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G6 Batteries

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G6 Batteries come in nine stylish colors, three capacities—180 mAH (65mm), 280 mAh (78mm) and 380 mAh (102mm)—and last over 300 charge cycles. These batteries incorporate Infiniglow technology, which provides a smooth, consistent power source that helps keep you vaping all day long.

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  • Electric Lime Electric Lime
  • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Demon Red Demon Red
  • Princess Pink Princess Pink
  • Titanium Titanium
  • Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
  • Classic White Classic White
  • Emerald Green Emerald Green
  • Deep Purple Deep Purple

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The G6 battery is long-lasting and highly durable. G6 batteries come available in nine stylish colors, three capacities: 180 mAH (65mm), 280 mAh (78mm) and 320 mAh (102mm) and in either automatic or manual outputs. With a rated battery voltage of 3.7 volts, a nickel battery thread and a lifespan of 300 charge cycles, the G6 battery is among the best in its class. Its Infiniglow technology provides a smooth consistent power source that helps keep you vaping all day long. Each battery has a six second cut-off time to protect against safety hazards. G6 batteries can be fitted with G6 cartomizers or G6 mini tanks to improve your vaping experience even more. The G6 battery works only with G6 USB (150 mA output) chargers.

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  1. quality review by Jacqueline

    The G6 batteries are outstanding and are the best e-cigarettes around! The fast shipping is awesome too!

  2. Great battery, not just for a beginner review by AnnieOhio

    I got an automatic and a manual G6 (65mm) battery and have used them for over a year. I am a casual vaper, not vaping quite daily, but these batteries are holding a charge like they did when they were new. For me a charge lasts for a few days so I just charged them both on the weekend at home. The batteries have a rubbery texture that you can grip easier without feeling sticky at all. The rubber button on the manual one is nice and they both work very well.

  3. A great product, for a great price, and perfect for those who are looking to try something new, but aren’t quite sure where to start. review by Vapegirl

    When I first started vaping, I didn’t know what to expect! After reading many reviews online, I decided to go with the G6.
    I was 100% satisfied with my experience using these vapes. They hold a charge really well considering the smaller battery size. They are a great “beginner” vape to those who may be unsure, if they’ll enjoy vaping, or want something smaller. They are more similar-looking to an analog cigarette.

    I used both the manual and the automatic version of the G6, and when I first started out, the automatics were best for me. As I got used to vaping, I began to prefer the manual for the deeper throat hit I was able to get from it.
    I also recommend trying the mini tanks to anyone considering this vape system. I have found the combination of the mini tanks and the manual G6 to be an ideal set-up for beginner vapers.

    I’ve since switched up to the Triton system, and have passed on my G6 models (still going strong after MUCH use!) to friends and family who were in the same situation as I was when I started. They found the same satisfaction with this product as I did, and are now 100% Halo vapers.

    A great product, for a great price, and perfect for those who are looking to try something new, but aren’t quite sure where to start.

    It can be so confusing when just starting out with vaping. There are now so many types on the market, and when you have never vaped, the reviews are tough to understand! It can be tricky to figure out what will work for you.
    If this sounds like you, I highly recommend the G6!

  4. the "GQ-6" review by EZR

    When I stumbled into the vaping world, about 4 years ago I started out on vaper-pens. I then worked my way to the variable voltage and mods. If you are a heavy vapor like me you probably have a pretty stout vaper mod and It's probably pretty "BIG". I don't like to take mine everywhere so I save it for when I'm at home on the recliner reading the daily news and checking the daily stock ticker while listening to symphonic music. However, if you are looking for a lightweight and durable e-cigarette, then I would suggest the G6 for an everyday carry I would use the G6 and the cartomizers. While Halo does offer the mini tanks that are compatible with these batteries . I actually prefer the cartomizers. It's light and delivers a good hit for such a compact device. It really does a good job at giving me my "mid-day" fix . While allowing the convenience of not having to deal with tank cleaning, leaking, or possibly shattering my glass. A good job on this one Halo Team!!! Not to mention I feel a bit more GQ when I use it.

  5. great product review by Kelly

    The G6 batteries are hands down the best! They feel like a "real" cigarette.

  6. The first chapter.. review by IACO

    I aproached the world of vapeing cautiously.. I saw young ones doing it and at first brushed it off as a silly fad that held little weight in my mind. I had been smokeing a pack a day for over a decade, it was what i knew, and it was comfortable. Change hasent been one of my stong suites. A year ago i decided to dip my toe i to this funny wold.. First step recon.. I dident know alot about it.. Soo who do i go to for info? The hippy dippy hipster kids at the gas station.. Mistake number one.. They pointed me twards the pre packaged brands behind the counter. Sure they looked fancy in their hard shell packages and fancy artwork.. And at first i almost fell for it. I tried one.. After a day ir so i noticed a dizzy feeling that i dident enjoy.. Soo iff to the internet to do some reasearch. Turnes out the brand i purchased was made by a big tobacco company and the nicotine strength was 24mg/ml.. Ahh danger danger. Not that it was a dangerious strenght just that there was little in the way of customization for personal prefrences. Now im not implying directly that big tobacco companys have had a less than stellar reccord with truth and honesty... but i would imagine their intrests arent laser focused on my enjoyment or botom line.
    Next step.. I found these guys here at halo... I started witht the G6 set up and havent looked back. The battery is perfict for thoes just starting out small simple and the prefilled carts are a pain free way to wade into the world of vapeing. I found the life if the battey and durrabality to be top notch. Several hours for a heavy user and a quick charge of less than a hour and im back in business. Sleak, small, and simple. I cant say enugh nice things about these halo folk. Verry happy. I have since moved on to the triton. But the G6 will hold a special place in my heart as my first love in the vapeing world. So if your new to this or want something small and simple look no further than the G6:)

  7. Great review by Stephen

    Definitely get the biggest one—well worth it. The charge lasts through a 12 hour shift and then some.

  8. A very slick feeling battery review by Gregory

    These batteries look beautiful out of the box and maintain their rubbery metal feel for a number of months. The 65mm makes the G6 the exact length of a regular cigarette, but I prefer the 78mm for the longer battery life. Each battery tends to last me about 6 months or longer.

  9. Great vape experience, a bit short on drag time review by Jen

    This was my second e-cigarette, my first being a Blu. While the Blu was good, it's an overpriced piece of garbage when compare to the G6. Not only do you get the benefits of bigger refillable cartomizers, but the battery itself lasts much longer. Other ecigs tend to have a "slick" feeling to them, but the G6's unique silicon exterior leaves your hands feeling seemingly better than before, as well as the rubber button which is great compared to the plastic ones that seem to break and hurt to press. While the 3 second per drag timer is slightly annoying, the ability to press the button twice before the time goes up makes up for that by allowing a wide range of times, at one of the best prices on the net.

  10. Love this product review by Fiction80

    I have tried other e cig products in the past and this is by far the best. Cost point is exactly where it should be, and the versatility offered between replace or refill cartomizers is fantastic.

  11. G6 Battery review by Charles Vera

    The battery design is superior to all others that I have come across. I have tried all the cheap local store batteries. They have a small tab that connects to the cartomizer and is seated on a washer that normally wears out and sits to low to make a connection. You then need to pry the connecter up and end up exposing the wires under the tab. The G6 battery has a solid piece with no washer that makes perfect connection without the worry of wear.

  12. Best Yet review by Rob

    After trying several e-cig's (v2,s.b.,g.s) and several different e-juice sites, I can finally say that Halo is by far the best yet. These are top of the line supplies and e-liquids all in one site! No more wasted time or money trying hit or miss products. Halo, you have a long time (happy) customer!


  13. Manual and automatics review by Barbara

    First time I started using the manual battery. For 5 years I have been using the automatics. I love the manual.

  14. Blown away! review by Ben

    After being a Blu user and being frustrated as h$ll recharging batteries all the time I did some research and found Halo. It was a match made in heaven. one of these batteries lasts all day almost. I used to go through 3 a day re charging them all throughout the day. As a added bonus Halo has the best e juice flavors ever!

  15. Always good to have an extra!! review by Tina

    I ordered this is as my 3rd battery after getting the blue starter kit. And what's better then having two batteries that have great usage time... 3!!! I charge less, and alternate. With several batteries you never have to worry about running out battery life!!

  16. Such a great item. review by Lori

    When I started researching electronic cigarettes I knew I wanted a quality product! The G6 definitively delivers that! I love it. It's easy to use, produces a lot of vapor and fits into my purse or pocket easily! It has me a life long fan of Halo and I don't go anywhere else!

  17. Best stick sized battery! review by SirVapesALot

    I loved halo's standard stick style ecig battery from the start. The vapor was always warm and these last longer than any other stick style battery I've tried. And something halo should advertise is that the battery connector to the center pin doesn't have a hole in it. I've never gotten any eliquid in my battery and that's thanks to the brilliant design!

  18. Convenient when your other hand is busy. review by Danny

    The little 65mm automatics are great when your driving or using the phone. Nice satiny rubberized finish so it's less likely to slip out of your hand. Easy to hold and not to heavy. About the size of an analog 100 with the cartridge attached. A medium draw required to activate which is good because you don't want to lose any power or e-juice to a strong breeze. Wish it had a bit more run time. It's in the 90 minute to 2 hour range. But a longer run time is probably not possible in a battery this small.

  19. Greatness review by Jessica

    I love the lime colored battery! Halo products are all great but I love the color options.

  20. G6 XL review by John

    I purchased one of these Black XL G6 batteries to compliment the two regular length G6 batteries I have. It is terrific. I bought the automatic for carrying in my pocket purposes and I am very pleased with it. Does what it is suppose to do - that is it lasts long time on a charge, I would say about 50% longer than the regular length. Nice no slip finish like all Halo batteries is a plus. Terrific price now with the recent price reduction.

  21. Great Mimic review by Ex-Smoker

    This is a really nice substitute for a genuine cigarette. It has those fine light, light, gray horizontal lines that are in the paper of a typical tobacco one, as well as a red/orange LED tip. It appears to be the only one available with the red/orange tip, which I think is worth noting. Very pleased, thanks Halo.

  22. Gorgeous! review by Lauren

    The color is absolutely amazing. Halo's G6 batteries last so much longer than other kr808 bateries --- I have a steady rotation of about five G6 batteries so I don't burn one out too quickly. This battery has been going strong for six months and still holds a charge beautifully. Great product!

  23. Quality is evident in the fine details. As close to the real look that I have seen. review by Scubaprokid

    New to e-cigs, I paired this classic white battery (manual/78mm) with the G6 authentic tan blank cartomizers. Extremely pleased with the quality, look and function. Really like the orange LED. Matte white finish w/fine light gray lines and the recessed manual button are fantastic. Excellently done Halo!!!

  24. 102mm review by Enrique

    Overall a very good battery. I am amazed by the battery life, the feel and quality of these. Definitely on my list of keepers!

  25. Stylish reliability review by Robert

    Great life, love the color choices.

  26. Perfect review by Colby

    I got the 102 mm manual for around the house, I use the smaller manual when Im on the go. Couldn't be happier with the quality, value, and performance of the battery!! I highly recommend!

  27. Yay! review by Ex Smoker

    I ordered this awesome black battery in XL (102mm long)... so pleased! I wish all the batteries came in this length! If they do, they must be out of stock at the moment because it doesn't seem to be an option. If that's the case, that very well could be my mistake. If it really isn't available in all of the other colors, it ought to be. I would buy most of them!
    Anyways, I highly recommend buying this one mainly because it lasts longer between charges. The regular size batteries last about a day for me, which is good so don't get me wrong. I just like having this one in addition to the two others I own. This one lasts about 1.5 times as long, it seems. Might just be how I'm using it but that's been my experience regardless. So thumbs up.
    In regards to the color, it is what it is. It's black. It'll look good with all of the colored tanks (I own them all), all of the colored cartomizers (still working on that...) and I'm happy to have it.
    PLEASE Halo, 102mm batteries in all of the colors! They're that good. Until then, if you like your g6 e-cig... get this black one in XL, you'll be as pleased as I am, or you're broken.

  28. Best purchase I ever made! review by Dawn

    I absolutely love my princess pink batteries! Using this battery makes my experience even more enjoyable! The battery lasts me all day and it just looks good! I have the automatic, and I have had absolutely no problems getting good vape. The paint has a metallic sheen and hasn't scratched at all. I highly recommend this battery!

  29. The 102mm battery is the way to go IMO, but the 78mm is a close second. review by Ladobe

    Got my first order of G6 gear on May 1st. I'm really impressed with the look, feel and finish of these batteries - they are quite nice. I started out with a two 78mm manual battery midnight blue starter kit and one extra 102mm manual black battery. The 102 is my first choice with the longer use between recharges, so I ordered 3 more 102's today.

    Sure would like to see the 102's in other colors besides black though. I have been using different colored tanks to keep track of the batteries (wanted to order a bunch more tanks today but they are all out of stock at present except yellow). Sure glad I bought 6 tanks to start with as the mini tanks are all I will ever use on the G6 (I don't like the cartomzers).

    Already got a neighbor to switch to the G6 system too. Had him try mine and he was instantly sold.

    Now I am just waiting for the Triton Twist to come out.

  30. Looks Better In Person review by Hereal

    I have blue & black batteries but my cousins kit just came in today & he ordered this color. They look so much better in person, on the picture they look sorta whitish to me, but in person they look pure platinum, I'm going to get 1 for myself.

  31. Excellent Quality review by FG

    I purchased both the "Mini" (65mm) and Standard (78mm) sizes of this battery. These are surprisingly powerful for their size, and I am able to get a nice thick vapor out of it comparable to my other vaporizers. Although neither battery is likely to last all day with heavy use, I can get the standard one to last all day for me (I used to smoke less than a pack of real cigs).

    I really like the "mini" size, as it's so portable.

    To get a nice thick vapor out of these, I have the manual version, press the button briefly before inhaling, and release the button only after inhaling. With the Tribeca or my Twisted Java liquid, it's just delicious!

  32. Exceptional Quality!!! review by Brad

    My first experience with the Halo G6 was the 78mm battery. I was pleased with this battery as it far exceeded quality of other top brand e-cigs. The 78mm battery lasted most of the day. I soon found myself using my second battery at bedtime. So I ordered the 102mm battery. This thing is amazing!! It is everything I could want in a e-cig. Unlike the other size batteries with the 5 second cut off the 102mm has a 10 second cutoff and will stay smoking for nearly a day and a half. Thank you Halo for offering a top notch product for a top notch price!!

    P.S. I recommend offering the 102mm battery in other colors besides just black


  33. Good looking, great battery life... review by Robert

    I really like the color, and the blue light helps identify it as a vapor cig instead of a tobacco cig, so people wont give you a hard time in public places...

  34. Extra batts review by Keith

    If you have picked up your G6 kit, for the price, pick up a couple extra batts to go with it. This will give you the benefit of always having a charged batt. anytime without having to wait. With three sizes to choose ,from stealth, to longer and longest batt. Another benefit from choosing the G6 over ANY other cigalike, you can choose manual, or auto, or one of each. The price is right, pick up a couple extras with your kit and always have a charged ecig ready to go.

  35. Super Vapor review by Hereal

    I just got the black automatic battery the other day & it produces super vapor, I compared the vapor production with my Ego Twist using the same ejuice & the vapor was about the same.

  36. Love the real look!! review by Rob

    Gotta say these are my favorite battery for going out. Looks like a real cigarette and when i got the Tribeca in sometimes I forget its not a real cigarette, Great product. Thanx Halo!!!

  37. XL Battery- MUST HAVE review by Brian

    Just picked one of these up, and after the initial charge and conditioning procedure, I've been vaping all day on one charge! It's a little long, but that's a small factor when you consider how long this thing lasts. Like others have said, having these available in all the other colors they offer would be nice, but I'd rather have a black one then not at all! The 8-10 second cutoff is a nice touch, but be careful, makes the tanks hot after 5-6 back to back long drags.

  38. Love it! review by Traci

    I just ordered the standard (78mm) manual battery. I am new to vaping and originally ordered the shorter automatic batteries in white with my starter kit. I was worried that I wouldn't like the manual batteries. I was wrong. I like the manual battery so much better. More vapor and easy to use. I was worried that I would stand out too much with a colorful e cig. I'm over that now. I LOVE the purple color!!! I also like that the longer battery will last longer. Thanks Halo : )

  39. I'm glad I picked it. review by findinghaven

    The battery life is better than all others I have tried. And the look is very classy. Lovely blue light catches some eyes too. The automatic and the manual are excellent choices. Out & about I tend to use the automatic, and the manual is good for when I am hanging out.

  40. Great Piece, Awesome for starters review by Hoku

    I bought this G6 piece in addition to my starter kit as a way to extend battery life. I ended up getting the extra long at 102mm extended battery. It has a really nice and sleek look to it and the blue light on the bottom of the black looks really nice. It's a unique touch over the original ecigs that I used to see from other companies.

    It's stylish and nice, but in addition to that it's also great for starters to have. It's not too rough to handle and won't burn you too badly. I would highly recommend the G6 to anyone who is even remotely interested in the electronic cigarette market. I'm getting my dad one to start out with the e cigarettes. I think he'll really like it.

  41. Very nice product review by Smasher

    Amazingly fast shipping, powerful product that charged easily and quickly with the USB charger. This item is built really well and I am super impressed so far.

  42. Great Battery review by Chris

    I just recently received this battery in the mail at first I was skeptical but after one day of use I was sold! This is the way to go, it has a good feel and it lasted me all day with moderate to heavy vaping. This is a great product you can tell Halo cares about the customer.

  43. Amazing review by Patrick

    Just got my G6 this morning. The kit was sold out and I did not want to wait so I just bought all of the parts separately, spent a little more but it was so worth it. Coming from the Blu this is great. The battery color is exactly like the picture, better in real life. The attention to detail is stunning and I will definitely be purchasing more products from Halo. And to top it off, the customer service was awesome. I had several questions regarding the product and various things and they were always answered promptly and with tons of info. Great job!

  44. Good Battery review by Steven

    I have this battery in the XL length and am waiting for them to be restocked to order another one. This is what you need if you drain batteries really quick like me. It seems to last twice as long as the standard batteries. It is great for use with the low resistance cartomizers, but they do drain the battery pretty quick. I use this one at home, as due to its length it is not as mobile as the shorter batteries. The finish is just as nice and the manual button is easy to find without looking, but recessed slightly to avoid accidental operation. The only downside is that you have to be careful with the first few puffs after a full charge as this battery seems to heat the carts up pretty hot. I have noticed that, especially with the LR carts, heavy drags on a fresh battery will cause a burnt taste. This is not a problem once you realize to back off at first. These batteries are really convenient for use at home or on long car trips if you prefer the cig a like feel.

  45. Love this color! review by Traci

    I just purchased the 78mm manual battery in titanium to add to my collection. The color is very sleek and classic. Battery life is very respectable on these batteries. Halo Rocks!

  46. Excellent, easy carry and great vapor with a mini tank! review by Jason

    My first Halo product and this one does not disappoint. Vapor is just right for my taste. Paired with the mini tanks and filled with the great Halo juice- perfect for me. I'll be coming back for more.

  47. Looks can be deciving review by Michele

    I just purchased two 78mm manual batteries and the picture does not do this color justice. You can barely see the logo on the battery and it is a really pretty color shade for male or female. I believe that it is very close to the color of my silver iPod. You can't go wrong with this color!

  48. The "mini" version review by FG

    I ordered the mini version of this battery and for a little battery like that, it's just awesome, produces tons of vapor and plenty of battery to last just about a whole day. I keep it now mostly for a small, compact backup to my Triton set, and it has saved me many times!

  49. Changed to manual and glad I did review by Jim

    Just received my new manual black mini battery today. Sleek and sexy, great pocket size battery. Love the recessed power button Halo designed for their manual batteries. I carry mine in my pocket and have no worries of the battery being activated due to the recessed button design. Love everything about this battery!

  50. Battery review by Antonio

    Good looking battery good, long duration and fast recharge what else can u ask???

  51. Great product! review by Dereck

    I picked one of these up for easy traveling with, It goes great with my new Triton kit, I am most likely going to get one of the g6 starter kit to have one I have tried 98% of the other brands out there Halo wins overall in the quality of their products I have had battery problems with other places and this one worked great right off the bat
    Thanks Halo!

  52. Just right review by Jay B

    Got this in the standard size, and it lasts me all day and a bit into the next. Though it is a bit long with mini-tanks attached, I actually don't mind people asking me what it is I'm 'smoking.' Also, the five second drag time is plenty for me, though some may want more.

  53. Fantastic quality and life review by Andrew

    Halo's products IMO have the highest level of quality. The battery feels very nice, in a matte finish that has some grip to it, not cheap plastic. There are 3 sizes, obviously the bigger the battery the longer it'll last. I always opted for smaller batteries based on feel and look... on a full charge, even the mini's last me a full day of moderate vaping use (I probably smoked a 1/2 pack a day beforehand). Anyway, you can't go wrong. Haven't tried the manual battery yet.

  54. Great starter review by Monica

    The battery lasts long, love the white as well! Both Manual and automatic are great. But if you're a first timer go with the automatic!

  55. Favorite color review by Angela

    Love the midnight blue. The color is rich and elegant.

  56. Great quality battery review by michael

    I have the manual standard and 65mm automatic battery that came with my starter pack. The batteries are of good quality and I really like the rubber textured finish on it for good grip. Personally, I prefer the manual bat over the automatic. The manual seems to have a more consistent heating mechanism and is much easier for me than the automatic. I like the recessed button on the manual which is a very smart design as there are less chances of it getting pressed accidentally while in my pocket. As for the automatic 65mm which you have to activate through puffing takes a little bit more effort to vape and the heating mechanism is totally dependent on how strong you puff causing some inconsistency of the quality of vapor produced. Ofcourse, this is a matter of preference and personally, I prefer the manual for easier vaping and for a better, more consistent vapor production.

    Halo is brilliant to have options for manual and automatic batteries as they can cater to those different vaping preferences of their patrons. I wonder what the popular choice is...manual or automatic.

  57. Almost as good as the triton review by Daniel

    Buy a 78 manual battery for use with G6 mini tank provides an excellent alternative that give you close to the same vapor experience as the Triton. Best on the market.

  58. Best battery ever review by tj

    Okay so I tried a couple of electronic cigarette brands before buying Halo's G6 battery and mini tanks. I absolutely love them. They hit great, you get a lot of vapor out of these and the battery life is great. I will never choose another e-cig brand over Halo. The demon red was the first battery i bought, I love the color and the cool thing is it has a non-slip coating on the battery, I used to drop my e-cigs all the time because they were slippery but the G6 is just great all around. i recommend getting this battery you will love it

  59. The 102mm review by Iceburgh71

    Great battery! The G6's (mini and std) last long as it is, but these a VERY long time! I got 2 just to keep in the house to relax and vape. They are very long, but I knew that when I got them. I don't carry them around, again just use around the house. They will not fit in the G6 carry case or the personal charger, but once again...I didn't buy them for that. Excellent battery if you want something for home to relax with!

  60. Very authentic review by Brad

    The Halo G6 white battery paired with the tan cartomizers is the most realistic analog experience you can get with vaping. The battery has a high quality soft rubbery finish and feel to it that grips well in the hand or between your fingers, unlike most other cigalike batteries on the market that have a hard metal finish, scratch easily and can be very slippery at times. The white battery also has the faint grey lines that most paper analogs have and the orange tip slowly fades in when drawing then slowly fades back off once you've finished your draw which - again is very realistic! In fact, so realistic i've gone to ash it a few times forgetting that it wasn't an actual analog between my fingers. This battery paired with the authentic tan carts combination is a must have whenever you feel like a true analog experience or when your out and about, at work etc and don't want to draw any unwanted attention. In fact this is the combination I'm currently using all the time, even at home and trust me no one will give you a second look! Unlike many other cigalikes that are on the market. Another advantage of the Halo G6 battery is that I find it lasts up to 3x longer before needing a recharge than any other cigalike battery that I have ever tried.

  61. Big Vapor, Small Package review by Melinda

    I got the Titanium battery as a part of my starter kit and I've been really pleased with the results. I opted for the 65mm automatics because I wanted something small and equitable to analogs in size and feel. It lasts me almost all day with light/moderate vaping and only takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to recharge. Love the look and feel of the Titanium battery as it matches my other devices, (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.) Discrete and easy to use. Can't go wrong with these batteries!

  62. Midnight Blue review by David

    Great color, great battery life, and great vapor clouds. The thing I love about this color is it is very distinct from any other E-Cigs out there on the market. It definitely stands out on its own!

  63. 78mm Automatic review by Jason

    Battery constructed well. Nice rubberized coating. Cool blue LED. Lasts me most of the day. But I highly advise keeping an extra on hand. On my first day taking this to work, it died on my ride home. Couldn't have happened at a worse time. For what its worth, I noticed I vape extra long hits because every vape the LED blinks after 4-5 seconds(which is some kind of shut off feature). All i can say about this is why? Also noticed I get the best hit fresh off the charger. Good hits for maybe 10 puffs then approx half strength the rest of the day. Ordered the XL battery in manual, hopefully fixes my issue.

  64. Great Battery for Light to Medium Users review by Eric

    The G6 battery has enough power to provide satisfying hits, while delivering decent battery life (one battery lasts me most of the day). In addition to this, the classic white battery, when paired with the authentic tan cartomizers, emulates the look of smoking pretty well (I've been asked on a few occasions now not to smoke so close to the door). While this may not be the right product for a heavy user (that's what the Triton is for), I would highly recommend this battery for any light to medium users, as well as anyone looking to blend in with the smokers' circle.

  65. Great product review by halofan

    I've been using the 78mm battery with the mini tank and I love it. Lots of flavor and vapor. The battery lasts about 10 hours for me and fits nicely in my pocket while at work. It takes about 3 hours to recharge. I highly recommend this because it's a great product.

  66. Best quality review by Blackwidow7293

    Halo has some of the best quality longest lasting batteries I have seen to date for e-cigs. I ordered this one as a back up in case I didn't have a chance to charge my other 2 batteries. The color of this green is very nice its a high quality finish that is extremely hard to scratch. I follow the charge instructions to the detail and I have never had any problems with the use of these would recommend to anyone especially if you are a fan of green these are really cool looking and I get a lot of compliments on the color.

  67. Skip the mini (mostly) review by Travis

    At around a month of use I'll add the following review:

    I really love the standard size batteries. After falling in love with the G6, I actually ordered a second starter kit to get a backup USB charger and also a couple more batteries to keep the down time to a minimum. Because I had ordered a couple of mini tanks to try, I ordered a pair of the short batteries hoping to make carrying the G6 easier at work. The result?

    The standard size batteries are excellent. They last me all day long at work. The G6 with a mini-tank attached and a standard battery fit my shirt pocket just fine. I still find myself bringing a second tank (and battery) just in case I run dry. I haven't drained the battery at work yet but see below...

    The mini batteries... They do have their place. When I need to go ultra stealth mode... We just went out to dinner at an upscale restaurant last week. No worries, I just packed a fully filled cart w/ a mini battery (w/ a full charge) and slipped it into my pants pocket. Quite convenient (it actually fit in my watch pocket). Otherwise, the mini battery just doesn't seem to have the power of the standard. Not as much "crackle" when you fire it up. I haven't done a voltage test but I'd guess it's down on power from a 78mm. The charge length isn't up to the bigger battery as well. I have drained a mini out at work and was glad I brought a spare.

    The 102mm?

    I have debated getting this one. Mostly for the house as it is longer. My current plan is to bypass this and just upgrade to the Triton for home usage. It is maybe 15-20 dollars more for charger/batt difference. Still, that Triton starter kit is nice. I just wish they offered multiple color options on the tanks, as they do on carts for the G6. The Triton Battery also works on all the mini-tanks and carts from my G6. A win-win situation.

    I'd give the standard size battery 5 stars. A really good size to power ratio. An excellent battery! The minis? 3.5 stars. Good for an occasional outing. Otherwise the difference in size just isn't worth it IMO. It's not that much smaller.

    I will give Halo 5 stars. They offer products that work well, at a reasonable price, with many options....

  68. Love it review by Kelly

    I recently ordered a new G6 pink battery in the standard length. I loved it. Seems like more vapor than the mini. The batter stopped working after about 2 weeks for no obvious reason. I contacted Halo and they requested that I send it back for an inspection. I mailed the battery back and it was quickly replaced with a new one. No problems with my return. I still love the battery. The second one is working wonderfully. The customer service is top notch.

  69. KR 808 battery review by poconojo

    I purchased a manual G6 battery (KR808) and I have to say I like the rubberized feel to this thing. It does not slip out of your hand while vaping. The quality of this battery seems to be very good compared to the other versions.I can get a good 2 to 3 hours of vaping before a recharge. It has been a long time since I used 808 stuff, but I have a PCC that was not being used. I use mostly mods, but sometimes I like to have a small vape set-up when I go out. I will definitely purchase this product again. Halo is a good company and the ship time was good.

  70. Not quite Lime review by Deterleigh

    Love the longer battery and functions perfectly fine :) The battery I received was not really a lime green more of a spring (yellow/lime green) still pretty but not as bright as I expected.

  71. Battery Life was Great review by Daniel

    I ordered my starter kit one week ago with the black batteries. One automatic battery and one manual battery with the button. I think it is a great service to allow customers to pick one automatic battery and one manual in the starter kit. The option of battery selection when ordering the starter kit is a great option. I have been using both for about three days and they both perform very well. I like using the manual for more control with vapor production, but at the same time, I think the automatic is just as good. It really depends on what you prefer and how you use or carry your G6.

    Charging them doesn't take longer than the one you're using to run out of power. So for me, running out of battery life is not an issue. The coating on the batteries is very high quality and pushes Halo's product to some of the best batteries on the market. I look forward to buying the green and blue ones when I need more batteries. Good job Halo!

  72. No Complaints review by MOCO

    I currently own a 78mm black automatic and a 78mm black manual battery. After I charged them for 8 hours I tried them out for about 20 minutes then gave them 1 more hour charge to prep this power house. I have to say that I am completely satisfied with this battery. They are measured at approximately 3 1/4 inches in length. I just ordered 2 of the 65mm blue batteries to try them out as well. I have no clue how many puffs my battery gets, but I do know it lasts me over a day on a charge. I would say the longer the battery is the more puffs you can enjoy. The case of this batter has somewhat of a rubber material that I love because it doesn't slip out of your fingers like some brands (don't ever change this). The G6 right on the battery is a nice touch too.

  73. Love the manual not the auto review by Anne

    I tried both the auto and the manual, the auto doesn't compare. The purple is a nice pearlized color almost. I love the sleek look and feel. The battery is light weight. I like the smaller size as they fit in my clamshell case from another brand. The first charge takes forever. Wish they came precharged. Another thing to think about with the auto vs manual is the ease of a toddler being able to pick it up vape. Atleast with the manual there is a button that has to be pressed. I decided to male the G6 my travel buddy and use the Triton at home or anywhere that a child might be able to grab it up. As the triton has an on and off ability. So really minus one star for being too easy for a child to use in addition to my total dislike of the auto battery. It does not even compare to the manual. No issues with battery life for me with all day long vaping.

  74. Love it review by Veronica

    I've been using the 78mm and LOVE IT!! Beautiful color and great vape!

  75. Best pen style ecig batteries I've used review by JD

    I have a couple of the automatics and a couple of the manual batteries and love them. I've tried other companies manuals and hated them so when I got my G6 I originally only had the autos (which are fantastic). I started using the mini tanks and decided to give the manuals a try and they are great. The button is perfectly placed and it's not huge (like others I have tried) so you don't ever set hit it by accident (like if you are rolling it around in your fingers which I tend to do).

  76. Using over a week review by Daniel

    The batteries last a long time. Varies per user of course, but for me it lasts about 3 nights. I use nights because that is when I usually vape after work. Probably about 2 hours a day which by no means a heavy user, but that is plenty of hours. With two batteries, I find it no problem to have a fully charged one at all times. I really like the coating on the batteries. The final touch of the G6 logo just adds to the quality feel of these batteries.

  77. Great battery, great product review by Allan

    Elegant, functional simplicity. What's not to like?

  78. good review by racefreak

    Great color but is starting to flake off after bout a month. Short battery lasts bout 6 hours of normal use.

  79. Nice and neutral with top class battery life review by HeadhunterJohnny

    This has a nice shade of light grey and feels great to hold. I got the manual standard size. The only thing I don't like so much is the 5second cut-off but I guess it is to protect it from over heating as this is pretty powerful. It holds it's charge really well as I didn't use it for 3 days and I tried charging it and became fully charged in less than 5 min. I do like the recessed button but it does take some effort to press. It is easier to use my thumb than my pointer or middle finger. It definitely feels high quality like every Halo product I've used!

  80. Fun review by Traci

    I love this color! It works just as good as all of the other colors but is a little extra fun!

  81. Nice deep red review by HeadhunterJohnny

    The color of this is a very deep red so it is very classy looking. I paired it with the midnight blue cart and looks great. With a black cart and titanium was good too but like there'd blue combo best. My only concern with these g6 batts are the instructions say that when you connect it to the USB charger, batt will light up and USB light will be red to indicate it is charging. Batt light will turn off and USB charger light will turn blue to indicate its fully charged. I ordered 6 batts (3 short auto, 2 standard auto, 1 standard manual) and only the manual consistently follows that every time I charge. The others don't light up the battery but the USB charger does go from red to blue so I just assume it is fully charged. Sometimes the short battery does light up while getting charged but I've only seen that a couple of times.

  82. First automatic. review by Daniel

    This was my first purchase of an automatic battery from Halo. I prefer the control of a manual, but decided to try the automatic just for fun. Although I wish the cut-off time was about a second longer, I still love this battery and have found it to be a top performer. As with all other colors from Halo, this Demon Red looks much better in person than it does on the web page. Beautiful!

  83. Picture doesn't do it justice review by MOCO

    This review isn't about the battery strength, but about the amazing color. Halo batteries don't need any help with advertising because they are wonderful all around. I was very surprised when I first saw this battery. It almost appears to have a slight metallic sheen to it. In the sunlight it actually changes from a blue to almost a purple tint. This battery has had numerous compliments and it is a must for any vaper. Like all the Halo batteries, this has that rubber feel to it that really lets you keep a good hold on it.

  84. Never be mistaken for anything but vapin! review by CaptDonna

    I purchased these in 78mm automatic.
    Figured for out in public I’d never be mistaken for anything but vapin :)
    I wanted the longer lasting battery life. If you like a little more control over “puff” time then choose a manual – keep in mind I’ve been told they may need to be charged sooner.
    HALO comes through with these. They get me through the days. I’ve had them 2 months now and they are as strong as the day I got them. No flaking (even though they’ve been rattled in my pockets or purse). Have to say I used a store bought single use e-cig that I kept dropping prior to this purchase. I have yet to drop these. Charged them to the “T” as per instructions. All in all a solid purchase from a solid company! Thanks HALO !

  85. no justice review by E.E.

    I got one of these titanium batteries to go with my starter kit. I liked the idea of having three batteries in rotation. The picture on the website does not do this battery justice. The best way to describe it is it is the same color as the logo on my other jet black batteries, making the logo on the titanium battery almost transparent. It looks great. Just wish I had a demon red and midnight blue as well!

  86. Good Battery review by Jose

    Look like a real cig and it have a non-slip material, great for your hand. Also the red light in the tip looks so real.

  87. Chic and Classy review by Traci

    I purchased this color to add to my battery collection. I use the black cartos with it. It looks very chic and classy. Works great, too!

  88. Looks and feels 'cool' review by Jason

    Looks the business.

    Feels great and looks very cool with the blue light.

    The automatic is perfect. No need to go for the automatic with the button... but just works and draws naturally without any chance from your normal habit.

    Even the small battery lasts me throughout the day.

    A class act.

    Rather than feeling like the 'odd one out' - using it make me feel special - like I'm part of the future.

  89. G6 Automatic: Better Than Other Manual eCigarettes review by Steve

    I bought the G6 after reading many reviews. I had the Triton Tank and knew Halo made quality products. I bought the automatic, partly because of the color selection. After using many, many other brands, I did not expect it to be much better, but now admit I was wrong. This is the first automatic that draws like the manual's others make. It looks good, lasts long, and tastes great with my favorite, Prime 15 cartridges. I just ordered the manual G6 because everything I purchase from Halo is better than the last. I gave it 5 stars because the scale would not let me rate it a 10.

  90. very good review by yabbadykes

    Fast to get and it is awesome, I'll tell every one.

  91. Perfect and elegant review by RottenMilk

    I really like this battery. I ordered the automatic and it's wonderful! It last a long time and charges quite fast. I completely love the matte finish with a velvet touch! Plus, the feature of a beautiful blue led at the tip joining the great performance make for me the perfect battery :) Will be getting more in the future for sure!

  92. Great battery life. review by James

    This product is well made. Its very sturdy and light. Great vapor production when I used it with a menthol cartridge. The battery lasted me over two days with average use! This battery lasts much longer than any other e-cig battery I used. I definitely recommend this battery.

  93. 78mm Manual Battery Rocks! review by SmokieTreats

    I got the Triton kit to begin my vaping adventure, with 7 amazing Halo eJuices, and various tanks, coils, etc. Never vaped before making the order, but did a ton of research. As soon as I placed my initial order - I decided to do a little follow-up order with a single G6 battery/USB (since the Triton already has the AC adapter suitable for both models)/and some minitanks/LR cartos. Got it because you're not always able to vape on a Triton without drawing some attention & the G6 feels/looks like a -Very Cool- cig (with a blue tip!). This thing is amazing in manual. Trust me - get the manual! The automatic's just a bit airy, and only allows for a short draw. LOVE THE MANUAL G6! (even with 2 Triton batteries and the Twist VV I use my G6 all the time.) LR carts/minitanks highly recommended & this Emerald Green is very rich in appearance. The best.

  94. Great Color review by Devin

    I ordered this battery in mini automatic and I love it. The color is rich and beautiful with a slightly rubberized feel which is wonderful. The blue led is really nice and the automatic is convenient for taking an easy draw. Very satisfied and I will definitely order this color again.

  95. Wonderful Color review by Devin

    I ordered the mini manual of the deep purple and love it. I also ordered the automatic in pink to see the difference. I really like both for different reasons. The purple manual is nice because it gives you more control. The button is also slightly recessed so it is less likely to be pressed accidentally while in your pocket or purse like some other vaporizers my friends have. The color is rich and gorgeous and Halo is right in saying that it can work for a man or woman. Super happy with this battery and color.

  96. Beautiful Color review by MoonBugs

    One thing about Halo’s batteries is they look much better than the picture. The battery is a tad darker and richer. It has a textured finish so it doesn’t slip out of your fingers very easily. I also like the way this looks with black cartomizers and the clear mini tanks.

  97. Exceeds expectation review by Naseeruddin

    This is the first time I gave e-cigs a try, and am blown away by the look, the feel and the quality of these beautiful and very well crafted batteries. I drain the standard kit batteries 3 times per day. No issues whatsoever with such heavy usage. I have already ordered the 1300 Triton battery to avoid me charging the batteries so often.
    Thank you Halo for changing my lifestyle.

  98. Love this battery!! review by Lisa

    I absolutely LOVE the color of the deep purple battery! It's pretty in the picture but WAY prettier in person! I love the g6 batteries. They are light weight, very well made, good battery life and have a nice soft feel to them. I started with an automatic battery but ended up ordering a second battery (because I liked it so much) and thought I'd give the manual a try. I'm glad I did because I actually like the manual a lot better. You don't have to suck as hard and I feel you get a better hit and more vapor! Thanks to halo!

  99. overall good battery review by Eben

    This battery is the perfect on the go battery. It will last you a full day out. It is discreet and packs a punch. The rubbery grip is a nice touch. The vapor production is excellent especially when paired with the LR Cartomizer or mini tank.

  100. LOVE the Midnight Blue! Stylish AND functional review by Ray

    I received my batteries today & I'm SO happy with them. First of all, the battery life exceeded my expectations by far! Second, I just love, love, love the midnight blue color. It looks so great with either the mini tanks or the cartomizers. I'm so glad I gave Halo a chance. I'm much happier with these batteries than previous brands I've tried. Both the auto & manual batteries make for an exceptional vaping experience. Thank you, Halo! I will recommend to all my friends.

  101. 78mm Automatic review by Sean

    This is the best battery I've tried out of several e cigarette vendors and this battery has by far has the longest charge time and some great colors too!

  102. Dont light the tip review by Jeff

    With the coating on G6 batteries with almost a paper light texture feel coupled with the authentic look, make sure you don't pick up a lighter forgetting it is an e cig. This is the best ecig I have seen for matching the look of an analog. The only downside is when vaping in a non smoking area you can bet on someone telling you "there's no smoking here" after mistaking it for a real cigarette.

  103. I like it review by Roman

    Good battery life, charging time is quick compared to other brands I have. I like G6 because you can use Triton mini tanks with it! Feels good in the hand .

  104. Unparalleled Longevity review by Cam

    These batteries pack a punch! I vape about 2ml or so a day,
    and I normally get by the entire day on a single battery!
    They charge quick, and last awhile.

    The finish on all of the colors are astonishing, but the blue
    is my absolute favorite. They are sleek, weighted just right,
    and feel/look beautiful in my hand.

    Thanks again, Halo!

  105. Excellent product at a great price. review by Martin

    These batteries are much better than other e cig batteries I have used in the past. They have a really sturdy feel, and the charge last me over five days without recharging. They are also quite responsive, and have good vapor production. Would highly recommend.

  106. G6 - Stealthy - Casual - Modern review by @RoyDL3rd

    The G6 battery (especially with a mini tank) is the best casual all day vape, and perfect for on the go. It's sleek design allows for a quick and easy way to have a quick puff or two, or to sit down and fully take in your favorite 100% American eliquid, without packing around the minor bulk of your full size Triton system that you enjoy at home. With a range of colors and accessories the G6 provides you total individuality and the simplest vaping solution using the latest technology.

  107. Favorite Color review by Green Frog

    The color is gorgeous. It's a deep velvet red and the picture doesn't do it justice. I also have the blue one but I really like this one. It's real classy looking and looks good with the clear, tan and black cartomizers.

  108. This is NOT a gas-station product. review by John

    The black G6 battery with the blue LED look very similar to a popular e-cig available in many gas stations.
    Do not let the look deceive you, G6 batteries are much higher quality.

    They hold a charge very well, and last longer than you would imagine.
    They charge quickly, and seem to hold a more stable voltage throughout the charge than other batteries of this size.

    Most new customers will choose the automatic batteries, as I did.
    I still like the automatics for, lets say, flying across the lake in a speed boat?
    The manual batteries will most likely win you over, the control they provide in your vaping cannot be achieved with an automatic battery.

    Don't fall for the pretty girl in the TV commercials!

    If you've made it this far without falling for large-scale e-cig marketing tactics, do not hesitate! Go with Halo, go with quality...

  109. Best e-cig battery out there review by Cam

    If not, it certainly competes and holds it's ground.
    I love these for a few reasons:

    1) Relatively cheap
    2) Very high build quality
    3) Perfect weight to them
    4) The colors are beautiful
    5) Lengthy battery life
    7) Relatively quick charging

    I got two with my starter kit (Blue!) and now want to order
    two more to leave at the office (probably green!)

  110. A great looking battery review by Wheezal

    I use these for when I'm out and need something discreet to get some quick vapes in.

    The batteries charge quickly, last a good while. The Emerald Green is a classically wonderful color; mixing subdued beauty with bold color.

  111. Battery Life EXtraodinary review by Ashleigh

    I have the 72mm size battery for the G6, and all I can say is the versatility of the object, plus the overall size and feel allow it to be a very discrete. My best wishes go out to Halo for continuing this product, but I am desiring to purchase the smooth matte look of this jet black pen, thanks Halo keep up the good work team.

  112. After one month review by Daniel

    I've used these batteries everyday (at night after work) for the past month. They seem consistent to last about one and half to two mini-tanks. The silicon-like exterior (not sure exact material) is very nice for grip. I do not know their daily performance, but I assume it would be no different. I really only vape at night after work or weekend mornings. I still do use them daily and it has been a good experience.

  113. blend in review by Franky

    I ordered two of these with my kit. I got two automatic, one mini and one regular sized. I love the lines that make it look like a normal cigarette and the orange led that dims in and out with your breath. Fantastic product and the most realistic experience out there.

  114. first try review by waveydave

    Last week I decided to try a e-cig and see whats going on and ya know what ...it's pretty damn good. I'm so glad I did a bit of web surfing and checked out different e-cigs to see what others were saying before I rushed into a different brand. Ive always lived by: do it right the first time, and still, I haven't let myself down, thanks Halo. Service was excellent I popped on site and was gawking around and someone popped on and asked me if i needed assistance. I didn't at the time but a few minutes later I did and they were still hanging on and answered everything I needed to know about the product I was checking out and eventually bought. The thing was at my house in 2 days. Love the flavor :)) So on this note I'm done with this and going to take another hit. Thanks again for your service. Sincerely, New Customer... Wavey Dave

  115. Perfect review by Cam

    Halo quality never ceases to amazes me. The battery life is incredible, typically lasting me all day. The build is sturdy, and can withstand drops. Halos G6 logo is even awesome!

    My favorite part about these batteries are the different colors. Definitely the perfect way to add some style and personalization to your gaping experience. Grab yourself a starter kit (comes with two of these batteries) and then go ahead and grab an extra, different color!

  116. First, but not last review by Daniel

    This was the first e-cig item I ever purchased, and I'm very happy with it. Got started with my wife, so instead of starter pack we bought separate batteries to each get color we wanted. I love the look of the green. I bought the manual, while my wife got the automatic. After trying both, I really prefer the manual. You have more control and I feel like it takes too much effort to get a good hit on the automatic. I got the standard 78mm battery, while she got the shorter version. She really likes the smaller feel because it feels more like a real cigarette, but I like the length of the longer one and like that it lasts longer and I love the variety of flavors.

  117. awesome review by crystal

    Fast charge. Lasts long life of battery

  118. Excellent and Dependable review by Alicia

    I rotate 2 of my G6 batteries daily and they have worked tremendously since I purchased them in Dec. 2012. I use it in the morning getting ready for work...maybe a few times during the day and then more in the evening when I am home. One battery lasts from morning to night for me. If I think its losing its charge in the evening I just switch it out with my charged standby. I follow the charging procedures that come with the documentation to a T and they work just as advertised. My spouse has switched over to Kangers so I now have his G6 batteries and could not be happier. More charged standbys for me! I first started using them with cartomizers but had an issue with refilling/overfilling and it would seep into the battery compartment. When I switched over to mini-tanks I was amazed at the difference in throat hit and liquid getting into the battery compartment was no longer a problem for me. Keep them clean, charge them according to the documentation and they will work for you like a charm. And just like any other electronic device don't let them sit on the charger forever and wait until they run out before you put it on a charger. This one blinks when its almost dead. The designers of this product did this to tell you when it should be charged. Don't just stick it on the charger for the heck of it thinking you are going to get more battery life. Use it until it blinks and the vape is significantly reduced. Then let it charge for at least 2 hours.

    I liked seeing the comment that promoted the G6 over those gas station e-cigs.... I could not agree more! The G6's are NOTHING like those gas station knock-offs. The quality of Halo products exceeds anything that I could get in a gas station in my area.....or even local vape shops that have been popping up all over the place. I'm sticking with Halo even if I have to wait a few days for it to arrive. The quality is worth the wait. Great Job on these Halo!!! Your menthol liquids are awesome too! I am definitely a fan of Halo cigs.

  119. Bought for my girlfriend - she loves it! review by Michael

    I recently bought this for my girlfriend, and she absolutely love it! She proudly vapes her G6 in public, and gets comments from her friends thinking it was some special cigarette with blue fire. In any case, she have already recommended it to her friends, and they were ecstatically browsing Halo's range of products. This is probably what sets Halo apart - a wide range of colors and the option for cig-like and non-cig-like. As always, the battery is long-lasting and consistent just as all of Halo's product is. We'll be buying more to keep around the house in case we lose them!

  120. Added another one review by Chris

    I already have two of the G6 batteries but figured I should add a third into the mix in case one gets misplaced or doesn't work. I love everything about the product. The look, the feel, the taste. And for the guy talking about how it blows away the gas station e-cigs, man is he right. I can't tell you how many different e-cigs I've gone through. Halo's quality is unmatched and I will definitely be purchasing more from them.

  121. Feel and Color review by Kyle

    I enjoy the Midnight blue battery because for many reasons. It has a good charge to it and lasts me all day (Im not a non-stop vaper). The color is amazing, a flat blue that looks all sorts of shades when it is in the light. Evenly balanced weight and smooth to the touch, it feels great in your hand (All e-cig batteries will be somewhat heavy). I also have an emerald green battery and the color is no less beautiful.

    DONT LET LIQUID GET INTO IT, I destroyed one of my batteries but it was 100% my fault. Just a warning.

  122. Great review by taryn

    This is the one. It's slick, smooth, and amorphous texture are a pleasure to hold while I enjoy nicotine in a variety of flavors. It's fits just like a glove...or better yet, a cigarette. An e-cigarette. Disposable cigarettes need not apply.

  123. Want a welcome change!!! review by John F.

    I bought 2 extra batteries (78 mm automatic) with my starter kit just to have some spares; coming from the Blu world, two batteries was NEVER enough if you needed to have a good battery all day long (even with the charger pack).

    Now that I know a little better, I could have probably just bought one to keep as a backup spare, as these things have an awesome battery life. I'm a pretty heavy vaper (when I can have it all day long), and I had just one of these guys last me about 5 hours; and, it still wasn't even out yet.

    You can't go wrong with these if you have a G6 system!

  124. awesome color review by steph

    The color of this battery is absolutely beautiful. Its a deep red crush velvet color. looks awesome along side with my emerald green battery (it appears I'm being festive for the holidays). Long last battery and it also charges back up pretty quickly.

  125. Amazing feel and construction review by Benjamin

    I have both the manual and auto and I love them both. Slightly better vapor out of the manual but if you prime the auto by using a slight draw then a large one the auto has good production. I like the auto for its ease of use and convenience. The manual is great for a larger session. I recommend getting both and trying out for yourself. The rubberized finished and blue LED are a great touch as well.

  126. Amazing shades of Blue review by Naseeruddin

    I bought the Triton Variable Voltage 900 mAh Battery in this color, and I'm really awe-struck with this color. The Midnight Blue changes shades of blue based on light conditions, and has a kind of sheen to it, which the black batteries don't seem to have.
    I need to buy this color G6, but in the 102mm size. Wonder when that size will be available in other colors. Looking forward to getting one in this color.
    Blue is the other classic color, if you get bored with black.

  127. Long lasting batteries review by Nick

    Assuming you follow the instructions on charging this battery will last you hours on end. I haven't noticed any drop in vapor or flavor production until the battery is verging on empty. I find that the manual battery provides more air flow and gives a more satisfying draw than the automatic although they are both great. 6 Months in and I still haven't had any issues with the batteries.

  128. lasts longer and looks great review by Hans

    The XL battery is about the same diameter as a legacy cigarette and lasts all day at work and into the evening even with heavy use.

  129. Perfect add-on for the wife's starter kit! review by John F.

    Well, after using my G6 for a couple of weeks and letting my wife try it, I went ahead and got her own Princess Pink kit and some extra batteries. For those of you coming from other brands (ahem.... ah-Blu!), you may be used to batteries that barely last an hour or two. But these batteries can go for hours (more like 4-6).

    That being said however, it is never a bad idea to have a couple of extras laying around. There are days when we're going to be out all day (and able to vape all day as well) when it's always good to know that you've got one or two spares waiting in the wings that are all charged up and ready to go.

  130. Looking good review by Daniel

    Just got the Midnight Blue today. I have two in black as well. Looks very nice and not obnoxious. I bought this one in the manual configuration. I have 2 manual and one auto and both types work well. I prefer manual most of the time depending on what I am doing. It will be nice to have three rotating so I always have a charged battery. I get about a mini tank and a 1/4 out of one battery. I go through one mini tank in about 2 hrs hitting it on and off throughout the night. That is good enough for me!

  131. long lasting/cool color review by Jon

    I like this battery because its different than the traditional black battery. Plus you get to choose what size you want. I got the bigger one and i love it because I get more vapes per charge. I recommend this product to anyone who likes to get different color batteries or simply if you just like this color.

  132. Royal purple review by Jessica

    I just purchased this battery and its lovely. I was worried that it wasn't going to be a true purple but it is. Its a deep royal purple and I love it. It looks especially good with the matching mini tank I purchased.

  133. Sleek and Sexy review by Jessica

    Looking at the picture you wouldn't b able to tell that the actual color is really nice. Its a sleek looking piece. I purchased the matching red mini tank and get the most compliments on this piece. Absolutely love it. I can't wait until they come out with more colors and designs!

  134. Great manual battery review by Meredith

    The manual battery produces great vapor and holds a decent charge for a smaller battery. Very happy with the way it feels - the rubbery finish to the battery makes it feel more high end. Great construction.

  135. White G6 short battery review by John

    Going out on the town, want that cig look while vaping. try one of the classic white short batteries with a tan cartomizer. The battery is cig size has a nice cig looking textured finish and a the red tip. Can't get any closer to a real cig look than this. The little battery will last about 2 hours of moderate vaping for me, longer if I'm somewhere that I can use it only occasionally. Really like the look and feel of this little jewel.

  136. Will buy again review by Darryl

    Solid product. The best 808 batteries on the market with fun colors to boot. I have big hands and they just feel right for a cig-a-like. The soft touch coating is amazingly nice and practical. The automatic ones are they way to go.

  137. great for holding you over while your other charges. review by Preston

    This thing cranks out the vapor for its size! Love using for short trips and when my others are charging, and love the authentic look.

  138. great battery review by Preston

    Love this battery! Has a descent life span and the auto as well as the manual both work like champs! A definite must have. Great color too.

  139. Getting Another! review by Preston

    Loved my classic shorty so much getting another in purp!

  140. Great for traveling review by Francois

    The G6 was my first non-disposable e-cig and it really impressed me. I started off with cartridges and halo e-liquids and this battery packed a punch. It's small and unobtrusive, and with the mini tank it makes a good replacement for the larger triton when you don't want to or cant carry something that large conveniently. The classic white battery is great with the filter style cartos if you don't want to draw attention to yourself as they just look like regular cigarettes. Mine unfortunately stopped working after a few months but Halo offered to replaced it. Highly recommend this!

  141. Fun! review by Vincent

    This is the funniest of the battery colors available on HaloCigs. The electric lime surely glows with the blue LED, and you can mix and match with the different mini tank colors to make original and funny combinations.

  142. amazing pink/purple color review by steph

    I bought this one for my fiancé for Christmas since she's jealous of my emerald green and demon red e-cig batteries. She hasn't seen it yet but I know she will LOVE this color. She's a princess pink kind of woman, so her getting this sleek stylish e-cig with this pink colored battery will make her happy. You guys have the best colors of any e-cig product out there. thanks Halo for the great Christmas present gift idea.

  143. Amazing Life and Great feel! review by Keith

    I love the life of these batteries. The just seem to go on and on. The smooth yet comfortable coating is great. I purchased two of these in black in the 102mm size. Both came charged and ready to go. I really like the hit I get with the manual option, as I prefer the auto when I am driving. What else can be said? Great price, fast shipping and a awesome product. A must have for sure.

  144. Long life, Great color!!! review by Keith

    I purchased this in the 78mm size. Great rich color, the feel is very nice as well. I went with the auto for my driving needs, just a little easier to operate while on the road. The life is very impressive and the blue color of the led compliments the color well. So far I have four in all, and I'm completely satisfied with them all. Halo does a good job with the pictures of the products, it looks exactly how they show them. Great product and functions flawlessly.

  145. Great Battery, Love the Color review by Preston

    This is my fifth G6 battery and I have to say it's my favorite! Loving the lime green color and it's just as reliable as my other G6 batteries. Keep up the good job Halo.

  146. Great review by Ash

    I bought this battery for my husband and he loves it. He loves the color and it has been keeping a great charge for over 6 months now. He doesn't use a case and it barely has any scratches. Great quality! Halo products are great. We will continue buying from this company.

  147. Tried the others, your products work the best. review by Douglas

    Batteries are lasting 6 months with continuous use. Also good selection of colors.

  148. Good Analog Sim review by Christopher

    The mini makes your vape about the size of a 100's analog. Wish the led tip came in other colors though. Mine came charged and ready to go, and lasted over 12 hrs of on/off use. I got the automatic. Great product, good price.

  149. I love Halo review by Nicholas

    I have been smoking my Halo ecig for about 7 months now. I recently purchased the purple and black batteries to complete my collection (the only one I'm missing now is Emerald Green). It quickly became my favorite battery. It seems to stay charged longer than some of the other batteries I have (probably due only to battery age), and I absolutely love the color. Some of the other batteries (especially the pink one I purchased) have had the paint chip or start peeling relatively quickly, but this one doesn't seem to have that problem.
    I just wish that the batteries also came in orange and yellow. Help me complete the rainbow, Halo!

  150. Perfect for out in public review by Kenneth

    Purchased 2 Jet Black Standard Manual Batteries and some Translucent Smoke Mini-Tanks. The combo looks great, has a sophisticated and expensive look and 'feel' to them, just perfect for out and about. Follow the charging instructions and they will last a long time throughout the day. My Triton setup was a bit too conspicuous, so I use that setup for just kickin back.


  151. Very nice review by Gail

    I really enjoy how it looks out in public. Very sophisticated!

  152. Strong little battery review by MOCO

    I bought this for a friend of mine and they truly loved it. I currently have 2 of the black and 2 of the midnight blue. These are just excellent batteries and I can get up to 5 1/2 hours use on a full charge. I highly recommend using the mini tanks with these along with your favorite Halo brand liquid. I love all their batteries because they almost have a metallic sheen to them.

  153. GORGEOUS review by Megan

    This looks so much better in person. I ordered the automatic and a shorter one in manual to decide which size/type I liked best. I like the pull on the manual, it's not as much effort yet when doing paperwork I like the hands free advantage of the automatic. The red looks absolutely amazing, its a deep satiny red...not as flashy as the photo appears. I just reluctantly ordered the purple so I can keep track of flavors, I'm sure it will be beautiful, I just love the red.

  154. Love them but.... review by Jason

    I lost both of the ones I got in the kit so now I am sol. Love them because their not bulky and more like a real cig compared to most of the ones I see. Makes them easier to loose. I forget I have it in my pocket.

  155. Long Lasting review by Kelly

    I purchased the 102mm manual battery along with the starter kit for those times when I'm going to be away from the house for awhile. It looks just like the smaller ones except just a bit longer. It has worked out great so far and I highly recommend. The charge time seems about the same as the smaller batteries although I haven't timed it precisely. Definitely a great battery to add to your rotation.

  156. Awesome Color review by Brett

    I got the Jet black battery with my starter kit. I like the color and think it's a great neutral. I like some of the other colors but I definitely like the black the best.

  157. Overall great looking and feeling battery. review by Christopher

    I picked up two of the 78mm manuals in my original starter pack and instantly found the need for a third. I wanted one in use, one on deck, and one on charge so I wouldn't be left without a vape when I wanted. I proceeded to order an 78mm auto battery thinking it would be better for activities such as driving since they are dummy proof to activate. The battery looks and feels just as good as the manuals minus the depression for the button. However, performance is not it's strong suit. My manuals have had not a single issue. The auto battery after one use simply would not charge. I followed the 8 hr initial charge, and used one prefilled cart on it. After some thinking, I realized that maybe the battery is not making contact with the charger. I used a small flat tip screwdriver to gently pry the small metal disc up, and low and behold, it made contact with the charger. The only problem is I have to do this EVERYTIME I put it on the charger. It has become habit now, but still an inconvenience. The auto was supposed to be the convenient battery too. All in all, manuals are outstanding, and autos may get a pass.

  158. Another Great Product review by Jasper

    So originally I had ordered a white starter kit with automatic batteries, I wanted to try manual batteries so I had ordered myself 2 manual black batteries, let me say, I did not regret that choice. Halo makes such fine products and none of their batteries drop the standards I have for them. The manual batteries offer more of controlled vaping experience with a slightly easier draw. The black finish on these batteries is absolutely beautiful, it's a lot nicer not to dirty up my batteries with my fingers that I would have with my white batteries. These batteries are a nice addition to anyone with any tanks or carts. with 808 threading. Do yourself a favor, add maybe just one of these to your next order and you'll love it. These batteries look great with any color cartomizer or tank on them

  159. Great product for the price review by Don

    This G6 e-cig is definitely the best battery for its price on the market. Most e-cig brands cost around 70-100 dollars to get completely set up but on halo you can get a better battery, tank, and liquid for around 40 dollars. Amazing vapor production and so simple to just screw in a tank or cartomizer. The 65mm is a great size and goes perfect with the mini tank. The 78mm will feel a little strange in your pocket due to the size but I think it does last longer which is a huge plus. Great vapor out of both batteries. Emerald green was also my favorite color and I was happy to see it came in a matte like finish which feels great. The battery does not scratch either and its pretty durable. Great e-cig product.

  160. Great battery review by Troy

    I love this battery, when I ordered my starter kit I got one auto and one manual. Both work great, having used both of them for over a week now I like each for different reasons. The auto battery feels just like a regular cig and is a lot easier for me. The manual battery is great because you have control over how long you vape and seems for me to last longer. Both are great options but in the end I prefer the manual batter better.

  161. awesome product.. review by Scott

    I love all my Halo products, black is definitely my favorite!

  162. 5 out of 5! review by Raymond p

    Just got the 102 mm in the mail today. I have a Malibu on it right now. Before the g6 I've been using a white cloud x3. I like the g6 102 mm 100 times more then the x3. The jet black makes it look amazing. The vap off this thing is amazing. Hands down my daily vap now.

  163. Perfection review by Brave

    I received two of these batteries with my Halo starter kit (78mm, Automatic) and could not be happier.

    The slightly rubberized surface is easy to grip, battery life is superb, they look fantastic and I've had no performance issues with them whatsoever.

    I would highly recommend this product.

  164. The longer the better review by Celeste

    First I tried the 65mm but when I ordered the 78mm I found it's much better, long lasting so you won't be charging constantly and it's still easy to handle, love the big batteries.

  165. good but not great. review by benjamin

    I now buy most of my stuff from halo, my liquid sub zero, amazing best liquid ever 10 out of 10. The new mini tanks great, taste from start to finish is outstanding, easy to fill no leakage. Unfortunately I still buy my battery from somewhere else. That's not to say this is not a good battery because it very much is. style its a 9 out of 10, battery life 9 out of 10. So whats wrong with it then. Well it only has one problem, and unfortunately its one that I cannot get over. The G6 battery has a cut off point. example if you hold in the manual button for too long the light will blink and it shuts off. For me, as I like to take really big hits, I cant do it. For those of you who do not take big hits like me this is a great battery. but for me, style 9 out of 10. battery life 9 out of 10. overall 6 out of 10. I hope they change the automatic shut off so I can buy all my stuff from one place. to sum it up halo is the best product on the market, so stick with them.

  166. Had the manual now the automatic! review by Preston

    Already had this battery in the manual version and it serves me well, so I decided to get a automatic as well and am very happy with the decision. The automatic works just as well if not better than the manual so you can't go wrong no matter which you choose. Also my favorite color!

  167. Great for not standing out among smokers review by Preston

    This is my favorite battery for going out and not standing out. Looks like a real cigarette with a cartomizer attached and still discrete with a tank. I also love the orange indicator light as opposed to the traditional red, more realistic. Thanks Halo!!!

  168. Sweet little guy review by Austin

    The G6 model is by far my favorite ecig on the market. It hits great and is super portable so I can take it anywhere, even work!

  169. looks great and works amazing review by Sean

    The classic white battery is perfect if you don't want any extra attention, the 65mm allows for a more realistic size and still performs extremely well but I would recommend getting a 78mm also as it does last slightly longer. Whether you're taking large or small drags they'll last plenty long enough. I would also highly recommend the G6 carry case to go along with the classic battery.

  170. XL Batteries review by Sherman

    Short battery cut-off time? Need long lasting Power in a reliable, great looking package?

    Look no further, the XL batteries are right here.

    I swear by the Auto versions.

  171. G6 Battery review by Michael

    This Jet Black G6 Battery does exactly what it should...provide your G6 Cartos with power for a long time.You can get them in automatic or manual. Auto will feel more like the real thing but I find manual performs better.

  172. Solid battery in a classic color review by M

    Solid battery, though there isn't anything special about the G6 in terms of battery life or voltage and in that sense something similar can be had cheaper elsewhere. I will give it points for the finish, the satin black feels good in your hands and the G6 logo is pretty understated so things feel a bit classier than others. Highly recommend if this is your first that you get the XL, you'll find you want the battery life!

  173. Fantastic Battery with a great finish review by Robert

    I can't say enough good things about this G6 battery. I followed the charging directions precisely when I first received the battery. I have been very impressed with how long this battery last me. I charge it when needed but I'm careful not to over-charge it. I love the matte finish with some what of a gripping surface. I have not had any problems with the threading because it is very well made. USA quality battery that I would definitely recommend to a friend. I've actually been recommending this set to many of my smoking friends who are considering making the switch to e-cigs. I have the standard size manual and I like how the button is recessed. The battery seems to last much longer with the manual compared to the automatic I've heard. I prefer the manual as the button is not inconvenient at all, even while driving, etc. Perfect size battery. Most people think I'm chewing on an ink pen or something because my hand conceals most of the e-cig besides the tip that's in my mouth. Fantastic product made in the US, this is the only brand and style that I use now. You will not regret the G6 if you give it a try.

  174. Not bad at all! review by Herbert

    The 78mm automatic Jet Black version of the battery came with my starter kit. Lasts me all day and into the night. I am considering ordering the even bigger one 102mm next just to see how long it lasts! But it may look goofy being so long. We shall see.

  175. Looks great as long as you realize it isn't titanium review by M

    The nice thing about the titanium is that it looks great on just about every colored cartomizer while being less boring than plain black. I guess you should be aware this isn't actually titanium but more of a light steel gray in the same satin finish as the others, but it's well built and feels good.

  176. Aside from black it's one of your best bets review by M

    I really love the finish of the midnight blue battery. In bright light the blue shines through some to where it isn't a black, but at the same time is classy and understated. Same great satin finish as the other batteries, if you like black but want something different I'd go for this. The light blue LED against the dark blue looks especially good.

  177. This isn't a great pink in real life review by M

    I'm not really a fan of this color compared to the others, it doesn't really seem like a pink but rather a strange shade of purple. In the brightest light there's kind of a pink tinge, but not really. If you're looking for something more feminine I'd check out the deep purple color. Otherwise, it's the same battery as the rest, and except for the most casual user you will probably want the XL.

  178. Great color if you want something feminine review by M

    I'd go for the deep purple color if you're after something more feminine. In bright light you have a nice deep purple, and in darker light you have something pretty classy with a hint of purple when the light catches it. The LED also looks really good against it, and surprisingly a bunch of the colored cartomizers mix and match well with it. Same great satin finish as the others, and as always unless you're a casual user you'll want the largest size.

  179. Keep the other ‘vapers’ at bay. review by LVE

    I love the Classic White battery with the orange glow tip – not to fit in with my smoking friends (they all know and couldn’t care less), but to keep all the others (especially other ‘vapers’) away. I also went with the 65mm and automatic battery for the same reason. The Starter Kit comes with pre-filled Black filters (which makes you look like you’re smoking a pen) so I purchased the tan blanks and only smoked the pre-filled when not in public (**Halo should offer tan as a pre-filled option – especially for people ordering the Classic White batteries). The feel of the battery is very nice – not that slick, cold metal feel, and I like the realistic orange tip and how it gradually comes on and goes off. The battery (even the small one) last a good while, and recharges quickly (but keep a 2nd charged with you, just in case). Bottom line - a lot of us don’t want to call attention to ourselves – just want to smoke in peace – and the White Classic battery (with tan filters) is definitely the way to go.

  180. Great battery! review by Jessica loop

    I have two of the 650 mm autos and they are wonderful!! The color is great and I love the way the outside feels (it has a coating that makes it comfortable to hold). Also, I've dropped them many times and they have no dings and still perform just like the day I got em. The charge lasts for about 3 hours of heavy use which is to be expected with this size of battery. Overall, love my g6 battery!!

  181. Nice battery in a nice color review by M

    It's a solid battery, make sure you go for the longest one as you will need the capacity. The finish is great, a nice satin the same as the others. I actually like this red, though I prefer it in the cartomizers instead of the batteries. In bright light it's a nice rich red instead of gaudy, and in the dark it takes on a deeper color instead of disappearing.

  182. Good battery but the white and lines look cheap review by M

    I'm sorry Halo, but this just does not look all that great in real life. The battery itself is quality, and the finish feels nice, but the white with silkscreened gray lines end orange LED ends up making it feel very cheap. Which would be fine if it was a cheap battery, but it is NOT a cheap battery. For the money you're paying I'd look at the other colors.

  183. If you want green I'd go for emerald review by M

    The halo G6 batteries work great for what they are, but this color is pretty horrid. In all honesty, it's really hard to get more gaudy than electric lime, it's only saving grace is that the blue LED looks nice against it when lit up. In darker lighting it looks like you are discharging something from your mouth, and in brighter lighting it looks like you are either color blind or a time traveler from the 1980s. Basically, if you want green, go for the emerald!

  184. Very pretty color on a solid battery review by M

    This is actually more of a forest green than an emerald, which is nice! In darker lighting you get a richness and uniqueness, and in brighter lighting it's a classic green without being gaudy. The tactile feel is the same when you hold it as the others, and the blue LED looks fantastic. If you're into the colors, this is a good choice.

  185. All-day Vaping review by Laine

    I bought 2 of the G6 batteries because I tend to vape all day. I'm self-employed and find that using the G6 keeps me alert and focused on the job. It's also convenient. But I like to vape in the evening to relax, too. Having 2 G6 batteries ensured that I would never have to wait for recharging and could enjoy vaping anytime.
    The batteries last a really long time. I use one nearly all day, from before I start work to the early evening when I finally shut down the computer. The battery in one lasts that whole time. I don't have to switch off when I relax in the evening but I do; recharging before the battery is very low helps extend the life of the battery, I've read, so I switch off to the fully charged G6 in the evening and plug in the one I used all day.
    This is just a fantastic little unit. Love the color, too! The blue is understated yet it's colorful enough to keep me happy.

  186. Love them. review by brandon

    I really like the halo e-cigs and have really good flavors, the batteries charge faster than other e cigarettes that i have tried and stay charged for a reasonable amount of time, i really like the standard size because they are easy to hold and easy to store in my pocket.

  187. Works perfect for first two months review by Ashkan

    This product works perfect specially for the first two months. A brand new one with a fully charged battery works approximately up to 150 puffs while the efficiency decreases by about half as the battery gets old. Then it's time to get a new one! Which makes sense by it's fair price. I love the red light, feels like you are smoking a real cigarette and matches great with orange cartomizers.

  188. Black is Classy and Sophisticated review by LVE

    Black batteries are fairly common in the e-cig world – but these have that Halo quality you don’t get elsewhere. Black has that sleek, classy appearance, and matches the pre-filled black cartomizers you get in Halo’s Starter Kits (or can purchase separately). Also, being black, with a blue glow tip, you won’t get hate glares from some of the more avid anti-smokers.

  189. 102MM review by Herbert

    I bought the 102 MM manual Jet Black G6 Battery, and I love it. Not only does it last longer than the standard battery that came with my starter kit, but being manual makes it even cooler. I love using the manual control with my G6 min tanks, and this makes me want to upgrade to the Triton as I think it is will be a very similar experience yet improved!

  190. excellent battery review by Dom

    I like how quickly it charges and how small it is. Works great with the mini tank. Battery lasts about one day, so I bought two and have been totally satisfied.

  191. love it review by Jon

    I love this color and it actually is exactly that color which is awesome! this battery lasts a very long time one 1 charge. It charges quickly too! i recommend this battery for anyone who is deciding which batter to purchase, you will be glad you got this one!

  192. Solid and Sleek review by Nicole

    Love love love my midnight blue g6 batteries. The color and finish is super sleek and the presentation/packaging is top notch. I bought the manual and automatic versions and love them both. I particularly like to use them with the mini tanks. Halo does it right!

  193. Nice battery review by Gil

    These batteries are good. I switched to Halo from Blu so these batteries were a huge improvement. I have a pair of manual 78mm. I thought I would merely be a casual vapor, but Halos e-liquids changed that. The G6 battery isn't that great for all day vaping. Don't get me wrong, they work just fine, and the battery life is several hours, but for those all day vaping times (weekends for me), I'm swapping them in and out of the charger a lot. That's not a huge problem though, but I think the G6 will be the gateway e-cig for the Triton for me. The G6 batteries are awesome for carrying around on the go, taking one out when you need a puff. For that, they'll give you the time you need.

    I can't comment on the automatic battery, but the manual battery is great. I wasn't sure if I could get used to pushing a button for every puff, but I got used to it almost immediately. Now I don't even think about it.

  194. Great battery review by Kim

    The battery lasts 4-6 hours with normal use and the rubberized coating on the battery gives it a nice feel.

  195. Broke down and bought it! review by Herbert

    I loved the 102MM manual Jet Black battery so much that I purchased a 102MM automatic battery. Works great lasts a long time and I dont have to think about pushing a button. I can just vape away and enjoy. Thanks Halo!

  196. Jet Black G6: Sleek, Sophisticated, Powerful review by Chip

    The Jet Black G6 battery is the safest color option. It isn't flashy, so you don't have to draw attention to yourself by using it. But it does not by any means look like a cheap ecig. The rubberized coating is fantastic. It gives the ecig a great feel in the hands. I use the manual battery, and have no complaints. I am a moderate to heavy vaper, and a fully charged 78mm battery lasts me more than half the day. So if you plan on using it a lot, and don't want to have to wait while it's charging, I recommend getting two (the G6 starter kit is a great, affordable option). I would definitely recommend the Halo brand. They clearly put a lot of care into making quality equipment. I've been using the Halo G6 for about a month, and haven't had any issues!

  197. Great Battery review by M

    This little battery is pleasantly heavy. Just holding it, you can tell you're not going to break it, that its quality, and that it's not some cheaply made throw-away. It has a nice cashmere-type coating on it, so that it's not slippery or shiny. Best of all, the life of this particular battery is surprisingly long. The Triton lasts even longer, but for the size, ergonomics, and convenience of this little G6, I think its the better buy.

  198. Beautiful review by Sam

    I got two of these, one manual and one automatic. Surprisingly I've found myself using the automatic more often than the manual which I wasn't expecting since I'm originally a Triton tank user first and fore most. The purple color is beautiful and the texture feels amazing! They work like a charm with the mini tanks which I use exclusively (not a big fan of the cartomizers) If you have any doubts about ordering one of the little gadgets...DON'T, just buy one and you will not be disappointed. A great little battery and the best company for e-cigs and e-liquid alike.

  199. G6 Mini Battery is AWESOME! review by Charles

    I bought the G6 Starter Kit with the 78mm batteries and decided to get a couple mini batteries (65mm) as well. Both perform GREAT! The minis really give you that real cigarette feel and still work AWESOME! Nice job Halo!

  200. Beautiful review by Allen

    First off, this color is awesome! Definitely get the bigger battery though. I prefer the manual for clearo's and auto for carts. Only gave it a 4 because I've moved on to Triton which is far superior.

  201. So pretty!!! review by groupie

    I just love it!!!

    This color is sooooooo sooo pretty!!!

    I love Purple and i wasn't disappointed with the color.

    I'll order more colors!!

    Highly recommended :D

  202. Love it review by Lena

    I recently bought this product and I love it. I also have the bigger triton batteries, and those are good too, but this is much lighter and easier to carry with me. I got the automatic, and I was a little worried at first that maybe it wouldn't work as well, but it works perfectly. I'm definitely buying more of these just so when it runs out of batteries, I have another ready.

  203. 102mm manual: awesome review by bshawi

    I love this battery, I feel that it offers a little more power than the same size, non-manual one and it also allows for a much longer pull! Highly recommend this one. One thing that is not possible to do with this battery is to smoke while doing something that requires both hands (obviously because you need to push the button to smoke.) I do have an automatic battery that i just twist on for when i need both of my hands.

  204. Very Dependable review by LVE

    G6 batteries are very dependable and even the mini – 65mm (which is only slightly longer than a traditional cigarette) last several hours but charges fairly quickly. The titanium color is elegant – not flashy, nor is it the bright white or the common black. A nice choice when you want to make a subtle statement.

  205. The mini battery is great!!! review by David

    Bought a mini battery this time to replace a battery somebody stole from me (everybody wants a G6!!) The smaller battery is great if you're not a full time vaper. It fits much nicer in my pocket and still provides me with all day vaping without having to recharge. Well done once again Halo!!

  206. Love It! review by Tanya

    I love the white automatic battery. The subtle lines and fading orange indicator light (along with tan blank carts) let me blend in when I don't want to draw extra attention. The soft touch coating is awesome and won't slip out of your fingers. The Halo battery life is the best I've used yet.

  207. Black Beauty review by H

    I received a couple of these in the starter kit and decided to purchase a couple more thinking that they might not last long. But it has been over a couple of months and they are still going strong. Black and discreet, manual or auto, these are great!

  208. 102MM Manual review by LAwaters

    The 102MM G6 battery was a "must-have" addition to my Halo setup. This size lasts longer than the 78MM in my starter kit, and is excellent with a mini-tank. Allows me to use the 78MM's for fun flavors while keeping my all day vape flavor on the 102MM. Charge time is only a bit longer for the 102MM - and well worth it. The additional length adds a cool factor without being inconvenient to carry. Love it!

  209. Love it review by Marlene

    I love the color of this battery, and the size I have it in makes it very easy to carry around. The blue light with the silver looks really pretty too. It also stays charged a good amount of time considering it's small size. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone.

  210. Great overall review by Ed

    I bought the standard size automatic battery. What I love about the G6 over ecigs from other brands is the color. It's a deep, dark blue that I just LOVE. The switch activates easily but it never fires on its own. It's light enough to hold with just your teeth even with the longer mini tanks. The vapor production was surprising for something this small. I would recommend buying some mini tanks along with the cartomizers since they seem to have better flavor.

  211. Awesome review by Monstro

    I haven't had any issues with the batteries I purchased. I also purchased the 102 mm XL battery in black. I have no regrets.

  212. good choice review by Kyle

    Great battery for the price. Lasts a long time. One of my wifes favorite colors.

  213. love it review by Nicole

    Love this battery! Works great!

  214. :) review by Nicole

    What can I say I really love this color. Works great!

  215. Awesome e cig review by peggy

    This batteries are great. I have tried so many different brands and they all sucked. These are great. The are convenient to carry, good price so I have stocked up on them. Battery life is way way better than any other I have tried. I recommend them to anyone. I use the them with the mini tanks. I hate carto's they make e liquids, to me taste gross. But with the mini tanks the taste, vapor production, is amazing.

  216. Very cool looking battery review by Don

    The orange light on the end of this battery looks very nice and I actually prefer it to the blue. If you are looking for a completely new color option for your g6, then I would recommend picking this up. The white body and orange light will look totally different than what you are used to and it is really cool. Produces great vapor and is not expensive either. This battery also really brings out the color of your mini-tank as well. If you want it to look exactly like a cigarette buy the authentic cartomizers for it. Great battery with an excellent color.

  217. Beautiful! review by AnotherHaloFan

    The life of this battery is amazing, considering its small size - on both the manual as well as the automatic. That aside, it's pretty. The midnight blue color pictured is very accurate, and the matte texture feels lovely in-hand. Love the color, love the G6 - highly recommend!

  218. Awesome performance! review by Elizabeth

    Got the G6 battery in princess pink & it is sooooooooooo much better (in performance, price, & resiliency) than all of the multitude of e cig batteries that I have tried before. Love the finish on it, nice & non-slippery (I am a huge "dropper") I have dropped it a zillion times (even on ceramic tile) & it still works perfectly!

  219. Starter Kit review by Sara

    I got 2 manual batteries with my G6 starter kit about a month ago. They're still going strong despite my husband having dropped one on the tile floor. I'm a fairly heavy vaper, and a battery will last 1/2-1 day for me. Obviously well built, sleek and attractive. Whatever the rubbery coating is on it, it's great! It feels smooth without feeling slick. It's got a nice grip. The button is set in a bit, not too much to make it hard to push or anything, just enough so that I don't accidentally set it off in my pocket. The black battery with the blue light looks great! Excited to upgrade and see what the Triton has to offer!

  220. Love this review by Lena

    I love the G6, and the titanium color is really pretty. I have the shorter one, and it's the same size as a regular cigarette. Also, because of the color it doesn't stand out, so when I don't want people asking me what I'm smoking, this is perfect. The blue light looks really nice with the titanium too.

  221. Love these batteries! review by Joette

    These batteries are awesome. I actually have at least 1 of each color, but the red is my favorite so I decided to post the review here.

    The battery life is long. I can go a full day at work without the need to recharge and the hit is consistent and doesn't seem to wane towards the end of the day.

    I have purchased batteries of the same size/type from other places but most have been faulty and I've had to replace too many. Halo batteries have never failed and are undoubtedly my favorite!!

  222. WOW review by Nechelle

    My g6 fell into a cup of tea 3days ago, I was sure it was ruined. But it is still working like a champ. I wouldn't recommend doing it on purpose but awesome to know I have such a supreme product. Thanks Halo.

  223. Solid starter review by Tyler

    I started out with the g6 and have since moved on to the triton. Loved the g6 to get me into it. Only knock would be the battery life was just ok. Especially compared to the triton.

  224. Sleek - especially with the smoke mini-tanks review by Jeff

    I love the black color. When buying my starter kit, I was torn between the black or the devil red. However, I am SO glad that I went with the black. It is very classy looking, and is very understated (which I find a good thing). I read a couple of other reviewers saying that some people have mistaken their black G6, paired with one of Halo's awesome mini-tanks, as a pen. I can totally see that. It looks exactly like one of those gel-filled black pens, which, for some reason, I like, as it is very understated. Oh, and speaking of the mini-tanks, you must buy some of those! The flavor is much better, and I think it looks much, much cooler than the cartos. I was initially worried that I would not like the tanks, as I hate any vaping device that looks anything like a hookah or is too big. The mini-tanks are perfect. Not too big, not too small, and the metal pieces inside the tank looks really cool and futuristic. Very well-made - and in the USA - which is a HUGE selling point for me. Oh, and if you have the black G6 battery, I highly recommend ordering the smoke color mini-tank. It looks really sleek and well-matched.

  225. Love, Love, LOVE this larger battery! review by Jaded_Gal

    As someone who owns the mini battery, in manual & auto, as well as a Titanium, in the 78mm size, I can say now that the 102 mm size is my favorite.

    It's the only one that lasts me all day with heavy vaping. This battery has the same wonderful finish we all know & love from other jet black batteries, but in a larger size. It's about an inch longer than the 78 mm, so no, it's not a comical Cruella Deville length, it's quite easy to carry actually. The extra power it supplies is EXACTLY what I needed:)

    Now, if only they offered it in other colors.....

  226. Really long life battery! review by John

    This battery kept me going for two full days of steady vaping. I am really satisfied with the G6 battery. Highly recommended. Thanks Halo for another great product.

  227. Love the G6 when out & about review by LVE

    I have my larger tanks for home – but when I am out and about, I prefer the G6. It’s small, not so cumbersome or awkward, and feels really good in the hand. I found a nifty little clip-on case that holds four 65mm G6 batteries – with mini tanks attached – plus a 4ml bottle of my Torque mix. It is everything I need to last a good long time, fitting in a small clip-on case. Personally – I’m not a fan of the lime green color choice – but to each, their own. It's just nice to have all the options.

  228. Bigger battery = the only way to go, for me at least.... review by Jaded_Gal

    I've been vaping for about a year & a half, and my current e-cig was well past worn out & I was in the market for a new one. I was well aware of Halos e-liquids, but hadn't had much exposure to their actual ecigs. So I hit the net & did my research. I'm female, so I wanted to stay with a slimmer ecig, rather than a larger Triton.

    Locally, a new vape shop opened in my town & as a surprise, my hubby bought me the G6 set (2 jet black batts, 1 manual, 1 auto, both MINI SIZED). Let me state: I love my G6, I even like the mini batts, but they don't last long enough for me as a full time vaper. So, off to the website I went!

    I ordered one of the Titanium G6 batts, 78mm, manual. While I like it, I still felt the battery life fell a bit short. Yes, the 78mm out-performed the mini by a long shot, but I still needed to bring a backup with me to get through the day. I wish they made the Titanium in a 102mm size, as THAT is my size of choice these days, but I still love my Titanium 78mm manual. The color is really nice, unlike any other I've seen, & it still has the wonderful velvety texture & feel that my jet black batts have. The G6 logo looks really nice against the Titanium color as well. This color battery, while not coordinating too well with my electronics, gold iPhone & black iPad mini, is a favorite that I keep in my rotation.

