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Fusion E-liquid

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Our flavorless nicotine base, Fusion, is like a dream come true for the DIY crowd. Whether you’re trying add a little bit of extra punch to your E-liquid, or if you’re looking to tone it down, you can’t go wrong with Fusion—a must have for any vaper.

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Our flavorless nicotine base, Fusion, is like a dream come true for the DIY crowd. Whether you’re trying add a little bit of extra punch to your E-liquid, or if you’re looking to tone it down, you can’t go wrong with Fusion—a must have for any vaper.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Fusion E-liquid's test results

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  1. How you can tell quality review by allen

    I like simple things sometimes. I don't mix Fusion with anything and just vape it as is. Now people will say "just make this yourself" or "get it cheaper elsewhere, it's just PG/VG and nicotine". Well I have tried those avenues and believe me the PG/VG and nicotine that Halo uses is definitely superior to others because no other compares. In my opinion, it is worth the money for this product. However, it has a lightly sweet taste due to the VG.

  2. Fusion is excellent for cutting strong flavor review by Kimberly

    Halo's e-liquid Fusion, is the non-flavor liquid that is great for diluting a liquid that may be too strong for you or just not to your liking. Some people just discard their e-liquids purchased that are too strong or not the flavor they expected. This is the perfect liquid to change the flavor, with just a few mls of this liquid. It can alter and change the flavor for you to enjoy instead of tossing it out or passing it on to another vapor. I always keep this on hand for situations like this.

  3. Great Idea review by Chris

    This is such a great idea! I am glad that Halo sells this product. I have not tried vaping this by itself, but I have been mixing the 36mg with flavors of much less nicotine content. I do this to “get between” the normal levels that are sold. I plan to also use this when I eventually start getting 0mg nicotine juice. That way I can mix just a little bit in as I continue to step down.

  4. Brilliant product invention! review by Michele

    This product should be listed with other e-liquids in the catalog. I would consider adding Fusion to all of the premium e-liquid labels. It is perfect to mix with your regular Halo products. Since there is zero flavor added to this e-liquid, Fusion can be used for extra nicotine, making your favorite e-liquid last a bit longer, etc. This e-liquid is GREAT for toning down the harsher flavors. Others have mentioned purchasing a lower dose of nicotine in their fusion and mixing it with a higher dose. I have never thought of doing that, but I think that I'd just order my regular 24mg nicotine. I might try lowering my nicotine level in the future though.

  5. Awesome Idea & Product review by Lauri

    I ordered this to add some kick to some flavors with lower nicotine and it works great! I have not tried it by itself, but have seen other reviews that you can. This product is awesome, especially if you need to kick up a juice or just extend the amount of juice that you have. I would suggest this item be added in the juice section, as many customers don't know this is available!

  6. An essential for everyone review by Amazed

    I found this by accident! It should really be displayed with the other e-liquids. It truly has no taste but does not dilute the flavor of your juice at all. It actually seems to enhance the vapor production. The greatest thing about this, is that you can order it in a different strength from your regular juice. I have used it to help me lower my nicotine level. You can also order it in a higher level and add a few drops when you need that extra kick. This is a really clever product!

  7. Love it review by jessica

    I love this since you can get it in XXHigh (36mg/ml). I add it to all my favorite flavors. It works with everything and is a must have for any person looking to kick up the vape experience.

  8. Wow! review by Andrew

    I was reluctant to order this at first. It added so many options to my vape experience. This is great for mixing with strong flavors to tame them a little. I filled a tank with straight Fusion and was expecting it to be like vaping air. I was totally wrong! It has an incredible throat hit. I have been vaping straight Fusiom now since I purchased it.

  9. Shipment review by Frank

    A very fast shipment! I ordered it at 4:23 and received it in the mail at 5:33. You can't beat Halo's customer service.

