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Halo E-liquid and e-juice Flavors

Looking for the best-tasting e-liquid for your all day vape? Try Halo’s award-winning Tobacco, Menthol, and Gourmet-flavored vape juices.

From the rich tobacco taste of Tribeca, and the menthol blast of SubZero, to the delectable dessert notes of Belgian Cocoa, Halo offers 25 e-juice flavors considered world-class by new and experienced vapers alike.

You demand quality and consistency in your e-liquid, and we provide it. Every bottle of our e-juice comes with best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-proof caps. When you purchase Halo ‘ s brands of vape liquids, you know you’re getting premium USA made vape juice designed to exceed industry standards for quality, safety, and flavor.

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  • Tribeca E-liquid

    Tribeca Eliquid
    Halo’s signature tobacco e-Liquid features a semi-sweet top note reminiscent of RY4. more...
  • SubZero E-liquid

    SubZero E Liquid
    Triple the cool mint blast of our other menthol e-Liquids with a sweet aftertaste. more...
  • Torque56 E-liquid

    Torque 56 E-liquid
    This award-winning e-Liquid has no frills, just pure, unfiltered tobacco flavor. more...
  • Kringle's Curse E-liquid

    Kringles Curse Eliquid
    Mouth-tingling peppermint flavored e-Liquid with no underlying tobacco taste. more...
  • Turkish Tobacco E-liquid

    Turkish Tobacco E Liquid
    Mild tobacco flavor with a semi-sweet finish, perfect for "light" cigarette smokers. more...
  • Malibu E-liquid

    Malibu Tropical E-liquid
    A one-of-a-kind e-Juice that tastes like a Piña Colada with a touch of menthol. more...
  • Prime15 E-liquid

    Prime 15 E Liquid
    Complex tobacco flavor – Earthy and Dry – that vapes like a traditional cigarette. more...
  • Menthol ICE E-liquid

    Menthol ICE Eliquid
    A smooth, refreshing menthol e-Liquid experience with great taste in every drag. more...
  • Mystic E-liquid

    Mystic Eliquid
    Robust menthol e-Liquid with no tobacco undertones and great vapor production. more...
  • Midnight Apple E-liquid

    Midnight Apple E-liquid
    Award-winning e-Juice featuring a rich tobacco blend with a hint of sour apple. more...
  • Freedom Juice E-liquid

    Freedom Juice E-liquid
    This all-day vape has a mild, but distinctly satisfying tobacco taste. more...
  • Tiki Juice E-liquid

    Tiki Juice E-liquid
    This tropical e-Juice splits the difference between tobacco and desert flavors. more...
  • Voodoo E-liquid

    Voodoo E-liquid
    Mild tobacco based e-Liquid featuring a complex assortment of exotic notes. more...
  • CoolMist E-liquid

    Cool Mist E Liquid
    Ideal for all menthol lovers, packs a perfect blast of cool mint in every drag. more...
  • Belgian Cocoa E-liquid

    Belgian Cocoa E-liquid
    A gourmet e-Liquid that masterfully blends rich cocoa notes with sweet chocolate. more...
  • Cafe Mocha E-liquid

    Cafe Mocha E Liquid
    An e-Liquid with rich cappuccino flavor layered with mocha and hazelnut notes. more...
  • LongHorn E-liquid

    LongHorn E-liquid
    Fire-cured tobacco coupled with Corojo and Cavendish—vapes like a light cigar. more...
  • Southern Classic E-liquid

    Southern Classic E-liquid
    A light tobacco base layered with a touch of vanilla, honey, citrus and cloves. more...

    Was: $5.99

    Now: $2.99

  • HX3 E-liquid

    HX3 E Liquid
    A perfect blend of dry, sweet tobacco with an exhilarating burst of menthol. more...

    Was: $5.99

    Now: $2.99

  • Captain Jack E-liquid

    Captain Jack Eliquid
    A unique e-Liquid with bold pipe tobacco taste and intense throat hit. more...
  • Shamrock E-liquid

    Shamrock E-liquid
    Unique e-Liquid that tastes like you're vaping mint chocolate chip ice cream. more...
  • Menthol X E-liquid

    Menthol X
    Ultra-smooth e-Liquid with elements of Eucalyptus, peppermint and sweet tobacco. more...
  • Black Calico E-liquid

    Black Calico
    Halo’s newest rising star is this Danish-style pipe tobacco blend. more...
  • Cordoba E-liquid

    Cordoba Eliquid
    A rich, woodsy e-Liquid with a hint of caramel that vapes like a high-end cigar. more...
  • Devlin E-liquid

    Devlin E-liquid
    Rich caramel notes come together to create a delectable gourmet e-Liquid more...


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