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E-Cigarette | Halo G6

E-cigarette | Halo G6

The G6 E-cigarette is ideal for those looking to switch to vaping. Available in nine stylish colors with a range of customizable options, the G6 offers a familiar form that functions at an elite level.

Each G6 features:

  • A long-lasting, rechargeable Infiniglow battery
  • A Thermoflow heating system to ensure smooth vape flow
  • Flameguard technology to prevent burnt taste.
  • E-cig tank options for better vaping performance

The G6 can be fitted with pre-filled cartomizers that come available in Halo's most popular flavors or blank cartomizers that can be filled with the Halo E-liquid of your choice. Among cig-a-likes, the G6 is unmatched for its combination of form, function and value.

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Halo is famous for making the world's best E-liquids, featuring long-lasting flavor, a natural throat hit, massive vapor production and huge savings compared to traditional cigarettes or disposables. Obviously, our stylish and top-of-the-line G6 E-cigarette is a superior choice.

Here's why you should choose the Halo G6 E-cig Kit over Disposable E-cigarettes


Halo's Hardware has earned rave reviews from independent sources over the last two years, including the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award in 2014. See how we stack up against the competition or read the full review.