  10. Great Idea review by Jim

    I got a free sample of Fusion in my latest order. I have to admit that I haven't tried it yet but I am giving it 5 stars just for the concept. I am pretty sure Halo is my new source for all my e-cigarette products. Sometimes when I am at work and can only take a puff every now and then, I really want 24mg. When I am home just hanging out I might only want 12mg. I was debating on what strength to order my last bottle. I think I will just order some lower nicotine levels and some 36mg Fusion. I can then spike up my juice anytime I want. Thanks Halo!

  11. Fusion E-Liquid review by Rachel

    I mix Fusion e-liquid with y other e-liquids to make them last a little longer. Fusion is flavorless and I was worried it might "water down" my flavors. However, I did not notice a difference.

  12. Love it wish it came in 0mg review by Amy

    I mix Fusion with all my e-liquids to decrease the higher strength nicotine levels that I have already purchased. I really wish it came in 0mg so I can cut the 6mg in my e-liquids.

  13. perfect for adjusting nicotine review by Chris

    I purchased this to make some do it yourself e-liquids and to ensure that my base would be Halo quality. However, I made a small batch and realized it wasn't worth low quality flavor in a high quality base. Since I purchased the 36mg it is perfect for me. Since I live in Canada, I can order nicotine free flavors and be worry free about them crossing the boarder. Once they arrive I just add a bit of this in, not alot is needed as I am only vaping about 6mg which really didn't dilute it. My point is, it is a great product.

  14. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS review by Pamela

    I love Fusion and like others I use it for multiple purposes. I mix with flavors to add and decrease nicotine strengths or to dial in flavor profile. It is great to vape on it's own too. I logged on today just to place and order for Fusion but as I love it I figured I would offer my review. Thank's Halo for the best products on the market. My only wish would be some flat out fruit flavors as well.

  15. Great Product review by Brent

    This is a great product. For example, if there is a flavor that you like that is a bit to strong or you would like to make it last a bit longer this is it! Every person who vapes should have a bottle of this in their stash!

  16. Perfection! review by Perfect Blend

    I normally vape a mixture of sweet flavors, at 6mg, but when I vape a tobacco flavor like Torque 56 I like to enhance the flavor slightly with Fusion. Each drop of Fusion (36mg) has around 1.8mg of nicotine. I find that if I add 2-3 drops of 36mg to around 2ml of 6mg strength base I get a perfect blend (8.7mg) that really brings out the flavor! It is amazing with just 3 drops, I can tone down the flavors, and enhance the positive things that nicotine can enhance!

  17. Same high quality and function with more versatility review by Anna

    Halo's e-liquid is the best way to go. Fusion is a great example of demonstrating the quality of Halo products. However, even in the absence of flavoring it is still completely smooth and clean with no aftertaste. Also, with Fusion you have an opputunity to select from a larger variety of nicotine which includes higher levels taht the flavored e-liquids in addition to the general selections. It delivers a great full hit and less expensive than the flavored varieties. I like to purchase Fusion to mix it with the other flavored e-liquids from Halo. My favorite is Kringle's Curse and Fusion mixed together.

  18. Unflavored 36mg, best flavor review by TJ

    I prefer the unflavored e-liquid with 36mg nicotine level. The Halo Fusion is clean, produces great vapor, and have no scent at all. This is excellent because I can easily vape anywhere and nobody seems to care. The best of all is I can vape while hunting with no issues!

  19. Perfect! review by Saff

    Fusion is the perfect e-liquid invention. However I do have a suggestion that it should be on your websites home page because I do not really look at the accessories section.

  20. A MUST HAVE... review by Troy

    Fusion is a really great e-liquid and you can get it in 36mg which is hard to find. This is a non flavored liquid that can make a 30ml bottle last much longer. It really adds a great vapor production and throat hit. I suggest to buy a bottle and fill your tank 1/4 of the way and top it off with your favorite e-liquid. As always, Halo has the fastest service and best liquid on the planet.

