by Brian

    This is wonderful stuff. If you like the real taste of tobacco, this is for you. Every time I give LongHorn a few days rest and go back to it, I wonder why I gave it a rest to begin with. This is a 5 star juice in my book, and I will always have it. As a matter of fact, I need to order some more. Give it a go, you will love it.

  71. e-cigar review by ricardo

    What should you expect from longhorn? Just read the description, as it is exactly what you will experience. For me, it is not for all day vaping. It is an excellent option for after dinner.

  72. I Give This One No Thumbs! review by Elik Anoa'i

    When I first tried Longhorn, I got this strong perfumey aroma and really yucky dried leaf mixed with wet cardboard taste. So I decided to give it a good steep. When I went back to it I was surprised that the unpleasant taste went away. The liquid actually smelled like a premium cigar. The throat hit was amazing and produced decent vapor. Is it an ADV for me? Probably not. But it's a decent juice to have around for those days when I just want something different. Will it knock your socks off? No- Is it terrible? No, not at all. So in Phil Busardo terms, I give this juice no thumbs. I'll probably on occasion buy a 7 ml bottle just to keep around for when the mood for a fine cigar strikes me.

  73. Lustrous review by David

    If you could taste words, then lustrous would fit LONGHORN perfectly! Brilliant! Splendid! So impressive, you might as well go ahead and order the 30 ml bottle. Thanks Halo for making such a quality, great tasting, and smooth product!

  74. Much like a cigar. review by Nathaniel

    Wow, I'm honestly surprised to say how much I like this one. It tastes like rich cigar tobacco. Like, a whole lot like a cigar. I am very impressed and will be ordering more of this in the future.

  75. My first taste of Halo review by Greg

    I was not disappointed at all! It was a very relaxing flavor and I went through a 30 ml bottle in 4 days. I can't get enough!It is just a pure, smooth, and relaxing vape.... Sold! I'm a customer for life.

  76. If you lean toward tobacco flavors, Halo might be a good place to prospect. review by John M

    One caution: I’m vaping as a cigar or pipe smoker would, so if you inhale as a cigarette smoker perhaps would, this review might not provide good guidance.

    Halo’s description of Longhorn is about as close as a verbal description of a taste can be. I’ve found this to be true of all of Halo’s descriptions. Vapor production is excellent. I can’t comment on throat hit as I’m using a minimal nicotine content. Longhorn is excellent from a Halo G6. I’d completed a semi-disciplined and leisurely sampling of about 65 e-liquids from seven American manufacturers. Although this was not my intention, the seven e-liquids that ended up being “keepers” (for me) were tobacco flavors. (So steer right or left, here, as your own tastes would suggest.) Of my seven “keepers,” three were from Halo, (and this, perhaps, might seem especially significant considering that Halo only makes 23 flavors). In addition, if you were to restrict me to one or two e-liquids, my choices would be Halo Longhorn and then Halo Captain Jack. If you lean toward tobacco flavors, even if your tastes differ from mine, Halo might be a good place to prospect.

  77. Long live the horn review by BANSI

    Longhorn is an absolutely fantastic flavor! It has a distinct pipe tobacco flavor with a bit of sweetness - very flavour-full ..... Very addictive - You want to keep vaping & vaping & vaping .....

  78. Excellent Flavor description review by FERNANDO

    Its amazing how accurate the description of flavors really is, i was expecting the exact same flavor that was described when i first tried it and was nothing short of amazing! LOVED IT

  79. Great light cigar flavor review by Mike

    The description nails this one on the head. Very pure tobacco flavor, but leaning much more towards the cigar side of the family than the cigarette side of the family. It is a nice change of pace to mix in with the other Halo tobacco flavors.

  80. Cigar or Pipe like review by Brian

    Yes it is a tobacco flavor, and depending on how your taste buds are working, and the steep, it will sometimes remind you of Pipe Tobacco and sometimes a cigar.

    Not my favorite, but definetly a nice juice to have around when you get a bit of vaper's tongue and need a quick mixup of flavors to reawaken your taste buds.

  81. Love it review by Lena

    I love this flavor, it kind of tastes how a cigar smells, if that makes sense. It's sweet, but not too sweet-you can smoke it a lot without it ever being too much.

  82. Great flavor review by Chuck

    Not my all day vape but I always keep a bottle on hand. It has a good tobacco flavor with a nice throat hit with just a little sweetness to it. In any case you cant go wrong with any halo juice. Superior quality compared to any other vendors.

  83. Lovin this flavor review by Brian

    Just got into vaping so I have been looking for nice tobacco emulating flavors. Most have a funky taste that's not quite right but MAN was I surprised when i came across this. I was a little skeptical of the claim that it would taste like a small cigar, but that was spot on. Great throat hit and the taste is just fantastic. Recommend this to anyone who wants to try a great tobacco flavor.

  84. Cavendish really stands out on this one review by Russ

    If you are like me and enjoy great pipe tobacco taste with out the dirty ash this one is for you. This cape bas a great throat hit with great tobacco flavor that rides on the tongue. Very fine indeed. Cheers.

  85. My top pick for tobacco flavored e liquids! review by Chadd

    The best tobacco flavor of e liquids I have ever tasted. Longhorn tastes just like a rich cigar! A must try flavor!

  86. Wow" review by Debbie

    Finally! After two years of vaping, experimenting with many, many e-liquids, I have found the e-liquid, Longhorn, that is true to form. The flavor is outstanding; replicating the closest to true tobacco flavor.
    Thank you, Halo!

  87. ahhh not the best not the worst review by ryan

    com si com this is the flavor that def has a dry cocoa taste to it in my opinion. I liked it at first but is a very bold flavor that was way to much for me for an ADV which is what I look for. Acquired taste. I'm staying with Tribeca for sure!

  88. Perfect for the golfer! review by Tyler

    I am an avid golfer. I play twice a week. I ran into this gem of a juice and I love it. Add a couple of drops of fusion to this, add a beer or two in the course and I couldn't be happier.

  89. Good flavour review by Mark

    I found LongHorn to have a really pleasant, full tobacco flavour with a hint of vanilla. Good throat hit and vapour as usual with a really satisfying taste. Reminded me of smoking vanilla flavoured pipe tobacco. A keeper I think.

  90. Another win for Halo review by Sam

    This was not a favorite right away, especially since i am some what new to vaping, but after two weeks steeping and suffering from vapors tongue i needed something strong to get me through . This and captain jack helped me get through a rough week. Very strong but smooth cigar flavor its a must for a night of drinking where Tribeca kinda looses its taste when one consumes a few mixed drinks . Not my adv but definitely a flavor to have on hand along with captain jack to help with those cravings and give u extra flavor when drinking or taste buds are down in the dumps! Used in my vision spinner with Kanger T3S tank amazing ! 2.2 ohm carto

  91. Strong Tobacco Flavor review by Chip

    While this is not my favorite tobacco flavor that Halo offers, this one is very tasty and many of my friends loved it. I first tried this flavor with a Low Resistance cartomizer and my triton battery, and the flavor was extremely strong--almost too strong for my taste. But I later tried it out in a triton tank, and it seemed to mellow out the flavor to make for an enjoyable vaping experience. It's a bit hard to describe this flavor, but it has a very "warm" tobacco taste, almost like a cigar. Overall, LongHorn is a good flavor, definitely worth trying.

  92. Surprise Like review by David

    After reading the product description, I, like many others, assumed that this juice was going to have too strong of a throat hit or flavor because of the word "cigar" . Boy, was I wrong! There is a slightly sweet cigar-like taste in this juice, however, it has, by no means, too harsh of a throat hit nor flavor!! Perhaps the wording should read more like "very mild, sweet cigar-like flavor". Fantastic tobacco flavored juice with a perfect amount of throat hit for almost anyone....not harsh at all and can easily be made to deliver a more potent throat hit simply by double hitting!! Yet another winner from Halo, of course!

  93. Almost awsome but for end review by mark32

    I wish I could give this review for the Longhorn E-liquid a 5 star rating but I cannot. I like the throat hit but there is something keeping Longhorn from being a top flavor in my opinion. Longhorn has the full flv strength I desire and the tobacco throat hit I am accustomed to. I enjoy the mellow but flavorful pull/vape I get from this flavor. I feel satisfied after a meal after having a few pulls from my Triton with the Longhorn blend but there is a shortcoming for me with this flavor. I have narrowed this down to the perfume like, somewhat powdery after taste or effect that comes along with a hit of Longhorn vape. I actually like throat hit just fine and the vapor production is spot on like all the Halo liquids I have tried but the bit of after taste is a bit too I wrote before, powdery or perfume like for me I couldn't call this a all day vape as I would the Tribeca or Tourque 56 Halo tobacco flavors. I do believe the Longhorn flavor to be as satisfying in a nicotine/ throat hit sort of way as my favored Halo flavors but this one is just a bit too strong in the end note for me personally, I have reason to believe if I let this liquid steep for a bit to mellow, or Longhorn was produced with a more mellow end note I would be fully satisfied and able to give a fine 4 or 5 star rating, as is Longhorn is a above average quality tobacco flavor that is a bit too much on the end note for me. However, for those who enjoy flavored cigars more than I I might suspect they would be quite enthused and satisfied with the Longhorn blend. Thanks to Halo on the whole though for providing me with some very good to great quality E-smoke products, I will be a customer as long as the quality remains intact!

  94. Love it! review by Bob

    I tried the Longhorn E-liquid in a blank cartomizer and I gotta say this is the best! Longhorn has a great tobacco taste with no fruity taste and no sweet aftertaste. I wish they would offer Longhorn in the pre-filled cartomizers, but I guess I'll just have to fill my own. Try it, you'll love it too!

  95. Great Vap! review by Bryan

    Ordered a 30ml bottle as soon as i finished my sample. I love this flavor, very smooth with a good TH. Similar to Midnight Apple but i think much better, closer to a real cig. taste. Great choice to try. A++ Halo!!!

  96. Delicious review by Cooper

    LongHorn is definitely my favorite E-liquid that Halo has to offer... It provides a relaxing taste that is easy to puff on whenever and wherever and will not disappoint.

  97. Smooth review by Bama Girl

    Captain Jack has been one of my favorites from the start but I just finished my first 30ml bottle of Longhorn and I am very pleased!! I have already placed another order for my next bottle. It has a great sweet smooth taste but not to sweet. Great for vaping all day. If you are looking for a sweet woodsy blend Longhorn is a great choice!!

  98. Seriously fabulous! review by Nancy

    I am now loyal to the Halo way of life. My daily vape is an equal mixture of LongHorn and Torque 56. It produces a great TH and the slight lingering scent is quite pleasant. I have many a client walk into my shop and wonder what that wonderful smell is. I liked the taste of tobacco and this mixture works for me. I didn't want any fun, sweet taste and this concoction fills the void that tobacco products provided me!!!

  99. Awesome! review by Marianne

    I was skeptical about trying the Longhorn E-liquid from my tobacco sampler pack. It was described as similar to a cigar. Something that might take like a cigar sounded quite gross to me. Boy was I wrong! This liquid is yummy! It is smooth with almost a caramel aftertaste. It has a good throat hit with lots of vapor. There is a great tobacco taste which I like. It is rich and satisfying. I would have to say this is my second favorite flavor so far. My next order will have a 30ml bottle of this liquid.

  100. Genuinely Complex Flavor with a lot Clear Tobacco Base review by Justin

    It's quite clear that this is a more aromatic blend than Torque or Captain Jack. The flavor here is a marriage of subtle notes with a clear tobacco base. The Cavendish notes are comprised of a subtle sweet anise that barely straddles coconut the blend of these flavors is so delicate that neither is distinguishable as an independent flavor which is good because both would had been flavors I wouldn't have enjoyed. The trend I am seeing in Halo is how accurately they portray the tobacco notes of the flavor, its sweet sharpness is always present. Throat hit is excellent on this, each pull is pronounced and present even on the 6mg strength that I bought. The vapor production is thick but mild. The setup used is an AGA T2 with a cotton wick and 1.8ohm coil on a Vamo V3, so mileage may very but this is very pleasant in this RBA setup.

  101. Strong review by M

    One of my friends bought this flavor and let me try it. It is relatively shocking - shockingly strong. The vapor is thick, and has a heavy tobacco flavor. The vapor also smells really pleasant, almost like that smell when you first walk into a humidor. I would venture to buy this flavor for myself.

  102. Awesome review by Timothy

    I've tried a couple different flavors trying to satisfy the taste i was looking for... This one is the winner for me hands down. Now it's not exactly what i was looking's BETTER...and I LOVE that. I would rather have a stronger taste than them a fake flavor and this one takes the cake!

  103. mmmmm honey review by candace

    I love this honey tobacco vape, it's not too much just enough of a sweet honey hub hint, I like it, but not as much as my voodoo, but I do have it in my rotation.

  104. Midnight Apple without the Apple review by Adam

    I truly enjoyed my experience with longhorn and I may in fact order it in the future. But what I wanted to point out was that it had to same base flavor to me as midnight apple. So to any vapers out there who may have tried the apple first in fear of the harshness of tobacco, you can't go wrong ordering Longhorn. It has a smooth throat hit that most new to moderately experience vape enthusiasts can enjoy. Good job Halo!

  105. Really unique and tasty flavour!! review by KhSai

    This eliquid has a very unique taste with hints of honey and cigar. Very unique flavour and is perfect in the evening with an alcoholic drink.

  106. Excellent Flavor review by Daniel

    I absolutely Love the flavor. Once I opened the bottle i had to try right away due to the aroma coming out of the bottle. Unlike the Tribeca, i think this taste the most like actual tobacco. The light-cigar in the description was right on the money. I smoke an occasional cigar and if i had my eyes closed, this could pass for one. Def. adding to the daily flavor list, could even be a ADV. Great Stuff Halo!!

  107. B+ review by Rhyno636

    The quality of the product is great. It's not an all day flavor for me, but I used the entire sample happily.

  108. Instant Fave! review by SmokieDJ

    Deep, robust flavor, full hitting, instant favorite for me.
    First (but not last) flavor that I had to buy the big bottle of!

  109. Great Smooth Tobacco review by Michael

    LongHorn is a nice smooth tobacco. It reminds me of a cross between pipe and cigar tobacco. It has a bit of earthiness with layers of cream and something that smells like chocolate. The vapor is a light and smooth high end taste that goes well with your favorite adult beverage or a cup of early morning cappuccino. It will definitely be entering my regular rotation as a top three pick.

  110. Like it review by Jason

    After trying the tobacco sample pack, longhorn became a close second to midnight apple. I made sure to get a larger bottle after unexpectedly loving how similar the flavor was to the wrapping on a sweetened unlit cigar. Good throat hit and vapor production. Its a good one to put in the rotation when you need a break from the same old favorite.

  111. It has its place... review by Tim

    Some of the reviews equate this to a cigar flavor. Being an older gentleman, I've smoked many a cigar in my day, and many a bowl of variations of cured/infused pipe tobacco back when it was "cool" as well. Equating this to a cigar is a real stretch. That being said, if there's any former pipe smoker older guys out there, this is the real deal.

  112. Great Flavor and Vapor Production review by Emily

    This is the first e-liquid I have tried from Halo and I have to say I am very impressed. As Halo suggested, I let it steep for 24 hours (I could not wait 48 hours because I was too excited to try it!), and the flavor was very tasty. It has a nice mild tobacco taste with a hint of sweetness. It produces a good amount of vapor with a mild throat hit. I enjoy smoking it in the morning, as it is not too harsh on my throat and is very smooth. If you prefer a sweeter tobacco flavor, LongHorn is definitely a good choice!

  113. Very good review by Eric

    Great tobacco flavor. Reminds me of a lighter Captain Jack. I can't get enough of the aroma and would recommend this flavor to anyone who likes a pipe or cigar. Expect a nice aroma to go along with your vapor.

  114. Excellent tobacco flavor with hint of sweetness. review by Kimberly A.

    I love this flavor! I got the sample tin and it was the only flavor in the tin I hadn't tried because some described it as cigar like flavor. Well I've never had a cigar but if this is what they taste like then I'm sorry I never tried one. Longhorn is great! Just a little sweetness which I like in my tobacco flavors. This flavors gonna be a regular on my list. It's a very nice flavor with a great T.H. at my medium strength.

  115. Really Great review by Brandon

    Thus far, this is officially tied as my second favourite e-liquid. It is great. Very subtle, but full of flavour. This is one of my go-to's!

  116. great liquid review by anthony

    I just received this liquid today and have been using it most of the day. It is fantastic! I will be making this an all day liquid for me. It has a great tobacco flavor that is not overpowering with a very mild sweet yet savory aftertaste. The only disappointment was the throat hit. I was expecting it to be stronger then it was but it does but take away from this great liquid at all. Great job halo!

  117. Excellent. Reminicent of a mellow pipe tobacco review by Matthew

    I think this may have replaced Tribeca as my favorite tobacco style vape. Very smooth and sweet, similar to a nice pipe tobacco. I will be buying a lot more of this.

  118. Great mild flavor smooth review by Butch

    I have tried several flavors and find the Longhorn the best for my taste. The flavor is mild and very smooth with very little after taste.

  119. You're in L-Cake! review by Charles

    This has a good throat hit with a sweet, chalky flavor. I could see this being a mainstay for some people, but it fits in the "once-in-a-while" category for me - a nice change of pace, but I can't tug on it for hours on end. I don't know what tobacco item this emulates, but I've never had it - still worth a shot.

  120. Mild Creamy Cigar With A Hint Of Bitterness review by Christopher

    Tastes like a mild creamy cigar with a hint of honey after taste. At first the sweetness threw me off but after vaping for a while I see where it fits in.

    IMO not for the first timer but once you have a "significant other" I could see this being a #2 for those looking for true tobacco taste without the super sweet additions.

  121. Most similar to tobacco review by Todd

    This is an excellent liquid that doesn't seem to get enough credit in the reviews. It has a slightly dry yet flavorful taste with a great throat hit. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a flavorful vape that has subtle hints of tobacco. Out of all the tobacco flavors I have tried from halo, this one comes the closest to the tobacco taste and feel.

  122. Smooth and Mellow review by Jim

    Great tobacco flavor!! Halo gets it right with tobacco flavors and Longhorn delivers a mild enough flavor to vape all day! Definitely a must for any tobacco connoisseur, Smooth complexity of flavor leaves me feeling like I just smoked a cigar! Great blend!!

  123. Odd Flavor review by Edward

    Kinda tastes like how leather smells. Smoked a whole tank of it though.

  124. BEST E-JUICE I'VE TASTED review by paul

    Longhorn is the best e-liquid i have tasted. Its flavor, strong but sweet, cured tasty old tobacco, it's simply the best for me. I have no problem at all for vaping it 24/7. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

  125. A good second choice to Tribeca review by Miami56

    Very smooth and mellow, not as much caramel flavor as Tribeca. Very good and has earned a place in my rotation.

  126. cigar flavor review by drifter848

    This juice is perfect for those that love a cigar flavor, it tastes exactly like cigar I personally don't like the flavor and use kringles kurse or midnight apple to make it taste good to me but if you like a cigar taste you will love this. Taste buds are different for everyone but I wanted to point out if you don't like the flavor halo juices are easy to mix a shot of apple etc, to customize till you get a taste you like.

  127. very nice! review by Matthew

    This is an early favorite. Deep, medium body cigar/pipe tobacco flavor. Good t.h. but not overwhelming. Sweet, but dark as well. Not a daily vape, special occasions.

  128. Rich and decadent review by DJB

    LongHorn is exactly what my Hubby needed to stay vaping. The tobacco flavoring and deep TH @18mg was just what he needed. We ran the whole test flavors at a local B & M - he just kept coming back to Longhorn - (maybe cause he's from TX LOL !?)
    Either way I am THRILLED. Find what works for YOU and make sure you have a rotation. It can happen that you can vape the same flavor too much - change it up for the taste-buds. This B & M was GREAT - helped greatly to take a sip of water between test vapes. Clear the palate so to speak.
    Thanks HALO keep up the fantastic work and e-juices coming!

  129. My Fav! review by Pearlisa

    I thought Tiki Juice was my favorite until I tried Longhorn. Though still a fan of Tiki, Longhorn gives that almost cigar type flavor without all the overpowering smoke. Great vapor. Awesome throat hit and rich flavor. Give this one a try!

  130. Love this flavor review by Dustin

    I got this with the sample pack and tried it after a few days of steeping and so far it is one of my favorite flavors of the pack. It has a really nice flavor that has a great tobacco taste but with just a hint of sweetness, that isn't over powering. I could probably see my self getting a 30ml bottle in the future as an all day vape. Yet again, anther great flavor.

  131. taste like a cigar review by Luis

    Man this is some good juice. Taste like some cigars I had in Virginia area. Smooth and sweet. The smell does linger like cocoa. But it's not bad at all. Will need to order more.

  132. Sweet Cigar review by Kai

    I got Longhorn in 1.8% nicotine to try it out. Its good, it has a flavor somewhere between Tribeca and Freedom Juice, very sweet light tobacco, with an almost cigar aftertaste. Great liquid, but this one isn't a constant in my rotation.

  133. Great for authentic taste review by Don

    If your looking for a really authentic tasting tobacco then you must pick up a bottle of this. I loved the strong taste that you can really feel all the way down your throat. This is a great liquid to have because it can also be mixed with the gourmet flavors to create some really amazing tastes. Whenever your looking to sweeten it drip some twisted java in there. Or when your looking to lessen the strength mix it with the kringle's curse. Get some gourmet flavors for mixing when you pick this up. Fairly smooth vapor with a great throat hit too. Some serious tobacco taste out of this liquid.

  134. Decent but has a lingering smell review by M

    I liked this more than I thought I would, more for the taste than the throat hit. I only rarely go to it, and that's generally when I'm really craving an analog as I'd sometimes roll my own cigarettes using pipe tobacco. The good news is, it can help satisfy that craving. The bad news is, it spreads a pretty strong smell to everyone around you. It really does seem to linger, so you don't want to be using this where you'd annoy others.

  135. nice flavor review by Deborah

    I loved the flavor of Longhorn, as the mild cigar taste really made it taste like a real cigarette.

  136. Not for Me review by Jessica

    This is the first e-liquid by Halo that I just could not get into. I gave it many chances, let it steep for over a week, etc but that didn't really help the cause. It just has this kind of strange flavor that I can't quite put my finger on...almost like black licorice (for lack of a better description). There is an odd kind of musty sweet flavor upon exhale. My boyfriend said it leaves behind a very strong bitter scent that he also finds un-enjoyable. Of course, this is all based on personal taste. I see that many absolutely love this liquid and with that said, I can still recognize the quality of this product in general. Unfortunately, in the end I'm a bit disappointed..but that's okay--there are plenty of other excellent Halo liquids that I have to fall back on :)

  137. Strong Taste review by Josh

    This is a good strong e liquid, with a nice tobacco reference. I like this one when I just want a plain e liquid and nothing fancy. It like all the rest has a good vapor production, and out of all the ones I have tried has the hardest throat hit. I like this e liquid, nothing fancy just a good old fashion strong hitting tobacco flavor.

  138. LongHorn: authentic cigar taste review by W. Joseph

    The first Halo e-liquid I ever tried was the LongHorn. I bought 30 ml of it from a local vendor with my very first atomizer setup (I was not aware that they were charging me considerably more on everything, including the Halo, so be advised, if you can wait for it in the mail, you should buy all your Halo e-liquids direct from this website). I found the LongHorn to be a considerably strong cigar flavor, not overwhelming, but definitely appealing to even the occasional cigar smoker. I went through at least 10 ml of it before trying anything else. Having now tried some other Halo flavors, I don’t think I will vape it exclusively, but I still give it 5 stars because it’s definitely worth having a 30 ml bottle in your collection for those times you want an authentic cigar taste.

  139. Longhorn review by Michael

    This tobacco e-liquid gives a robust and complex toasted tobacco flavor on the inhale and subtle nutty flavors on the exhale. The tobacco flavor is definitely there and I also taste a hint of something spicy. Solid throat hit and monstrous vapor clouds using my iTaste SVD in a ProTank 3. I continue to be thoroughly impressed with each and every Halo e-liquid I’ve tried.

  140. Near perfecton review by Raphael

    Those familiar with Van-Nelle's Roll-Your-Own tobacco will think "Oh, hello, old friend," and it is in fact somewhat similar, though definitely not there yet. Fire-cured, with a hint of a blend of nuts taste. Bold. As far as bystanders, everyone is different, but the Missus here reports she can't smell it at all even two feet away from me when I vape.

    Good, satisfying.

  141. Great But No Cigar review by Brave

    From the site description I thought the Longhorn flavor would be quite thick and heavy, but I wouldn't quite put it in the same category of a mild cigar.

    Still, the flavor is full and rich, and after learning to let my self-filled carts sit for a day or so before vaping (makes a huge flavor difference - try it!), I've really grown to love this taste.

    Five excellent stars and only a hair behind Tribeca as my favorite flavor.

  142. EXCELLENT FLAVOR review by CARL

    I ordered this to try out the flavor is really good going to have this in a 30 ml. Bottle and keep some of this around.

  143. Good all around tobacco flavor review by Al

    The flavor is mellow and enjoyable to vape.

  144. Bold Flavor review by Traci

    This e-liquid has a bold yet smooth taste. A must try for those who genuinely like the taste of tobacco. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy cigars.

  145. Grows on you! review by steve

    I vape Tourqe 56 and Tribeca steadily now, so this one was quite a bit different. I was not a fan off the bat. After vaping back and forth between the three, this one really grew on me and its now in my top five! Another great Halo eliquid.

  146. nice complex flavor review by Gene

    This one really reminded me of some of my favorite pipe tobaccos. If found the flavor to be perfect to my pallet.

    I also think it could be mixed with flavors such as peach or maple to mimic other favorite pipe tobacco flavors.

  147. Very Enjoyable review by Robert

    I really enjoy this e-liquid. It reminds me of a cigar. The flavor is just right. The only downside is a strong smell. All in all, I highly recommend it.

  148. A great American flavored blend review by Wheezal

    Longhorn exemplifies the taste of southern American tobacco's. It is a surprisingly smooth hit that still embodies bold flavor and an outdoorsy scent.

    The flavor is reminiscent of classic american branded tobacco only nowhere near as harsh. The flavor and smoothness is a welcome respite for those still looking for a familiar flavor.

  149. Love it review by Charles

    This juice is incredible! I thought I'd dislike it based upon reviews but after trying the entire tobacco sample pack this is by far my favorite (along with torque and prime). I am going to need more of this soon, probably going to be my main vape. The tobacco flavor is distinctly strong and catches you off guard at first, but is very smooth and dry cut. I think it's just about the perfect way to finish up this sample pack. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

  150. Strong Personality review by Misael

    This flavor has a really tasteful combination of tobacco, with a blend of woody and sweet tobaccos, making a great combination. It's perfect to accompany appetizers such as cheese and cold cuts. Have a great hit with a solid and strong flavor, and a great final fruity aged taste, with a remembrance of a macerated tobacco in some liquor. It's a elegant, sophisticated liquid, very complex and sharp. It`s the tuxedo liquid.

  151. LongHorn review by adk

    At first, I found the Longhorn was kinda meh, but I added just a few drops of Kringles Curse on top of a full tank of Longhorn and that turned it from meh to yea! It changed the nuance of the product drastically with just a few drops. It really brought out more of the tobacco flavor without being all mentholated out. Looking forward to exploring other e-flavors from Halo.

    If Halo came up with 'flavor additives' like grape, strawberry, even bananna, etc that users could personalize their Halo e-liquids with, there would be nothing left but possibilities.

  152. Great tasting all day long. review by Mike

    Longhorn reminds me of a fine cigar or rich pipe tobacco minus the ash. It produces nice billowy clouds of vapor and not only tastes good but is fun to puff away on just to watch the vapor cloud float around. It is one of my two all day use e juices and if I leave the house I always have some with me. A tank of Longhorn and a glass of fine bourbon go very well together.

  153. Mild cigar favor/smell, decent throat hit & good smoke. review by LVE

    Halo’s Longhorn description is pretty accurate. At a 12 nicotine level, it has nice but relatively mild throat hit and good smoke production. Definitely is more like a light cigar (especially the smell) rather than a cigarette. I’m looking for a cigarette to replace my Marlboro red (which I still smoke) – but can take Longhorn while I’m looking. This would be especially nice for those looking for a light / mild cigar flavor.

  154. Didn't like it at first, but the second try sold me on this one review by John F.

    When I first tried this one, I found it to be a little rough on my throat as some of the other reviewers had commented. I'm not sure if this was just me or if the liquid had not steeped enough, but the next time I gave it a shot, I was sold.

    It's definitely a different flavor than most of the Halo juices I've tried. Certainly stronger, but the hints of honey and a few other flavors off-set the stronger tobacco taste and makes this one a very enjoyable vape!

  155. They just keep getting better review by robert

    I purchased the Tobacco flavored assortment pack and just tried Longhorn, Great flavor. Good tobacco flavor just slightly sweet with a almost honey like finish. Keep up the great products Halo.

  156. Longhorn review by Jamie

    The icon of the Marlboro man made me think that Longhorn would be my favorite flavor. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Although Longhorn does have a great flavor, it is a bit too rough in the throat for my liking. I would recommend Longhorn to guys and gals who like a strong throat hit and like the straight tobacco flavor like Marlboro or Winston.

  157. Deep and dark review by Ben

    This reminds more of a rich pipe tobacco than a cigar. The tobacco is woodsy and earthy, and there are hints of molasses, cocoa, and cardamom. Full bodied and full flavored, yet subdued and balanced. Completely satisfying.

  158. awesome review by rodbeezy

    Awesome flavor and a nice and smooth throat hit. Tastes a lot like a cigar with hint of cherry wine. Awesome!!!!

  159. This is it review by Carrie

    Wow, can I give this 10-stars, two thumbs up??? This stuff is amazing. Never thought I would have liked it but I was hooked after the second puff. At first I tasted the light cigar taste, but then the honey-like flavor hit me. YUM! So smooth, I could make this my ADV. I am finding the cigar-like tastes are a little stronger, but to me its the closest to an analog that satisfies me. This is a perfect balance of tobacco flavor and a natural sweetness I can identify...honey! Luckily the cigar taste on this one is very light.

  160. Superb review by turtleburger

    This is one of my favorite flavors I've tried so far. It has a nice, rich flavor that isn't too heavy and is slightly sweet at the same time. Fantastic to have with a good cup of coffee in the morning.

  161. Another Great Flavor from Halo review by Ian

    Longhorn is my second favorite after Captain Jack. I do not like too fruity or menthol-like flavors. This has a very smooth, dry and earthy tobacco flavor. I seem to prefer this one more for the evening to chill out since it can be a bit underwhelming for the daytime vaping at times. My only complaint would be that it seemed to loose some flavor after about a week of opening the 30 ml. bottle. I really like the fresh taste much better. Overall, I would definitely recommend this one if you are looking for a light tobacco flavor.

  162. Very good review by Sean

    Smooth excellent throat hits, great taste!

  163. Mixed feelings review by Naseeruddin

    This and the Prime 15 gave me mixed feelings of whether I like them or not. At times I felt that is is a good enough vape, and at times I felt like putting it down. Not the worst from Halo, but there are much better flavors to choose from. I probably won't buy this again. Probably.....

  164. wow review by Steve

    I tried many e liquids that claimed to taste like a cigar. Longhorn was my last try, and it will be the only liquid I buy. It is perfect. At the end of the day I can sit back with this and I get real close to that feeling of having a cigar in my hand. The taste and smell is unbelievable. Little bit of a honey flavor. Very satisfying. Thanks Halo for another great juice.

  165. good review by Jeremy

    This stuff tastes like the Turkish Tobacco just a bit stronger, still great.

  166. Great flavor combo. review by John

    I like a nice complex of tobacco flavors. I ordered the tobacco sample pack and the first two I tried were disappointingly one dimensional. I'm giving them some time to steep and come around before I review them.

    Longhorn blew me away. There was a very nice Cavendish/spice combination. The spice was most pronounced on nasal exhale, also known as a retro-hale in cigar terms. The flavors expand in the mouth with a very nice throat hit.

    I'll be getting the big bottle on my next order.:)

    12 nic
    Flavor 5.0
    TH 4.0
    Vape 4.5

  167. Well deserving of it's name review by Harry

    Got this in my Tobacco Sampler.

    When I tried this flavor the first time I didn't know what to make of it. It's definately a tobacco flavor but unlike any other I have tried so far.

    And I just keep coming back to it because it's so good and unique. Once again no overpowering notes-so can indulge all day.

    It is indescribable to me taste-wise but when I vape it I think of saddles, leather and LongHorns. Maybe I was a cowboy in another life.

  168. let it steep and youll fall in love !!! review by jennifer

    I absolutely hated this particular flavor to start with and that really disturbed me because I have never had a flavor from Halo I didn't like at all. I put it awy for several weeks and pulled it back out and Wow !! It has a pipe tobacco flavor with some light sweetness that I could now vape all day ! Almost threw this one out. So glad I didn't . I love this one now !

  169. Gave It a Real Try review by Andrew

    I wanted to like Longhorn, but I just couldn't. Maybe it was a bad sample or something, but to me it looked, smelled, and tasted like a powdery kind of perfume. It actually reminded me of some Lagerfeld cologne I had in the late 80s. The product description mentions cavendish, and I can sense that, but this is where vapes fall short in general: they're not tobacco, and after trying several 'tobacco' flavors, I'm finding the ones that seem most on the surface to taste like real tobacco (I think "longhorn" I think "marlboro"), actually taste more like one specific thing (baby powder), and the ones that try to taste like a melange of something reminiscent of tobacco (Tribeca, Turkish, Prime 15) come closer to real tobacco.

  170. Wonderful Vape! review by Richard

    This was the first juice I tried in my tank and wow is all I can say. It has a cherry taste that reminds me of chocolate covered cherries. Had a few friends try it out and they all liked it. If you're looking for a great tasting juice, with a nice throat hit, longhorn is the way to go. I thought it would taste like a red or camel, blew my mind when it wasn't. Recommended to everyone I know. :-)

  171. Tastes Divine review by Shaun

    I just tried the Longhorn as part of my variety pack in my new Triton in 18mg. I love the taste and flavor. There are hints of honey and taste much like puffing a fine cigar. Deliciousness!

  172. Excellent Flavor! review by Gareth

    I loved smoking cigars and Longhorn is the closest flavor I have found to that. It tastes just like a swisher sweet smells! The vapor production and throat hit is perfect. I look forward to ordering a nice big bottle of Longhorn soon. Congrats to Halo for hitting the nail on the head with this one.

  173. Absolutely Delicious review by Shannon

    This juice taste just like a Cheyenne little cigar with spice. It's spice flavor is not overpowering at all. This juice is my ADV, it is very tasty. I originally thought I wouldn't like it, from it's description, and I really thought it would be too much, but it is not at all. This juice is perfect for those who have a hard time when they drink. I let 2 of my friends who are new to vaping taste this juice and they both liked it, and both of them were skeptical when I told them it reminded me of a Cheyenne little cigar with spice. Both of them were very impressed with the vapor, throat hit and taste. I know the next order I place I will grabbing a 30 ml bottle of this juice. I just can't believe I love the cigar taste, but really it's more than that, it's the slightly sweet spicy flavor that has a hold on me. I'm still shocked that with this juice I am able to drink and not fall off the ban wagon. Thank you Halo for a delicious and satisfying juice, keep up the good work.

  174. If you like a good cigar review by Dave Ammons

    I like this liquid when I'm not really in the mood for my favorite (Captain Jack) because it's a different flavor with the same good throat hit. All the Halo liquids my wife and I have tried produce great vapor (especially when used with the Triton system). This one is a stronger taste for me and sometimes, that's what I need.

  175. Superb flavor! review by Kelly

    This was my first time trying Halo E-juice. This juice is amazing! It tastes like premium pipe tobacco. The throat hit is smooth, the taste is superb without that strange aftertaste, and the smoke is incredible. I have found my new favorite. You have got to try Longhorn!

  176. Smooth!! review by Keith

    Longhorn is one of my new favs. I used to enjoy a cigar from time to time. I was a light cigar smoker & Longhorn has filled that need!! Awesome aromatic smell, & tastes great. My favorite part is I can enjoy an after dinner vape while watching a ball game in the living room & get all that flavor without any of the lingering cigar smell! Halo is by far the best ejuice on the market & I have tried a bunch. I'll be adding a 30ml bottle of this to my next order.

  177. Alot like Marlboro review by Kim

    Found the taste of this one to be a lot like Marlboro Special Blend but order the lower Nicotine, the high is nearly double the normal value.

  178. Pipe Tobacco review by M9130

    This is an unmistakable Pipe Tobacco flavor, Doesn't taste like a Cigar to me, Just straight up quality Pipe Tobacco. To describe this juice more, It is a rich tobacco with a creamy vanilla/caramel type flavor in the background. But it is NOT a candy sweet juice at all. The sweet notes are very mild, but there. Over all I am very pleased with this, this is the closest that I have come to that great great aroma that I love. This is going to be a great juice to vape outside in the Winter time !!

  179. hard to put this flavor down review by don

    This is a great tasting liquid! Before trying it i was certainly a bit weary if it was going to be any good, but after trying it I'm listing it as one of my favorites. I have never been big on cigar flavors but this is a very subtle cigar flavoring kind of mixed with tobacco flavoring as well. It almost reminds me of a light grape flavor with every bit of the quality tobacco sensation that halo never fails to deliver. I could vape this all day long, but i prefer to keep this as my end of the day vape, almost like my dessert. It really does have a calming effect that is perfect for the close of your day. I couldn't be more impressed with this product! Halo never ceases to amaze me with every product i try, even flavors that i never cared for i find myself now attracted to, thanks to halo's exquisite engineering. In closing, i would certainly recommend this product to any tobacco flavor enthusiast who wants the perfect night cap, or just wants an all day vape that never gets old. Great job on this one halo!

  180. Love the cigar flavor review by Michael

    The cigar flavor of Longhorn is amazing. I use this everyday. Wonderful with coffee!

  181. Wow! review by John

    LongHorn tastes beautiful. After the first puff I wondered why this juice was the same price as the others.
    The Corojo and Cavendish, for those that do not know, are classic cigar tobacco's.
    The Cavendish is just a normal high quality tobacco that is processed by pressing, steaming, and then cured by fermentation.
    The Corojo is actually a different type of tobacco that was always used for the wrappers of Cuban cigars.
    This blend tastes quite similar to one of my favorite cigars, a Macanudo Portofino!

    Thanks again Halo - you guys are absolutely TOP NOTCH with your juices, and you guys handle customer service the way it's supposed to be done. You could teach other companies a lot in that department.

  182. Unique, and bold review by Mike

    This e-liquid is definitely unique, and to me it tastes great! It may be a bit too strong for an "all day vape", but nice to come back to every once in a while. The Halo description is spot on in terms of taste.

  183. Love it! review by Rob

    I absolutely love this flavor! It is very spicy and has a great tobacco flavor. Is very aromatic as well. Almost reminds me of some type of spicy cologne I have smelt. VERY tasty!

  184. Best Liquid so far review by John

    Longhorn starts with a tobacco flavor, hits with a smooth cologne flavor in the middle, and finishes with some chocolate undertones. As the jar has aged these distinct flavors have smoothed out somewhat. I am torn by this as the smoothness is nice, but I really do appreciate the front, middle and finish flavors. If you enjoy Torque 55, Prime15, and Tribeca, this one fits nicely in that family and has become my favorite Halo flavor.

  185. mixer review by Mamazon

    There is no other, Halo rocks! Got low on my Longhorn and put 1/3 tank of Tiki juice to top it off. This is now my husband's fav vape. It smells wonderful, too! Longhorn is good alone...but, try a splash of Tiki and wow!!

  186. Longhorn is my go to review by Michael

    This liquid is my go to. The taste and throat hit is more than I could ask for. The is an all day wonderful liquid!!

  187. great ! review by Frederick

    I just can't say enough good things about Longhorn. It really is very hard to properly describe, and the best way to get a real idea of how good it is would be to try it yourself. Order one of the 7ml samples of it and I highly doubt you will be unhappy. I can only imagine how much tobacco flavor fans will love this. But even if tobacco flavors aren't your thing, you owe it to yourself to give this a try anyway. If you are anything like me, you will be pleasantly surprised.

  188. Excellent review by James

    I have been vaping Tribeca, Voodoo, and Freedom ever since I got my Triton tank kit, and have been very happy.

    However, I recently started to a desire a more pure tobacco flavor. I gave this a try and I really like it. I am now shifting away from Voodoo and Freedom and rotating almost exclusively between Longhorn and Tribeca.

    I also want to eventually give Torque56 a try too.

    In terms of flavor, I think Longhorn tastes more like pipe tobacco than a cigar. It definitely doesn't taste like a robust or bold cigar. If anything it tastes like a very mild flavored cigar with a sweet taste to it.

    If you're a cigar aficionado, then this might not do it for you, but you'll definitely like this better than a lot of the other flavors.

    Right now, I am rating Tribeca and Longhorn as my 2 favorites...

  189. I Rather Enjoy This review by Fuego Johnson

    Definitely not my favorite, but a very solid juice indeed. It has a sweet and somewhat smokey flavor and is actually quite light. If you want a good throat hit I would recommend raising the nicotine level. Definitely worth a try.

  190. Sweet Vanilla Experiences review by Paul

    Slow day at work so I tried the 12 in my g6. I am new to vaping. It has a very smooth and warm taste. But is definitely sweet. The vanilla hit is reminiscent of a pipe smoke, comes on strong if not anticipated. Doesn't match the name as much as you would anticipate. Think this would have been better if it had a bolder more robust tobacco earthy taste. Think I'll try to mix this with one of the other tobacco flavors, may mellow the strong vanilla kick out.
    If your like me and enjoy a good pipe taste every once in a while, this is the one to pick.

  191. Debate is still out on Longhorn review by CaptDonna

    I have a local reseller that carries HALO gives a locals discount..So I normally get over once a week to go through testing what I haven’t tried yet! Great thing when your local shop offers a HALO test bar!
    Longhorn is definitely a hard flavor to describe, I’ve read several that say “Swisher” but I’ve never had one so I can’t compare. Right out of the tester it definitely reminded me a pipe tobacco scent.. which made me a little less eager to try. Then I noticed a bit of chocolate there (admittedly a chocoholic!) Being Husband was with me, I let him be the tester. After seeing the look on his face well I couldn’t help myself!
    First flavor that hit me was actually vanilla then some sweet honey (not TOO much) RICH that definitely comes to mind REALLY Thick Vapor - have to say the MOST vapor I’ve had on any HALO e-juices that I’ve tried. (24mg must be why).
    This is just definitely one of HALO's "give it a try" – you won’t know until you do. If you’re lucky enough to have a taste bar, local reseller go there or order a sampler size. Me being the menthol vaper and Hubby being the tobacco vaper he’s going to use the sampler 24mg we bought before deciding to go 30ml
    (Which I must point out may be why it “got” me so much – I’m under 12mg on all my juices)
    All in all I still have not had a HALO juice that hasn’t been vaped! Thanks HALO for keeping us on our toes and vaping along!

  192. Closest to what we smoked. review by Gary

    If you like a "light" cigarette with full flavor than this is the one to get! After trying Tribeca, Prime 15 and Turkish tobacco we found that Freedom Juice matches the flavor and hit of a real cigarette.

  193. must steep this before using review by Paul

    At first I was very much unhappy with Longhorn. It had an undeniable Sharpie marker smell, I kid you not, it smelled just like a sharpie marker. I was very nervous about vaping something with that high of a chemical smell. I tried it and yup, same nasty chemical marker taste.
    Instead of throwing it away I read a few reviews and decided to let it steep a few days and boy what a difference that made.
    I don't really have any words to describe this other than maybe slightly sweet.??? Nothing like Tribeca, not even close. That is a slight butterscotch. Longhorn is like a ever so slightly sweet tobacco. Just a little sweet so you know its there.
    I could vape this all day.

    Let it steep people, it's true flavor comes out after a few days.

  194. Now I understand Steeping review by Travis..

    I tend to gravitate to stronger, fuller flavors while vaping. I ordered a small bottle of Longhorn in the 12mg strength (I wish more reviewers would include nicotine level as that can change the impression a lot). To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

    I had read of steeping but had just adopted a usual practice of popping the caps off overnight and calling it good. Most flavors have been really good with just this minimal amount of airing out. Longhorn? There was a really strong/unpleasant background flavor that almost had me ready to toss out the bottle. I am so glad that I didn't! I let it sit in a dark drawer for nearly a week uncapped. I took it out and gave it a good shake.

    Wow, what a difference! I loaded up half a mini tank and then proceded to fill it all the way up after trying it a couple of times. So much smoother and still full bodied. While not an ADV (yet) , it has really come a long way. A full-bodied tobacco with a subtle, sweet background. I may try another week(ish) and give it another go. I really want to see this one's potential.

  195. Nice..nice tobacco flavor review by Diana

    Again, Halo has out done itself with this winner. I love the mild cigar hit and the vanilla/honey undertones. I've smoked cigars before in the day and this brought me back to those day for the milder cigar hit. It is definately a winner in my choices and I'll continue to purchase on a regular basis. It's not harsh on the vapor and I love the after taste. Thanks Halo!

  196. Great juice... Not my favorite though review by Bryan

    This is a solid tobacco vape. You cant really go wrong with Halo tobaccos. My local "tobacco store" now carries Halo supplies so I can get them any time :) Amazing!!! I have a bunch of the sample size (7ml) bottles and this was one of them! To me, its a vanilla ish pipe ish taste... I don't want to call it pipe tobacco but it's got a deep flavor. I really hate writing reviews because it's hard to describe the flavors. If you're looking for a robust tasting tobacco, this might be your favorite!

  197. Well Suited to Its Moniker review by l_strider_l

    I have an acquaintance on ECF who practically idolizes this stuff. So I finally broke down and asked my evil friend to swap me some. I had some pretty high expectations due to the praise and my impressions of Tribeca. I am not typically a tobacco flavor fan so I have limited experience in the many varieties. Upon reception of my Longhorn I immediately sensed it might be strong so I let it steep the recommended 2 weeks. My first vape through my trusty RDA was what I expected, yet it was curiously appealing. I liken Longhorn to a smooth Virginia type tobacco blend. A very subtle sweetness and a strong throat hit made the flavor uniquely satisfying. For those who are looking for an all day tobacco vape, I think this is for you.

    Yours Truly,


  198. Smells great! review by Kristen

    This one reminds me in smell and taste of cooking vanilla. It's very good and smells great when you vape. I would say if you want loads of flavor get it! It's not really for the faint of heart as it has loads of flavor and tons of vapor. A great clean juice.

  199. A lightly wooded, smooth incense blend review by ephemerata

    This blend is surprising. It's light and mellow but full-bodied. It's a light woody tobacco on top of a base of something creamy and sweet, like a very subtle hint of vanilla and burnt sugar. Sugar hits the tongue first, followed by wood. The flavors meld very well together. This is not a clean tobacco flavor; it has a perfumey quality to it that reminds me of sandalwood incense. I personally like perfumey blends but I know they aren't for everyone. Good to great vapor production. Vapor feels thick. The throat hit is perfect for me. It's strong but very smooth with no scratchiness at all. This is a really satisfying liquid. I can see it easily becoming my morning vape, as I love smooth but strong liquids in the morning.

  200. Not Bad review by Eric

    I first tried Longhorn from the tobacco sample pack. While this flavor would not be my first pick, it has quickly become a party favorite. This, to me, seems like a flavor that is geared towards light tobacco users, who like to have the occasional cigar with a drink. That said, I do find Longhorn to be an interesting flavor to have on hand, both for party purposes, and just to get in that occasional taste of cigar.

  201. Satisfying cigar vape review by Ari

    I am a big fan of Captain Jack. I like harsh, rich tobacco flavor and I thought Captain Jack is the closest to pipe/cigar like flavor until I tried the Longhorn. OMG! this is way better than Captain Jack! The tobacco taste and vapor clouds is outstanding. It has very little sweetness and big tobacco after taste makes vaping after lunch or a dinner full of satisfaction. I am switching from Captain Jack to Longhorn now. Good job Halo!

  202. Spot On!!! review by Eduardo

    Of all the Tobacco flavored juices, this is hands down my favorite. I have been vaping it the longest and always go back to it. I love the honey hint I get on my throat as a vape. This juice is smooth and got the right blend of tobacco flavor to please even the most refined palettes.

  203. 4 parts Longhorn and 5 parts Turkish is the sweet spot for me review by A

    I enjoy this e-liquid combo a lot and vape it most of the day, I looking forward to trying the Captain Jack e-liquid.

  204. Great juice! review by Kalash503

    Wonderful complex flavor of rich tobacco and is my second favorite juice behind Tribeca. Definitely an ADV because this flavor never gets old. Vaping right now and it reminds me of Camel analogs with a great throat hit. Rich flavors all the way to exhale. I find myself exhaling out of my nose because the smell is so wonderful!

  205. Mild Cigar Flavor review by David

    Longhorn is exactly what the synopsis describes. It has a rich tobacco flavor with a cigar after taste to it. I have never been a big cigar smoker but if I was this would be an all day vape for me. Halo has definitely done right by wrapping up the flavor of a light cigar. Once again, I'm impressed!

  206. Excellent Tobacco review by barefootgirl

    Longhorn is a rich dense tobacco with vanilla honey undertones. The fire cured and especially the Cavendish is very noticeable and both of these elements give it the pipe/cigar qualities. For me it's not an all day vape but certainly and every day vape. Super high end quality vape. Congrats again Halo !!!

  207. Great Liquid review by Brian

    I purchased the sample tobacco pack and this was one of my top flavors. It is a bit on the dry side which I like, but has a hint of something like cinnamon or maybe allspice. I have since purchased a 30ml bottle and I a purchasing another as soon as I am done with this.

  208. Pipe like vape review by Ken E

    Hats off to Halo for creating such amazing flavors. The descriptions are really on point to what you are going to get and this is no exception. This really does taste like a fine cured pipe/cigar tobacco. Even if you are not into that area of smoking, you got to open up and give this a try. It is a dry, sweet and dark vape that quickly became an all day favorite. One thing I love about Halo is their small plastic cases that the blank carts come in. I usually carry one or two boxes loaded with flavors. Longhorn is always in there. I will soon be getting a larger bottle for sure.

  209. Acquired Taste review by CG

    I gotta say, this is good, but I don't like it. Let me explain.

    I got this as a part of the tobacco sampler pack. It tastes just like it's described, a light cigar bordering pipe tobacco. Now I am a cig smoker, but I've smoked pipe tobacco and cigars before. So I can tell this is definitely something you would enjoy if you are a non-cig tobacco smoker. It's just not for me due to how heavy and dense the flavor is.

    But if you enjoy your tobacco classy style, give this a shot, you might like it!

  210. 2nd favorite flavor review by HF

    I like the Longhorn Juice. Right behind my favorite Prime 15. At first i didn't care for the sun tan lotion type taste now i appreciate the rich kind of coconut flavor. Not overpowering at all with a nice tobacco finish.

  211. My all time favorite review by Valhalla17

    This is my second or third order of this stuff. Of all the tobacco flavors I have tried this beats all. Mild but full flavor, not overly sweet, a very pleasant vape. Try this, you won't be sorry.

  212. Great less-sweet tobacco flavor! review by PeteC2

    Longhorn has a nice, strong, but not overpowering tobacco taste, similar to Freedom juice, but stronger and less sweet. It gives a great hit with lots of vapor, but has no harshness at all. As much as I love Tribeca, Longhorn makes a great change of pace. I'll be buying more of this!

  213. Genuine smoked taste review by Rod

    I used to to dip Skoal Straight smokeless tobacco, which is basically fire roasted tobacco, and to me, this tastes exactly the same. One of my favorites.

  214. good flavor review by Eric

    Longhorn has a nice natural flavor with a tiny hint of sweetness. It's a good all day vape that has nice unique flavor. You get the tobacco flavor without it trying to hard to be a tobacco flavor (if that makes sense). Tribeca is my daily vape, but when I feel like I want a short break from the sweetness of Tribeca once a week or so, I leave the pad with Longhorn.

  215. Rich flavor and mildly sweet review by FG

    Longhorn is a seriously rich tobacco flavor with some sweetness I thought was just right. Once in a while, especially in the evenings I want to have a bold flavor that is not too much, just enough for after dinner, Longhorn hits that spot!

  216. Rich Robust Flavor review by Dave

    This one really grabs you at first vape and draws you in. It is a very unique and flavorful blend that is hard to put into words. It has a hint of a full flavored cigar but is not overpowering in it's cigar attributes. I really enjoyed this flavor and it will make your taste buds tingle to say the least. It is not what I expected in a good way. This is one juice that stands alone with it's full tobacco flavor and robust finish.

  217. My Current All Day Vape Juice review by Timothy

    With all the great reviews, we got our G6 Starter Kit with pre-filled cartomizers and went with Tribeca. I'm glad we did as it was a terrific flavor and currently my #2, but from the tobacco sample pack I found Longhorn. Both the wife and I immediately fell in love with it.

    Like many others have said, it is a deep, sweet pipe-tobacco taste or a very rich and sweet cigar. Not candy sweet, but tobacco sweet. Easy on the mouth and a moderate throat hit. Even easier on the nostrils. The smell and taste combine very well and just make you want a brandy tumbler and a good recliner up at the hunting cabin. Even better from the Triton Tank than the G6!

  218. Good but I'm not into cigars review by erica

    The flavor is great if you like cigars but it's not my cup of tea.

  219. Longhorn rules! review by Dave

    This could be an all day vape, but most definitely in my personal top 3 faves from Halo. Great flavor with that throat hit that we (former) analog smokers want. Love the spice on the draw, and the vanilla/honey after notes. Add this to cart now!

  220. Love Halo and thier products but..... review by DrDankNuggs

    Halo has some real quality juices and products but they cant all be winners and this one for ME is one I'm not a huge fan of, Granted taste is a subjective thing and that should be noted when reading this review. I received this as part of the tobacco sample package and this was one of two that I didn't care for, out of the bottle it smelled a little perfumey with a hint of wet sawdust and unfortunately it tasted just like it smelled I quite literally couldn't stomach this flavor it didn't really taste of any tobacco I have tried before. If your going to try this one I suggest trying out the 7ml bottle before jumping right into a 30ml, as I said above taste is subjective so you may love it but this juice is not for me there are to many other great Halo juices that are so good and they just make this one look bad!

  221. I really want to like this one review by JR

    I really want to like this flavor. It tastes great on the draw and exhale. Full and rich tobacco taste, a throat hit that borders on intense and smooth at the same time, and tons of vapor.

    I just can't vape it because of the finish/after-taste. People describe it as an earthy taste, to me it tastes like kind of like mold. I'm not saying it tastes like biting into a moldy slice of bread, but it's along those lines.

    If you like an earthy type finish, by all means try it. Everything except the finish was excellent to me.

  222. Great juice! review by Marcus

    Longhorn and Torque 56 are my all day vape first choices so far from Halo, Longhorn has a slight sweet taste on exhale, but not too sweet. Great tobacco taste simulation for sure, already bought 30ml bottle.

  223. Most faithfully tobacco review by JP

    Longhorn and Midnight Apple are my favorite juices of all time. Longhorn is the most tobacco like flavor I have ever vaped. My friend who vapes also told me that this is the best reproduction of tobacco flavor. Yet people around me vaping this tell me they smell pleasant flowery scent. Not sweet which I like. A true class of eliquid. Good job Halo.

  224. Amazing flavor! review by DedHedJosh

    Didn't really know what to expect after reading the summary. Thought it would just be another tobacco flavor that wasn't gonna be for me. Not a fan of the TY4's from anyone really...but this tobacco hits the spot perfectly. It reminds of being a kid and opening up a pipe tobacco humidor. Rich and sweet but not too sweet and it has a wonderful tobacco flavoring. Reminiscent of a nice cigar or like stated earlier pipe tobacco. I am still sorta shocked as to how good this actually is. Probably just became my ADV and by far for me the best tobacco flavor I have had to date from anywhere. Great job on this one!!!

  225. Amazing :) review by Maciej

    Longhorn becomes an another all day vape juice. Amazing taste close to Freedom Juice but a bit sharper and deeper. Like all Halo eliqiud I use, amazing vapor and throat hit. Recommended for all who like Freedom and Tribeca.

  226. Not bad but my least favorite out of the Tobacco Sampler. review by Danny

    My sample of Longhorn came out of the Halo Tobacco sampler pack. Definitely a decent throat hitting tobacco flavor. They must have some tobacco extract in here. Sampled on a G6 battery with an LR carto. To me it kinda tastes like a smooth pipe tobacco stuffed inside a medium dark maduro or dark natural cigar wrapper with a touch of vanilla but not sweet. And the fire-cured flavor is apparent too. Something tells me the flavors would come out better on a Triton tank with the lower resistance coils to vaporize this juice a bit better. For now, all I have is the G6. But when I get a bigger rig like a Triton or whatnot I'll have to revisit this one. For now the other five in the Tobacco sampler just stand out more. One more thing. This would probably a good end of the day or bedtime juice because of the mellowness.

  227. Not what I expected, but great tobacco flavor... review by Robert

    I was expecting more of a Marlboro Red flavor for some reason by the name and picture. It have more of a flavor like a good cigar, has a pleasant scent when filling the e-cig also.

  228. Another tobacco great review by Keith

    This is another tobacco blend that could be an ADV with me. Unlike the torque 56, where I can taste the prime 15 base, this is not the same. This juice is well blended tobacco with a creamy vanilla exhale. This is one of those flavors you can sit in front of a fireplace for a nice relaxing vape. Not a real sweet tobacco flavor, just right. This is one of the juices i add a bottle of in my order and could never get tired of vaping it. Another winner from Halo.

  229. Awesome Juice review by Robert Z

    I love the full fire cured tobacco flavor, With a hint of cigar.
    A little strong for every day use, but i like it on drinking nights.
    Then the stronger the better. Can't wait to try this in the new G6 Mini Tank.

    Robert Z

  230. Strong flavor! review by J Guns

    Smooth, strong pipe tobacco flavor with some honeyed overtones. Not for the faint of heart!

  231. Another winner review by Yadier

    Excellent flavor, I have never tasted something like this. To start the flavor you get a sweet sensation a mix of vanilla and tobacco and a honey after taste. If you like cigars or vanilla or honey this is a winner. To this day all the flavors I have tasted from halo have insane vapor production, my next step is to taste this with a cup of whiskey A++

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - Glass