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G6 Starter Kit

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The G6’s Infiniglow Batteries offer unmatched power and performance while its easy-to-swap cartomizers come in both blank and prefilled options. Each G6 Starter kits comes complete with two automatic (78 mm) batteries and five cartomizers of your choice, plus a wall and USB charger in a slick Halo-embossed case.

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The G6 is the ideal E-cigarette for those looking to transition to vaping. Available in nine stylish colors, the G6 offers a familiar form that functions at an elite level. Each G6 features a long-lasting, rechargeable Infiniglow automatic battery— a Thermoflow heating system to ensure smooth vape flow and Halo’s Flameguard technology to prevent burnt taste. The G6 can be fitted with blank cartomizers that can be filled with the Halo E-liquid of your choice or pre-filled cartomizers that come available in Halo’s most popular flavors. Amongst cig-a-likes, the G6 is unmatched for its combination of form, function and value. All G6 Starter Kits come with a bonus five-pack of cartomizers (prefilled or blank).

G6 Starter Kit Includes:

  • 2 – G6 Automatic Batteries (78mm)
  • 5 – Cartomizers (Prefilled or Blank)
  • 1 – USB Charger
  • 1 – Wall Charger
  • 1 – User Manual

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  1. Simply the gold standard. review by John Castle

    When it comes to ultimate pocketable performance, nothing out there beats the Halo G6. From the beautiful and durable rubberized finish of the G6 battery to the FlameGuard and ThermoFlow cartomizer technologies, the G6 delivers a vaping experience tailor-made to satisfy vapers fresh and veteran alike.

    With an operating time of 4-6 hours between charges (depending on the user's vaping style and depending on whether you opt for the 65mm or 78mm battery) and a sturdy case which allows the user to carry up to 5 filled cartomizers in reserve, the Halo G6 is ready and able to accompany you on your next errand, to your next poolside barbecue or out for a night on the town. Pair it with Halo's G6 Personal Charging Case (not included with the Starter Kit) and it can easily go the distance in any vape-friendly workplace, too.

    Whether you've finally walked away from smoking and need a simple, user-friendly introduction to vaping or whether you're a seasoned veteran looking for a discreet little performance machine, you've found your answer. The Halo G6.

    (Disclosure: I don't work for Halo. I am, however, a professional reviewer. With that acknowledged, I was not paid to write the following review, nor have I received any Halo product for free except for the free flavor samples every customer receives when samples are available.)

  2. Price doesn't mean everything. review by William

    I've been using my Halo G6 about 4 months now and I LOVE it! Before this I had a Blu cig which turned out to be nothing more then a big name. This product has great quality control. The battery lasts SOOOOO much longer then other mini cigs AND it's cheaper! Thank you Halo for changing my views on the ecig world.

  3. What else can you get for such a low price ? review by Serj

    I've tried many brands of e-cigs that's out there. Blue, 51, Njoy, Logic, and V2. While everyone is bragging how v2 cigs are great, I'll say that don't even try to compare crappy V2 to the amazing quality of Halo. I've been using V2 for almost two years, and I wish that my first e-cig was G6. Batteries are beyond perfect, as well carts are. The only thing that I'm concerned about is charger. It takes quite long time to charge battery, and while it's charging - led on battery will glow. It takes about 2 hours to charge, but it's not a big deal since you have two batteries that will last for at least a day. Everything else is perfect. Carts, case, batteries, all are build with amazing quality. Totally worth it!

  4. Great review by Nicolas

    I got this a couple of weeks ago and love it. Great taste and great product.

  5. A great product! review by Andrew

    About a month ago, I purchased the Titanium G6 starter kit. I was very impressed with the kit. The batteries are long lasting and have a great rubbery texture to them which prevents accidentally dropping the cig. The USB and wall charger are very well constructed. Since my purchase, I have quit using "Analog Cigarettes". I tried several other brands of e-cigs before Halo, but I can guarantee I'll never buy anything else again. My ultimate goal is to quit smoking completely, and I really like the fact that there is decreasing levels of nicotine levels. If you want an e-cig that is near to the real thing and of exceptional quality, look no further!

  6. Halo G6 Starter Kit - Sharp Demon Red review by John

    Recieved this G6 starter kit this a couple of weeks ago. Excellent quality and everything functioned perfectly, The draw is smooth and just right not too tight not to easy. Batteries are very nice and have a non slip texture that works great, The size is just right for taking it with you in your pocket. I liked the G6 so much I have ordered the Triton. The G6 Batteries seem to be of very high quality they last about 3-4 hours and charge in about 2 hours very nice product. Good value for the money. The G6 kit price has now been lowered and is an even better buy.

  7. Extremely Good! review by Andrew

    This is the first e-cig that i have tried and it will be the last. It has excellent taste and throat hit and is perfect for those trying to quit smoking, I haven't felt the need for a cigarette since I purchased my G6 starter kit. It was exactly as described and I am extremely pleased with the product and how it functions.

  8. Love! review by Jamie

    I have tried many ecigs and let me just say that I will never try another!! I got the larger automatic and its great!! It lasts for hours with hitting on over and over! With other brands I had to charge a battery every hour and talk about annoying!!! Great vapor on all the e-juices I tried!! Even to the last drop I get a great hit! Thank you so very much for this great e cig!!!!!

  9. The Best Cigarette-style e-Cig review by Allen

    I was first introduced to Halo when I was looking for a clean-tasting menthol liquid. I quickly became a big fan of the quality, consistency, and taste of Halo Menthol Ice.

    At that time, I was using a screwdriver-style ecig but having problems with cartridge life and battery performance. Knowing that Halo put a high priority on quality control, I decided to try the G6 soon after it was introduced.

    The G6 immediately replaced my prior device and I've used them exclusively until my recent purchase of a Halo Triton. The G6 never disappointed.

    I highly recommend the G6 for anyone looking for great performance and reliability from a cigarette-style ecig.

  10. Completely blown away review by Bdschwa

    First of all let me start off by saying I have tried several brands of e cigs. This has been by far the most pleasant one I have tried. The ease of setup, the quality of the materials, and the great vapor production, and best of all the great flavor of the e liquid. Halo has made a repeat customer of me for sure. Anyone curious about halo should definitely give it a try. A finely made American product for those looking for a satisfying alternative to analog cigs. I can not wait to try the gourmet flavors.

  11. Great review by Jeffrey

    This kit is the perfect way to start vaping. Case is really handy and well built.

  12. Halo G6 Midnight Blue Starter Kit review by Graziosatina

    I absolutely love this kit, blue being my favorite color this was a must have and the color is even more beautiful in person. Perfect for male or female, this blue is classy and different then the usual black or white ecigs on the market, so variety of color is a huge plus. Especially since i like to match down to every last stitch!! The starter kit comes with everything you need to begin your ecig vaping experience. I ordered one of each battery, and they both have a great throat hit, and both are great as far as staying charged. For heavy vaping one seemed to have lasted me over a half of a day. (That was while at home and just vaping away! So the battery will absolutely last longer if its used for medium vaping. But... With a 2nd battery there's never a need to worry. The only thing I would change is having two chargers so that you can make sure you have one for home and one for travel, because if you lose your USB, you're going to be very unhappy "vapeless" person if this is your first or only ecig or vaping tool. So there should definitely be a second type of charger included, in my opinion only. With that said Halo's prices are so very reasonable buy the extra USB charger so you know you'll be able to leave one home and take one with you. Great Kit. great price. GREAT PRODUCT OVERALL. THANKS HALO!!!

  13. Fantastic for beginner. review by J Guns

    My first serious kit, this was amazing, and now at US $45? Incredible. Great way to get into vaping; make sure you grab the 78mm manuals!

  14. Love it review by Miranda

    It took a little bit of getting used too, but I absolutely love my G6. The overall look is rad and the battery lasts awhile!

  15. Love it review by Jerrick

    Comes with a high quality case that i absolutely love and the pre filled carts are amazing, last days with full flavor till its gone and when its gone it leaves me ready to buy more. Thanks Halo!

  16. My first Ecig review by John

    Loved it used both pre filled and blank cartomizers, worked great ! I also used the mini tanks with it which I liked better then the cartomizers but both gave great vape and taste. Would still be using it it if not for the Triton !!!

  17. 100% SATISFIED!! review by TEdwards

    I can't praise the G6 enough! I was skeptical because of the cheap price of Halo's starter kit. I have wasted money on other brands more expensive kits. The G6 with a 65 mm battery is the size of a real cigarette. The finish on them is incredible, I love it! It feels like a real cigarette to me. Halo's standard of quality on this one can't be matched. All other brands I have tried have fell short of the hype they used as selling points. Thanks for getting it right Halo!

  18. Great kit for a noob! review by Danny

    So far, so good (really good!). The kit is put together elegantly. Everything has it's place. Fit and finish on all the parts is very good. I ordered one automatic, one manual battery and they both work well to me. I also ordered XHigh strength in the included cartos and the manual batt can deliver a big enough hit to choke a person. I've read elsewhere that the automatic has a difficult draw. But I have not found that to be the case. The only other e-cig I've tried has been Blu disposables. The vapor production on the G6 is 2 to 3 fold! I'm having a hard time imagining a better starter kit for a vaping noob like myself, and I can't imagine a better one for the price offered! My only gripe would be that the spots in the case for the batteries aren't long enough to hold the batteries with cartos attached but that's not enough to take away a full star. So if your a noob like me and on the fence, place your order. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

  19. Best "cig-a-like" on the market review by Matt

    This was my very first jump into vaping. I got the longer manual batteries for a little longer battery life and a bit of control over the vapor production. I did a ton of research before I decided on halo, and could not have made a better choice. Rotating the 2 batteries I never ran out of power all day. They seemed to give the same consistent amount of vapor right up until the battery was about to die. I absolutely love the color and the great feel of the rubberized finish. It looks, feels, and performs like a top quality product. Halo makes a great cartomizer, and juice to go with it. Could not have been happier and have continued to be a repeat customer. Just ordered a Triton kit and cannot wait to get it. Can't go wrong here.

  20. Worth every penny! review by Colby

    I am so impressed by the quality and price of this kit and I'm so happy that I have finally found the perfect e-cig kit that looks great, and works flawlessly. I tried the prosmoke and really wanted it to work for me and it sucked! The carts leaked juice into my mouth and the battery life was awful. The blu cig was worse. Im just thrilled i finally found 'the one' in the Halo G6, i cant wait to order the Tritan! If your on the fence about ordering a G6, trust me, you cant go wrong!

  21. Great review by Tina

    This is a wonderful kit, it had everything I needed to get started.

  22. Nice review by Jagoda

    The box the batteries come in is really nice and the midnight blue color is cute! l also like the usb charger.

  23. Great kit review by Ex-Smoker

    I am very happy with the quality of this product. If you order the kit with pre-filled cartomizers, it'll come with everything you need to get started. It's nice that the box is so well constructed that things'll fit snugly without being difficult to remove. I especially appreciate the compact design, which makes it really easy to take everything you need with you, just about anywhere. Plus, it has the mini wall plug, unlike their older version which used to have a larger one. I received the kit with empty cartomizers so that I could immediately try out one of the variety packs of Halo's liquid, which I think is a fantastic option to provide. Very well thought out.

  24. Great starter kit review by Brandon

    I am a new e-cig user and ordered this kit. Let me just say in terms of use and feel this product is awesome. I have many friends that use e-cigs and was not impressed with the brands they had selected. I have recently converted all of them to halo products. Overall top notch customer support and shipping as well. Anyone looking to try ecigs should really give halo a try, no complaints whatsoever.

  25. Just amazing review by Aaron

    So much better than the v2 kit I had. Comes in a really REALLY nice case, batteries feel like the paper on a cigarette, the cartridges don't burn when they get low and leave you with the horrific taste of burnt plastic, the carts come filled to the brim, they cap is far from the polyfill so you NEVER get liquid on your lips, batteries last all day (even the small).

    For the amount of money you cannot get a better kit, just amazing.

  26. High-quality product, Great e-juice & Awesome customer service review by Exylis

    New to Ecigs? Confused as to what brand you think YOU would be happy with?
    There are countless brands out there; and they're all saying they're top-notch companies with a priority for rigid QA, superior hardware and excellent customer service.

    Having just gotten my G6 Starter Kit, charged and used both batteries with the mellow, sweet Tribeca e-liquid; I declare that Halo is the only Ecig company whose hardware, e-liquid and customer service that lives up to a bad#ss Logo.
    5 stars across the board.

    Prior to purchasing from Halo, I had done so much research and shopping around that my brain felt like it was going to literally explode. I'm a penny-pincher and very critical with a strong eye for detail. Save yourself the time and effort I inadvertently dished out for all potential Halo customers, and buy yourself a G6 starter kit. Trust me on the following:

    You will not be disappointed. You get MORE than what you pay for. This is the best affordable starter kit on the market, hands-down.

  27. UNDERSTATEMENT review by Hereal

    This atomic bomb blows everything else Ive tried within the last 3 weeks of using ecigs off the globe. Any good word I could think of to describe the quality of this product would be an understatement. This blue battery looks absolutely gorgeous & feels lovely when u finally get it in your hands. It looks & feels better in real life than any picture or youtube video could show. I think they should give u the option to pick two different color batteries but with this kit only being 44 dollars how dare anyone complain. Support & thank them buy buying another color battery like I did, knowing I might need 1 in the future. Halo is my new home & I plan on joining the team to help promote this & make money with this company.

  28. Best Starter Kit You Can Find review by Bird

    I did my research and I did not find one bad review about the Halo G6. Ordered and it arrived within 4 days. The case is a leather like covering, very good quality for storing your g6 and it's look cool. Battery life is above average. 2 batteries is just enough for me. Charge time takes about an hour to 2 hours so you're not constantly waiting for a fully charged battery. Design is kept classy with the small G6 label. Very good product. Been recommending it to anyone looking to get an e-cig starter kit.

  29. Amazing! review by Enrique

    I tried e-cigs and right away decided that this is for me. The dilemma I had was which kit to buy? After reading reviews and trying samples from others, I decided to take the plunge and try the G6. The system works, the customer service is A+, and the flavors are excellent! Thank you Halo and keep making great products.

  30. So Happy review by Jessica

    So I did a bunch of research when figuring out what I wanted to purchase to start vaping and I kept coming back to Halo. This G6 started kit has been wonderful, it comes with everything you need to start vaping. Thank you Halo for such a great product!

  31. Great Buy review by Joshua

    I am extremely satisfied with my G6 starter kit. Just follow the instructions with the batteries & reap the benefits. I love the manual batteries & the Menthol Ice flavor. So glad I took the time to read all the reviews that convinced me that the G6 was the best starter kit for my money!

  32. Very good starting experience review by Danny

    This is my first E cig starter kit. Just quit smoking a couple weeks ago. So far this kit is great for starting out. Draw is smooth on the cigs themselves and the flavor is stunning. Although refilling the cartomizers or buying prefilled ones will get tedious and expensive so I might upgrade to an eGo style one for better performance, and now that Halo has the Triton I will most likely be upgrading soon. Very good product would buy again.

  33. Great hardware, with a minor glitch review by Joel

    This is hands down better than the other "starter kits" I have used. Much closer feeling to an analog cigarette, with none of the negatives. The only downfall is the batteries have to sit just right in the charger or they don't seem to charge, a minor annoyance for the quality of the product.

  34. Best ECig on the market review by Greg

    I tried three other brands before a friend of mine told me about Halo, and after trying his, I was instantly hooked. If your shopping around looking for a new ECig, this is the highest quality at the best price you will find. My batteries last forever, the vapes are great, and their accessories are the best. There are so many different options that go beyond style, you can try something new everyday. Shipping for your hardware and vapes is fast and easy, and if you ever do have a problem their customer service is the best online I've ever seen.

  35. The G6 is AMAZING! review by Stephanie

    I ordered a G6 kit for my husband and it arrived today, only 4 days after confirm. We love it. He waited patiently during the "first time" 8 hr. charge and it was well worth it. He has trouble with his grip but the finish on the G6 makes it slip resistant. I even ordered one for another family member already. We're really pleased and will recommend it to everyone! :)

  36. The Best review by Myrtle

    Stop. I have owned other e cigs. And I must say. When I tried Halo, I was searching for some product that actually worked. I thought to myself, well you tried every thing you can think of. But with Halo, the flavor is great. The cartridges really work. And the battery life is the best I have tried... What I expected and the quality I revived where two different things. I thought it would be a good product; I had no Idea it was the best product

    I am loyal, and will and have recommended Halo to everyone. especially the ones that come up and ask, where did I get it. Stop playing around with those other guys. And really Give Halo a try. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

  37. Great starter kit and color; photos don't do it justice. review by Audrey

    I went with this kit as my first purchase from Halo, and I'm very glad that I did. The purple in the photo looks great already, and it only looks better in person. It has a sort of sheen to it, and feels extremely soft-- it's a pleasure to hold. I only subtract one star because the texture of the carto isn't as nice as the battery, but it's still very slick-looking. It also doesn't pick up fingerprints which is nice, and seems very resistant to scratching.

    The battery life is great-- one batt takes a few hours to charge but lasts even longer. Doing the initial eight-hour charge seemed to help a lot, too.

    As for the vapor-- I've never enjoyed another e-cig like I enjoy the G6. I went with Tribeca 18mg and love it. The unit doesn't heat up as you vape, and I experienced no problems with leaking or burnt taste. Further, the flavor and vapor is very consistent. With other brands, I've noticed the flavor can vary so much, but with the G6 I always get the same awesome taste and vapor.

    Definitely worth every penny! Best e-cig out there, hands down.

  38. Amazing Product review by Aaron B

    Best e cig I have ever purchased, got a manual and automatic, both work like a charm, no problems at all using blanks, shamrock tastes amazing btw.

  39. Perfect E-cig Starter Kit review by Harlequin

    The product description says it all, and what you see is what you get.

    For starters, you get a case to hold your e-cig batteries and cartomizers in. I have purchased other manufacturers, and let me tell you that none of them come with as nice of a case as you will get here. It's constructed of some kind of black 'faux" leather material with the silver halo logo emblazoned on the top. Very stylish and it just feels incredibly sturdy and well-made. Although the foam inserts are cut into to hold only starter kit components, there is definitely ample room for extra batteries and cartos.

    As for the devices themselves, no need to repeat what has been said, but the battery life is great and the cartos deliver clean and consistent flavor. They also seem to last longer than a lot of the competition out there, although mileage may vary of course.

    The purple batteries are so rich in color that they simply have to be seen to be believed and their texture and overall feel tell you that you have a quality product in your hands.

    Sure, there are other reputable brands of e-cig out there, but none of them match the Halo product in terms of performance, presentation and cost. I simply do not believe you can find a better deal on a starter kit.

  40. Excellent Starter Kit review by Keith

    For those looking to get off cigarettes this kit comes with everything you need to get started. While you only get a 5 pack of carts with the kit, you can add more to your purchase. You also get your choice of two different size batteries and two style of batteries, manual, or automatic. I personally like control over my vape and prefer the manual batts myself. The run times on the longer bats is about three hours depending on your vape pace. If you are looking for a great cigalike, this kit will fit the bill.

  41. Starter Kit review by Brenda

    I had been thinking for some time now that I would like to switch to e-cigs so after some research and product sampling I found this one looked like it was priced the best for what you get in the starter kit. I was so excited could not wait to get it. Only took 3 days. The one thing that I didn't like is that I had to charge it for 6hrs when I 1st got it then 1 hr after the 1st use. Other then that I love it. I got the Turkish flavor and it tastes great. The cartomizers last a long time in a week so far I have only gone through 2. If you are looking for a good e-cig this is the one in my opinion.

  42. Awesomeeee review by Jeffrey

    I started out with the gas station disposable E Cig, not terrible good way to start out and try things in the world of E Cigs. I read a lot of reviews on all types of the rechargeable starter kits and finally settled on Halo due to the fact there ELiquid got such wonderful reviews. Let me tell you I am totally pleased with my purchase. Unlike the store bought disposables Halo has a nice thick vapor with a fantastic taste to all the flavors I have tried so far. I can definitely say I will never smoke another real cig ever again. Definitely satisfies my nicotine craving and adds a bit of flair. The quality is also very impressive, the red color is awesome and it has a bit of a rubberized feel to it so it does not slip out of your hand. The case it comes in also a ton better than what you get from other companies from what I can see. You can not go wrong at all with this product, quit reading reviews it will drive you mad and just purchase this starter kit.

  43. Love it!!! review by ELF

    Been thinking about trying ecigs for a while now, did alot of research and then I found Halo. Soo happy I did!! Also bought the menthol e liquid sample pack and they taste great! Thanks Halo for making a great product! My mom is putting her order in today!

  44. Great starter kit review by Jessica

    Ive tried a lot of different brands before discovering Halo, So I decided to try it out to see for myself I'm glad I did I'll never go back to any other brand. The flavors are incredible and the battery holds a charge all day. I tell everyone I know to try Halo.

  45. First and only Electronic Cigerette review by Dan

    This is the first ecig I have ever tried and it will be the only one. Everything in the kit was premium quality. Very sleek and quite aesthetically pleasing. I can not make a comparison to other companies in terms of vapor production and taste because I have not tried any others, but I will say that I have been completely satisfied with the experience. I have already recommended this kit to a few people I know that are considering purchasing ecigs. Very satisfied with this product.

  46. Totally kicks a$$!! review by Robert

    I have tried several different brands and had given up on the vaping concept after two years. But I decided to try Halo. Got my kit today and I'm blown away!! I have been vaping constantly for over six hours and my battery is still going! I purchased a sample e liquid kit and I'm very impressed with the vapor production and throat hit!! Halo, your G6 totally kicks a$$!! I'm recommending you to EVERYBODY!!

    P.S. my blu batteries combined couldn't go an hour...

  47. This is the real deal! review by Rob

    I have been a customer of Halo for just over a month now and can finally say I have found my one stop shop for all my vaping needs. The products, customer service and speed of delivery are second to none. I started out with a G6 starter kit and a tobacco sample pack and have since ordered just about all of the tobacco flavors in the 30ml size. (and with Halo, different flavors means different flavors, not just a different label slapped on what seems to be the same e-juice. All flavors are truly unique). I only wish I found Halo sooner than I did. I hate to tell you the amount of time and money I have wasted looking for the perfect vape. My only hope is that I can save others from making the same mistake I did.

  48. Great product review by Fredy

    This was my first ecig and i really liked it. The vapor production is amazing.

  49. Excellent starter kit review by Alton

    This is the best e cig that I've owned, it has out performed other kits I had by miles. Great flavors, great vapor, batteries are great (love the manual battery) shipping was super fast during memorial day weekend! The only reason I am not giving this 5 stars is because a good majority of the accessories are out of stock ): I went with Halo because of their great reviews and their accessories like the pcc and the mini tanks/clearomizers both of which were out of stock. This was the only downside of my experience because i am not able to enjoy the product like I wanted to. Halo please stock up on your products and I will buy all of my vaping essentials with you, the product is flawless otherwise.

  50. Best Starter Kit review by Elizabeth B.

    After going through many reviews and reviewing products on my own I can honestly say this is one of the best starter kits on the market for the price. You can feel the quality right off the bat. I had to go with blue and plan on ordering Demon Red cartomizers being a Red Sox fan! You will not be disappointed.

  51. Just Received Starter Kit review by Brenda

    Bought this for my husband to try, it came in record time even during a holiday weekend!! You guys are awesome. I am charging the batteries now and I am sure he will LOVE his new ecig! Thank you so much.

  52. Good starter ecig review by larry

    I've tried other ecigs with semi decent quality but still wasn't what I was looking for. I've tried the G6 for 2 weeks, the quality of this ecig is 100% better than the others. The only draw back is the the battery life is 3-4 hours tops and the cartridges need refilling more than I prefer. If someone is an occasional or light smoker I would highly recommend this product. If someone is a moderate to heavy smoker, bypass the G6 and opt for the Triton Tank model. With the Triton, I just noticed you can get a battery with over 1000mah vs 180 or 280mah with the G6's. And with the Triton instead of a few drops of e-juice you can fill a tank with 2.4 ml of e-juice meaning extended vaping time from the battery and e-juice. I'll be ordering the Triton Tank model and will gladly write a review as soon as I've had a chance to take it for a test vape.

  53. Impressive review by Kerry

    I read through quite a few blogs, discussion boards, and e cig reviews before deciding on Halo and so far I've been very impressed! An important decision factor for me was that these products are American made. The starter kit comes equipped with everything you need to start vaping and is packaged in a slick case that neatly keeps your supplies in order. I ordered midnight blue and find the color and finish pretty sharp, especially in the sunlight. The G6 has a high quality look and feel. This is a solid little e-cig. The cartomizer has a nice feel to it that doesn't easily slip through your fingers. It's heavier than a real cig would be and takes some time to get used to puffing on it to get a good throat hit, but now that I've gotten the hang of it, I love it! I was skeptical about "tobacco" flavors but Halo liquids did not disappoint. I've tried Tribeca, Torque 56, and Prime 15 and love them all! Very smooth flavors, nice throat hit, and pretty authentic tobacco taste in my opinion.
    Seriously, @ $45 for a starter kit you can't go wrong and Halo's e-liquids will make you want to vape all day!

  54. Amazing! review by George

    Really don't where to start so here we go. The quality of Halo products is hands down the best! I am a 40+ year X smoker and after trying just about every thing out there I found Halo....thank goodness! Their G6 Ecigs are the best!! And for me the Tribeca eliquid is the best yet! I have no need to look further!!!!
    Thank you Halo.

  55. Good kit review by Albert

    I got this kit for a friend and she loves it, I will be buying a kit for myself too. It's the best.

  56. Exceded My Expectations! review by GDSIII

    After a long and tedious search for the right e-cig, I have finally found a home with Halo. It delivers on every note, battery, e-liquid, accessories, you name it.

  57. I LOVE my Halo review by Traci

    This is my first electronic cigarette. I LOVE it! It works great since I got mine in the mail about a week ago. Yea!!!

  58. AMAZING review by Jason

    This kit is unbelievable. The batteries last way longer than most reviews said. The case is very durable and gorgeous looking. And the Torque 56 tastes amazing, I will be purchasing more.

  59. Halo-WOW review by Brian

    I'm relatively new to vaping. I started out buying a used Blu kit from someone, and had nothing but problems with it. A few days ago, I decided to do my research, watch as many YouTube reviews as I could, and for me, the Halo G6 kit came out on top. Ordered my kit just this past Friday morning before 7am (on the east coast), and within 2-3 hrs, received an email stating my order had shipped. I opted for the FedEx Home Delivery option (think it was $9). Much to my surprise, FedEx delivers on Saturday, and I wound up with my G6 just over 24 hrs after ordering! I opened the box, and read the instructions. Halo recommends charging each battery for 8 hrs the first time, then using it for 20 minutes, them another hour of charging. Just 30 minutes ago I used it for the first time, and WOW, what a difference! Excellent vapor production, throat hit to me was better than a regular cig. I opted for "TriBeCa" in my cartomizers, and I'm very glad I did! The batteries have a nice almost rubber finish to them that keeps them looking good, and helps prevent dropping. Halo, you've done some outstanding work here, thank you for showing me what I've been missing. Happy vaping!

  60. Amazing e cig review by Tammy

    I received this starter kit 10 days ago and all I can say is WOW! I am so shockingly surprised how well this system works, I did not expect to feel so satisfied with vapor. Thank you Halo for making such affordable, great products!

  61. Awesome product, lightning delivery review by Dan

    So I am new to the e smoke scene and after trying some cheap corner store cigs, I did a lot of research and ended up settling on the Halo g6 kit. Vapor production and taste is worlds ahead of the blu and njoy disposables, the manual battery operates great. Kit came neatly packaged and all the components are top notch. Ordered Friday afternoon around 4:30 and received Monday at 10:30. Huge thumbs up to halo, customer for life.

  62. Perfet Starter review by Couture

    This is was the starter kit that truly got me on the road to vaping. Had both the manual and automatic battery and loved them both. I enjoyed them so much I have referred many a friend to get this as well. Santa even dropped off one of these (in silver) for my son so he could start vaping as well!

  63. It's all here review by Scorpion

    This is the way to start. The only better option is Triton tanks and now that I've moved up I would recommend either.

  64. Excellent review by Wes

    I had tried a couple store bought e-cigs when I decided to try them. I found this company and I have to say I have been quite impressed. The starter kit is excellent, you get more for your money than almost all the others I researched. And the cig works great with great flavors. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

  65. Love It review by Kelly

    This is my first starter kit. I have really enjoyed it. It works well. I've had no problems with it and I plan to buy more Halo products in the future.

  66. I'm new to vaping! review by Jonathan

    Ok, I reviewed many e cigs that were on the market and my head spun after a few days of research. I opted to start with the G6 due to the many upsides to Halo's products. When I received their product in the mail I was fully satisfied when I began my vaping voyage. The cartomizers were very easy to fill and gave a great vapor production without limiting the taste or thickness of vapor. A week later I decided to give the clearomizer (tank) a try. Again I was impressed on the speed of shipment and and quality of their product for such a low price. Now that I am a little more experienced with e cigs I have decided to step my game up and purchase the Triton tank system. When I receive this product I know that I won't be let down by Halo's quality made products!

  67. Good starter kit. review by Jason

    Really have been enjoying this starter kit. I get a lot of questions from people at work who now want a kit of their own. I just now had to order my wife one because she kept bogarting my 2nd battery. I just wish there was an option to order a kit along with the appropriate slots for 2 mini tanks and a mini bottle of eliquid. Other than that I am really please with the product.

  68. WOW!! review by findinghaven

    I have tried a couple different types. And this one blows all others out of the water. There is really no comparison. They couldn't hold a flame to this e-cig. It is so stylish too. Easy to use. Battery length is insane. The automatic and manual is an excellent way of getting a different, but definitely great, experience. Moreover the flavors (especially of the variety pack) are amazing! I refuse to go to any other brands. They have spoiled me here.

  69. Halo G6 Starter Kit -Deep Purple review by Jessica

    The G6 starter Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping (except your E-juice)! The Purple battery is beautiful and the feel of it is amazing! Halo has wonderful E-juices, Tribecca and Midnight Apple are my fave!

  70. Best e cig starter kit out there, and one of the lowest costing. review by Kaylab

    I purchased the jet black g6 starter kit about a month ago now, and I could not be happier with the performance of it. The battery lasts at the very least, a full day of vaping while upholding a great vapor production and smooth fresh taste. When your battery does finally die you know you have the second one to depend on while the other is charging. And the Halo case that is included makes for easy transport or storage. The sleek look and feel of the G6 is also a very big plus to the starter kit. The jet black battery almost feels like it has a thin rubber outer layer on it which makes it hard for it to slip out of your hands while maintaining the slick look with the blue LED light at the tip. In all I think this is the starter kit that's glint to give you more bang for your buck on the market.

  71. Starter kit g6 review by Greg

    The Halo g6 starter kit is by far the best ecig on the market, I have been using the halo g6 kit for a month now, and have had no problems at all, even got my wife to use the new g6 kit I bought her, ty so very much, Halo. Please keep up the great work.

  72. Excellent product, no kinks to work out! review by Andrew

    I've gone through numerous brands, many of which have very good marketing but no QC. I started reading so many reviews good and bad, I started to think maybe every company sucked... maybe come back in a year when the technology is right, because I simply couldn't find an e-cig that was reliable and satisfying. Biggest complaints were leaky carts w/ very short lives, shoddy parts, inconsistent hits. On a functional level, G6 has it down. Got the starter kit, and NONE of those aforementioned problems exist. You can see/feel a higher quality of materials and design. Consistent, reliable. The small battery is a perfect size for me at 10.5cm w/ a cart. Full charge lasts long, as do the carts (relatively), and you can switch to fluid. Price-wise, G6 pulled through on quality while keeping the price reasonable. There's been enormous hype around a particular brand that rhymes with "see through". I was not as impressed, and would recommend this over any of them. Keep in mind, my preference in smoking is purely subjective. But function is not.

  73. great kit for the price review by Libby

    This is the 3rd brand of ecig I've tried so far and I really like it. Compared to a lot of other starter kits, I was really happy with the price of the G6.The battery charging at first seemed to be a bit of a task (you have to charge it for about 8 hours, vape for 20 minutes, then charge again for 2 hours...something like that!). The one battery wasn't working well at first so I think I messed up the initial charging process, but I got it working now! The "princess pink" is more like a purple-ish color also, so if you're looking for a very pink pink like I was, this isn't it. But the look of these batteries is really nice and a nice change from the boring "cigarette-looking' ecigs I've tried before.

  74. Awesome E-cig review by Chad

    I've been using this for a few weeks now and I love it. I like that its made in the USA and you can definitely tell from everything this starter kit comes with. The quality of everything, from the case to the batteries and even the cartridges, is amazing. I love the modern look of the black battery but the other colors are very nice too. If you're shopping around for an e-cig I suggest you save yourself some time and order the G6 starter kit immediately. You will not be disappointed.

  75. Love this product... review by Michele

    I have tried two different e-cigs and I really enjoy it. I purchased both size batteries and I think my fav is the 78 manual because you can dictate the throat hit that you will get and it is a really nice color.

  76. Perfect kit to start with - Exactly what I wanted review by Cat

    I'm new to ecigs and got sick of paying for disposables. I did a lot of research and this kit really stood out. I think for a first timer it's perfect. I love that it has two batteries, I was able to try the automatic and the manual one so I can see which I prefer. I was really nervous about the amount of Vapor that it would produce but it's REALLY great. There is plenty of vapor to feel like you're really smoking.

    Another thing that really impressed me is that it comes in a very nice box with all the pieces inside each in their own snug fitting spot. The cartomizers come in a little plastic case that also fits nicely inside the box.

    So far it's been easy to use and works great!

  77. Elegant & Exceptional Quality review by Christine

    I love the Halo G6 kit. It is elegant in it's style and presentation. The color blue is gorgeous! It's very similar to a sapphire blue and it's just the right size at 78mm. The quality is exceptional. It is well built, has a good hand feel, not heavy and the vapor production is just perfect! I also purchased the blue mini tanks and I love them! I think you get a bit more vapor using the mini tank too. I was using disposables but wanted something that was nicer and for long term use. I would love to see more colors in pastels, such as a light pink metallic and an aqua would be nice too. I'm already thinking about getting a second kit. Halo you did a great job on these.

  78. Halo G6 Kit review by jimmy

    I tried e-cig years ago when the technology was still fairly new. There were simply too many issues with the battery and carts to make it an enjoyable experience. Turn the clock a few years to now and the technology has finally caught up! I spent probably a whole weekend researching before making my decision. At first I placed an order with V2Cig but thank god I dug deeper and realized Halo is the company to go to. Not only did they make improvements on the same battery but they make all their e-juice in the USA and the reviews on their e-juice seem to indicate this is a company is passionate about the products they put out to the public. I got my kit a few days ago and I have to say the vapor production was insane! I didn't even pull on it hard and I get tons of vapor. The Tribeca flavor is great and definitely could be an all day vaping flavor. The battery lasted the whole day since I am not a heavy vapor. I cannot wait to test out the kit when I go out which tends to make me a chain smoker and cause me to feel incredibly sick the next day with harsh dry throat. Anyways, I am so happy I did my research and found Halo.

  79. Great start to my eCig experience! review by FG

    This is an awesome kit that started my eCig experience. The quality of the kit is top notch and everything is in there to start the adventure into the world of vaping! I highly recommend it to anyone. Get one of the Halo flavors (I recommend the awesome Tribeca) and discover a whole new world!

  80. This is perfect review by Squishy

    I have felt like Goldilocks looking for the right e-cigarette. I have tried many. Some would have the right flavor and vape but be too big for me to carry around and feel comfortable using at work. Others are the right size but wouldn't give good flavor and/or vape. The G6 with the mini tanks are perfect for me!

  81. Highly recommended review by Beth

    I saw Halo eCigs on ECCR.com and loved the review. I bought the starter kit and it's better than expected. I love the feel of the batteries and the ease of use. Easy to charge, easy to carry, easy to vape. I got the Turkish blend and it is yummy. Can't wait to try other eLiquid flavors. Thanks, Halo. Great product.

  82. Great product review by Dan

    Ease of use and versatility using cartomizers and especially using mini tank. Great product for all around use.

  83. GREAT PRODUCT !!! review by c4tag

    After researching consumer reviews and watching the youtube video on Halo, I was anxious to purchase. I have tried the convenience store brands without success. HALO did not disappoint ! I received my starter kit within days and after charging my batteries. I followed everything from the video and ....ahhhhh.....it was so real, so true to reviews. I absolutely love this product ! I tried the Tribeca and the Turkish and love them both. I am anxious to try additional flavors. After using these for for several days I tried an actual cigarette and was so disappointed in the flavor. HALO is wonderful, easy, convenient, and the prices beat all others! Such a great investment and the quality is superb! Thank you for this product!

  84. Halo vs Blu...Halo Wins. review by Jake

    I started Ecigs by finding Blu at Walgreens and giving that a shot but I thought to myself, there has to be a higher quality ecig with today's technology other than Blu...so I read tons of reviews and found these...

    Shipping was great, it arrived at my house 4 business days after I purchased the starter kit. Went very smooth. I noticed the starter kits were almost always out of stock so I purchased this when I had the chance to.

    I've had the kit for about a week now, both automatics and chose the Tribeca flavor. That flavor is amazing. The kit itself comes in a leather box on the outside and suede coating for the inside. Seems very professional, it does not charge the batteries, which is alright since the Blu cartridge seems to fail most of the time anyways.

    The batteries have lasted me from 5PM one day to 3:30PM the next day on medium to heavy vaping. I got the standard size (not mini). That battery length I have to say is amazing! It lasts MUCH longer than the standard BLU battery, although it is quite larger too. Actually, it is almost the exact same size as a 16.99 disposable BLU ecig. The cartridge lasted just a little longer, but not much. It's actually pretty nice, new battery with new cartridge.

    My friend had some eLiquid from another site and i refilled the now empty cartomizer with the eliquid. It works great! Give it a few (5-10) minutes to soak into the filler, otherwise it's a blank taste, but it works great!

    Overall I'm very happy with this product and based on the high reviews, this product lived to its expectations! Thanks Halo!

  85. Great Quality review by scott

    I purchased this kit after previously purchasing bull smoke. The craftsmanship puts Halo in a far superior class. The battery life is much longer and has a nice almost rubberized coating on the outside so it is not as slippery to hold on to as other brands. I also enjoy the reusable cartomizers which I have easily used the same one10 times .

  86. Love it review by CJ

    I love this kit. It came quickly and it was packed with great care. The batteries have a nice weight and feel to them. The kit is easy to use and understand (especially for beginners like me!). The silver color is not too dark or too light. The charging mechanisms are compact which makes it great for taking the entire kit on the go. I love that I can charge the batteries through my laptop. My only complaint is that the case does not fit a cartomizer attached to the battery. It isn't the biggest deal having to screw on a mini tank or cartomizer but it can get annoying. Everything in the kit is well made.

  87. Great kit review by Chris

    I highly recommend this kit if your new to vaping and looking to get started in my opinion this is the way to go. Halo makes quality products and if you're looking for a good kit look no further.

  88. Love it! review by Alicia

    It is my first ever and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend selecting 2 manual batteries, they will last longer. Also choosing cartomizers that are not prefilled. You will want a long lasting battery and the ability to sample as many different juices as you can. Oh and while you are at it try the mini tanks for the G6. I bought two and I am going to order more very soon.

  89. Can't be beat at any price. review by Kevin

    If you are looking for an e-cigarette to mimic the appearance and the experience an actual tobacco cigarette, then look no further.

    I have purchased several other companies' cig-a-like starter kits, and have spent much more money while ending up much less satisfied.

    If you have made the mistake of wasting money on other brands, as I have, you will notice the difference immediately. The attention to detail and quality is apparent, from the handsome display case, to the rubberized coating, to the easily refillable cartomizers. No expense seems to have been spared, yet they somehow charge less then their competitors.

    They even go so far as to give detailed instructions, WHICH YOU SHOULD FOLLOW, on the initial battery charge, to extend the life of your batteries. They want you to have a good experience, and not just sell you a kit. What more could you want from a company?

    Here is my advice: Buy the Halo starter kit, and choose the blank cartomizers (I like the Low Resistance). With the money you have saved, get an extra pack of blank carts and the Tobacco Sample Pack of Halo e-liquid (I say spend $5.99 extra and get a 7ml bottle of Freedom Juice, as well). Your total cost will be just less than $85, and you qualify for the free shipping. For that minimal investment, you will have enough e-juice and carts for at least two weeks of moderate to heavy vaping. The equivalent amount of their competitors' pre-filled carts would cost a small fortune, and way too many of them use nasty tasting Chinese-made e-juice.

    The value of Halo's products just cannot be beat.

  90. Awesome kit review by Battok

    The quality of this product is top notch, the Menthol Ice flavor I ordered with is is great and with a 2.4 nic option. I love the vapor production and quality that this provides, I feel like i am smoking analogs without the guilt and smell.

    Note: I got two 65mm batteries (1 manual and 1 auto) and they both provide me between 3 and 5 hours depending on frequency of vaping (right now I am using it fairly heavily).

    This kit is made even better with the purchase of a couple of mini tanks. Just an amazing vaping experience.

    Thanks Halo!

  91. Good beginner's starter kit review by James

    I used the G6 a few months before upgrading to the Triton VV. Performs as expected, well constructed and looks pretty cool, too. I use it with the mini clearomizers.

  92. Perfect size perfect service review by Alvaro

    I ordered my first G6 kit a few weeks ago with a few mini tanks and LR cartomizers, it works really well!! a week after I received my first kit with small batteries I ordered another kit with regular blank cartomizers and large batteries, I'm in love with both. The only problem that I can see is the price of the cartomizers if you wanna buy 5 blank cartomizers the price is very close to buying another G6 kit but I'm still loving my G6 kits and my Triton that I started to use today, I would recommend Halo kits to everybody!!!!!

  93. Best e cig out there review by Daniel

    I've tried many different e cigs this is the best one I have used. Good flavor and good vape, and replacement parts aren't pricey

  94. Just wanted something that worked review by Michael

    I tried the e-cig thing before the disposables were on the market and did not like it one bit. If I remember correctly, it was a patronizing plastic pack-shaped charger that plugged into a wall to charge the battery, held 6 cartridges, and the liquid tasted like spoiled movie-theater popcorn butter.

    Recently, a few people I know have been doing well in their pursuit of alternative methods of nicotine delivery, so I asked them for some recommendations. One of them gave me a link to this store. It took me a few days to decide what I want and I placed the order right before a holiday weekend, but about a week later my red starter kit, two red mini tanks and two flavors arrived in the mail.

    This is much, much better than my first attempt a few years ago. I'm already considering ordering more supplies. There's nothing to adjust, and not much to assemble. It just works, and it works very well.

    I also prefer the mini tanks to the cartomizers. I have very simple tastes, I don't need hundreds of flavors. One of the things I disliked about the last time was guessing about how much liquid to put in the cartridge and when it would run out. The mini tanks take out much of the guesswork that made me even more anxious about the whole thing.

    100% Satisfied

  95. Great kit review by Patrick

    This is a great kit. It came super fast! it has everything you need to get started. Love the battery life! Nice case for traveling and storing your extra stuff.

  96. Excellent product review by A

    Before purchasing this kit, I did a fair amount of research to figure out exactly which product would work best for me. Previously, I had been using Blu cigs and wanted something similar, but with a longer battery life and a more satisfying vapor. There has been much praise online regarding this kit and I can honestly say that it is well deserved.
    The vapor produced by the G6 is very smooth and the overall design of the battery/cartomizer is excellent. Both battery and cartomizer have a slight rubberized (or something similar) coating that makes it so much nicer to grip and also adds a sleek matte finish that looks great. To be fair, I can't speak for all of the options available. Mine consists of two automatic 78mm batteries, but I would guess that the other options perform just as well. Overall, the quality of everything received with this is superb and if you are looking for something to replace your Blu, definitely give this a try.

  97. Amazing. review by Samuel

    One word, this kit is amazing. Sleek design and best vapor production from any mini I've tried. Top quality product. I was so eager to try it, I unplugged it during the initial charge just to take a drag. Goes perfectly with the Mini Tank. Also, lightning fast shipping. This was my first purchase from Halo, and all I have to say is WOW. I'll definately be coming back for more. Thanks for all you do Halo, you guys are #1 in my book.

  98. Great ecig introduction review by Nic

    The G6 batteries are great, long life, excellent feel with the rubber texture grip. Whether you like auto or manual is personal preference, I do find the manual button to be a hair small. I'm constantly looking for it. Vapor production is great and great flavor from the juices. I was introduced to a bigger battery and clearo like the Triton and recently ordered a Triton because you do get a better hit and stronger flavor. I don't regret buying the G6 because it made transitioning to ecigs easier with the size being comparable to a real cig. You won't regret this purchase even if you decide to upgrade down the road. Small size is more inconspicuous when it matters.

  99. Far superior to any other e-cig!! review by Iceburgh71

    Since starting to vape, I've tried so many different brands and sent them all back. I figured Halo was going to be my last attempt to find the right e-cig. WOW! Overall quality, vapor production, longevity and flavor (oh wow the flavor!!)...Halo is FAR superior to all other e-cigs! The presentation of the kit is very stunning and elegant too. The battery lasts for a very long time (getting about 200 puffs from 1 batt). Even when the battery gets low, it still has enough power to make the carto produce great vapor! I have yet to see this from any other e-cig. There is only 1 issue with Halo which is why I'm giving it 4 stars and not 5. A PCC pack. Halo does make a PCC and even a nice carrying case, but Halo needs to design a cigarette "pack style" PCC that can hold 2 batteries and 2-4 carts (or more) that is easily carried. If they did, then Halo would be the BEST e-cig kit on the market!! Other than that "1" issue, Halo (again, I can't say it enough) is FAR superior to any other e-cig!! I'm a fan for life now!

  100. This kit is top quality! review by Debby K.

    I purchased a Midnight Blue G6 Starter Kit last week. It was shipped promptly and at my door in 2 business days. I was immediately impressed with the packaging and the quality of contents in the kit. Not only is the G6 visually appealing, it is top quality. It provides an experience that is very similar to a regular cigarette. It's the perfect size/length and produces a great amount of vapor. I love the flavor of the Tribeca e-liquid I chose to be included in the pre-filled cartomizers that come with the starter kit. I highly recommend the G6 Starter Kit.

  101. AMAZING! review by Michael

    I watched a bunch of reviews on youtube about this product and was convinced that this would be the best one to try. After I received the product I noticed just how nice the quality was. I good friend of mine spent over 3x as much on a Greensmoke kit and it really didn't look as well put together as Halo's. The matte finish was really nice since it didn't feel like the cig would simply slip out of my hand. Then I got to actually trying the product. What a shock. This provided such a great "smoking" feel. The throat hit, vapor output, and nicotine satisfaction was great! The batteries last a good two days for me unless I'm at the the bars. Same thing goes for the carts but I do tend to take long drags so I still probably get less life then others. The charging time for me seems to be a little over three hours, I haven't actually timed it but it is right around three to three and a half hours. That is excellent for me since it takes so long to discharge it.

    The last point id like to make is that Halo's customer service is great. I have emailed them with several question and I have always received a response within 24 hours! Thanks Halo for making such an amazing product!

  102. Great Starter! review by Robert

    When I first saw the price, I was expecting the quality to be pretty mediocre. After all, the kit is a little cheaper than some of the competition. I couldn't have been more wrong. This kit is amazing. The case is great - way better than the old tins it used to come in. It's sturdy, closes nicely, and just feels solid. The batteries (65mm auto for me) are awesome. They have a really cool rubber coating over them and seem to last a long time. The charger pieces are heavy and feel like great quality. I expect it to last a long time, highly recommended.

  103. Great product!! review by Jansen

    After years of searching for an e-cig that performs the way it should I have finally found one. I have literally tried about 6 different brands of e-cigs and have never been satisfied with the products. The G6 starter kit works the way it should. Not to mention the blue color is amazing!! The draw is easy, the battery life seems to be fairly good for a cig-alike product and long lasting. I ordered both a manual and automatic. The manual of course performs well and the automatic battery produces a good amount of vapor with a very easy draw. In other words good throat hit, good vapor, and it's not like sucking on a straw with a hole in it like so many other products I've tried.

    I ordered the Malibu flavored carts with the kit in 6mg nicotine, and looking back I probably should have ordered a stronger nicotine level, but that’s my fault.

    Halo makes an amazing product, and just like other products that I have ordered from them as usual their attention to detail is amazing and clearly illustrates the quality of the product. The display case is amazing, not flimsy cardboard like so many other companies and looks nice sitting on my coffee table, and is great for carrying everything that I need each day to work. It’s not small enough to carry in your pocket obviously but in a backpack or brief case it works great and keeps everything nice and neat. In other words no more pocket lint on the cart when you’re ready to use it.

    Overall, Halo again has made a superior, nicely styled and great functioning product. I honestly can’t complain about anything. One added bonus, it’s a USA based company!!!

  104. Great starter kit review by Angela

    I really like this starter kit. Easy to begin the vaping experience. Thank you Halo!

  105. G6 starter kit review by Albert

    Wonderful starter kit. Batteries last for a good while. I'm very happy with this kit. Halo rocks!!

  106. Best Starter Kit on the market review by David

    Prior to purchasing the Halo G6 starter kit I did a lot of research on the best E-cigs on the market. Now I'm not one to always go off reviews because I do realize the majority of them are slanted and biased, I decided to give Halo a try due to their consistency in reviews from multiple web sites. So I decided on ordering the Jet Black 78mm G6 starter kit (one manual and one automatic) and I've got to say that this is one of the smartest choices I've made when it comes to purchasing E-cigs. I use my G6 pretty heavily and it last for about 3/4's the day. The batteries come with this rubberized finish that feels good while holding. The one thing I noticed about the battery life is that with most E-cig batteries, when the battery starts to get low there tends to be a lower volume of vapor and throat hit from them. Not with the G6. It stays consistent the whole way through. Vapor production from it is amazing for such a little battery. I ordered 2 mini tanks with it and WOW, I'm glad I did. The taste of the E-liquid is twice as intensified as compared to the cartridges.
    In conclusion: I'd have to say that the G6 is by far a superior product when it comes to other E-cig brands. (especially for the price point) I'd highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good product at a decent price to stop wasting your cash on E-Cigs you can find at gas stations, grocery stores, retail outlets, etc... From my experience so far.....None of them compare to Halo.

  107. Far superior to any other e-cig!! review by Iceburgh71

    Since my wife and I started to vape, I've tried so many different brands and sent them all back. Overall quality, vapor production, longevity and flavor (oh wow the flavor!!)...Halo is FAR superior to all other e-cigs! The presentation of the kit is very stunning and elegant too. The battery lasts for a very long time (getting about 200 puffs from 1 batt). Even when the battery gets low, it still has enough power to make the carto produce great vapor! I have yet to see this from any other e-cig. With my wife's kit (obviously purple..) I got her 1 78mm and 1 65mm. She says she's going almost all day on the 78mm batt. There is only 1 issue with Halo which is why I'm giving it 4 stars and not 5. A PCC pack. Halo does make a PCC and even a nice carrying case, but Halo needs to design a cigarette "pack style" PCC that can hold 2 batteries and 2-4 carts (or more) that is easily carried. If they did, then Halo would be the BEST e-cig kit on the market!! Other than that "1" issue, Halo (again, I can't say it enough) is FAR superior to any other e-cig!! We are fans for life now!

  108. Halo a company of high quality review by mitchell

    I have a friend who has been smoking electronic cigs for quite some so with some coercing I decided to give it a try . I tried several different brands & styles to see if it were something that would keep my interest. That being said I decided to do a lot of research since the ecigs I were using were the not the highest quality. I wanted to purchase the best so I decided on Halo . I did a lot of research on the Halo company & everything I read about the high quality of this product held true when I received my starter kit. From the exquisite storage box to the look & quality of the ecigs themselves. I ordered menthol cartomizers & this is as close to a real menthol cigarette as you can get. The taste , vapor production & ease of drag is fantastic . Completely thrilled & already ordering more flavors. Did I mention the prompt shipping !

  109. Wonderful review by Kimthewp

    I really enjoy this product. I prefer this to the larger Triton system simply because it is smaller and easier to fit into my purse or pocket. The battery life is great. I am on my third full day without recharging. This is a great product. I received it as a gift and have already ordered additional liquids. I have tried a different brand before Halo and this product looks nicer, has better battery life, hits smoother, and is overall a much better quality product.

  110. Great device! review by Michael

    I started with an eGo Twist and wanted something more portable and discreet without sacrificing too much performance. This has fit that bill well. So far vapor production has been good, battery life excellent, and the cartomizers work very well. Get this for a more portable solution.

  111. Perfect! review by taylor

    Great product. Comes with everything you need for an e-cig. I got the Tribeca flavor and I love it! I fully recommend this to anyone who is curious about trying Halo. MUCH better than any brand I have used before!!

  112. Love the color review by Candice

    Holds a great charge and the batteries are really pretty.

  113. Favorably impressed! review by Paul

    I got my G6 in the mail yesterday and charged the battery as stated in the directions. That has let me use it normally all day today and it has been a pleasant experience! The 2.4 mg Turkish I got with mine may be a little too strong, but it is still very close to an analog. Things should get better when the sample pack gets here and I can try more types of tobacco flavors at a lower 1.8 mg level.

  114. Compared to a 510 review by Paul

    I recently received a 510 battery and accessories and noticed a funky plastic taste when using the cartridges. That hasn't been the case with the G6 I received yesterday! The second automatic battery is charging for its eight hour treatment to join the party! I have the clear mini tank on order that should give even longer enjoyment between refills. I bought the G6 because of the favorable review I read and the use of USA components in the e-liquids.

  115. Best i have used review by Robert

    I used another brand about 2 years ago I liked it but the cartomizers were expensive and I got the burnt taste a lot. I'm not sure if I can rag another brand but it was named after a color that was not red but has just as many letters. At any rate I got the blank cartomizers so I can refill with the e-liquids. I am very satisfied with the battery life and the tastes of Torque 56. Also to mention is the price the starter kit is a lot that attracted me to this company but I was sold with the amount of thought put in to refill process to include e-liquids to the successful attempt to get away from the burn taste. I got one manual and one automatic battery. Like them both. My wife and I both use this product. I am thoroughly impressed.

  116. Don't hesitate to purchase this kit! You will not be disappointed!! review by DarthVaper

    This past 4th of July I was introduced to the world of e-cigs by a friend of mine who had started using them 6 months prior. I was very interested and intrigued. Needless-to-say, I spent the entire following day researching the countless brands/types of e-cigs on the market. One brand, Halo, continuously stood out in my research. So, it was time to take the plunge! I ordered the G6 starter kit in Titanium with the mini batteries (1 manual and 1 automatic). I opted for free shipping and it arrived promptly in 3 days. I opened the box and this kit was even more impressive in person! The fit and finish of the G6 is exceptional, and the performance of this unit blows my friend's other brand out of the water. I have found that the batteries last me most of the day. Pleasant surprise for being the mini size (I wanted something close to the size of a "real" cig). I could go on and on about how happy I am with this purchase, but I will simply leave you with this: If you are thinking about getting this starter kit, stop... Just place your order and you will not be disappointed!

    P.S. My buddy is now an official Halo convert :)

  117. Amazing review by Brandy

    Love this e-cig!!! The color is beautiful and the slightly rubberized feel is great! My hubby and I are sharing the one kit for now, but I am thinking titanium for our second kit. Definitely recommend this kit!

  118. The options and customization is great! review by Shane

    After shopping around and watching many reviews on YouTube, I received my Halo G6 starter kit today. The thing I love about Halo is how you can customize your kit with all the different battery options, cartridge options, and colors. I ordered a 78mm manual and a 65mm automatic so I have both battery styles to choose from and since the automatic I ordered is smaller, it will be my primary pocket companion.

    Everything is working just as expected straight out of the box. The batteries even had a charge in them so I could try them out and try out the different flavors I ordered right away. I also ordered the low resistance blanks.

    The only issue I have with the whole kit right now is the rubbery end on the low resistance blanks. They seem like they may be a little leaky but I haven't thoroughly tested that in my pocket yet. Also, the first time I filled them I pushed them in too far and had to use something to get them out. Overall, they are still probably better than other options. I have tried two other brands so far and I do like this whole setup better than them. This is why I gave it 4 stars though.

    There are soo many flavors I am excited to try and I am also hoping to order the Triton Tank for my primary at home and driving ecig. Thanks Halo for being an awesome choice so far!

  119. Awesome product! review by Pete

    Hey folks, I just received my G6 and it is a beautiful piece of hardware. The presentation is beautiful too. You can tell it is quality, the engineering meticulous. The case it comes in is super sturdy and classy. The branding is fantastic.

    The matte silicone rubber on the battery has a great grip and looks very slick.

    This is my first e-cig, I decided to get this after I tried one in a gas station and I am happy I did. I am now on the search for a tobacco flavoring that I like.

  120. Everything it's supposed to be review by Jacob

    I bought the G6 starter kit after trying a few disposables from the convenience store. I liked the concept of the e-cig and knew there had to be a better quality product out there. I read some reviews and found Halo, and liked that all their liquids are made in the USA. I put my money on the line and waited anxiously for the kit to arrive. After charging my battery I screwed on a Tribeca tip and hoped it would be all I was hoping for. What a relief it was when a smooth warm vapor with some caramel undertones hit my taste buds. The unit feels good and looks good. I knew there had to be something better than all the cheap looking disposables that left me feeling a little disappointed. The mini tanks make the G6 taste and hit even better. Thoroughly satisfied with my first real e-cig and I look forward to trying some more flavors from Halo. I did get one chipped mini tank, but based on what I've read, Halo has good support and no doubt this will be easy to resolve when I place my next order for some more tanks and flavors. Good stuff!

  121. Great Starter Kit review by Christopher

    I recently purchased the Halo G6 Starter kit and my excitement for this product has still not ended. To start off the packaging of the Halo G6 Electronic cigarette can not be found anywhere else. Most companies package their product in cardboard, that is of little to no use for storing your e-cigarette, when it's not in use. Halo however provides a very sturdy case that holds everything together firmly, and closes tightly. They're the only company I know of that does this. Then there is the G6 battery. When holding this product for the first time, you can tell it's a quality product. Other companies batteries feel alright, but Halo steps it up by providing a texture to their batteries that feels smooth and soft to the touch. That might not seem like a big deal but after holding this product over and over again my fingers still enjoy the sensation of the texture on a Halo G6 Battery. They also hold a very good charge. There is just so many things Halo did right with the G6. I have tried the V2 Cigs, and while their e-cig performed well, Halo took that next step in each part of the process to deliver a better e-cig in my opinion. There are other companies that sell electronic cigarettes, there is no other company that does it as well as Halo.

  122. great choice review by kevin

    I love the G6, it's a great way to vape. You can use it in restaurants, stores, pretty much anywhere. I only have 2 problems. The battery life is a little short and a couple times I got stuck out somewhere with 2 uncharged battery's. But then I found out about the portable battery charger so I'll be sure to pick one of them up. The other problem being one of my battery's just stopped working. It shows that its fully charged but just wont work. so i emailed the company and i am awaiting an answer hopefully they can help me out with that. But over all this is a great solution. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to vape something that tastes and smells great.

  123. The best cigalike on the market. review by Brad

    I have literally wasted hundreds of $ on other brands of ecig batteries and starter kits and have been unsatisfied with the either the quality, the look, the vapor production, how long they last before needing a recharge or all the above! I prefer cigalikes over large mods as I work out in public view all day and don't wish to be seen vaping on some space age bong looking device. I can honestly say the Halo G6 is by far the best mini ecig I have ever used, The battery has a nice soft quality rubber feel with good grip and very light, it lasts hours before needing a recharge which I find incredible for such a small device, the cartomizers are of the highest quality I have ever used as they are bottom coil, produce an amazing amount of vapor throat hit and taste, they never burn the polyfill unlike most other brands which is a huge plus and they can easily be refilled many times without dropping in performance. I purchased some authentic tan cartomizers to go with the white G6 battery and I must say it is the most realistic looking device yet and when used out in public no one will give you a second look. All I can say is I wished I had read online reviews about the G6 before I wasted so much money on other low quality ecigs, I can promise you the Halo G6 will not disappoint.

  124. Great starter kit review by Ksmoke

    This stater kit is a great buy for either the beginner or veteran to vaping. I choose the jet black kit but there are a multitude of colors to choose from. The best part of the starter kit is that it includes 2 batteries of your choice as compared to other kits that only include one. The battery options (manual/automatic) is also a plus. I choose 2 78mm manual batteries and have not been disappointed. On a full charge I can generally have a battery last most of the day. The charging kit is great because it utilizes a USB port. This makes it really easy to charge on the go if you have a USB plug car charger. Another bonus included in the kit is the carrying case which is constructed very well. The case makes traveling very convenient and organized. The starter kit also includes a pack of cartomizers. This was good to give them an initial try, I quickly changed to the min tanks purely for my own preference. Overall this is a perfect kit for anyone and I would highly recommend this product.

  125. Price, Presence and PURE Quality !! review by CaptDonna

    After looking at ElectronicConsumerReviews site for 2 weeks I finally contacted Raymond at ECCR. Being a newbie he recommended that I get the G6 with 3 mini tanks AM I EVER GLAD I CONTACTED HIM! The G6 is perfect for out in public – I mean come on who can argue with MIDNIGHT BLUE. (I was a bit concerned about “ Are you smoking!” Kind of questions)
    All my concerns have actually turned out that many people are saying WHERE did you get that? I feel like a walking poster for HALO LOL! Which feels GREAT!!!
    Bottom line:
    The box it comes in is so VERY nice – I know (what!? Lol!) Keep in mind if you sent this as a gift – it says a LOT!!
    The textured feel of the Battery is great (MUCH better than any others I’ve handled) You can tell you’ve made a quality purchase! Hence the Hardware Warranty !
    Starter Instructions were clear. Followed them to the “T” and I get about 6 to 8 hours off 1 charge – ALL depends on the individual usage. Hubby gets closer to 6.
    Shipping only took 3 days – DON’T worry about Track and Confirm LOL! I put it in and had 4 updates the DAY it was delivered!!
    Being a Menthol analog I ordered the Menthol Ice 12mg for my Carto’s – very good!
    All in all it’s the perfect Starter Kit for me :) !!!

    (Also recommended were the Mini-Tanks and the Menthol Sampler – which you can check out those reviews if you like). GREAT JOB HALO !!!!

  126. Long Time Smoker review by Deb

    I was skeptical about ecigs, but did some research and settled on Halo. I cannot believe how much I like this product! I got the starter kit (and a sample tin) 3 or 4 weeks ago and I've been experimenting ever since. I know it's silly, but I love all of the choices I have with my starter kit and sample juices. It's like accessorizing.

  127. We've come a long way, baby... review by Michelle

    Having tried the ridiculous mall ecigs back in 2009, I wasn't expecting much. But this G6 kit is just AWESOME. It is absolutely perfect for work, both in form and function. Two charged batteries and a few mini-clears full of your favorite liquid, and you're set for the day or an evening out. If you get the PCC, bring along more minis! I'm planning on getting a Triton for home/extended computer hours use, but I'll never ever regret my G6 purchase...it's a great deal, and when those batts die their natural death, I'll be buying more, to be sure.

  128. A Superior Experience review by Romindog

    Let me just start by saying that I dove into the "e cig" market by purchasing an "over-the-counter" solution. I was enthusiastic with that decision for about 1-week and became very frustrated by the lack of battery life. Also, the vapor production and "feel" of smoking just wasn't there.

    I really wanted to go down the "e cig" so I studied up and decided to go with the Halo G6. I couldn't be more pleased. Long battery life, lots of vapor production, clean liquid, refillable carts, mini tank option. This product and the customer service provided by the company are really top notch.

    Only reason I'm giving it 4-stars instead of 5 is the lack of case options. I'd really like a carry case that would allow for the standard 78mm battery + mini tank or cart without having to disassemble the unit. Easy enough fix, I just found a nice metal cigarette case on the internet for 120mm cigarettes and custom lined the interior. I would have been happy to pay for a case with the Halo logo that would support assembled units though. There is a very nice case that can be purchased that allows for two batteries and 4 carts to be carried, disassembled. This case would be perfect 1" longer!!!!!

  129. Great way to get into e-cigs review by Robert

    I ordered this starter kit so that I could transition into the world of e-cigs and see if I would enjoy them more than the disposable ones that are often sold elsewhere. Man was I impressed with what I purchased. The kit has held up strong going on two weeks with me using it constantly. It's small and easy to use, so most of the people at my office think I am just smoking a weird looking cigar when we are on our breaks. I would rate this 5 out of 5 but there is always room for improvement. Thanks Halo for a great product.

  130. Halo G6 - Best Buy EVER! review by Melinda

    After doing extensive research, watching every e cig Youtube video, and diving into the forums, I concluded that this kit would be the best for me to start with.

    I went for the Titanium color because I didn't want my e cig to look like a Blu and I wanted it to go with my other devices, (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.) I opted for the 65mm automatic batteries. I really like the size of this battery as it is easy to toss in your bag or pocket. The total length of the 65mm battery with an attached cartomizer is about 105mm. This battery lasts me almost all day with light /medium vaping and only takes about an hour-and-a-half to two hours to recharge.

    I opted for the blank cartomizers as I knew that I wanted to try a variety of flavors. The cartos are easy to refill and not too messy. Be careful not to overfill and make sure that you let them sit for about 20-30 minutes after filling to ensure that the polyfill is adequately soaked. Because I am still constantly changing flavors, a carto will easily last me all day. I chose the black ones and I wanted a way to distinguish between the flavors in my case and found that a silver Sharpie did very well. I've also heard of people using fingernail polish, white out, or colored bands to differentiate the flavors in their cartomizers.

    The overall performance of this e cig is so great! It produces tons of vapor, delivers a lot of flavor, and definitely satisfies those cravings. Recharging is a piece of cake and with a battery this small and convenient, it's a great size for those looking for an easy transition. The silicone caps on the cartos are a little finicky, as sometimes they gets pushed down too far, fall off, or get pocket and purse lint all over them. I'm planning on getting a drip tip for the cartos and I'm soon going to be getting a few mini tanks as well.

    Halo's tobacco flavors are super delicious and produce clouds of rich, yummy vapor. I purchased the tobacco sampler pack with my starter kit and my favorites of the bunch are Prime 15 (authentic, dry tobacco), Tribeca (caramel, vanilla, tobacco), and Voodoo (blackcurrant, dark fruits, spices). The Voodoo came as a freebie (thanks Halo!)

    Basically, you will not be disappointed with your purchase of this awesome product!

  131. Great starter kit! review by jah671

    After doing my research I settled on the G6 starter kit. Almost every review I watched or read had great things to say about it so I figured I'd give it a go. I'm happy I did.
    I ordered the kit with the longer batteries. One manual and one automatic. At first I was a little apprehensive about how long the batteries would last but it didn't take long for my concerns to be put to rest. The manual battery lasted me pretty much all day. In fact, I normally finish one mini tank and still have enough battery life to make it a quarter of the way through another. The automatic battery has been my backup since I prefer the experience I get from the manual battery. IMO the vapor, throat hit and flavor just seems better.
    The one thing that I would have say on the down side is that once the kit arrives in the mail you can't put it to use right away. The instruction manual says to charge the batteries for a full 8 hours prior to its first use. Then use it for 20 minutes, then put it back on the charger for another 2 hours. This was a little confusing because the batteries appear to be fully charged when they arrive. In the manual it states that once the blue light on the battery turns off then it is fully charged. However, the lights never came on when I put them on the charger for the first time. So I erred on the side of caution and did as the instructions started. No biggie I guess, it just would have been nice to have at least one battery ready to go right out of the box.
    All in all, I'd highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting to try e-cigs. The price is great, the product is great and the shipping is fast.

  132. Best E-Cig I've tried review by Joe

    I have tried about half a dozen brands of ecigs and eventually tried Halo G6. This is easily my favorite for many reasons. So far I have only tried the flavors Malibu and Voodoo. I like both of them especially Malibu. I've heard Halo has the best flavors, so I needed to try them. These ecigs also produce a lot of vapor. The G6 has been very satisfying in the 2 1/2 weeks I've been using it. I am a happy customer and just made a purchase for more flavors!

  133. Outstanding Product! review by Travis

    Without restating all the good things reported by others too much, I will just agree that I am completely satisfied by both this starter kit and by Halo the company. Excellent product and it was delivered quite quickly (3 to 4 days).

    I have just received another handful of liquids in the 7 ml size and my first mini tanks should arrive in a day or two. Life is good.

  134. Absolute Game Changer. Thank you! review by Beebee

    I am not one to write reviews usually, it takes a lot to impress me enough to do so. I am more than impressed. I did so much research before deciding on the Halo G6 for my new E-Cig. I found you through that E cigarette review website. About 2 years ago I shelled out a huge amount of money to get a deluxe kit from South Beach, it didn't go well at all. I did not like the product and ended up ditching it all.

    This time is different. The Halo G6, e liquids, and mini tanks just are incredible. Everything works great, the experience of vaping with a quality product and REALLY great liquids has just blown me away. I had no idea this could be so great. I preach the gospel of Halo now.

    I read so many reviews here from customers here before I decided exactly what to order, glad I did. I LOVE using the mini tanks. I added 2 of those on and the tobacco flavors sample pack, + a small bottle of Freedom Juice based on the descriptions from customers. Sorry, you guys are going to be stuck with one very loyal customer. Thanks for a great kit!

  135. Love it review by Britney

    I've recently attempted to stop smoking, so I thought I'd give E-cigs a try. I used the disposables and after concluding that I liked them, I decided to pick a brand. I chose this one.

    I really like it. It's discrete and cute. I've thought of switching to other brands, but I really like this one so I think I'll stick.

  136. Halo 4 Life review by HALO4ME

    I picked up a Blu when I was at a gas station which was ok but it had me thinking what else was on the market.

    So after reading many reviews and watching youtube reviews Halo was ranked as one of the best. So I placed an order for a starter kit with a 5% discount to give it a try.

    I have only had the kit 2 days and I'm Halo 4 life. I don't know where to start on the reasons I will remain a Halo customer 4 life but I will try. 1. My order was shipped the same day and arrived promptly. 2. Customer service I contacted Halo about a promotion and was emailed back promptly that I qualified for the free voodoo and it was added to my order automatically. 3. Vaping at it's finest …Blu didn't come close. 4. The cool case and sleek look when I was out everyone keep asking what is that…where did you get it all I could say was Bond James Bond. 5. The wide selection of Pre Filled Cartomizers, E-Liquids and the combinations you can come up with on your own. 6. The price Halo is the definition of fiscally responsible. For $82 dollars 2 separate orders I got the starter kit,1 pack of prefilled cartomizers, 4 e liquids (Halo threw in 2 for free on orders over $20) and 1 pack of blank cartomizers.

    I'm very happy with this product the high reviews are well deserved, this product lived up to my expectations. Two of my friends have placed orders.

    Thanks Halo!

  137. Best ecig purchase! review by Lamjooo

    The G6 is the best ecig I have used. Great quality in material and e liquid. Keep up the great work Halo.

  138. Almost perfect review by B

    Really good to take it on the go, not heavy, portable, and no worries about liquid or breaking it. But i say "almost perfect" because it cannot reach the great flavor of the Triton.

  139. Ole Reliable review by Missy

    The first item I bought from Halo was the G6 starter kit in black. When I received my G6 starter kit I was very impressed with the overall quality. First you get all your pieces in a nice silky box with a space for everything, it's nice to have that because you can keep your pieces together and bring it with you wherever you go. The battery on the G6 is really nice because it has a type of rubber on it so it helps a lot when holding it to vape, also the cartridges are very easy to use whether using a pre-filled or a blank you've filled yourself. Also, this is a well built e-cig for sure I know because I accidentally dropped mine in a parking lot and when I went back for it it had been ran over a couple of times and was just fine! I have lovingly named mine old reliable!!

  140. Very nice product! review by Jason

    A buddy of mine introduced me to vaping a few weeks ago and after buying some ecigs from a local convenience store I was sold on vaping.

    I started to do some research on which reusable ecigs are the best as buying disposable ones from the convenience store was getting expensive. After reading many reviews on various websites and watching a lot of videos on YouTube I decided Halo was the brand I wanted to try. I am happy to say I wasn't disappointed.

    Along with the G6 starter kit I bought 2 different e-liquid sample packs. The vapor and throat hit from their e-liquids is top notch and the actual ecig has a nice rubber coating. I bought the classic white automatic batteries as I thought the subtle thin lines on the white battery added a touch of class and that this setup would be as close as possible to emulating the real thing.

    The kit came in a nice black box with the the word "Halo" on it. The e-liquid came packed in a nice looking tin can. Everything was snugly packed so the contents don't bounce all over the place but still easy to remove. To top it off I think the price was fair.

    To conclude I highly recommend Halo products. Much better than store bought ecigs.

  141. Awesome! review by Nick

    Bought this for my girlfriend, she LOVES the lime color. After trying it myself, I promptly bought my own G6 batteries. These things are great. Perfect for beginners and seasoned vapers alike! I use a VV unit and still enjoy using the G6 for a more realistic experience.

  142. Great quality product review by blackwidow7293

    This is a very nice kit I am still using my first full charge on one of the batteries I ordered Tribeca and HX3 for vapor flavors and HX3 I actually tend to favor more. This kit is really high quality and I would recommend to anyone looking to join the vapor community.

  143. Much Higher Quality Than I Was Expecting review by Eric

    When looking into e cigs, I did quite a bit of research, comparing various different starter kits, both in terms of cost and quality. After reading a number of positive reviews, I eventually decided on the Halo G6.

    This is definitely one of the better decisions I have made in my lifetime. While one of the cheaper options for a starter kit (without resorting to the dirt cheap, Chinese models), the G6 does not lack in quality. The batteries produce enough power for deep, satisfying hits, while carrying enough charge to last all day. The cartomizers are cheap enough to replace, yet built with enough quality that you rarely really need to (after nearly 2 months, I am still refilling and using the ones that came in the kit).

    The only real issue that I encountered is with the little white rubber pieces that are placed in the end of each cartomizer. While I appreciate how easy they are to pull out when refilling a cartomizer, this can be problematic when they pop out on the go. I have lost a few this way already. However, the fact that this is the biggest issue I can find should speak for the high quality that the G6 truly has.

  144. Love it! review by AngieBe

    Just received my G6 starter kit and went with manual and auto batteries. Just used the manual and loved it. This is NOT a crappy gas station type of ecig! I got it with Torque 56 in 18mg nicotine and its perfect. I was a Marlboro 100's light smoker approx 1-1 1/2 packs/day and the 18 mg for me is not too strong at all. Halo was super easy to order from and the kit came in about 3 days, packaged very nicely and is great quality. I also bought the tobacco sample pack, mini tanks and decided to go for the Triton too! I'm hooked already! THANK YOU HALO! Great product!

  145. Why did I wait so long!? review by Joseph

    Did my research, landed here at Halo due to their rep for quality products and USA made liquid (I'm leery of Chinese quality control). I received my kit in short order after ordering, packaging is slick, not overdone., easy to break into and get set up. The batteries have good heft and seem like well made pieces of kit, the cartos are okay. Manual battery works very nice and with my purchase of the G6 minis is the only way to go. I can get through a full office day with one battery easily, including my morning breakfast/coffee vape. Friday full office day plus a few beers and a lot of vaping at home I drained both batteries after about 5 hours heavy use. Pretty good I'd say. I wish I had started this years ago.

  146. Good first ecig review by Shawn

    After reading many positive reviews online, I decided Halo would be a good first ecig. I wanted the classic white kit because I didn't want to be too obvious in public yet. I chose the standard and mini automatic batteries with the Tribeca cartos and I am very happy with my decision. I would consider myself to be a light to moderate user and the standard battery goes for two days and the mini will go a whole day and into the second without a problem. The cartos have lasted me almost three days before the taste is totally gone.

    The only thing I would have to say disappointed me was the charger, the USB is very loose when plugged into the wall unit. It is to the point where when I have the standard battery charging I have to check it periodically to make sure it hasn't pulled itself out and lost connection (thankfully it has not been much of a problem with the mini).

    Overall my first experience with ecigs has been a positive and pleasant one thanks to Halo. I am now experimenting with the mini tanks and LR cartos and trying out different flavors to find my favorite. So far the Tribeca and Freedom are leading with Voodoo coming in a close third.

  147. Starter Kit review by john

    We received the kit three days after ordering it. we got one manual and one automatic battery. They both work fantastic. We had almost decided to get the blu starter pack, until I stumbled across Halo. I'm so glad I did. After seeing how affordable it was and all the positive reviews of Halo we decided to try it out. After charging the batteries we gave it a try. If you are on the fence about what brand to try, you wont be disappointed with Halo. Not only are they affordable, they are high quality with very satisfying vapor and long lasting batteries!

  148. You will not be disappointed! review by Pound Town

    I tried Blu ecigarettes a couple years ago and was not too happy with them. I recently decided, with the aid of a close friend, to get back into it. He has some crazy vape setup but I wanted to start out small, to see if anything had changed. After a couple hours of research I stumbled upon the Halo website. I decided to give their starter kit a try. I mean for $45 it didn't seem that bad. It was such a great decision. The Halo G6 is phenomenal. Great vapor, great throat hit, and great tasting. I'm getting the Triton as a personal achievement once I eventually drop down to 0mg nicotine. Oh I also recommend the mini tanks. You can see how much eliquid is left and they really bring out the taste.

  149. Excellent product. Very easy to use and the set up was simple review by Karen

    Good instructions, good quality at a reasonable price.

  150. Pinch me... review by Josh in New Yorkistan

    After trying my first disposable e-cig from the gas station, I said to myself, "THIS can't be what all the hype is about." I began my quest for a QUALITY cig-a-like as I imagine most people do...with a cursory web search. Most of the web sites pointed me to various rankings of the same few e-cigs, making a decision fairly difficult, as I didn't see much difference between any of them. It wasn't until I started reading some individual blogs and watching some video reviews that I found my way to this website. And I'm glad I did.

    I ordered the G6 kit in white with 1 manual, 1 automatic battery, along with some tan blank carts and the variety pack of juice. It only took 3 days to land in my mailbox. I couldn't believe how well these replicated the throat hit of even the Pall Mall menthols. Compared to the crap disposable I had tried, these were close to a religious experience.

    I have yet to kill a cart or one of the batteries in a single day.

    So far, I have tried 7 different flavors, and while I have yet to taste a flavor that I dislike, I was surprised by how much I liked the ones that I had least expected to enjoy and also to not be a huge fan of the ones that I was looking forward to. The fact that these juices are made in the USA is a big selling point for me. The vapor is thick and smoke-like, but dissipates quickly enough to keep the wife's skepticism under control. I like to take nice long drags for that good throat hit, and I am really impressed by how long the batteries last despite this. Overall, I couldn't be happier, and I can't wait to get my friends and family on board with Halo.

  151. AWESOME KIT! review by Justin

    This is my first e CIG and by far exceeded my expectations. The batteries last me at least 3 hours of constant use. The build quality is amazing with a super smooth finish. Will be buying a Triton here in a few weeks.

  152. Best starter kit! review by JD

    I've purchased several starter kits (Blu, V2, Halo) as well as the SD keyring and the Halo is BY FAR the best pen style e cig I've used. I purchased it with two sizes of Auto batteries (I don't care for manuals too much). I love the vapor the Halo produces as well as the flavor and TH. So far everything I've bought from Halo has been the best I've experienced. I know vaping hardware is subjective but if you are getting started get the Halo. I would have saved so much money if I had purchased the G6 before the V2 and Blu kits.

  153. The best ecig on the market review by Tom

    I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and love it. I ordered the G6 starter kit along with 2 mini tank clearomizers. Battery life is great, carto's are great and the mini tank is great. When I ordered the starter kit I went ahead and got prefilled carts with Tribeca e-liquid and am glad I did. Awesome flavor so I now have ordered a 30 ml bottle of it.
    This is a great kit that will not disappoint. Halo has a definite winner.

  154. Great! review by Melissa

    I love my G6 starter kit! It was easy to use, and I have had no issues whatsoever. The battery lasts me all day (6am-7pm at least), and I take a charged one with me to switch over to in the evening. I have recommended it to all my coworkers!

  155. Good choice review by Joseph

    Researching available starter kits on the market, I selected Halo. It is on par with others on the market in all respects.
    I was sold on their options, taking ownership of the hardware (with the Halo or G6 markings adorned on everything in the kit), and US mixed juices using quality products.
    Halo's site fails to give any real description of the case that come with the Kit. Mine had an exterior dimensions of 6 1/2 " long x 3 1/4" wide x 1/2" deep, as such it will not fit into your shirt or pants pocket. It also has no room to add additional items. Certainly not a problem, just something I was curious about before purchasing.

  156. More then happy review by elcapitan

    I ordered this starter kit along with a mini tank and two e liquid flavors. I was told I would be getting a 10 ml of Southern Classic for free but I was surprised to find a 10 ml of the Twisted Java flavor as well as the southern flavor. The two free bottles have actually be come my favorites over the flavors I chose. The java tastes great with my morning coffee. The starter kit its self has made me more than happy, I have been using it non stop. The batteries have a great life span. The only con I would have is I wish the PCC was included like some other brands offer. The price of Halo was cheaper so paying the extra for the PCC wasn't a big deal but it has been out of stock so I have been unable to get one yet. 5 stars for sure

  157. Very Happy! review by Mike

    I came across this product from watching some reviews online about the best ECig brand to use. The site highly recommend the Halo brand. Being new to the idea of owning an E-Cig, I purchased a couple disposable ones from the gas station and saw how expensive it would be to go this route. That's when I made the decision to buy one of these starter kits.

    Quality: (5/5) - Both the Carto's and battery part of the cig feel durable. Also the matte finish of the blue doesn't give you the feeling that you're going to drop it.

    Battery: (5/5) - Obviously everyone takes a drag differently so battery time is varied. I picked up the smaller battery and it will last me over 2 days without a charge. Since the starter kit comes with two, as long as the other is charged, you will never have an issue. Both the charger and USB connector as built well and have a light built in to tell you when it's charging or done. Note: It takes 8 hours the first charge and 2 hours every time after that (owner's manual instructions).

    Overall: (5/5) - I would highly recommend this starter kit to anyone thinking trying an E-Cig! Tons of flavors to choose from, fast shipping (2 business days for me on standard USPS mail) and a quality product that is reasonably priced. My wife and I were so happy that we picked up another kit. Started off with each of us using 1 battery to see if this was a good choice for us and were sold within a few days.


  158. G6 starter kit review by Anita

    Love it! After much research I decided on the Halo brand starter kit and have been totally impressed with everything about it. Thank you for such a great product!

  159. G6 is the best review by cheryl

    I love the G6 with the mini tanks and Halo juice is so good. Will be getting the Triton very soon. Thank you Halo.

  160. Great Products review by Jason

    This is my 2nd ecig...the first was a cheaper one that used carts that pulled off the atomizer...and this one is way better than the first.

  161. Great Kit! review by Patrick

    I have been considering getting an e-cig for years, so after looking around, I decided to go with Halo. I must say that I'm extremely pleased with this kit. The battery life is far beyond what I expected. With light use every day, one charge lasts me about a week. I've bought a few disposable e-cigs in the past, and they can't compare to the amount of vapor the G6 produces. The case is also a nice bonus. I just throw it in my messenger bag and take it all with me. I've already recommended this kit to a few friends showing interest in vaping. The G6 has well exceeded my expectations.

  162. Great starter kit! review by Deterleigh

    Great quality and love the deep purple color... I started with Blu brand and Halo is so far above them, not even in the same league. Great starter kit for those new to vaping.

  163. Blown away review by mark

    Just received my G6 today. I am very very satisfied with my purchase. From the first drag I knew I made the right choice. The product is top quality construction. The flavors are awesome so far. I had tried out BLU on a whim after seeing a few commercials, and let me tell you, there is no comparison to the G6. The BLU is just a toy. In my opinion, The G6 is even better than the real thing in many ways. Cost of use is a no brainer. This product is 100% American made, and I feel really good about that. If you are looking for the satisfaction of the real thing, without all the other stuff that goes with it..... Buy any Halo product, You will be blown away.

  164. Not your average e-cig review by Bill SWMO

    Tried a few ecigs back when they first came out.... no thanks.... recently tried a friends BLU... better than others I had tried but, no thanks.... decided to give the G6 with mini tanks a try.... sold. Easy to use and the variety of e liquids out there is astounding. Much better flavor from a tank compared to a carto. Giving this one to my wife and ordering a Triton kit for myself.

  165. Wonderful review by Thomas

    I bought a G6 kit for my wife and she just loves the G6. She is using 6mg, but may drop that to 0 after a period. I bought a G6 and use the 0mg juice. I love it, calms my nerves, but with no guilt. We have not had one problem with anything we have purchased from Halo. Everything is shipped on time and works right out of the box without issues. The web site is easy to use and the products are all of high quality. I can't think of anything that Halo could do better, maybe offer a 2 mg juice, but that would be about it.

  166. My first experience with Halo! review by Matthew

    Very nice Kit. I didn’t think it was going to work that well but I was pleasantly surprised!
    Batteries are nice and small but they hold their charge for a long time!
    Love the deep red color, looks great! Works great! Very happy!

  167. Awesome review by Jeff

    Having owned Blu and V2 prior to buying the G6 starter kit, I have a reasonable gauge reviewing this product.

    I really liked the PCC that came with the Blu kit as its easy access (cigarette pack like) flip top lid, slots for two batteries one with a cartomizer attached and another charging slot you don't need to screw a battery into and plenty of slots for spare cartomizers. Their Magnificent Menthol flavor is quite tasty although lacking much of a menthol kick. That is where the benefits of Blu ends. The well designed but poorly built PCC stopped taking a charge or even serving as a pass through charger before I could finish the first pack of cartomizers. The batteries last less than half of the G6 and will cause the cartomizer to burn your lips if taking too long of a drag. The vapor quantity and flavor quickly fades on the cartomizers with nearly no throat hit from the get go and they have limited flavors with no refillable cartomizers. Blu prefilled cartomizers cost more than G6 and last shorter.

    The battery performance of the V2 is comparable with the G6, but the fine details Halo adds like the soft touch finish, realistic fading LED, and recessed manual battery button gives it more of a premium look and feel. The menthol cartomizers from V2 may offer a decent menthol feel with powerful throat hit, but have a strong chemical taste and quickly looses it's menthol effect. Seeing all the V2 adds plastered throughout e cig review sites and the mediocre quality of their cartomizers at best, makes you wonder the kick backs these sites receive from V2's marketing department to always ranking them as the best.

    G6 offers cartomizers that truly do provide a nice warmer vape with good vapor output. The duration these cartomizers keep their flavor seems like an eternity compared to others.

    I purchased one G6 manual and one G6 auto battery. The manual does provide more vapor as you can prime it to have vape ready before puffing in. The auto still works great and is handy to have during times your busy and needing to vape hands free. I actually prefer the auto when using a clearomizers, it hits too hard with the manual battery. Overall, the G6 is a wonderful product that exceeds the competition in every way while costing less and unlike their counterparts being made in the USA.

  168. awesome!!! review by crystal

    Great battery life, easy to carry I take it every where, feels like a real cig when holding it. Best starter kit I have ever bought and for a great price!!!

  169. Greatest way to start Vaping EVER!!! review by Eduardo

    After much research I am happy I went to this system. The battery is superbly well done, the cartomizers vape real smooth and tasty. If you never vaped and are wondering with what system to start with, trust me this is the one you want.

  170. Everything I needed! review by Jacob

    The reason I went with Halo is that they offer high quality liquid and low-cost starter kits. The bottom line is, they beat pricing on several worthy competitors. With my kit, I got everything I needed for at least a week of almost nonstop vaping. After ordering a third battery on the side, my fiance and I split everything and have already noticed how much money we're starting to save. We now have one battery to share in our apartment and an individual one so we can each smoke on the go! I would definitely recommend this starter kit.

  171. Great Value and Experience review by Nick

    I purchased the black G6 starter kit and have found it to be an exceptional value and a rewarding experience. I have purchased e-ciggarette's from other suppliers in the past and have never been satisfied with the experience and taste they provided. Halo has made me a believer in their products. The start up cost was a fraction of the cost compared to others and offered a more richer and tastier experience compared to others. Thank you so much Halo!!!

  172. perfect review by motoguy

    The g6 is compact but amazing. Small one battery lasts bout half a day. Would recommend the mini tanks for the best flavor.

  173. Jet Black G6 Starter Kit review by Kevin

    A relative was in town, and I saw him Vaping on a Halo G6.. Of course I asked him his opinion, and he had nothing but praise for it.. He pulled out a fresh battery and screwed on a Tribeca cart and handed it to me.. OMG,.. I was instantly blown away! He let me use over the weekend before he left, and the hit just as good as the first day I used it... So, yes that is why I'm here.. I love my starter kit! Nice case, a spot for your wall, usb, carto's and batteries.

  174. Best Starter Kit value on the market! review by Daniel

    I got my Halo starter kit 3 days ago and have been having some relaxing nights ever since! The price for what you are getting is well worth it. Plus, the accessories offered are all a great value and very high quality. So far, I have tried only the Tribeca and the throat hit is great. Feels just like the real thing! Battery life seems great--been using mine for 3 days with no dead battery yet. The product comes in a quality case and everything feels top notch. Thank you Halo! If you are on the fence with e-cigs, you won't be disappointed with this product. The website is great and easy to order. Shipping is reasonable too which is hard to find these days. Great stuff!

  175. G6 Starter Kit review by KD

    I did a ton of research and finally decided after reading and watching tons of reviews that I wanted to give the Halo G6 a try. I ordered the black starter kit with one manual and one auto battery and I opted for the blank cartos (which now I wish I had just gotten the prefilled tribecca 'cause I love it so much) also got a sample bottle of Tribeca liquid and a purple mini tank to go with the G6.

    I use them heavily and I get about 2.5 to 3 hours use out of each battery which is good I think for this size battery. And not a problem at all since you get two batteries in the starter kit. I have found that I like to use the mini tank much more than the cartos, just personal preference I think. I like to be able to see how much liquid I have remaining and the mini tank allows that, I also like the mouth piece on the tank better. I also prefer the manual battery over the auto, again just personal preference as they both work perfectly.

    The price is outstanding and the shipping is super fast. Mine shipped out and I had it 2 days later! I just have nothing bad to say about this product or company at all. I have already placed a second order that should arrive tomorrow. So excited!! I got a pink battery another tank and some other exciting stuff :)

    I can't believe how easy this was for me, nothing I tried in the past ever worked or was so simple. Thank you Halo!

  176. A perfect introduction review by skaughtz

    I am new to electronic cigarettes. As such I did a great deal of research and finally settled on this Halo G6 starter kit.

    If you are looking for an electronic cigarette starter kit, you might as well end your search here. At least through my research, I do not believe you are going to find a better product in this price range. Everything in this kit seems to be well thought out and the product itself is superb. Here are some key features about the G6 e-cig:

    Feel - The battery is coated in what feels like some kind of rubber material. Most e-cig batteries are a smooth, slick metal, which to me feels too artificial. The G6 battery is smooth, soft, and provides a better grip.

    Weight - The battery and cartomizer together are very light. It does not feel as though you are holding a hunk of metal. I can easily twirl the G6 around in my fingers as though it were a regular tobacco cigarette.

    Performance - The automatic battery is very easy to draw from. This has always been one of my biggest concerns about electronic cigarettes, but Halo got it right. Additionally, the vapor produced by the G6 is extremely satisfying. I spent the first ten minutes ever using the G6 blowing "smoke" rings. I would have never believed that electronic cigarettes were capable of such great replication of smoking a tobacco cigarette, but I would have been wrong.

    Additional touches - There is a rubber tip on the end of the cartomizer of the G6 e-cig (the part that you draw from). I can not express how great a decision Halo made when they added this. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I HATE the feel of metal touching my teeth, and when you are repeatedly bringing an electronic cigarette up to your mouth, that is bound to happen. With this one little addition, the G6 bumps harmlessly and comfortably off of your teeth. (Halo, if you are reading this review, never, EVER change this feature.)

    If you are looking for an introduction to electronic cigarettes, buy this product. It is extremely unlikely that you are going to be disappointed.

  177. Great kit review by chad

    Feels great to the touch, great mouth piece feel, vapes great.

  178. Great ecigs review by Clark

    I wish I did my research before picking up Blu, Iv'e heard a lot of positive reviews over this product, now that Iv'e tried it, wow, just wow, they are truly amazing, great flavor and vapor production, and great customer service, and I like the Halo reward point system, very cool.

  179. Thank YOU review by Tonya

    New to vaping and after HOURS of research got the G6 Starter Kit in Midnight Blue. I am beyond pleased. Thanks to the ease of use and quality construction I am pleased to say I have kicked analogs for GOOD after 30 years! I have since ordered two mini tanks, a portable charging case and an extra battery. The juices I have tried in the Menthol Sampler Kit I enjoyed as well. Thinking of ordering more mini tanks now as I really prefer them to the cartos. The vapor and throat hit is exceptional with these. You have another loyal continuing customer Halo! As a side note, my order arrived very promptly as well.

  180. Don't wait try it now review by Mike

    I tried a blu disposable and to be perfectly honest I found the flavor to be rather awful. With encouragement from my son I watched a video on YouTube and was impressed. I placed my order on Friday and it arrived on Monday. Being a heavy vaper my only regret was not getting the low resistance cartridges. I solved that with another order Monday evening. This is my new vaping method and I could not be happier. Thank you Halo for great service and a wonderful product. I would recommend a starter kit for home, work and the car.

  181. Gorgeous Color and works wonderfully! review by Amy

    I have tried a couple of other ecigs, but with pre-flavored cartos, they just tasted awful. Then I ordered this kit! First of all, purple is my favorite color, and this does not disappoint. The color is beautiful and kind of shimmery! Secondly, to get 2 batteries and have my choice of length and style, that was just awesome! I ordered a 78mm manual and automatic. The case it comes in is so sleek and refined. I am constantly answering questions about what it is and where to find one! You cannot go wrong with this kit, especially if you are new to vaping. I still want the look and feel of an analog, and that is what this provides. The price is super low and the quality is superb! The mini tanks are wonderful, as well! Thanks, Halo, you have a customer for life

  182. The Perfect Start review by MOCO

    First of all, thank you to Halo and thank you to the customer reviews. It took dedicated customers writing positive reviews about great products and a dedicated company to care enough about what the consumer wants to deliver it all in 1 great starter kit.
    My first impression of the Halo G6 Starter Kit was everything I had hoped it would be. To start it off the carrying case is very well made. The dimensions are L: 6 ½ x W: 3 ¼ and H: 1 ½. I suppose it’s best described as a velvet covered hard case with soft foam inside. Everything inside fits just right. The instructions are included, but they just sit inside with really no proper storage area (that’s ok). It could have been designed a little different so that a complete e cig (or 2) could be stored inside. This was not a deal breaker for me at all. The USB adapter, mini wall charger and the battery all have the Halo name on it which is important for obvious reasons. Even the prefilled cartomizers come in a clear plastic case which keeps them protected.
    Let’s talk about that wonderful e liquid that is made by Halo. I started it all off with the Tribeca 18mg/ml in my starter kit and form the first hit I was loving it. I would say it is somewhat stronger than a light cigarette, which is what I was hoping for. This Tribeca does have that slight hint of vanilla to it. I ordered a 30ml bottle of this today, if that tells you anything.
    You won’t be disappointed with this product. Prior to using my new e cig, I did give the full 8 hour charge, followed by 20 minutes of use then another hour charge as directed. 1 cartomizer lasted me 2 full days, but every smoker is different.

  183. Great product and easy to use. review by Jonah

    Before buying this I looked into the Halo brand and another very popuar brand. I'm glad I decided on Halo. I bought the automatic batteries and am happy with them they have a very smooth draw when I take a drag and the end lights up blue which is kinda cool. The weight of these units are nice and not too heavy. I got the standard length which is probably the size of an actual 100 cigarette. I smoke kings but find the length on these nice and fit in my hand perfectly. The batteries seem to have a soft rubber or plastic coat which is nice to the touch. Easy to charge and easy to put together. The only complaint I have is that the case was bigger than i thought. I thought it would be more pocket size.

  184. Great review by J9495

    Love this starter set. For a new user this was perfect! I took my time deciding what company to buy from and Halo was my choice because I liked the reviews and the price was right. I've had the set for a little over a month and I love it. The set is packaged so nicely and looks great. Very happy with my choice.

  185. great starter kit review by Diandra

    I love this kit, I did a lot of shopping around for ecigs before I bought this Halo G6 kit in purple. First off you can't beat the price, the color choices are great, and I really love the case it comes with. I used it to carry my ecigs around. So worth the buy and their prices on juices are the best around. A win win :)

  186. Extremely Impressed review by Allan

    Got my Starter Kit quickly delivered. I expected a high quality product inside the case and that's exactly what I got. Have been using it often since I did the first battery charge, haven't smoked a cigarette since, and I don't intend to do so again. Count me among those who will be a long time client.

  187. Love it!! review by tseelee

    I am an ex blucig customer and used it for the last 7 months. I had a problem with an order from them and decided to try Halo. I needed a new set anyway. I love Halo!! This makes the blu seem generic. The ejuice is the best!! The long battery last me all day. The shorter one does have to be charged often. The taste & vape is awesome!! So happy for the change!! Thank you Halo!!

  188. Far above the rest review by Walker

    I've been vaping with my G6 starter kit for the last couple of weeks, and I can honestly say this is what vaping should be. I picked up a few mini-tanks with my order, and the vapor production is amazing, the taste is clean, and it really is just far and above any of the other brands I've tried, including Blu, V2, and GreenSmoke. I just ordered a Triton tank system, and I'm eager to experience the same great results all day long with the same ease. The mini-tanks are easy to refill, they don't leak in my pocket, and it's great being able to tell when it's time to refill them. Great job, Halo...I have found my brand!

  189. Great product!! review by [email protected]

    First ecig that I tried was 'Blu' from 7-eleven and then 'Njoy' also from 7-eleven. I cannot say that Halo is the best product after trying just a few ecigs, but I can tell that this product worked great for me!

    I bought this G6 starter kit and was a little bit disappointed with the strength of vapor ( I know, because I bought the 6mg nicotine one.) However, I found out the solution that if I block the holes, between the cartomizers and battery, I could get stronger vapor. With this trick, I'm now perfectly satisfied.

    To talk about eliquid and battery, so far so good. I read a lot of good reviews of Halo's eliquid from other web pages, and the taste is really good and battery life is good enough to use.

  190. Great product! review by Jenn

    The starter kit was a great way for me to try out e-cigarettes at a reasonable price. I am new to vaping and after reading many online reviews I decided to give Halo a try. They were reasonably priced, and seem to have a lot of happy customers out there. I was pleased with the quality of the kit, and have been having fun trying out different flavors of e liquids. My only dislike is the pre-filled cartomizers. They worked well, but they seem to have a black sticker wrapped around them that goes slightly past the end of the plastic, which I found a little annoying. They also seeped a small amount of liquid onto the battery when connected, which in reading the directions for use seems like something you don't want happening. This may be due to user error, but I have switched to using the mini tanks which don't seem to give me the same problem. Overall I am really pleased with my purchase, and would recommend this to anyone looking to try e-cigarettes.

  191. Sleek Looking! review by Katy

    I bought this a few weeks ago since I've always wanted to try an e-cig and it was one of the highest rated over the websites I'd researched on. Extremely easy to use for a first-timer and the cartridges make it really easy. The initial hits of vapor on it are a bit strange, but that is simply due to vapor being different than smoke.

    The only down-side on these is the charge time required when they are first received. After the first 10 hours though (8 hour initial charge, followed by a usage period and another charge) it has been a good buy.

  192. Great Place To Start review by GreenFrog

    I'm OVERLY impressed with the quality of this product. I like the recessed button on the manual battery, the quality of the cartomizers which can be refilled, the non-slip texture of the battery, and even the case is well made. Being the in IT field, Halo reminds me of Apple computers. They just have a flair for those little details (I also own a Triton).

    Be sure to pick up a few mini-tanks and an e-liquid sample pack.

  193. High Quality. Grade A Halo. review by Jeff

    This starter kit was everything I needed to start vaping. Love the feel of the battery. Has a nice rubberized feel. I went with one auto and one manual because I wasn't sure what I preferred. I like the automatic because I don't have to find the button when I want to take a drag. But you might like the manual because of the control you have over your drag. Everything is made of high quality materials...from the batteries, to the cartomizers, all the way down the box it comes in. I truly recommend this starter kit to anybody new to the game. You will not be disappointed and you can't beat the price! Well done Halo!!

  194. The "holy grail" of e cigarettes! review by Philip

    I ordered the G6 starter kit. As soon as it arrived I tried it. Great flavor, throat hit and lots of vapor. I have tried others but Halo is definitely the winner. Thank you Halo! I bought the G6 starter kit and I recommend the Tribeca flavor. Just incredible. Try it and you'll never go back.

  195. Unbelievable! review by Ben

    This is my first e-cig ever, and Halo hasn't given me a chance to feel I made the wrong choice. Great customer service, great return policy, the quality on it is incredible, there is nothing more to ask for from a company.

    Had this (classic white with the classic blanks) for almost exactly a month now. It's nice just taking this thing out anywhere and taking a few puffs then just keep moving with life. I could just keep going on..I would buy this 5x over again, it's so worth it!

  196. Immediately Impressed! review by Amanda

    I just received my G6 in Midnight Blue starter kit. And Wow. Straight out of the box I was impressed. I couldn't wait to try it out. After letting it charge initially I dove into the flavors to try. This battery is the size of a cigarette, which is exactly what i was looking for. Very compact and fits in the side pocket of my purse. The color is gorgeous and I cannot wait to get more colors. Nice vapor production. The case is great so I dont lose any pieces either. Definitely would recommend this to someone who is looking for a simple way to try vapor!

  197. Love my kit review by Emily

    Bought this kit after I tried a traditional tank model from Evod. I love it, it's all I use. I find I like the manual battery more than the automatic since it gives me a better vape. I also just purchased one for a friends birthday.

  198. Best e-cig I have tried review by 424life

    I have tried every e-cig I found in convenience stores. The G6 blows them all away!!! Blu was pretty good but the cartridges get weak after 15-20 puffs. With the G6 every puff is like the first one. My only complaint would be that they need more flavors of e-juice. If you are debating buying one of these do not wait just order it you will be happy. Thank you soooo much Halo, you may have saved my life.

  199. G6 STARTER KIT!!! review by chip

    Bought this kit a few weeks ago. WOW! This was my first e cig purchase after a lot of research. I made the right choice. I just placed my third order with Halo today. They have so many extra items to try out. My favorite thing is that they are honest with their shipping charges. Most places try to gouge you on them but Halo charges actual fees or maybe even a little cheaper. THANKS HALO!!

  200. Great Product review by E.E.

    I was growing tired of changing/charging the batteries up to 8x's a day on my old e-cig as well as the burnt taste from the cartomizers. I wanted something better but didn't want to look like I was vaping the end of Darth Vader's lightsabre. Halo's G6 65 mm auto with a cartomizer is about the size of a traditional "100" cigarette. Perfect! The 65mm battery last me about a half a day with moderate to heavy vaping. With the G6 cartomizer, NO more burnt taste. This kit has everything you need to get started. Great products, great support, and speedy service. If you are wanting to step up your current inferior e-cig, this is it. Halo's mini tanks and juice are great as well. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Halo, customer for life.

  201. Perfect for Getting Started! review by Dustin

    Ordered the Jet Black G6 Starter Kit as my first purchase from Halo, and I'm extremely impressed! The craftsmanship is excellent and they batteries and cartomizers are very sharp looking. The rubber tip on the cartomizer is very comfortable and draws well. I chose the Torque 56 as the pre-filled e-liquid and it's absolutely delicious! Very happy with my choice in the starter kit!

  202. Best of the best review by Dariusz

    After reviewing many sites, many opinions and so many choices, I placed my order for the G6 Starter Kit. As expected arrived very quickly, packaging and quality excellent. It's my first vapping product, but I'm so glad that one weeks ago I placed my order for a Triton, which I hope is at least as good as the G6.

  203. Could not be happier. review by Mike

    There seems to be a lot of distaste in the vaping community for any system that is cigarette shaped. I think using the G6 might just change their minds. The starter kit I ordered was the perfect way to get a feel for what the G6 could deliver. Having two batteries means that I can continuously vape, swapping batteries when one needs a charge. I got both the automatic and manual battery, and I have to say I prefer the automatic. The cartomizers are super simple to refill, though I'm ordering a tank for the G6 next. Only one of my 10 cartomizers ended up frayed and in a state that I wouldn't continue to refill. If you are diligent about refilling the cartomizers often they seem very easy to reuse more times than I would have imagined. The finish on the battery is amazing--slightly rubberized and easy to hold. The case is the perfect thing to keep all of my accessories (and a 5 pack of cartomizers) in when I'm not using them; the case itself is very high quality. I'll be buying another automatic battery as soon as I can afford to. I'd recommend this to anyone.

  204. EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!! review by Gail

    I can't say enough good things about this starter kit! First off...IT IS GORGEOUS!!! I'm a "purple person" and this purple is a deep rich color. The feel of the battery is almost silk-like. I'm new at this vaping thing, and compared to the little cheapo kit a bought at the gas station, the HALO G6 starter kit is definitely the "Cadillac" of ecigs! Please, if you're thinking about buying a starter kit, look no further...HALO is the way to go. You have a customer for life HALO!

  205. Great Quality Product review by Greg

    All of the items had shipped as described. I can honestly say I was slightly suprised by how awesome the quality of these are compared to some of the competitior's products. I highly recommend the mini tanks too!

  206. Great Product! review by Charlie

    I originally heard of these from review sites on the internet. After much review, I went ahead and purchased this starter pack. I was not let down! If you are on the fence on trying vaping, the Halo G6 is a great start!

  207. Had to buy a 2nd for my wife review by MIKE

    The G6 has worked perfect for me. My wife saw how easy it was for me and now we are sharing the starter kit. Not an easy arrangement so today I ordered her the emerald green kit to go with her eyes. Can't say enough about this kit. This is definitely the way to go.

  208. Thank you Halo! review by Tonya

    The kit is packaged very well, easy to use and nice looking. I see that lots of people are upgrading but I am so happy with my kit in Midnight Blue I'm sticking with it. I really enjoy vaping, and the quality of this product. What are you waiting for, buy this NOW!

  209. So much has changed since I last vaped review by Keith

    I've just gotten back into vaping and decided to go with Halo's G6. I've tried Blu and Prosmoke and I feel that Halo has corrected the problems that drove me away from those brands.

    For Blu the batteries lasted about 30 minutes, the atomizers were separate and of wildly varying quality, the customer service was great, and so were the flavors, but they were inconsistent and faulty.

    So far Halo has shown (after the slightly annoying pre-charge for 8 hours) that its batteries last for about 3 hours of vaping. The cartomizers are a great ******* idea. I don't have to screw in an atomizer to the battery and cram a cartridge on top of that? Amazing.

    Prosmoke had good battery life but overheated quickly and had a long trickle down time, when it gets less and less satisfying as the battery loses charge. Halo hasn't overheated yet, no burnt taste until the cartomizer is finished and needs refilling. The dropoff in vapor production when the battery is dead is immediate, so when the flavor goes away, 3 vapes later the battery light blinks. This is huge in my opinion.

    Also I'm used to the cotton ball material in cartridges, the foam in Halo's seems to be a lot more reusable and resilient. Overall there are a lot, a LOT of options out there, and I shopped around for about 3 hours before settling on Halo, and I feel like I made a great choice.

  210. Enjoying a new experience review by Scott

    I had purchased a disposable e-cig and enjoyed the experience of vaping. This gave me a chance to try something similar, and, though I've only had the kit for a day, everything seems to be of good quality.

    I chose manual batteries, mainly because I'd heard that automatics can get activated by accident. Thus, I hold the product by the battery portion, and it's quite comfortable. It kind of feels like some of the pens I've used. Instead of slick metal or plastic, it has some grip to it. I was also somewhat concerned about the weight, since it is a battery after all, but it's not at all awkward. Mine are the 65mm batteries.

    The flavor I chose was, Tribeca, is very nice. It's sweet, but not so much that it overpowers you. I also notice that I'm getting a lot more vapor out of this than the disposable I was using. While I am not sure I can name the brand here, I'll say it was a big one. This is also much more flavorful, but that could be the flavor I chose. I will be sampling others.

    My only complaint is the size of the case. I expected something a bit smaller so I could use it to carry my cig and maybe a spare battery or cartomizer, but it doesn't detract from the overall value.

    The charger is very compact, not getting in the way of another outlet or sticking out too far from the wall. All in all, I am satisfied with my purchase and will be recommending this brand to others who are already using other brands.

  211. Simply Brialliant review by Adam

    Ordered G6 Starter Kit with Menthol Ice Carts. The 78mm battery lasted me 1 full day with moderate usage. This is excellent. Product is great quality and shipping was prompt. Overall, I am very pleased.

  212. First Time Trying eCigs review by Steve

    I finally decided to give eCigs a try and my first eCig was this starter kit. So far I've been using it for about a week and I'm really enjoying it. I didn't think I would like it after hearing from my friends how the other eCigs they've tried didn't work for them. After doing a lot of researching, I went with Halo and I love it.

  213. Great for starting out review by Jam

    I'm just starting out in e-cigs and I settled on the G6 after many days of research.

    I'm so happy I decided on the G6 for 2 reasons:
    1. Looks very cool.
    2. Performs very well: great vapor production, great battery life, tastes fantastic!

    I'm already thinking about moving up to the Triton!

  214. All you need! review by Jose

    In this starter kit I found everything to get started. Very great product!

  215. Very Impressed review by J

    Service was great from the company any questions I had about their e-cigs and juice were replied to quickly and professionally, I live in Canada and shipping only took 4 business days, amazing.
    This is my second day using the G6 and I've got to say I'm very impressed with everything. There's noting bad I can say about Halo great service great company.
    The G6 is perfect for a new vapers, and definitely will be buying from Halo in the future.

  216. Loving the G6 review by Marc

    I am new to the e cig experience, received my G6 2 weeks ago, I am impressed how my cravings have been satisfied by the g6. Have tried other e cigs the G6 is definitely a lot better. Wish I had order the sampler and mini tank definitely would be a better experience.

  217. Amazing review by Anthony

    I started vaping with products from 7-11 and shortly after started looking for a really good e-cig. While they weren't bad, they also left me wanting more very often.

    Based on a huge number of reviews I read, I decided to make the step and purchase the G6.
    It's been just over one week and I could not be happier. The flavors are amazing. I particularly fond of Midnight Apple, which surprised me as I expected to want more of a natural cigarette flavor.
    Originally I though the Triton system might be too big, but after using the one mini tanks I bought and seeing the difference I'm now buying more mini tanks for my G6 to use when I'm outside of the house and a Triton tank system for when I'm home.
    Something tells me I might end up taking my Triton with me everywhere from what I've been reading.
    My only regret is there are no stores around that carry Halo e-liquid. I'm almost out of the 7ml Apple and now I have to wait a for the delivery. Guess I'm going to have to plan out when I buy more!

  218. goof proof review by Mamazon

    These e-cigs are tough! I wouldn't suggest leaving one by a pool and forgetting to nag it up before it rains. I used the extra batt that came in the kit, but after 2 days tried the neglected, now dry batt. 3 months later, it still works. Love the manual batt, don't have to pull on it as much. Awesome vapor production, too.

  219. Unbelievable review by John

    This is my 1st time with an e-cig so I did tons of research before buying the Halo. EVERY draw is great. I already have 3 friends that want to order based on my recommendation.

    The product is just as they describe. The service was fast and I couldn't be more pleased. My girlfriend also got the starter kit and loves it. This 44.99 price is unreal for what you get. Very rarely do I take the time to rate products I buy.

    I would recommend this to everybody I come in contact with. I wish I could sell them.


  220. Great!! review by Zach

    Just got this as a step up from NJOY and I can already see, taste and feel the difference.

  221. Wonderfully satisfying review by Kristi

    I have to admit I was nervous about ordering ANOTHER e-cig. My past experiences have been terrible with the other brands. With that said, I will NEVER order anything besides my G6. I ordered the 65mm and the 78mm, both manual. It was love at first Vape. The kit has everything you need to get started, and more. It comes with a nifty case so everything can be kept nice and neat. The instructions were clear and understandable. The experience has been wonderfully satisfying.

  222. Insanely good! review by Jim

    As an introduction into the world of e-cigs, you can't possibly do better than the G6 system. I prefer the "Demon Red" color with manual batteries, but that comes down to your personal preference. I've opted to go with Low Resistance Cartomizers and the "Freedom Juice" flavor as I've found the combination provides a very similar feel and taste to an actual cigarette. If you're a skeptic (and you can't possibly more skeptical about e-cigs than I was), give the G6 a chance. You will not be disappointed.

  223. Just got it! review by Kenneth A

    I just got the starter kit and I love it so much, Halo is #1 in my book the product is #1 and costumer service is outstanding. Halo will always be my go to no questions asked, I love it.

  224. New to Vaping? This is what you've been looking for! review by Devin

    Hands down this is the kit to go to for new comers to the e-cig world. This kit provides you were the essentials without complicating things. The size of the G6 is perfect for someone looking for the cigarette size feel. After you get used to this I would recommend getting a G6 mini tank and a E-Liquid sample pack and testing out some of the other juices. The mini tank is the perfect next step in your way to growing your E-Cig tool box!

  225. Everything needed is here to start vaping review by Doug

    Excellent prompt delivery from Halo and all essentials to get started vaping. Quality wall and USB charger. The look and feel of the two supplied batts and cartomizers are like real analogs. Great Kit.

  226. You can't go wrong with Halo review by Rudy

    I looked around A LOT!!!! I finally found Halo G6 and decided to order the product. From the case, to customer service, to the vape, it is just absolutely phenomenal. Everything about this product really works. Halo really does know what they're doing. The design and quality is great. The G6 vapes great!!! It has a sleek, elegant look, which people constantly complement on. The vapor output really is great. I don't usually review products, but I can genuinely say that the G6 deserves high praise. It might be intimidating at first (when looking into e-cigs), but I assure you, Halo is the way to go. Hope this review helps you.

  227. Money Well Spent review by Jimmy

    I recently purchased my very own G6 Starter Kit, and could not be happier. It was obvious to me as soon as I opened the shipping box that this was a quality, attractive looking product. From the case to the G6 itself, you can tell from the look and feel that a lot of time and effort went into the design, but it still very easy and enjoyable to use. I cannot wait until my new flavors come in (I tried and was very pleased with the menthol). I constantly show the G6 off, and will certainly be buying more from Halo Cigs in the (near) future.

  228. Great Value review by Aaron

    I got this not knowing what I was getting into. I love it tho. I would recommend the manual battery as they seem to hold charge a lot longer. I would also recommend not getting prefilled cartos and buying a sample pack to find one you like. Also, I would definitely recommend a few tanks to go with it, they deliver the best taste and best punch.

  229. best e cig by far review by Simon

    When I first received this kit I was surprised by the quality of the packaging and was completely blown away by what was inside the vapor was by far the best of any e cig I have tried before not to thick but not to thin truly a great product. I will definitely be ordering from Halo again.

  230. Stylish design and high quality review by Matthew

    I love my new G6 Starter kit. I have been tobacco free since the kit came in the mail. I have already shared my excitement with this product with my co-worker and she bought a Triton starter kit. I am now an affiliate a halo convert. The battery when fully charged lasted me from 8:00AM to about 5:00pm with casual puffing. The cartomizers last me about one day. I would recommend adding the mini tanks and a variety pack to your start up kit. I am going through the cartomizers quickly. I got the HX3 flavor. It tastes good, but I swear it tastes like grape, peanut butter and spices. I know it sounds strange, but that's what I taste. Overall a great start kit. I already want to upgrade to Triton!

  231. Good review by Milche

    Just got the Halo G6 starter kit over the weekend. Not bad at all... First, I was pleased by how fast it got here. Second, it came in a nice black case with sleek blue cig parts came booklet & charger. It was very easy to use, self explanatory and best part not bulky looking. A few minutes later I was having a blast with it enjoying each puff with the assortment of flavors.
    The only part i wasn't fond of was the refilling it. After pulling the rubber off to refill I noticed the end part will leave a crease and it's sort of an eye sore because of the little crease, but good thing we can buy more blank cartomizers for a fresher look.

    OVER ALL I'm very happy and satisfied, in fact I'm going to order a G6 mini tank and try other flavors.

  232. Completely satisfied with this purchase. review by Sun E

    This is my first E-Cig and I am extremely happy with the purchase. Hits really well and feels great. People complain that Halo Ecigs only have a duration of 4~6 seconds until it cuts you off. But to solve the problem just double tap your inhales mid-way of your hit and u can get a larger dose!
    Best purchase I made this year :)

  233. Great starter pack - everything that you need and at a lower price! review by Shannon

    I plan to order more! The new case is just perfect for travel and protects your gear! Has everything you need to get started! I'd also recommend getting one of the necklace holders as well - I wear mine everyday and it protects my e-cig and keeps it readily available and in pristine condition! (also never worry about leaks!)

  234. Just started review by Gary

    This simple easy to use kit will have you up and running in no time. If you are a menthol smoker may I recommend the Menthol ICE or HX3 series flavors.


  235. Great! review by John

    I just received the kit in the mail today.
    Initial observations - The build quality and the fit & finish are very good. The box the kit comes in is well made also, and the fact that it looks cool doesn't hurt.
    Initial performance - The G6 unit basically looks like the disposable "gas station" e-cigs, but that is where it stops. The G6 performs WAY better than expected.
    I'm not sure of the differences in their cartomizers, but they definitely have something different about them. They perform better than any cart I have ever used. I'm interested in how many refills they will take before breaking down!
    Of course, I can't really say much about the vapor production and the throat hit, as that varies with the liquid chosen. And let's face it, you're only gonna get so much visible vapor with the power of the smaller G6 batteries. The "Torque 56" carts I chose with the initial kit (24mg) produce much more vapor than I expected, with a very pleasing (strong but not harsh) throat hit.
    Conclusion - I am VERY impressed with everything ordered, On a side note, I will say ANY company in the world can learn a thing to two about customer service from you guys, you guys are great.

  236. Awesome kit really good quality! review by LovinHalo

    Just got my kit yesterday in the mail and I am absolutely loving this G6! Buy this kit! Don't waste your time and money with others like I did, I've tried others like Blu (which completely sucks and is a waste of money) and a few others that I bought at my local shop and NONE of them even come close to the Halo G6. I got the 65mm automatic for both batteries and vaping Tribeca and I am hooked! A lot of people say the manual batteries are better but I disagree, the manual has a 5 second cut off and the automatic does not. I get a perfect throat hit and perfect vapor production every time. It's so effortless too, with the other companies I've tried you have to suck so hard to get half way decent vapor but with the G6 that's not the case, perfect effortless drags every time with excellent vapor production. Halo really made a quality product here, two thumbs way up, highly recommended!!!

  237. Best E Cig out there review by Carrie

    For the past few years, I have been an occasional e cig user, using another nationally known brand, but I was always disappointed with the flavor and throat hit, honestly their carts taste terrible and were like inhaling nothing. So I have had a love/hate relationship with this concept, until I found the G6. Wow! What an amazing difference!! I love the fact that I can refill either cartomizers or the mini tank, I dont have to limit myself to what is offered in the prefilled selection. I do agree with many on here asking for a more slender streamlined carrying case, but since I lug a huge purse around, the size of the case the starter kit comes in is not a big deal. The batteries last long after their initial 8 hour charge, and the mini USB charger can be used anywhere there is a USB port, even a car charger. The carts fit well, are simple to refill, and are durable and light weight, making the whole set up a pleasure to use right from the start. I am vaping off my G6 as I type this, and I can't say enough about how much I love this kit!!! If you are looking for an e cig set up that is simple to use, incredibly attractive to look at-you will be turning heads when you pull this velvet red cig out trust me, and "smokes" like a burning cigarette, go for the G6 hands down.

  238. A Great Product review by Lori

    I researched for quite some time before I purchased the Halo G6 starter kit. I felt that I needed something that would have a similar feel to a traditional cigarette. This little G6 was perfect. I ordered the starter kit with prefilled cartomizers in Tribeca and have never looked back.

  239. Deep Purple G6 Starter Kit review by Lori

    This is a winner. I'm so happy that I started with this kit. Everything needed to start vaping is included in this kit : two batteries, a set of 5 cartomizers (order prefilled or remember to buy liquid), the USB charger, and the wall converter for the USB charger. Its the perfect set for the beginner - it's easy to use, fits neatly in the convenient box, keeps all of my tools together, travels easily and looks great. You wont be disappointed in this purchase - buy it!

  240. Great entry into the e cig world review by Jennifer

    After doing a fair amount of research I choose the G6 starter kit and I'm very pleased with my choice.

    A little background: I tried a co-workers store bought rechargeable and picked up a couple disposable blu. I did my research, choose Halo's G6 and anxiously awaited my package.

    I'm very happy with the size and portability of these and I'm confident these will remain my go to vapes for the car and when out and about. The G6's with the regular size battery and cartomizer is the same size as a blu disposable. I keep one of the little covers from the cartomizer to cover the end and can confidently throw it in my bag and go.

    Others have commented on the feel of the battery. I wouldn't have thought it was that different or big of a deal but they are right. It doesn't feel rubbery or attract lint but is softer and well, just feels nicer in the hand.

    I find the draw on my G6 smooth, warm and consistent. No more occasionally difficult draws with little vape one moment and the next satisfying. They are all satisfying. I selected automatic batteries and the draw is quick. There is less of a gap between drawing and getting vapor compared to the other two I tried.

    I also picked up a couple mini tanks and highly recommend those for home use. I think I'd be afraid of spillage when on the go. For me it feels the taste is cleaner, with a fuller and wetter vape that brings out flavors more. Love them!

    I've since purchased a Triton and LOVE that for home use which has led to more tank and liquid purchases. Eek! I see this going from a way to simply quit the smokes, which I have from my first day with my G6, to the pursuit for more fab flavors! I can confidently say I'm NOT looking for other ecig/battery/tank co's cause I feel my G6 and Triton covers my equipment needs perfectly.

  241. Perfect. Actually perfect. review by Cam

    I cannot say enough good things about Halo.

    - High quality EVERYTHING
    - Crazy quick shipping
    - Tasty eLiquid!

    The G6 specifically is wonderful. Bought the starter kit
    And have since dropped all other ecig companies.
    Battery life is excellent, with quick charge time.
    WONDERFUL case. Feels excellent, and all the pieces of the kit
    fit nice and snug.

    I have since ordered a few more things, make sure to grab
    yourself a few mini-tanks, they work perfectly w/ G6 batteries.

  242. The only way to go for E Cigs! review by Kenneth

    I started out using E Cigs from the big box stores, the "big names", but after just one day of using this G6 kit, I found out that I was not only wasting my time, but also my money!
    The biggest difference would be in the batteries. The G6 batteries are far superior to what the big box stores sell. The batteries in the Blu thing they sell don't last a third as long as the G6 batteries do. The cartomizers for the G6 also last longer, are 1/3rd the price and they have a better taste, plus you have multiple choices in flavors and strengths.
    I love the coating that comes on the G6, it feels like you have something real in your hand, not a piece of slick steel. It has a great grip to it and it looks so darned good.
    I just wish I'd spent a little more time checking E Cigs out before I went the route I did. If I'd started out with Halo, I would have saved quite a bit of money and I would have gotten more value for the money.
    Shipping times are fantastic and everything is packed very well. This is quality merchandise.

  243. Perfect entry to vaping review by Charles

    Before I bought the starter kit, I bought a disposable BluCig at a gas station just to try out vaping, and I wish I hadn't and just bought the starter kit straight away.

    It came in a timely manner in a very professional looking case. Everything was easy to start and worked without even a minor problem.

    You absolutely get what they show online, and works better than I expected. The pull is a little hard, and it takes a little getting used to if you've never vaped before, but it is most definitely the perfect starting point.

    The way I see it. If you don't like vaping after you've gone through the kit, then you've saved some money for the week. If you do, you have everything you need to continue on.

  244. Better than most review by Donald

    This starter kit is a good value compared to other lost cost starter kits. I just wished they included a clearomizer and a sample bottle of e-liquid, I was not prepared for how fast it ran out. Prefilled cartridges don't last long no matter who makes them. A sample bottle and a clearomizer would help you hang in while ordering more. The batteries are good quality, but I do not care for the charger. If you get the starter kit, be prepared to run out fast and have to order more prefilled, or for better economy some clearomizers and e-liquid bottles.

  245. Worth. review by Nick

    One battery last me a work day (outside, vaping a lot). They charge pretty quick, maybe 2 hours. Manual and Automatic are both good and you can get the same amount of vapor from each.

    I went with Turkish flavor which was ok, but Tribeca is probably the best to start with based on what others are saying. Right now I'm using the Gourmet Sample Pack; I switch between 5 of those flavors all day and love it. All of the flavors taste like the real thing, except Shamrock of course which is very chocolatey grew on me fast.

    I'm so happy I finally decided to try ecigs, and after reading reviews online, I made the right choice with Halo. The 5 cartomizers it comes with will last 5 days, so you may want to grab a Mini-Tank and some juice asap. The shipping seems to be flat-rate for me, so throwing it all on one order is the best way to go.

  246. New to E-Cigs; I made the right purchase! review by Tricia

    I had been researching and I was hesitant on ordering a product I couldn't actually see first hand. It took my research and even chatting with someone at "eccr" about the G6 before I finally gave in and ordered the G6. The G6 is perfect for my situation. I am a professional and don't want to pull out something bulky and have people "stare" at me. The G6 is the perfect size! Please don't quit making them Halo! They are my life saver!

  247. awesome review by Geoff

    This ecig is my first but it has a good battery that lasts a long time and charges fast. Got it a month ago and use it daily at work and at home.

  248. FanTASTIC product! review by Justin

    This kit is B-E-A utiful! The blue really helps it stand out and look, well, fancy compared to other brands which go with the standard white. I got the Tribeca with my order, and the carts are working amazingly as well. Everything arrived on time except the mail man, and it works just as I hoped.

  249. Amazing Quality, Unprecedented Taste review by Michael L

    So I have finally received my Halo G6 Kit (white) and from the moment I opened it, I could immediately feel its quality. The finish is semi-matte and feels soft to the touch. I could tell that it is of much higher quality compared to other brands. Perhaps a different KR808D-1? In any case, after assembling the cartomizer (menthol-ice), and taking my first puff (amazingly, no need for 'preliminary puffs' that comes with some automatic e-cigs), I was blown away by the taste and quality of this e-liquid. If you compare it to Chinese liquids such as Dekang, Halo's e-liquid is about five-times the quality. Superb!

  250. G6 starter kit review by matthew

    I got my kit months ago, I like to see how it works after a bit of time and I am happy to say that it is working great. I got mine with automatic batteries and they have been very reliable. For me a battery lasts for a day before recharging it. The case holds everything someone new would need, especially the USB charger.
    After using the standard carts I got the low resistance carts. Huge improvement. Then I started using the mini tanks and I have been using those since.
    This kit is simply the best and I would recommend it to anyone else who is thinking about buying this kit.

  251. Saves Money review by Robby

    Fast Delivery, Great Product. I got tired of spending $10 a day on disposables at the gas station. With this kit you spend less than a dollar a day. On top of that, you have multiple flavors to choose from and you never run out of battery life. Great buy!

  252. perfect starter kit review by Eric

    Great to start with. I use it for trying out new flavors so I don't have to fill up a full tank, and the mini tanks work great with the g6 batteries. I moved on to the Triton shortly after and it's even better. Overall a great starter kit though

  253. G6 GREAT review by Jared

    I have had this for 5 days now, and all I can say is wow. The first day it seemed really harsh, but I kept at it. Now I am 5 days in and I ordered the tribeca, with a Voodoo ejuice, and both taste great. I went and ordered another battery and 2 more things of juice to keep it up. The option to do the step down method will be great when the time comes.

  254. Awesome starter kit, especially for the price review by Jacob

    I purchased this starter kit, my first, by recommendation online and have been so happy with it since I received it. After doing some research, I decided to go with the G6 because of its competitive prices and great reviews. It really hasn't let me down and has made e-cig smoking more than enjoyable.

  255. Very Well Made....Newbie Certified! review by John

    My Titanium G6 Starter Kit just recently arrived and it was like Christmas for me! The kit was packaged well and everything arrived in great condition. The case which contains the batteries, cartomizers, and charging plugs was very nice and well thought out. Everything was very easy to figure out and instructions were clear and to the point. As a new user of electronic cigarettes, I appreciate this easy to use system and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into e-cigs.

  256. Great choice review by Ray

    I have been vaping for several months and have tried several different brands. Halo is my favorite so far. The look, the feel (love the rubberized finish!) & the battery life are second to none. Love the titanium color as it looks so cool with the black cartomizers as well as the mini-tanks. Battery life exceeds comparable brands by quite a bit. So stylish & functional. I've gotten used to disappointments with other brand names. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised with such an exceptional product. I highly recommend and can't wait to try more Halo products!.

  257. g6 starter kit review by goosecogniac

    This is the best kit out there on the market. I tried the blu electronic cigarette and I was disappointed. I tried the G6, and I've never looked back. This is an awesome product. I use the pre-filled cartos, and also the minitanks. Awesome!!!!!!!! I wish I could rate this 10 stars.

  258. great review by crystal

    I love the look and feel of the g6 and the case is awesome. I take mine w me every where I go!

  259. Look for that e-cig no longer, you have found it! review by Monte

    The Halo G6 was the first kit that I purchased that, after using it for a short time, I said "finally I don't have to keep shopping for something that just works". I was so pleased that here I am writing a review. This was the 4th kit that I bought looking for the experience, and I found it with all of the Halo products. In short, Halo just delivers quality products at a very reasonable price!

  260. A great place to start ...say goodbye to disposables. review by Geo

    This is a great kit to start out with. I enjoyed having the choice now of a new world of flavors from Halo. So many people get turned off of e cigs because they try a disposable and think that is it. You can build your own system that you want with this kit. Also it is sleek and people like how it looks. It is good for stealth use because it does not stand out when you use it. Also the feel of the cig in your hand is great and I use automatic cig when in the car. Halo is a very good company with great service!

  261. Very satisfied with my purchase. review by Martin

    Everything arrived on time, and met or exceeded my expectations. All items, like the charger, and batteries, cartomizers, etc. are very well made. Not like those cheap overseas remakes.

  262. Great beginner kit review by Chad

    I purchased this kit after seeing other people with e-cigs at work, and I was starting to get jealous they could smoke inside and I couldn't. After I got these and talked to some people with other brands I realized that I had a better product than everyone else. After a couple weeks I purchased the mini tanks and I would definitely recommend them, makes a big difference.

  263. G6 Starter Kit review by Gary

    I never thought it would be so easy to gradually lower the nicotine level. Very enjoyable, reliable experience. Customer support has worked with me whenever I had any sort of problem. I can say with complete confidence that Halo is excellent!

  264. great kit review by Steven

    Your starter kit is a great kit for starters or like me experienced user. it was very easy to set up and go. Also, the Turkish blend flavor is spot on, good job, will be buying more soon.

  265. So pretty review by Heather

    I really love the colour and sheen of this starter kit. The case is lovely but a bit too big for me, wish there was a small version. I got the chocolate flavor with mine, it smells like tootsie rolls, but isn't terribly flavorful imo. I also got both a manual and automatic battery to try both, but I can't decide which I like better.

  266. Excellent Product, Lovely Color review by Silas

    I purchased my G6 started kit about two months ago, and I absolutely love it. I bought the manual battery with the cool menthol flavor. It makes a nice big puff of smoke and tastes nice. The purple color is also really pretty, and it isn't too flashy. Even though my place of work is a no tobacco zone, I am still allowed to walk outside and use my G6 Halo. It was definitely worth purchasing. I plan on purchasing more flavors and another battery, but this time I am going to try the automatic version!

  267. My first Halo experience review by teresa

    After reading several independent reviews and watching videos online, I found that the Halo brand was very reasonably priced and well thought of. I began my Halo experience with this starter kit... and off I went! I love using the G6 at work or on the go, as it is just the right size to stick in my pocket or purse. I do vape heavily, and the battery lasts me almost one full day. But no worries, it charges in only a couple of hours. I purchased the larger of the two battery sizes. Do yourself a favor and purchase a mini tank and a bottle of E-liquid that suits your fancy...you will want to try it! This deep purple is a wonderful color for a guy or a girl, and has a VERY slight texture to it so it's easy to hold on to. Steer clear of those gas station e-cigs... and buy something that is sturdy, dependable and lasts!

  268. Great! review by Kyle

    I received my G6 starter kit 2 days ago and was excited to start using it. The first required charging felt like it took forever but it was definitely worth the wait. The g6 is my new companion for my nicotine fix! Still early but so far I'm loving it! I was a tad skeptical at first because I tried the smoking another ecig and hated it. Halo has done a great job on quality of the g6 and makes the transition very easy to switch to. The tribeca flavor is awesome btw! Thanks Halo!

  269. The place to start! review by Sherry

    The G6 Halo starter kit is perfect. The G6 is close to the size of a regular cigarette. It is easy to use, charge, and enjoy. Thank you Halo! :-)

  270. Slightly Disappointed review by Cjay

    I had been eyeballing the G6 Starter Kit for about a year before I decided to make the purchase. At first glance I was highly impressed by the product and it's appearance. The batteries have a rubber coating on them which helps to keep it from slipping out of your hands. This is nice except for it attracts every bit of lint and dust possible and attaches itself to your battery. I put one of my batteries in the display case after it was unwrapped, big mistake. It came out with a ton of fibers from the case stuck to it. I have also noticed that just after a few days of use there are scratches that had removed the rubberized coating. This is disappointing because I've only been using the ecig for a few days and I haven't put it through anything too treacherous. I also find that the batteries die rather quick, which is disappointing because I had heard great things about them. Other than that, I love the starter kit.

  271. New vapor review by Sam

    Fantastic product much better than expected and far more realistic thanks.

  272. G6 starter kit review by Pedro

    Love it. Great. Will stay with this brand.

  273. Flawless Product review by Franky

    I bought my G6 starter kit online and got it within 3 days. I ordered the Classic White kit so that i could kind of blend in with the smokers circle and not get so many questions. This plan actually kind of backfired cause this product is so amazing that I'm pumped to show everybody how awesome it is. The orange light on the front looks super real and even fades in and out as your pull on it. Paired with the authentic tan cartomizers you cant beat the real look, I will say that I ordered a mini tank as well and I do prefer it. The charger and adapter are both high quality and have logos on them so they don't look cheap. The box it all comes it is pretty sweet as well. I've tried most ecigs out there and nothing can compare.

  274. Get this NOW! review by Naseeruddin

    Halo! What a product. This kit is the best place to start as it has everything you need to get started with the vaping experience. Quality written all over it, starting with the case up until taking your first puff. Just get it!

  275. The reviews don't lie, awesome product review by Neal

    Great kit for a great value, perfect for a vap beginner like me. I recommend getting a couple mini-tanks and a sampler of e-liquid. Everything seems really high quality and the battery life is the longest i've seen in a cig style battery this size.

  276. so happy to have found halo review by ken

    I was ready to make the change from smoking to vaping. I did the research and decided the Halo Starter kit would be the one. It's been one month and this starter kit is the perfect introduction to vaping e-cigs by far. The ease of use is fantastic, the quality of the individual components in the kit is great. The g6 batteries perform as described and the cartomizers are awesome/ prefilled and refilled. In a nutshell I couldn't be happier to have found this product.

  277. Grrrrrrreat! review by Vapor_Chic

    Wonderful, but, I do wish the box was more "purse sized" and could be used as case.

  278. 1:1 replacement for legacy cigarettes review by Hans

    Brilliant innovation. I am looking forward to trying different flavors as I continue as a Halo customer.

  279. Great product review by Neville

    This is an exceptional product, this is my second e-cigarette but first one was not from Halo.
    I must say I was a bit skeptical about the pricing but having had a cheaper brand and only lasted less than a month, I am willing to fork out more for better quality and this product thus by far has met all expectations.

    Moreover, the ejuices are just superb :) good stuff

  280. Best E-Cig on the market review by Chris

    The set comes with everything you would need to start out. I do wish that the starter pack came with a mini tank. However, considering how cheap the mini tanks are, its not really that big of a deal. The mini battery is perfect for taking on the go and last a decent amount of time. I definitely recommend adding one of the mini tanks to your purchase though. I was going to give it four stars because of that, but i figured that wasn't enough to warrant a whole star missing. Either way, good stuff guys.

  281. Awesome! review by Brian

    Very well made kit, unbelievable price ! Blu has nothing on this company and their quality of their product. Batteries last a long time before needing recharged. Thanks!

  282. Long lasting and portable review by Joseph

    I purchased the G6 starter kit as well as the Triton starter kit and they are both beautifully made! I use the G6 as my on the go Vape it is extremely portable and produce a decent amount of vapor. I have to say I am a bigger fan of my Triton for use at home and I am not a fan of the cartos. But I purchased a mini tank and now use that every where I go. Great product! would recommend.

  283. The best e-cig in the world review by Avi

    Got my g6 starter kit. A great product! I love it! Impressive look, high quality and a pleasure to use. Came all the way to Israel. Thank you Halo!

  284. Buy this kit! review by NicotineFiend

    I have only good things to say about this starter kit. I am an absolute nicotine fiend, and using the e-cigs has been incredibly helpful! They work great, the fluid flavors are excellent (I'd suggest samplers to find your favorite), and I recently added on the G6 clear refillable tank. Totally happy with the product! My warnings for any fiend like me.
    -Buy the right strength, medium strength wasn't quite enough on my first go.
    -Keep your e-cigs charged! Once the battery starts to go, you're done for.
    -Don't run out! You can't run to the local store to pick this up.
    -Go with the sampler, so you can find the 1 you like, and order more before you run out.

  285. second starter kit review by E.E.

    Midnight blue was my second starter kit. I wanted another charger and an extra battery, so I just bought another kit. The color of the midnight blue batteries look great. I got the 65 mm autos again. I just like the size of them and the way the autos draw. I ordered the cartomizers pre-filled with torque 56 and was not disappointed. Halo always impresses me with their customer service and speed of delivery.

  286. G6 Starter Kit review by Anthony

    I received my starter kit and purchased the automatic and manual battery. I like the automatic battery over the manual battery holding in the button is a hassle but I like the kit.

  287. hooked review by ann

    This got me hooked, it's a great starter kit. I liked it so well I moved up to the Triton. Way to go Halo.

  288. Very Impressed... review by Laura

    I received this at the beginning of September. There is definitely a good quality that comes with this product. I did have a faulty charger piece but Halo has offered to replace it for me free of charge. I just need to get to sending in the defective one. I'm still using the cartridges that came with this kit and only 2 have burnt out in these last 2-3 months. The automatic definitely gives you a bigger, more controlled hit but on those lazy days it is nice to have the automatic. Really happy about my order!

  289. Not disappointed review by Jason

    I am somewhat new to the world of vaping, I do have the Ego system. Guys that I work with have been using the ecigs for awhile now and I have tried theirs but wasn't all that impressed. I still wanted to give the ecig a try so after extensive research I settled on the Halo G6 starter kit. I bought two of these kits, one for my wife and one for myself. I have to say that my expectations have been exceeded. It's a very nice kit for those that want to try vaping but aren't sure about dropping cash on something that they might not like. I ordered around 8 or so at night and received an email about an hour later saying that my items had been shipped and I received the package in the mail just a few short days later. The batteries are gorgeous with a slight texture to them to aid in handling. The batteries last me about two hours of chain vaping and the cartomizers hit very well and are refillable. I ordered two kits, 4 mini clearomizers, and the sample pack of juice. I'm very happy with my purchase and have already placed my second order for juice. Try the Tribeca! Oh my God, pure heaven in a bottle! I will be placing an order for the Triton in the very short future and have no reservations that it will perform better than my Ego.

  290. great review by Jeremiah

    Great quality kit but I found myself wanting more after a month of use. Can't beat the battery life (78mm) vs competition but the voltage being regulated at 3.5v is a bit low. Also cuts off too early for my liking. Still would recommend as long as you don't take long drags. I ordered the triton battery and tank to try out and its much more to my liking.

  291. W-O-W review by Tri

    This is a must-get kit guys! I'm writing this review after a year and a half of using it. Battery is still very strong and still lasting the same hours that it used to. If any of you wonder about the durability of it, I dropped it more than 12 times at waist height. I'm a moderate to light smoker, and 1 battery lasted me a day. I know right? What a monster within a small shell. I'm recommending this to all my friends! Such a great product Halo, Good Job! Very Happy Customer :)

  292. Great product review by Kevin

    I bought this as a newcomer to vaping, heard from various sources that Halo has some of the best liquid to buy and great starter kits so decided to get the G6 Midnight Blue. Completely happy with my purchase. One month and counting and still going strong. After spending time with the batteries I have to say that the manual is by far the better choice but opted for both manual and automatic. Manual just heats quicker and gives you a much bigger vape while the automatic seems to be more of a convenient/natural choice.

  293. Outstanding product! review by Eric

    Before making this review, I've tested the G6 for about a month. When I received the product by mail, I was very impressed by the build quality and of course, the sleek design. This little device performs very well and I didn't have any issues so far. The vapor production is really satisfying. For me, the battery lasts about a half day when I vape a lot, but it may vary depending on your habits. I highly recommend this product for any beginner or if you want something small which is easy to carry around. You have earned my trust, Halo.

  294. Very nice starter kit review by Realto

    Very nice starter kit the case is stylish leatherette, all the gear inside is kept secure in outlined velvet type holders. The G6 itself is very stylish, the titanium is silver color. This is a reasonable price for what you get, the pieces fit together well, the cartomizer last fairly long for it's type. I got one auto and one manual battery, but I've found that you can control the "heat" and draw of the auto by rolling your thumb and finger over the narrow air slots between battery and cartomizer. This works better than the manual battery, imo, so I prefer the auto battery. Also, the auto battery has lasted longer.

  295. Heartily recommend Halo’s Starter Kit review by LVE

    I’m brand new to Halo and to “vaping” (hate that term). I’ve been doing a bunch of research trying to find an e-liquid from a company that I would be able to trust – without breaking the bank. From various reviews, I was steered to Halo – and their G6 Starter Kits. This is a fantastic little kit – has 2 batteries, 5 prefilled tips and the chargers. Everything you need to get started – and all in a very nice compact case that keeps everything secure and in its place. (The only problem is trying to decide which liquid to get.) The whole kit was under $50 – which is much less than starter kits I found elsewhere. And Made in the USA – what more could you ask for. I went with the classic white – just so I wouldn’t have to field so many questions before having a firm opinion (just wish it would have come with the tan tips). But, I CAN strongly recommend anyone who is thinking about getting into “vaping” to check out one of Halo’s starter kits.

  296. Totally awesome! review by joshua

    Been using this product for almost 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. Love the color too.
    The price was the cheapest for the starter kits and this product comes very highly recommended from many sites.
    Shipped to my door in 2 days. A+

  297. Great starter kit review by Jessica

    I purchased the starter kit a few months ago, and I'm still really liking it. I've tried a few other brands of e-cigs, and this one is by far the best. Why you ask? Here goes: 1. It's easy to use, no engineering degree required to assemble it. 2. I love all the awesome colors it comes in. 3. Of all the e-cigs I've tried, Halo has the smoothest draw and feel. The only down side is if you let the fluid run out and the fluffy stuff inside the cartomizer dries out, it tastes awful. But as long as you don't let it run out, it's great!

  298. Best in the business!! review by John F.

    I was on the Blu-wagon for 6 months and just never satisfied with the product... poor battery life (really poor), inconsistency with the quality of the cartomizers, awful customer service, never-ending back order of replacement parts... all the stories you've read about them are true. It's a cool-looking product that just doesn't deliver.

    After doing A LOT of research, it kept coming back to Halo. Everything I read about this company just couldn't say enough good things about them.... awesome customer service, superior hardware, rock-solid e-juice. And, after reading about the two different systems (G6 & Triton), I ordered both; the G6 is good for being on the go (work, going out, etc.) and the Triton sounded perfect for using at home.

    Both of my orders arrived on the same day, and I had to wait awhile to try my G6 (due to the 8 hour initial charging time). I also ordered 10 of the clear mini-tanks so I could try out all the different e-liquids from Halo, as well as some of my other ones (I was injecting the Blu cartomizers, so I have a good bit of those from Johnson Creek as well).

    Once I was able to fire up my G6, I couldn't have been more pleased. I have the 78 mm automatic batteries, so it is longer than what I was accustomed to (I was using the Blu 100 Premium e-cigs), but that still doesn't take away from the difference in going from that really under-powered systems to something like this. I tried one of my favorite flavors first, and was just blown away by how much better it tasted and how much more satisfying it was to me using the mini-tanks as opposed to the Blu cartomizers.

    The next day, we went out for the entire day, and I took my G6 with me. I was able to pretty much vape all day long where we were, and I was able to get about 5 hours off of the first battery before I had to switch (it wasn't blinking yet, but the vapor production and taste were going down). But, right up until the end, that battery on that tank produced the same amount of vapor and flavor production all day long.

    In short, I could not be happier with this product. If you have ANY doubts, put them aside, get away from those other systems that you've been struggling with, and give these guys a try. I think you'll be very happy that you did!

  299. Found something great and easy to use as a first e-cig. review by Chris

    I was a bit skeptical over the whole e-cig thing at first, but decided that this was a reasonable price for something to dive into the scene. I chose two 78 manual batteries and menthol ice flavoring in the cartomizers. The packaging this product came in was astounding. Inside the shipping box was a nice black case containing the entire starter kit. The feel of the batteries in your hand is wonderful. A slight texture helps grip them. The cartomizers come packed with sleeves on both ends, and then packed in a small plastic case. After waiting the excruciating eight hour charge, I was finally able to test them out. I was shocked (not literally, the battery didn't shock me). A great taste of menthol came out with absolutely no stench in the room. As far as the starter kit goes, it does everything it is supposed to. There is nothing negative I can think about it, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into. I did a lot of research on my end, and was not concerned about things like battery life. I wanted a small portable option that resembled a cig. All in all, a very worthwhile investment.

  300. Amazing review by Ben

    Fit and finish perfect. I love the rubberized batteries. Kit came very quickly and I was able to vape soon after. I was not disappointed at all in my first ecig purchase. I will recommend to anyone and everyone :)

  301. good-bye stinky clothes review by seasel

    When this starter pack arrived, I unpacked it charged up the batteries, and I haven't looked back since. I ordered this along with blank cartomizers and the gourmet sample pack. I have yet to find a flavor I do not love. with the 78mm battery I am able to vape all day and just charge at night, no loss of vapor or flavor throughout the day either. I am feeling so much better already and love that my breath, hands and clothes no longer stink! One word of advice is to order the mini tanks as well, it is so much better seeing how much juice you have left.

  302. Everything you need review by Jon

    I love my G6 starter kit! It has everything you need. I really like how the batteries have a thin rubber like material around because it makes it easier to grip. Batteries last long and they charge fairly quick. I recommend the G6 starter kit for anyone who is interested in buying an E-Cig. Shipping is very quick which is nice so you don't have to wait that long to get what you ordered. The Halo products are very good quality. You will see the product is so good you wont ever wonder if there is anything better. By far the best E-Cig/Starter kit out there. Plus the price is very affordable! Hope you all enjoy!

  303. G6 is Great review by Stan

    I love my blue G6 starter kit. The mini tanks are awesome and easy to fill. I ordered several so I had one for each flavor. It's been over a month and everything works great. I highly recommend these. They're stylish and the batteries have a great feel to them. What more could one ask for.

  304. Perfect to start vaping! review by Ardees

    The halo g6 is just awesome. I can finally smoke in style without having to carry a huge flashlight sized e-cig with me everyday.
    The design is very nice and also the feel of the g6 is perfect!
    I also love the new luxurious box they come in! If you seriously consider a high quality compact e-cig, you have to try the G6!

  305. Highly Recommend! review by Duval Chad

    I did a lot of research into brands. Halo is made in America and that was important to me. I liked all that Halo offered and their business values; I decided Halo was my new preferred brand. I am very glad I did. I have used other products and they are all subpar in comparison to Halo. That has made my transition to e-cigarettes that much easier because I have a product I am proud of and I like to use. The G6 starter kit is awesome! The appearance is excellent and makes it a fun kit to have. This was important to me because it replaced my old pack and gave me something to keep at my side. I recommend a novice user to start with the G6 kit because you will get a good introduction to vaping and then as you become more familiar move on to the tank systems. To start I think the G6 is best because it has the feel of an analog. I have moved on to the Triton Tank system, but I have my G6 handy because its great on the go, its very stealthy so I can use it almost anywhere, and it let's me change it up a bit. If you are new to e-cigarettes or need a change from your current one, I recommend Halo's G6!

  306. Great Product. review by Morgan

    Before ordering the G6 starter kit, I had only tried the standard cigalikes you can pick up at any gas station. I was never impressed, but I liked the idea of vaping. After doing quite a bit of research on the subject, I ended up on Halo's site. The G6 kit is definitely the way to go if you're trying to move away from analogs. It offers great performance, simplicity, and customization. After using my kit for a couple of weeks, I ended up ordering a few of the G6 mini tanks to go with it. The mini tanks are miles above the cartos, and switching to them is absolutely seamless.

  307. very impressed review by Cat

    I love the packaging of this kit. It is so sleek. On to the starter kit, the price is excellent. I have no complaints. I appreciated the fact that I can order a prefilled cartidges along with the kit.

  308. Why did I wait so long? review by Todd

    This is the best shiznits on the market by far!!!!, the package gives u everything you need to get hooked! The first drag I took from this was incredible compared to the competition out there. Bellows of vapor was exhaled on the first drag and I was not expecting that at all as I was pulling hard on the first drag thinking I was just going to blow out a small amount of aka smoke, Hell No I mesmerized my wife as I blew it into her face, LOL she was begging for more, do it again do it again!!!!. LMAO
    Love my ecig Now!

  309. Loved mine so much that my wife wanted her own! review by John F.

    After I had ordered both the G6 and Triton starter kits for myself, my wife finally tried both of them. She had tried my Blu and just didn't find them to be satisfying at all (same for myself as well). But, she definitely preferred the look and feel of the G6 over the Triton... she much preferred the look, feel and the weight of the G6 over the Triton.

    So, I went ahead and ordered her a pink starter kit and she couldn't be more pleased. The look (she loves the color) and the performance (of the cartomizers, the batteries and the mini tanks) just blows away anything else that she has tried.

    So if pink's your thing, add one of these to your cart and try what everyone else here already knows is a superior product!

  310. Best Ecig Yet review by Patrick

    Received my starter kit the other day. I must say, this is definitely the best e-cig I've had yet. From the packaging, to the vape quality, and experience is top-notch. Absolutely love the Tribeca and Malibu cartomizers and e-juice I got with the kit, and the vapor production is insane! Especially with the Low Resistance cartomizers. Really cool case it comes in also. Love the feel of the battery. It has a really nice rubbery finish unlike any other. Thanks Halo, for an amazing product!

  311. The G6 is Terrific review by Crystal

    We have tried other similar electronic cigarettes, but have liked none of them. We bought the G6 as we heard many good things about the Halo brand. We were extremely happy with them. We have already made the switch to using them solely in only a couple of days. They are built extremely well, and work fabulously. They have very good vapor production, and honestly the 65mm battery lasted each of us 2 days on a single charge.

  312. G6 starter kit,,, review by kk

    My hubby got me the G6 starter kit in princess pink....it is just awesome....charged it up as directions say.....lasted all day and part of next morning. It is awesome!!! Color is great. Flavor and vapor great.....since he ordered me the Gourmet Sample Ejuice pack I have been trying them....love the Kringles Curse....It is awesome...just ordered a 30 ml bottle of it....all the flavors are clean and good.....highly recommend this product.....I have tried all kinds of kits from other sites and now I found the perfect one..thanks HALO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. Best choice I've made review by Seth

    I loved this started pack. It has everything you need at a good price. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start vaping.

  314. So glad I tried Halo review by Sandt38

    I started out my vaping journey with a competitor's cig from a gas station. It was horrible. After trying several others that my friends and family used as well as reading a million reviews, I decided on the G6. I am thrilled I did. 3 of my friends have tried mine and are now Halo converts. Awesome product, great prices, awesome points program, amazing shipping... I have nothing bad to say about Halo.

  315. If you Love pink review by Norm

    Pink, Pink, Pink!! This is the perfect PINK if you love pink. I ordered this with the Princess pink empty carts and use the matching pink tips (available in the accessories) So You can get it all PINK!!! That's not to mention how awesome Halo's hardware works and e juices taste!! By far the best Ecig Hardware I have ever had!!! And have not had a single e juice i did not like yet!!

  316. The best there is! review by Gene

    The G6 is truly one of the best E-Cigs on the market. It is an E-Cig that is top tier in the Vaping market. Halo offers a very high quality product for a very reasonable price. I bought this starter kit recently because I wanted to try a different E-Cig, and I am astonished by this decision I've made! It had better vapor production, it sustained the E-Liquid, and it is just simply awesome! I am so glad I switched to the G6. Competitors have a lot of catching up to do before they can match the G6.

  317. Best e-cig I've tried so far... review by Kurt

    I don't usually write reviews, but after trying the Halo G6 and several of the flavors, I've got to say this is the best I've experienced. I've tried many of the well-known and so-called "best of the best" e-cigs and was ready to give up on vaping. I stumbled upon a real e-cig forum, with real people writing reviews, and Halo kept coming up in the conversations as a great vape. With the low price for the starter kit, I figured I couldn't go wrong. I've spent several hundred dollars on the so-called Rolls-Royce e-cig starter kits, and by comparison, this was a drop in the bucket. Well, I have to say that this is the best of any e-cig I"ve tried and the flavors are great! I'm getting to like the menthol flavors the best. I can't wait to try more of the flavors. The fact that the juices are made in USA is a huge plus, as well. Thank you, Halo, for making a great product. I like honest companies that stand by what they produce. Halo is one of those companies. Great job!

  318. Superior Product review by Glory

    This was my second starter kit purchase. The reason I settled on this color is going to sound silly. I had previously purchased the demon red G6 starter kit for my husband and found I was spending a TON of time trying to find where I had thoughtlessly set it down. Gorgeous, but deep red against brown leather tends to disappear from aging eyes. Knew the build quality was beyond excellent, so no fears there. I was pleasantly surprised by the elegance of the titanium, am quite happy I can actually find it when I absentmindedly set it down somewhere! I also accidentally managed to order both an automatic and a manual battery, but that worked out well also. As a beginning vaper, the whole idea of manual terrified me, but the battery has rapidly become my favorite for both taste and throat hit. Being able to control things is wonderful!

  319. Just love it......... review by Don

    My first ECig kit. All my research, video watching, and site searching paid off here. I definitely made the right choice by going with Halo. I plan to get a Triton kit to go with my G6 as soon as possible.

  320. Love it review by Rick

    I have tried several different brands in Australia but never satisfied in particular not enough vapor. Just received my Halo and instantly loved it. I went straight onto the site and ordered more refills and the cover case. Tribeca was the one I tried and sticking with it.

  321. Just received my kit, completely blown away! review by Ken

    As soon as I opened the box I was amazed at the quality of the pieces. My batteries and carts feel nice and work great! The entire kit feels high-end, just like the day I got my iPhone.

    Don't hem and haw, buy this kit! You won't be disappointed. I also ordered some LR carts, the variety flavor pack and a pass-thru battery. All items are nicely packaged and of the same high quality. I am using my pass-thru right now!

    I am sold on vaping.

  322. Great review by Jose

    Was a bit spectacle about the whole E-Cig thing and started reading into all they have and Halo kept hitting the top two list so I bought a G6 and now I'm happy I did. They are great and you just take a puff or two of it and I'm happy. I can say they send it out all in the case and professional. I love the product and exactly as described. FYI your 65mm is like a regular cig and the 75mm is like a 100 size cig. Great no denying that I'm very happy with my new Halo :)

  323. awesome review by Gary

    Long life! Awesome vaper!

  324. Great Kit! review by Keith

    I purchased the Princess Pink G6 for my wife and wow, super great product! Fast shipping and comes well packaged. The battery life is excellent as well as the vapor output. She adores the pink color. I love the mini tanks in addition so we can interchange flavors as we see fit. We are very pleased with the G6 product line and the halo juice that they offer (Tribeca is our favorite). I will absolutely recommend this to everyone and anyone.

  325. Amazing product, amazing price review by Dina

    I wanted to give vaping a try and I tirelessly searched on the internet, and I came across halo. I am new to vaping and I am taking to it very well. I absolutely love this product. Great colors, compact, easy charging and the liquid is great. Made in the USA, doesn't get better than that. The kit is sleek, came with everything I needed to get started with a handy carrying case. I charged my battery for a full 8 hours as recommended, screwed in the pre filled cartomizer, I chose Tribeca, and tried it. Right away I knew this was for me, great throat hit and vapor production, flavor was amazing, it looks and feels amazing in your hand. I absolutely would recommend halo brand g6 starter kits to anyone looking to start vaping. Everything from the variety of colors to the amazing variety of liquid, it is just all around a great product and I am glad I made the decision to go to halo.

  326. Thank you so much Halo review by Jasper

    Ok, so I've been using my Halo starter kit for bout a week now. And Wow!!! This is such an amazing experience guys, you will not regret going with g6. I started out with blu's and I was satisfied, but I was looking for more, and this is it! Halo has made some really fine products and I love the customization options that they've given us. I bought the starter pack with the "mini" batteries and they last me pretty well. So much longer than the blu batteries lasted me. I contemplated going with the larger batteries, but I like the low profile batteries and they're likeness to real cigarettes. These white Halo G6's are great but the only complaint I have is that they will get dirty eventually and scratched on the outside, so I suggest going with a darker color than white. But great products Halo, keep up the great work and thank you.

  327. G6 Kit review by CARL

    I was using another brand that wasn't even close. Halo is by the best E-CIG I have found. Better taste and longer battery life.

  328. My first E-cig experience... review by Jamie

    This kit has been excellent! The rubberized Jet black G6 batteries are very sleek and have a nice feel to them. They are the gateway into the wonderful world of vaping. The only downside I could find is the battery life, but that is to be expected with such a small form factor. I guess there has to be some sort of trade off in regards to the size and battery life. Just make sure you also stock up on mini tanks and Halo juice so you can really appreciate how great this product is!

  329. Best ecig review by Michael

    Quite simply the best ecig on the market.

  330. So Happy review by karen

    I have tired several different E cigs, this one by far outshines them all! Last year I was using the " Blu" E-cig , I really didn't like the fact that I didn't get much vapor.
    A friend turned me onto the " GreenSmoke" e-cigs this year. They worked ok but were very pricey and not made for all day vaping. The vapor wasn't that great and the carts only lasted half the day if not less. Also their e juices are made in China!!!!!!
    So I looked around and found HALO, oh boy am I a happy vaping fool!
    I do tend to vape a lot when I'm at home, I use the lowest nic level, which is a huge drop down for me. But after a couple days my body gave up the fight and I'm back to happy me again.

  331. G6 Starter Kit review by Joshua

    I began vaping about 4 months ago. I started with a Kanger eVod kit and it delivered great vapor and flavor, however I desired something more portable to accompany it. I looked at the g6 and was amazed at the value and I tried one that a friend lent me. WOW! These have great flavor and very impressive flavor production for a cig-a-like. Enough to compare to my eVod even! Since using my buddy's g6 i have been considering selling my eVod to get a Halo Triton to replace it just because of the quality of Halo products. Their eliquid is beyond top notch and it's always consistent. Their customer service answered all of my questions thoroughly and I am placing an order for the g6 kit as soon as i finish this review! Vape on my friends, vape on!

  332. Finally a cig like battery that works great review by Dan

    I am new to the e cigarette world. I tried some gas station brands and was not satisfied. With the G6 Starter kit the biggest thing I like is that it works every time. I got the mini tanks and love them. I have one auto and one manual battery. I think I prefer the manual so far but the auto is great for when I'm driving. It comes in a nice case that I use to hold a back up tank and my charger when I go to work.
    Thanks Halo!!

  333. Smart looks! Awesome product! review by Leanne

    Thrilled with this purchase! I did hours and hours of researching e-cig brand reviews on the Internet and the Halo e-cig for me surpasses the hype!
    The whole kit is aesthetically appealing. A very slick, cool looking device that delivers a perfect throat hit. Fast shipping, considering I live in Australia.
    I highly recommend this awesome product :-)

  334. Great product review by Bryan

    I haven't had such luck with any products like this one. The halo g6 is amazing and the starter kit I got was amazing right out of the box. I was looking for a few weeks over different products and I figured I'd try this one. I don't think I'll ever buy anything else other then Halo products from now on. I just got myself a Triton for more vaping action. Thanks Halo.

  335. Excellent for experienced as well as begenning users. review by Mikhail

    Having used this product for over a month now, I can say that the product has not diminished in quality since I have purchased it. I'll break this review down into a few key categories to make it simple.

    Packaging: The case that the starter kit comes in does a good job of protecting and storing the batteries/cartridges, as well as the other things. Mine does not exactly close flush, but it's a very small thing and something I do not really care for. Be warned though, this case is not something you want to carry everywhere with you.

    The chargers: Fit and finish is good, they charge the battery as well as you can expect. Not much to say here.

    The Batteries: I ordered a mini as well as a regular, both in Automatic. The mini does not really last me all day, but I do vape A LOT. That being said, it's great because it's the same size as a real cig, I like to use this one in the car. The 78mm one, that one does last me all day. All in all, the batteries are great, consistent, and quite portable.

    Cartridges: Halo did a very good job designing these. Great consistent flavor with thick clouds of vapor being produced up until your battery dies. There is also a very distinct flavor when the cartridge runs out so you'll know when to refill it. Which brings me to my next point, it's very simple to refill these with whatever other flavors you like, so far each of my 5 starting cartridges has been refilled at least 6 or 7 times and there is no loss in flavor or vapor production and this is with a variety of different fluids.

    Conclusion: This starter kit is very much worth the money you pay. You get a nice case to store all your stuff in, batteries that will last all day, and cartridges that can be reused many times over, all of these combined equal to a great vaping experience that I prefer over my other e-cigs.

  336. Very impressed! review by Alan & Melissa

    We've tried several brands of e-cigs and found them all lacking. Then we came upon Halo reviews and decided to give it a try... and we're glad that we did. While the Torque doesn't exactly taste like a real cig (I detected a faint taste of hazlenut and chocolate I think), we loved it. Definitely our new brand.

  337. I'm loving it! review by Melissa

    I got the G6 to use at work. I ordered some mini tanks to go with it. I get about 1.5 ml of juice out of each battery, which is fine for me as I only use 2-3 ml per day.

  338. great product!!!!! review by Arnaldo

    I absolutely love this e cig. Best on the market at a reasonable price. I only smoke halo e cigs now. I am a committed customer for life.

  339. great setup review by derek

    I have been using this kit for two months, Zero regrets. actually bought another kit so I would have 4 batteries.

  340. Get Drip Tips review by James

    Just a great buy...the batteries are just the right size, and they aren't too heavy. The carry case is great- enough room for everything but a bottle of liquid. Very happy with the quality of this product!

  341. Update After 7 Months review by Robert

    This is an update after my initial purchase and review 7 months ago. After all this time everything is still working rather well. I purchased this kit with 2 65mm automatic batteries and they still last nearly as long as when I first got them. I have had a couple minor problems though. On occasion my batteries refuse to charge - they always show a blue light. But after a short time they begin to work properly again. My guess is they're nearing the end of their life. For them to last this long though, I certainly think I got my money's worth. Still a pretty solid product even after 7 months. If you take good care of it, it will probably last a year or more. I certainly recommend this starter kit - probably the best value on the market right now.

  342. My first HALO G6 starter kit... review by James

    My first HALO G6 starter kit just landed in my hands. It was like opening the most sought after 'Red Ryder' air rifle. The look, the touch, the operation of everything in the order was much better than expected. The quality and workmanship of everything I ordered is a complete 'Works' product. I'll be back for more of this line very soon. Hope to be able to get the G6 charger case asap.
    Thanks HALO

  343. LOVE this e cig! review by Tara

    I absolutely love this e cigarette. The batteries last much longer than other brands that I have tired. The e-liquid is great and provides an experience that is very much like a traditional cigarette without the smell. I recommend this brand and will be a returning customer.

  344. great but with limited options review by michael

    Great kit all around looking at other reviews online everyone seems to think this is the best e cig kit out there. Batteries can't be beat

    My main problem is the starter kit wont allow you to choose the xl batteries which have around 400 puffs per charge. You can only choose between the small and mid length batteries. You can buy it separately for $1 more per battery.

    You have to choose between cartomizers that they offer and cant get the kit with the mini tank they offer which is a pain too.

    Great products with limited choices in putting together a g6 kit for you.

  345. Cool color review by Brett

    I got this starter kit for my wife. She loves the color. I like how there are color options for the kits; it makes it easier to tell which one is mine and which one is my wife's. I have the black one, I like that too. This one has a nice blue metallic color to it!

  346. First purchase review by Brett

    This was my first purchase with the company, and it did not disappoint. I was surprised that it came with so many color options and pieces. If you are looking into getting your first e-cigarette, this is the way to go. The color is nice and does not over do it. The charges come in handy for when you are at work and need a charge. It is also nice because you can keep one charger at home and use one charger for when you are out on the go.

  347. Awesome Kit review by Todd

    IMHO, this is one of the best starter kits on the market. Good battery life, easy charging and automatic shut off when charged. Would recommend the mini tanks over the cartomizers, much cleaner flavor.

  348. Perfect Starter Kit, Still Using review by Megan

    I've purchased several eCigs from tobacco stores along my travels. I keep them on hand for meetings and trade shows, but I haven't been sold. I recently purchased this starter kit (the red is KILLER). I'm very optimistic about the G6 and other Halo products and am positive this will be the one I stick with for good. I should point out that this is also an incredible value, the others I've chosen were more than double the price for ONE battery, 1 or 2 Carts, ONE USB and NO wall adapter. Not to mention, the case is very slick and convenient.

  349. love it review by Rebecca

    I got my G6 ecig just over a week ago and this product works wonders for me and the vapor and the overall quality of this is amazing. Ive been recommending it. I have also tested this out by puffing near non smokers/vapers and I'm amazed all confirmed that there is no smell whatsoever. I love this product and I'm happy with my purchase and will continue to vape. Can't wait to receive my menthol pack now.

  350. Excellent first time buy! review by Shaun

    I did plenty of research on ecigs and I kept reading good things about halo so I figured I'd jump in head first and get the starter pack... Well I can't believe I didn't find this earlier because it is very satisfying for those of you who need nicotine to stay "sane." Awesome product!!

  351. Quality Product review by RobertW

    I researched a LOT of eCig companies. So many favorable reviews on Halo's equipment and juices led me to start with the G6 starter kit and so glad I did. I'm so satisfied with Halo's product. First, it came very nicely packaged and you can immediately tell they care about the quality of their product. Nothing cheap about it; solid battery with a nice polished finish. The standard battery is a perfect weight and size too. So pleased I cannot wait to start buying more juices to try.

  352. Quality and great vapor review by LARRY

    I have owned the G6 Starter kit for a short while. I also have the Blu and Nickstick E Cig...The G6 E-Cig looks beautiful, I have the Demon Red color. The battery has now lasted 4 days with a charge or any indication that it needs a charge. What I really like about the G6 as compared to the other E-Cigarettes that I own, is the amount of vapor generated and it does not have to be "primed' to get great vapor. Cartridges are of great quality. I also purchase blanks and they can be easily filled.
    I believe the connection for the battery and cartridge are of the 808 type..Do research to verify that....I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the G6 Starter Pack.

  353. Top of the line review by Kelly

    This was my first e cig purchase and I have to say I am impressed. I ordered one manual and one automatic battery since I've never had any experience with e cigs. I definitely prefer the manual battery because it offers more control. The only drawback to the manual battery is that it doesn't stay charged quite as long as automatic, but the difference is minor. I ordered the blank cartomizers because I wanted to fill my own with the e liquid. The battery is very stylish looking and has a nice coating on it that makes it slip resistant. The case is also very elegant looking and large enough to store extra blanks and batteries on top of everything. The atomizer produces a nice vapor and throat hit. Overall a great product and would highly recommend.

  354. Great Product review by David

    The first thing that impressed me was the speed in which the order was processed. I ordered the starter kit late Monday evening and received an email the following morning that the order had been completed and shipped. I received the order that following Saturday and considering the weather that week that was actually quite quick. When I opened the package I was quite impressed with the kit, beginning with the case which is very elegant. Then when I opened the case and saw the quality of the ecig batteries and chargers I could tell that I had definitely made the right choice. I wanted to wait until I tried the ecig before writing a review, and now I can honestly say I'm very happy I decided to order Halo. I can with a clear conscience recommend Halo to anyone who is looking for a good quality ecig at a reasonable price. I plan to be a customer of Halo for a very long time. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  355. Good for beginners and for a backup Vaping system review by AWJ

    I bought this kit after researching on the internet for a good starter kit. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now. I use it in the car and at the office. It is also a good backup device even if you own other Personal Vape Mods.

    1. Great for use in the car on long commutes. (Get the car charger)
    2. Good vape and throat hit.
    3. The device is excellent when used with the G6 mini tanks.
    4. Decent charge time on the wall charger
    5. Battery life is decent for this type of Personal Vape device
    6. The manual battery works well ( I got two 78mm manual batteries) I've had no problems with either of them

    1. The kit does not include a G6 mini tank

    Overall this is a good starter kit. The price of the kit is reasonable to try and see if vaping will work for you. The Halo ELiquids are good. I like the Longhorn Tobacco (18 ml nicotine).

  356. Best decision ever review by Dan

    If you have been shopping around, you MUST stop now and just buy this! I recommend only getting manual batteries. Try out a bunch of flavors, but Tribeca is the best by far.

    It really is a great investment. And I am 9 months in and still using the original batteries that came with the kit.

  357. New to vaping review by Lilblu

    I just received my G6 starter kit yesterday. I got the tribeca flavor to start as I was fearful of breaking away from the traditional tobacco flavor and it's wonderful. I am so impressed that I ordered the gourmet sample pack and 2 G6 mini tanks (prompted from the great reviews)... and my boyfriend (non-smoker) is pleased with my decision. Thanks Halo!

  358. I LOVE My New G6 Starter Kit!!! review by Jessica

    I have never used an e-cigarette before so, with extensive research, I decided to order a G6. I received it in the mail on Friday and I was so excited it felt like Christmas! It was a bit of a bummer that I had to charge the battery for 8 hours but 100% worth it at the end of the day. Firstly, I want to thank everyone at Halo for putting such love and care into your product. From the moment I opened the box I could tell that you guys pay great attention to detail. Everything was neatly packaged which made the whole experience that much better. Second, I absolutely love the design of the G6 model. From the non-slip/rubber coating on the battery to the case that they come in--everything looks clean and well designed. And last but not least--the performance is EXCELLENT! I have nothing bad to say about this wonderful e-cig. I'm glad it has come into my life and so far it has completely diminished my cravings. I ordered my boyfriend a starter kit and e-juice sampler for his birthday, as well (thank goodness because he won't stop using mine!). Anyway, Halo--thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can guarantee I will be a loyal customer for years to come (and I will rave about your product to anyone I can. My mom is even going to get one!)

  359. Extremely Happy! review by Mikki

    I am very new to vaping. I have tried the disposable e-cigarettes and found I loved the ease of use. I had a lot of problems with them not working correctly. I was already "hooked", so I spent more than enough money to buy a starter kit very quickly. I started researching and finally found Halo, thankfully. I ordered the kit in the black. I received it quickly and was impressed with the packaging. I love that I had the wall charger and the usb charger, as well as two batteries and 5 prefilled cartomizers. I was ready to go as soon as I charged my first battery. Halo makes it so easy to get started. You get what you need and enough to decide you love it! I am back already to order other things. Thank you, Halo, for the MADE IN THE USA! That was what made me decide to go with your company and I am so happy that I did. I highly recommend Halo to anyone who is looking and doesn't quite know what to get, as well as anyone who already vapes and hasn't tried the best! Happy Halo Vaping!

  360. Great ecig review by mithrandor

    I had tried another type of ecig, and due to many factors I quickly gave up using it. I was told to try Halo, and I'm glad I did. They hold a charge (78) for a long time, and the cartomizers work very well. I like the colors, and the weight. I expected it to be heavier than it was, and was pleasantly surprised.

  361. Liked them so much I got my husband a set review by mithrandor

    I tried the Halo G6 after a friend referred them to me. I liked them so much I had my husband try them and he liked them too, so I got him a set as well. He's quite pleased with them.

  362. helped me review by Laura

    Since my package arrived in the mail over a week ago I have learned two things...always keep both batteries fully charged and make sure you have more than enough liquid! I did not want flavored liquid, I wanted the closest thing to a cigarette I could get...Tribeca is it!!! Shipping takes several days, so order enough liquid so you wont run out.

  363. Excellent Choice review by Brave

    Having indulged in a lot of online research and tried out a few products owned by friends, this starter kit was my first purchase. So glad I went with Halo!

    Incredibly impressed with the kit thus far. The build quality is solid. The products work brilliantly and above my expectations, and delivery was lightning fast all the way to Australia.

    My only negative - if you can even call it that - is the wall charger is not suitable for use here in Australia; but I managed to locate a replacement part locally with negligible expense or difficulty.

    Brilliant work Halo, and if my impressions so far count, I can tell I'll be using this kit for many years to come.


  364. The best upgrade to the cig-a-like style I've found review by robert

    Like many vapers, I started with a pack of Blu. But it didn't take long to realize that I was under constant battery and flavor siege, always running out of power, juice, or both. I had to try something else that wasn't going to be useless 90% of the time. Luckily, I came across this bad boy.

    Even though I've mostly transitioned to tank systems at this point, I still keep my G6 around for those times when I want a little more discretion or something that takes up less pocket space.

    A fantastic addition to the Halo product line and a great choice for anyone looking for the cig-a-like experience and wanting to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.

    Well done, Halo Team. This one's a winner.

  365. Very pleased with this starter kit. review by Erica

    Purchased this purple starter kit right before Christmas, and have been tobacco-free for a little over 2 weeks now. It's very easy to use. I purchased some prefilled carts and some blank carts, which are very easy to fill. I looked at several different brands, and Halo had the best price on a good, comprehensive starter kit.

  366. Best e-cig I've tried review by Brian

    I got a victory e-cig starter kit a year ago through a groupon deal and it was still more expensive than this one. It worked fine for awhile and then it accidentally went through the washing machine (don't do that, it ruins it) My main complaints with that one was the weight although I got a little dry-mouth any time I used it and a bit of a stomach ache if I was using it a lot that day. I probably would have just reordered through their website because at that point I figured they were all the same, but I didn't want to go through the long waiting period for shipping that I went though with them before (maybe it was due to the groupon deal, but still...) Blu disposables gave me a huge stomach ache and made me cough/gag sometimes (even after getting used to the different taste/blend) V2s are light but are junk. After reading 3-rd party reviews I decided to give Halo a try and am very pleased. It tastes better than any of the others, its a little heavier than the v2 but I can still let it hang from my mouth while I drive which I like. I don't seem to get the dry-mouth or stomach issues. In fact I think I actually have an e-cig I prefer. Thanks guys. keep it up.

    It's nice that I can refill the disposable cartomizers so I'll be doing that first before buying blanks.

    My only complaint would be that I took the FAQs advice that more experienced vapers like the manual battery so I got one of each. I don't like having to hold the cig a certain way to get a drag. I doubt it will grow on me either. My advice is get both batteries as auto.

  367. One very happy Halo (exclusive) customer! review by Jesse/19/TX

    The first item I ever bought was the Joyetech Ego-T. It lasted for a couple of weeks but the battery burned out only a week after I had received my order. I decided to educate myself on how to properly use and maintain one before buying another, and eventually made a second purchase. I went to a local smoke shop, The Green Gorilla in Amarillo, Texas and gave some Halo e-liquid flavors a shot. I settled on Tribeca, which was an instant favorite among me and my friends. Then, not a week after my second purchase of a brand new Ego-T, another battery burned out. That was it for me. I looked all over the internet and at local shops in my area for the product that would be best for someone like me. Sure enough, someone recommended Halo. I went online and did some more research, and after reading through all of the fantastic reviews, I made a decision. I purchased the Halo G6 starter kit, with one automatic battery, one manual battery, prefilled Tribeca cartomizers, one mini tank, one carrying case and of course, some more Tribeca e-liquid.

    I waited. I was surprised how fast the delivery was because according to the tracking number on the USPS website, it was supposed to arrive one day later than it did. It felt like Christmas!

    I read through the manual, charged the batteries accordingly, and finally got around to testing these Halo G6 e-cigs out! And how pleased could a 19 year old boy be? Thick smoke, rich flavor, a great throat hit, superb quality and even a bonus! Kringle's Curse e-liquid! I've never been happier with an online purchase! I use the mini tank I purchased with the kit exclusively with the manual battery so I can enjoy that advanced vaping experience, and use the auto and cartomizers on a regular basis, mainly when I'm on the go.

    Altogether, a 100% perfect product! THANK YOU HALO!

  368. 9 months later, no regrets review by Mac

    My husband and I bought this kit to share with zero e-cig experience. Nine months later, here are our thoughts

    1) Manual batteries offer so much more control. Newbies, don't worry that pushing the button won't feel natural. Your fingers will fall in the right place and the control is worth it.

    2) 78mm batteries are comfortable for many hand sizes. We chose the bigger size for the longer battery life, but the physical size was a comfortable fit for both of us. I have tiny hands (think ring size 5), my husband's hands are larger (ring size 13+) but we both found the 78mm battery comfortable to hold.

    3) With this starter kit, get a neutral flavor cartomizer to start with (Prime was our choice) but buy a sampler pack while you are at it. After you have exhausted the flavor of your prefilled cartomizer, adding in a second flavor is easy. You can experiment with different flavor combinations to find a favorite. After you have found your favorite flavor combos, get the low resistance (LR) cartomizers right away.

    4) Consider buying a drip tip immediately with this purchase. The cartomizer feels a little hard in my lips, and the contoured drip tip made it more natural feeling.

    5) The titanium finish is certainly durable (it has survived the two of us fools for nine months) but now we are investing in new colored batteries. The titanium is durable but not much fun.

    All in all, great product. Enjoy!

  369. Good for beginners review by Dawn

    My SO and I ordered this starter kit and chose the belgian cocoa as the flavor to ship with it. Prior to this we had tried some lesser brands (aka what you find in a gas station), and we were both tired of the poor workmanship in the battery and cartomizers themselves. We were pleasantly surprised by the look, feel and overall sturdiness in this starter kit.

    We just ordered up a full tank system and will be making more use of that, but these little guys still come with us everywhere we go for a quick and easy vape.

  370. Great product! review by Steve

    I started with a low cost kit from another manufacturer to see if e-cigs would satisfy my nicotine addiction - it was ok. After reading several positive reviews for the G6 on this site, and others, I made the plunge. That was a great decision! Quality product at a reasonable price. I ordered the Tribeca cartridges. The taste is great, and the quality/quantity of the vapor is top notch. I will be a halo customer for life - I am so satisfied I don't see a reason to try any others!

  371. awsome! review by jonathan

    I looked around at e-cigs and wanted to give it a shot. Tried a couple in store brands wasn't impressed. I came across a friend who recommended halo so I checked it out. I bought my started kit about 3 weeks ago. Very impressed. I'm a menthol kind of guy, my favorite it the menthol ice. I ordered one manual battery and one auto, the manual is definitely the way to go, control your vape and save battery life, the auto is definitely nice for when on the road or running around at work. I have no complaints, best investment yet. Great throat hit, great taste and variety or strengths and flavors, can't get any better. I'm excited to see what halo has to offer next. If this is that good who knows what could be in store for the future. Awesome job halo!

  372. Great eCig starter kit review by Annie

    I started using Blus at first... the batteries completely died within 2 weeks. This is a fabulous change... the charge lasts forever. I'd recommend getting one automatic battery and one manual, I thought I wouldn't like the manual but it's actually really nice for controlling flavor.

    My only problem is the rubber tips on the cartomizers seem to pop off fairly often.

  373. Excellent!!! review by Marge

    I was using Joy 510 because I like the slim e-cigs but they stopped making the cartomizer I like. So I found the G6 and I love it. I get a nice throat hit and good vapor. The manual battery is a little hard to find the button so I am going to try the automatic battery. The blank cartomizers are very easy to fill and last a good while.

    If you are looking for a e-cig this is the one...I have tried many e-cigs and I really like this one.

    Thank you Halo for making the slim e-cigs, I like to use an e-cig that is the size of a cigarette than the larger e-cigs!

  374. The First Step review by Sean

    If you want something that works excellent but don't want the added attention of bulky Vape pens, The g6 is perfect. I already own a bulky Vape system that I enjoy at home but wanted something I could take with me in public.
    Extremely impressed with how well the G6 preformed. sleek and stylish it gives me excellent vapor production and the batteries lasted more than long enough. Not only does it work perfectly its very easy to use as well.

  375. Great Buy review by Herbert

    I got my Jet Black G6 starter kit today. I have been charging the battery for 8 hours. Finally I got to try it.. I love it! Trying prime flavor right now and I love it.
    I need to put the battery back on the charger for an hour now and cant wait! I will be at it again as soon as I get it off the charger!

  376. Good fit and finish but expensive review by M

    This is probably my favorite of the G6 finishes (silver is second) mostly because it's discreet while looking decent. Halo's G6 kit is quality if a little overpriced. The finish is kind of a matte satin which I liked, and all the hardware is as good as you'll find in this class. I didn't really care for the case, as while it looks nice for storage on a desk or something it isn't suitable for traveling or even just going to work or around town... and when you're home you'll have one of them in use and one of them charging. Do yourself a favor and get their 78nm instead of 65mm. Also, people really like automatic batteries when switching, but if you'll be refilling your own cartomizers a manual is much safer.

  377. Decent gear but the white makes it look cheap review by M

    I'm not a big fan of the white finish, it makes it feel like a cheaper random disposable ecig. The finish is kind of a matte satin like the black which I liked, and all the hardware is as good as you'll find in this class. I didn't really care for the case, as while it looks nice for storage on a desk or something it isn't suitable for traveling or even just going to work or around town... and when you're home you'll have one of them in use and one of them charging. Do yourself a favor and get their 78nm instead of 6nm. Also, people really like automatic batteries when switching, but if you'll be refilling your own cartomizers a manual is much safer.

  378. Believe the Hype review by Eric

    Our foray into Halo began as one of those "You've tried the rest, now try the best" type deals. My wife and I have tried other brands which featured the same page after page of glowing reviews. After receiving this product, we were immediately impressed by it's packaging. Other than the grueling wait for the initial 8 hour first charge, we've had no complaints and it works better than some other brands we tried. The manual button is a little tricky to press if you've got bigger fingers, but all in all, a darn good kit to start with!

  379. G6 good? they're great review by Ryan

    Upon purchasing this product I was skeptical. Having tried a few other similar products I bought (one advertised on TV) locally and being unhappy with the performance and flavor. Upon receiving my starter kit I was immediately impressed with the case and the look and feel of the battery. I charged it up and it produces a nice amount of vapor and the menthol flavors I tried were all quite nice. THANK YOU HALO.

  380. Nice looking stuff review by Robert

    This is the first starter kit I've purchased for e-cig stuff. The kit I got looks really top notch and works fine. I have since re-ordered more liquids, blank cartomizers and a couple of mini tanks. I placed my first order on a Thursday evening and received them Saturday morning. I was and am very impressed.

  381. Good setup, can match all the other colors review by M

    Pretty hard to go wrong with Titanium, it ends up matching all the other colored cartomizers to a greater or lesser degree. Just to be clear though, this is not actually titanium or stainless or anything like that, just the same satin finish done in a steel-gray color. It's a nice setup though, I surprisingly like them with red or black cartomizers.

  382. Great kit but not sure you can call this pink review by M

    I like the G6 starter kit in general, but you should be warned if you're after pink this isn't all that pink unless you're in bright sunlight. And even then it appears to be more of a fuchsia color... some variant of purple. It still looks very feminine, but it doesn't really qualify as pink in my book.

  383. Good complimentary color with the LED review by M

    If you're after something feminine, I vastly prefer this to their pink color. It holds up in direct sunlight and when it's darker it just becomes more understated. The purple and blue LED compliment each other nicely. Otherwise, it's the same great G6 kit you know and love.

  384. Excellent Choice review by Danny D

    I tried this Ecig and love it so far!! Tried an Ecig a couple of years back and it was nothing like this. Highly recommend this for those looking for a change.

  385. Was skeptical of ecigs, but Halo has changed my opinion! review by Wendy

    Just gonna keep this simple. I tried Ecigs when they first came out in 2007 and used it for about 2 weeks and had enough. Felt it was a big scam. Recently I've started research more on ecigs to see what was out on the market these days. Spent literally DAYS on the internet and decided to go w/ Halo G6, mainly because they were US based, less expensive then some brands, & had only read good things about them. I am so incredibly happy that I found Halo! Just an all around great ecig, from battery life, ease of use and quality of both the hardware and eliquid, if you're questioning if you should try a Halo G6, I say DO IT!!

  386. G6 Starter review by Michael

    The Jet Black Starter Kit is an excellent, sleek starter kit for those looking for something that feels and tastes just like the real thing. Not as large vapor production as you would get with larger batteries but this is the closest experience to analogs you can get with respect to both taste and feel.

  387. Good kit, color feels like an orange review by M

    Not really a huge fan of this color except in the dark, where it becomes a much richer and unique red (assuming you can see it). There's almost some brown or orange mixed into it, so especially in bright sunlight it doesn't seem very masculine and will make you think of orange. Otherwise it's a great kit like the others in the series.

  388. Not a great color, but decent battery review by M

    There are so many colors for the G6 starter kit that I'd really reccommend you not get this lime green. If you really like lime green, in direct sunlight it is definitely lime green, and the blue LED and green are a nice combination... but I swear, at the wrong angle or shading this color looks almost sickly, especially when combined with any of the colored cartomizers.

  389. Great product. review by Robert

    This is my second ecig and it was a substantial upgrade. The batteries have a nice feel to them. The automatic operates just as smoothly as the manual, so it's really up to personal preference. The cartomizers are much easier to fill than I was expecting, but I'd still suggest giving a mini tank a try.

    If you are a menthol user, they have great flavors to try.

  390. Beautiful color! Definitely try if you like red! review by Zeut

    This is a gorgeous deep velvet red, almost crimson, that looks beautiful in the light. I got two short batteries because I hate how big most e-cigs are and I am so thrilled with the look and feel of these! Almost classy! Although I don't love the blue light- wish it was also red, or orange or white or something that didn't, well, clash.

  391. Great start review by Kat

    After trying gas station disposables, I wanted to find a system that actually saved me money and after about a month I am already saving a bunch. Thanks Halo!

  392. Pleased new customer review by Ben

    I have had my g6 starter kit for about 2 weeks now. I am very pleased. Great quality and a very reasonable price. Hands down out performs any disposable cigs i have ever found in a gas station. I really like that the kit comes with 2 batteries. The charge lasts me most of a day. Switching out batteries is really simple and charging a dead batter is very quick and painless. I ordered a manual and an automatic. I still cant decide which type i like more. Do yourself a favor and order a mini tank and a bottle of e juice when you get the starter kit. The cartomizers are decent, but the tanks are more enjoyable. Plus, the e juices are out of this world.

    So, one really pleased new customer here. Great job halo.

  393. Amazing review by Adam

    Best performance out of a two piece design I've ever had. Nice throat hit, nice vapor awesome packaging and some top quality manufacturing make these very enjoyable. The classic white with the authentic tan is a nice look, but still easily recognizable as electronic.

  394. amazing e-cig review by youssef

    I like halo products so much.

  395. Great Kit; All Inclusive review by Laine

    I originally tried ecigs with a different brand. I was very dissatisfied with that other product and researched quite a bit on available brands before turning to Halo. I bought this starter kit so that I would have everything needed.
    One of the best parts about the kit is that it comes with 2 G6s. This means that I always have a second G6 fully charged and ready to roll when the one I'm currently using needs to be recharged.
    The other big plus for this kit is that I was able to select automatic or push-button G6s at no additional cost. That showed me that Halo knows its customers and respects them because they didn't charge more for a specific kind of G6.

  396. Halo G6 - Excellent quality and product review by MJ13

    I just received my Halo G6 starter kit in black. Wow, what a great product. Packaging is amazing, and shows the care that Halo has in providing a solid product, and building a recognized brand.

    I ordered Tribeca as my first flavor, and all of the reviews for this e-liquied are spot on. Amazingly smooth, with a nice throat hit and carmel / vanilla flavor.

    I can easily recommend Halo and its products, and plan on being a long time customer.

  397. By far the most realistic e cig out there! review by Natalie Rose

    I purchased the Halo G6 starter kit, after trying out Prosmoke e cigs. The prosmoke failed to meet my expectations and after doing some research I settled on the Halo G6... and I' am very satisfied with the change,

    The Halo G6 cigarette gives consistent vapor production, the battery lasts a long time ( i bought the smaller battery and I am satisfied with it because it feels realistic when compared to cigarettes in size)... and if you buy the mini tank the flavor taste even more pure...and it doesn't look to large when compared to other e cigs with tanks. I take my G6 cigarette everywhere i go, the best part is that i can even smoke in bars, when grabbing a few drinks with friends!

    I would definitively encourage you to get the G6 you will not be disappointed.

  398. Quality Product review by MikeA

    I had tried the electronic cigarettes before and was never a fan of them. I decided to try them again and actually did some research rather than just buy a random one off of the shelf at the drug store. Halo kept coming up as one of the best so I decided to try it. Turns out Electronic Cigarettes are awesome if you buy a good one. The price is comparable but the product is not. HALO blows a lot of these other guys away.

  399. Bit pricey, but a good starter kit review by Anthony

    A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for... good quality. Battery packs feel balanced, not top heavy.

  400. Halo G6 Starter Kit Set review by Raiden

    All in all this product is great on every kind of aspect. From a recreational e-cigarette user I find this product to be in deed one of its kind. I used to use Blu e-cigarettes, but after purchasing this product I have not looked back since. Some of the key reasons why I love this product is as follows. For one it's the overall flavor of the e-liquid. The flavor overall is great and in some cases comes really close to the real thing. The next thing which is what I believe makes this product so amazing is the fact that they come with refillable cartomizers. This ingenious idea really allows the e-cigarette user to take full advantage what he or she chooses. Overall the Halo g6 e-cigarette is a great buy and I highly recommend it to any e-cigarette user to try.

  401. Great product! review by Lacey

    This is a great product and I love it! Such a great price for the quality of product that you are getting. The battery can last me all day, sometimes a bit longer and it produces great vapor with the cartomizers and the mini tanks. The colors are great, I love that you can customize and switch up the colors. The standard and automatic batteries perform equally and they aren't too heavy. The automatic battery I can easily hold i like a real cigarette. Overall a wonderful product that is definitely worth giving a try. I highly recommend the G6 kit, especially if you are new to vaping!

  402. Awesome product. review by Nick

    If you are new to ecigs and are looking for a one stop shop these are perfect. Discreet enough to take with you and the battery lasts long enough you won't have to recharge it in a day. Everything was nicely shipped along with instructions. If you tried the gas station throw aways don't be discouraged because this truly is good in flavor and just fun to use. The product is built very nice and is American made!

  403. Starter Kit review by Robert

    I purchased my starter kit along with some prefilled cartomizers just over two weeks ago. The Halo product is very satisfying. I have more juice on the way in some new flavors and I can't wait because my Tribeca is almost gone. I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed with the new flavors. Thanks Halo for a great product. I have already shared my approval with fellow workers. By the way, I am new to vaping! It works.

  404. VERY GOOD review by Cig Head

    I THINK the automatic battery is great and the kit is a good starter kit to help people learn about the electric cigarette world in a cost effective manner. I like the flavor I got and the battery life very much. I am buying a longer battery and larger refillable cartomizers. thank you Halo

  405. great stuff review by good dude

    Halo is a great starter kit for anyone looking to learn about the G6 style slim cigarettes. Good shipping and service. Good quality and good flavors. It is a great way to save money and have a cool looking e-cig that is not a giant jug,

  406. You would be a fool not to try this review by David

    I can honestly tell you without hesitation that if you are considering an affordable, effective, and ridiculously easy method to start vaping, you owe it to yourself to try this system. I am normally quite skeptical about products like this, but as far as quality, effectiveness, and satisfaction, I am 100% sold on this system in just two weeks. It shipped super fast, with awesome presentation and quality. 5 solid stars.

    (Suggestions: start with one automatic and one manual battery, find your preference--they're both awesome. Start with a lower nicotine level and work your way up. Once you find your favorite flavors, pick up a couple mini-tanks and some e-juice. And buy another kit for somebody you love!)

  407. Very beautiful color. review by Jennifer

    It is a very pretty color without looking to girly. My husband and I both just got the starter kit and we LOVE IT!!!!! We were using Blu and this is so much better. It is much better to take a drag off of. I love it!!!!! I am glad I got the purple because it is much easier to tell what 6G is mine.

  408. Excellent Product! review by Isaak James

    I received my Halo G6 Starter kit in Jet black. WOW! What a superb product! I requested both batteries to be automatic. The automatic batteries are very easy to use for a beginner such as myself. The battery has a soft feel and are very comfortable to grip while vaping. The packaging is phenomenal and well put together. This is an awesome product.

    I'm looking forward to be doing business with you for many years to come.

  409. Worth the investment review by Yaysh

    I was a casual ecig smoker, buying the disposable ones at gas stations. So glad I made the investment. The manual button helps you control the amount that is vaporized per drag. Comes in an amazing package, very classy and professional.

  410. Switch from other brands - excellent! review by LAwaters

    My G6 starter kit arrived and the vaping experience with it is phenomenal, comparable to cigar technique, with the cigarette tactile experience. While waiting for my kit, I picked up Green Smokes at a local shop. Not bad taste, but Halo's equipment and e-liquid is much, much better and less expensive. I have the 78 mm battery - one manual and one auto. I like the draw of the manual better.

    I was confused about nicotine level, thinking I should start with 6 mg (Low). That wasn't enough. In my case that means starting with 18 mg nicotine at minimum and I will be able to go lower from there.

    Equipment - excellent look, feel, design & functionality. The worst part so far has been waiting 8 hrs. for the initial charge! The battery lasts - and I take long, frequent pulls.

    As for flavors, I want plain tobacco with a tiny hint of sweet. Still trying to find that in Halo's flavors. I have Tribeca in the cartomizers that came with the kit, and the flavor has hints of cookie dough. Not my favorite so far. Capt Jack has a nice pipe flavor, and Longhorn is like a smooth cigar. I have some Turkish (mild), and it helps to mix it into the mini-tanks (you will want some!) with Capt or Longhorn to cut the boldness of the flavor. Just ordered some Freedom e-liquid to see if that is closer to plain, high quality tobacco flavor.

    Thanks Halo.

  411. I love green! review by steph

    I lose EVERYTHING so having this green battery is perfect! I can always find it!! I love the packaging it was so nice! Great case I can easily throw in my purse and go!

  412. so far, so good! review by OHio

    First off, order arrived via USPS in 3 business days which was impressive (especially with free shipping due to our order >$75). I ordered the larger, automatic battery with Menthol Ice, 12ml juice. After the 8 hour initial charge, I was very anxious for my first vape and it didn't disappoint! Granted, its only been about 5 hours of use. The menthol ice is a nice flavor. I was very impressed with the throat hit, it was stronger than I expected! I must say, I'm ready to begin feeling and breathing better and I really believe halo g6 may be the answer!

  413. The last system I'll ever need! review by Mikey Moff

    This system is amazing! I am generally new to vaping and this system offers everything you need to get started and has the options and upgrades to keep you satisfied for the rest of your vaping career! I will literally never need to switch systems again, Halo has it covered!

  414. good for a beginner review by Bruno

    This product is really awesome for a beginner. But if you are a heavy vaper you should think about the triton even if it is a little more complicated to use it might be best suited to your situation. Other then that the flavors of halo are awesome and it's still an awesome beginner kit!!!

  415. Love these! review by KIM

    I have been vaping off & on for several years. Started w/ similar style of KR808s which got me started. Moved on to Twists, Spinners, Vamo & then Provari. All have been great products but finally decided I wanted to go back to the smaller cig-a-like. Just don't like the bulkiness of the Vamo or Provari. I'm very impressed with the G6! I love the size & am finding I don't need huge plumes of vapor to be satisfied like I thought I needed from a Provari. Must say the vapor production from these little guys is pretty awesome though! I love Halo juices and can now say I'm loving their ecigs as well :)

  416. Best starter kit! review by Kathryn

    I ordered 2 starter kits because of all the great reviews on this product! I could not be happier, it is better than I thought, batteries last me about 4 hours and I am a medium vapor. When I change out battery I also change cartridge that way cartridge doesn't get to dry. The cartridges are so easy to refill, I refill with about 30 drops of eliquid. I have enough batteries and cartridges to keep them in rotation so I always have charged batteries and carts ready to go! If you want this style of ecigerette this is the best! The price is great, quality is great! Glad I found halo g6!

  417. Pretty suitable! review by Ashkan

    G6 Starter Kit comes in a pretty nice package, with a luxury looking case. I got this product about two months ago and used it almost 24/7. It worked perfectly for this period, but I would say the life time of both batteries and cartomizers are about two months. Even though, the experience was pretty cool and convinced me to order new set of battery and cartomizers from Halo again. I am satisfied with two month working e-cigs if they cost less than $50! Overall I should say with this range of price, Halo G6 starter kit is a pretty good product. If you wish to have more lasting product, you should pay much more!

  418. Well worth it review by Gil

    This is a great kit. For starters, shipping was very fast. I placed my order late on a Tuesday night and it was in my mailbox Saturday morning. The kit is packaged very well. The included case is great for storing when not in use. I ordered two manual batteries and they make for a great vaping experience, easy to control. I've never used an automatic battery, so I can't really compare the two. The chargers are simple and easy to use. All in all, this was a great purchase. Halo all the way for me!

  419. Bought this as a gift review by Wen

    Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend. She so loves this, and the color is so nice. I love these halo starter kits, has everything you need. You won't be sorry you bought one, they are wonderful!

  420. Amazing Product! review by Shane

    Just received my starter kit and wow I am impressed with the quality of this product! If you are new to electronic cigarettes I would recommend halo g6 series it is simple to use and amazing quality! When I first opened the box I wanted to try it out and see how it was and I was blown away by the taste of halo e liquids and the vapor production from the 78 mm battery. I am now charging my batteries and will continue to use these each day. If you are looking for a e cig at a reasonable price and for simple use I would recommend the g6 series. Thank you halo for making an amazing product and for gaining a new lifetime customer!

  421. G6 is Great review by Jeremy

    I am very impressed with my G6. I went with the mini battery and it last several days for me. It is sleek and stylish. Buying the starter kit is a great value.

  422. Halo did it right review by Philip

    Halo has essentially boiled down your choice to either the G6 or the Triton models. With other sites they throw a myriad of selections at you and for a beginner that's a difficult position. It's so much easier here, and it's a great product to boot. My only regret is that, had I known how much I liked this product, I would have gone with the triton tanks.

  423. Greater Than Expected review by Andrew

    I'm not an expert in the world of electronic cigarettes, but I am not a beginner either. I started with the disposable crap ones from convenient stores, moved to what I thought was good (still not great) rechargeable store one, then I moved to a big name brand for my third upgrade. That third one wasn't a G6, but it is a highly regarded one, so I went with it. It had great performance, but the flavor wasn't there. Within 3 days of owning it, I purchased a Halo G6, classic white with authentic tan empty cartomizer along with the Malibu e-liquid.

    Wow is all I have to say. With the new package they come with now, it's hard to believe it only cost me $45 for the starter kit alone. The other high end one, was crap compared to this, and more expensive. Presentation is five stars. After a hard-to-wait-for eight hours of charging, the G6 did much better than expected. The flavor was great, vapor was better than expected since videos on Youtube don't show much. Maybe because they didn't follow charging instructions like I did? Anyhow, the G6 looks great, feels great, and works great! I strongly recommend this to anybody wanting to try a serous e-cig without breaking the bank or using a big tank system. I last all day with this and maybe more if I go lighter on it.


    - Looks
    - Feel
    - Performance
    - Price
    - Overall package
    - Flexibility with upgrading or modifying


    - Having to wait eight hours on first charge. Do it, don't be impatient, it's worth the wait.

    If you're thinking about it, do it. I promise you'll love it.

  424. Great product for those thinking about making the transition from analogs. review by conc3pt

    I was at first extremely skeptical about the whole e-cig thing. At first I tried disposables and was very unsatisfied with what they had to offer. I decided to give it another go. After doing some research on popular brands in the market, I decided to go with a Halo G6 Starter kit....and WOW! I am overly impressed with how much this mimics a real cigarette. The throat hit and nicotine delivery are spot on and I couldn't be any happier with the money invested. You won't regret it.

  425. Great kit review by Matt

    Much cheaper yet better quality kit than almost any ecig out there. Top notch. And the battery and vaper is great

  426. Excellent all around. review by Jason

    I settled on this as a first setup. I wanted something that would feel as close to what I was used to as possible and this has done the trick. I've only had the kit for a short time, but so far I have had no problems with it. I also ordered the menthol sample pack to find my juice of choice that I'm still working my way through, and have been pleased with each that I've tried. Charging the two batteries for the first time is time consuming (8 hrs for each battery and only one charger) but that's been the only inconvenience so far. If you're on the fence on which setup to start with, I don't think you can go wrong with this one.

  427. Very nice product, well suited for starters review by Devon

    Very nice product, well suited for starters.

  428. Best E-Cig I've ever tried review by Mark

    I used to be pretty adamant about only using disposable E-Cigs, but the G6 has made me a believer. The ease of charging, variety of flavors, and sleek traditional size have all been the right fit for me.

  429. LOVE IT!!! review by Laura

    I got this 2 weeks ago and LOVE it!!! I ordered the small bottle refill, wish I ordered the large one. I can smoke ANYWHERE and that's so GREAT for me.

  430. Everything you need and Excellent Quality review by LVE

    Halo’s Starter Kits are great. You get everything you need to get started and very good quality. Two batteries so that you can charge one while using the other. The 5 prefilled cartomizers are enough to get you through until your next juice order arrives. The wall charger is small yet holds the battery securely while charging. And the case is really nice, and well made. The lime green color is an acquired taste, but for some personalities, it might be a perfect fit. Overall, these Starter Kits are definitely a 5, but for me, the lime green battery, with black filter and blue tip . . . have to go with a 4.

  431. Great Size, Works well review by Sara

    I really like the G6. I had initially planned on trying the Blu disposable, but several friends talked me out of it. This is a great size & looks really slick. It easily fits & stays in my jean pocket. I purchased one with an automatic battery and one with a manual battery. I see pros and cons to both. The auto battery is so easy to use, but I can see if you want a longer stronger hit, the manual battery is better for that. I really like that I can choose between the cartomizers or mini tanks. Charging is easy. This seems like a really good starter kit, especially if you are new to the vaping experience.

  432. GREAT! review by ryan

    No issues at all. VERY well made product.
    Quality is Top notch! Batteries last 2 days for me.
    Love it. Reccomend it. The Demon Red is SWEET!

  433. WOW! Best Beginner/Intermediate E-Cigarette For 2014!! review by Christopher

    Bought a set for myself and I am just blown away. First of all, nothing even comes close to quality and customer service provided by The Halo Company! Now, to the G6 itself. The G6 has a sleek low profile, I can take it anywhere, and the battery life is pretty decent for its size. The vapor production is defiantly there but what I really like is the flavor that the G6 provides me. THE FLAVOR PRODUCTION IS VERY IMPORTANT! And Halo absolutely delivered a product that does that and then some. Charging the device is a breeze and so is cleaning. LOVE MY G6!! Go Halo!

  434. First eCig; made the right choice review by Chip

    This is my first eCig. I spent countless hours researching online to find the best available eCig, and I am confident I made the right choice. The eCig itself is a gorgeous device. It's simple, yet elegant, and does not feel or look cheap by any means (although the price is extremely competitive!). I have been using the starter kit for about 3 weeks now, and have had zero issues. The Halo G6 has great battery life. The starter kit comes with two batteries, which last me an entire day of moderate to heavy vaping. It charges in less than two hours though, if any of you have concerns. Now for the actual vaping experience...it is simply amazing. I consistently get thick clouds of vapor, satisfying throat-hit, and absolutely delicious taste. Along with my starter kit, I bought the variety pack of e-liquid, and extra cartomizers which I have been refilling time and time again. Each one of those flavors is fantastic. I have nothing negative to say about the Halo G6 starter kit. If any of you are on the fence, buy it. You won't regret it.

  435. Received my starter kit review by Ryan

    I am fairly new to e-cigs and e-liquid. Just last week I thought... hey maybe I should check it out... and I did.

    I tried a couple disposables and a friend referred me to Halo and I must admit, the process was simple and the products are great. I ordered over this past weekend and just got my stuff here in Wisconsin today. Shipping was free on my order over 75.00 so I just went with that shipping price.

    The batteries and charging units are quality as I suspected and expected them to be. The couple flavors I've tried are great but I will review flavors individually. I got both the Menthol and Gourmet Sample Packs to start.

    I highly recommend these products and this particular brand "Halo" to the few others I have tried. A+ experience all around.

    Try it yourself!

  436. I was new to the ecig world but this kit made it simple review by Michael

    When I opened the shipping box and pulled out the halo box I was amazed because the quality was so high. I got subzero with my kit because it sounded nice and it is. I only wish that you were able to select 5 different flavors to come with the kit. Overall though this is a great product.

  437. Great Value and starter kit review by Matt

    When I was choosing an e-cig it came down to Halo and Green Smoke. The one thing that swayed me to Halo was the fact you can refill the cartridges, which supposedly makes it cheaper. Also the midnight blue tipped me over the edge toward Halo.

    Everything looks good, however I have noticed that the cartomizers do not hold as much as the Green Smoke ones and the batteries do not last as long as the green smoke ones. However i do enjoy the variety of flavors and with the variety pack even though I have my favorites I don't really hate any of them.

    All in all minus a couple of small nit picks and gripes I am very pleased I went with Halo.

  438. AWESOME! review by Karen

    Best thing I have ever bought! I love my G6! It is perfect for at home and on the go. I love vaping! The G6 is really nice looking and easy to carry. Holds a really good charge (lasts me all day) and has a ton of neat accessories. I have been referring everyone to try this product. Kudos to Halo for an awesome product!!! Oh and the price...AWESOME!!!!

  439. The G6 e-cig is the best review by Vickie

    I have tried a couple of other e-cig's and this one take the prize. I have used only one of the cartomizer cigarette flavors and it is wonderful. This is the way to go.

  440. G6 review by Robert

    The G6 is the best E cigarette on the market hands down!

  441. The BEST kit around review by Addison

    This is the best starter kit around nowadays. I tried a lot of products and the battery life, quality, durability, design, and options for this G6 set up is superior to others by far. Affordable too. Keep it up Halo. Roar!

  442. great start! review by candace

    This is a great start to enjoying electronic cigarettes. The cartridge is easy to screw on and easy to remove. The charging time is so much faster than the others I've tried. The battery life is way better too, as with all halo products you're purchasing a quality product. I think the two pack battery with cartridges, charger, and case is the best way to go. You need the extra battery because you never know if you're going to be away and have access to an electrical outlet. Have the extra battery and getting a car adapter will only compliment your halo kit. I love the black, but all the colors are great! Halo never misses a detail, even down to the many colors of batteries. You'll be spending your money wisely!

  443. My first kit review by Christopher

    I purchased this kit but selected the brown blank filters. I was extremely happy with it. the quality was outstanding. I loved that it looked like a real cigarette. My only issue was i was using both batteries and 3 cartomizers a day. If the look of a traditional smoke is that important, then this is by far the best way to go. I upgraded to the Triton and love it, but for what this e-cigg is, it is amazing.

  444. Great vape review by Stephen

    This was my first e-cig after trying the disposables. This thing is great! It puts out a very good amount of vapor. I have also purchased other vaporizers and still go back to this thing. The size is perfect and battery life (on a 300mAh battery) lasts pretty much all day during medium to heavy use. I recommend this to beginners and average users and even has a place for advanced users as well.

  445. Exactly what I expected. PERFECT! review by Sam

    I just received my G6 starter kit today and am in love! I actually started with the Trition Tank system which is hands down THE BEST electronic cigarette on the market for the best price. The G6 is much smaller, slimmer and more discrete. I planned on using the mini tanks with my G6 from the start and most likely will keep doing so. The cartomizers are alright but just don't give me the flavor, throat hit or vapor production that i became accustom to with the Triton. I love using my G6 at work, when I go out to bars or in places where I just want to be more discrete. The purple color is SO beautiful and the texture has a soft rubbery suede kind of feeling. Nicely done Halo, I love you guys! Yay!

  446. Quality product for a good price. review by Russell

    This is the first E-Cig starter kit I've bought, and it's worth every dollar.
    Battery life seems pretty good, the chargers are working out great, and the case itself is nicely made.
    The battery looks and feels very nice, nothing "cheap" about it.
    I'm very happy with the kit, and I'm excited to try out more Halo products.

  447. 1 month review by Jerry

    I ordered the G6 starter kit in white, with the Torque liquid. The order arrived in 3 days. Yesterday was one month since I have been using the G6. The Torque flavor is excellent. The entire system is easy to use. I do enjoy the manual battery over the automatic battery. I notice a much stronger hit with the manual. My wife ordered both automatic with hers and is now going to buy a manual as she enjoys it more as well. So glad we made the switch to G6!!

  448. G6 Starter Kit review by NICOLE

    After a little research I decided to go with Halo starter kit. I am now writing this review 7 months after starting vaping. I prefer to vape the flavors of Halo. I cannot say enough about this starter kit.

  449. Everything you need review by M

    I made the mistake of buying everything separately... Don't do that. This kit comes with everything you need, and the price certainly beats buying each item individually. You may think "I don't necessarily need all of the items included in this kit," but let me assure you, you'll buy everything that's included in the kit eventually. Too good of an offer to pass up.

  450. Best kit out there right now! review by Charles

    I've tried a few different brand e-cigs and starter kits and the Halo is by far the best in my opinion. Look & feel are amazing and performance is awesome too. I get more vapor from my G6 with a cartomizer than some people I've seen with ego style batteries and tanks! Halo is the best cig-alike out there!

  451. Love, love, love my new G6 system review by Marianne

    I recently bought the G6 system from Halo after switching to e-cigarettes two months ago. I was tired of the quality of product I was receiving from the drug store and started investigating e-cigarettes online. There are a lot of choices out there. Due to the great reviews and the fact their juices are made in the USA I decided to try the Halo G6. I am thrilled with my decision. The feel of the battery is lush. I would recommend getting a manual one and an automatic one so you know which one you like better for future reference. I would also recommend getting a mini tank. It creates a whole new vaping experience with the flavor, throat hit and strength of the draw you get. The midnight blue color is beautiful. All in all the G6 system rocks!

  452. Awesome review by Monsto

    The G6 is the real deal! I am pleasantly surprised.

  453. So far pretty awesome review by Christopher

    I have been using this halo starter pack for almost a week now and it has been amazing, I have used other brands but this one takes the cake. Ordered with TriBeCa 24mg. Delicious! And satisfies that nicotine craving. Everything has a nice look and feel and you can tell it's quality, and the packaging is great. I enjoy the manual battery more than the automatic but I use both and this product produces great vapor. Thanks Halo.

  454. Life Style Change review by Char

    First of all I would like to say thank you. I have received my very first E Cigarette’s from your company and I am incredibly happy . After doing a lot of research on the net about E Cigarette’s I chose your company. Best choice ever made. In fact I am slowly converting my friends over to Halo. Your products and service is impeccable.

    Over all, for all those out there Halo is indeed the best product on the market and quality is supreme including their E Liquids.


  455. G6 starter kit review by Nene

    I am absolutely pleased with my g6. It is a much better experience than the disposable ones in the store. My battery will last me all day and sometimes 2 days. Oh and the subzero carts are awesome! Thank you halo.

  456. Fantastic. review by Emma

    I've had a generic tank system for a while, but needed something more inconspicuous for use at school and work. This was just the ticket. It's quality is evident, the cartos are so easy to work with, the batteries last at least eight hours (and I chain vape), and the silky red sheen is gorgeous to boot. I can't saying anything bad about this. The only thing amiss is the wall charger tends to hum at a really high frequency. But seriously, that's it. Fantastic product.

  457. Very Pleased review by Crooked

    I did a lot of research on e-cigs prior to purchasing the Titanium G6 Starter kit. I have been very happy with my purchase, but do have an idea that would make it even better.
    Pros: I wanted a setup that really felt like smoking - size of device is very close in line with a traditional cigarette. I also wanted a kit that I could feel comfortable using all day. And I do. I also appreciate the fact that you can customize the kit with any flavor cartridge, however, I knew I wanted to be able to sample many flavors, so I was happy the offering of blanks was available. I paired my order with the Variety Pack of e-juice, and also a mini tank to try that out, and an additional set of LR carts. I was pleased to have the flexibility to find a vaping setup that gave me a good hit. well done Halo!
    Cons: Not too many. My only "gripe" about the kit is that the case that comes with the kit has no provision for storing anything but the stuff that comes with it. I'd like the ability to store a few of the mini tanks in the case, since I'm finding I really like them, but there's not a convenient way to carry. Maybe even a molded insert that fits in the upper portion of the case. So more like adding storage instead of replacing the existing mold.

  458. very nice review by brian

    I got the demon red started pack and am in awe of the fit and finish of all of halos products....I've been through a lot of starter packs i.e. V2, Apollo, various buys from smoke shops. The halo brand seems a cut above them all....I'm headed for the triton system next....I need more vapor, I saw someone call themselves a cloud chaser. I guess I'm one of those now. Thanks halo.

  459. Product and customer Service review by Richard H

    I received my starter kit 3 days after my order was placed. My 2nd battery was not functioning. I called to inform Halo of my defaulted G6 and Had some of the best experience I have ever had with the customer service online and over the phone along with prompt service. The product is great it has helped me over come my New years, and money goals. I have recommended to everyone, even my mother in law. Since she has tried my halo and listened to my testimony I think she may start trusting me and my advice for now on. Thanks again Halo for being a honest and Loyal American Made company to your Customers.
    You Rock in the U.S.A in Utah.

  460. Awesome!!! review by Deb

    I had tried Blu and another ecig. For me this is the most dependable and enjoyable bang for your buck. You won't be disappointed with the Halo G6! Its awesome!!!

  461. Fantastic worth every cent! review by Todd

    Received my G6 Starter Kit the other day, after only two days of use I must say I'm very impressed with this little gem. Great quality product, and the thing that impressed me the most was the "warm" full throat hit I get.
    I have not found one on the market yet that performs this well for such a small device.
    The blank cartridges are Easy to fill, no mess no worries and the device is small enough to be concealed easily.
    Way to go Halo and keep up the good work.

  462. Everything I wanted review by Sandra

    I bought an e-cig at the grocery store on a whim. It worked out OK but I checked some on-line reviews and found that Halo got great marks. Ordered a starter kit and a couple packs of pre-filled carts. It's all been a no-brainer and I've loved everything about it. Will be back again and again and again!

  463. Great review by Austin

    So simple to use great for beginners.

  464. AWESOME review by Amanda

    Been using an electronic cig for about a year now and used to buy disposable cigs but now that I have tried this g6.Will never go back love love love this kit. Convenient, love the color and the different flavors and accessories Give you so many options.. GREAT PRODUCT!!

  465. The G6 is Awesome!! review by David

    I have now purchased 3 of these units in black. They are by far the best ecig on the market. I have friends who have bought inferior products such as the ego and now most are switching over. The starter kit is a great deal and has everything you need so far it has been flawless!!

  466. Everything you need to start review by Ian

    I searched online for the best reviewed E-Cig company and Halo had an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. I was hesitant to try E-cigs before because the ones I tried in the past did not deliver a satisfactory experience, and I felt like I would be wasting money on something I wouldn't want to use for a long time. Boy was I wrong. I wish I would've started using Halo E-cigs sooner. Not only is the experience top-notch, but the variety of flavors that Halo offers makes it even more enjoyable.

    Now onto the Deep Purple Starter Kit. The box it comes in is fantastic: very nice soft black material, durable, and has a nice snap upon opening and closing. The charger and USB attachment are professional grade, not the flimsy material you find in other brands. The two batteries that come with the kit fulfill their promised battery life, and the Deep Purple color is very aesthetically pleasing. The cartridges have lasted me for over a month, they are easily refillable and offer no disadvantages.
    Overall, this is a fantastic product that is well manufactured and comes at a very reasonable price. Don't hesitate to buy, you will not be disappointed and this could be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

  467. Good Intro! review by H

    This was my first foray into e-cigs and it was a great introduction to vaping. The cool case and the feel of the G6 made it functional and cost effective. The other starter kit pieces such as the USB and charger, not to mention the ability to customize your kit made it all worth while.

  468. Mini Tanks! review by Benjamin

    I have both the Triton, and the G6, I don't like the taste of the pre filled cartridges for the G6, but mini tanks make all the difference! I love that my G6 is super portable, and I am in love with G6 mini tanks! I am so happy I bought a G6 starter kit!

  469. wife had to have one too. review by Jim

    Wife tried my emerald one and just had to have one too. I got her the pink one with tank also. I had too she was stealing my kit. Good job on this one.

  470. Excellent E-Cig review by Wassom23

    The Halo G6 is by far the best out of all the basic e cigs I plan to purchase the triton soon to get a more advance use. This is my first e-cig but I did a lot of research based on seeing friends with other brands such as blu with problems of the battery life of blu and the taste and poor quality. But I have heard nothing but good things about halo cigs and that is what caused me to go through with purchasing a unit from them and I am happy I did. The battery life lasts about 4 hours of heavy use for me which is perfectly enough for me especially since the starter kit came with two batteries. Me and my Fiance share them and we both love halo products.

  471. best out there review by gregory

    if you have tried other ecigs and were disappointed, give halo a try and you won't be sorry.

  472. Classy but left me kinda sassy review by max

    When i opened the package, the case wowed me! The texture and the color all seemed really nice. Everything on the inside followed with a really good quality foam with holes to fit cartidges and batteries and so forth. I like the fact that it comes with a wall charger AND a usb charger, but i realized that either way the usb is needed.... so to me that seemed kind of silly because that means either way that you can only charge one battery at a time with the kit. Would have made more sense to have a direct thread into the wall charger.... its bearable though considering the quality of everything. I bought the classic white batteries, both automatic and one standard and the other mini. Both last a good while if I'm not chain vaping them! And the feel of the slightly soft rubberized battery is SOOOOOO nice, it really shouldn't be underestimated, because when i went to pick up my old metallic one i literally said, ew. Unlike vaporzone kits, it did nicely come with a pack of five cartridges. Overall this is a really great little kit, things about the box make me wonder though. Is it the reason i ended up paying 50 compared to the usual 20-30 dollar kit..? if so definitely should be made an option because as much as i love it, i would've preferred to have saved money so i could get some spare juice. And lastly, with a new standard coming that cases are now are functioning as chargers (that look like a lovely little pack) why not scrap the big giant cigar box looking thing.... and move to a compact, more portable one? or even add a charging capability to the already blocky case to make it more functional. Really though, can't say enough about the quality! But maybe it is time to kick it up with the newer gear when it comes to standard storage.

  473. Great kit, worth the money review by Don

    If you are new to e-cigs and do not know much about them, I would definitely recommend picking up this kit as your first. You get everything you need here, two batteries, chargers, and enough cartomizers to last you for a while. If you like vaping then I would recommend you also pick up some mini tanks to go with your g6 battery but this is a great place to start. I recommend you get one automatic battery and one manual battery just to see what you like. The blue light on the end looks amazing and will go great with any color battery. It is also very simple to charge and the great part about having two batteries is that one will usually always be ready to use while the other one charges. For what you get in this kit is definitely worth the price since you have everything you need and more to start vaping. Great kit halo!

  474. Great product and experience! review by Rafael

    I´ve been using G6 for 3 months and I´m very satisfied with the product. Battery life is good and lasts 1 day for me.
    I´ve tried prefilled cartomizers and tanks, for my taste the tanks are much better.

  475. great product review by Annie

    I love this product.

  476. Amazing way to get started! review by Zipper

    This kit has everything you need to get started and save some money! Much cheaper than buying everything separately. I got the white with natural blank cartomizers so i could fill them myself. It looks just like the real thing, i love it! Amazing looking case fits everything nicely. The pack of cartomizers were a little difficult to remove from the pack but everything is kept safe and snug. I would buy again in an instant!

  477. Highly reccomend! review by AnotherHaloFan

    The G6 starter kit provided my first vaping experience - and I highly recommend it to everyone who asks!

    This system is a fantastic introduction to the vaping world, and the starter kit provides you with everything you need to get going, for a good price. I have used both the manual and the automatic batteries, and I like them both for different reasons - though overall feel that I get a better 'hit' from the manual.

    The overall look of ALL of Halo's systems is stylish, they feel good in-hand, and come in a lovely display case. Aesthetics are important, and these E-Cigs are pretty, as well as functional. All else aside, made in the USA is the icing on the cake.

    The only thing I'd add from start up were I to do it all over again would be to get a sample pack of the E-juice, and a few mini tanks from day one. I've found that I greatly prefer the tanks - but the cartos make it easy for those just starting out.

    For a more experienced vaper, I'd recommend the Triton, but if this is your first E-cig, or if you don't prefer the larger size of the Triton, you really can't go wrong with this wonderful system.

  478. Simply the Best review by Daniel

    If you are interested in becoming a vaper, but do not want to carry around a large clunky object, this is for you. They look and feel like a traditional cigarette, and are extremely easy to get used to. This kit is a one stop shop for beginners.

  479. Nice ecig review by Diana Prince

    I really like this ecig. It puts all others to shame. I first started on blu, then went to NJoy which I liked, but I blew through them so SO fast. The G6 way outperforms any other. The only thing I regret is not getting the manual battery because I like to take long draws.

  480. The Best review by James ODee

    In my opinion, Halo is the best there is. I have tried a few other popular e-cigarette companies and nothing comes close to the top quality Halo puts into their G6 products. You can see and feel the difference.

    The choices of colors and the flexibility they provide is outstanding. I just started to try different e-juices and Halo has great, well built blank cartomizers and mini tanks. Their batteries are smooth to the touch and have a solid build. The threading is also compatible with other popular e-cigarette companies.

    The flavors they offer a great. I just hope that they come out with more of a selection, such as vanilla, cherry and regular coffee. The delivery was extremely fast and well packaged. So, to sum it all up and after trying several other company products, Halo is the only choice for me.

  481. Couldn't be happier! review by Justin

    This is the first non disposable e-cig I have ever ordered. I can't say enough good about halo and this product. First of all the package arrived 2 days earlier then I expected, it was packaged very nice and professionally. And the product itself is like nothing I have ever tried before! I have had it for a week now and have not even wanted to pick up a cigarette. Not to mention these things are just plain fun. My girlfriend has gotten so hooked on it that now she wants one as well and she doesn't even smoke! Overall great company, product, e-juice flavors and price. This was very worth every penny. Thanks halo!

  482. Great Starter Kit! review by Sara

    I finally started researching ecigs after my doctor mentioned them. I went to a lot of websites, read a lot of reviews, and ended up here. Took a little getting used to, but I am slowly going down in nicotine strength and love that I can order nicotine free and continue vaping.

    I got the jet black starter kit that came with 2 manual batteries, 5 tribeca cartomizers, and both usb and wall chargers in an attractive case. I also picked up a few mini tanks while I was here. The G6 is well built, solid, and has a nice smooth feel. It has great vapor production compared to the disposable I tried. Works great! I've been using the tanks, which fit conveniently in the case with my car charger when placed sideways in the cartomizer slot. I love that the starter kits are customizable right down to nicotine strength! I also love the quick shipping! Much appreciated!

  483. saved my life! review by mike

    The best part about the G6's, when you decide to push forward to try the ultimate, which is vaping halo's premium e-liquid, is that a G6 tank or 2 can be ordered for very little & once you receive the G6 tanks & a bottle of halo's premium e-liquid your ready to try it first hand and see what all of the fuss is about.

  484. Excellent review by Matthew


  485. Awesome. review by Sean

    My first E-Cig starter kit was this. Couldn't of been happier with it. Long battery life, quick charges, and excellent e-juice.

  486. The Halo G6 Starter kit is AWESOME!! review by Brett

    The G6 starter kit is great! It gives you everything you need to get started. The Halo products are top notch, very high quality. I love how compact and slim the batteries are. The G6 is very easy to take along with you. And the mini tanks work awesome and are so easy to fill, clean and use. I will for sure be ordering several more in the different colors. I just ordered and received a Triton setup for my wife. And WOW it is sweet. I will be getting myself a Triton as well. Thanks Halo, We love your products. I can't wait to try all your E-liquid flavors.

  487. Great Transition review by Alex

    I have been smoking the disposables (not to mention names but its a color that's spelled wrong) and they never really gave me the satisfaction. I felt like I was missing something. I have tried E-cigs before but never thought I would become a vaper but I thought I would try it. I read some reviews online, some youtube vids, and Halo came across as the best starter company. I got my kit today and I can tell you after using it for 5 hours or so, I feel like I can get used to it. So far I am very happy with it and I think you would be too. I would highly recommend Halo.

    Purchased: Titanium G6 Starter, extra 102mm battery, 5 packs of Prime, 2 extra USB ports (highly recommend for your car, home charger, and travelcase/extra) Home charger.

  488. All in all I love the G6 kit, but prefer the larger batteries... review by Jaded_Gal

    I received this from my husband around a month ago for my birthday. I've been vaping for almost 2 years & was in desperate need of a new rig. A local vape shop carried not only Halo oils but also the G6 kit, so after careful deliberation, I decided on the G6. Unfortunately, locally, my vape shop only had the G6 with the mini batteries. Still, I needed something sooner, rather than later so I went for it, buying the black G6 set, 1 auto, 1 manual, both minis.

    I followed the charging instructions & while I really like the G6 overall, the mini batteries aren't for me. As a full time vaper, they don't come close to lasting the full day, so I've got to carry both batts. Still, I love the finish, the texture is great & the construction is sturdy, the e-cig feels substantial in my hands. I pair it with a mini-tank rather than the packaged, pre-filled carts. Tribeca, 12-18 mg is my all day vape, so I picked the 12mg prefilled carts. I like & have used carts before but wasn't a fan of the prefilled. They didn't taste like the Tribeca that I've used, in tanks & blank carts prior to this. The taste was "off" with a slight bitter burnt quality to it. Also, one of the prefilled carts was a dud, had to toss it. Since I normally use mini tanks, opting only for carts when my primary vape shop began carrying a terrible & flimsy tank that broke if you looked at it hard, I was thrilled that Halo sold my favorite type of mini tank. So my prefilled carts are still in the case, minus the dud, unused. I ordered more mini tanks & use those. I'll save the carts for emergency use.

    I ordered an extra 75mm manual battery in Titanium & like the battery life better, it doesn't last all day, but it comes closer to it. I also order 2 of the 102mm batteries in black, manual, this last go around. I think these will solve my all day battery issues. Don't get me wrong, I like the minis batteries, they'll come in handy when I need to be discreet, like restaurants, the movies, etc., just not for an all day vape. I could get a triton, but as a female I like the slimmer design.

    All in all I love this & am a halo customer through & through, not just the oil only now! I only took off a star due to the prefilled carts "off" taste & the dud present in the sealed package. Other than this minor issue, I'm extremely happy with this & have recommends the G6 & anything Halo to all my friends that vape.

  489. Appealing and Classy review by Slave to the Rhythm

    i have purchased a white kit for myself and just now ordered the black kit for my boyfriend we like the G6 starter kit alot better than the Triton the G6 looks and feels like a real cigarette it dosen't look like anything out of the ordinary like the Triton, the Triton looks more bulky and the Triton tanks look too big for the Triton battery i hope in the future Halo will create a smaller Triton tank which i'm sure Halo will create smaller Triton tanks with the superior mind and capability of craftmanship but i would still mention the Triton kit to all my friends everything about Halo is worth buying.

  490. Fantastic! review by Matt T

    I bought this kit after using gas station brands (not Blu) and getting nothing but sore throats and horrible burning taste. This kit is perfect for when I am out with friends. It's compact, easy to use, and produces a nice amount of vapor. The only problem I had, and this is through no fault of the product was that the cartridges would not last all that long and refilling them was somewhat of a pain (I probably did not fill them correctly). I highly suggest getting some tanks for this kit as well, they appear to be easier to use (and they match the color of your kit). All in all, I am very happy with my kit! Thank you Halo!

  491. Great kit for the $ review by doug

    These kits are great and they produce great vapor compared to other brands that are larger. People can't believe how much vapor I get with little ecig.

  492. halo g6 most reliable & comfortable to use. review by Sandra

    Had huge Joyco eco-c b4 I was referred 2 halo products. Now I've never looked back. Moving 2 triton next. Will review when kit arrives. :)

  493. very happy with purchace review by Chris

    The G6 kit came quickly. It arrived in a nice box with the manual batteries that I selected. The batteries last most of the day. and I use them with white, blank cartomizers. They look and feel just like regular cigarettes.

  494. G6 starter review by Jarrett

    Excellent shipping. The case is great and the batteries feel high quality. I don't understand the 8 hour initial charge time though. I ordered a small and large battery. I am somewhat of a light smoker, maybe half pack a day, so the small battery lasted about 1-1/2 days. The large one lasted about 2 days. Although different in size, the charge time for both batteries was about 2 hours. Overall, the feel, quality, and presentation of Halo products are top notch.

  495. Great for beginners! review by Christina

    This is the first E-Cig I've personally used. I did some research, asked around and was impressed by what I heard of the Halo G6. A friend had ordered a starter pack last year and couldn't say enough about it. I spent a week buying and trying out disposable's around town to get a feel for it. Ended up buying the Deep Purple G6 Starter Kit. the Deep Purple is a beautiful shade, without being too girly looking. My boyfriend doesn't feel "less manly" when using it out and about.

    I've been using the G6 for roughly a week now. I enjoy being able to smoke without the smell offending non-smoker friends, and not smelling like cigarettes I'll admit that while driving in the car, I sometimes go to ash out the window and laugh at myself :)

    I chose the Prime 15 E-liquid and honestly, wouldn't order it again. The first puff or so tasted nice and smelled great, but afterwards I've decided the "hint of cocoa flavor" is over powering to me. I was looking for a more tradition tobacco taste, and next time will order just that.

    Overall this is a great experience, and I look forward to trying out new flavors and continuing to use my G6 !

  496. Life Saver!! review by Frances

    I purchased the Jet Black G6 Electronic Cigarette Stater Kit from Halo in early March of 2014 after an extensive search online for an e-cig. It took several days to receive my package in the mail. However, when I received it, I plugged the battery in the wall charger for the allotted time. Thank You Halo!! This has been a godsend!! :D

  497. Great Product review by Jennifer

    I've tried every brand of disposable e-cigs you can imagine. When I came across Halo, the price seemed "too good to be true". After reading through all the reviews, I decided to order a G6 starter kit, and two days later my kit was at my doorstep!! I love it. I've just placed my second order and am going to try the mini-tanks. I think I need a little more "umphh" which they provide (compared to prefilled cartomizers) but overall, VERY HAPPY!

  498. Kit is great value, and looks fantastic in all black review by Jeff

    I am brand new to vaping (besides trying my first vape a year ago at my brother's wedding). I just bought the black-on-black starter kit two weeks ago, and have been loving it. I did a good amount of research on Halo and other competitor's e-cig starter kits, and decided to go with Halo because (1) the value for all that you get is fantastic; (2) the G6 allows a user to fill their own cartos/mini-tanks (which will save a ton of cash; and (3) the products are of great quality - which is readily apparent after opening the case for the first time - and they are made in the USA, which is a HUGE selling point for me. First thing I should say, is that I HIGHLY suggest buying some mini-tanks along with your order of this starter kit. I prefer them much more over the cartos, and they look really cool and sleek - particularly the smoke color paired with the jet black batteries. Usually, when I buy a product that comes in a manufacturer's case, the case is crappy and pretty much a throw-away item. Not this case. Everything fits in it perfectly, and it is well executed. The case alone looks expensive, and the batteries/cartos inside look great and snugly-fit into little slots in the case padding material. As to the color of this particular starter kit, I am SO glad that I went with the black-on-black. It looks fantastic and somewhat futuristic. I was initially thinking about the devil red batteries, but i think that the black cartos (or mini-tanks) on the black batteries looks much more "classy", if you will. Long review short, you will not be disappointed with this kit, or its fantastic packaging.

  499. Excellent Value review by Zachary

    This is the second time purchasing this product. I got one for myself, and now I'm buying one for my father. I was blown away by the value of the whole package itself. The quality of the e-cigarette and the low price give it an immediate 5 stars. The well-known brand name and US made quality lets you know that you're getting an e-cig that'll last. All of the accessory options are great as well.

  500. Excellent Starter Kit review by Judith

    I am in love with my starter kit. In addition to the prefilled cartomizers with Tribeca, I also bought 5 refillable Demon red blank cartomizers, a 30 ML bottle of Tribeca, and a small size bottle of Longhorn.

    I have had wonderful service, prompt delivery, and truly enjoy all of the E liquids that I have purchased.

  501. Wonderful. review by Nicole

    I received my started kit yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. The design is great, and everything seems to be made very well and durable. My mom has been trying it and will be buying her own soon. Highly recommend this and it is very sharp.

  502. Great for the price review by kitti H.

    I got one manual and one automatic in my kit and blank cartos. Having two batteries is worth it, so you can swap out when one battery gets low. I use my automatic while driving and sometimes I prefer it in public because it feels more like a normal cigarette and is more discreet. You get the charger plus five cartos and the case, so it is great for anyone new to e-cigs. Easy to use and great battery life.

  503. best review by nick

    This is the second company's starter kit I've tried along with a hand-full of gas station disposable ecigs. The other kit I bought 2 years ago was supposedly the best.(v2 *cough*). I think Halo blows them out of the water by a mile.The flavors are top notch, the best I have experienced, and the batteries with the rubberized finish feel more high quality. Also, Halo's customer service is the best i have seen. Everything about this company is 10/10 in my eyes. On top of a great product, the starter kits are shipped with an excellent box that can be reused to hold your batteries and cartomizers. If you are having doubts about this company, rest assured your money is spent well.

  504. First experience with vaping review by David

    I bought Halo's G6 after researching other various starter's kits and I am glad I went with Halo. The case that it came with is really convenient for storage and travel. I ordered one manual battery and one automatic. I haven't really touched the automatic battery much, as I find the manual battery to produce more vapor consistently with less effort. All in all, I am glad I went to Halo, and the start with a G6 led me to actually upgrade to the Triton.

  505. Love my G6 review by Daryl

    I am new to the vaping world and decided to try the Halo G6 as my first E-cigarette. It has been an extremely pleasant experience. The starter kit gave me all the necessary gear to hit the ground running. The ease of use and compact design are all major pros for me. Although I am a newbie, I chose the manual battery and find the control I have to be a pro as well. The only con I have is that with the manual battery, I have to have a hand to push the button and can not really smoke "hands free" as one could with a regular cigarette. However, this a small thing to get use to and I guess an automatic battery could fix this con. I have and will continue to suggest this product to any and all my friends who smoke.

  506. Excellent Product and Presentation review by Jim

    I got this as a gift for a friend. Both the product and the presentation are excellent: the sampler box is classy and the titanium batteries are elegant. It would be nice if the starter kit accommodated several cartomizer packs instead of just one--a deeper cutout int the foam should do this. Finally, there should be two 'sampler' cartomizer packs, one regular and one menthol (both medium nicotine), so that beginners can try various flavors before ordering more. But despite these minor qualifications, this is really an excellent product.

  507. Best Hardware There Is. review by jeodee

    I have been using Halo for month now, as well as other products and through my experience, nothing compares to the high quality Halo places into their equipment. It's top of the line, you can see and feel the difference.

    The batteries, tanks, adapters and so on are not cheaply made. They are solid and well engineered. My suggestion is, no matter what e-liquid you enjoy and decide to use, teaming it up with Halo products will be your best bet.

    Personally, if I had to truly rave over their products, I'd be here all day doing so. Judge for yourself if need be but in the end, you'll have a lot if money and headaches just purchasing their products first. Take it from someone that has tried many other brands. If you seek the best quality at reasonable prices, you've come to the right place. You won't be disappointed.

  508. Worth every cent review by Ethan

    Buying this kit was probably one of the best choices I ever made. Since I've had it, it's been reliable and satisfying. I don't have to worry about stinking up my car and clothes anymore. Not to mention the bundle of cash I'm saving.

  509. Excelent product for the "real cig feel" review by April

    I ordered this for my boyfriend so he could quit smoking. He received it quickly and loves the automatic vaping that is so much like a real cigarette. We love the way it works, the compact size, color choices, and multiples in the starter kit. This product actually makes me jealous and wish I had this instead of my normal manual TS3 that I already loved so much. Once my current vape cig goes out... I'll be buying this kit for myself as well. He LOVES it and I LOVE it. We will buy this product again, no doubt about it! Definitely would refer this to anyone who wants the vape experience with a battery that gives a real cigarette feel.

  510. E-cig kit for first timers or otherwise. review by Christine

    This is a great first experience into E-cigs. I would recommend this kit to those that are trying an E-cig for the first time as it is simple, well built, and reliable.

  511. So great, I'm sold review by Doug

    I did a lot of research on purchasing my first "ecig" starter package. Halo was always among the top choices of reviews. I ordered my G6 starter kit and was blown away at the instant look and feel of quality in the kit. The instruction booklet let you know everything you needed to know to get started. The rubber feel on the batteries is top notch. Everything works flawlessly. I have since ordered a few more ejuices and mini tanks. This kit is a must for a beginner or novice alike. I'm a Halo customer for life. I can't stop ordering stuff.

  512. Awesome! review by Richard

    This starter kit had everything I needed to get started vaping. I loved the kit and the simplicity of the device. The batteries come charged and are ready to use upon receiving. I chose the blank cartridges and bought some premium e-liquid. These were easy to fill and the taste was superior. Thank you, Halo!

  513. Great product, value, quality, and craftsmanship. review by Jedi Vaper

    This was my first e-cigarette purchase. I did a lot of research before making this purchase, and it is living up to my expectations. Halo has made a great product that is affordable and works great for the entry level vapor. Very easy to learn how to use and maintain. I enjoy smoking but am not addicted to nicotine, therefore I ordered some 00 MG/ML e-juice. Since my purchase exceeded $20, Halo included a free sample bottle of Tribeca. I was a little worried since I was not able to select my Nicotine level for the free sample, but the great people at Halo noticed the juices I ordered were 00 MG/ML nicotine and sent me the correct sample I wanted. For me, that speaks volume to the customer service and attention to detail that Halo provides. Great American made products, what more could you ask for. I just might purchase another starter kit for my wife, as she is enjoying mine as well.

  514. My Go To Travel Vape! review by Elik Anoa'i

    This kit is awesome. I started vaping with Blu cigs just because the look was totally badass! I liked the black color and the blue LED light on the tip. However Blu was a big disappointment, the flavor was awful, the batteries didn't last past 60-75 puffs per charge, and the cartridges ran out fast. So I began to look for something similar to Blu cigs but with a longer battery life, throat hit, and great flavor. Thank God for the Halo G6 Jet Black starter kit! I love how long the batteries last and how cool they look when you take a drag. The cartomizers last you almost as much as a pack and a half of cigarettes. They never give you a burnt taste or chemical polyphil taste. I will order some blank cartos and keep them on hand when I travel. This e cig has a nice vapor production and great throat hit and makes e liquid like Sub Zero and Captain Jack a little bit less harsh. They also have a smooth draw. Excellent product!

  515. Love this kit! review by Kea

    This is my very first time at vaping. I saw many reviews on youtube and decided to take the plunge. I am very happy with my purchase and love the quality that Halo brings to the e-cigarette market. The box that it comes in is perfect. I can put it in my bag and take it to go whenever I'm out and about. Not to mention all the options and customization you can do. I love it! Halo makes an extremely sexy package.

  516. Mighty fine cig-alike review by Nathaniel

    My normal ecig is a Triton system, but one time I ordered a G6 tank by mistake. I decided, as this habit is still WAY cheaper than smoking, that I would just go with it and ordered a battery and charger too.

    I like it, though it wont be replacing my Triton anytime soon. As far as cig-like mods go, I've never tried better. If you prefer a smaller unit, I think this is a great option. Good vapor production, surprisingly good battery life, and high overall build quality make it a winner. The Triton packs more punch, and will remain my primary, but I like having this around. If nothing else, the tanks are small, and it's a good way to quickly taste a few different liquids.

  517. Best ecigs online review by Nicholas

    I was skeptical when I saw that Halo was ranked #2 in the top 5 best electronic cigarettes to buy online for 2013. I bought this exact starter kit and have never had a complaint. the batteries last a long time, the e-juice is great, the cartomizers were great, and the G6 mini tanks are amazingly efficient. Overall, a 5 of 5. You just cant get this kind of quality from other cheap brands.

  518. Exceded my expectations! review by Helen

    After deciding to go with an e-cig, I did some online research. Halo had glowing reviews of their products and customer service, AND the start up costs were more than reasonable. Going with Halo was a no brainer. I placed my order for the Deep Purple Starter Kit and was delighted to receive the shipment so quickly. I was even more delighted by the quality of this kit. The Deep Purple battery looked sleek and sexy, and after getting used to the weight of it, I knew that this was what I'd been looking for. I am pleased to be a member of the "vaping" community and pleased to be a Halo customer.

  519. Great starter kit review by Jim

    After trying some competitor's starter kits, I decided to switch to a Halo G6 after reading so many positive things about it.

    It comes in a nice flip top case that is very sturdy. The case is too big to use for when you are out and about., but is goof for storage while at home.
    The batteries have a slight rubbery feel to them, so it doesnt feel like it could slip out of your fingers when using.
    The manual battery provides for a good draw and shuts off fairly quickly after releasing the button.
    The automatic battery shuts off almost immediately after finishing your draw. I have not noticed any accidental turn ons on windy days like other's.

    The start kit comes with both a USB charger and the wallmount adapter. The USB adapter has a status led to let you know when the charge is done.

    All in all, I am very happy with this kit.

  520. Love it! review by Burch

    I've tried several of different e-cigs, but none of them quite gave me the real cigarette feel, especially the real burn in your thought, most just gave an awkward tickle and even tasted badly. But, a friend of mine brought the Halo G6 to work one day, and I skeptically took a hit of the e-cig. Right after taking the first hit (loaded with Tribeca juice) I fell in love. Now, I feel SOOO much better, and my wallet does too. This product has saved me a ton of money. . . Cheaper, tastes great, and convenient. . I urge every smoker to pick this product up and try it. Oh, and my personal favorite; Try the Tribeca 24MG/1ML.

    Thanks Halo, for such an outstanding product.

  521. Awesome product! review by Lara

    After having tried a disposable ecig and it being "not that terrible", I read several reviews online and decided to give Halo a shot. Wow. Incredible. If you had told me the week before that this system would work this way, I would have laughed. I am seriously in love with Halo. The cartomizers are awesome, and the juices as well. Love! Love! Love!

  522. First experience! Great experience!!! review by Matthew

    I spent a lot of time researching companies and products. Halo consistently had great reviews for both their ejuice along with their products. I am 100% satisfied with my initial venture into this. The G6 is small, portable, and lasts me an hour drive to and from work without needing to be recharged. Battery lasts a descent amount of time. My wife fell in LOVE with this product!

    No more nasty smell, no more disgusting car, no more...no more...no more! I truly enjoy the experience, my wife loves that I don't stink, and she also loves this product. The flavors are fantastic!

    We have tried Mystic, Tribeca, Kringle's Kurse, Voodoo & Malibu. All of the flavors are fantastic! Tribeca being our favorite...but each is equally good in the right setting if that makes any sense.

    Only suggestion with these, is the mini tanks are awesome! Definitely get one if you are purchasing the starter kit. I originally bought the blank cartomizers, but quickly decided the ease and flavor of the mini tank was exceptional!!!

  523. Worth Every Penny! review by Wugglez

    My only complaint is that the green colour is a little lighter than I thought it would be. I live in Northern Ontario and it still only took 5 business days to come in! I've been recommending Halo to EVERYONE! Both of my parents even ordered a kit of their own.

  524. G6 vs Triton review by norm

    I have both a G6 and Triton tank system. Both are good, but I have favorite features about each...so here's a list of my observations to help out if your debating between the two-

    battery life is better
    thicker vapor (thicker vape does not equal thicker flavor)
    You can clean the tanks, and wicks
    tanks: larger size, less refilling
    wicks will burn up on triton to but you can replace wicks

    Better vapor flavor (much better)
    smaller size, more traditional cig shape/size
    You cannot clean the mini tanks well due to size and make
    sometimes wicks in mini tanks burn up (but tanks are cheap)
    cartomizers are nice option- can refill them
    Your own flavor/liquid in cartonmizers in blanks taste better than prefilled cartomizer

    What would be awesome is if they offered a starter kit with one of each to get a fill for both set up.

  525. Best e cig i've had! review by Ricky

    I have tried the Blu electronic cigarette and it doesn't even compare to the G6. The G6 has a much better flavor and lasts longer. I have the Triton tank as well and I prefer that however they are both awesome!

  526. Great Value review by Dion

    I bought this Kit for my girlfriend; needless to say she loved it at first sight! The batteries are beautiful, the color is deep and almost feels like felt, it has nice weight and is just a great product. I love Halo brand, its all quality right down to the box it came in. A very nice case, not flimsy, and fragile like you would think, but its very sturdy and a very nice display. Whenever anyone see's it all I get is compliments. Everyone loves it!! Its a great buy for a perfect start whether you are new to e-cigs or have been using them. Buy this and you won't have any regrets.

  527. Best E-Cig Kit out there review by John

    The Halo G6 was the first kit I found and the batteries are the perfect size. A pair of batteries that will last all day. The cartridges are the best I have used, though I highly recommend adding the mini tanks to your G6 experience. The case is beautiful and holds everything in perfect order.

  528. So far so great review by Vanessa

    I have had my set for over a month now and they work great. Vape All Day!

  529. its great review by camron

    This is a great Halo e-cig! It has great vapor!!

  530. Super fast shipper, prefer the manual! review by Reanna

    I really like the manual battery and paired with the entire unit being so thin. I also like to use the batteries from this with the mini tanks sold separately. WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND!!

  531. Jet Black G6 Starter Kit review by David

    I'm extremely impressed with customer service and the full line of products offered. I've heard many great things about the Halo products, and can't wait for mine.. This is my first order with plans for many more..

  532. Jet Black G6 Starter Kit review by David

    Hey Everyone, received my kit today.. Man!! Very happy with Halo products, only wish I had purchased this sooner. My next order is for the Triton Starter Kit.. Love you guys, and thanks for the excellent customer service with super fast shipping. Now I have Halo and I am very happy !!

  533. Great deal for the money review by Silentsmirk

    I decided to try e-cigarettes as my neighbor swears by Halo products. The starter kits are well worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone! I would suggest buying a mini tank and some e-liquid at the same time as I am not a fan of the prefilled cartridges. I find the cartridges don't vaporize as well and you can't see the liquid inside. Overall a great product and deal. Enjoy!

  534. Quality and quantity without sacrifice review by C-O

    After numerous failures on using or continuing use with other well known brands and months of continual research I finally decided on Halo for many reasons. Namely, I couldn't find any reasonably negative things on any forums or 3rd party reviews about them and positive reviews were everywhere. When I decided to order the G6 it was easy as pick a color and flavor! I grabbed up the demon red and Torque 56. The case it came in is a soft vinyl material with a thin layer (high density) of protective foam under in. It gives it a wonderful appearance and feel. A chrome halo on top which appears to be part of the vinyl, just colored professionally. The E-cigarette batteries are an dark vibrant red (well deserving of the demon name). They are coated in a material to give grip without adding weight. The L.E.D. lights up a dark blue and looks good in the dark. The cartomizers are packed into a reusable plastic clasp case and sealed with taping custom to Halo. It also comes with a wall charger and usb converter. The inside of the case is equally well constructed of a custom cut, thick, high density foam and the contents stay in their designated spot regardless of the cases position or conditions (say, dropped or bumpy ride). The case is hinged and feels spring loaded as it will just open on it's own at anytime. Hands down, I'm in love and am getting compliments, even from non tobacco users, on it's style and fragrance.

  535. Excellent Kit review by Donna

    I am new to the e-cigarette world and after doing some research, I chose the G6 as a starter kit. I ordered one manual and one automatic battery and my kit arrived in a few days. As a new vaper, I prefer the automatic battery, it is closer to the analog smoking experience, and I just couldn't get the hang of the manual battery. It seemed to make me cough every time I took a drag. I contacted customer service to see about exchanging it for an automatic. They shipped me the new one right away and asked me to ship the manual one back as soon as the new one arrived. What fabulous customer service! I am very pleased with my starter kit and the Halo company.

  536. Love it!! review by christine

    I purchased the Demon Red G6 Starter Kit and the battery lasted like around 8 months before I had to buy another one. I love my e-cigarette and all the flavors!!!

  537. Great Kit! review by Nebuler

    It was nice to get everything you need to start with a good price tag. I like the rubbery finish to the batteries and it gives it a great grip quality. I've been using a mini-tank with the automatic battery and cartomizers with the manual. I can't decide which I like better but they are both refillable.

  538. Great Starter kit review by 808Seattle

    This product was a great introductory step into the vaping world. I do recommend giving this kit a try since it's a relatively low cost, inconspicuous, and great with motion and feel. I definitely do not regret buying this product. HALO is a great company. Their products are well made, ordering hardware and e-liquids are easy, plus fast shipping!

  539. Best pen style on the market! review by CrimsonKimono

    After trying many other brands I chose to try Halo G6. I have been using it for 5 months and it is still going strong. I use it when I am outdoors or traveling. The unit travels well, easy to set up, and refill. It is a great price and a very sturdy product. I would recommend manual batteries if you are more experienced in vaping. It gives you more control but the automatics are nice especially for driving. It is my favorite style e-cigarette. I get many compliments on the look of the e-cigarette too. It has a very nice purple color and a great rubberized finished!

  540. Perfection review by Euki

    This was my first time ordering an e-cigarette from Halo and I'm 100% satisfied with it! You get everything you want from an e-cigarette. I got my starter kit in jet black and wow... It looks quite handsome, solidly built, and the quality of it is just perfect. It also came in a very handsome Halo carrying case, which I love. I got a 7ml bottle of the Tribeca e-juice and the complimentary 10 ml bottle of Malibu e-juice and they both taste wonderful! It's super easy to use and I'm a new Halo fan! It's easy to draw, strong nicotine hit, and satisfying vapor production! You HAVE to try this!

  541. Get it! review by jesse

    It has a very nice display case. The batteries have a real nice non-slip coating on them. I get a good solid drag off the automatic battery. I like the manual battery for getting an extra amount of vapor too. The pull on the manual battery is harder than the automatic but that may change with breaking them in. I also like that the batteries have the air holes for a more realistic inhale sensation. Either way these batteries are awesome!!

  542. E-cigs done right. review by Kim

    I have spent a lot of time and (a LOT of) money on different systems, accessories, brands, and from disposables to an eGo-type PV. And for all that, I could only think that e-cigarettes were horribly overrated. Fast-forward to a month ago. I ordered my first G6 Starter Kit, in midnight blue, with 6mg Tribeca cartomizers, and oh, man. THIS is what I'd been missing! THIS is what I'd hoped vaping would be! I could not be happier, with any component of this! The look is sleek and classy. The batteries last far longer than any other pen-style ecig I've tried and even outlasting a full cartomizer. (I've decided that I prefer the pen-style systems, though I sacrifice battery life for it...but not all that much with the G6). The juice is phenomenal whether in pre-filled cartomizers, blank cartomizers (I fill myself), or the fantastic mini-tanks. I'm just thrilled! I'm now purchasing another G6 kit to have spare batteries available, (I'm always on the go), as well as more mini-tanks, and the portable charging case. This will be my third order in just about a month. One week after I got my first kit, I ordered more liquid, some blanks, and the (sweet-looking) carrying case. I recommend Halo, their G6, their e-liquid, and their G6 accessories, to anyone and everyone. Halo, for the exceptional products!

  543. great start review by Christopher

    This is a great starter kit. I absolutely love this kit and it comes in a really nice case. I've seen other brands and none of them are as nice or have as much as Halo's kit. It comes with everything you would need and want.

  544. great kit! review by Mo

    I use the Halo G6 starter kit as my go to on the road! It's discreet and packs a large punch! I would recommend ordering a few mini tanks. Also, the overall experience is much greater!

  545. Great product review by Halo4life

    After a lot of research I kept going back to Halo and I finally ordered a G6 starter kit. WOW!! Ever since that day I am very pleased. It is a top quality product, great designs, very easy to learn to use, and to maintain. However, I am still learning the in's and out's of vaping. It took me a day or two to get used to the new flavors but once I did I liked them all (from the Menthol Sample Pack).

  546. Nice Kit review by Ian

    I did a lot of research to find the best company around and I found Halo. Most of my friends were using Ego style e-cigarettes and it seemed to be big for me and not natural. The lime green is much more pale than the picture. The blue light is really bright which I like. The cartomizers work very well compared to other products I've tried but the mini tank is a perfect size with a 68mm battery which lasts almost all day. Everything in the kit feels very high end and I am happy. All you need is a mini tank with Tribeca!

  547. Fancy, High Quality, for Beginners review by Stefan

    I just got into e-cigarettes and this is a fantastic product. It is beautiful. I really like the box it comes in and how easy it is to carry around. There is more to learn than just a starter kit but this was an excellent purchase as a beginner. Satisfied!

  548. Best price and great quality. review by Juan

    After weeks of reviewing starter kits, I decided to give Halo a shot. It has excellent reviews and everybody agreed that Halo is the best e-liquid on the market. Once I tried Halo, I was amazed of the great flavor (reviewers did not lie). As I prefer a menthol flavor, I tried three different kinds of e-liquids and in my opinion Subzero is my favorite so far. It tastes amazing, would definitely recommend it, and you will not regret it.

  549. This such a nice kit for those who are new in vaping review by Colline

    I am new at vaping and I really love this kit! Thank you so much and your company is the best! I hope there are more accessories coming out.

  550. I love my new G6 starter kit! review by Trekker

    I ordered the G6 starter kit in midnight blue with the larger size automatic batteries. My order arrived speedily! I absolutely love the color, the look, and the feel of this e-cigarette! I got the cartomizers in the Tribeca flavor, which I enjoy very much. The ease of use of this set is great and so is the vapor and flavor. I had tried the Vuse previous to this and I much prefer my Halo. The Vuse made me cough every time I tried to use it, but not with Halo. I also like the fact that you can refill the Halo but not with the Vuse. Halo is much more cost effective as well. The price of the starter kit, with all that you get with it, is very reasonable. It is the best in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try an e-cigarette. Don't bother with any other brand, get Halo. You won't be sorry!

  551. Perfect stater kit! review by belle

    I can only say good things about this starter kit. It is easy to use, comes with everything you need, and the product itself is exceptionally good. It is well worth it, great for newbies, and long time vapers.

  552. Lovely color, speedy delivery review by Trekker

    I received my starter kits with free delivery. The delivery was in 4 days instead of 3 days which I live in the middle of nowhere. I have no complaints! The color is just beautiful and satin looking. I love them both! I am more than satisfied with my purchases from Halo.

  553. Everything you need in one box! review by Trekker

    If you are new to using e-cigarettes, like I am, then this is a fantastic way to go. Everything you need is in one lovely box. I recently purchased both the midnight blue and deep purple starter kits. The colors of the batteries are beautiful, deep, and satin. They feel very nice in your hand as well. This kit could not be any easier to use. After following the directions for the initial charging of the batteries, I find that I get about 5 hours of virtually continuous vaping before I have to charge the battery again. Recharging the batteries takes about 3 hours. The great thing is, with the 2 batteries you get in the starter kit, you can use 1 while the other is recharging. All in all, this is a great value and great experience.

  554. Best Ecig I have used!!! review by Jonathon

    I've been using the G6 starter kit for about 2 weeks and it is by far the best e-cigarette that I have used. I've used electronic cigarettes from gas stations and they just didn't pack enough throat hit or the flavored were garbage. I've also used some mods and they were great but they are just too big to carry around with you everywhere especially if your trying to be more discreet. The G6 has an awesome throat hit and I'm satisfied after a couple puffs. Overall I would highly recommend the G6 and all of the Halo e-juice.

  555. great review by Nicholas

    This is a great starter kit and I love it! It does everything it says and more.

  556. Awesome review by joseph

    After trying many e-cigarettes brands I found the G6. This is the BEST around and you can't go wrong with this vaporizer. Also, if you add the mini tank system to it, you will never want another any other e-cigarette.

  557. Perfect for beginners review by Alex

    I came to Halo after getting an e-cigeratte from a convienece store. I bought a G6 starter kit and immediately noticed a huge difference. Halo's starter kit includes everything you need to get started. It comes in a nice hinged case which I still use everyday and it keeps everything together and safe. I chose the Menthol Ice flavor and I am very happy with the taste. Everything is well constructed and quality is outstanding.

  558. Quality Starter Kit review by LVE

    Everything you need is in this kit but later you might want to upgrade to a mini tank. The batteries are dependable and long lasting, the cartomizers never give a burnt taste, and the USB charger and wall adapter fit securely. The carry case for the kit is very classy. Halo offers a variety of colors from traditional to elegant and dun too. However, whatever color you go with you will not be disappointed with Halo's quality.

  559. Excellent product review by Justin

    I purchased the G6 Starter Kit after reading many positive reviews. I had tried a few cheaper brands and they don't compare to Halo. The 650 mAh battery is enough to vape throughout the day. The size is like a standard pen and fits nicely in your pocket.

  560. Great Kit review by Zach

    I purchased this starter kit as my first e-cigarette and so far I am very pleased. All of the great reviews I read were spot on! The red batteries look great, feel very premium, and even look great with the mini tanks. The cartomizers taste good and have a good vapor production. However, if you really want to get the most our of your e-liquid then you should definitely buy some mini tanks. The taste of the liquid is much better and more"crisp" using a mini tank. It is cheaper to buy bottles of e-liquid and refill the tanks as to buying cartomizers. Also, I want to say that the vapor production is a lot better than I had expected. I am pretty impressed by it. This is a VERY good product for the money. I highly recommend this starter kit and would definitely buy this kit again. If I could change on thing, it would be the mini tanks to be a glass version. I heard with the glass tanks will not get damaged when using citrus flavors.

  561. excellent e-cig review by Elisa

    I purchased the starter kit with the Tribeca cartomizers and it is a great e-cigarette. I started using the Mistic then Blu came out. I was so disappointed in Blu than any other brand I have tried. Eventhough, the e-cigarette was cool looking, it was a waste of money! I finally found Halo and purchased this starter kit along with a mini tank and I am very pleased. My vapor experience is a whole new level with the starter kit and mini tank. I have yet to find a tobbaco flavor that I enjoy but I am hoping Tribeca will be it. Thank you Halo for such a great product. Keep up the good work!

  562. great value review by Jonathan

    This product met all my expectations and I couldn't be happier with it. However, I do wish it came with an easier case to carry the stuff around. The case that it comes with is pretty sweet but it is just a little to bulky if you want to bring it with you.

  563. Well worth the investment review by Colin

    I purchased this kit to ship to Canada and it took under 2 weeks to get here. I chose the automatic batteries and this product is impressive. It is about a cigarette with a soft rubbery finish. I added the tan cartomizers so it looks like a real cigarette and Turkish Tobacco e-liquid too. It was worth it and I will not go to a store anymore. This has a great vapor and throat hit. I may even pick up a second kit for my wife. The batteries last about a day and the cartomizers are easy to refill if you want to. I bought the prefilled cartomizers and some e-liquid for filling my own. It is simple, stylish, and quality product.

  564. great review by Nicholas

    I've had the Midnight Blue G6 starter kit for 2months and I love it.

  565. Excellent Product review by james

    This is an excellent starter kit. From the very nice box to all of the necessary parts to use an e-cigarette. Halo tops the chart!

  566. Excellent Product! review by Darth Vaper

    These guys first came to my attention as a result of their high ratings in PC Magazine (as well as their Editor's Choice Awards). After pursuing the website I became even more intrigued after seeing that the starter kit was only $45.00. This is beyond competitively priced for what comes in this kit. First of all, the box is an after thought, poorly constructed or non functional. That is not the case here, it is a pretty solid construction with a good foam inlay that holds all of the accessories firmly in place. The only downside it is to big to comfortably to carry around in your pocket. The batteries have a nice matte finish on them that is "almost" velvety in texture and probably a powder coat of some sort. The G6 logo is small and gray so it is not flashy. They last me about 3 days per charge but I am not a heavy smoker so it can vary with each user. The cartomizers tolerance on them are very good. When you screw them onto the batteries they sit well so another sign of good craftsmanship from Halo. In terms of flavors, I went with Torque 56 which is hard to describe but it has a finish of a caramel latte. It is very smooth and pleasant. The USB charger and adapter do their job without getting noticeably hot at all. Not only the quality of the G6 but for the ridiculous amount of options you have for flavors and accessories. These guys have done a fantastic hob with this product and I thank them as well as my wallet.

  567. Great Buy review by Kristy

    I just received my starter kit and I am very please with the equipment. I researched for months about e-cigarettes and what would be the best for me. Halo did not dissapoit me. Everything inside the kit is easyto use it's simple which everyone wants. The case the kit came in is very nice too. I like the variety of colors to choose from and the option of getting different size batteries. I was very sckecthy about spend money on this but I am glad I did. Thank Halo for a great product and great price!

  568. great review by Nicholas

    The G6 starter kit is great if you're just starting out or experienced at vaping.

  569. Very nice product. review by Mark

    I am very pleased with the kit. The battery is made, designed and works well. The only thing I would change is an extra USB adapter in the kit.

  570. great review by Nicholas

    Awesome! I love this starter kit.

  571. Deep purple starter kit review by Steve

    I love this thing! It is a cool color and has everything you need to start vaping. The down side is I had to wait 8 hours to start. The manual says to charge the batteries for 8 hours to unsure the life of the battery. I purchased the kit and opte for (1) 78mm and a 65mm battery. Overall, I am very please with the kit and I picked Tribeca e-liquid due to great reviews. Tribeca is probably the best flavor but I will leave that for another review.

  572. Couldn't Be Happier! review by Ronnie

    I have never used an e-cigarette before. After reading reviews, I decided upon the G6. All I can say is that I wish I had known about this sooner! In my opinion, everything about the G6 is perfect. The automatic battery works just as nicely as the manual. The kit is presented quite nice, everything arrived in perfect condition, and right on time as promised. However, everyone has their own taste and needs to what equipment they prefer to use. Although, for me I am very pleased and quite satisfied with my purchase.

  573. great product! review by marssel

    I bought this last year and worked great on an everyday use. I ended up losing both of them so I purchased more. It is well worth the money with the mini tanks! It is the best e-cigarette out there!

  574. Awesome review by JF - Orange VA

    I purchased a cheaper starter kit form another company and I wish I didn't. This kit is simply awesome and I love it. Also, I purchased tanks and batteries from other companies and I really don't need them after trying Halo, I can vape on these all day and I am glad they came with 2 batteries. Thanks to Halo!

  575. Finest Product review by David

    This was my first purchase of an e-cigarette kit around the beginning of October and I must say it has been the perfect choice. I purchased one manual and one automatic battery. Also, I suggest to go with an 78mm battery because the capacity is a king and last longer between charges. The rubber coating has a great feeling in your hand. The cartomizers produce a ruch full taste and vapor right down to the end of the battery charge. The storage case has a soft cushioned feel and extra space for more gear. I picked up two mini tanks which look perfect. The vapor is warmer and delivers all the flavors of Halo's complex liquid. After a long search on different companies, gear, and e-liquid. I must say Halo was right on!

  576. so much better review by Patricia

    This by far outweighs Blu e-cigarettes. It is superior in every way, especially with the use of the mini tanks, blank cartomizers, and a wider variety of flavors.

  577. great start review by CJ

    A great way to get started with this amazing e-cigarette. The red color looks great and they have a nice texture too.

  578. Great kit, excellent customer service review by Gregg

    After an exhaustive amount of research and research, I finally decided to take the plunge into e-cigarettes with Halo after seeing their name popping up over and over at the top of reviewer's list. Unlike other companies, Halo gives you much more variety on how you want to vape rather than locking you into bying refilled cartomizers over and over. If you want to keep it wasy, Halo certainly makes that possible. The key difference is that if you want to fill your own cartomizers, screw on a mini tank for more flavor, or graduate up to the Triton and still use your cartomizers and mini tanks with the larger Triton batteries, you can. In short, variety is the spice of life and Halo certainly fits the bill. As for the G6, there is not much more to say except add it to your shopping cart. The equipment and packaging is handsome, produces great vapor for small e-cigarette batteries that charge in two hours. The concise instructions makes the starter kit dead easy to use even if you are a total and complete newbie.

  579. 5 star product review by Chris

    I have had this for probably 4 months now and it is always reliable. I got it with the refillable cartomizers. It has a nice vapor production and a well balanced e-cigarette. My friend got me into vaping and I let her try the G6 and she is now considering to buy one soon.

  580. Review on the G6 Starter Kit review by Paul

    I am new to vaping and I read all the reviews about this product. I received this in the mail and found out it’s a gret product. I live in Austrailia. I got the black automatic batteries and found them to be very easy to use and recharge. I would highly recommend this product to anybody looking for an e-cigarette.

  581. Finally found a GREAT product! review by jennifer

    Throughout the year I have tried out a couple other starter kits and had several issues including leaking, short battery life, faulty coils, and more. I received my G^ Starter kit 4 days ago and I am already completely satisfied with my purchase. This starter kit was not only cheaper but it really does live up to it's reputation. I look forward to continuing to use this product, as well as placing future orderes to modify and personalize my vape.

  582. 100% No Doubt The Best There Is!!!!!! review by Blair Thomas

    Halo is by far the top of the top on the e-cigarette market. However, no matter what color you get you can always rest assure that they are all made with great quality. Also, the customer service stands behind them and the shipping is super fast. What more is there to say Halo is the very best. Thank you Halo for ensuring a wonderful vaping experience!!

  583. This is the coolest look for the Girls!!!! review by Blair Thomas

    I recently purchased one of these for my girlfriend and she fell in love with the color. It is just as vivid as in the pictures. Halo has made my whole family happy with their quality parts and outstanding fast shipping. Thank you Halo!

  584. Great choice for those just starting out review by Andrew

    This kit was an excellent choice when I first started vaping. After awhile, treat yourself with the mini tanks. They will last a little longer and give you more flavor from the e-liquid.

  585. great review by Nicholas

    This is a great starter kit. I like it a lot but I think I am a very expereienced right now. Therefore, I am going to upgrade and try the Triton this holiday season.

  586. LOVE the cigs. Just wish the cartomizers matched in color... review by shiya

    I bought the midnight blue in early December of this year and I absolutely love it. Kringle's Curse is delicious. The only think I would inform people about is if your buy the e-cigarette and buy the same color midnight blue cartomizers to go with it they are not the exact same color. There is a slight tint of a difference. That is my only gripe, other than that 5/5 on this product! Thanks Halo!

  587. Great kit review by Adam

    I bought another kit before this and it is in the trash now. The G6 has blown it away and an amazing kit all around. The battery has a coating that feels nice, won't slip, and you can't drop the batteries. This kit is a power house probably because the battery contact is much more substantial than its counterparts. It is just a great kit all around.

  588. GREAT Customer Service review by Michael

    I just ordered this starter kit yesterday so I don't even have it yet. However, I have to leave a comment on my first customer service experiment with this company. I accidentally left my apartment number off the shipping address and my complex doesn't have a front office so the package would have been returned without the apartment number. I called this morning and a nice lady helped get the problem fixed even though they has already sent out my package. She told me she would see what she could do and that she would call back and sure enought an hour or so later I had a voicemail saying all was taken care of! I had the mindset that I was in for an annoying process but they made it very easy. Now, I just can't wait until it arrived to me!

  589. I'm in love! review by Sonja

    I have been eyeing my friend's Halo G6 for a while before deciding to bite the bullet and buy my own. I am really glad that I did! I picked the Tribeca cartomizers and the flavor is really good. Excellent product, great price, and value.

  590. PLEASED review by Kenneth G

    I would have given this a five if one of my batteries didn’t work. I am sure they will take care of the problem. I will say this G6 did very well. The battery lasted quite a long time. The cartomziers agve a very good vape and an easy draw. I bought two of their tanks and was quite amazed at the vape I got from them. I love this Halo G6. Thanks!

  591. Awesome Product! review by Timothy

    Like all of the other reviews the G6 is absolutely amazing! It has a good quality and an amazing vape.

  592. love it! review by robin

    I have to admit, I was really surprised that after a few times using the G6 I enjoyed them. The batteries feel great in my hand, I love the texture, and the weight. They last me about a day and since they take a short time to charge, the second battery is ready to go. I also opted for the blank cartomizers. The cartomizers are super easy to fill and use, even for someone who is new to this. You just add a few drops of liquid, let it absorb into the filler, and go vape! If you are reading this and having doubts. Don't, just invest in one! The starter kit has everything you need and not at all intimidating to use.

  593. Excellent Product! review by Praxis

    PCMag.com was not kidding when they said Halo products are like the Apple products of the e-cigarette world. They are very sleek, well made, and the performance of the product is amazing. I would not hestiate to recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade form their current e-cigarette with a higer end product.

  594. Best vape I've ever had review by James

    I bought this starter kit because it was cheaper than the brand I was buying at the local gas station. I didn't expect to like it that much but was hoping I could at least substitute the other brand for part of the day. But after trying the g6 I can't even go back to my old brand if I wanted to. I recommend picking up some liquid and a couple of g6 mini tanks to make your vaping experience even better.

  595. I thought I made a mistake at first. review by Mitch

    I accidentally double ordered the kit and sent in the order. I thought about it and I am glad I didn’t cancel the second kit. I now can keeptwo different batteries on the chargers and have two different flavors on the two others at all times. I think by getting two different colors would be advantages in keeping the flavors identified because the empty cartomizer I ordered are all the same color. I did get an e-liquid sample pack too. I will be getting some mini tanks and some Fusion to bump up the nicotine past the 24 level. I am enjoying the kits very much so far!

  596. Love halo G6 review by nathan

    I purchased the G6 starter kit about two weeks ago to get some more e-liquid varieties. I have been using the Blu e-cigarette which has very limited to flavors and I have to say I am very pleased with Halo. Halo gives you the freedom to add any e-liquid you. I also purchased an extra mini tank and I get a finer stronger flavor of vapor. I love Halo's Shamrock e-liquid and I can't wait to try more flavors Halo has to offer. Also, I got once standard 78mm battery and one mini 65mm battery in my kit. I love how you can choose the battery options in the kit. However, I prefer the 65mm battery since it feels closer to the size of an actual e-cigarette. If it doesn't matter to you and you want a longer battery life then I would say to go with the 78mm battery or even the Triton battery from Halo. I plan on purchasin the portable charging case too so I can charge my batteries on the go! I have to say much love to Halo and highly recommended!

  597. Great G6 starter kit review by ElectronicsPrinter

    The demon red batteries in the G6 starter kit are pun intended and a great starting point. The G6 system provides adequate vapor flow, easy to handle nad maintain. You get a USB charger for the batteries that works with your computer's USB outlet and a wall charger for when you don't have a computer handy. There are plenty of e-liquid flavors that I am sure everybody will find their favorite. The demon red batteries look very sleek and perform well. They charge in about an hour and last for about one to two cartomizers. The chargers indicate the battery status clearly. When the indicator is red it is charging and blue is ready to go. Overall, this is a nice kit that will get you started with Halo's great G6 system.

  598. Solid start review by Everett

    I bought my G6 starter kit about 2 years ago so this review is a bit late but I had some minor expereience with it. I chose the automatic one since I prefer to have my hands free for whatever tasks I may be attending at that time so it is pretty convenient. The kit is very complete and had everything I needed. In terms of refilling, it is about the same as anything else since the liquid needs to settle in. The battery served me quite well but after about 2 years it doesn't quite hold the same charge as before and can get a bit funly at times but I am just assuming becuase I had it for such a long time. I would recommend this because I am pleased with the quality and will be making another purchase soon.

  599. Perfect review by max

    As a new comer to the e-cigarette world I was very confused as to where to start. However, the G6 starter pack was exactly what I was looking for. It was very reasonably priced, th customization options are great, and it is very sleek. I will defintely recommend this to anyone who is looking for this and guide them to the right direction.

  600. Best e cig on the market! review by Christopher

    The Midnight Blue G6 Starter kit is not only a great price but the quality is unmatched. I have tried them all and by far Halo has been the best one yet.

  601. Very high quality at low cost review by Tony

    I ordered the G6 Starter Kit with two 78mm automatic batteries and Prime 15 18mg cartomizers. The batteries are light and have a nice feel in your hand. The battery life is very good and the two hour recommended charge time is very reasonable. I can't say enough good things about the flavor of Prime 15 cartomizers. The flavor is tobacco with subtle caramel undertones. The throat hit is pleasant and the overall draw with the G6 battery is excellent. A free 10ml bottle of Black Calico was included with the order which I immediately used to refill some of the cartomizer. I could not be more pleased with the overall quality and performance of the Halo G6 from it's classy storage case to the exceptional flavor of e-liquids.

  602. The Best E-Cig! review by Dina

    Being a woman it can be hard to find a stylist e-cigarette. Thankfully Halo has created this wonderful designer e-cigarette that is not only stylish. It is high quality and long lasting. The battery lasts me all day which is amazing. Also, I love that I can refill the cartomizers easily. Most e-cigarettes are hard to refill making them a pain to use but not with the G6! It is super easy and overall I give the G6 5 out of 5 stars. As a side note, I would like to add that the finish on this e-cigarette is very scratch resistant. I have carried my e-cigarette in my pocket and purse without getting it scratched.

  603. Just my Style review by Tammy

    First of all, I love the deep purple color offered in the starter kits. Of course this is the exact one I ordered and it suits me! This particular brand of e-cigarettes allows me to refill the cartridge with e-liquid. I have yet to come across another brand that offers this an e-cigarette. I am very pleased with the performance of Halo e-cigarette after trying several brands.I must say that Halo is definitely the best one I have used. I would recommend Halo to anyone!

  604. Great transition!!! review by John

    I will be short and too the point. I ordered the Halo Starter kit and trying to kick the nicotine habit. I am new to the e-cigarette world and I can honestly say I am blown away by the quality and adversity Halo offers. A great customer service, a product that doesn't disappoint and I am a Halo fan now!

  605. Awesome kit review by Shane

    This is my first starter kit since I am a little new to this. I started with the store bought brand and it wasn't good enough so I switched to the G6 after an extensive search on the internet. Thanks Halo for an awesome kit! It is purely simple to use and the cartomizers are a breeze to refill. I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking for a great vape!

  606. Better then I expected LOVE IT review by robert

    I received my Halo G6 starter kit a couple weeks ago after using it for awhile, I was impressed. I am a construction worker and need a good hands free automatic e-cigarette. I can leave it in my mouth and puff away. I was surprised on how light and powerful the battery was. I have tried about 20 different brands and this is one that I am going to stick with. Also, I received Torque 56 and it has become my favorite but still going to try other Halo tobacco flavors. I can't wait to try them all. Thanks Halo for making a great product.

  607. Good quality and great design review by Viktoria

    I was using another e-cigarette brandfor a long time until the quality of that brand became terrible. The other brand I was using was expensice so I was wasting my money. There are three criteria that must satisfy my requirement. Quality which means a long life battery, flavor, and design. I started researching the electronic cigarette market by reading articles and reviews. According to several web sources, the Halo brand is one of the top e-icgarette brands. It had great reviews, adequate pricing, perfect and practical design which allows using already prefilled cartomizers and e-liquids, and a variety of flavors that helped me make a decision. I have been using Halo for about three months and I am completely satisfied. I use different color mini tanks for different e-liquids. My favorite flavors are Malibu and Kringle's Curse. Now, I am waiting for my order with a new e-liquid flavor that I want to try.

  608. Halo G6 is an American beauty review by Troy

    My friend and I purchased the G6 starter pack. Wow, I have tried other e-cigarettes for the same price and they are not nearly as good as Halo products! Halo makes high quality products for a good price. I love Halo and will be supporting them 100%. Thanks Halo!

  609. I want another one review by Eli

    This is my first e-cigarette and I choose one standard manual and one automatic mini. Everything is good quality and the batteries are sleek and sexy. I love the finish on them. They last a good amount of time and are great with either a tank or cartomizer. I just wish you could mix and match the colors.

  610. Love it review by Mike

    I am coming from a V2 and I have to give the win to Halo. Everything from the G6 batteries, cartomizer, their performance, and overall packaging. It is probably the best hitting one I have used. They gave an extra e-liquid which was nice to be able to try another flavor.

  611. The G6 is great! review by Y

    I have used e-cigs that are slim, small like G6 from two other companies, and was very disappointed. One was so hard to vape on and that it hurt my throat so much. I bought one mini automatic and one standard manual battery. First, the color is really beautiful. The texture is hard to describe but it's not just a simple metal or plastic. It is kind of soft but firm at the same time. It kind of reminds me of red velvet or silk. I have used this and I can see that the texture won't peel off or anything. I personally like the manual battery better. However, the automatic battery is not bad but the manual is a little easier to puff. I decided to save the automatics for emergencies. For example, if I lose one or if the charge runs out I have a back up. All in all, this is a really great kit!

  612. Very Nice review by John

    These are beautiful and I love the red LED. I would definitely recommend it.

  613. TOPNOTCH Product review by Caz

    I am very impressed with my G6 Starter Kit in white. I am new to vaping so I did a lot of researching before I purchased it. I highly recommend this product! It is made very well, classy, and convientient. It's excellent for new or experienced vapers. I am thrilled to bits with the performance, love the look, and feel. It comes with 2 batteries, my choice was he larger size so I don't need to recharge as often. I recommend buying extra e-liquid, cartomizers, or tanks so you never run out. It's packaged very well, works like a dream, and veryu high quality. I have recommended Halo to all my friends and demostrate my vaping ability with my G6 in hand. Congratulations Halo! You did great with this impressive kit. I suggest to try the e-liquid sample kit as well. It is a great way to try different flavors at a savings cost to go with the great looking G6. Halo has the best products out there for sure!

  614. Quality and Elegance review by Bunny

    I am not new to vaping but I am new to Halo. This was my very first purchase which was a birthday gift for myself. I was extremely impressed with both the elegant, luxurious presentation, and the quality of the product. The kit comes with everything needed to get started except the liquid. The instructions are clearly written in proper English. The battery life is outstanding and all components work well together. I absolutely love everything about this kit, including the sophisticated jewel-like purple color. I will definitely order another one!

  615. Top Quality review by Jessica

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I was looking for mor of a thin e-cigarette and not a large vape pen. However, I also wanted something that gave a better hit than what I was used to in other kits and disposables. The G6 hit the nail on the head. What I really loved about this kit is that I could buy empty cartomizers and fill them myself. I had only purchased prefilled before the G6 and it is a nice change to be able to fill them myself and with different flavors. I purchased based on PC magazine's review and I am glad I found this site. My only suggestion is to buy two different color batteries. I got the same for both and I wished I would have purchased different colors. It would have been easier to keep track of which one I charged last. I have been usong this kit for 6 weeks and it works perfectly.

  616. WOW!!! I LOVED THEM!!! Must Have/TRY Item!!! G6 ROCKS!!! review by LionBoy360

    I can only say one word the G6 is incredible! I am very happy and the experience is out of this world. I have no complaints and for the price you can't go wrong. Halo is by far the best! There are not just fancy words of hollow flattery, they are sincere! I have looked at alot of electronic cigarette places and none compare to Halo! They don't even come close to the great prices here and you are truly getting your money's worth and more too! It was a 200% awesome deal! I will be buying more from Halo as this was my frist time on the G6 but it will be a beautiful relationship with me and Halo! I really want to try Voodoo and the Torque 56. Halo, you have made me very happy!

  617. Great product review by Eric

    I have been very pleased with the G6. I enjoy the convience of the catomizers as well as the discrete profile with the orange light. Also, the case makes keeping the chargers and extra cartomizer organized nicely. Overall, I have been extremely happy with this product and look forward to try more of Halo's e-liquid flavors.

  618. Fantastic for first time e-cig users review by Devin

    The Halo G6 Starter kit features everything you need to start vaping. The electronic cigarette is incredibly easy to assemble, disassemble, and charge. The cartomizers are very easy to change and refill with great quality. A good weight, size, and easy to carry around too! The battery is fantastic. You can leave it on for a day, come back, and begin vaping away. Overall, an excellent quality.

  619. Great way to get you started review by Mrs.Weeze

    I was completely new to e-cigarettes and did a lot of research before purchasing my G6 Starter Kit. I decided on Halo because of their U.S. manufacturing and the simple layout of thei products. It was very easy for a newbie like me to figure out exactly what I needed. Shipping was fast and eventhough I had an issue with one of the batteries, Halo's customer serice was fast and friendly. The battery life is longer than I had expected. One battery lasts me almost the entire day. The starter kit was enough to get me going and very simple to use. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  620. Impressed! review by Dan Wise

    I have never written a review before, but felt compelled this time. I am a business professional and naturally do extensive research when I have to make decisions. This led me to Halo for my e-cig choice. I was exceedingly impressed with the G6 product quality and presentation. I've tried five other brands and hands down Halo G6 is tops. At this point, I'm trying to figure out which of the e-liquid flavors I like best from the sample pack I also purchased. Thanks Halo!

  621. Excellent review by Andie

    I'm new to the vaping community and this is my very first e-cig. The presentation is lovely and the case is compact and sturdy. I opted for two 78mm manual batteries and they work great. I highly recommend for any new vapers and even see it as a nice little device for longtime vapers.

  622. Fantastic starter kit that has all your needs review by Jumbo Preacher

    This starter kit is easy to use and comes with everything you would need. The battery seems to last quite a while, not taking forever to charge. The only drawback I found from this starter kit was the pre-filled cartridges, which seem to lack flavor. Other than that the product is fantastic.

  623. Excellent beginner setup review by joe

    I purchased a Halo G6 maybe a year ago and thought it was a really great price. It basically comes with two complete e-cig setups, although one battery is intended as a backup. I received them in great condition and they were really easy to setup. The Halo G6 has worked great from day one, including a great battery life. Thanks for the quality e-cig Halo team!

  624. Like the G6 review by Amy

    I bought this in 2013 and just started to use it a couple of weeks ago. I can now vape in my new car and won't have that nasty smell. It is very easy to use and I really prefer the manual not the automatic battery. Also I bought the mini tank and you will get more vapor that way. Next one I am going to get is the Triton to have on hand.

  625. Beautiful sleek design & quality review by Roxanne

    I'm pleased to say that I'm completely satisfied with my Halo G6! I wanted a device that was compact, sleek and classy. It also needed to be of great quality and deliver a satisfactory vape experience. I am happy to say that this beauty exceeded my expectations in every way. The G6 delivers a great vape experience for this long time smoker both at home and away. It’s the best of both worlds for me. It is small but also delivers a satisfying experience that is wrapped up in a very attractive device. The packaging is of great quality too! I would recommend this device to any and all. I'm all set and couldn't be happier!

  626. I am so happy! review by SkyLark

    I had thought about using e-cigs for a while but had not really done any research. Then I did a lot of research and decided on trying the Halo G6. After consulting with Halo customer service, I ordered the G6 Midnight Blue Starter Kit with manual batteries and Turkish Tobacco cartomizers. It came packaged beautifully and the whole set looks classy. I love this system and I tell everyone about it! I have better draw, vapor, flavor and throat hit compared to the other brand I tried. I also got a sample of Cordoba e-liquid with my purchase and I surprisingly love it. I plan on trying other flavors very soon, probably a sample pack. I really prefer this manual battery. I look forward to trying other Halo products soon!

  627. Recommend review by Justin

    I bought this about a month ago and highly recommend it. I received it within a week or so and started vaping after the batteries had fully charged. The kit is quite nice and comes with an organized case that fits all of your gear. This is great for starters. I'll definitely stick with the G6 for a while.

  628. Fabulous Product review by Dave

    I received my order three days ago. I am so impressed that I have just placed an order for the Triton Kit! It only took two days to become totally addicted to your system. The Tribeca liquid is quite nice and I have ordered a bottle of Turkish with this order. One more order and I should have all the hardware you produce! Your company is the best I have seen. I can't imagine doing business with any other company.

  629. Great entry into vaping review by Thomas

    The G6 Starter Kit was my first e-cig setup. I chose one 78mm standard battery and one 65mm mini battery. I went with Tribeca in 18mg for the included 5 pack of cartomizers. The batteries are of great quality and produce great vapor. The cartomizers are fine but the mini tanks produce more flavor and vapor. I highly recommend the G6 starter kit, but suggest ordering some mini tanks with it. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

  630. Great Kit- Start here! review by Coz

    This was my first purchase from Halo. After a lot of comparing products online I landed on Halo and I have no regrets. Halo's product selection is the best I've seen and are displayed very gracefully on the website. I am always excited to try all of their new products as they come out quite often. I went with a longer manual and shorter automatic battery options with the low resistance refillable cartridges. I like both battery options but I think I lean towards the automatic. The blanks are great too, but I can’t compare them to the regular blanks yet as I haven't tried them. Overall an awesome Halo experience and now I'm hooked!

  631. Excellent for starters review by Patrick

    I have tried other reusable and single use e-cigs. This kit was the first that lasted. The case is nice and durable, the batteries have lasted a long time and the vapor output is far above the other brands. My only suggestion would be to get a few mini tanks along with this. I have five and it's perfect. The flavor is better with the mini tanks. Overall this is by far the best kit for starters that I've used.

  632. Great Value! review by Tim

    This kit has everything in it to get you vaping for an unbelievable cost! I would highly recommend this for the first time buyer!

  633. Happy customer review by Jon

    I've had my G6 starter kit for 2 days now and wish I had gone with Halo for my first e-cig. I got the blank cartomizers and enjoy sampling different flavors. I’m really happy with the battery life. I travel a lot for work which leaves me time to vape, and one battery last me about 8 hours. Excellent product!

  634. You must try this kit! review by NW

    I purchased this starter kit about a week ago and I will say it's the best e-cig I've ever tried. The small design is perfect for carrying in your pocket and the small charging system is also convenient to bring along. I'm using the cartomizers right now but plan to try the mini-tank option as well. Unlike others I've tried, you get a good pull from the e-cig. I researched several manufacturers of e-cigs and found my way to Halo's website. I was very impressed with the starter kit based on the great reviews and the overall price value that they offer. They threw in a free bottle of e-liquid for the purchase which was awesome. I am so happy I found Halo products! They offer they best entry system into e-cigs and I recommend anyone to try this at least once. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase from Halo and see myself being a long-time customer.

  635. Great way to get started review by Coleen

    I chose the G6 because I liked the way it looked and it had good reviews. I went with a manual and an automatic battery in my kit. After just a few days of use I decided that I like the manual battery better. It offers better flavor and vapor control. I chose the refillable cartomizers, but I didn’t like not knowing how much e-liquid I had left. So I decided to purchase the mini-tanks and I am very pleased with them.

  636. If you're new to e-cigs like me, it's a great start! review by Steve

    I just recently got into the whole vape scene and this is a nice bundle for the price compared to other brands. The case is slick, keeps the contents secure, and has everything you need. The quality of the gear itself is top notch too. The battery life has been fine for me so far. I'd say I get about 1.5-2 days on a charge. There's two batteries with the kit so I never have to worry about walking out the door with a dead battery. One thing I might suggest is to purchase one or two of the mini-tanks. These tanks are much easier to fill and you can clearly see how much you have left. It also gives a pure taste for all the flavors. Being my first kit, I can't say if this is the best starter model on the market. But I've been really happy with it so far and would definitely recommend it!

  637. First Kit Memories review by Michele

    This is the kit that started my love for Halo products. I received this kit in 2009 and have been shopping here since. The batteries come in various colors, but I had chosen midnight blue. The battery lasts quite a while before needing to be replaced. Each kit comes with 2 G6 batteries, set of cartridges, wall charger, and USB charger. They now arrive with a nifty case to protect your product. I wish that they had offered it when I first purchased my kit, but it can be purchased separately. After your initial kit, you can replace items individually at a fantastic price. I highly recommend purchasing a few mini-tanks as well.

  638. Accessories review by Taylor

    This is a great kit. It almost gives you everything you need. The only suggestion I would have is to add a carrying case for your extra batteries. I prefer to have more than one battery and this would be beneficial to me as I’m sure others. This is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Otherwise, great product!

  639. Fantastic review by Melanie

    I have been an e-cig user for about one year now. I was not a Halo customer. I continued to have problems with my previous e-cig so I started looking on the web for another company. Halo came up with many great reviews. I bought this starter kit and really like it. I am now back for another order. I also now have the ability to use their e-juice also. Thank you Halo, great product!

  640. Works Great review by Brian

    I have played around with different kinds of e-cigs and most have not lived up to my needs. The G6 works great and it has been by far the best one I have tried!

  641. Nice kit review by craig

    I ordered two of these kits with Tribeca. It comes with everything you need to get started which is great. The flavor and look of the cartomizers are great! They are also easy to refill with Halo liquids.

  642. Midnight Blue G6 Kit review by Mike

    After seeing that Halo appeared at the top of nearly every consumer's top rated list, I decided to buy the Midnight Blue G6 Starter Kit. I have not been disappointed! It’s outstanding! I got the kit with the 78mm automatic batteries and they last me all day long. I also got a 5 pack of Tribeca pre-filled cartomizers. The flavor and vapor production with them is pretty good but I also bought some mini-tanks which I really prefer. The mini-tanks produce excellent flavor and vapor from them. I recommend that you spend the little extra and get the tanks! I've also tried out several different flavors of their e-juice. All of the flavors I tried have excellent flavoring and vapor output! My personal favorite is Southern Classic. I really like the sweetness combined with the light tobacco flavor.

  643. Super impressed! review by Maddox

    This was actually the first real vape experience for me. I've had it for a little over a week now and I’m loving it. I got one automatic battery and one manual as I wasn't quite sure what I would like most. I also got the blank cartridges so I could play around with the flavors to find my favorite. The product got here relatively fast considering it had to go through Canadian customs and to the east coast! The unboxing process was also great as everything is in nice sleek packaging. Overall I'm beyond happy with this product and will be ordering all my vape needs from Halo!

  644. I'm in love! review by Beginner and ex-smoker

    After being disappointed with an e-cigarette purchased at a gas station, I am extremely satisfied with the Halo G6! The G6 itself isn't too long or heavy. It reminds me of using an actual cigarette. The feel of the G6 is quite nice as well. I am using both the mini-tanks and black cartomizers with the G6 and they perform amazingly! My draws are usually only three seconds and I get an incredible amount of vapor and good throat hit. The flavors are amazing too! To top off my positive experience with Halo, the shipping was super-fast!

  645. Great Starter Kit! review by James

    This was the first kit I bought that I enjoyed using and it has worked very well for me. I ordered the longer batteries in automatic and the Menthol ICE cartomizers with it. The flavor was so good! SubZero is also an excellent choice if you like a strong menthol flavor. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone trying to get into vaping!

  646. Great product for starting out. review by e-ciggy monke

    The price is very affordable and the quality is excellent. It’s really simple to use and we have no problems. I contacted their online chat for help and the staff was very helpful. The follow-up emails were great too! The best part for me as an international buyer is that you can track the order online and the postage is not crazy. The item arrived within the promised time and the packing was reasonable for what was ordered. Thanks for your dedication in customer care and quality control.

  647. Everything you need- nothing you don't! review by Shelby

    I purchased this starter kit with the two longer batteries (both automatic) and blank cartridges. Everything is beautifully packaged in a case that reminds me of a jewelry box. In my opinion, it's too large to bring around with you-- if you're into cases- but it is nice for at home display and keeping all of your necessary things in one place. The G6 itself has a nice, rubbery finish on it that makes it smooth to hold. Vapor production is good compared to other e-cigs of the same general size. The carts were super easy to fill- no glue or anything holding them in place to stop you. You can use your fingernails, or, if you prefer, something like tweezers or a bobby pin. I do recommend following the instructions on how to fill them, just to make sure that you don't overfill and harm your batteries. By the way- the juices I tried from Halo were excellent, and I really recommend you try them. They offer more flavors in bottles than they do in prefilled carts at the moment, so it’s worth looking into. Overall, this kit gives you everything you need (unless you go for blanks- then, just add some juice for those carts) and nothing you don't, keeping the price affordable while making sure you're set to vape.

  648. I love this product! review by Teresa

    My boyfriend bought me this and I have fallen in love with it! We researched online to find the best and we got the best! I have no complaints. Its sleek design makes it easy to slide in your pocket or slip in your purse. Great quality and price. Awesome customer service! I prefer the mini tanks but the cartomizers are good too. Great product, great company!

  649. Already impressed review by Kari

    I am still charging the batteries but just had to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I ordered my starter kit on Saturday and already received it. Today is Monday and it was in this morning’s mail! Wow! I also love the midnight blue batteries! They are beautiful! I can't wait for them to finish charging so I can try it out. I will write an update after I try them! Thank you Halo! Your prices and services are over and above!

  650. By far the best e-cig review by Christopher

    I just got my mini kit in the mail 3 days ago and I can say that I'm very happy with it. Halo is the best brand I've bought and the vapor is so consistent. I can vape all day at work nonstop and it lasts until I get home. Halo is #1 in my book above the rest!!

  651. Best E-Cig I've Tried review by Matthew

    This is far and away the single best e-cig I've tried yet. I first tried all the cheapo gas station brands, none of which were good at all. I figured I'd try one of the premium brands, and this was my first (and last)! The two flavors of e-liquid I've had are both great, and have a flavor much closer to conventional tobacco than any of the cheap e-cigs out there. The various battery and cartomizer colors make for crazy customization, which I love. All of the hardware works like a charm, and you can tell it's of high quality.

  652. SUPER! review by Nick

    The case is classy and perfect for home storage. The USB and plug are simple and stack nicely for charging multiple G6s. The shining star of the set is the battery, as it should be. The smooth-matte finish feels so nice in between the fingers. The addition of the cigarette lines and orange tip make this piece very eye catching. When you attach a black cartomizer, the B&W color scheme looks super cool together. I was so confident in this set that I purchased a second one for my lady-Titanium color, and both of us are completely satisfied. Halo Cigs just made two loyal fans.

  653. Good vaping for first timers review by Jessica

    I chose this kit as my very first intro to e-cigs. It was awesome. Not overwhelming like some can be if you’re just getting started. I only wish I would have went with a manual battery. I thought the automatic would be more like a real cigarette and help me quit smoking but I found I was having to puff too hard to get the drag I desired. It still worked out perfect though because the more I got into vaping, I eventually upgraded to the Triton and went with the manual battery! Halo has incredible products for great prices! No other brand compares!

  654. Very good review by Amanda

    This item is very good—love the slim design and cool colors. It’s great for us girls who don't want a Lightsaber—shame the XL blanks are only available in black. Also the wall charger is US only—would be great to have UK charger, or the option to get an additional mini USB charger for international customers.

  655. Great Kit for New Vapors review by Tim

    The G6 System is how I got started into e-cig vaping over 3 years ago. It's a good starting point for those who are new to vaping and want to try it out. These components are far superior than the junk that they sell at convenience stores or gas stations. I've talked to way too many people who tried those, didn't like them, and then wrote off vaping altogether. Try the G6 instead. You have the flexibility of being able to try any e-liquid you want. Chat these guys up at Halo and tell them what kind of regular (analog) cigarette you smoke and they will steer you into the right direction as to a suitable e-liquid. You can also try the starter pack and get some empty G6 cartomizers or mini tanks to try different e-liquids. I recommend you start with a clean one for each flavor of e-liquid you try so that you are not mixing flavors.

  656. Best cig-a-like by far! review by Jesse

    The G6 starter kit is solid! It comes in a very stylish quality case to start, which is a very nice touch. I've tried a few types of "cig-a-likes" but none of them stood up to the G6. It's a great on the go vape—great flavor and vapor production for a cig-a-like. I love the portability and quality. I am not scared to stick it in my pocket for the day. I've had mine over a year now and it's still going strong! Just stock up on cartomizers and liquid, and this kit will keep you going for a long time!

  657. Good for the money review by TylerB107

    This is a good e-cig with a lot of vape production for the money. I've had mine for a long time and have had no problems.

  658. The standard in e-cigs review by Jeff

    I just transitioned from the Blu e-cig and decided to try Halo. The Blu Express kit was decent, but nowhere near the quality, flavor, or expandability of the G6. The G6 kit has everything you need and the level of detail in the kit makes it the "go-to" e-cig kit. The batteries (both of them) and charge life is outstanding, and the charging kit (both USB and 110v outlet) lets you charge anywhere. The included storage case is classy and functional. Most important though, and the reason to buy Halo, is the shipping and customer service. Halo is ridiculously fast—from the East Coast to West Coast in three days. This is the only place to buy e-cigs. Looking forward to trying more flavors since I just received my mini tanks—highly recommended. Outstanding Halo team!

  659. One happy momma review by Stephanie

    I just bought this GS Starter Kit for my mother. I ordered it about a week ago and it came in the mail super-fast (the next week). My mother has the disposable electronic cigarettes and she just keeps throwing them away. When I ask her why she doesn’t buy an electronic one she says they seem like they are too confusing to order, what if you forget some of the pieces and/or that they are more expensive. Therefore, I decided to buy this kit for her. First of all it has everything you need to begin vaping so I (and she) do not have to worry about forgetting something. I have been using Halo for about two years now and I don’t think I could say anything bad about them. I am excited for my mother to open this at Christmas because I know she really wants one. She won’t have to go through the anxiety of ordering one online herself and it is so much less expensive than what she is doing right now. I know that Halo’s customer service is amazing; if she needs help with anything they will gladly email her back within 24 hours. There are not too many companies that guarantee their help and don’t deliver, but Halo actually keeps their promise. I ended up getting her one manual and one automatic battery and the Malibu cartridges. That’s the other thing I like--you get two batteries with this kit purchase. Not too many other companies do that either!!!! I got her the princess pink battery color. The only thing that would make me fall in love with Halo, even more than I already am, is if they allowed you to get two different colors within the kits! I opened this kit up and everything in this kit is beautiful and is going to make my mother so happy! I cannot wait to hand her the beautiful box (that they give you with this kit) with all her goodies it there! Thank you Halo!

  660. Amazing product review by James

    If you are debating between this and the other cig-a-likes out there such as the eRoll, V2, 510, etc., you will not be disappointed with the G6. I have owned the eRoll and dabbled with convenience store garbage. After being frustrated with a leaky eRoll and wasting tons of money on convenience store cig-a-likes that put out almost zero vapor, I am beyond happy with the G6! The vapor production and flavor are outstanding, even with the standard cartomizers in the G6.

    I also got the mini tank for the G6, one automatic battery and one manual. I thought my favorite combo was going to be the manual battery with the mini tank, but strangely enough I prefer the automatic battery with the cartomizers. My one complaint is I wish it came with a pocket sized carry case. I went ahead and ordered the $10 one.

    Ultimately, I think the G6 will end up being my "out and about" rig and I will probably invest in a Reactor mod for home use. I've got to say, there's something about the whole Halo experience that makes you want to stay brand loyal.

  661. Great product for the price review by Zombiecig

    I am pretty new to vaping. Prior to this product I have tried the Blu disposable and the Vuse ecigs. I like the small form factor of this style because it is portable and inconspicuous.

    I bought the smaller battery size kit from the clearance section. The kit contents are great for the price, especially the clearance price. I think that the item was discounted because it had been on the shelf for a long time. The case itself is very slightly out of alignment, but not enough to effect its usefulness as a storage container. Halo also generously included a 10ml bottle of Malibu for free. Sweet! The flavor I got were the Sub Zero cartomizers. The flavor is much better than the Vuse and the Blu, both of which I found weak. Nice and minty but not too strong.
    The e-cigarettes look great and the quality seems sturdy. It is also lighter than both the Vuse and Blu disposable. I like this because I can hold it comfortable with my lips while the other two were a bit heavy for this.
    The vape is MUCH better than both the Vuse and Blu. Both of those were inconsistent and difficult to get a good cloud from. The G6 has a nice puff and it heats the cloud a bit too. The throat hit seems pretty mild to me, but this is a good thing because I don't really want a strong throat hit.

    The cartomizers is where the kit really shines! Both the Blu disposable and the Vuse were designed so that they can not be refilled. The Halo carts have a white rubber piece at the end that is easily removed. Props to Halo for not nickel and diming their customers! The cartomizers from Halo seem to last about the same as the Vuse and Blu. I am a light vaper so one cart seems to last me 2-3 days. The battery life is decent, but I kind of wish I had bought the bigger battery. I can't complain though as it lasts longer than the Vuse did. The small size is really nice. However, I can fit it in any pocket and I can hide it under my hand to take discreet puffs if I need to.

    Overall, compared to the other e-cigarette brands I have tried the Halo is a big step up. The price is a little more than you would pay for a similar Vuse kit (Vuse starter +5 carts would be around $16 where I live). However, there is a big difference in quality, and the cost savings of refilling the carts will quickly make up the difference.

  662. Great review by Melissa

    I tried this e-cig at my friends. It’s great for people that don’t want a real big one and also great for people that don’t want to bother with filling their tanks with oil. With this device, you just put a new cartomizer in when it’s empty. You should try this you will love it!

  663. Great!!! review by Sr Merced

    This was my first kit when I started vaping. I wanted something that simulated a real cigarette in looks and feel. Man did this battery do just that! It's not only beautiful but feels good to hold and it vapes great. I remember using it out for the first time when not many people use to vape around my town and this little battery always attracted attention. The way it lights up and the smell it gives it off. Also, this is the best battery out there with mah that vapes so good. It actually warms up the coils and is not like other generic batteries were you hardly get any vapor and taste.

    I know a lot of people are vaping off the bigger battery now with more voltage and power. I get it but there is just times when you want to relax in a cafe and not look like your vaping off a bomb. This battery is elegant and you can smoke it anywhere. If you are just starting out, look no further. This kit won't fail you. You will soon come to learn that Halo has the best e-liquids and products at affordable prices in the market.

  664. Amazing Kit, Amazing Service review by Kellbell

    I was very excited to receive this kit, I recently started using a competitors kit, that I was very happy with but they didn't have the nicotine options and flavors that I was looking for. I did two weeks of research, comparing all if the best e-cigs on the market, reviews, and decided on Halo. I ordered my kit and was amazed at how quickly it arrived, seriously fast. I love everything about this device, from the color options, to the ease of use, battery and cartridge options, and especially the very nice tidy little box it came in. I just love it! It's very easy to put together as are most, the batteries came charged right out of the box, and ready to use. I had a couple questions so I popped online to get the answers. What amazing customer service! Always available, very polite, and helpful. It didn't come with a manual and he sent me the manual to me and wished me luck. I was using my kit in 5 minutes. Truly, this was a very impressive experience, customer service today isn't what it used to be but Halo does it right. Overall, I am very impressed with the products, quality, customer service, and function. This is a nice smooth vapor that feels natural, charges quickly, lasts long, and works very well. I am glad I bought your kit and I definitely made the right decision. Thank you Halo, I will continue to shop your products.

  665. I've tried other e-cig brands but Halo is the best of all. It comes with a beautiful crafted box, well designed, several choices of colour for the batteries, very sleek. I'm using manual batteries so I have better control the usage. Thoughtfully put to review by Lily

    I've tried other e-cig brands but Halo is the best of all. It comes with a beautiful crafted box, well designed, several choices of color for the batteries, and very sleek. I'm using manual batteries so I have better control of the usage. It is thoughtfully put together, and your choice of charging the battery to a wall plug or computer. It comes with either prefilled or blank cartomizers. I love it and bought a 2nd kit!!

  666. Switched from blu ecig review by The Mountain redneck

    I switched from Blu e-cigarette to the G6 Starter kit which is a major step up. One being able to use any e-liquid you want and not being limited to certain flavors. Also, another plus is the fact the cartomizers don't leak like they did with the Blu.

  667. Great starter review by Simon

    The G6 Starter kit is awesome and my first flavor got me hooked. It is my first time purchasing the G6 mini tanks and they work great. I would definitely recommend this product for someone who is looking for an e-cigarette and go with Halo.

Quantity Included2
Battery LogoG6
Battery ColorNo
Battery ThreadNickel
Battery LEDBlue
Button ColorN/A
Battery TypeAutomatic
Battery Cut-Off Time6 Seconds
Battery Length78mm - Standard
Battery Width9.2 mm
Battery Capacity280 mAh
Battery Charge200 puffs/charge
Battery Lifespan300 cycles
Battery Voltage TypeNo
Battery Actual Voltage3.3 - 4.2 volts
Battery Rated Voltage3.7 volts
Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase
Quantity Included1
Charger LogoG6
Wall Charger ColorBlack
Wall Charger Length64 mm
Wall Charger Width47 mm
Wall Charger Height30.1 mm
Input Voltage110 volt (USA)
Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
Charger Frequency50/60 Hz
Output Current150 mA
Wall Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase
Quantity Included1
USB Adapter LogoG6
USB Adapter ColorBlack
USB Adapter Length46.6 mm
USB Adapter Width18.9 mm
USB Adapter HeightNo
Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
Input Current500 mA
Output Current150 mA
USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase
Quantity Included5
Cartomizer LogoNone
Cartomizer ColorNo
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.4 - 2.8 ohms (Standard)
Cartomizer Length35.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A