  21. A must-have review by Alex

    I purchased (2) 7ml bottles of Fusion (12mg and 36mg) with my G6 starter kit. It wasn't long before I discovered how great Fusion is and I began to stretch the life of my prefilled cartomizers. I was very pleased on how it mellowed out the flavors and allowed me to adjust the nicotine levels. I'm using the mini tanks on my G6 and I have blended several menthol and gourmet flavors with Fusion. With that being said, so far with each one I have been able to prefectly turn the flavor and nicotine level for myself. I will definitely buy a 30ml bottle very soon.

  22. This product is a staple for vaping! review by anthony

    I started out with only a 7ml bottle, and now have two 30ml bottles coming in soon. The Fusion is great for me since it has a ultra high nicotine content (36mg) and can kill some flavors that are a bit strong or overbearing. The vape production is great even when vaping Fusion alone. Anyone that vapes should have this on hand at all times! PLEASE Halo do not ever get rid of the 36mg option, this has become a standard for me!

  23. Very interesting. review by Ricky

    This is a basic flavor. I suggest getting a high nicotine for that rush. Also, it is a little cheaper than the regular e-liquid. It is a good, neutral purchase. You know exactly what you're getting.

  24. Fusion is a great product that has various applications! review by DawgPaw

    Fusion is a great product that has various applications. Fusion can be mixed with another flavor to reduce flavors that may be too powerful. Depending on the Fusion nicotine level, you cam bump up another flavor's nicotine level, or reduce it. Fusion is very versatile – I always keep a bottle in stock to try different mixes with other ejuices. Fusion does seem to increase the vapor production of other flavors.
    Well worth trying a 7ml bottle!

  25. Fusion - the self mix solution review by Jerry

    I purchase Fusion (unflavored liquid) to mix with my other flavors for that perfect blend. I recommend this to anyone - it is a premium liquid that far exceeds the standards of those "bulk" suppliers locally.

  26. Perfection review by Amanda

    I just keep coming back for more 18mg Fusion! This is perfection in my opinion. Vapor production and throat hit is excellent! Purely flavourless and it's always fresh! The shipping to Australia is fairly priced and always fast! This is my Go-to liquid!

  27. great way to amp up your experience review by Reagan

    I started out vaping using a low nicotine level and quickly discovered I wanted a little more of a buzz. I ordered this flavorless juice at a higher nicotine level to mix with the large bottle I already had and it worked great. I also noticed it made my exhale a little more cloud like :) Who doesn't like a nice could every now and then??

  28. Update on ths FABULOUS Fusion!!! review by Robert

    I recently just found my all time tobacco flavor by Halo, the Freedom Juice...OMG!! This is *TRUE TOBACCO TASTE* and thought I'd use some of my Fusion 30% to the Freedom Juice and WOW, it not only brought the flavor exactly where wanted, but also added even more vapor production to an already excellent juice.
    Have started using Halo Variable Voltage and about to order yet another dedicated to this Fusion/Freedom Juice combo made by this "mad vaper"!! MADE IN USA!

  29. perfect mixer review by heath

    This works great for cutting the strength of strong flavors to get them to your desired strength and also for a base to mix flavors together I mix a homemade blend of halo juices and it comes out tasting like bubble gum id recommend buying there samplers and experimenting its awesome what you can come up with make sure to keep a record of ratios so you don't forget if you come up with a great mix.

  30. A Must Have review by DaveOno

    Great to mellow out a strong juice, or to alter the nic levels a bit. Great for covert vaping straight up. Anyone who explores multiple flavors should have a bottle of this in their stash. I heavily recommend this Fusion.
    Halo, why hide this in accessories? Put it with the gourmet flavors! You'll sell a LOT more!!

  31. The only NO RISK "flavor" on the market review by Dana

    Fusion is the ONLY "flavor" of E Liquid that was literally made for everyone's pallet. The most difficult and expensive aspect to vaping is finding an E Liquid flavor that is tolerable.

    I tend to dislike almost every flavor of E Liquid or quickly grow tired of the flavors I do like. Fusion makes any flavor from any company better. It mellows out the strong or pungent and adds a significant boost of vapor to virtually any E Liquid. I cringe at the thought of all the E Liquid flavors I have thrown out before I found Fusion. I cannot stress enough that you will NOT be disappointed.

    You can buy a flavorless E Liquid from many different companies; however, Halo is cost effective, bottled correctly, and ships/arrives extremely fast. For anyone new to vaping, flavor mixing/diluting, or Halo as a company, do not hesitate to try Fusion!

  32. Great stuff! review by Zipper

    I got this because i wanted to play around with flavors a little bit or maybe give an existing juice some extra kick. I really like that they have this available. I love the flavors available though so i may just get a bottle now and then to give my cartomizers a little kick now and again. Worth having on hand!

  33. Great for mixing and very useful review by Don

    Extremely useful for mixing your liquids and increasing the strength of the nicotine. I had been searching for a liquid that went up to 36mg/ml of nicotine so I was very happy to find this liquid. The tobacco flavors and some gourmet flavors can be a little overwhelming with the taste. This liquid is very useful when making the exact flavor that you want to enjoy. You can also vape this by itself if you do not want any taste in your liquid. Next time you buy liquid make sure to pick some of this up. Everyone who does vape should have a bottle of this around at all times because it is so useful. Great job halo!

  34. Clean and Clear review by Eliza

    I love having fusion on hand, it lightens up any heavily flavored liquids and blends perfectly in with no loss in vapor production or throat hit.

  35. "Leaves you breathless" review by John

    I've found Halo's Fusion e liquid to have several uses. It can tone down any of the more pungent flavors to something a bit more mellow, allowing some of their bolder liquids to become more of an all day vape. But what I've most useful is its relative lack of scent, i.e: no odor footprint! Some liquids do leave a trace of a scent (usually pleasant) but in tight quarters I prefer to vape discreetly. It's just the ticket for car rides, airports, and even on airline flights.

  36. Great to Up Your Vape! review by Beth Ann

    Originally I tried this flavor (or non flavor i should say :) to DIY. Then I quickly realized that I was using it to add more vape to my current Halo flavors. I am a self admitted cloud chaser… so the more vape the better. I also used it to thin out some of the less quality e-liquids I had laying around. After trying this from a friend I am ready to stock up on at least 2 30 ml bottles. I am just not sure about nicotine percentage yet. I started vaping 3 months ago on 24 ml. In that time to now I got to 12 and am now just starting to order 6ml. Halo is my favorite brand by far and I smoke Twisted Java and Malibu on the regular and it is awesomely enhanced when I add the Fusion to it. Way to go Halo!! I do agree with one of the other reviewers that it should be put on another page of the website because it's rather hard to find for people and I think it would sell more if it was put in it's own category.

  37. Awesome Vape Enhancer! review by The Bapster

    OMG… This is used to mix your own flavors but quickly I found out that if I added it to my favorite Halo flavors like Malibu and Twisted Java a could get a lot more/smoke/vape using my large mod. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to mix flavors but also to all you "cloud chasers" out there!

  38. Fantastic Fusion! review by David

    Fusion E-Liquid is a must have for vaping. I have used it to compliment a few e-liquids from other manufacturers I had sitting around.....and i must say, the results were great! Fusion added vapor production and thinned out some thick e-liquids without ruining the flavor.....get Fusion and try it...you will not be disappointed.

  39. a must have for your halo vapo's review by mike

    Fusion liquid is the perfect way to spice up your nicotine content or mix your own flavors to find your perfect flavor. Mixing with a single flavor e-liquid, you can bring out some of the more subtle & sweeter finishing notes to taylor make your personal favorite liquids. Its a must have for any vapor lover.

  40. Awesome Horse Power Additive review by Chuck

    I use this for the horse power and thinning some other e liquids for an awesome vape. Its good on its own or mixing with other e liquids. I get the 36mg/ml. Its awesome.

  41. Love it review by April

    I really love that it doesn't have a taste to it I use it with other e juice from halo to keep it fresh it seems to work great at least I love it.

  42. Excellent Add-0n Product review by Debra

    When I first read the description for Fusion I didn't really understand what it was all about. I first ordered a small bottle just to try it out. I just ordered a large bottle because I have really enjoyed it. It is wonderful when you just need that something extra. I love to add it to my mini-tank, with my regular flavor, after a stressful day with a glass of wine. The best part about it is that it will go with any flavor and I use it at a strength that is one step up from the strength that I normally use. It is the icing on the cake.

  43. It works, but wish there was a cheaper no-nicotine version review by M

    I don't know that I'd use this for do-it-yourself juice, as there's something in Halo's base that doesn't taste of just nicotine. However, it's great for thinning out some of Halo's thicker juices to make them a little more mild, or to tone down a flavor to where it's where you want it. What I don't quite get is why there isn't an even cheaper no-nicotine version, but that goes for their regular eliquids too.

  44. Great 'mad scientist' vape mixer review by Robert

    LOVE this as an option to vape on it's own or to mix with flavors like the richness of Belgian Cocoa to get exact flavor I want. Will always manage to have a large bottle of this extra around.
    Upon first being gifted with a Triton Starter Set for Christmas from my brother, he ordered 18mg strength of my chosen flavor of Turkish and it actually was just too strong nicotine level and my immediate order included 6 mg of Fusion and mixing it helped me step down to my steady 6 mg level as it stands.
    Made In USA makes me very happy!

  45. Love it! review by Shan

    OMG! NO peppery taste that I find way to often in nicotine liquids (wether flavoured or unflavoured)
    This is the PEFECT nicotine base to add your flavours and concentrates or mixes!
    Really a 10/10 product!
    The shipping to Australia was a fair price (The cheapest I've come across and much appreciated) and was very, very quick :)
    Thanks Halo.
    Please though, really please, please, bring out a standard vanilla. Not a buttery, vanilla like everyone else (Have tried at least 10 and they always taste the same and I always throw in the bin) but a lovely, soft, sweet, powdery vanilla. OH PLEASE!

  46. Must have for intermediate to experienced vapers review by Naseeruddin

    I stumbled upon this e liquid by chance on the halo site. I wonder why halo does not show this along with all their other flavors, so it makes us easy to find it. I ordered a lot of flavors in the 6mg strength and now it feels like I undersized my choice. This will help me bump up the nic strength without changing the flavors I love.

  47. My fault. review by Kimberly A.

    I thought I could taper down on my nicotine so I ordered 3 yes 3 bottles of Torque e liquid in 0.6. I did this as an incentive not to back out of my decision to go down in strength and thought what better than a full flavor tobacco flavor than Torque. Well needless to say I backed out because I wasn't getting the TH I like so I bought the Fusion in 2.4mg. Thinking I would add a little to my Triton tank each time I filled it up. Unfortunately it diluted the flavor of the tobacco. So now I know I am not a DIY type person. The Fusion is perfect for what it's intended for I'm sure but not to try to fix my problem. All my other flavors are 1.2 so unless I order a very strong flavor e liquid in a lower strength such as a mint or menthol my 30ml. Yes 30 ml. bottle of Fusion has to just sit in a box. Another thing is I don't want to go higher than 1.2 so I can't even add a drop here and there to use it up. I'm a chain vaper and that would be too much nicotine for my nerves.

  48. A “must have” for any juice collection review by LVE

    Fusion is great – totally tasteless, but you get the nicotine (which enhances other flavors), and good vapor production. I have 2 bottles - one of a 24 nicotine level and another of 6. That way I can adjust the nicotine level of other flavors up or down, or dilute an overpowering taste (equal drops of each gives me a 15 nicotine level). It’s also a great way to remove any previous flavor from a used cartomizer.

  49. great review by anthony

    This is great for taking the edge off of strong flavors, or even vaping on it's own. But would be prime for using as a base on your mixers!

