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E-Cigarette | Halo G6

The Halo G6 rechargeable e-cigarette is the perfect balance of function and fashion. Available in nine electronic cigarette starter kits complete with everything you need, or customizable with a variety of colors and options, the G6 offers a variety of impressive features:

* Long-lasting rechargeable e-cig batteries (Infiniglow Technology),
* E-cigarette chargers for home (USB) or on the go (car chargers),
* Leak proof and refillable e-cig cartomizers,
* E-cig tank options for better vaping performance.

New to cigalikes or e-cigarettes? Get answers here: What is an Electronic Cigarette?

What about nicotine levels? The G6’s refillable e-cig cartridges and Halo e-liquids are available with nicotine strengths ranging from 0 to 24mg to accommodate vapers of all levels.

Halo is famous for making the world’s best e-liquids, featuring long-lasting flavor, a natural throat hit, massive vapor production, and huge savings compared to traditional cigarettes or disposables. Obviously, our stylish and top-of-the-line G6 vapor cigarette is a superior choice. So why not choose the Halo G6 E-cig Kit over Disposable E-cigarettes?

Our unique Flameguard technology (no burnt taste), Infiniglow battery, and Thermoflow heating system (smooth vape flow) features will ensure you get consistent vapor and amazing flavor from the world’s best e-juice with each and every vape.

E-cig Reviews and the Halo G6 E-cigarette kits

Halo Cigs’ Hardware has earned rave reviews from independent sources over the last two years, including the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award in 2014 for G6 E-cigarette. See how we stack up against the competition on This Ranking for The Best E-cigarettes, then Read the Full G6 E-cigarette Review.

The high quality of the G6 system has also been a hit on YouTube and all over the Web, where passionate reviewers keep heaping praise on our new G6 e-cig in ads like: Best Electronic Cigarette Brands 2015, The Best E-cigarette Starter Kits for 2015, Halo G6 Series Review | IndoorSmokers, Halo G6 E-Cig Starter Kit Review (New Packaging),  and Halo G6 Starter Kit Review.


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