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Tobacco E-liquid

Halo Tabacco ejuice

Halo's award-winning Tobacco E-liquid is formulated to provide unprecedented flavor and performance. Available in a variety of specific tobacco genres, each unique flavor is developed under strict quality control guidelines.

Tobacco Flavors

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  1. Voodoo E-liquid

    Sugar and Spice
    Voodoo is the perfect balance of tobacco notes and gourmet flavors. We start with a base of mild tobacco and layer in complex flavor profiles like fiery cinnamon and smooth vanilla, then add fruity notes likes black currant, grape and plum to create a wonderfully distinctive flavor.
  2. Turkish Tobacco E-liquid

    Smooth Light Tobacco
    Our Turkish Tobacco E-liquid blend offers an excellent combination of sun-cured tobacco flavor with a very light semi-sweet top note. This unique E-liquid flavor is characteristic of the original Turkish Tobacco cultivated off the coast of the Black Sea, which is widely used in traditional cigarettes and blended into various pipe tobaccos. Turkish Tobacco E-liquid has a relatively mild tobacco flavor, so it is a great choice for “light tobacco” smokers still seeking substantial throat hit and good vapor production.
  3. Tribeca E-liquid

    Ultra-Smooth Tobacco
    There’s a reason Tribeca is regarded as one of the top E-liquid flavors in the entire industry—and if you’ve tried it, you already know why. This Spinfuel Choice award winner’s smooth tobacco notes blend with just a touch of vanilla and caramel to produce a satisfying E-liquid with a sweet finish.
  4. Torque56 E-liquid

    Unfiltered Tobacco
    Torque56 is a premium E-liquid with unfiltered tobacco flavor and serious throat hit. It is for those that want real tobacco flavor without a lot of complex nuances to cloud the taste. Knock your socks off with Torque56.
  5. Tiki Juice E-liquid

    Tropical Tobacco Mix
    Winner of a Spinfuel Choice Award, Tiki Juice starts with our spiced Tahitian tobacco blend and has sweet tropical fruit notes laced in with just a tiny hint of menthol. The result is a one-of-a-kind vaping experience with a wonderfully tropical flavor.
  6. Prime15 E-liquid

    Bold Nutty Tobacco
    Prime15 is a premium tobacco blend offering the complex nuances of an authentic cigarette experience. The taste is somewhat earthy, with a subtle dry sweetness that offers hints of cocoa when used with certain electronic cigarettes. This very smooth tobacco E-liquid offers a solid throat hit with excellent vapor production and is perfect for those seeking an authentic analog experience.
  7. Midnight Apple E-liquid

    Spiced Apple Tobacco
    Winner of a 2013 Spinfuel Choice Award, Midnight Apple is a delectable marriage of tobacco and gourmet flavors. We start with our own unique tobacco blend and layer in the perfect hint of Granny Smith apple to create a dry, sweet E-liquid that’s great for vaping any time, day or night.
  8. LongHorn E-liquid

    Corojo and Cavendish
    Bold, fire-cured Corojo and sweet Cavendish tobacco come together to create LongHorn, a unique vaping experience with a flavor profile and throat hit reminiscent of a hand-rolled light cigar. If you’re looking for traditional tobacco taste, LongHorn is the perfect E-liquid for you.
  9. Fusion E-liquid

    Unflavored DIY Base
    Our flavorless nicotine base, Fusion, is like a dream come true for the DIY crowd. Whether you’re trying add a little bit of extra punch to your E-liquid, or if you’re looking to tone it down, you can’t go wrong with Fusion—a must have for any vaper.
  10. Freedom Juice E-liquid

    Robust Tobacco Flavor
    Taste the open road with the exhilarating flavor of Freedom Juice. This premium E-liquid features a mild yet distinctive tobacco taste with a sweet finish that is perfect for vaping all day long.
  11. Cordoba E-liquid

    Fine Cigar Blend
    Finally, a high-end cigar experience has been duplicated in an E-liquid. Cordoba is a rich blend of woodsy tobacco notes with an ample helping of smooth, sweet caramel flavor to create a premium E-liquid that will change how you think about vaping.
  12. Captain Jack E-liquid

    Classic Pipe Tobacco
    Inspired by the pipe of the famous pirate, Calico Jack, this E-liquid comprises notes from traditional pipe tobaccos—cured Virginia and Oriental, with a dash of Latakia spice tobacco—resulting in a distinctive flavor profile that is perfect for tobacco lovers.
  13. Black Calico E-liquid

    Cavendish Tobacco
    Halo’s newest rising star, Black Calico pays homage to Danish-style pipe tobacco blends. Starting with a Cavendish base, we layer in delicate flavors like vanilla bean to achieve a unique flavor profile with a subtly sweet finish. Black Calico is a strong choice for any fan of traditional tobacco-flavored E-liquids.
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13 Item(s)