  50. Perfect for those who know what they want review by Hans

    This is exactly the refill fluid for me. I know how I want my e-cigarette to taste and this lets me make that happen.

  51. GREAT BOOSTER!! review by David

    This stuff is great to enhance any juice it adds extra kick and takes away flavors that are to sweet and makes the mellow and tasty. A must have for any serious vapor.

  52. Wonderful addition review by Michael

    Love adding this when I want to smooth out the taste ever so slightly bu not loose any of the vapor production!

  53. great stuff review by anthony

    I purchased this so I could take some of the heat out of throat hits on a few flavors I had bought from a other competitors. Well it makes crappy juices taste like great Halo vapes. Just try it.

  54. Extra Kick review by Stephanie

    Sometimes a regular vape session is not enough, and this product really delivers that extra kick when needed. There is no flavor, so I have mixed this in with every flavor I have. It gives a great throat hit, and is awesome for toning down those super-strong flavors. Would highly recommend to the experienced vapers.

  55. Must have in my arsenal review by AngiBe

    I have a tank loaded everyday with Fusion or something mixed with fusion. I use it to either tame down a flavor that's too strong, increase or decrease a nic strength or use it to "cleanse my palate" from too many flavors to avoid getting vapors tongue. One of my favorite vapes is Fusion w/drops of Prime in it. Fusion also seems to increase the vapor as well which I love. I am getting ready to stock pile 30ml bottles of Fusion in all nic levels specifically in 12 mg.

  56. wow review by Jebadale

    I couldn't be happier with fusion. It was my first attempt on DIY and I don't think it could have went any better. I mixed it 80/20 with flavor drops and its just outstanding. Same great vapor production and hit as other halo juices with more variety in flavor. I highly recommend trying this out if your wanting to start into DIY juices.

  57. New to DIY review by l_strider_l

    I am new to the DIY scene and it is primarily because I am lazy. I was looking to add some nic strength to my Southern Classic and thin the flavor out a bit because it is REAL intense. I was directed by a friend on ECF to give Fusion a go because it was a "superior" flavorless eliquid. Upon receiving Fusion I naturally was curious by it's color as I was expecting a colorless liquid. As I opened it up and took a whiff I noticed nothing, nada....good. No need to let it steep, I used it right away for its intended purpose and it worked quite well. I plan to use it on Subzero as well when I feel like something a bit less cool. Overall I think this is a great way to start on DIY and it will work well as a flavor duller or nic booster for those looking for that.

    Yours Truely,


  58. Fantastic review by Alicia

    Perfect thing to have on hand to adjust the nicotine level if you need to. Either up or down depending on what you buy. I also find it handy to mellow a juice that has an overpowering flavor. Do yourself a favor and get some.

  59. Great addition to ejuice review by Jeffrey

    Sometimes I like to add a little to my low nicotine tribeca or prime 15. Adds a little "kick" to it. Not always, but sometimes......Doesn't change the flavor, just adds that little bit of intensity to the throat hit.

  60. That Halo base for your own blends review by Keith

    For all of the Halo juice fans, including myself, this is the same famous base nic. To make your own custom blends,or stretch your favorite Halo juice out to last longer. I use this base nic. to make tobacco blend juices just to have the Halo base and taste. I stock up on the nic. every chance I get and freeze it until needed and it works out great. If you are starting out in DIY and you like Halo flavors, this is a must have to use as your base nic.

  61. A must have review by Vapor2

    I purchased this to mix with some of the e-liquid I have on hand. Some of the e-liquid I have purchased had too strong of a flavor. I mixed the fusion with it and the result has been fantastic. I ended up mixing it 50-50. The e-liquid still had the same flavor but much lighter. It has saved me from throwing out quite a bit of e-liquid that I wasn't going to use. I also used it to dilute the total amount of nicotine in some of my higher nicotine e-liquids by ordering the Fusion in the 6mg. I would recommend to keep a bottle of Fusion on hand!

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass