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Freedom Juice E-liquid

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Taste the open road with the exhilarating flavor of Freedom Juice. This premium E-liquid features a mild yet distinctive tobacco taste with a sweet finish that is perfect for vaping all day long.

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Taste the open road with the exhilarating flavor of Freedom Juice. This premium E-liquid features a mild yet distinctive tobacco taste with a sweet finish that is perfect for vaping all day long.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Freedom Juice E-liquid's test results

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  1. Smooth, unique tobacco flavor that is hard to beat review by JohnT

    Halo's Freedom Juice is my everyday tobacco flavored e-juice. It is an outstanding quality! I purchased mine at a 6 mg nicotine level. It has a moderate throat hit, thanks to the higher PG content compared to the VG lineup. While it doesn't produce thick clouds like a high VG e-liquid but the vapor production was still excellent. I can roll down the highway, turn up some classic rock, and let the miles disappear behind me as I vape this during long commutes. Freedom Juice provides a smooth, relaxing, almost floral tobacco flavor with minimal to no dessert undertones. I am very pleased that I gave this one a go since I have not found a tobacco juice online or in stores that I like better than this one. When you are ready to choose a winner, choose Freedom!

  2. Premium taste and solid throat hit. review by Jesse

    Freedom juice is my second all time favorite Halo e-liquid. It has a premium taste and a solid throat hit that I cannot get enough of. In the vast market of e-liquid, Halo is number 1, in terms of clean and superior e-liquid. Freedom juice is a tobacco only vapor and will not disappoint.

  3. Delicious review by Michelle

    This is my new favorite e-juice and I love the mild tobacco flavor! It's as close to the real thing which I have tasted. It has a nice throat hit, even at lower nicotine levels (I use 6mg), but is not at all harsh. This will become my all day vape!

  4. All day, straight tobacco flavor vape review by James

    Freedom Juice is simply a nice, straight, no-nonsense cigarette tobacco flavor. Absolutely nothing fancy; just a rich tobacco taste, good vapor production, slightly sweet finish, and a decent throat hit (but not at all harsh). Put all of the foregoing together and Freedom Juice makes for a terrific all day vape.

  5. Freedom Juice is another favorite of mine review by Jesse

    Freedom Juice is a favorite of mine and has been since it first appeared. I love the flavor and it has a powerful throat hit like Torque56. It also has a smooth tobacco taste that reminds me of Kamel Red Cigarettes, but tastes so much better. This is a must if you like tobacco e-juice. It has the next best throat hit, and is the best all-around flavor for tobacco.

  6. My husband smokes pipes and blacks review by Nia

    This and subzero is his favorite flavor. The taste is extremely unique and a very different type of tobacco taste. The inhale is full of flavor, but very smooth and there is a hint of a light sweet taste on the exhale. Someone described it as floral, that is pretty close to what it tastes like. I thought it had a great taste, but I couldn't do more than a couple hits because it feels like a manly vape, like cologne. The only thing is the throat hit isn't that great, so I put a tip of menthol ice in there (maybe 3 drops) and he said that was perfect

  7. High-End Smoking Experience review by Julie

    This tobacco blend harkens back to a fine American tobacco. Much like smoking an American Spirit cigarette. Taste the finest!

  8. Satisfys My Cravings review by GeekyAngel

    I usually only smoke menthol flavors because I need a good throat hit. I wanted to get a real tobacco taste because I was having some cravings for analogs.So I took a shot in the dark and ordered Freedom Juice. When I took my first vape of this juice from my G6, I was blown away! I have been hooked ever since. Not only does this juice have a perfect throat hit, the tobacco taste is dead on! Since I have been vaping this great juice my cravings have been a thing of the past. I
    would highly recommend this e-juice to a beginner!!!

  9. Robust is the perfect word review by kettegdirb

    The aptly named Freedom Juice is probably a good start up e-liquid if you're a full flavor non-menthol smoker looking to transition to vaping. It is a robust tobacco flavor—so robust that it borders on a cigar flavor. It has a smooth satisfying throat hit with no bitterness (18mg) –a touch of sweetness and pepper, and the hint of a floral finish. The floral finish is odd, but not unpleasant. Freedom juice is similar to Turkish Tobacco in flavor, only stronger. Enjoy!

  10. Authentic taste review by allen

    This has slowly becoming my favorite tobacco flavor liquid, I still love Torque56, but I find this one to be a more authentic tobacco taste and packing much more flavor

  11. Freedom Juice E-liquid review by CONNIE

    Freedom Juice E-liquid is one of Halo's newer flavors and my #1 go to if you are looking for a great all day vape you should try Freedom Juice E-liquid.. I have been using Halo for over 18mo. and find them to be very high quality and consistant in flavor. great customer service..

  12. Arguably my new favorite flavor review by Chris

    Got my first 7ml bottle of Freedom Juice about two weeks ago and I loved it the moment I tried it! Tribeca is my all-time favorite Halo e-liquid, but Freedom Juice ranks right up there with it in my opinion. This stuff tastes amazing and it's a perfect all day vape. It's very mild and smooth and it has a really nice tasting tobacco flavor that I just can't get enough of. It also has a very subtle and delectable sweetness to it that compliments the tobacco flavor extremely well. I really love Freedom Juice and I highly recommend it for anyone who prefers tobacco flavored e-juice like myself. Nothing beats Halo's tobacco flavors!

  13. Nice aftertaste review by craig

    This e-liquid really shocked me in a good way. It has a very smooth flavor and gives an earthy tobacco on the exhale. Throat hit is amazing and the vape overall is very satisfying. I will definitely order this from time to time. The aroma is really nice too.

  14. 5 star rating review by michael

    I got my Halo Southern Classic in the mail on Saturday Sept 12 and I’m way more than happy with Halo. This liquid is top notch and vapes so clean. I am really amazed at Halo. All I can say is you guys at Halo are awesome and will have my business for years to come. I will recommend Halo to anyone. This is truly a professional e-liquid. Always a 5 star rating.

  15. Excellent Tobacco Flavor review by Michael

    This is a really nice tobacco flavor. It reminds me of a sweet cigar with a background taste of a cigarette. One of the best tobacco flavors I have tried. It has an expensive, sophisticated tobacco taste. I highly recommend it.

  16. Sweet Tobacco Harmony review by Jacob

    I just finished my first bottle of Freedom Juice after deciding to try something new. I still love my all-time favorite Tribeca, but Freedom has earned a place in my juice bag. I might actually like it more, but it's at least equal. It has a perfect tobacco flavor that satisfies the search for a real tobacco flavor. It is perfectly sweet, has a satisfying throat hit, good vapor production, and stays true to flavor through the whole bottle. I signed on tonight to order some more. I have found my next new favorite juice. Halo just nails good tobacco flavors. My only regret is not finding Freedom juice sooner.

  17. Goes great with a drink. review by Vince

    Got this as a sample and don't typically enjoy tobacco flavors but this really changed my mind. It has a rich smooth tobacco flavor that reminds me of the rolling tobacco I used in the past. My go-to flavor when I am having a cold one or am with others who still smoke analogs. I love vaping this with my morning coffee. Moderate vapor production and a good throat hit round out the package.

  18. Great sweet tobacco flavor review by Amy

    This is a great sweet tobacco flavor with very little bitter aftertaste. I typically mix this with Turkish Tobacco to make a great true tobacco flavor with a little sweetness to the aftertaste. I have mixed this flavor with Longhorn e-juice also for that little sweetness flavor. I believe that this could be a standalone flavor, also if you prefer a sweet aftertaste, but I like to mix it with Turkish, Cordoba, Black Calico, and Captain Jack. If you like tobacco flavor with very little bitterness, this is the best.

  19. Nice e-liquid review by zack

    I got this juice last week and it's a good liquid. It tasted similar to Halo’s Turkish Tobacco. All in all this is a good juice. I would recommend trying it!

  20. Taste of Freedom Juice review by Taylor

    I expected the Freedom Juice to have a stronger tobacco flavor, but it’s sweeter than described. This flavor just wasn't strong enough for me. If you’re looking for a light tobacco this is it though!

  21. I Love Freedom Juice review by Joe

    Freedom Juice hooked me from the very first vape. It has a real tobacco flavor with just a hint of a sweet overtone. I have been vaping this daily since I got it. It has been my favorite since I tried it. Freedom Juice has the perfect throat hit and vapor production. This stuff is just delicious.

  22. You Must Try This, It Will Instantly Be your Favorite! review by Joe

    I saw Freedom Juice when making my third order and decided to add it to my cart. It is now my go-to e-liquid. The overall taste is perfect and the throat hit is unmatched. The vapor production is also superb. I can vape it all day and night!

  23. Great tobacco taste review by Rafael

    When I want a tobacco flavor, I go for the Freedom Juice. The flavor is great and the vapor quantity is good. It satisfies even at lower nicotine levels too!

  24. The best for me! review by Angel

    Freedom Juice is the best e-liquid. Tribeca is my second favorite. I tried various other tobacco flavors but Freedom Juice is special. The vanilla hint is awesome for me. I can vape it all day for sure. Halo products are the best!

  25. If only it came in Zero nic..... I miss this one so much. review by Niena

    Freedom Juice has an excellent taste right from the get go. An excellent Marlboro flavor with just the right amount strength. I loved it! It is great by itself or can add a drop of mint if you wish. I love it by itself!

  26. Bold and Satisfying review by Roberta

    Freedom Juice is my brother's number one and only personal favorite so I had to give it a try. It is rich, satisfying, and very flavorful. However, I found it to have a slightly perfumed finish.

  27. New Favorite Tobacco review by Dylan

    Freedom Juice is my ideal blend. It has a great flavor, perfect throat hit, and great vapor production. My next order will includea 30ml bottle of Freedom Juice. I am just sad it took me this long to find it. I have tried almost all of Halo's tobacco offerings and like some more than others. My three favorite are Freedom Jucie, Tribeca, and Prime 15.

  28. Freedom review by Pete

    A good tobacco flavor with a good throat hit. Tribeca, Black Calico, and Prime 15 are divine!

  29. Great stuff review by Brian

    Freedom Juice has been a favorite of mine for almost 6 months. It has a great cigar taste and sometimes a hint of cocoa. However, this is a must try for tobacco cravings.

  30. How can you not order this? review by Chris

    When I took my first puff of Freedom Juice, I felt the great sensation of freedom take over my lungs and enjoyed the sweet taste of free. It was similar to Popeye and his spinach, I jumped up and saw the world different. It is a great tobacco flavor because it doesn't have the nasty overpowering cigar to it.

  31. Daily go-to for Tobacco lovers review by Patrick

    Freedon Juice tolerates a wide range of resistances and voltages. It is clean, not overwhelming, and goes with any beverage. What more could a person want?

  32. one of the best review by nicolas

    I love this light cigar taste with very little sweetness. Freedom Juice is one of my favorite.

  33. Great all day. review by Christopher

    I love Freedom Juice! It has a good subtle tobacco flavor with hints of cocoa on the tongue. The vapor production is great and it really grown on you. I switch between Freedom Juice and Torque 56 but Freedom Juice is my favorite of all time. In my opinion, other companies tobacco flavors come off as too sweet like maple syrup. Halo nails it right on the head with their flavors. Thanks!

  34. Awesome review by Pamela

    I have tried many e-liquids out there and I have to say that Freedom Juice is the best by far in my book. It is something that I can cvape all day and only switch it up when I am craving something different. I will always buy this e-liquid even if I hit zero nicotine. It is by far the best and it really makes me feel like I do have freedom. I think it is a great choice for the name too.

  35. Freedom Juice review by Patricia

    I personally think Freedom Juice is closest to the real mild tobacco taste and less harsh than any other flavor or brand out there.

  36. Awesome review by Chris

    Freedom Juice is the closest thing I have found to Marlboro Lights. This is the best tobacco e-liquid I have found to date and I steeped it for about 3 days. I went through the whole bottle in the next 3 days. It is an all day vape for sure and I will be reordering more.

  37. Great daily vape! review by Ross

    I love this e-liquid! It's one of my favorite daily vapes and tastes like a milder version of Captain Jack. It is smooth and earthy!

  38. My favorite review by Fecto Reviews

    I have been on the hunt for a great tobacco flavor that is an all day vape. Well, the search is over. Freedom Juice is my go to tobacco e-liquid and it has just the right amount of sweetness. This is perfect and great job Halo!

  39. AMAZING review by Mason

    This was the first thing I ever purchased from Halo. I was so happy not to get hit with duties since I live in Vancouver. Freedom Juice is amazing and has a sweet flavor. I will be getting more soon!

  40. very good review by yadier

    This was the last tobacco flavor I need to taste from Halo. All I can say it is awesome! I really like this it is similar to Midnight Apple but without the apple flavor and a little more stronger. I highly recommend it!

  41. Love it review by Cooper

    This is my second favorite e-liquid and it is slightly trailing behind Longhorn. However, they are both my favorite flavors. They are calm, subtle, and tobacco flavor. It makes it easy for inhaling and the flavor itself is quite addicting.

  42. Potent and tasty eliquid review by william

    In my opinion, Freedom Juice is stronger than most flavors I like. It has a deep flavor that is very difficult to put my finger on despite the fact that I prefer mild flavors. I find Freedom Juice to be an excellent flavor. I mix it with Prime 15 which is quite mild and it gives Prime 15 a boost in the taste. I always have this around as my back up. It is great if you like moderate to strong flavors.

  43. OK review by Edward

    Freedom Juice has a good quality but did not suit my taste. I switch between Tribeca and Torque 56. In my opinion it had a perfume taste.

  44. Another taste triumph for Halo! review by SouthernGuy

    I am going to try to write a vapor, throat hit, and flavor review of my thoughts and impressions. When you open a bottle of Freedom Juice the scent alone tell you this is a fine slight robust blend. It is something to really look forward to for those looking for a genuine small cigar flavor. All of halo e-liquids that I have tried so far Freedom Juice hasa superior vapor that Halo is so famous for. There is a thick lush plumes to enjoy. I have never detected any harshness on the intake or exhale. I get a smooth and satisfying throat hit every time. The flavor of Freedom Juice on the inhale is a sophisticated flavor and the exhale is a delicate touch of a rolled tobacco leaf sweetness without being over the top sweet. I think it is a perfect choice for anyone that enjoys the savoring taste of a fne quality small cigar or looking for something a bit different. This is easily an all day vape, after dinner vape, or for anytime your looking for a treat. I would highly recommend trying it. and I will always have a bottle of this on hand to enjoy.

  45. Taste review by Paul

    Freedom Juice tastes like a cigar. If you like cigars then you need to get this.

  46. Solid flavor review by Sean

    A nice tobacco taste with a bit of sweetness. It is almost like a tootsie roll flavor. It is not an everyday vape for me but a nice change up once in awhile.

  47. Nice and smoothe review by Herbert

    I tried Freedom juice today for the first time, it has a sweet yet mild flavor but I do enjoy it. I am definitely going to purchase a bigger bottle right now and I suggest you do as well! Thanks Halo!

  48. Great Tasting Tobacco E juice... review by Elik Anao'i

    Alright guys this was the last flavor in the Halo Tobacco lineup that I tried several weeks ago and I like it! To me it has a mild tobacco flavor with a really nice sweet top note that tastes like honey and vanilla. If anything I would say this is a milder version of Captain Jack but still packs an awesome throat hit. However, with Captain Jack you get more of a pipe tobacco taste, a stronger honey, and bourbon flavored top note. This just has a nice complex blend of different tobacco flavors but I do recommend it to all that enjoyed sweet little cigars. I will definitely order a 30 ml bottle and keep it in my rotation. My advice with this juice is to allow it to steep it for several days with the cap off to get rid of the perfume aroma. Once you steep it, you will have a pleasant experience with freedom juice... Five Stars...

  49. Smmmooootttthhhh! review by Matthew

    I really like Tribeca but was looking for a change of pace. This is a great e-liquid and has a nice, smooth, descent vapor, and throat hit. It has a really mellow tobacco flavor with some nice accents. The one comment that was mentioned is a leather taste and I kind of agree. I think of walking into a leather store with the wonderful aroma. Well, it's kind of like that which I really like it and suggest trying it. Especially, if you like Tribeca. I would put it between (flavor profile) Tribeca and Torque56.

  50. Delivers nicely review by C-O

    Freedom juice is not my personal favorite e-liquid alone but it is true to it's description. The throat hit is not strong and has low levels of sweetness. The taste is not strong and does not require steeping. It would make a great everyday vape. This would be a great base for mixing.

  51. Best one yet! review by Lee

    Out of all the juices from other vendors I have tried, Freedom Juice has been and remains my all day vape of choice for many, many months. It has a superb flavor and taste, above anything else. The taste is hard to describe. However, in my opinion, it taste earthy (not dirt) and smokey. If "gritty" could be used that is what I would go with, but not in a bad way at all.

  52. Awesome review by Zachary

    I cannot say enough about these guys. Everything I have had the pleasure of trying so far I love but if I had to choose a flavor at this moment in time, Freedom Juice would be it.


    If you love tobacco e-liquids then Halo has the one for you. Freedom Juice is the e-liquid made for today's cowboy. Vaping this e-liquid will instantly take you to the farm or open range. This would be a very good e-liquid for someone starting out in the e-cigarette world. In addition to the very pleasing tobacco flavors, Halo has become famous for Freedom Juice. It has a slightly sweet end note upon exhale. Also, just like with all of Halo's classic tobacco flavors Freedom Juice has a wonderful "throat hit". It produces excellent vapor and of course will stand up to any other tobacco liquid on the market today. If you want an e-liquid that has unparalleled tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness on exhale, then do yourself a favor, and liberate yourself with Freedom Juice.

  54. Freedom Juice review by Jesse

    Freedom Juice, what can I say? It blew my mind when I tried this juice. Freedom Juice has a rich taste, burly, and a bold throat hit. I will keep coming back to this one.

  55. Yummy review by Brian

    I recently tried this flavor and glad I did. I am a huge fan of Tribeca and now I have a sweeter option with Freedom Juice. The caramel notes are round out by the tobacco nicely. It is definitely an all day vape which I will enjoy for a long time.

  56. very nice review by scott

    I was trying another tobacco flavor that I could actually stand. I would use about half the bottle and not dump the rest which I have been doing for a while now. I came across HALO's website (very nice people) and I got the Freedom Juice at 6mg nicotine. Also, I found my two favorite e-liquids Kringle's Curse and Freedom Juice. I now have my all day liquid!! Thank you guys!! I will be back for more!!! I wish I could send you a liquid and you could examine and make me that flavor from your store! Thank You... Keep on Vaping!! Scott

  57. Not my favorite, but still good review by Chris

    Freedom juice is sweeter than Tribeca but still has a bit of sweetness. I will finish the bottle but I can't see myself ordering more. I love most of the Halo's line and the quality is there as always. It's just a personal preference for a non-sweet type of e-liquid.

  58. one week later, steeped review by jesse

    WOW, the taste changed big time! It is now more mellow than before. This flavor to me is perfect for a clean smoke experience with very little sweetness. I couldn't believe how much this flavor changed for the better. This is what I vape after waking up, eating, and driving. I couldn't be happier finding Halo e-liquids. Just let them steep and you wont believe how they change in just little time which makes them an advanced vape that no one can beat. I also love to add Voodoo (few drops), for a very tasty tobacco treat.

  59. My favorite!! review by Ryan

    This is my favorite e-juice and great for any occasion. The throat hit and vapor is awesome. It is an all around good choice for any type of smoker.

  60. One of my favorites!! review by Angel

    Great tobacco flavor!! If you like to smoke tobacco this is the flavor. It has a very sweet hint of caramel that smooths the flavor in a positive way. It didn't tire me out and can be my all day vape for sure.

  61. True tobacco flavor review by cherilyn

    The flavor of Freedom Juice is like tobacco but a little sweeter. This juice can be my all day vape but sometimes I mix it with Tribeca or Belgium Cocoa. It has a good throat hit.

  62. Great tobacco juice. review by LVE

    Freedom is one of the best tobacco juices Halo offers. I don’t understand why it is not included in their tobacco sampler instead of Midnight or Tribeca.

  63. Liked it alot review by matthew

    I got a sample size and I tried it right away. However, I then let it steep, and it's now great. A nice sweetness without being overpowering, definitely a tobacco style, throat hit and exhale. This one is awesome and I will get more!!

  64. Phenominal !!!!! review by Mosin

    I will tell ya!! This is one of the best juices I have had in my 4 1/2 years of vaping period. I have never said that, but wow this is just what I have been looking for. Right out of the package I get a rich, mildly sweet, pipe tobacco flavor. You just "know" it's tobacco. Nothing artificial or floral here at all. Just a no nonsense rich tobacco. Kinda reminds me of Captain Jack without the other notes in other juices. However, Freedom is it's own juice for sure. The throat hit at 24mg is solid and right up front. Highly recommend for those that want a straight tobacco flavor with no strings attached. A+++++

  65. Thumbs up! review by Matt

    I really like this stuff! It is kind of like a toned-down version of Longhorn. There's sweetness, floral notes and tobacco. Longhorn is awesome flavor on its own and I could vape all day...and I will....

  66. Great Genuine Tobacco Flavor review by Wendy

    They hit it right on the mark with this one! A true tobacco flavor. I am placing my 2nd order of this one today!

  67. True tobacco review by Luis

    Freedom Juice taste close to a tobacco flavor and I love the sweet flavor taste. I will definitely get more of this one for sure.

  68. great taste review by JOHN

    This is the closest to real tobacco flavor I have tried. It produces great vapor and hits very well. I have tried the cheaper liquids and my atomizer heads don't last as long. This is a great product!

  69. Loaded with flaovr review by James

    I'd say this is a full flavored tobacco for sure. There is no light flavored E juice in this bottle. It probably boarders on a light cigar... Definitely a strong throat hit here.

  70. Nice Throat Hit review by shawn

    Nice flavor. Sweet and rough at the same time. I like the throat hit. Not my favorite but worth a try.

  71. Excellent review by Kristen

    This flavor is excellent for those seeking the smooth cigarette flavor without the fire!

  72. Love It! review by Brian

    This is pretty much my ADV. The hit is smooth, and I love the after taste. Even my wife likes it (every now and then she gets a tiny hint of baby power aroma after I take a big hit). Again, I love this juice and it will always be in my arsenal.

  73. Maybe the second best juice on the site. review by ross

    This is essentially a slightly more forward than Captain Jack with less complex of cherry and pipe tobacco notes. All-in-all the most genuine cigarette tobacco flavor on the site with great throat hit.

  74. Freedoms Just Another Word For Nothing Less Than GOOD! review by Michael

    First off let me say that NOBODY has the customer service and quality products like HALO... Five Stars to everybody. So... Freedom Juice.... as a 35 plus year analog smoker.. cigs.. cigars. pipe.... all I can say is WOW... Freedom Juice Rocks. It has a creamy mouth feel.... great level of vape... and just a nice warm relaxing flavor and exhale that reminds me of a top of the line $20.00 cigar. Nice... comforting... relaxing... just GOOD STUFF. If you are looking for a good comforting all day vape.. then let Freedom Ring !!!

  75. Smooth! review by Janet

    This is my first review. No words can do justice to the flavor or the vapor you get with this ejuice. The hit is good, and the vapor just keeps coming. Seeing that plume of vapor and the flavor that comes with it go hand-in-hand. Freedom Juice has made my list of favorites. I will have to get the big bottle when I order next time.

  76. I love my Freedom! review by Gail

    This flavor rocked my world right out of the box! It is reminiscent of my Grandpa's pipe tobacco. I love the taste and smell of Freedom Juice. I'm so glad I took a chance and ordered a 30ml bottle. We all know that 'Freedom isn't free', but for 19.99+ s&h ...it's worth it's weight in gold! Thanks Halo for another fantastic tobacco flavor.

  77. Great E-Liquid review by James

    Normally, I'm not a big fan of any tobacco flavored e-liquids. I tried Freedom Juice because I love the Halo Cigs brand. I've read everywhere that Halo offered the best quality and really unique and complex e-liquids. Everyone was right. Freedom juice is the perfect liquid for me. It's not my all day liquid (all day I personally prefer a sweeter more candy flavor), but I always keep a tank filled with Freedom Juice. This flavor is nice and sweet with an earthy, tobacco exhale. The flavor (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) almost tastes like a sweet leather. I love it!

