Flying Circus Eliquid (10ml)

A fun festival of flavors that parade right off the shelves! With four entertaining flavors that capture the color and spirit of classic carnival treats. Flip over the flavors that never clown around on taste.
Bottle Size: 10ml
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Funnel Cake The fabulously festive flavor of golden, deep fried cake batter and fluffy powered-sugar with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Funnel Cake will make every vape like a day at the fair.
Frosty Root Beer Fantastically frothy root beer flavor that fills the senses with fun! Fill up on the bubbly taste of Frosty Root Beer.
Marshmallow Circus P’Nut There is nothing nutty about this flavor. This is the nostalgic flavor of banana marshmallow confection once molded into finger size peanut shapes.
Lemon Squeeze In true fair fashion, Lemon Squeeze refreshes the senses with thirst-quenching fresh squeezed lemonade flavor. Step right up for juicy sweet flavor.
PG/VG Ratio High PG
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