Fight Club Eliquid (10ml)

Tired of all the lackluster copy-cat vapes. Shake things up with these restless, juicy and mouthwatering flavors from Fight Club. Turn the volume up Fight Club style.
Bottle Sizes: 10ml
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Insomniac Grape All the other vapes are like a copy of a copy of a copy. Shake things up with the restless flavor of juicy, mouthwatering Insomniac Grape! Nut Job Leave the old, boring peanut vapes for the all-singing, all-dancing people of the world. This vape hits you with the taste of sweet, crunchy almonds and creamy macadamia nuts. Cross the line into psycho flavor with Nut Job. Punchin’ Fruit Time to abandon all those single-serving flavors for an insane mix of fruit punch tastes. Punchin’ Fruit delivers an outstanding, juicy flavor with clouds so thick you’ll have to punch your way out! Split Pear-sonality After vaping Split Pear-sonality, everything else in your life will have the volume turned down. This flavor is so intense, it can split a mind in two!
PG/VG Ratio High PG
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