    I just wish it was offered in the larger 102mm size, as that is the size which currently gets me through the day & beyond without needing a charge or backup battery on hand. Either way, love my G6 set & all the "extras" I picked up along the way through the website! Great customer service, reasonable shipping rates & fast shipping. I usually get my order in 2 days, and my products are wrapped & packed well to ensure their reaching me in safe working order.

    I love Halo products, they've got a customer FOR LIFE!

  229. Long lasting battery life. review by Alexander

    I have smoked other e-cigs before, but the problem that always hit me was needing to carry around a battery pack in my already over-loaded pockets. The XL G6 cigarette almost never dies on me. I can screw it into the USB charger before bed and have it last the entire following day. Plus, it hardly takes up more space in my pocket than a pen.

  230. Awesome battery review by Lisa

    This is my first time buying and trying the automatic battery. I wanted something to match the mini tanks that I bought. I got the dark purple and dark blue and I love the way it fits nicely in my pocket. I love that I don't have to press a button to vape.
    I showed it to a work mate, and she is very keen to buy one also. Highly recommend this product.
    thanks Halo.

  231. Sleek Looking review by Daniel

    I have two 78mm Jet Black batteries. What is cool, is that every single color blank cartomizers go with it (if you go with all black, that's pretty cool looking too). The blue light compliments it well on the tip...But the important part is not the looks, it's performance. These 808s are my favorite for small batteries, I usually go through about one and a half charges per day...if you get the starter kit you're better off so you will always have a spare battery charged and ready to go.

  232. For my hubby review by Kelly

    I ordered this battery for my husband. He tried my triton battery and thought it was too big. This battery is working great for him. He can use it indoors at work or at home. Vaping is so much easier than any other nicotine source at work.

  233. Very discreet! review by Bryan

    I work in an office environment and the titanium G6 battery paired with a black cartomizer looks almost exactly like a pen when carried in my shirt pocket at work. It allows me to sit at my desk and get the awesomely flavored e-liquids without drawing any undue attention my way!

  234. Very Good Product review by John

    I should note that this review is for the manual battery, which I find a bit easier to use and provides more flexibility than the automatic battery. The automatic battery tends to shut off before I pull long enough for a good throat hit. I have purchased three of these manual batteries, and typically cycle through them at a rate of one battery per day (I’d say I’m a medium vaper, but typically go through about two batteries on a Friday or Saturday night). Great product, highly recommend!

  235. Great battery! review by Duy

    I am most likely one of the few buyers who didn't purchase the Halo G6 starter kit. Instead, I bought a single 78mm battery with the PCC to test it out.

    This battery is great! I use it frequently, daily, and when I plug it into the PCC to charge. The battery has never been below two of the three bars. I have no doubt that the battery life on the 78mm will not die on me while I'm on the go. Most of the time I don't need to charge it in the PCC! I chose the automatic and it works very well, no problems whatsoever. The battery cut off time is around 5 seconds, but this is usually more than enough time for me to get a thick cloud with a Halo mini tank + their e juice.

    The material surrounding the battery is a rubberized coat, giving some friction to the slim body. I would highly recommend this product. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

  236. Convenient & Reliable review by Robert

    I really like my G6 battery. When I first started using electronic cigarettes, I thought automatic was the way to go, but now I really like the manual model better. The button is tiny (which is good so it doesn't accidentally fire and drain the battery), and you learn to get a feel for where it is. For a mini battery, it has good life and fits perfect in a pocket!
    Vape on.

  237. Vaping never looked so cool review by SOSOMEDIA

    I like the soft touch feel of the batteries and the titanium color matches my other gadgets. If you use the battery non-stop it will last you a whole hour and that's a lot for such a small battery. In future batteries, I would like to see a power indicator.

    De batterijen zijn van een zacht soort rubber en de titanium kleur past bij mijn andere gadgets. Wanneer je de batterij non-stop gebruikt dan gaat het een heel uur mee en dat is best veel voor zo'n kleine batterij. In de toekomst zou ik een power indicator willen zien.

  238. Great product! review by Theresa

    I bought this as a backup for a more expensive brand of ecig that I already had. Once I received this one though, I haven't used the other one since. I love this thing! It's been dropped numerous times, and even just the other day I fell out of a boat into the water with this in my pocket, and IT STILL WORKS! I would definitely recommend this product, and at such a low price.....you can't beat it!

  239. Long lasting battery. review by danny

    The G6 102mm battery is great. It lasts much longer than the shorter batteries. The only thing I can see that needs improving is that it will not fit in the PCC or the Carry Case. Other than that, superb. So, I have to give it a 4 star rating.

  240. A great looking battery. Looks just like the real deal. review by danny

    The white battery is very cool looking. It has a soft orange glow when inhaled. It looks just like the real deal. It looks and feels like the real thing. You can even see the grain in the texture just like a real cigarette, and it lasts almost all day. Definitely 5 stars.

  241. Great product. review by Wugglez

    I love the G6, but this color was a lot lighter than I thought it would be. I figured it would be a brighter neon, but instead it's more of just a really light green. It's still a pretty color though.

  242. Great product! review by Ted

    These batteries are just the right length and are very reliable. They hold enough of a charge to last most of the day from normal use and are convenient to recharge!

  243. Best Cigarette Style Battery on the Market review by John

    I love these batteries. The size of the batteries are the best that I have ever used. They work great, have good lifespan, and a nice finish to it. They charge quickly and fit nicely in my pocket. I like the 65mm short batteries, a pair of them lasts all day. The 102mm battery holds so much charge in one of them and lasts all day.

  244. Excellent product review by Jason

    It is a nice sleek look and good quality. I've never had a problem with a G6 battery, but I'm in the process of replacing my original ones that have lasted for more than six months with at least one or two recharges per day. I personally prefer the manual batteries, but have never had a problem with either kind. Well worth the money to replace older batteries with new ones every once in a while.

  245. Excellent review by Michael

    I really like these batteries. I purchased one of each size in this color (automatic) mainly because I wanted one with a red "ember". I do wish Halo would offer a black battery with a red tip, or maybe eventually allow the option to select the LED color for each color battery. That would be fantastic, as I'm not really much a fan of the blue. Although, these batteries work great. They put out a good amount of vapor with both the mini tanks and the cartomizers. They hold a charge to last long enough for two days for someone who vapes little to moderately. My only gripe is that they're a bit slow to charge, but other than that they've been great, and I'm honestly starting to prefer them over my Triton setup.

  246. Love this colour!! review by Silentsmirk

    I love love love this red! It's a nice deep red and looks great with smoke/black mini tank. It is very classy! I originally ordered the purple starter kit, which I still love, but the red is my favorite by far!

  247. Red Velvet review by E.E.

    This battery looks and performs great. It reminds me of red velvet. The 65mm auto battery lasts me 4 to 6 hrs of moderate use. It charges quickly and looks great with titanium cartomizers as well as most mini tanks. I have used jet black, titanium, and midnight blue batteries.The demon red is my favorite.

  248. nice color and smooth use review by C-O

    I bought the manual battery along with a blue mini tank for riding my motorcycle. The button is recessed but easy to press and delivers smooth and consistent use. The blue is a dark vibrant color with the same coating as the other batteries. The L.E.D. is a dark and ominous blue and it calls attention when I pull it out of my vest at stop lights and riding down the highway.

  249. Look and Feel review by Jay

    Just received my new G6 Jet Black battery. My first impression was the look, feel of this battery, and I love the matte finish on it.. However, most importantly the charge life lasted me all day and I consider myself to be a moderate to heavy vapor.. I am giving it 5 stars...I wish the manual button was a little larger so my large fingers can find it !!

  250. Authentic review by Salvatore

    I really like the G6 white batteries because they are the only ones that light up with an orange tip at the end. Also, they're great for vaping when your out as it gives an authentic look.

  251. Great Batteries! review by Chris

    I got the 102mm batteries so they would last all day. Well, I vape a lot so I go through two batteries a day at work but I love them. They are high quality and durable. I work in an oilfield so they take a beating and still work like new after a month. I highly recommend these.

  252. Favorite travel batteries review by Gavin

    These batteries are great and I love the color options. They have a real smooth matte paint and the battery last me a few hours. I use it on my way to college, work, and even at home.

  253. Great size and performance review by Mo

    I have a few of these batteries and they always perform well. I find that I can get a full day vape with one of the mid size batteries when I'm out and about!

  254. Great colour! review by Saiho

    One of the main reasons I chose Halo was the battery colors and the finish on them. I was perfectly happy with my black ones for a long time, but I thought I would try the blue for a change and I'm glad I did! It has the same rubberized finish that I loved in the black one and a great deep color that looks metallic, almost iridescent in the sun. It is not too flashy, but still impressive, love it!

  255. Beautiful and reliable review by Lindsay

    The purple battery is more of a plum color than violet as pictured on the website. The charge lasts a long time and considering how much I use it. I already had a red one and just ordered the pink. The G6 batteries are a superior quality (compared to other brands 808-D batteries) and fit all of the popular 808-D threading accessories.

  256. This is awesome e cig kit for those are new in electronic cigarette review by Colline

    I am actually new to e-cigarettes and I just found this company on YouTube. They have such great positive reviews and are all American made. This is how I got hooked, WOW!! When I went to their website I saw the Halo G6 Starter kit and I didn't even think about if I am going to buy it or not. I just went ahead and purchased it on the website. In my opinion, the manual battery is drains faster than the automatic battery so I prefer automatic than manual (it is just my opinion). Maybe next time I will order the 102mm battery and the Triton kit. Thank you so much Halo. Thumbs up!

  257. The Perfect battery review by Jacob

    The G6 battery is perfect. It is not to big, it charges good, and will last long.

  258. Great performing product review by Nathan

    I love the G6 batteries especially the manual option. What I particularly like is the performance found in the size of these batteries. I don't need a large bulky system to enjoy great vaping. They fit perfectly in my pocket and I can discreetly enjoy them at my office, in public, and family events.

  259. Excellent review by Juan

    A great battery life and quality. When I got myself the starter kit I did not know which one to get so I got both (automatic and manual) batteries. In my opinon, I like the automatic better, it lasts longer, and I don’t have to press the button everytime I use it.

  260. good review by eric

    Super good product!

  261. More Metallic Than The Photo review by Sarah

    It's not something I noticed until I compared my battery to the photo on the website. The color is more metallic and slightly more Fuchsia. It's NOT a huge difference but may be for someone who's bothered by it. As far as the life of the battery, I charged my battery (the long version) overnight and started using it on Sunday. It's now Wednesday and it's still not dead. This is absolutely amazing. I used to have to change my batteries out four or five times a day. I'd say I'm not using it "heavily" but definitely all day long and definitely not "lightly". I'm impressed!

  262. I love it review by Nicholas

    It last longer and produce more vapor. I am a big guy so I like a bigger battery. I just love it!

  263. lasts a long time review by joseph

    I got the G6 102mm XL batteries and as a heavy vapor they last almost all day. I can kill two mini tanks without a charge.

  264. Beautiful and holds a great charge review by Joshua

    I've used a lot of e-cigarettes at least around this size. I've been using this specific one for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it. This has yet to die on me, although, I charge it every two days (I use it fairly often). Also, I love the style, it has a soft outer layer touch that doesn't show fingerprints or anything. It charges very fast and it is my favorite product/company so far. I will be using Halo for a long time! Thanks

  265. Flat out great! review by Jeff

    I got (2) automatic 65mm batteries in my starter kit. This is my first e-cigarette purchase ever and I couldn't be happier. I went with the mini batteries because I wanted to be able to throw it in my pocket and not be to flashy when I pulled it out for a pull or two. When I am out I tend to hit it a lot and these batteries are going strong. I can get a good 3-4 hours of heavy vaping on a full charge. Since they are so small (about the same size of an analog) I can carry the other battery in my pocket and it is ready to go when the first battery one runs out. The color is really sharp looking. I just placed my second order for a juice, picked up an extra battery, and some mini tanks.

  266. pretty awesome review by Jonathan

    The color is pretty awesome along with the other colors. However, part of me wishes that the LED light came in more colors. This battery performed much better than I anticipated. I purchased the automatic battery and I just love it!

  267. great review by Nicholas

    This is a great battery but to each own. It depends on how you vape. This battery lasted 5 hours before I had to charge it.

  268. very pleased review by Calvin

    I purchased both the standard and mini G6 battery in white. I have absolutely no complaints. The looks of it is brilliant and perfect.

  269. Near Perfect, review by Peggy

    This battery is a nice size, beautiful color, and powerful. However the button on the manual battery ius hard to press. I am 60 years old so this may be the reason. My thumb is losing its touch and others probably don’t have this problem.

  270. great review by Nicholas

    Awesome battery! I have the XL (102mm) battery and I love this product!

  271. Great Little Battery review by james

    This battery works fantastic with the Halo's low resistance cartomizers.

  272. Excellent review by Kris

    I love the extra long black manual battery and it has a wonderful charge life. There is nothing more frustrating than having a dead battery.

  273. Best cigalike out there review by Nate

    I primarily vape on the Triton but when I need something that will fit in my pocket or if I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I use the G6. I generally use it witht eh mini tank. I am so blown away by the flavors this has to offer. It offeres a great amount of vapor and a very good throat hit. I am in love with all of Halo products!

  274. Perfection review by Scott

    I ordered two of these in black as part of the G6 starter kit and two extras in Demon Red. I love them! They are sleek, elegant, and reliable. I vape pretty heavy and a fully cahrged battery lasts about four hours. I take two batteries to work and leave the other two home charging. Once I get home from work I switch batteries.

  275. Awesome and last a long time! review by David

    I bought a starter kit with two of these batteries almost last year! Unfortunately, I lost my automatic battery and was left with only my manual. I needed another automatic battery, picked up another battery, and it is just sweet as the last one. Thanks guys! I love these batteries!

  276. Overall really solid product review by William

    I purchased two of these several monnth ago and have been really happy with both. I tried out the shorter and lonfer version and they both worked fine for me. There is a great color selection and the customer support has been outstanding. I was pretty surprised that they responded so quickly nd tend to go the extra nine yards to help out.

  277. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! review by Robert

    A while back I dropped my battery with cartomizers into the dish washing tub. I didn't know until I was washing the tableware that it had been submerged for an unknown time. I figured the battery was toasted so I threw the cartomizers away. I dried the battery and put it in rice and left it a couple days and low and behold, it still worked!

  278. lasts long review by Abdullah

    These batteries are great! I only needed two in the past year. They last a long time for the amount of money they are.

  279. Black - My Favorite Color review by Timothy

    I have two blue batteries and one black battery. The black battery is my favorite. It has almost a rubber coating, charges quickly, and lasts all day. The automatic batteries are a little hard to puff on so I ordered a manual for my collection.

  280. Classy hi tech battery review by ElectronicsPrinter

    The 78mm Midnight Blue G6 batteries work perfectly and look amazingly stylish. It is covered in a soft touch metallic silicone rubber which makes it easy and safe to hold. They charge in about an hour using the G6 USB charger and last for about 0.9ml of a tank. Overall, it is a very impressive technology. Please make sure you keep the contacts clean to keep up their out of the box performance.

  281. Good Batteries but review by bruce

    I have 3 standard size batteries, two automatic, and one manual. The automatic batteries work well and I find the battery dies about the same time my mini tany is empty. The manual lasts as long as the automatic batteries. The automatic and manual batteries have a good vapor and draws well. The manual button is really tiny and my fingers are big. It is hard for me to feel the button and feel when it clicks on. I have to visually check for the blue light to make sure it is on. A very minor but frustrating problem for me but it doesn't make me not want to use it.

  282. A great product! review by Kristen

    I had previously purchased an e-cigarette from a different company that sold their products in a mall by my house. The quality of the product was ok but it definitely fell short of my expectations. I did some research and decided to try Halo to compare. I have to say I have not even thought of using the other one since I received my Halo! This battery is awesome! It holds a charge for what seems like forever, a nice smooth draw, and it is visually appealing as well! Everything I have purchased has exceeded my hopes and expectations and I will never switch! Also, the shipping has been fast and efficient, even when i pick the cheapest option! Well done, Halo!

  283. I'm not ashamed to have pink. review by Molly

    I love the hot pink color! I am not ashamed to have a girly side and this is perfect for me. The battery lasts a good amount of time and I like the compact size. I prefer the G6 hardware over the the larger vaporizers.

  284. Love these review by IMarlene

    I have had a quite few of the G6 e-cigarettes and I can honestly say I love them. They look really pretty, the blue glow is nice, and even the long ones just look like you are vaping a 100 rather than a regular short cigarette. They are definitely worth buying.

  285. Looks like a regular cigarette review by Marlene

    The G6 Classic White battery are not my favorites. However, if you are looking for this look then this is perfect. All the G6 e-cigarettes are great and worth buying.

  286. Love the color review by Marlene

    I love the emerald green coolor. At first I thought it would look strange with the blue light but it doesn't and it really looks cool.

  287. Two XL review by Eli

    I purchased two XL batteries, one in an automatic and one manual. The manual produces more vapor but lasts shorter and the automatic is is opposite but I love them both. However, either way it is a great vapor, improved battery life, and good flavor. These look so sleek and sexy. I get a lot of compliments with them and they look great with any color cartomizer or mini tank. I really like it with the silver and white cartomizers because they look like one of those long thin old cigarette holders.

  288. Fantastic review by Eli

    I purchased this in a mini automatic and I love it! It is really small so it fits great in pockets so you will always have it. It doesn’t last a whole while but it is great for a light vapor. The color looks fantastic and the blue is really pretty. It goes great with the black or silver cartomizer and it doesn't look bad with any of the mini tanks either.

  289. Great color, good power, stylish review by Prosperino

    I get a lot of people asking me about the red battery I am using. The demon red is fierce in color and pretty good in performance. It lasts me about 2 hours of hard vaping and 30 minutes charge after that. I suggest to get two if you chain vape. I personally got the automatic and longer battery which is better.

  290. Good quality and great design review by Viktoria

    I have an automatic and manual 78mm black batteries. I have been using them for about three months. About a month ago, both of them started performing worse but cleaning the batteries helped them to work fine again for a time. The automatic battery still works but the manual battery looks like it's about to die. I'm a heavy vaper so I think three months is a decent term for this type of battery.

  291. Pretty review by Y

    I purchased a red starter kit and was very satisfied with G6. These G6 batteries are really convenient because they are so slim, light, and not to mention the beauty! Therefore, I purchased this midnight blue battery for my girlfriend, and she is extremely happy with this as well! The color is not very bright so the dark blue tone is really goregous. In addition, just like the red ones, the texture is as soft as velvet but firm and scratch free at the same time. My girlfriend and I just love these!

  292. Stunning and Effective review by Victoria

    I bought the mini, paired it with a purple tank, and it looks incredible. The color is deep and luxurious. The matte finish looks awesome and resists scratching. It's also the perfect size to carry around with me and looks sharp when I use it. I get about two hours of semi-heavy vaping with this battery. While I wish the battery time was longer, I love the compact size. I will be upgrading to the Triton, but will still use this on the go.

  293. Great product review by Justin

    I am very happy with my G6 battery. It lasts me about half a day. I bought the manual batteries after reading a bunch of reviews online. I would recommend trying out each battery or just the manual option. It’s nice having control of the vape.

  294. Best big-a-like out there! review by Coz

    Halo probably got their start with this device and it's pretty perfect. I have both the long manual and short automatic. Both are great for different reasons. Some people say you don't get as good of a hit from the automatic batteries, but I disagree. I find that they work better sometimes. Although the manual does give you a nice hit for sure. As far as lengths, the longer ones typically have better battery life. The only reason to go with a shorter battery is if you want to replicate an analog cigarette.

  295. Great! review by Giz

    I bought the XL manual version of this battery. It has a really long charge life, and really produces a nice warm vapor. One of the best batteries I've tried over the years!

  296. Great additional battery review by Tim

    I purchased one of these batteries in the manual standard version after getting the mini versions in the starter kit. Battery works just as well as the mini ones but the battery life is much longer! Halo makes great batteries!

  297. Still going strong! review by Michele

    I haven't switched to the Triton Tanks as of yet. However, I am still in love with my G6 batteries. I discovered Halo products in 2009. I had already tried various products and let's face it, many of the liquids and hardware out there is terrible, especially from the gas station. There is absolutely no comparison in taste to a high quality product. That said, my battery was purchased nearly a year ago and it is still going strong! I've saved a ton of money by using Halo products. I have probably purchased a total of 5 batteries since my vaping experience with this company since 2009. I will be purchasing new batteries soon as a back-up since they can go out at any time after so many charges. For anyone getting ready to start a new vaping journey, I highly recommend this product.

  298. Lasts a long time! review by Michele

    This sleek purple G6 battery packs a big punch. I have received excellent vape production from this battery for several months. I need to order a new one to replace it soon, but I still receive good battery production. The prices of these batteries have gone down to $9.99 each. This is a good price to pay for something made of good quality and lasts a long time.

  299. My absolute favorite color review by Saiho

    The photo is rather dull compared to the real thing. I never thought I'd choose anything over black, but this battery has turned my e-cigarette to an accessory. It has a really nice deep metallic color that looks just brilliant in any lighting. This is a color I'd be happy to have in the car. Quality-wise it's solid, the same as all other Halo batteries. I have purchased around a dozen and have yet to get a faulty one!

  300. Strength review by Taylor

    These batteries are great! They are very sleek and stylish. I gave it 4 stars because I would like the same type of battery but stronger for a stronger throat hit.

  301. Love the color! review by Heather

    I love this girly feminine color! The battery lasts a long time too, even when I’m vaping practically non-stop!

  302. Favorite e-cig style battery review by FRED

    Compared to all the others I've tried, this is my favorite e-cigarette style battery. I use the automatic version in the morning every day. They provide good power and last for several hours. They have a lighter and better balanced feel to me and the coating on the battery puts it over the top. The coating feels soft like rubber, while still being smooth.

  303. Awesome review by Karen. E

    The color is awesome! I have had this battery for over a year and it still looks and performs great. I want to try out all the colors!

  304. A handy battery review by Virtuous Vaping Viper

    I have it on manual and put it in my car. It’s really handy for me in the car and I drive a manual. The beauty of it lies in its size. I place it between my fingers and it does not affect my driving, and therefore safety. Whether I am crawling in traffic or cruising on the highway, it’s a great companion. If there are other in car vapers out there, this is definitely a keeper.

  305. Beautiful color review by Teresa

    My boyfriend bought this for me after I wouldn't stop taking his midnight blue one and I love it! It is a beautiful pink color! The G6 princess pink battery has great battery life. I like the feel of it over the heavier Triton. I highly recommend using the mini tanks with this over the cartomizers. The sleek design makes it easy to slip in your pocket or in your purse. One of my batteries quit working and I contacted Halo and after sending it back they sent me a new one. Great customer service when it comes to any problem or question. I now have several different color G6 batteries and the pink is still my favorite! I recommend buying several batteries so you always have a fully charged one on hand.

  306. Excellent Battery review by Linda

    I've been vaping for 3.5 years and Halo is by far the best product I have invested. I've tried and used 5 different vaping companies and none of them are as nearly as good as Halo. Finally after much time and money, I've found an excellent vaping system in Halo. Batteries last me a good 8 to 10 hours and the selection of cartomizers and juices are far better than anything else I've tried since I quit smoking cigarettes and started vaping. Thank you, Halo!

  307. Love the color selections review by Michele

    I received the Jet Black G6 battery in the mini size. I love the color sections that Halo offers for their batteries. The battery last quite a long time before having to replace them. There is one reason that I gave the Jet Black Mini a 4 instead of a 5. I have been use to using the standard size battery and cannot take as long of a hit as with the standard size battery. It appears to need charged quicker than a standard sized G6 battery as well. However, it does work well and perfect for on-the-go. The battery can easily fit into your pocket. I slip mine into the side of my purse as well when I don't have my case with me.

  308. Tighter Draw Than Others review by Michael

    I got 2 titanium batteries in my starter kit. They worked fine, and I had no problem with them. I then bought emerald green and midnight blue batteries and discovered the green and blue batteries have a much smoother draw. The titanium batteries have a much tighter draw. I doubt that this has anything to do with the colors, but I'm not sure why the difference. I still use the titanium batteries; there is nothing wrong with them, they are just a little tighter. As to the color, I got the titanium because I thought I would prefer the neutral color. Later I bought an emerald green and a midnight blue. Those colors are amazing.

  309. Beautiful shade of green review by Michele

    I absolutely love this color. Green is one of my favorite colors, and Electric Lime green is bright and stylish. It fits any G6 cartomizer or mini tank, and can be charged anywhere with a USB port. I like the standard size G6 batteries. They have a longer battery life, and fits well in my hand. The battery can last for several hundred power charges and thousands of vape puffs. I especially love the price of these batteries. They only cost $9.99 and you definitely get the value for your money.

  310. 102mm Battery review by Michael

    These long batteries are awesome. They last a long time, have plenty of power, and have a smooth draw. I carry the 78mm batteries and cartridges with me when I'm out but use the 102mm at home with my mini-tank. They look good too—just keep in mind that the 102mm will not fit in your carrying case. They take about 4 hours to charge. Buy two so you will always have a charged one. I HIGHLY recommend these batteries!

  311. Nice quality battery review by Daniel

    I started vaping with a G6 nearly 4 years ago. I have since moved on to bigger mods and have tried many in all these years. I recently decided to purchase another G6 battery for old times sake, and I'm finding the convenience of the small batteries again—easy to carry in a shirt pocket. Glad I went back!

  312. Classy color review by Michele

    The Titanium G6 battery is a light and tasteful color choice for a discreet vaping experience. Any G6 cartomizer or mini tank should fit this battery, and can be charged anywhere with a USB port. I prefer using the standard size (long), automatic G6 batteries. They have a longer battery life and more comfortable fit for my hand. The battery can last for several hundred power charges and thousands of vape puffs. I especially love the price of these batteries. They cost of one battery is $9.99. If taken care of properly, the battery will last quite a long time.

  313. Wicked review by Amber

    This is my favorite color Halo battery, and my 3rd order of this red shade. I have blue, purple, pink, and of course, the demon red. This battery is the perfect shade of crimson red and it has a smooth, soft feel. I find these go best with the mini tanks, as though I prefer the look of these with a black cartomizer. The fact is they are easy to overfill and damage your battery. I am a very heavy vaper and the battery life on the standard lasts me around 2-2.5 hours. I use the G6 when going out, and I am moving to a Triton for home. I love the look and feel of these—they are fantastic. I only have one suggestion—have a red LED tip instead of a blue one with this shade like the manual red light on the Triton demon red battery. It would be truly wicked.

  314. Love the G6 line review by Amber

    This is a great shade of G6 battery. This is a dark magenta, so it's more like a purple pink than a true pink—which I highly enjoy as I'm not really a true pink kind of chick. The monitor color, at least on my screen, is pretty true to life. Battery life is great for me as I am a very heavy vaper and these last me 2-2.5 hours. They are so easy to take in your pocket or purse for going out, especially if you use carts instead of mini tanks. I prefer the mini tanks with these due to much better flavor and no leakage, but appreciate how these look just like a standard analog cig with a cart. Great job Halo!

  315. Gorgeous color! review by kettegdirb

    Wow! This purple color is absolutely gorgeous! On my computer screen it looks like a blue-violet, but it's really more of a plum color. Unfortunately, the threading on my battery was defective; but a quick call to Customer Service got me a friendly and helpful rep with a "no problem" attitude. He sent out an email with a return authorization in less than 5 minutes!

Quantity Included1
Battery LogoG6
Battery ColorNo
Battery ThreadNickel
Battery LEDBlue
Button ColorAutomatic - N/A
Manual - Black
Battery TypeNo
Battery Cut-Off Time6 Seconds
Battery LengthNo
Battery Width9.2 mm
Battery Capacity65mm - 180 mAh78mm - 280 mAh
Battery Charge65mm - 200 puffs/charge
78mm - 300 puffs/charge
102mm - 400 puffs/charge
Battery Lifespan300 cycles
Battery Voltage TypeNo
Battery Actual Voltage3.3 - 4.2 volts
Battery Rated Voltage3.7 volts
Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase