WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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G6 Blanks

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Quick Overview

Blank G6 Cartomizers are a great way to customize the look and taste of your electronic cigarette. Available in 10 colors, blank cartomizers can be filled —and refilled —with your favorite Halo E-liquid multiple times before needing to be replaced.

IMPORTANT: For best performance use with HALO Standard eliquids

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  • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Titanium Titanium
  • Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
  • Princess Pink Princess Pink
  • Emerald Green Emerald Green
  • Electric Lime Electric Lime
  • Demon Red Demon Red
  • Deep Purple Deep Purple
  • Classic White Classic White

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Blank G6 Cartomizers are a great way to customize the look—and taste—of your G6. Available in ten stylish colors, as well as low resistance and extra-long versions, these long-lasting cartomizers can be filled multiple times with the Halo E-liquid of your choice before needing to be replaced. To use them, just remove the rubber piece at the tip, drip 15-20 drops of E-liquid—enough for it to completely absorb into the cotton—and then attach it to your G6 battery. Each cartomizer can be refilled multiple times before needing to be replaced.

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  1. HAPPY CAMPY CUSTOMERS review by Valerie

    I'm not new to vaping, I was actually was an e-cig customer with the company of the same name, until they fell off the planet with no advanced notice. So, I hunted around online and found Halo which seemed like a company that would meet my needs. So, Halo, I'm very happy to say you have not disappointed. It took a little time to adjust to the new standard tobacco flavor after a couple of years with a different brand, but that was expected. The adjustment didn't take long, and your customer service was superb in helping me choose the flavor and strength! So well, that I haven't had to change or adjust really anything, the first time was a charm! I think the agent was Maurice, and I actually called back a few days later to purchase blanks and ask a few standard questions. And I couldn't believe I actually got him on the phone again. I've since become brave and have had fun making what I call my Tribeca cocktail! I think it's cool that one has the option of doing that! I haven't tried other flavors, that isn't quite my thing, but who knows maybe one day I may get bored and try it. It's comforting to know you'll have many options available to choose from, and blanks to mix and match your cocktail in. Lastly,being the stylish, on trend, love to shop woman I am, of course I had to custom design my e-cig, I've also had great fun with doing that!! Can you imagine, having your e-cig match your outfit? I can.....THANKS Halo.

  2. Perfect for Sampling review by Zachary

    These guys are a great way to sample. I don't have to use my tanks that I use for my daily vapes.

  3. Awesome review by Tina H.

    I love being able to fill my own cartomizers and even experiment with flavors if I want.

  4. Best color! Catch em while you can review by Tina R.

    For a woman I still chose blue for my kit. But I wanted it all to match!! So I ordered some blue empty cartos and they look sooo sharp!! That's one of the great features of the G6. The colors and the color carts to match. This blue seems to be a huge favorite amongst men and women alike. And these cartos sell out fast! Glad I bought mine when I did!!! And can't wait to order more. The matching blue carts complete it and it looks so classy.

  5. NO BURN!!! review by Jerrick

    Finally I have found my match, all of the cartomizers I have ever tried they always end up tasting burnt after less than a day of use, with Halo my cart stays nice and burn free for over a week, you can't go wrong with Halo!

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Quantity Included5
Cartomizer LogoNone
Cartomizer ColorNo
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer Length35.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.4 - 2.8 ohms (Standard)
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
VG GradeNo
PG GradeNo
Nicotine GradeNo
Flavoring GradeNo