  78. The Hidden Freedom review by 69CamaroSS

    I recently got my first bottle of Freedom and ripped straight through the entire bottle and almost wept when it was gone! Freedom skyrocketed to my #2 All Day Vape just barely behind my beloved Tribeca (The Nectar of the Gods!). I'm ASTOUNDED that this flavor isn't included in the sampler!! Absolutely phenomenal straight out of the mailbox and gets even better if you can make it last long enough to steep (ha! Good luck!). As with all of Halo's expertly blended flavors, describing the nuances is a difficult task. Many of the review here on Freedom describe it as similar to a Swisher Sweet or a Black-n-mild. Those are about as close as I can get as well, however, Freedom blows both of those flavors completely out of the water. If you're reading this, you're contemplating trying it...stop contemplating and get the 30ml !! You're going to end up doing so anyway and may as well save the additional order and shipping!! 10/10 across the board!! Thanks again Halo!

  79. My Favorite Halo E-Liquid review by Joanne

    It took me a while to try this flavor. Thank god that I finally did because this is my go-to E-liquid now. It tastes like a cigarette in the best possible way. I've always liked my cigarettes a little bit sweet but not flavored. It has the perfect amount of smoke and mouth feel. I wholeheartedly think that this is probably the most underrated E-Liquid here and a hidden gem and that it should DEFINITELY be included in the tobacco sampler. If you are looking for a good replacement for those intense cigarette cravings - this is it. I would suggest that everyone try a small bottle of it, I'd be willing to bet that most of you will come back for the 30ml bottle. It still feels very patriotic to me and less cosmopolitan but who cares what it's called when it is SO GOOD. Hint to HALO: This would be a great freebie for July 4th (like the Kringle's Curse for x-mas) because I really do think that if more people tried this that it would become their favorite as well.

  80. Great e-liquid for a traditional tobacco taste! review by Joe

    This has quickly become my new favorite e-liquid from Halo. I'm originally a Tribeca junkie, but sometimes Tribeca can be a bit too sweet/caramel for me. The Freedom Juice is perfect for a traditional tobacco taste with just a hint of that sweetness. Most juices I have to steep for a week or so to reach their full flavor, but Freedom Juice was pretty much spot on with first use! This one is now in my daily rotation, and has just the right amount of flavor, throat hit, and vapor!

  81. Found another favorite!!! review by Robert

    I dare say I like this much better than Torque 56. I mix the Torque 56 with Tribeca 50/50 in one Triton, and in another I mix Torque 56 with Southern Classic.
    Freedom Juice is *FINALLY* the tobacco flavor I can ADV all on it's own!! Has a very smooth tobacco taste with no need for steeping, that also has only what I can describe as a "woodsy/cedar-like" nuance that I love!! I use only 12 mg nicotine level in all my Tritons. Now 6 months not touching analog cigs and glad I was turned onto Halo from the get-go by my brother.
    MADE IN USA is very important to this Service-Connected Disabled Career Military Veteran!!
    Great service, always fast shipping, and customer for life.

  82. Yummy review by Sean

    A very yummy juice, my buddy even liked it and he's very picky about his ejuice. I can easily see this being one of my all day vape flavors.

  83. Smooth and slightly sweet review by Veronica

    This was my first tobacco flavor to try and I was so nervous I jumped right in and went for the big bottle. It was love at first vape! Nice tobacco flavor with a slight hint of honey at the end..love it love it love !! Put in a couple of squirts of the Belgian Chocolate and that made for a nice after dinner smoke..Halo your the BEST !!

  84. Amazing Tobacco Taste review by Don

    This flavor is a really unique tobacco taste. It has a very sweet flavor and I have found that it goes well with the menthol flavors. If you want an even more sweet taste with a slight tobacco flavor mixed in, you can mix some twisted java into this for an amazing sweet tobacco blend. This is not a very strong flavor but you will be able to taste it well and it has a pretty nice vapor production. Leaves a nice and mild aftertaste too. This is a nice flavor to start with if you have never tried tobacco flavors because it has a very soothing and mild taste. I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle of this.

  85. Better cigar taste than Longhorn review by LAwaters

    Since I love a smooth, dark, rich cigar, at first I tried Longhorn. Freedom Juice (24 mg) tastes more authentic to me because it doesn't have the perfumey taste I detect in Longhorn and Captain Jack. Not much airing needed for this one. There is a subtle sweetness and a hint of cocoa. I added a few drops of Belgian and loved it. A few drops of Turkish and it was vape heaven! Can't wait to try it on my Triton 650 mAh.

  86. Unique finish to a strong tobaco taste review by Justin

    I recently received my 30ml bottle of Freedom Juice, after filling a tank with it and trying it, it came off as strong with hints of caramel and sarsaparilla finish, almost too strong. I had to let it steep for a day before trying it again. The mellow smooth flavour of the tobacco along with the caramel and sarsaparilla notes make this one of my favorites. It's especially good after a sweet snack or desert.

    I highly recommend this one to people who are looking for a vape that is as close to a full flavored cigarette.

    If you mix it with Prime 15 it also creates a unique smokey flavor that seemingly has a hint of cedar cure tobacco.

  87. Not what expecting but good review by Andrew

    It's a lot sweeter than I was thinking it would be but I really like it. Very smooth and doesn't hurt my sinuses like some other flavors do after prolonged use. It didn't meet my expectations it exceeded them. 5 star for you!

  88. bad start, solid choice now! review by max

    Phew, this one stunk so bad when i opened it first. Literally tasted and smelled like my grandmothers perfume. But i read decent things about it and trusted halo because of their other stuff, and it worked out just fine! A really interesting little flavor it turned out being. It really calmed down and the stench went away and just became this almost camely sort of flavor, sort of. Not too harsh at all either... but just enough, definitely more than turkish. It had a pretty smoke like taste like a cigarette almost more to me than the torque. Really cool liquid, but for me its more of a back up break for my tastes while my usual all day is still turkish.

  89. Not bad but not an adv ! review by Sam

    This is similar to a cigar Eliquid, has some interesting flavors that got me to try this on multiple occasions just to see if i could pin point what they were. I can not exactly say what the flavor is but does resemble a hemlock or spruce type tree - pine needle flavor and surprisingly not in a bad way very subtle. I am a huge fan of longhorn and choose it over this flavor, but if longhorn was not the cigar flavor you where looking for i suggest giving this a try! Not a bad Eliquid just not an adv and not one i would order again since i love longhorn, Tribeca, voodoo, captain jack ! I know many read this in reviews of all companies but truely halo makes the best stuff out there that i have yet to find! Awesome job Halo! Plz make us some more amazing flavors to try!

  90. great flavor review by colby

    I have to admit, at first I did not really care for this flavor. I had opened it straight from the mailbox. I tucked it away in the cabinet and had forgotten it for months. Recently I stumbled back upon it and gave it another try. So glad I did! This may not necessarily be steeped for months, but a good week or even 2 weeks and OMG! Excellent, and highly recommend.

  91. This is my choice liquid review by thedon

    I love this liquid, this is the liquid i have been using as my daily user. Turkish tobacco is another favorite that is similar. This one gives you the throat hit you would expect from an analog, and supplies the flavor you would desire in a quality liquid. As much as i like the liquids halo has, i would have to stretch my experience a bit and say halo needs to take them great liquid ideas and expand your selection. i have not seen allot of new flavors come out and would like to taste the new products, i know you have in mind. i'm getting anxious halo. Overall.. great, great liquid!!

  92. Very Smooth and destinctive tobacco flavor with a hint of coca on exhale review by Brad

    Freedom has a very smooth and mild, yet distinctive tobacco flavor with a hint of cocoa on exhale as someone else mentioned below. Freedom gives off plenty of vapor and has a decent but not overpowering throat hit. This is the first bottle of freedom I've ordered, I decided to give it a try since I'm a big fan of halo's other tobacco juices, specifically tribeca and torque56. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I found there was no extra steeping required as it tasted great fresh out of the bottle. I can see myself ordering this one again.

  93. ~Freedom Friendly~ review by Kat

    Thanks Halo...for another e-juice I adore vaping :) Just a good tobacco taste with a slight touch of sweetness. Haven't taste a Halo juice I haven't liked yet! Can't go wrong with ordering this one ~ nice smooth draw and loving taste you can vape all day.

  94. New favorite! review by Elizabeth

    Freedom is my definite new favorite! (It does seem that I say that every time is try a different Halo flavor though lol!) super smooth and similar to Longhorn but has a distinct flavor of its own. I could be stranded on a desert island & as long as I had this one (and ample availability of homemade battery ingredients) I'd be good :-)

  95. Love it! review by Thomas

    1st tobacco flavored liquid I have gotten since getting my eGo-T in December. Didn't think I would like them since all I have been using is fruit flavored.

    I was wrong! I tried some of this and went out and bought a 30mL bottle of it. My new favorite!

  96. great flavor review by colby

    It took a few true but this juice really grew on me. I love its unique flavor profile, and you know how clean and pure halo juice is. You can't go wrong with this amazing creation! Yummy nummy juice.

  97. My New Favorite review by Boyd

    By far one of the best tobacco blends I have ever vaped. My clearomizer was new when I started and I didn't prepare it correctly so I had a burnt taste at voltage above 3.8. I figured out the problem and now have the full enjoyment of this e-liquid. I'm ordering more right now.

  98. Top shelf review by Tim

    Excellent juice if you're a tobacco fan. No "fruitiness" at all, with a subtle hint of cocoa. Powerful throat hit without being overpowering. Definately a keeper!

  99. Halo's best 'cigarette' flavor review by LVE

    I would say Freedom is now one of my top finalists in my search for the best ‘cigarette’ tasting juice. I don’t understand why it is not included in Halo’s Tobacco Sampler (instead of the apple) - and why it is not offered as a pre-filled cartomizer flavor. At first I did have a problem with a bit of a chemical taste and a ‘hot tongue’ (which I’ve gotten from several of the tobacco flavors), but this seems to lessen with steeping. Freedom has good flavor, a decent throat hit (at 18 nic), and good smoke production. I have just ordered some Captain Jack which (from the description) might be able to add just a little more kick to the Freedom. But for now, Freedom seems like the way to go (or at least the place to start). It’s definitely worth checking into for a good tobacco juice. And, if you experience the hot tongue – try letting it steep for a week or two.

  100. Wrong flavor for me, but still great quality review by Brian

    This was the 2nd flavor I tried from Halo, got it with my Triton Starter kit. Technically, as with all the other E-liquids I have tried from Halo, it vaps well, provides a nice throat hit, and just does the job better than any other brand I have tried.

    As to the flavor. It just wasnt the flavor for me, there is nothing wrong with it, it just isnt to my taste. I finished my 7ml sample bottle, it wasnt like I had to force myself to do it, it just isnt a flavor I would order again. For me, the taste was reminiscent of drug store cigars.

  101. Smooth review by Jason

    The nice thing about this flavor is it simplicity in taste. No excessive side-notes of extra hints of flavor. Just a nice, simple, smooth tobacco flavor. The closest thing to an analog tobacco flavor that I have yet to taste. Good throat hit and hits the spot.

  102. Mellow vape review by Ron

    To me the freedom is a very soft and mellow vape. The vape production is great but throat the hit and tobacco taste to soft for me. I prefer the torque 56, but if you're looking for a mellow tobacco vape this one could be great for you.

  103. Good but Halo has better review by M

    This is a solid eliquid if you aren't into the sweetness put into a lot of other eliquids. I'm not sure the flavor itself is the best, but it isn't sweet and it's definitely in the range of analogs. There's little to no sweetness, and again there's that real throat hit especially at higher nicotine levels.

  104. Tastes and Feels Real review by Kai

    Great liquid! This has become my daily vape in 1.8% out of the G6 mini battery and mini tank. Throat hit is light, but similar to analogs. Taste is subtle, ever so slightly sweet, but overall a similar taste to 'Spirits in the yellow pack. Thanks Halo!

  105. Freedom Juice review by Philip

    Freedom Juice has a sweet and nutty taste and a smooth throat hit. Not my favorite but still highly enjoyable. It's pretty yummy!

  106. FREEDOM!!! review by Michael

    Freedom is a mild but well balanced blended tobacco e-liquid. It gives a smooth but light tobacco flavor with complex sweet notes. When I want a tobacco flavor this definitely works for my ADV. Excellent throat hit and large clouds.

  107. Love it review by April

    I got my husband to finally try e cigs and he loves Freedom Juice he doesn't like to sweet e juice so this was prefect for him.

  108. Great review by Aaron

    This is a great juice. It is nice and dry and full of tobacco flavor. The vapor production is as expected (on a scale of 1-10 I would rate a 7) but the flavor is spot on and very dry as I expected. It is very bold and flavorful like a Marlboro Red analog. I would rate the flavor 9.5/10. Overall I would give it a 5 out of 5, give it a try!

  109. Yay! review by Alan

    This Freedom Juice E-liquid closely resembles your traditional analog cigarette. It has a great taste and descent throw hit. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Halo for providing sure great quality juices.

  110. Vapings great, flavors ify review by Kristen

    Vapor and throat hit is Awesome! Personally, I don't like this flavor. To me it's like smoking tanning lotion (that's the first thing that comes to mind, lol), but this is just me; a lot of other people really like this flavor. I will definitely try another flavor from this company!

  111. Like the best review by Elizabeth

    Has great flavor and good vapor.

  112. 10 STARS IF I COULD review by CARL

    Freedom Juice is by far my favorite.

  113. Real Tobacco Flavor review by Keith

    I have been a Halo customer for a few months now. I enjoy the tobacco flavor juices, & was sure the Torque 56 was my favorite flavor. A couple weeks ago I bought a 7ml bottle of the Freedom & have changed my mind! The Torque is still in my rotation as it is a great juice, but this Freedom is even more like the taste I love. Great juice guys, keep up the good work!!

  114. better than I expected. review by steph

    I didn't know what exactly to expect with this e-liquid, but I didn't expect much when I first got it. All I have to say is it was pretty smooth and pretty good. To me it tastes like a mix between the sweetness of Tribeca (my absolute favorite) and a smoother taste of the Turkish tobacco. Well put together.

  115. Excellent Flavor review by Jason

    I recently opened my 30ml bottle of Freedom Juice and it was ice cold and not ready to be vaped yet. As soon as i was able too i cleaned my tank and put some in it and what a great taste! definitely a switch from the Torque56 as far as throat hit goes. But the after taste of an almost cocoa is perfect in my chill out after meal vape. Its distinctly tobacco, with a delicious sweet note. Once again Halo has done it with perfection and class. This is a Juice i would recommend to anyone who wants a true tobacco taste, doesn't mind the sweetness of a gourmet, and wants a decent throat hit. The aroma of the vapor in my living space is quite nice which is a comment my Wife made and shes a non-smoker. This is genuinely a perfect juice!

    24mg Nicotine

    Vapor 4/5
    TH 3/5
    Taste 5/5

  116. Interesting blend review by John

    I was having a hard time with placing the flavor on this one. It was coming across as a mash of light tobacco and some sweetness but it was benign in a flavor profile. I was beginning to think it was simply a slight variation on Southern Classic. On my last vape of the night, I got the flavor. It's a whiskey type blend. It's slight but noticeable. Worth the try.

    12 nic
    Flavor 4.0
    TH 4.0
    Vape 4.0

  117. The one that started it all.. review by joyce

    Absolutely great throat hit with distinct taste.

  118. Not the best flavor review by Seth

    I got this solely to express my American Pride! However, with my first hit I was regretting my decision. But after some time it slowly grew on me. I wouldn't buy it again, but it was still a fun choice.

  119. Freedom Juice review by Funzy32

    Freedom Juice is a light and pleasant vaping experience to me. Tastes pretty good and is a good switch off from Prime 15. This is another all day vaper. Not harsh at all and the taste is pleasant. Good Job Halo.

  120. Oh YEAH !! Let Freedom Ring! review by JFry

    Love this one! This is my second favorite! I can vape this all day! Smooth, nice with a bit of sweetness. I had to get 2 more tanks so I can switch between this and the other 2 I love! Thank you HALO. SO MUCH BETTER!!!

  121. Great Flavor review by Robert

    Having tried most all of halo's fluids, I have said longhorn and Turkish were my favs. Well this gets added to the list. my next 30mil bottle will be this. Great vapor and flavor. Top notch!!

