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G6 USB Charger

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Quick Overview

The G6 USB Charger is the standard charger for all G6 hardware. To use it, remove the cartomizer from your battery, screw the battery into the opening and insert the USB plug into any standard USB port. The LED light at the tip of the battery will go out when the charge is complete.

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The G6 USB charger is the standard charger component for all G6 E-cigarette batteries. With an input current of 500 mAh, an output current of 150 mAh and an input voltage of 5, it’s compatible with the complete line of G6 batteries, as well as Halo wall chargers and auto chargers. To use it, remove the cartomizer from your G6 battery, screw the battery into the opening and insert the USB plug into any standard USB port, the Halo Mini Wall Charger or the Halo Mini Car Charger. The LED tip on the G6 Battery will stay lit while charging and go out upon completion. The G6 USB Charger works only in conjunction with G6 batteries. Each G6 USB Charger comes in stylish black imprinted with the G6 logo. This USB adapter is for G6 batteries only. Using this USB adapter on Triton batteries may cause irreversible damage. Please click here if you are looking for the Triton USB adapter.

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  1. Works pretty good review by tj

    Well, I am mostly happy with this charger considering there are really no other options. I have had to re-order quite a few of these now the price is not bad for one or two, but if you have had to order them on a regular basis like me, that's when it starts to get expensive. Maybe I had a few bad ones, but the ones that are bad. I have had them literally fall apart and that's not from dropping them on a hard floor or anything like that. I have tried to put them back together and use electrical tape, but that does work at all. I am just hoping this does not become a regular problem.

  2. Buy extras or elsewhere review by Boris

    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that 20-cent bits of electronics would basically die in the space of three months, but the fault isolation was a real nuisance, with my buying batteries, wondering about the clearomizers, and cleaning contacts. The thing is that they would deliver enough charge to fully light the battery tip (until the very end), but leave them with maybe 50 puffs. Then, the tips would fail to turn off even after an overnight charge. Finally, weak (or no) lighting. I neither know nor care at this point whether the problem is the little IC or a poor mechanical connection at the USB end.

  3. Cool, in both sense of the word. review by Virtuous Vaping Viper

    This little thing is cool. The temperature is cool. It did not heat up at all for the whole duration of the charge next to my laptop (MacBook Pro mid-2009, with some modification). The light changed from red to blue between my need to vape, which is great. It is cool that it does not interfere with the other USB devices that I am using (mouse and headphone). So when the battery was charging, I was gaming. Now that it is charged, I am getting back to vaping. Win win win!

  4. Can use anywhere! review by Michele

    This charger can be used just about anywhere a USB port is available. I have had to replace it 3 times in the last few years, but it was normally my fault that the USB charger had quit working. If careful the product will last a quite a long time. I plug mine into USB car chargers, the Halo wall charger, and my laptop.

  5. Great charger review by Justin

    The USB charger charges very quickly. It lights up red when it’s charging, then slowly turns purple when it’s almost done. It turns blue when the battery is fully charged. It’s great because you can charge it on your computer or plug it into the wall charger.

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Quantity Included1
USB Adapter LogoG6
USB Adapter ColorBlack
USB Adapter Length46.6 mm
USB Adapter Width18.9 mm
USB Adapter Height13.0 mm
Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
Input Current500 mA
Output Current150 mA
USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase