WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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G6 Mini Tank

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Quick Overview

Each G6 Mini Tank has a .9 ml capacity and can be filled with the Halo E-liquid of your choice. These tanks use a coil system similar to the ones in the Triton Tank System and offer high performance vaping with a greater capacity than standard G6 cartomizers.

IMPORTANT: For best performance use with HALO Standard eliquids

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Mini Tanks are great additions to your G6 E-cigarettes in terms of both style and performance. These Mini Tanks (or Mini Clearomizers) help you to see exactly how much E-liquid you have left and come in seven stylish colors to match any color G6 Battery. Each tank has a .9 ml capacity and can be filled with the Halo E-liquid of your choice. The tanks use a coil system similar to the ones found in the Triton Tank System and offer high performance vaping with a greater capacity than standard cartomizers.

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  1. I don't want a Cigarette because of these review by Laura

    I use the mini tank, I prefer it to the Cartomizers. I will agree that some do not last as long as others, but the cost of a mini tank is much less than $10 for a pack of cigs. On average a good one will last me almost a week, some only 4 /5 days. Last night I found my first bad one (didn't work at all). So you figure I use $6 a week, if that, with the mini tank as opposed to $70+ a week in cigs.......not a problem. I get a good throat hit, unlike my last try a few years ago with just pre-filled cartomizers (not Halo); I absolutely don't miss the cigs. I also invested in some refillable cartomizers to stuff in my purse, just in case. So between Tribeca, g6 battery and the mini tank I have not had a cig in over a month, I don't miss cigs at all!! (I smoked over a pack a day of Marboros for 52 years)

    ps: I have also learned to experiment with flavors, it's so easy with a mini tank.

  2. Excellent review by ThatChick

    These work great. Had mine for several months and getting a second for backup. No problems whatsoever. It's well-made and much easier to use than my cartomizers. So much nicer and cleaner than tobacco cigarettes. My batteries are starting to get iffy, but this tank just keeps rolling along. I use it every day.

  3. Great upgrade from carts review by Rachael

    I love these! I started on the carts with the G6 and decided to try some tanks to see if they would last longer. They do! The tanks have changed the way that I vape and they taste so much better; I find that they give more of the throat hit than the carts.

  4. Too expensive and lack of quality control. Too many duds! review by jessica

    These tanks have a tendency to leak and burn out fast no matter if you are using Halo e-juice or any other juice. They are overpriced and at their current quality; I feel that they should be 99 cents. 1 tank that is actually working, it will not last longer than 3 days before it burns out. Out of an order of 10 tanks, there are at least 3-4 that will be bum and be burnt out before you even use it. They do not wash out for reuse well, as they just do not last long enough to reuse. The other problem is the leaking problem. No matter how careful you are in all ways of filling they just plain will leak out the bottom and into your battery. Thus ruining your battery. I have been extremely careful when filling to make sure no e-liquid is NOT going in the center hole. I am not overfilling either. I am also not letting my tanks go dry either I keep them filled enough that the wicks are always soaking liquid. Filling these is a tedious task just because you have to be very careful as well as air bubbles preventing you from an easy fill at times. So between leaking and burning out in a day or two and considering the price at 3.50 per tank, I would recommend finding a different product.

  5. Too many duds review by Mark

    The first one I filled tasted burnt after 10 puffs. I've bought 7 of these, and of those 4 of them lasted no more than 2 days until they got the burnt taste. I can turn them upside down to wet the wicks, and that helps, but they inevitably start to taste burnt again after one or two hits. The few good ones I had lasted months though, and they're great when they work. I just wish these weren't so hit or miss.

(5 out of 680 loaded.)
Quantity Included1
Tank LogoN/A
Tank ColorNo
Tip ColorBlack
Tank Capacity.9 ml
Tank Resistance2.2 - 2.4 ohms
Tank Length55.7 mm
Tank Width9.6 mm
Tank ThreadSilver
Tank WarrantyN/A