  122. disappointed review by Keith

    I am new to Halo products and was looking for something light, similar to Marlboros. Unfortunately, Freedom liquid doesn't fit the bill. Though there was good vapor production, I found the juice to have a strong aftertaste, much like you get from a cigar. Definitely too much taste for me.

  123. Best tobacco flavor I have tried yet review by Paige

    I have tried a lot of different brands of ecigarettes and eliquid. Most of the other brands I have tried tasted very synthetic and had almost no actual tobacco flavor. I tried a 7mL bottle of Freedom Juice because I still wanted to find a tobacco flavor that I actually like and was not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this flavor. To me it almost tastes like a black and mild without the harshness. The first thing in my cart on my next order was a 30mL bottle of Freedom Juice.

  124. Pretty good review by Lola

    I bought a sample bottle based on reviews here & as always, I wasn't disappointed. It's a really nice tobacco flavored e-liquid, however, Tribeca is my all time favorite- hence me giving Freedom Juice 4 stars! It's def worth trying if you're looking for am e-liquid with a nice sweet tobacco flavor that's stronger than Tribeca!!

  125. What a smooth ride! review by Gareth

    What a great traditional tobacco flavor! Excellent throat hit allows for a wonderful all day vape experience. After going through almost all of the tobacco flavors halo has to offer, the Freedom Juice is in the top 3 for me. Great job Halo!

  126. Decent for a mix review by J

    By itself I would give this 2 stars. It's decent enough and definitely Halo quality, I just didn't enjoy the flavor, until i mixed it with Tiki. I'm not sure what possessed me to do so other than to cut the harshness of the Tiki, as this is a bit softer. I was rewarded with a solid vape and flavor that reminds me of apple-cinnamon somehow.

  127. Too Strong For Me review by Peter

    I guess this is just a category of e-juices that doesn't appeal to me. The tobacco taste (to me) reminds me of cigar or pipe smoke - neither of which I ever liked. I know there are a lot of fans out there of the bolder tobacco flavors, and if you are, then you will probably like this. I will say it is true to the description, so three stars for that anyway.

  128. Amazing tobacco flavor review by Naseeruddin

    As the summary says, its a great tobacco flavor, but I find it very spicy to my taste buds to vape for a prolonged time. Did not like this one personally, as I prefer more subtle and sober flavors. I'm sure others have rightly rated this 5 stars. My 4 stars are my own opinion.

  129. Hits the spot!! review by melissa

    Very nice smooth throat hit, one of those flavors you just want to throw your feet up and chill. A slightly sweet tobacco reminds me of a warm drink,very mellow.. This is one of my favorites.

  130. Smooth with great flavor review by Izzy

    Great taste, smooth, easy to vape all day. My favorite eliquid!

  131. Full Flavor review by michael

    This one is one of my top 3. It's a full flavor but with a hint of sweetness. It has become my all day vape! The throat hit is really nice too!

  132. Robust review by Valerie

    I recently purchased my first bottle of this flavor. When I first tried it, it was very harsh and I wasn't a fan, but I figured it might grow on me so I didn't give up on it right away. After going through my first full tank of it, it had grown on me. It is very robust, not much sweetness, but very close to an authentic tobacco flavor. I now love the flavor and can't wait to try more Halo flavors.

  133. Great all day vape review by QuietLife

    This is my favorite, hands down! I just ordered my fourth large bottle. It is smooth, but still gives a nice throat hit. To add a little more kick and complex flavor, I mix this with Turkish Tobacco... 2/3 Freedom, 1/3 Turkish. For me, this combo is absolutely the best. Sometimes I add a little Cafe Mocha as a dessert vape. Absolutely LOVE IT! You can't go wrong with this one!

  134. My everyday Vape review by Richard

    Freedom is always in stock for me. It's the one flavor I go back to over and over. It is very unique, crisp with a great throat hit. Definitely a well thought out e-liquid. Burns differently in my various ecigs and I enjoy all the complex flavors that I can get out it. Works amazing on low voltage settings, and upward to middle voltage settings.

  135. Kicks like a mule! review by Don

    I have tried almost all of the Halo tobaccos and this is the only one I just couldn't vape (and I tried). The heavy floral/grassy presence was just too much for me. Typical excellent quality from Halo but not my cup of tea.

  136. Delicious! review by John

    I can't stop vaping this stuff! When it hits my palette, it's very similar to Longhorn, but that's where the similarity ends. It dances in and around my mouth, throat, and nasal cavities producing a flavor that just makes me smile. If you like the more authentic tobacco liquids, don't hesitate on this one, just grab the 30ml. I'm a big fan of the tobacco liquids, and I've tasted liquids from other reputable companies. No comparison at all! Halo, how do you do it? What the heck is in this stuff?

  137. Tastes of Freedom review by Alex

    This is my go to juice! I got the small bottle to start off with my starter kit. I liked it but decided to get other flavors as well. After trying four other flavors I still find myself coming back to freedom juice! It's taste resembles an actual cigarette but still has a subtle sweet taste which makes it the perfect all day vape! The throat hit is a huge factor for me when it comes to vaping and freedom juice does not disappoint, it really does deliver a solid throat hit with a very nice amount of vapor. I love Freedom Juice and will always have at least one bottle in my arsenal of flavors!

  138. Great Flavor! Very Impressed! review by Kimberly A.

    I bought the 7ml. bottle of Freedom Juice recently. I wasn't sure I was going to like it but I wanted to try a straight tobacco flavor. I usually go with the gourmet flavors or the flavored tobacco E-liquids. I really like Freedom Juice. I am getting the 30 ml. bottle with my next order. It will always be on my list of E-liquid reorders. It's that good. I will try the Torque 56 7 ml.bottle with my next order. I am getting adventurous. I wish we could get small samples to see if we like the flavor before ordering it. A little while back I got a 10 ml. sample of Voodoo. It is Wonderful! I get a 30 ml. bottle with every order. Kringle's Curse will be next with Torque 56. Now that's daring! As an end to my long review get Freedom Juice, let it steep a few days and you will LOVE it! I am looking at the last few drops in the bottle and I am actually sad. Thank goodness for Halo's fast shipping.

  139. enjoyed this kind! review by Jaimie

    Even though I didn't get to vape on this kind for very long, I enjoyed it. it had a nice throat hit once in a while, Loved the taste. I would buy the big bottle next time when I get this kind again :)

  140. Great Vape review by Joan

    I started out with menthol blends first. After some time I wanted that analog taste that menthol cigs provided. Along came Freedom Juice and I must say for a tobacco blend it hits the spot. I can vape it alone or mix it with my other all time favorite Sub Zero. I'm a huge fan of Halo products and order all the time. I love the products and the service. Big plus for the Freedom Juice, just love it.

  141. Great tobacco Ejuice review by JD

    Gave this juice a try and am I glad I did. I mostly vape Prime and Tribeca and some Midnight Apple but this has made it into my rotation as well. This tastes close to a real cig (at least to my taste buds). I also think that this is similar to Longhorn but has a little more flavor.

  142. nice kick review by Daniel

    Wow Freedom flavor is like a real cigarette. If you're looking for a flavor that has a nice throat hit and a full tobacco flavor but not overly powerful this is the one. It produces a nice smoke as well just like every Halo juice.

  143. Excellent review by Mike

    After leaving this sit for about a week this has become one of my top flavors. By far Halo makes the most complex unusual flavors that I keep coming back to. This one has a little sweetness to it, mild throat hit and very smooth flavor mix.

  144. The best flavor they offer. review by Jim

    If I could give it more than 5 Stars, I would. I knew from the second that I tried it that this would be my "go-to" flavor of e-juice. I recommend combining this with G6 batteries and a low resistance cartomizers for an experience that feels almost exactly smoking a tobacco cigarette.

  145. So so review by Drew

    I tried the freedom juice recently and thought it had a good throat hit but the flavor was a little off for my taste. Definitely has the traditional tobacco taste. I would prefer something with a little more sweetness.

  146. Kinda dry and interesting. review by PAUL AWESOME

    I smoked this on a G6 bat with a minitank. Very dry start, not very sweet with a...hmm...almost like incense finish. Nag champa is what comes to mind. Not a lot of depth, kinda of a torque with the kid gloves on. The vape is very perfumey, like a light scent of brute by faberge mixed with honey. Not a lot of throat hit. Its an ok vape. I always smoke right out of the box and if I don't particularly like a flavor I let it steep and see what happens. I think this is more for a light smoker, think turkish brand cigarettes, the light variety.

  147. Surprisingly Smooth review by Wheezal

    I was expecting Freedom to appeal more to senses the way an American Spirit or old Harley cig used too. Good flavor, but many times rather harsh.

    My first hit relieved me of all of my fears, the flavor was muted in a pleasant way. After several more drags, I came to appreciate the solid throat hit and the very smooth finish. Tobacco notes are prominent, but even saying that, they are very subtle. Overall this is a good pleasing flavor that is extremely satisfying.

  148. Will order again! review by Ottie

    I'm about a month into vaping and I've tried about 8 different juices and I' keep going back to my Freedom Juice. It's just the right flavor for new ecig users.

  149. Very nice all-around vape review by Mark

    Although I like many of the e-juice flavors offered by Halo, Freedom Juice is one of my three favorites. I prefer tobacco flavors, and Freedom Juice fits the bill. It has a robust throat hit and produces voluminous clouds of vapor. The taste, while rooted firmly in tobacco, contains a hint of sweetness on the exhale. There’s even a hint of roasted nut sometimes, depending on the vaping device I use (most frequently a clearomizer). On those days I want the Freedom Juice flavor with a bit more edge to it, I’ll mix in some Torque56, my favorite. If menthol is your thing, which it is for me on rare occasions, Freedom Juice also mixed well with a drop or two of SubZero. Great all-around juice. I always keep a bottle of this on hand.

  150. Changed My Way Of Life review by Tariq

    This is the first time I tried the Halo e juice, fortunately I started with blended tobacco Freedom Juice. As I'm a new vapor, I was afraid it would disappoint me but it really it deserves every penny I spent on it. It's amazing taste, nice throat hit and satisfactory vapor production, makes it my all day partner, it's an elite juice.

  151. excellent review by Stephen

    This is a good tobacco blend for me. I bought it in a higher nic concentration than usual as it's my 'stressed out' juice for when I want to chain vape. It does the trick nicely, and I enjoy the initial throat hit and sweetness on the exhale.

  152. Too much perfume - blend with Turkish review by Carrie

    Freedom has a smooth tobacco flavor with no burn, but at the end there's a huge hit of perfume. Other people call that part "sweet", but to me it tastes like inhaling perfume.
    If you mix this with Turkish Tobacco, the harshness of the TT will tone down the perfume in Freedom, leaving you with mostly a smooth tobacco with a "throat hit" aspect to it rather than perfume.
    I've found the best blend for me (your mileage may vary) is 3 parts Freedom to 1 part Turkish. Any more Turkish and it will completely overpower the Freedom.
    But if you just find the Freedom to be too "sweet" or too "perfume-like", try the Longhorn. It's also smooth with a nice tobacco flavor, no burn and very, very little perfume.

  153. Taste's like Tobacco review by Travis

    Very bold tobacco flavor and even has subtle smell of tobacco. This is a definite one you should try.

  154. Pretty close to the real thing review by bill

    I find myself always looking for that "Red" flavor. This comes real close. It's got a nice sized vapor cloud, and it's relatively dry and convincing as tobacco. A solid throat hit with just a touch of sweetness on top. That sweetness is a little floral for my taste, but it works. It's pretty close to what I'm looking for.

  155. Favorite vape review by Lee

    Great tobacco taste and good throat hit. I use it all day everyday. I like it much better than the Tribeca and Torque56 but I enjoy those 2 as a 50/50 mix together. Freedom Juice is my favorite vape. Nothing taste exactly like analogs but this is the best I have found. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

  156. Excellent review by James

    I have come to the conclusion that I need to age these liquids a week or so before trying them. I hated this when I first got it. Hated it. I thought it was terrible. It had this funky flavor to it that I just can't describe. Same thing happened to me when I first tried Tribeca & Voodoo.

    A week later, I love it. It's great. Lots of vapor with Freedom Juice. I will buy more, but right now, I think Tribeca is the best juice I ever tried. Important to note is that I was disappointed with Tribeca when I first got it too...Now I just totally love it.

    Tribeca during the day. Voodoo in the evening. Freedom Juice mixed in when I want something different.

    I plan on trying Torque56 and Southern Classic next...

  157. Smooth.... review by robert

    Nice mild tobacco flavor, mild, smooth, pleasant smell, really enjoy it, will buy it again. If you like a simple tobacco vape, this would be one for you to try.

  158. Excellent true tobacco flavor review by Nicholas

    A lot of the Halo tobacco line is not strong in the tobacco flavoring department. They are complex and have a lot of additional flavors. Freedom Juice is still complex, but the tobacco really comes through. Great throat hit. I think it can take a little lower resistance coil because I tried it with a 2.6-2.8 coil in my Triton and it took away some of the kick. Hands down one of the best. I have it with me at all times.

  159. Reminds me of an analog review by Michael

    This def has an analog taste to it as it has a full bodied flavor. It's very distinct and aromatic, and smooths out nicely after steeping. I like variety, so I like having this in my arsenal, as I switch back and forth between tobacco and non tobacco flavors. Can't really taste any other flavors in there other then a straight bold tobacco taste. Very flavorful and aromatic, and different from other tobacco flavors I've tasted. If your searching for new tobacco juices to vape, definitely give this one a shot.

  160. Crazy good throat hit, my favorite, seriously close to analog. review by Beebee

    Bought one of these with my starter kit and mini tanks based on what other people wrote. So glad I did, my absolute favorite. I bought the tobacco flavor liquid sample pack and Freedom Juice is not included in that. Has a nice toasty flavor, kicking throat hit, and really makes some nice vapor. To me this is the one that comes closest to analog. It is a very dry liquid, if that makes any sense, very straight forward. When I place my next order, this but the large bottle will be at the top of my list. It is a big vapor and flavor. Give it a try, it may just be the one for you too.

  161. great taste review by theresa

    I am not overly fond of the sweet liquids so this hits the spot. Tribeca to me is the best! This has a little harsher taste more like a tobacco flavor but still enjoyable. This I can vape all day long. Freedom Juice, Tribeca & Prime15 are my choices for an all day long vape. Next time I order it will be a large bottle of this.

  162. Wonderful review by Anthony

    Freedom Juice is awesome it has a great taste and is definitely an all day vape.

  163. All day vape review by David

    I ordered the tobacco sample pack not long ago and I was impressed with just about every flavor that came in it. It took me a while to try "Freedom Juice" cause it's not included in that pack. This is one of those tobacco flavors I wish I would've tried sooner. Very smooth light taste with a solid throat hit, good vapor output, and a very realistic analog tobacco after taste. A definite all day vape!

  164. 2nd fave vape review by michael

    My favorite vape is Tribeca. Freedom Juice comes to a close 2nd to Tribeca. In a similar way, it has a great blend of tobacco combined with some sweetness on the exhale. The sweetness though is a little bit more of a cologne type but tastes just great. I noticed that this flavor goes well after a hearty meal of some rich tasting dish (such as chinese food, or juicy burger, pasta) It helps neutralize the after taste of food left in my mouth. Even though this is my 2nd choice of vape, I still give it 5 stars because of its amazing blend. Halo really knows how to blend their juices.

  165. Another winner review by Valhalla17

    Right behind Longhorn as my favorite. Smooth and flavorful, a must try for tobacco vaping enthusiasts.

  166. Strong taste review by Rod

    This is one of those strong tastes that even others around you can smell it, similar to actually smoking, but with a whole different taste not like a regular cigarette, but rich and charged taste that wakes you up in every drag.

  167. Chocolatey swisher sweet like review by 5prock3t

    I was looking for a tobacco flavor similar to real cigarettes, when I first loaded Freedom juice I was a tad disappointed, "another failed attempt" on my part, but as days passed this flavor grew on me and I found it much more pleasing than REAL cigarettes. The flavor is somewhat similar to Turkish, but with a chocolatey taste on top caramel and subtle vanilla flavors.
    I let friends try this, and each one responded just the same, "kinda like a swisher sweet"...and to this I would have to agree.
    Very pleasant, I really like this one, even ordered a 30ml bottle...I plan to keep this one on hand! ...Ive since stopped searching for "real tobacco" or cigarette flavor, and just look for good flavor. This is one!

  168. Wow! Where do I start? review by Jonny

    A rich, balanced tobacco flavor with slightly sweet top notes. I'm using the 24 mg strength, and the throat hit is just outstanding.

    I'll echo another reviewer and say that I can't keep my tank full.

    This and Tribeca are the only straight tobacco flavors that I really just adore. This is just an honest, simple, amazing flavor. I've tried every flavor Halo makes at this point, so take my word for it on this.

  169. Good juice with a great throat hit review by Mary

    This juice was good. However, this had more of a pipe tobacco taste to me with vanilla. I probably wouldn't want to vape on this all day but it's a nice juice to switch to every now and then. If you like more of a pipe tasting tobacco with some vanilla then this juice is for you Throat hit was good and so was vapor.

  170. Im calling this "Sweet Analog" review by Bryan

    I wrote a first impressions on this and I really enjoyed it when I first got it.. But it was more of a sweet vape to me....almost like a tobacco, marshmallow, chocolate covered cherry....lol.. I know... It was a mystery to me... After I steeped this, it still has its sweet undertone but this juice is the only thing I have ever vaped that reminds me of an analog... It's crazy. I love this juice. It even has a lit analog smell behind the sweet smell... I have no idea what the "sweet" taste is but if your hesitant about trying this, don't be... its a solid e-liquid! I will be ordering again.

  171. My Tribeca Alternative review by Harlequin

    I'm an unabashed Tribeca fan. It was easily my favorite Halo flavor...until I tried Freedom Juice.

    I don't know what it is about this flavor, but I can't keep my tank full. It's a definite tobacco taste, but with a hint of sweetness that really rounds it out. It's not caramel and I don't think it's vanilla, but whatever it is, it's good.

    Good throat hit with a a very smooth inhale and exhale. The only problem I have with it is that I vape it too fast.

  172. Very nice clean/mild tobacco flavor review by PeteC2

    A smooth yet substantial tobacco flavor with just a touch of sweetness to keep it interesting. Good vapor and flavor. While not quite as complex as Tribeca or Turkish, it is a good vape in its own right and a sure bet to find aficionados. IMHO, Halo has some of the best tobacco blends on the market.

  173. I must admit I am obsessed over this juice…. review by Joanne

    I must admit I am obsessed over this juice….
    Freedom Juice was described to me as a smooth blend, similar to a light cigarette. I can assure you it really tastes nothing like a cigarette at all. Other juices claiming to be “tobacco like” try to duplicate cigarettes, and end up coming across too harsh or chemical. I wasted a lot of money from other sites finding out that nothing else compares. Freedom juice is not harsh no burn like other juices out there. You can use it every day. I personally taste a very slight nutty almost buttery, but pleasant not strong under lay. Stronger flavor in the 18 mg, but I really enjoy the 12mg as well. No burnt tobacco taste, no harsh throat hit. No aftertaste. Other tobacco flavors out there try to be something they are not, Freedom just is, if that makes any sense. Walk away for a few days, and come back to it and you appreciate it all over again. Starting using this on an ego, then moved to Provari and the flavor just got BETTER! Nothing compares to Freedom. Pure good taste! I will not allow my supply to go low on this one. THANK YOU!

  174. Great juice review by Marvin

    I had been only vaping a couple of weeks. Was about to stop the juice I had was way to strong .This was smooth and help me keep going ordered a 30 ml bottle and will order again .Thanks great product

  175. Great taste review by Jason

    This tastes great and has amazing vapor, I will definitely purchase more.

  176. Another great tobacco from Halocigs!!!! review by Bryan

    This was my third tobacco flavor from Halocigs... This one has been the toughest to put my finger on the flavor I am getting... While it is delicious, I cannot describe what the sweet flavor is... I want to say some sort of light chocolate... I doubt that I am right but this "unknown" taste is sooooo good that I cannot put it down!! My all day vape is Tribecca, but Freedom Juice is a close second so far!!!

  177. Fantastic review by Colby

    Freedom juice is now my all day at work vape. I bought a full bottle based on reviews and it is amazing. I am growing more partial to the tobacco flavors vs the gourmet. Highly recommend this juice!

  178. Freedom Juice is just fantastic review by HaloMan

    This is just a fantastic all day vape, can never get tired of it. Unbelievable flavor, vapor production, just right throat hit for me at 12mg. A must have in your collection. Starting to already feel I need to order more before I run out with 3/4th of my 30ml bottle still full.

  179. Love the taste review by Douglas

    Love this juice! Great tobacco flavor with a sweet, caramel-ish finish that keeps me coming back for more. Definitely a great ADV.

  180. Mild vape review by Tom

    I like this juice for a mild any time vape. It doesn't have as strong a flavor as the Tiki Juice, but none the less its still very good.

  181. Freedom Juice is Great review by Roberto

    It has a complex nutty taste that clashes with a dry and smoky overtone. So reminiscent of real tobacco. I had to order a 30ml after I tried it. If you seek a real tobacco vape, look no further. FJ and Turkish Tobacco win the trophy!

  182. A Little On The Mild Side review by George

    Being a regular cigar smoker, I am used to a heavy hit of tobacco. Unfortunately, this just did not cut it for me. While it is not bad, it just is not up to the full flavor I am used to.

  183. One of the originals and still the best. review by David

    Freedom is my go to all day flavor. I do not believe I would have been successful switching to E-cigs without the liquid. Freedom is a smooth clean flavor. High quality liquid.

  184. Liquid Gold review by Maciej

    This liquid is must for every one who like multi-layered tobacco flavors with sweet dominant of mellow. Smooth, delicate and strong in one. What can I say? Liquid gold:)

  185. very impressed with this e-liquid review by Djl5840

    The product packaging is very stylish, durable, & functional. I've found that allowing the Freedom Juice e-liquid to reach room temperature after receipt allows the true flavors to come out. It also vapes very easily with a nice throat hit.

  186. Amazing! review by Vapor2

    I purchased the smaller bottle from our local vape store and absolutely love this stuff!!!! Great tobacco taste! I will defiantly be ordering the big bottle from Halo :)

  187. Smooth review by Carmela

    I have a hard time finding a tobacco flavor I really like, but this one has grown on me. I don't like it as much as the Prime 15, but it is a close 2nd. It offers a decent throat hit and resembles an analog cigarette.

  188. Favorite review by John

    Excellent flavor reminds of that sweet tobacco smell when you open a fresh pack of cigarettes !!!

  189. Awesome E- Liquid review by Robert Z

    Freedom Juice is a great everyday e-liquid.
    Milder than the long horn but still good tobacco flavor.
    I would recommend this flavor to a person trying e-liquids for the first time.
    I do like to rotate through flavors depending on my mood, I like a stronger flavor if I am drinking.

    Robert Z

  190. The best eliquid (O melhor liquido) review by Fernando Pereira (Pexaorj)

    This is my first contact with the ecig world :)

    I would like to recommend to anyone :) this is the best eliquid.

    Este é o melhor liquido da halo, sem dúvidas, e agora é o que eu mais utilizo! Gostaria de recomendar a todos que experimentem, é o melhor.

  191. Best e-juice on the market....PERIOD! review by AZdrummer

    I switched to e's, approximately 3 years ago. Please know, it was an unsuccessful challenge, for the first full year. This was due to faulty equipment (batteries, carts, chargers, etc.). I just didn't have the hardware to help with the switch.

    After a year, 5 different brands, and $700 spent (wasted).....hardware and juice, I finally found the product(s)!

    Halo - the BEST e-juice available....PERIOD! Even though their juice costs a bit more...I assure you, it is 150% worth it!

    azdrummer - Halocustomer4life

  192. Another good tobacco blend review by Keith

    This is another Halo blend that finds it's way into my rotation of juices. That great Halo base with a slight earthy note, not like prime15's nutty flavor, that blends into an almost semi sweet exhale that tastes almost like a caramel tobacco blend, an almost dry tobacco exhale. This juice would make for an excellent ADV and very close second to Prime15. Another relaxing tobacco blend and a must have in your rotation.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass